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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  October 14, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> jadiann: now at noon, we start with breaking news. the first lawsuit in the el faro tragedy announced today in florida. this comes a week after rescue crews ended their search for the lost ship. and the ship went missing during hurricane joaquin. f cheryl fiandaca has more. >> reporter: yeah, 3 people were onboard the cargo ship. it was heading to san juan, puerto rico from florida. officials received a distress call. el faro reportedly lost propulsion and started taking on water.
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the coast guard searched the area but only found a life ring from the missing vessel. now the families of the victims want justice. saying the ship should have never left port. the lawyer representing the families spoke today. >> these are some greedy people. and as a result, you have innocent men and women who should be going about their business, on their job, with their families, with their kids, their parents, whatever the case may be. they are six feet under. somebody has to pay. >> jadiann: four of the victims were from maine. including the captain. 28 of the men and women were american. we will continue to follow this breaking story. i'm cheryl fiandaca, 7 news. >> jadiann: turning now to the patriots and one of the biggest games of the season. tom brady speaking out days before the pats go head to head with the colts. for the first time since the afc championship game that sparked a dramatic
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deflate-gate drama. td 12 taking to the podium, before the big match-up. dan hausle has more on what the quarterback had to say. dan? >> reporter: well, things are different here in foxboro these days. a good example of that was tom brady's news conference a few minutes ago. normally, brady would be out so. but today, just a few seconds over four minutes up on the podium. top fans want to know that you are human. and what you said soer fa could have been any week, any team. but facing the team that started the ball rolling on deflate-gate that tarnished this team and your own reputation, how could there not be extra incentive to want
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>> well, i guess i'm always pretty motivated, regardless of the opponent. regardless of the team or the week. whether it is a preseason you know, they are all important because, you know, there are so few of those that you get an opportunity in your life. i don't take them for granted. it is exciting to go out there and do something that i love to do. to go out there with them with. coaches, players. it is another opportunity for we can be a good football team. >> reporter: isn't there any heart in there, any human that week? >> i'm a human. there is no doubt. i'm a human. >> reporter: as you see there, human there. as a matter of fact, on on one of the other questions, he came back to that and said, you know, some weeks you have more up, some weeks more down. he said once again, "yeah, i'm human."
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that is as much as you will get from tom brady this week heading into a big windy game. if the patriots are feeling this one different, they are keeping it to themselves. >> jadiann: all right. hitting him with the hard questions there. catch all the action right here on sunday on 7-nbc. join us for our 7 on the sidelines show at 6:30. it will air right after 7 news at 6:00. middleton. this happened on route 114. near the north andover line just before 7:00 this morning. you see the box truck turned over on its side right there. a lot of damage. it appears there is a second car off the road. you can see earlier... one person was flown to the hospital with serious injuries. we will continue to follow that. state police are searching for a shooter who opened fire on a car in wrentham. it happened on 495 south just before 11:00 last night. investigators say they found evidence of the shooting on the car. the driver was not hurt. police do not think this was a random act. jury selection is still temporarily on hold in the case of a danvers teen accused
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of killing a teacher. the defense is concerned that philip chism isn't competent to stand trial. chism is not in the courtroom right now. a judge is trying to figure out if he is refusing to come out of his wholing cell or he simply does not want to attend the hearing. court officers say chism has been noncompliant and on the floor.... >> i have never been more proud of my mother than i am right now. as i sit here. she wasfying for her home. and ultimately, fiting for her life. >> wow. cheerful testimony from family members face-to-face with the man who killed their love one. timothy kostka facing life in prison after being found guilty on all charges last week. jennifer eagan joins us live from boston with more. jen? >> reporter: the woman kostka killed had a large family rooted in south boston.
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they remembered her here today and had words for the killer. >> i still pick up the phone every day to call and talk with her. >> reporter: the 67-year-old was killed by timothy kostka in her south boston home in april of 2012. prosecutors say kostka's stabbed her for a lottery ticket. he bought heroin with the money from cashing them in. barbara coyne's son found her minutes later. >> she had enough sense to get enough of his d.n.a. under her fingernails. to do her part. so he could never harm another family again. >> reporter: the lawyer told the judge the 30-year-old was addicted to heroin after being prescribed opiates after an injury. >> i'm very worried about the fact that there will be more timothy cost cast out there who are addicted to heroin. they have one single goal in mind. to steal other people's money. >> if you had just asked her,
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she did that for everybody. >> reporter: whatever motivated him to kill doesn't matter to barbara coyne's family. >> he does not belong in society. he is too dangerous to everyone. >> reporter: kostka will spend his life in prison without the possibility of parole. we are live from boston, 7 news. >> jadiann: thank you. more news today. at least three people are in the hospital after a shooting near the tennessee state university campus. this happened overnight. a few hundred people were at a party when police say group of men with guns arrived and were turned away. and then they started shooting into the crowd of more than a hundred people. reportedly, picking random targets. a plea coming from the vatican this afternoon. pope francis is asking for forgiveness for recent scandals that have hit rome and the vatican. the pope didn't get specific in his unannounced request for a pardon this morning. the catholic church has seen controversy in recent weeks. the vatican monsignor came out as gay and was subsequently fired. and rome's mayor resigned
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following widespread criticism from the church. right right now, police are looking for a man who broke into a cambridge church. surveillance video captured him on camera. he was dressed as a priest and committed a lewd act at the altar of the church. more on the search for the suspect in cambridge. nick? >> reporter: yeah. church officials at this point say the man caught on that video inside this church did not appear to steal anything. but church leaders here say what he did inside was despicable. >> it is a violation. it's disturbing. it's grows: all of the above. >> reporter: police looking for a perve parading as a priest. the man broke into the church in cambridge around 3:00 on the morning of september 29. police say he was caught on security cameras in the church making his way through several places, including behind this
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sacred wall, ending up wearing head-to-toe clergy robes. even pretending to run services. >> he kind of parades through the church a little bit. >> reporter: but he doesn't stop there. the man strips down naked and gets up on the altar and commits a lewd act. for obvious reasons, we aren't showing you that. a horrible desecration in the eyes of anyone. but especially this church. the next concern was the children of the parish. . >> there was a person walking around who is willing to do something like this, >> reporter: church leaders are increasing security and changing policies to make sure it is as safe as possible in the future. so obviously, church officials, police don't know who this man is. they don't know if he has been to this church before in the past. church officials said when looking at the surveillance video, it appears this man knew where he was going inside
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the church. if anyone has any information, they should call police. live from cambridge, 7 news. >> jadiann: all right, thank you, nick. the democrats square off in their first debate. >> i believe the a society where all people do well. not just a handful of billionaires. >> i'm not taking a back seat to anybody. >> reporter: well, there are fooich five candidates on stage. two stood out from the rest. front-runners bernie sanders and hillary clinton getting the most response from the audience. tim caputo has highlights from vegas. >> reporter: last night hillary clinton proved why she is the odds-on favorite to get the democratic nomination. she is a seasoned veteran when it comes to debates like these. night. because before any of the other four candidates could question her character, she took aim at her closest competitor. front-runner hillary clinton flanked by the four other democratic candidates. the center spot was also the hot seat. secretary clinton was questioned about her flip-flopping, on key issues over the years. >> if you are learning, you are going to change your
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i never took a position on keystone i took a position on keystone. >> reporter: bernie sanders took aim on clinton. >> you do not, congress does not regulate wall street. wall street regulates congress. and we have to break off and say please do the right thing. >> no. >> reporter: clinton held her ground and defended her record. >> are you progressive or moderate? >> i'm a progressive. but i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. >> reporter: martin o'malley made a splash on the national stage going on the attack on sanders' soft record on gun control. >> senator, it was not about rural and urban. have you ever been to the eastern shore? have you been to western maryland? >> reporter: lincoln chafee and jim webb are on the end, fighting hard for air time.
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but no real fireworks. >> enough of the e-mails! let's talk about the real issues facing america. (cheers and applause) >> thank you, bernie! thank you. (laughter) >> reporter: there was an extra podium in case joe biden at the last second flew out to join the bebaitment he, of course, did not. instead, he apparently, hosted a high school reunion and watched the debate from washington. >> jadiann: well, a couple of campaign in new hampshire today. florida senator marco rubio was at a house party this morning. he will then attend a town former florida governor jeb bush will tour a company in manchester before a town hall in concord tonight. a puler struggle in plymouth after the pilgrim nuclear power plant announces it will shut down. entergy, the company that owns
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the plant says it would cost about $60 million to upgrade the safety rating. the plant employs 600 people and pays $10 million a year in taxes to the town of plymouth. so some people who live there think rough times are ahead. >> this is just the beginning. the fact that the plant is going to be destaffed is a worrisome situation. we are entering a dangerous period. >> jadiann: the plant is expected to close within the next four years. the start of aaron hernandez' double murder trial has been pushed back until beginning of next year. a judge agreed tuesday to put the trial on hold because both sides say they need more time to prepare. prosecutors are expected to ask the state supreme judicial court to give them access to evidence hernandez give his previous attorneys. hernandez is accused of killing two men in the south end three years ago. he is already serving life in prison for the murder of odin lloyd. well, coming up at noon, former l.a. lakers star lamar odom rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious.
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what led up to this medical emergency and how he is doing. >> jeremy: for the afternoon, a mix of clouds and sunshine. mild afternoon. i'll let you knoll when after the break. >> jadiann: an aunt is suing her 12-year-old nephew all because he tried to give her a hug. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything
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>> jadiann: all right. welcome back, everyone. much of northern and western new england reaching that peak foliage and the color there. this video was taken by a drone in vermont. shows all those mountains, the rolling hills of color right there. a lot of color in eastern massachusetts, though. still waiting to peak. although, j.r., i'll tell you, i went out for a run yesterday. there were some beautiful trees along that area. different trees peak at different times. >> jeremy: yeah, right. foliage reports are like snowfall reports.
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one town you get 13 inches of snow. one town next-door, you get six or seven. that is how foliage is. if off town full of oak trees, well, they are still green as can be. the maples are chaining quick. they are paebing right now. in any event, some great color across southern new england for the next few weeks. a mix of clouds and sunshine this afternoon. and again tomorrow. temperatures are seasonal for the remainder of the week. then as we head into the weekend, a cold shot of air coming into the northeast. is this right here, the end of our fall weather? no. typically, when you get into october, you go through wild swings. one week you are talking temps, you know, in the 60's. then a few days where you have afternoon highs in the 40's. like, that will be the case sunday and monday. then you spring right back into the 60's middle of next week. right now, low to mid-60's. the city at 63. swampscott, 67. merrimack valley, new hampshire seacoast, the north
12:18 pm
worcester hills, 60's. a nice fall afternoon. perhaps the only knock on today would be the wind. tonight's refresh breeze from the west anywhere between 10-15 miles per hour. yesterday, the dew points, they were in the low 60's. there was some humidity out there yesterday afternoon. not this afternoon. that air is really dried out. there are clouds that are across southern new england. as we work into the afternoon, the clouds will gang up on us. a mix of clouds and sunshine. even with clouds on the increase, it is still a mild afternoon. temps 65-70. tonight, mostly clear. cool. lows in the 40's to around 50 in downtown boston. and tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sunshine. a little cooler tomorrow. but that 62, that's where we should be this time of year. friday, we start with clouds. maybe some sprinkles in the afternoon.
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here comes the cold front that will barrel out of new york state as we look towards friday afternoon. that will grab some cold air which is now building across southern canada. at this time, the jet stream not allowing that cold to make it into the northeast. as we work towards saturday afternoon, more likely, sunday, you will notice that cold air. there it is right there. for the weekend. saturday, upper 50's. sunday will feature mostly sunny skies. in the morning. with more clouds in the afternoon. of course, the head of the charles looks windy and cold. bust will ray and cold sunday along the river charles. temperatures on sunday, upper 40's. >> jadiann: all right. lamar odom is in the hospital after being found unresponsive in a nevada brothel. according to police. it is the latest trouble for the star athlete whose life has seemingly spiralled out of control since his playing days. lamar odom is fiting for his life after being found unresponsive at a nevada brothel. the owner of the love ranch, tells nbc news odom checked in on saturday, partied for several days, and was found
12:20 pm
unconscious in his v.i.p. suite on tuesday. >> we called 911, immediately. 911 said roll him on his left side. my management did. that he started throwing up all kinds of stuff. foaming. >> reporter: no drugs were found inside the room. odom played in the n.b.a. for 14 years. including two championship seasons with the los angeles lakers. overnight, the former teammates tweeted their support. "on my knees, praying. please, god, let him pull through." "thoughts and prayers go out to lam orodom. great teammate. even better human." it's reality television where he found a whole new fan base. odom married khloe kardashian in 2009. the couple filed for divorce after only four years of marriage. khloe would later say she
12:21 pm
never stopped loving him. >> i'm on high lookout for lamar. anything could send him into a spiral. >> reporter: new details on a fiery plane crash caught on camera in florida. the pilot and another person were killed when the plane came crashing into a mobile home park. you can see the plane falling from the sky right there. nearby residents reported seeing the aircraft flying low. that was right there. right before it burst into flames. the crash led to a fire at that mobile home park, sending two homes up in flames. witnesses tried to rush in to help. flames were just too intense. packages thrown all over a highway in florida after a crash involving a feddex track or the-trailer. police say the rig was hauling two trailers in orlando when it slammed into a car. both trailers sent packages everywhere.
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> jadiann: connecticut woman decides to sue her own 12-year-old nephew for his hearty hug. the family fight stems from
12:25 pm
the woman says the hug broke her wrist. she wanted more than $100,000 from the boy. adam williams explains. >> reporter: why did you take your nephew to court? >> reporter: jennifer connell left the bridgeport courthouse without saying a word. after losing a lawsuit. she sued her nephew after attending his birthday party in west port in 2011. she said he caused her to fall by knocking her to the ground ruling in severe personal injuries, including a fracture requiring surgery. connell said on the stand that her nephew was excited to see her when she got to his house. and when he leapt into her arms, he knocked her to the ground. she still wears an arm cast. after a two-day trial inside a county court howe, the jury unanimously refused to award her a single cent. >> we couldn't find him liable for what happened. >> reporter: the jury took less than 30 minutes to clear the 12-year-old of any wrongdoing.
12:26 pm
the 12-year-old still lives in this home with his father. neither was in the courtroom when the verdict came down. connell was seening more than $100 thouf to pay for medical bills. >> he is 12. he is very independent. a good kid. >> reporter: a kid who won this family feud against his 5-year-old aunt. i'm adam williams, 7 news. >> jadiann: poor little kid. a pizza delivery driver in tears. after a shocking surprise from a church group. then caught on camera: the race to put out the flames when a store's halloween
12:27 pm
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across the country to stop, spot and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicarerstronger for all of us. >> jadiann: four alabama police officers save man and his pet from a burning home. one man had already escaped through the window when police got there but was screaming because his friend was inside. the rescue crew found the second man uncon nrbs a hallway. he was pulled out of the fire
12:29 pm
along with four dogs and was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. well, also caught on camera: fast smash and grab in north carolina. a man slams his pick-up truck into a convenience store and walks out with several cases of beer. the suspect was arrested a short time later. halloween going up in flames. customers at a california wal-mart getting quite the fright when the halloween costume section goes up in flames. officials say a man poured lighter fluid on the costumes before setting them on fire. employees jumped into action to get those flames under control. a pizza delivery driver in ohio gets a surprise gift from a local church. a hefty tip. the congregation was finishing
12:30 pm
called random acts of kindness. showing a good example there. >> jadiann: much more copping on 7 news. including the rematch patriots fans have been waiting for. what tom brady had to say ahead of sunday's big game. >> jeremy: forecast up next. >> jadiann: a brutal beating over a food order. the victim speaking out to 7 news about that attack. a south boston man is sentenced to life in prison. stay with us, everyone.
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>> jadiann: we continue to follow breaking news at this hour. the first lawsuit in the el faro tragedy announced today in florida. the announcement comes a week after rescue crews ended their search for that lost ship that disappeared during hurricane joaquin. let's head over to cheryl fiandaca with more on this breaking story for us. >> reporter: 33 people were onboard the cargo ship that sank near the bahamas. one family has filed a $100 million against the owner and operator of the cargo ship. el faro was headed to spree co. from florida when officials received a distress call. the ship took on water when it lost propulsion. the coast guard searched the area but only found a life ring from the missing ship. now the family of one of the victims say they want justice. the lawyer representing the family spoke today. >> these are some greedy people. as a result, you have innocent
12:33 pm
men and women who should be going about their business on their job, with their families, with their kids, with their parents, whatever the case may be, but they are six feet under. and somebody has to pay. >> two victims were from massachusetts. we will continue to follow this breaking story and bring you reaction as it comes into the newsroom. cheryl fiandaca, 7 news. >> jadiann: well, turning to the patriots now. gearing up for one of the biggest games of the season. tom brady speaking out days ahead of the big head-to-head with the colts. for the first time since the afc championship game that sparked the dramatic deflate-gate drama. td 12 taking to the podium, giving his thoughts before the big match-up. dan hausle questioned the quarterback about his answers. >> reporter: fans want to know that you are human. what you said so far could have been any week, any team. but pay thing the team that started the ball rolling on deflate-gate. your team, your whole
12:34 pm
reputation. how could there not be extra to them? >> well, like i said, i'm always pretty mote said regardless of the opponent, regardless of the team or the whether it is a preseason game, a regular season game. they are all important. there are so few of those that you get an opportunity in your life, so i don't take them for granted. i think it's kpiing to do something i love to do. to go out there and do it with teammates i love to play with. you know, we put a lot of effort in. coaches, players. it is an opportunity for us to go out there... >> reporter: come on. isn't there any heart in there, any human... >> i'm a human. there is no doubt. i'm human. >> jadiann: join us for our 7 on the sideline show. that is at 6:30. that will air after 7 news at 6:00. it will be a big day.
12:35 pm
the family in south boston giving tearful testimony in court today. timothy kostka was convicted of stabbing barbara coyne to death in her home in 2012. the family says they are grateful justice has been served. >> it's the little things that i miss the most. >> she would want you to remember her as a woman that she was. and still is in our memory and our hearts. >> jadiann: kostka will serve life in prison without parole. a court psychologist on the stand right now talking about how more time is needed to evaluate the mental state of a danvers teen, philip chism. there are questions about his competency that the hour. yesterday, he was found banging his head on the floor of his cell.
12:36 pm
his math teacher, colleen ritzer in a danvers high school bathroom back in 2013. we will keep you posted on. that let's switch gears now and talk about the forecast. another beautiful day out there. jeremy reiner says oh, it is like a downward trend, jeremy. >> jeremy: yes. eventually, we go downhill and we fall off the edge of the cliff. but that is sunday. today it is nice out there. boston at 67. fitchburg, 65. a little breezy. a mild breeze. it's also been able to dry out the air yesterday. the dew points were running in the 60's. there was some humidity yesterday afternoon. but now it's back to that october feel to the air. a mix of clouds and sunshine. the clouds are a little bit thicker back through western new england and eastern new york state. it will be a dry afternoon. perhaps turning a little cloudier than how we start the afternoon. temps between 65-70. tomorrow, features a mix of clouds and sunshine. a little cooler tomorrow. low 60's. much colder for sunday.
12:37 pm
we will talk about that in a few minutes. >> i was lucky there was a lot of witnesses around. >> jadiann: all right. after a brutal beating by a brookline firefighter, the man who was attacked is talking to 7 news about what he says all started over a food fight. that firefighter is now facing charges. jennifer eagan has more on the story from brookline. >> nobody... it went from my head. >> reporter: jeffrey gagnon's eyes are bruised and cut. his jaw is fractured. after a brooklyn firefighter allegedly beat him outside anna's taqueria. >> i'm wlungy... lucky that i didn't lose an eye. or worse. that he knocked out my front teeth. >> reporter: gagnon went into the restaurant sunday night after work. he admits he was slow to order. so he left, not realizing ward was about to allegedly attack. >> next thing i know, i'm on the ground, and this guy is just beating me. trying to kill me.
12:38 pm
my face was fractured in three places. and my eye is cut. >> reporter: ward was mad that it was taking gagnon to so long to order his food. it escalated outside. ward kicked and punched gagnon, even threw a bot al at him. ward was arrested and appeared in court yesterday to face charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. there is more to the story, his attorney says. >> the police will have to do some further investigation. that is why i requested some evidence from inside that restaurant where we believe the altercation started. >> jadiann: democratic presidential candidates taking the stage for the first time at the debate in las vegas last night. the former secretary of state hillary clinton was the center of attention. she was questioned for flip flopping on key issues over the years. vermont senator bernie sanders took heat for his soft stance on gun control. when the question came up about clinton's e-mail use,
12:39 pm
her closest competitor defended her. >> enough of the e-mails! let's talk about the real issues facing america! (cheers and applause) >> thank you, bernie! thank you. >> jadiann: well the other candidates, fought for attention on stage. the democrats will face each other again in the next debate on november 4. a couple of the g.o.p. candidates will campaign in new hampshire today. florida senator marco rubio was at a house party in portsmouth this morning. he will attend a town hall in derry this afternoon. former florida governor jeb bush will tour a bionics and prosthetics company in manchester before a town hall in concord tonight. and ahead on 7 news, a veteran in reading flying high after a kind gesture from a police officer. plus, the chicago cubs are continuing their quest for a
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a full of essential nutrients... joy like a mint. ntrum vitamints. olest way yet... your multivitamins. >> jadiann: check this out. an act of kindness by a police officer and hardware store manager. the veterans' american flag was stolen from his porch twice. when the officer and manager heard the full story, they say they had to help.
12:43 pm
>> reporter: this flag flies proudly in front of the home of john connors. a symbol of the sacrifice he made for our country. >> i was in the service for three years. in '4 to '46. i have a lot of respect for it. >> reporter: sadly, someone else didn't. his flag was stolen. on monday morning, the flag was gone again. >> tears came to my eye. it is sad. that somebody would do that. >> reporter: this time he called policement the officer took a report but a little while later, she returned. >> she came back and she had a flag. i said, was that in the locker? she said no, it was in the i mentioned the story to the manager. he gave me a flag to give to you. >> reporter: this is the flag signed by the manager of the home depot. he felt compelled to help. >> what a nice person.
12:44 pm
it is like, taking the time and paying out of her own pocket. that is so nice of her. >> reporter: the officer's husband put the new flag up very securely. now it flies high once again because two people took the time to show a stranger a little kindness. >> oh, i'm so happy. that flag meant a lot to me. >> jadiann: all right. let's go to jeremy. and talk about the wie. or the fact that it's national dessert day. >> jeremy: yes. i'm onboard with that one. fall is fall. weather is nice. dessert, something special about it. the first part of october, these blue squares indicating some cold weather. these past four days, the temps have been averaging above normal. the month of october, it is like. that because you have summer that doesn't want to let go. winter is eager to show up. you can have a clash of seasons with, you know, a few days where you are way below normal. then three or four days later, the temps are way above normal. you will see that here in the coming days and weeks.
12:45 pm
especially, wait until sunday. much colder weather on the way. how about rainfall? we had a little rain yesterday morning in boston. although if you are watching us from the cape and the islands, this number does not represent your month. you picked up about two inches of rain on the cape. in a couple of hours yesterday morning. metro-boston, 8 of the 13 days dry. a nice fall day. upper 60's. boston at 67. bedford at 65. there are a few more clouds off to our west. there are a couple of sprinkles and isolated rain showers in vermont and new york state. some of that holding together in the berkshires. they will dry up as they work east. the clouds won't. the clouds will build throughout the afternoon. temps between 65-70 this afternoon. a bit of a breeze. boston this afternoon, 69. lakeville at 70. north of town, beverly. into the worcester hills again, clouds will take over. there may be a sprinkle or two in some of these neighborhoods. monadnock region. perhaps some of you in the
12:46 pm
petersham, about 65. heading in the other direction, cape and the islands, mostly sunny skies. a few clouds throughout the afternoon. for tonight, mostly clear, cool. lows down into the 40's to around 50 in the city of boston. tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sunshine. a little cooler tomorrow. at 62. that's normal for this time of year. then as we work towards friday and the weekend, here comes another cold front. this will generate a lot of clouds friday morning. there could be a couple of sprinkles friday morning. i don't ship we will have rain showers friday afternoon. there may be some showers in the berkshires. they will dry up before they approach metro-boston. what that will do is grab some cold air that is starting to build across south, central canada. that working with the jet stream. that cold front and the jet stream working together. to usher in some cold air for the second half of the weekend. the 7 on 7 forecast: saturday is a blustery and cool day. i don't know if i would spin it as cold. temps around 60. sunday is cold. downright cold. high temperatures on sunday in
12:47 pm
skies. west wind on monday. temperatures on monday in the upper 40's. there you go. tuesday, 56. i think a week from today, temps will be right back into the 60's. >> jadiann: all right. a nice fall day at least for today. thank you, jeremy. the chicago cubs are now in the national league championship series. chicago advanced last night by being the cards 6-4. the first time the cubs have clinched a post-season series at home. of course, the organization led by former sox g.m. theo epstein is trying to win its first world series since 1908. chicago police say people in the crowd were relatively well-behaved. the cubs will face the mets or the dodgers in the nlcs. new york and l.a. play a decisive game five tomorrow night. coming up on 7 news at noon, a ten-year-old boy with an emotional surprise for a woman after losing her mother to breast cancer.
12:48 pm
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>> jadiann: a ten-year-old boy bringing a woman to tears after finding a locket she thought was gone forever. the woman's mother died of breast cancer two months ago. the daughter twor locket that held her mother's ashes until it was lost. >> no problem. i appreciate you so much. you are going to be my little angel. >> reporter: adrian byrd's mother died of breast cancer two months ago. >> i love her. she was the strongest woman i ever knew. >> reporter: adrian, her daughters and her sister all wear heart-shaped lockets. each holds ashes of the woman they dearly miss. s if. >> this is pretty much all i got left of her. >> reporter: on sunday, james
12:51 pm
the ground by a roller coaster at an amusement park. >> for that little boy to find that and then, you know, actually, it makes its way back to me, that is a miracle to me. >> reporter: miracle thanks to the help of facebook. the boy and his mother traveled to adrian's home. to return the locket together. >> thank you. i appreciate that. more than you ever know. i really do. i can't believe a ten-year-old kid found it and actually, did what was right with it. he is an awesome boy. i mean, so awesome. >> reporter: being ablele to say thank you in person meant the world to her. >> i can't thank him enough. >> reporter: very sweet. adrian will get a stronger chain for that locket so this never happens again, she says. well, up next on 7 news, jack black with a special surprise for his son that could make
12:52 pm
him dad of the year. >> for the afternoon, a mix of clouds and sunshine. one last look at the forecast
12:53 pm
>> jadiann: live from new york, it's donald trump. he will host saturday night live november 7. now he will go head-to-head
12:54 pm
trump on the comedy show. johnny depp has been nominated three times for his roles in movies. a famous scene from the dirty dancing film got off on the right foot. jennifer gray recently revealed she filmed that iconic lifting in one day without practicing first. she had no idea and she had no idea how people reenact the scene, to have the guts to throw themselves into the arms of another stranger. well, the 55-year-old mom has no desire to be thrown up in the air again. jack black is making a solid run at dad of the year. he showed his newest film goose bumps at his son's school to raise their
12:55 pm
imagine that. j.r., i guess you don't want me to come over and try lift. from dirty dancing. >> jeremy: i have a hard enough time without that kind of distraction. boston right now, 67. beverly, 65. hyannis, 65. a breeze right now out of the west and the southwest. 10-15 miles per hour. helping to dry out the air. dew point temps back down to october. and through the afternoon, mix of clouds and sun. temperatures will reach the upper 6's this afternoon. thursday, lower 60's. friday, lower 60's. >> jadiann: that will do it for 7 news at noon, everyone. i'm jadiann thompson.
12:56 pm
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