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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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access to a piece of evidence that is hold by hernandez's former attorney. >> i would expect during the course of there hearing there may be discussions touching upon the attorney:excellent relationship between mr. hernandez and his past law firm and perhaps relating to the attorney/client relationship currently existing. >> reporter: whenever the judge decides the two said say they'll probably take their fight to the state's highest court. a fight that could stretch well past the december 1st date set to start picking a jury. >> concern is that we're able to conserve resources. >> reporter: instead of coming back for jury selection on december 1 we probably won't see hernandez until at least mid january with a new date the judge sets for jury selection. that the best case scenario aconsuming the s.j.c.don't take up the argumentment both sides think it will and that could push this trial,
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the mid-winter could become a late spring or even early summer trial. dahndown, 7 news. >> -- dan hausle. >> following breaks news. the medford police detentive threatening a driver offduty resigned. an investigation found he violated several policies during this incident. he has been on paid leaf since but there was a hearing later this week to determine whether he would be able to keep his job. but the news tonight is the medford police detective resigned. >> the democratic debate hours away from now. the stakes are high. this by the way the first time the democratic presidential hopefuls will face off. and while hillary clinton is still the front runner tonight could make or break her campaign. 7 news is live in las vegas. let's get to tim caputo joining us with much more on the anticipated showdown. tim. >> reporter: good evening from las vegas. as you mentioned hillary clinton the biggest name that will be on the stage are stage tonight here at the wynn hotel.
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very different strategies for the five candidates who will be taking the stage in only about three hours from now. clinton the front runner in the race will want to clear the air on some of the controversial that have been following her. bernie sanders has had huge surges in a few states but tonight will try to get his name out to the rest of the count rhode island then there are -- country then there are the relative unknowns in the race. for them tonight is an opportunity to get their name out there. >> are you excited for the debate? >> hillary clinton spent her first day in las vegas joining a rally taking shots at the g.o.p. frontrunner. >> i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. that is just unacceptable. >> reporter: the national stage will also be a chance for bernie sanders to show case himself. he gets lots of support in iowa, new hampshire, and is ready to show the rest of the country what he is about. former rhode island do
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lincoln chiefee and jim webb and martin o'malley. expert believe the former maryland governor has the best chance to stand out. some of the questions will be based on what people are talking about on-line. >> there is a huge political conversation that happens everyday on facebook. what facebook has done with cnn for this first democratic debate is provide cnn information about the type of conversation, how people on facebook are talking about the candidates and what issues they're talking about. >> reporter: so it has been alining awaited debate for the democrats happening much later in the year than it did eight years ago. obviously tonight is all about the democratic outdone, donefield trump says he will be live tweeting this debate. tim caputo, 7 news. >> tonight's debate the poll. we're asking you right now is tonight's debate more
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clinton or bernie sanders? if you didn't get a chance to vote we would like to hear from you. participate by going to coming up here at 6:00, andy hiller is weighing in. his instincts on who has the most to gain from tonight's debate. >> also on 7, the pill glim nuclear power station in plymouth shutting down operations. last month the plant's safety rating was downgraded making it one of the least safe in country. owners say it would cost tens of millions to make necessary repairs but there is a fear that closing the power station could cause problems. jonathan hall live in plymouth with details. >> reporter: the governor wonders could there be energy shortages in the future? the company which runs this plant the pilgrim nuclear power station says because of very low energy prices and state regulations it's
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million a year. now it has to go offline. we know that is happening. the question is when. it's the news some had expected. pilgrim station will be shutting down. >> i can personally tell you that the this was an agonizing decision, and an extremely tough call. >> reporter: boston edison opened pilgrim in 1972. massachusetts gets about 10% of its power from it. and entergy president said the decision came as a last resort but is a financial necessity. >> this is an extremely difficult day for us as well as the more that happen 600 employees at pilgrim. earlier this morning, we told these membership and women -- men and women we plan to personally close the facility by no later than june 1st, 2019. >> reporter: he acknowledged pilgrim could close as early as the sprung of 2017. entergy claims despite losing money it'll come up to up to $60 million to monitor and improve safety
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down. public has been protected at all times, we intend to see that going forward. >> reporter: the nuclear regulatory commission rating. the senator wonders if the company with be trusted. >> unfortunately we've one of the worst nuclear power plant operators in america. >> reporter: 633 people work here. many will be laid off but some may have their jobs for many years. the government says nuclear plant operators can take up plants. a lot of people also feel that the nightmare is over because the plant is going to close. so i think we're entering a dangerous period. >> reporter: it's going to take at least a year, maybe two, maybe three, maybe four but once closed, the staff here will be whittled way down of the only security will be onhand watching over the spent nuclear fuel that will be in dry storage. it will be here. it could move to nevada once controversial about moving it as well.
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live in application out i'm jonathan hall, 7 news. >> new questions about the exceptsy of a teen accused of murdering his teacher. kimberly bookman live in salem with more for us. >> reporter: this is the 4th day of jury selection both the victim and suspects' families were here when the shooing turn of events happened. it. -- shooing turn of events happened. jury selection stopped after he said something troubling to his attorney causing her to question if he is really competent to stand trial after all. the assistant district attorney fired back questioning if the move was a stall tactic to halt the trial of the teen accused of killing coleen ritesser in a dan years high school bathroom in 2013. but the judges decided to have a clinician evaluate the 16-year-old. during the first attempts chisholm was moved from the room to a padded cell because he have' banging his head on a table and wall.
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later the doctor tried again but said chism was unresponsive and continued banging his head on the floor. the plan is to try for another evaluation tomorrow. the jury has been dismissed until at least thursday in this highly emotional case. so again that jury dismissed until at least thursday, judge ordering them to stay away from all media accounts of the case. kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> close call for a driver in saugus. a piece of scrap metal came crashing through her wind shield. the driver told police it cake off of a tractor trailer. the driver of the truck department stop and likely didn't know that happened. a rusty piece of framing there. no one was injured. >> senator ed markey speaking out on gun control during a discussion at roxbury community college. senator markey spoke with a group of community leaders, clergy and gun advocates.
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>> there are no national gun trafficking laws. there are no national laws against straw purchases of guns, people who are purchasing guns for people who shouldn't be able to purchase guns. getting around all of the laws in our country. we need federal laws on that issue. >> kim: the senator says he and fellow democrats in congress are now working on gun legislation. >> tragedy in candace city, two comfort h firefighters die in the line of duty. it happened when the roof of a burping building came crashing down. the firefighterrers who died had just -- firefighters who died just rescued two people from inside the burning building. >> one thing about last night, i'm an extremely proud of the professionalism of onscene personnel as well as the response to the tragedy. >> adam: federal investigators are working to
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determine what caused the fire. >> kim: a new hire for the state department of children and families. doctors linda segor has been named the medical director of the agency. the department making the landmark hire in the make of several mishandled cases. she has been a consultant since the year 2012. >> it's the rematch, patriots fans have been waiting for. do we even need to say what we're talking about? the last time new england wend up against the colts it was a blow out but it led to a little scandal known as deflate-gate king the patriots have something to prove and the colt will be looking to take the air out of brady's unkey feeted run. >> reporter: ask how that worked out for them? nobody does revenge like brady and belichick but if you are waiting for someone on either side of the matchup with the colts to touch on deflate-gate, don't hold your brought. expect plenty of canned
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answers coming from the locker room. the colts don't want to add any fuel to the fire at this point. not with a patriots offense that leads the scoring coming to town. the pats playing it like they always do. not saying a bad word p their opponents. >> what it is is another game on the schedule. for us it's the same mentality as always. that is prepare well and that the starts wednesday, starts today. starts tomorrow. so even though your day off doing the best you can to watch film and, you know again having good practices and be prepared for the games. bill says that all the time. sunday. you have to prepare well well. won. >> reporter: always signs colts. if the patriots' last four games give you any indication what they've done the patriots have beat them by an average margin of 29
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points in their last four games. reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorosino, 7 news. >> thank you very much. you know you can catch all of the action right here. join joe amorosino. >> a live stream leading to an arrest. a 23-year-old recording a risky ride helps officers and her car, find her car but what she admitted to doing in her internet broadcast that got her in trouble. >> at 5:30 a man and a woman arrested nearly a month after a murder in marshfield, there they are in court facing charges and who police want to find. >> a big cover up, why new when people say they read "play boy" for the articles, you may have to believe them. >> a brooklyn firefighter heads to court accused in a brutal beating. prosecutors say he attacked a man outside of a restaurant. >> police along with a local business hoping to get a
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flag flying over a local reading home. we'll explain at if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just
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for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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>> supervise me because i'm driving stupid on a friday night. i feel like i'm not driving straight. but i should be. >> a 234-year-old florida woman in big trouble for broadcasting what she claims to be a drunk drive.
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she used an app called perry scope to show her whole risky ride. >> idiotic, those tuning in live waited no crime calling police. christa del camp has the story. >> reporter: 23-year-old whitneybeams started out with lots of drinking. the whole experience broadcast on the live video app perry scope. >> are you drunk yet? >> reporter: no drunk the woman lost her good sense. >> i'm driving home drunk. >> reporter: announcing to the whole worlds she will try to get home in her condition. i'm really drunk. i'm really -- >> reporter: she knows people are watching. >> 57 people. oh, my god. i didn't know i would get that much people. >> reporter: she knows it could end badly. >> i was horrible drive. >> she was' out of it. it was obvious watching that
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>> reporter: that is when police in lakeland say viewers started calling 911. >> a girl on periscope driving drunk. she didn't know where she is: >> reporter: officer downloaded the periscope app then watched the life feed to find out where she was. >> thank god somebody saw this and they called in. one. showing a whole world the trouble she was in as it happened. >> beal was arrested charged with driving are under the influence. i'm christa del camp, news. >>. >> hillary clinton got laughs on s.n.l. now other presidential candidate is getting in on the laughs. details when we come back. >> beautiful day today. temperatures in the 70s, maybe not as beautiful as yesterday but we're still mild. details ahead. >> at 5:30 answering the
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call of duty on her wedding day. the bride rushing to the rescue on the way to her reception. >> a reminder news is always happening. you can get caught up wherever you are whenever you want using the ipad app to stream our newscast, breaking news and many other live events all throughout the date. >> did you know being a morning person can really pay off? >> so often services are offering cheaper prices for customers. we'll show you how to cash
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>> an unexpected guest bringing big smiles to a pride and groom in california. that is because their wedding crasher was the president. the commander in chief was golfing in san diego. the party put the president on hold so president obama could play through the 18th hole. the two spread it across the lawn dephid the tradition of not seeing one another in order to meet the practice them. it's the least the president could do if they, you know, held up or delayed or wedding. >> . >> kim: maybe had an in with the secret service. >> adam: i guess so case. cool off. >> tomorrow looks like upper 60s then i think it does slide a little bit but the change is not dramatic, we
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did see big rains this morning by the way in case you missed in and slept in. this is centerville to oak pluses. quarter inch. puddle. that was' it and it moved away. the cooling trend is just that. shave off a few degrees each day. by the time we get to the end of the week we're mostly dry. a cold shot in store and everybody lining up so the confidence is good in the seven-day forecast. front moving through triggering a few showers, and, and a downpour too. we find one, a couple of showers moving across southern new hampshire but a lonesome downpour around ware. we zoom in close, make it really big. it has been in warren. all the brookfields and then through spencer it goes and perhaps clipping at least maybe lester but it's moving northeast. this is in, in for sterling
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and also looks like maybe over at the quabbin then up into parts of middlesex county maybe pepperell. too. if it holds together. anyway the fate of the eventually. then we'll get dry air in here, tomorrow is a pretty good day. we've one more front to come through to reenforce the cooler air and give us another bit of a jogdown tomorrow night and thursday as pell. setting the stage for old colder weather long-term. dew points are holding around 60 or in the lower 60s tomorrow, not that much cooler. 68 in boston. 67 framingham. foliage looks great out there. a lot of beautiful color and beautiful pictures coming in across parts of northern new england as we watch this color wave descend down. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i say it's in peak central mass, took i believe there are two phases to the fall
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one where you have -- foliage. one where you have the maples then one where you have the oaks. maples are in charge now. 49-55 degrees. with the west wind at 8-16. tomorrow our winds are brisk as the front passes through. partly sunny overall. i would peg it at about 20-25%, that's it and the breezy day. breezy afternoon on thursday. cooler. step down gradually now. 63-62. thursday, friday, essentially the same as woe wait for the final front to pass over the weekend and drop us back to the 40s and 50s, if we see any showers they would be thursday night. other than the seven day is dry. see you at 5:30 itself. >> donald trump going to have to take a short break from his campaign next month. >> republican front runner
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of ""saturday night live" he himself. cast member darren killham will impersonate him. >> got the hair just right. a man racing in to a burning home where he realizes man's inside. >> new at 6:00 a new addition to the brady bunch. he is scoring a lot of fans on social media.
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so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain.
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i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
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>> our pleasure being with you, another hour of news
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comes up, i'm adam williams difference i'm kim khazei. >> reporter: a surprising twist after a murder in marshfield. police say they're searching for a fourth suspect after making two more arrests. >> elizabeth: a man run down by a police cruiser then attacked. why some people are calling this a case of excessive force. >> a risky rescue, a courageous stranger runs no a burning home to save his neighbor's bet. >> is play boy covering up? why the ikopik magazine is saying good-bye to its iconic traditions. >> first at 5:30 a man and woman arrested for a murder today. the two were charged last week days after police took another suspect into custody. >> now police say a 4th suspect is also connected to the crime. steve cooper has more. >> reporter: so at this charged in connection with this gruesome murder. again we learned a lot more here today when two of the today. but tonight police have a
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message for a fourth person.
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