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tv   7 News Today in New England  WHDH  October 14, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> breaking news fromover night. shot fired on 4 # 5. what plates say about the suspect and victim. teenager accused of killing his morning. a former nba star in the hospital what we learned about brothel. good morning, everyone. i'm jadiann thompson. i'm christa delcamp. let's get right over to meteorologist jeremy reiner.
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the weather today? am i right >>meteorologist: the normal high is 62. right now the city is 61. norwood, 60. jaffrey at 53. orange at 56. the only thing that may be working again you this more sing there's a healthy breeze from the west anywhere from 5 to 15 miles per hour. that may mask the mild feel to the air. but it helped to dry it out. we had humidity build across new england yesterday. that's long gone now. and we start the day with sunshine. if you look over here there's more clouds over here. as we work into the afternoon a mix of clouds and sunshine. despite clouds building through the afternoon. a nice mild afternoon temps between 55 and 70. sky 7:00 over serious crash that happened in middleton. just before 7:00. you see a box truck right there
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and it also appears a second cars off the road. one person had to be flown to hospital with serious injured. at least three people are in the hospital this morning after shooting near the tennessee state university campus this happened overnight. a few hundred peopled a a party when police say a group of armed men arrived and were turned away. those people started shooting into the crowd of more than 100 people reportedly picking random targets. breaking overnight state police searching for a shooter who opened fire on a car on 495 south in renthem before 11:00 driver wasn't hurt. police don't believe this was a random act. this just in pope francis asking for forgiveness for recent scandals that have hit rome and the vatican. the pope didn't give specific examples in his unannounced request for pardon. the catholic church has seen a
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string of problems in the past week. vatican came out as gay and rome's mayor resigned following widespread critisism from the church. police are looking for man church. he was dressed as a priest and committed a lewd act at the alter of the church. we have more on the several. nick? >> that man was seen in surveillance video inside this church and church officials say he didn't steal anything but what he did behind those doors to file this church several ways late last month. it's a violation. it's stunning. it's gross. it's all the above. police looking for a perv parading as a priest. he broke into this church around 3:00 on the morning of september 29th. you kind of turns your stomach. he was caught on security camera
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through several places including behind this sacred wall ending up wearing head to tow clergy robes pretending to run services. he kind of parades through the church a little bit. he doesn't top is there. the man strips down naked then get on the church alter and commits what cambridge pd calls a lewd act for of course sh obvious reasons we aren't showing you that. bishop. the next concern was the children of the pairip. there's a person walking around who is willing to do something like this. as a result the church leader are increasing security and changing policy to make sure it's as safe as possible in the future. because church official and is. they don't know if he's been to the church ever. video. they said it appears the man had
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because it appears he knew where he was going. if anyone has information call police. them emmens 7news "today in new england." three men are out on bail after hopes that new hampshire police say they randomly fired shots in a neighborhood. the man all in their early 20s are charged with reckless conduct involving firearms. police say the men fired handguns shotguns and high-powered rifles from the cemetery into the neighborhood tuesday afternoon. month. the democrats squaring off night. >> i believe a society where all do well not just a handful of billionaires. anyone. there were five presidential candidates on the stage. two of them really standing out from the rest. front-runner hillary clinton and bernie sanders getting the most response from the audience. tim caputo has the debate
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>> last night hillary clinton proved why she's the odds on favorite. she's a seasoned get van when it comes to debate like the and show cased that last night. before any of the other four candidates could question her character, she took aim at her closest competitor. front-runner hillary clinton flanked by the four other democratic candidates. the center spot also the hot seat. secretary clinton was questioned about her flip-flopping on key issues over the years. >> if you are learning you will change your position. i never took a position on keystone until i took a position on keystone. vermont senator took aim at her you do not, congress does not regulate congress, congress regulates. we have to say please do the right thing. clinton held her ground and defended her record. are you progressive or moderate?
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that likes to get things done. former maryland governor made a splash on the stage going on attack on sanders soft record on gun control. senator it's notable rural and urban >> have you ever been to eastern shore or western maryland. lincoln chafee and chill webb were on tend fighting hard for air time. >> unless someone mentions my name i can't get in the discussion. there's disagreement but no fireworks. when the question came up the e-mail scandal clinton's closest competitor to her side. enough of the e-mail. let's talk about the real issues facing america. >> thank you. there was that extra podium off to side just in case the last second vice president joe biden flew out to las vegas to join the debate. he did not. he apparently hosted high school reunion and watched the debate
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last night from washington. in las vegas, tim caputo, # 7news "today in new england." he will benefit a town hall in dairy. jeb bush will tour a company in manchester before town hall in concorde tonight. power struggle in plymouth after the pilgrim now clear power plant announced it would close down. it would 60 million to upgrade the safety rating. plant -- some people think rough times could be ahead. i think in financial terms the nightmare just beginning. the fact that the plan will be destaffed to a great extent is another very worrisome situation. we're entering a dangerous period. the plant expected to close in
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the next four years. the danvers teenager accused of murder is undergoing investigation. >> he was found banging his head on the floor of his cell. the 16-year-old said something to her that made her question if he's even competent to stand tile in clinician will try to evaluate him later today. the judge could him to hospital for up to 20 days. he's accused of killing math teacher at danvers high school two years ago. he was 14 at the time. for now jury selection has been placed on hold and it's not expected to continue until tomorrow at the earliest. the start of aaron hernandez' double murder trial has been delayed until the beginning of next year. a judge agreeing tuesday to put that trial on hold because both sides say they need more time to get ready. prosecutors are expected to ask that the state supreme judicial court give them access to evidence.
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in the south end three years ago and is already serving life in prison for the murder of oden lloyd. i was lucky there was a lot of witnesses around. a man beaten by firefighter talking to 7news about the attack that he said was prompted by a food order. that firefighter is now facing charges jennifer eagon has more on that story from brookline. >> he just went from my head. >> jeffrey's eyes are bruised and cut. he said his jaw is fractured. injury he suffered after brookline firefighter allegedly beat him outside anna's taqeria. >> he said he was in the rest restaurant. he was slow to order not realizing ward was about to allegedly attack. ground.
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and this guy is just beating me. trying to kill me. my face was fractured in three places. and my eyes cut. brooklines mad it took him so long to order food and led to an argument. ward kicked and punched him even threw a bottle at him. ward was arrested and appeared in court yesterday to face charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. his attorneys say there's more to the story. police are still going to have to further investigation and so are we which is why i requested some from the restaurant. in brookline, 7news "today in new england." former star nba player found unresponsive in brothel today he's in the fight of his life. the family's fight for suing
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that she said injured her. sunshine this morning. more clouds for the afternoon. forecast for the day up next. apple sued by university the dispute that could cost the company big. >> there's still some slowdowns out here this morning. well within the range of route 120. that's the turnpike slow going there. there's 93. not so bad and the turnpike i should say the tobin bridge doing better. so today not as bad as yesterday. thank goodness for that. rich kirkland 7news "today in
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>> good morning. everyone. we're working on 9:14. the day starting to clear up a little bit. i like how you say we're working
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those with issues -- it is especially like the person with issued with 9:14. watch out at 3:14. we hit a wall. that's all she wrote. day. clouds take over. temp are seasonal for the next few days. and there's some cold. this is not the start of new pattern. as you roll into october your temperature swings become even more wild than they already will. you will see on the 7-day. you will not lock in for good. look at this beautiful picture here. this from women on twitter. that's her twitter handle. i heart this picture. great for tweeting this. wonderful shot of the early morning sky with few clouds out there at this time. melrose, 59.
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through the 50s. brookfield at 55. south of town a mix of clouds and sunshine in new bedford at 60. sandwich at 60. and as you work further out on to cape in elbow chatham 62. dewpoints in the 40s. nice westerly breeze drying out the air since last evening. there's no humidity today. the only thing about the breeze is that will grab clouds which are now in western new england and eastern new york. and yank them into our part of the world. temps between 65 and 70. nice mild day. normal high is 62. boston this afternoon at 69. to night motionly clear. cool lows between 43 and 50. tomorrow a little bit cooler but
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clouds and sunshine for tomorrow. and then as we work into friday here comes another cool front. i dent think we will see anything on friday afternoon. here's the building cold air right now. as we work toward the weekend especially sunday that's when we see the cold shot of air. temperature each of those afternoon way below normal. afternoon highs in the upper 40s. thanks. former l.a. laker in the hospital after found unresponsive in nevada brothel. his life has spiralled out of control since his playing day. lamarodem fighting for his life. his checked in saturday party
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for several day and was found tuesday. we called 911 immediately called 911. side. my management did that. of stuff. room. he played in nba for fran years including two championship sinn partisan seasons with laker. overnight former teammate tweeted their support. on my knees praying please god let him pull through. thoughts and prayers go out to lamar oden. great teammate and better human. but as reality television where he found a new fan base. kardashain. the coupled filed for divorce after four years of marriage.
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i'm high alert for lamar. anything i think will set him to spiral. that's kind of the last thing i want for him. doctors are monitoring his condition investigators are still trying to figure out why he collapsed in the first place. just ahead sued because of a hug. that's the case. a women taking her own nephew to court some call her the worst aunt ever. a popular videogame store pulling the plug on controversial thanks giving plans. emergency crews are on the scene one person flown to the hospital
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tough love for connecticut women who decided to sue her 12-year-old nephew for his hardy hug. the family fight stems from the by's birthday party. the women said his hug broke her wrist. as adam williams told us the aunt wanted more than 100,000 from that boy. why did you take your never froou to court? >> jennifer left the courthouse without saying a word after losing a lawsuit she filed against her 12-year-old nephew. she sued him after attending birthday party at westport connecticut home in 2011. she said if her complaint that
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he caused her to fall by commoninging to ground resulting in severe personal injury including a fracture requiring surgery. connel sat on the stand and nephew was excited to see her when she got to his house. when he left up into her arms he knocked her to ground. she wears an arm cast but after two day trial inside a court the jury refused to award her a single set. i took the jury less than 30 minute to clear the 12-year-old of any wrongdoing. he still lives in this west pot home with father. neither of themes in the courtroom when the verdict came down against the boy's aunt. kurt was appalled to hear connel seeking more than 100,000 to pay for her medical bills. he and his wife live next door to boy and his father. he's 12 he's independent and he's a good kid. a kid who won this family feud against 53-year-old aunt. adam williams, 7news "today in
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he claims the injury made her life difficult especially while living in new york city. i think a lot of us are shocked to even to hear that was in court. >> that it even got that far. i just feel bad for the kid. poor little guy. up next on 7news making plans for the holiday shopping season what one massachusetts retailer is planning to do on thanksgiving. also plans of flying soon. southwest airline trying to make up for technical english that caused some problems or the weekend. ahead at 9:30. we're learn new details about murder in marshfield and why investigator say the plan went wrong for some a staci, you have got to get down here. shaws & star market.
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game stop has decided to remain closed on thanksgiving day. the president of the videogame chain said he want worker to spend time with their families. staples announced it today. they plan to open early on black friday. >> new this morning lawsuit against apple could have the tech giant shelling out more than 100 million in damages. wisconsin jury found the company used owned by licensing guard. trial will move on to determine how much apple will be ordered to pay in damages apple has not commented on the verdict. the clock is ticking asnationwide airfare get under way. some flight under $100.
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december 2nd through 16th from january 5th through february 10 #th. comes after they had major computer glitch that delayed hundreds of flights. hopefully no glitches. what are we waiting for. all right it's 9:28. we have lots more news ahead. coming up in our next half hour. in fact, we have more on the search for a suspect in cambridge accused of some bad behavior inside a church. what investigator say happened on camera. bilge day for brook s line teacher fired for swearing in front of student. see how the kids came out to support the town last night. sunshine now. more clouds this afternoon. cooling trend beginning the next
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pope francis asking for forgiveness for recent scandals involving the church. a couple in court the new details we're learning about murder in marshfield. more trouble for draft kings a new lawsuit and powerful lawmaker talking taxes. >> hey everyone welcome back. i'm jadiann thompson. i'm christa delcamp. wednesday that's really good news. it's not friday. can't get too excited yet. you made it this far. monday not so much. yeah. you know also it's not just wednesday but national dessert day. i thought desert day. i've never been a good seller. thank god for google. boston at 61. plymouth 60. bedford 58. mostly sunny skies now.
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over here in new york and pennsylvania. they will find their way into our sky as we work into the afternoon hours. more clouds this afternoon. despite cloud on the increase still a mild day. tomorrow mix of cloud and sunshine. a little bit cooler tomorrow. that 62 that's where we should be for this time of year. i'll talk more about that in 15 minutes. let's start thing off at 9:30 with breaking news. sky 7 over the serious crash that happened in middleton. one person had to go to hospital. they had serious injuries. a box truck as you see here rolled on to side. over north maine street. this is the north andover line area. this happened before 7:00 police were still on the scene about an hour after that the victim was flown to hospital we'll keep you posted on that. three people in the hospital after shooting near the
9:30 am
tennessee state university campus overnight. a few hundred people had been in party when police say that a group of armed men arrives and then were turned away. those people start shooting into the could of more than 100 report taking targets at random. breaking overnight. state police search for shooter that opened fire. it happened on 495 south just before 11:00 last night. investigator say they found evidence of the shooting on the car. the driver was not hurt. police don't think this was a random act. this just in. pope francis asking for forgetness for recent scandal that have his hit rome. the pope didn't give specific example in unannounced request for pardon this morning. catholic church has seen a string of problems. rome's mayor resign following widespread critisism for the church.
9:31 am
put on a priest robe and then committed a lood act. nick emmens has the latest from cambridge. it's a violation. it's disturbing. it's gross. it's all the above. police looking for a perv parading as priest. i would he's state to guess what was going through the mind. he broke into the church in cambridge around 3:00 on the morning of september 29th. it kind of turns your stomach. he was caught on security camera making his way through several place including behind this sacred wall ended up wearing head to toe clergy robe. the man strips down faked then gets on the church alter and commits what cambridge pd called a lewd act. for obvious reason we aren't
9:32 am
they required us to call the bishop. the next concern was the children of the parsy h. there's a person walking around willing to do something like this. as a result the church leader are increasing security and changing policies to make sure it's as safe as possible in the future. church officials obviously don't know who this man is so they don't know if he has been to the church before. in this security video they say it looked like he knew where he was going. in cambridge in nick emmens. 7news "today in new england." caught on camera threatening a driver has resigned. i didn't know you were a cop. officers stephens off duty when he threatened o shoot a wrong-way driver. he had been on paid lee since the incident. he faced dids disciplinary hearing tomorrow if he didn't resign.
9:33 am
a man died during robbery. michael who was in court with his girlfriend initially planned to only steel in the victim but then the plan went wrong. mckenna apparently dried to run window. they found the 43-year-old body on his kitchen floor with blood throughout the house. they have pleaded not guilty to murder charges and police are looking for a third person. in the mean time his girlfriend is facing charge for helping to cover up the crimes. a woman from connecticut charged with sexually assaulting and abducting a teenager girl claimed she is real victim. her bail raised 125,000. they claim she stole money from her car. that's when the girl jumped out. you can see dramatic video caught on video. now police say randle has 15 prior conviction for burglary and selling drugs. now checking news across
9:34 am
country a plane crash caught on camera in florida. security footage shows the small plane falling out of the sky and then a cloud of smoke follows that. nearby resident reported seeing the aircraft flying low before it suddenly burst into flames. the crash also sparked a fire nearby sending two mobile homes in flames. witnesses say they believe family were inside the home at the time. officials so far have not said whether or not anyone was injured. fiery scene inside of california wal-mart caught on camera. flames swallowed rowes of halloween costume. police have a man in custody. in the cell phone video wal-mart employee degrees praltly tried to get flames under control after police say a 40-year-old man used a two quarter bottle of charcoal lighter fluid. to set children's halloween costumes on fire. they try to really find a reason
9:35 am
as to why somebody would come in to a wal-mart store in the middle of the afternoon and fire. it is scarey. associated were able to get the fire under control with an exing the beginner. the store was evacuated and closed for about four hours. security managed to apprehend the suspect and hold him until police got to the scene. he won't be able to do that again. that's a bad record to do stuff like that. >> suspect was arrested for suspicion of arson. police look into whether he's area. no customer or employee inside the store were heard during the fire. an armed robber on the run up in concorde, new hampshire. police say the suspect targeted a gas station on north state street monday fight. detective say one man went inside flashed a gun demanded cash and the othered stayed
9:36 am
outside and kept watch. once they got the money they took off running. anyone with information is asked to contact police. a big vandalism bust after graffiti spray painted all over landmark rock. the three menu see here used bright neon paint. the rock is popular hiking destination. charleston firefighter releasing report saying they did everything they could to save a winery that went up in flames in august. the family who owns the winery had been critical of the firefighter's response questioning their decision as well. the truck water into the fire rather than draw water from nearby pond. the chief said that pond was too shallow and didn't have enough water to pump from. the fire has also been ruled as an arson. there are new details facing draft king. senatement stanley rosenberg
9:37 am
and taxed here in massachusetts. >> also customer have filed a class action lawsuit here in boston against draft king they claim they broke promise to refund them for their first deposit. draft king has not responded to the new allegation. treasury secretary will meet with student at the university of maryland to kind of get their thoughts on which women should be featured on the new $10. that decision to replace alexander hamilton announced earlier this year. won't be in circulation until 2012. she wrote a letter to president obama asking why women weren't featured on bills the treasury department said $10 was chosen because it's the next one scheduled to be updated. popular teacher set to meet
9:38 am
he was fired for saying a curse word. they voice their support a group of student interrupted last week. >> up next a touching show of pay treeism and redding. police along with local business hope to get a flag flying over veteran home hit not once but twice. tempings this afternoon. upper 60s low 60s tomorrow. much colder for the weekend. numbers are up next. we're tracking breaking news this morning after shots were fired near the campus of tennessee state university three people have been taken to the hospital one of them in critical
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>> let the record stand. it's on twitter if you want to catch up. we are smooth sailors clouds and sun. more sun now than clouds take over this afternoon. temperature are seasonal next few day in the 60s. there's sign by the end of the
9:41 am
october usually the month of october you get the last remnant of summer and couple of instances of winter showing up. you can get the real wild temperatures swings that happen. and that's starting to happen as we move through the middle of october the first five days we're cold in the past five have been warm. the next few kind of seasonal. and then we will fall off a cliff in terms of temps by sunday and monday. how about rain. so far for the month for the city of boston. if you watch from the cape and island this is not representation of you folks down there. you guy picked up close to 2 inch of rain on the cape yesterday morning. worcester much the same. about 0.6. a lot of town worcester hills the number below normal. different story on the cape and island with yesterday morning a burst of heavier rainfall. mix of cloud and sunshine. nice fall mores. 50s and 60s. here's the cloud off to our west.
9:42 am
greater numbers here for southern new england this afternoon. temps between 65 and 70. boston around 69. norwood 70. north down cape ann upper 60s. the numbers in upper 60s into the worcester hills a lot of color in the trees. out on to cape and island. tonight mostly clear, cool, 43 to 50. and for tomorrow partly sunny skies. cooler tomorrow but that 62 just about where we should be for this time of year. friday morning cloud maybe a sprinkle. here's another cool front lower 60s ahead of the cold front. saturday upper 50s.
9:43 am
that an ashlthic arctic front. >> veteran american nag stolen from porch not once but twice. the officer and manager heard the story they really have to help out here. here's 7's elizabeth norecca with more. this flag flies proudly in front of home 90-year-old veteran john conyers. it's a symbol of his sacrifice he made for our country. i have a lot of respect for the flag. sadly someone else didn't. two months ago someone stole the flag. he didn't want to bottler police he said he just went out and bought another one. but then on monday morning he said the flags gone again. the tears came to my eye. sad. that somebody could do that. this time he called politician. he said the officer came to his house and took a report. but a little bit later she returned. she came back and she had a flag
9:44 am
and i said, was that in locker? that was in the home depot. and i mentioned this story to the manager and he gave me a flag to give to you. this is that flag signed by manager of home depot. once he heard what happen head felt compelled help. what a nice police person. it's like taking the time and paying out of her own pocket. the officer husband put the new flag up very securely. all because two people took the time to show a stranger a little bit of kindness. oh, i was so happy. that flag meant a lot to me. elizabeth norecca. 7news "today in new england." john said he wouldn't put out another flag because it was getting too expensive. next donald trump return to nbc got fired from their apprentice. but he will be live from new
9:45 am
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before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. good morning. sunday night can't come soon enough for the patriots and they fans. they values their preparation. this the colts. this an opportunity to have some real fun on offense. patriots put up 87 points in their two wins over indy last season. this offense is better this year.
9:48 am
can the patriots drop 50 on sunday night. yes, brady would love to. brady with with 11 touchdowns. he's spreading around the rock. they have heck of an offense. offense. >> quarterback is outstanding. he's flawless right now. tight end nightmare. back up is nightmare. they have a ton of players. they are on the same page you know they are in sinc and playing at high, high level right now. good news on brad marshon he will travel to colorado and arizona. he was back on the ice at practice wearing a green noncontact jersey. he still recovering from concussion he suffered on saturday against montreal. tonight he would not try to rush back before he is ready. the celtics will be a little bit shorthand tonight.
9:49 am
marcus smart is out with the flu and avery bradley will get the night off. i'm joe amorosino, have a great day. for the first time in dozen year the cubs are in the national championship series. the first time the cubs ever posted a series at home. of course orangization led by former sox gm tried to win first world series. following the big win fan celebrated outside of wrigley. people in the crowd were relatively well behaved. the cubs will face the mets or the dodgers in the nlcs. new york and l.a. play devisive game five tomorrow night. with the patriots undefeated life the good. it looks for tom brady and his dog; right? >> that's right. even the dog has something to mile about. brady posting a picture of scooby on facebook.
9:50 am
i loff this picture. 177,000 am son change when the pats take on the colts sunday night. catch all the action on 7 nbc. scooby looks like a nice dog. whoa. yes. up next oscar but for johnny depp. the actor doesn't want to win his role as notorious gangster whitey bulger. more clouds this afternoon. one last look at the forecast up
9:51 am
back to buzz and live from new york donald trump. the republican presidential front-runner will host saturday night live noer 7th. trump last hosted snl in 2004.
9:52 am
cast member who plays him on the comedy show. johnny depp doesn't want an oscar for his role because he doesn't want to give an acceptance speech. he said nomination that's just fine. that's plenty. he's been nominated three times in the past for his roles in finding novemberland and the pirate of the caribbean. famous scene from the classic film dirty dancing got off on the right food. she found the scene in one day without practicing. she has no idea who people reenact the scene have the guts to throw themselves int the arm of anyone other than a costar. you try it anyway. that's why it's the first take right. that part of your brain shuts off for a little bit. good stuff there. boston 64 right now. bedford at 58.
9:53 am
sunny skies now. more clouds through the afternoon. it's a nice fall day. temperature above normal. and for tomorrow mix of clouds and sun. low 60s tomorrow. enjoy the day ahead. i'm christa delcamp. thanks for joining us. i'm jadiann thompson.
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