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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 13, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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message for a fourth person. turn yourself in. >> count one murder, count two unarmed burglary. >> reporter: in handcuffs a man listens to the charges that include murder before pleading not guilty in connection with the death of a marchbfield last month. robert mckenna bled to death in the kitchen of his home. >> the defendant acted in conjunction with ferguson and was a parse tis pant in this burglary of 190 -- >> reporter: he was arrested earlier where the district attorney's says the motive was clear. >> the motive is pure and simple. it's to rob him of what he had. >> reporter: also pleading not guilty the man's girl friend, lauren khalil who works as a nanny was charged with accessory after the fact. >> we also believe ms. khalil knowingly withheld information from the police and participated in destroying evidence that related to the crime. >> reporter: leaving the courthouse khalil's dad
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didn't have much to say to us. >> i got nothing more to say. >> reporter: did your daughter have any involvement with the -- >> you heard the charges. >> reporter: police have recovered five weapons taken from the victim's house but they're looking for stolen after fickran artifacts and several gems. police are looking for a connection with the murder. >> we do have reservations for one small room for one person in particular. >> reporter: so the defendant is being held without bail. khalil, her bail was set by the judge at $50,000 cash and both of them will be back here in court to face a judge again next month. live in plymouth tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> armed robbers on the run in concord, new hampshire. police say the suspects tarted a gas station. one man went inside, flashed a gun and demanded cash while the other kept wash. once they got money they took off running. anyone with information is asked to call police. a man in merrimack, new
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after police hi he was firing his gun behind a popular common plaza, officers say the man didn't weapon. a big vand alism bust after graffiti was spray painted over a land mark rock in free down. these suspects used bright profile rock. >> the mayor and governor fighting for a change to massachusetts' education law. the lawmakers testified at a hearing held by the joint commission on education. that focuses on laws filed at the statehouse related to public charter schools in boston. >> i continue to believe that the if you have 30,000 or more parents and kids on a waiting list, you have something that people want and most of the people who want this are low-income families in disadvantaged communities, who deserve a
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the folks you are talking about get in the suburbs. >> the mayor spoke about his experience working with a charter school in dorchester. >> there is more news today. an investigation under way after a violent arrest in albuquerque, video shows a suspect hit by a police vehicle. investigators say the suspect tried to run over officers but the police department has an alarming history of excessive force. you are watching cell phone video. the man running from the police is danan. the video shop show what happens next but you hear a vehicle ref up. then this. , an albuquerque police officer hits the man. you see the man behind the wheel when for a split second you see the man on the right side of the screen. when you slow down the video you see his head slam into the truck's hood. officers close in to arrest him.
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you hear them taze him as he screams. as officers try to give him intocuffs one of them hits him over the head with the taser then elbows him before making the arrest. >> police released boat videos. the heavily blurred parts of them to hide the faces of undercover officers, police are still investigating the incident and it happens the officer didn't intentionally hurt him but he was trying to cut off his escape route. comment. the car. that is not okay. >> reporter: yet no disciplined. the city's police department is working on major changes after the department of justice found a pattern of force. >> two psychologists credited with the design of the c.i.a. post-9/11 lawsuit
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program a mistake pu says it was effect any protecting the nation. a surface-to-air missile exploded feet from the cockpit of m.l.17. that plane was shot down back in july of 2014. all 298 people on board were killed. the investigation didn't say where the missile was fired from but all the territory in the area was under rebel control at the time of the crash. >> sealed reports from the charleston church massacre will be leased to the public. some of the transcripts of 911 calls and photos of the crime scene will be released but other material will remain sealed there. >> he went through material that was going to remain subject to the gag order, a video of the crime scene, a number of photographs of the crime scene and victims. and the audio tape of the 911 calls.
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created the dag order to protect the privacy of the victims. >> the university of california berkeley sunday fire for keeping a professor on staff who is accused of sexually harassing several students. four women filed files. marcy violated the school's sexual harassment policy. the professor wrote an apology but he is still has gone his job. >> even worth to have the university say, yeah, he did it. we know he did it. he admits he did it. but here is how little we care. we're going to van him on the wrist and say don't do it again. >> u.c.berkeley released a statement saying in part: faculty members are calling on thed a manipulate straightors to re-evaluate their response. >> a group in arizona sending a big message across
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the group hosting this billboard today accuses withholding effects about going into a war zone. >> opportunity came to have a buildboard cloys to the hospital so the administrators on the sixth floor could see it when they show up for work. >> the veterans association responded saying they're working quickly to respond to everyone's complaints. >> 15 people in georgia are being charged with making terrorist threat against a group of african americans. a group of people driving a confederate flags made threats and used racial slurs against after rick caan americans -- african americans. >> are you serious? i didn't know -- boo.
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attendants as they take a woman off the plane. a passenger says there was a miscommunication between a woman and flight attend and. after the woman complained about rude treatment she was' forced off. investigating what happened there. >> also on 7 a ward robe change for play boy" magazine. the company says it's time to cover up. it's planning to stop publishing pictures of nude women changing the way they have done business for decades. from the start play boy" magazine was a play book for social change credited with hipping to urber in the sexual revolution of the 50s and 60s publishing nude photos of models and movie stars becoming an iconic brand. >> i don't think that any other magazine in the 20th century had more influence on america and the world. and that is a wild position to be in. >> that position changed dramatically and so is the magazine. announcing it'll eliminate
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the nude photo spreads that make it famous. the times. they have to find a way to exist in this new social media world. >> "play boy" pulled nude pictures from its website an web traffic jumped from 4 month. there will still be a playmate of month but editors say pictures will be p.g.13. >> play boy is interested in broadening, becoming more of a lifestyle magazine, they'll probably add more entertainment content. my guess is they'll, they may even add fashion. >> hopeful that the age old excuse for play boy readers. >> they would read it for the articles specifically. of course they were look at the photos but articles only. >> reporter: might actually become a reality. executives say the printed magazine will features models in provocative poses but no one will be completely naked. >> still ahead here a risky
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rescue, a home goes up in if flames and a man shows true courage under fire to save the neighbor's dog. >> a firefighter facing charges after a brutal beating in brookline. he hear from witnesses who watched the entire fight. >> the mysterious evidence at the certainty of controversy in the aaron hernandez trial. huh, fifteen minutes could save
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>> dramatic new video showing a stranger's courage as he runs into flames of a burning house in nashville to save a dog, happening as the roof came crashing down. >> the offdutier firefighter didn't hesitate. his jing stincts just kicked in. >> reporter: it's obvious tim loves dogs. he is not much of one for publicity. >> i don't do it for people to say it you. i do it because it needs to be done. >> reporter: so it won't surprise me to hear he ran into a burning house saturday. around came out with a dog who had been trapped inside then went on his way.
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>> he got in his car and left. he just took off. >> reporter: he is a 20 year veteran of the nashville fire department. >> if there is a dog in the house the dog is family. >> reporter: he was offduty saturday. >> we live about 2, 3 miles from here. >> reporter: when he saw the smoke he new volunteer firefighters won't be there for a while. he saved the family pet. >> reporter: the family is very grateful. >> he didn't have to go into a house that was on fire. deeply, deeply appreciate that man being there. >> reporter: i'm adam williams, 7 news. >> coming up a bride racing to the rescue, how a newly wed jumped in action before making it to her reception. >> forecast is mild tomorrow. however it will continue to cool. the latter half of the week ahead. >> then at 6:00 the stage is set for the first democratic debate. we're live in las vegas. >> a nuclear power plant in plymouth shutting down for good.
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for families. i see myself in every one of the students that i have. i know that it's my responsibility to do for them what i would want someone to do for me. helping the community is important to me because i live in this community, so when i'm 80, 90 years old, looking back, reflecting on my life, i want to be able to say that i did something awesome for somebody, i helped people, you know, i helped change my community, i helped enhance someone's life. i want those to be my memories.
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>> a busy bride making the best of a bad situation after her family got into a serious car accident not long after saying i do, the bride and her new groom took a wedding day detour. >> the bride who was also an emt jumped into action. >> we got married. >> reporter: sara ray and her brand new hubby paul took all normal pictures on their big day. bridesmen, brides maid then this one. >> we got a phone call saying that they had been in a wreck. >> reporter: grandmother, grandfather and the father of the bride their car totaled. the call came in as in youly weds were about to go to the wedding reception. >> we didn't know if anybody was hurt or how badly they were' hurt. >> reporter: when he did know wedding day or not these two emt's needed to respond. >> i hopped in the back of
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the ambulance to check on her. chefs three with the paramedics and the emt that responded. >> remit sara's mom took -- >> the picture is me going really mom, you are taking a picture. >> reporter: as of noon it had reached 1.4 million views on facebook and had 12,000 likes, another 5300 shares. the rays' boss is getting call from people across the country. >> they exemplify what it means to work in e. m. s. >> reporter: but ask sara what she thinks about all of the attention. >> it's overwhelming. a lot of people have used the word "hero when they're talking about the story. and i don't like it. i don't feel that i was being heroic in any way. it's just my family was in an accident. i needed to make sure they were there and it just happened that i'm a paramedic, i was in my wedding dress. that is all there is to it. >> reporter: grandmother and grandfather had to stay at hospital but they're
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going to be fine. sara's dad was almost hurt but he made it to the wedding and was able to dance with his daughter. kris anderson, 7 news. >> those instincts kick in when you are a first responder. she didn't think she was' wearing a wedding dress. she was' concerned about her family. >> it's a story they'll always have plus a little detour there to help family members out which is degrees good stuff. nice to see them helping out. 71 in boston, high temperature today, not bad. 7 in plymouth. in new bedford after about an inch and a half of rain. that is an accomplishment. our temperature now about 69. cooling it off in burlington, more so through burton and buffalo and out through toronto. but locally holding close to 70 in lawrence. 66 worcester. 70 providence and in marshfield. pout at 61. a little soupy there. more in the way of low cloudiness hanging through the sea coast of new hampshire. dew point in the lower
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a little bit of sun across southern new england. that juiced it up a little bit. that and fact we're in a pretty mild air mass. two areas of rain. really not all that significant. one sleight slicing through now. another holding back from about upstate new york down the hudson river valley. that would be the final leg of showers for the overnight hours. there are some imbedded downtours there outside of albany but i found the downpour then it faded out. it's over oakham headed northeast towards leominster. leominster will be clipped by this and also fitchburg, that was a heavier burst of rain back towards palm irand ware but now, worcester being clipped by this. so let's look forward to tomorrow. there is one more front that has to go through. this is front going through now and this may trigger a sprinkle but i thinks' going to create cloudiness for us. amid mild day. the batch of mild air scoots out. tomorrow is our last stand
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and our last chance to get close to 70 degrees before we start to peal it back. cooler weather to finish the work week and there will be one more low pressure. one more front that comes through to just reenforce the cold across southern new england. so the weather pattern is essentially quiet. looking at a breezy day tomorrow. 68 middleton. 66 marblehead. wellesley close to 70. ducksly as well. a good brisk breeze. west-southwest then northwest this. is a patch of cool air to come in. so we don't see this lasting very long. it'll get reenforced a little bit going into the weekending a you will see. the sun rise sunset times, do we want to talk about this? we're losing another-hour 19 minutes in the next month. next week will be just outside of 7:00 for a sunrise, talk about a sleepy sun. he gets up late. 49-55. tomorrow still mild.
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in the upper 60s around 60 thursday and friday. might be a little generous there. a lot of us might stay in the upper 50s, saturday, holding our breath for sunday and monday. a two-day stand. pretty chill i air head of the charles, bring the parka, see you at 6:00. >> kim: thank you, pete. good evening, everybody, i'm kim khazei. >> adam: great seeing you, i'm adam williams. a firefighter suspected in a brutessal beating in court and off the job. the troubling charges he is facing in brookline. >> the pilgrim power plant set to close by 2019. hundreds of jobs are on the line. we're live with the problems forcing the shutsdown. >> adam: the first democratic debate in the race for president happens tonight. >> case. >> kim: those stories and
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>> topping the buzz it's the season premier that fans have been waiting for. >> chicago fire is back and bolder than ever. christa del camp sat down with some of the cast for an inside look. >> okay. she is always writing in a note book. >> reporter: lieutenant casey find himself in dangerous territory as part of an undercover sting in
5:57 pm
part of "chicago fire." >> oh, boy, baby. >> oh, girl. >> reporter: firehouse 51 sees a major shake up to start the season. actors jessie spencer and monika raymond have spend hours researching their roles riding along with real-life firefighters. >> we hang out with firefighters every single day. a lot of the guys that you see in the back ground are real guys. not only that but we're hanging out with them on the down time. we have a lot of conversations about what we have to do to do things accurately. >> dealing with people is the hardest thing. people when they're in distress and in serious trouble i think it's very difficult job. it affects a very specific person to be able to deal with that correctly. >> reporter: raymond will be travelling to boston over the next year it reminds me of chicago. people are kind and also unapologetic which i love. and people are very honest. >> reporter: raymond's brother tended berkeley
5:58 pm
she plans to work in a recording studio herself here in the boston area on a project. she won't reveal what it was though. in the newsroom, i'm christa del camp, 7 news. >> we have a jam packed night of primetime television on 7 nbc. it starts with: >> >> there is another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. >> elizabeth: i'm list list, 7 news starts now. >> announcer: victim speaking out. >> he hit me from behind then, got me on the ground. >> announcer: as a local faster faces a judge on assault charges. breaking news in the case of a midford police detective caught on camera threatening a driver. >> another balmy day. tomorrow cools down a little bit but not much much. >> announcer: plus the stage is set for the first democratic debate in the
5:59 pm
race for president. we're live in las vegas and andy hiller has his instinct. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> adam: a brookline firefighter is off the job facing troubling charges. police say he beat up a man outside of a fast foot restaurant king tonight the man is talking about a brutal attack. kelli o'hara is live with the story from brookline. >> reporter: this alleged have i tim said the attack was completely unprovoked. he came here to get a burrow and -- burrito and he was punched, had a bottle thrown at him and even a burrito. >> my face was fractured in three place, he was going, i'm lucky he didn't punch me in the temple. >> reporter: jeffrey gagnon says he feels lucky to be alive. >> i'm lucky that i didn't
6:00 pm
lose an eye or worse.


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