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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  October 14, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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there's a person walking around whos willing to do something like this where there are children constantly. >> reporter: as a result, security is being increased and policies being changed to make sure it's as safe as possible in the future. >> obviously the church or the police don't know who this man is so they don't know if he's been to the church before in the past but when church officials looked at the surveillance video they say it appears he knew where he was going while inside. if anybody has information, they should call police, nick emmons, 7news. >> i've never been more proud of my mother than i am right now as i sit here, you know, to know that she was fighting for her home expultly fighting for her life. >> tearful testimony from family members who come face to face with the man who killed their loved one. timothies could came is facing life in prison after being found guilty on all charges last week.
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courtroom. >> i still pick up the phone to talk with him. >> reporter: the 67-year-old was killed in april 25. prosecutors say poska stabbed coin to steal her lottery tickets to buy heroin with cashing them in. barbara coin's son found her minutes later. >> she had enough sense to get enough of his dna under her fingernails so he could never hurt another family again. >> reporter: poska's lawyer told a judge the 40-year-old was addicted to heroin after being prescribed opiates after an injury. >> i'm more worried that there will be more timothys out there who will be addicted to heroin and be willing to steal people's money. >> if you would have just asked her, she would have helped you. >> reporter: but whatever motivated poska to kill doesn't
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matter to barbara coin's family. society. he is far too dangerous to everyone. he. and that was 7's jennifer egan reporting here. new here at 4:30, a boston police detective appeared in court today charged with open and gross lewdness, according to the eagle tribune newspaper 45-year-old was arrested in august for standing without act. he'll be back in court for another hearing in december. officials believe they have new clues that could help him find a fugitive drug lord known as el chap oh. the agents reportedly intercepted phone conversations indicating he was in the mountains. sources tell nbc news mexican marines raided the area and found cell phones and schoating they think may have been his. at one point they thought they had el chapo surrounded but he wasn't there. chapo escaped three months ago
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from a maximum security prison. a security camera shows him dropping down from the shower area into a mile long tunnel. two dozen officials and a pilot have been arrested accused of helping him escape. the home where oscar pretoria shot and killed his party house. the new owners claim it's the perfect entertainment venue. pistorius sold the house to pay trial. 'tis toious was convicted back in 2013 and fired gunshots at her through a bathroom door gaming he thought he was a intruder. >> twitter is cutting its staff. the company is calling it a restructuring plan that will cut costs. twitter says employees who are let go will be given generous severance packages. a milwaukee gun store is found guilty of selling a gun to a man who shot and seriously
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injured two police officers. the jury awarded millions of dollars in damages to those officers who were eat shot in the head. milwaukee mayor tom barrett is hopeful the jury has sent a message, stores who sell guns may not be off the hook once weapons are out of their hands. >> there are certainly national ramifications to this verdict because as far as i know this is the first time that a retailer has been held liable. >> the d.a. says the second to go to trial since the passing of the federal law granting broad immunity to gun dealers and manufacturers. a baltimore police officer is accused of spitting on a suspect during an arrest earlier this week. the officer has been suspended after the whole incident was caught on camera. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the incident happened monday night in baltimore. according to witnesses, officers ordered several people to move off the steps of a building. they tased and handcuffed a man who argued with an officer, then that officer is seen on video doing this.
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is bystanders reacted, tension escalated. another officer could be seen with his taser telling people to move back. baltimore's interim police commissioner says the whole encounter is now under investigation acknowledging that it does appear an officer spit on the man after his arrest. >> and his body and his head blew forward in a manner that suggest he may have actually he spit on the handcuffed arrested person. i think any reasonable person can look at that video last night and come away with some serious concerns. this isn't being reviewed, this isn't being looked at. this isn't being glanced at. this is a full-blown internal >> reporter: the interim commissioner says he can't imagine what could explain the officer's alleged behavior, especially considering the number of bystanders take video. >> i can't in spite of my very best efforts rationalize human bhairve. i can't. i think human beings when under stress, whether you're in law
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enforcement or not, send to act outside themselves. >> did they appear to be under stress last night. >> i can't really describe what depicts someone under stress. it can be an internal feeling. it's not always outwardly exhibited. >> reporter: the accused officer has been suspended during the department's investigation. a firey scene inside a california walmart all caught on camera. planes swallowed the children's halloween costumes hanging in the store. police have a man in custody and want tonight find out what his motive was. here's the report. >> flores this cell phone video walmart employees desperately try to get flames under control after police say a 40-year-old man used a two quart bottle of charveg coal lighter fluid that he picked up from the gardening section to set children's halloween costumes on fire. >> to try to really find a reason as to why somebody would come into a walmart store in the
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middle of the afternoon and light kids halloween costumes on fire. >> it is scary. it's ridiculous, too, at the same time. >> associates were able to get the fire under control with an extinguisher. there was so much smoke the store was evacuated and closed for about four hours. security managed to apprehend the suspect and hold him until police got to the scene. >> i bet you they don't that again. that's a bad record to do stuff like that. must be one nut to do something like that anyway. >> reporter: the suspect was arrested for suspicion of arson. police are also looking into whether he is linked to other crimes in the area. >> no customers or employees inside that store were hurt during the fire. in the newsroom, 7news. actress hayden pan tee area is dealing with some off-screen drama. she's seeking treatment for postpartum depression. she's been open about her struggle since her baby girl's birth last december.
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the 26-year-old wants to change the misunderstandings many have about this order and she says she has never had negative feelings toward her child. main father who battled leukemia is walking tall at his daughter's wedding, went through intensive chemotherapy and survived a coma and was blinded. after months of working with physical therapist, he did what doctors think was possible and grabbed his daughter's arm to walk her all the way down the aisle. >> what a moment there. >> yeah, every girl dreams of having her daddy walk her down the aisle amazing that he could make that possible. >> good for him. ahead here on 7news, a 10-year-old boy with an emotional surprise for a woman after losing her mother to breast cancer. >> and a model misbehaving while liz beth hurley got in trouble for this picture. and a former nba star is in
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the hospital. what we're learning about the emergency that happened at a nevada brothel. plus, a deadly pleon crash caught on camera in florida. more on what happened and the search for survivors. that's all coming up on 7news at 5:00. we'll be right back. hayden pant yarria. pant area. pant tara. introducing longhorn' s great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus, an appetizer, or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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>> an 10-year-old boy bringing a woman to tears after finding the locket she thought was gone forever. the woman's mother died of breast cancer just two months ago. >> and she wore the locket that held her mother's ashes until it was lost and then found. much here's the story. .
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you're gonna be my little angel. >> reporter: adrian byrd's mother lucy died of breast cancer just two months ago. >> i love her. i miss her. she was the strongest woman i ever knew. >> reporter: adrian and her daughter and sister all wear heart shaped lockets holding the ashes of the woman he they dearly mission. >> this is all i've got left of her. >> reporter: on sunday the charm was found on the ground by a park. adrian says she didn't even realize that the locket was missing until a daughter got a post been finding its owner on facebook. >> for that little boy to find that and actually make its way back to me, it's a miracle to me. >> reporter: a miracle thanks to the help of facebook. the boy and his mother traveled to adrian's home to return the locket together is it. >> thank you, okay. i appreciate that more than you'll never know. i really do. >> i just can't believe a
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10-year-old kid found it and actually did what was right with it. he's an awesome boy, i mean, so awesome. >> reporter: being able to say thank you in person, adrian says meant the world to her. 7news. be careful what you eat. the false staple that's getting a bad rap. apples, lots of them. and our forecast, well, worpty of apple picking. that's ahead. and all new at 5:00, the investigation into what happened to a cargo ship lost at sea during a hurricane continues as officials file the first lawsuit in that case. >> then the first face-off between the democratic candidates, who won and who lost during last night's debate. >> plus, looking ahead to the colts, more on the big match-up coming up this weekend, all coming up on 7news at 5:00. stay with us.
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>> i think that eventually this beautiful weather will go away. >> well, let's stop being negative. i know, it's really nice to enjoy it while we can, though, go outside and enjoy this not too cold and not too hot weather, pete. pretty good over the last couple of days. so far the last few days we worked it close other to normal just that. it hits and then pulls back quickly and looks like only a couple of days worth of chill and then it backs off considerably as we'll find. today above normal, again, normal high should be in the low 60s.
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63 in worcester, though, upper 60s, close to 70. we didn't quite make it into providence and new bedford but close enough, somewhere in those two cities, somewhere it had to be 70. 64 nashua right now, same in marshfield, 65 in portsmith, 58 in worcester. our temperatures falling back. the front has passed to western mass and passing through eastern mass now. so, yeah, there's some cool air and a good blob too coming through. tomorrow, we'll offset that with plentiful sunshine. these clouds are out of the picture, this is part of the front that moved through and these low clouds that you can see, by the way, in case you need a little weather 101, the high clouds depicted in brighter white here and the lower clouds have that kind of lighter gray tone to it and the green is the
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precipitation. our morning will get a little milder so we'll get the bump in the afternoon a little milder. saturday 57 and 48 on sunday. it's solid, i've been holding that number up for a couple of days and it looks like it's justified with the upper weather pattern as cold as it seems. foliage, reports out of maine is the entire state is a wash in color right now, aflame in color. so it's peaking now all across northern new england and that is descending down closer to manchester, nashua and also southern vermont, as well. it's funny, too the mountains and hillsides up across northern
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most new england kind of in sync with the trees along the coastline too. so they kind of fell in line peaking at the same time, which is unusual. it caught up eventually. and the coastline has been doing its thing. anyway, a lot of leaf drop over beware. things will be slick in that case. clearing skies, 34, 49. cooler, mostly sunny, with a few afternoon clouds. 55 to 60. there's your 7 on 7 forecast. yeah, leaf drop is kind of a big thing on those country roads, go speeding down them, or even the speed limit, and they do get slick with a little bit of rain. the weekend forecast not wet, but cool though, windy on saturday.
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see you at 5:00. >> bogging down just a little bit. stays heavy after the spot down by route 95. northbound 128 slow from lexington up past route 93. this is where the traffic is coming towards us. it stays heavy over to the ted williams tunnel. over to the right-hand side, it's moving along pretty well as you make your way along the river. heading for downtown boston, we are seeing a lot of traffic on 93 northbound. the traffic leading away from us on the zakim bridge and upramps and downramps, getting a look at southbound side of the expressway. that's moving again. the earlier crash down along the furnace parkway is now off the roadway. i'm joe stapleton, 7news. in today's healthcast, new research shows that early physical therapy may not be best with people with low back pain. >> a new study with over 200 low
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improved quickly and there was no difference between the group one year later. >> researchers at brig am women's hospital found new molecules in breast milk that help reduce inflammation and boost the immune system and not found in cow's milk or infant formula. cardiologists usually prescribe medications to prevent a second heart attack but a new study of canada found only 66% of women under 65 years old started taking medications compared to 75% of men. caramel apples are a delicious staple of the fall season. but 35 people got sick and 7 even died last year from prepackaged caramel apples contaminated with listeria. researchers found a caramel apple stored at room temperature had 1,000 times more bacteria growth than refrigerated apples. experts say buy the refrigerated caramel apples or eat them fresh.
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>> getting off on the right foot, the scene from a popular movie that was apparently pretty % easy to shoot. i had the time of my life people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox but you know what? i know how new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content
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if one star was escorted out of a london museum for getting too close to an exhibit. >> elizabeth hurley was escorted out. she triggered an alarm apparently. security guards rushed to the side but she said she couldn't resist snapping a selfie on that bed. the daughter of sarah palin announced the news on instagram saying she is seven and a half months pregnant. palin already has a 6-year-old boy. comedian jack black is making a run at dad of the year. he showed his newest film goosebumps to his son's school. he says the kids loved it so much that his youngest walked the red carpet of the hollywood premier dressed as slappy, a creepy character from that movie. >> a famous scene from the classic film dirty dancing was a one shot wonder. jennifer gray recently revealed
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with patrick swayze with one day to practice first. they the guts to throw themselves into the arms of anyone other than her costar. the 55-year-old mom has no desire to be thrown up in the air ever again. >> ready, run. >> much more to come in the next 90 minutes. >> a south ridge teacher is in custody. the patriots taking to the script when it comes to the rematch of the team. >> i'm always pretty motivated regardless of the opponent and tom brady finally admits it. >> close to 70 once again.
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now the temperatures start to slide for the rest of the workweek. >> the trial for a teenager accused of murdering his teacher now on hold. a judge trying to determine if he is fit to stand trial. >> a firey crash in florida. cameras rolling as a small plane falls from the sky. >> and a former nba and reality tv star clinging to life. what doctors found in lamar odom's system after he collapsed in a nevada brothel. a south ridge student arrested accused of sending obscene images to a student. story. >> yeah, the teenager is charged charged a minor. police say the 21-year-old teacher, joseph zunga sent the material to a student through allegedly resent it in august.
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he's in jailntil a court
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