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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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what he is accused of sending to a student that got him locked up. >> take a look at. this a fireball shooting into the air. people forced to evacuate as a gas main explodes here in medfield. >> holding your... near average for the next few days. the bottom does drop out for the weekend. >> searching for an explanation. a local college student ended up owning goog. >> and here is is a tip. what is happening in some popular new york restaurants that could change the way we eat here in boston. we have breaking news first at 11:00. a computer glitch causing problems at customs at logan and other airports across this country. the issue with the system that matches airline passengers against terror watchlists. >> the glitch is gone. but the delays remain. we are at logan right now to bring you the latest. >> well, the outage only lasted about 90 minutes. but travelers say those lines were a mess and they are glad to be through them now. after hours of flying, long
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lines at customs awaited international travelers at logan. >> well, this is a huge line. things are moving really slowly. everybody was pleasant trying to help you get through the line. it took forever. >> frustration. children, a little bit crying. people wanted to go to see. >> government officials confirm that the departmentle of homeland security computer system that checks airline passengers against terror watchliveses had an issue. >> the lady mentioned there was something, like, 300 people in front of us. having said that,s to day. >> we were coming from london. our flight was full of a team coming to row at the head of the charles this weekend. the flight was packed. >> the problem has been fixed. now these people can go ahead with their plans here in the city. >> good. happy to be back. >> life doesn't come out the way you want it. it is also how you approach things in life. >> at this point, it doesn't appear that the owlage is the
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result of a sabotage or a hack. >> also breaking tonight: reports the f.b.i. and justice department are investigating on-line fantasy football sites, including one based right here in boston. we have more details. >> adam, the "wall street journal" and "new york times" are reporting investigators want to figure out whether web sites like boston-based draftkings and fan duel violate federal law. f.b.i. agents have reportedly been contacting customers of draftkings, asking about their experiences with the web site. in both draftkings and fanduel, players pay entry fees and compete for prize money based on the performance of real athletes. the site got the attention of federal investigators last week when it was revealed that draftkings employees used information only available to insiders. and won $350,000 in the contest on rival fanduel. employees from playing on each other's sites. last week, we have learned the
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talking with the site as well. >> 7 news now in medfield. an explosive situation forced people to evacuate their neighborhood. look at those flames. a gas line that ruptured. and the intense inferno definitely put people on edge there. susan tran is in midfield tonight to bring us more. >> and kim, the very latest been fixed. right now they are just putting the street back together again. but the crew from... the crews from the gas company are going home to home. to relight all of those appliances. just a massive, massive ball of fire. >> you could see the flames shooting 30 feet into the air. >> i could hear this really loud whoosh. >> i definitely heard, like, the sound of a fire. >> and hear the roar of the blaze. >> there was a big roar. you could hear it from my house. you could hear the roar of the fire from my house. >> columbia gas was working on
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this two-inch main. the company says the crew's backhoe hit the line and static leaktriesfy sparked the fire. >> i heard a big boom. >> the flames so intense, they melted the power lines above. >> the flames were up... they were catching the wires. the wires that were across the street were on fire. those have all come down. you see some remnants right there. >> and firefighters rushing to a dozen families to get them out of their home. crews shut off the gas, then went to work to repair the main. before they could get the 42 homes back on-line. while the electric company focused on pick thing the power lines. everyone grateful no one was hurt in the frightening blaze. >> it was kind of scary. like, what's going happen. i didn't really know. >> i wasn't really scared. they seemed to have it under control. >> back here live, you see crews there patching up that street again.
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now, this is the time when town officials say the crew that was originally working on this gas main did have all of the prommer permits. and they believe that this was just an accident. >> a local teacher facing troubling charges. arrested and accused of sending naked pictures of himself to one of his students. brandon gunno in southbridge with how officials say they found out about this. brandon? >> adam, police say they caught the teacher because students were talking about it. a school resource officer overheard and called police. >> police say the 21-year-old was sending nude pictures of himself to a 17-year-old student of his at southbridge high school. >> the teacher was put in a position of trust. and it's sickening to even hear allegations like. this. >> the school resource officer overheard students talking about the nude images and the student showed detectives the
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police say the teacher sent the 17-year-old around ten pictures. some are waist-down. others of his entire body. >> the teacher had asked the student to be friends on facebook a year ago. the student accepted the friend request. at that point, in november of 2014, the student gotel is images from the teacher. graphic images. >> the teacher sent the same pictures again two months ago in august. southbridge public school officials say they were alarmed by the investigation and released a statement. "effective today, this individual is no longer an employee with the district. we have requested a no trespass order through the police department." police say the suspect and alleged victim met at a church function in webster two years ago. but there has been no physical contact. >> to the best of our knowledge, the student never communicated back to the teacher. never said anything. ref mained silent. there was never a response. >> okay.
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for dissemination of obscene material to a minor. tomorrow morning in court. tonight. and it actually looks like we have cooler nights ahead. what about the morning, pete? >> well, tomorrow morning, some suburbs will be in the 30's. we are 55 now. look at back in albany. 47 degrees. the kyle air is here. ... the cool air is here. by morning, upper 0's. through metro-west and framingham. attleboro, 42. 49 in boston. that is typical for october. no big message there. as we go through the next couple of days, cool air will be on the move and trying to i see a bright day in the starting bright. then a few clouds in the afternoon. upper 50's to around 60. we are pretty much the same for friday. dip. we will get into that and the and the foliage. stay tuned. >> now tom terrific.
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shows us a human touch. >> i'm a human. there is no doubt. (laughter) >> tb 12 focused and red idea for a rematch. >> tom brady admitting he is only human when asked if there was any added incentive to taking down the colts this weekend. indy was the team that kicked off the deflategate scandal, as we all know, last season. >> tom brady had served... if tom brady served that suspension, this weekend would have been his first weekend back. we know that didn't happen. tom brady and the patriots prepare head back to indy for the first time since the colts complained about these footballs being underinflated. that, of course, launched the deflategate drama. you have to think tom brady is ready for payback. or is he? dan hausle pressing tb 12 for more than a standard answer. >> tom, fans want to know that you are human. what you have said so far could have been any team, any week. but facing the team that started the ball rolling on deflategate, that tarnished
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this team and your team... and your own reputation, how could there not be extra incentive to want to stick it to them? >> well, i guess i'm always pretty motivated, you know, with regard to the opponent. regardless of the team or the week. whether it is a preseason game, a regular-season game. you know, they are all important. . >> come on. isn't there any heart in there, any human that wants... >> i'm a human. there is no doubt. i'm deaf in thely a human. >> brady was reluctant to give his opinion. . >> is tom human when he feels these kinds of things? >> that is for you guys to judge. >> there is one player who wasn't afraid to answer. >> i'm not human. >> brady and his boys are cautious to not publicly admit that payback is driving their early-season perfection. it is tough to not see it. >> i know i'm human. >> what about the tom you see out there tl?
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>> he is human. for sure. >> as you can see, the players there having some fun. pretty relaxed. they are getting ready for the big game. everybody is ready for the big win on sunday. ryan schulteis, 7 news night team. >> yes, they are. you know, the pats taking a hit losing fast key player for the rest of the season. joe amorosino has details. >> the way they are playing right now, it doesn't seem like anything or anyone is capable of slowing down patriots. except maybe the injury bug which took a big bite out of the patriots offensive line. left tackle nate solder done for the season with a torn bicep. the team placing the five-year veteran on injured reserve. this comes as a surprise. considering solder left sunday's win in the first half but staird on the sidelines and even spoke after the game. look for marcus canon to head up a rotation of guys trying to fill solder's shoes and protect forecast brady's blind side. joe amorosino, 7 news night team. >> all right, joe. thank you. count on joe and the rest of the sports team to get you ready for the showdown in
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indy. this all starts at 60k right here on 7-nbc. that is football night in america. and then the pats-colts showdown. >> developing tonight: lamar odom continues to fight her his lifer as we learn more about what put him into a coma. odom was once married to khloe kardashian. he was found unconscious at a las vegas brothel last night. there were a number of drugs in his system. including cocaine and herbal viagra. doctors are treating this as an dover dose. >> also, a worcester mother facing alarming allegations after her son shows up at school with bruises and limping. the family lives in this apartment building in worcester. court paperwork says the boy suffered significant injuries to his head, his arm and other parts of his body. police arrested his mother. that is 22-year-old. shay they arrested her for
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she blames her male roommate for carving the black and blue marks on her son. that boy, by the way, is in the care of the department of children and families tonight. >> the trial of a danvers teenager accused of killing his teacher has been put on hold. jury selection has been suspended in the case of philip chism. he refused to come out-his cell today. the 16-year-old was banging his head on the floor. he is now being evaluated to see if he is competent to stand trial. chism is accused of raping and murdering his high school teacher colleen ritzer back in 2013. he faces life in prison if convicted. >> tearful testimony in a boston courtroom today. just before a man is sentenced for murder. timothy kostka was convicted of killing a 67-year-old woman in her home in april of 2012. prosecutors say kostka stabbed the woman, then stole lottery tickets and bought heroin with the money. after cashing them in. barbara coyne's son found her minutes after that attack and her family members have been waiting three years to see the
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killer be sent to prison. family. >> i still pick up the phone every day to call and talk with her. >> i hope she knows how proud i was of her. i am of her. >> kostka will spend the rest of his life in prison. without the possibility of parole. >> the family of a missing crew member of the cargo ship el faro taking action today. that family is suing the the coast guard called off the search for the ship last week. after it sunk off the coast of florida during hurricane joaquin. the family's lawyer says the ship should not have left port. 33 crew members were lost with that ship, including two men from massachusetts. >> up next tonight, google gets owned. >> what happened when a local college student wound up in control of one of the world's most popular web sites. >> check, please.
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bringing an end to tipping on your restaurant tab. >> okay. we are looking at sunshine in the forecast for the days ahead. now the temperatures start to slide tomorrow. take a look coming up. >> and baby onboard. the plane that landed with one more passenger than it had when it took off. that i mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life.
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>> a big mistake leads to a local college student owning google. but his status as the owner of the web's most popular site is gone like that. in like, 60 seconds. would you believe he bought the web site for $12? >> it's crazy. when the company realized the mistake, they quickly took action. elizabeth here with how this happened. >> hey, guys. a crazy story here. this college student couldn't believe his eyes. he found out he was abel jerezano to buy it didn't last long. he says that is okay. it was still a neat experience, he said. it may have only been for a minute.
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but it is a memory babson college student won't soon becoming the proud owner of the most popular web site in the world. >> in one minute,. >> the computer whiz is a former google employee. he constantly keeps up with the company. he says he noticed the domain was available when he was testing google's web site the price? only $12. curiosity took over and he decided to buy. his purchase went through. he soon received an e-mail with the virtual keys to the kingdom. >> all the information regarding google. >> google was quick to catch the glimpse. canceling the purchase and revobing thed a money rights. then google offered him a reward. but he says google insisted.
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charity in india. his stint as the owner may have been short-lived, the memory will last a lifetime. after the incident, a handful of lawyers contacted him trying to represent him, saying he bought the web site legally. but he says he was not interested in all of. that he was just curious. >> we are following more news tonight. a major new york restaurant owner wants to make a huge change to the way we pay when we go out to eat. by the end of next year, all the restaurants in the union square group will no longer allow customers to tip. the group's owners say they will increase prices and use that to increase the pay of the wait staff and kitchen workers. they hope eliminating tips will make the dining experience easier on customers, they say. >> it is a bad way of paying someone. it is not fair. if there is bad service, don't
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punish me. >> when the restaurant switched to the tipless system, customers will only have to sign their names on the slip. no cash tipping will be allowed. >> here is is a tip. dust off the garment bags. pull out the moth balls. whatever you do to store the cold weather gear. you will need it by the end of the week. mothballs. >> yes, i know. i was going to say. if you are smelly, nobody is going to come around you. >> they just came out. >> right. indeed. hovering near normal over the next couple of days. no, it is not immediately cold. the mornings will be chilly, though. mostly dry. we have a shower threat on friday morning. highs, made it close to 70 again today. so some clouds here indicated by this gray mass you see. low and mid-level cloudiness
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surrounding northern new england. southern new england. albeit slowly. tomorrow is is a cooler day all around. we struggle to make 60 in some here comes the weather system for those friday morning showers or sprinkles. they come at us. then they fade out. like many weather systems we have seen. anyway, the front crosses. and the cool air comes in. however, it doesn't come barreling in here. saturday, we still manage to make it up into the 50's. 60's will be a change for us tomorrow. thursday, friday, 59. and then 62. friday, a little bump in the numbers. only because we start the morning off milder than we will tomorrow morning. mainly in the 40's. our temperatures climb on friday. only a little bit. then dye on saturday. ... then dive on saturday. more so on sunday. i was thinking boy that, cold air looks significant sunday and monday.
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i backed off, thinking it can't be that cold. now it appears it it may be. our worst fears are realized. it is going to be chilly. we haven't had too many cool days like this. tuesday, wednesday, we are back in the 60's. just like that. a massive turnaround between monday and tuesday. cold and then mild. tonight, cooling off with clearing skies. winds diminishing. cooler: not that breezy tomorrow. southwest wind,. the head of the charles will be a little brisk. with the cool air coming in. winds out of the northwest at 15-25 miles an hour. by the way. anyway, there is next week. bouncing back after monday. have a good night. >> you too, pete. a flight from pally to los angeles makes an emergency landing in alaska when a baby
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is born onboard. a passenger posted this video on-line. it shows the china airlines crew jumping into action to help the new mother. all of the flight attendants put on hospital masks while they played the role of nurse. there was a doctor onboard. thank goodness. world safely. >> all right. psyched about the patriots game this weekend. pretty glad to hear about the bruins, too. >> yeah. the bruins are going in the right direction in colorado tonight. more from tom brady. getting ready to face the colts on sunday night. yes that, void left on the patriots' offensive line. and how they plan on filling it.
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when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at >> now time for 7 sports. with joe amorosino. >> greg hardy and the cowboys put some heat on tom brady this past sunday. the colts with a far less talented group of pass rushers will try to do the same this sunday. indy may find it easier to pass to brady with nate solder now lost for the season. there will be some mixing and matching on the offensive line. marcus canon likely getting the first crack at replacing the left tackle. just another sub-plot heading
11:25 pm
into indianapolis where tom brady is treating what most fans think is a grudge-match like any other game. >> you really put a lot into every week. you know, if you don't, then, you know, you don't have much opportunity to win. so i think you just try to approach each week as a professional and, you know, you give it your all. you do the best you can do. hopefully, this leads to positive outcomes when it matsers, on game day. >> patriots and colts face off on sunday night right here on 7-nbc. we will get you ready for kickoff with ourp on the sidelines pregame show beginning at 6:30. the celtics open up their n.b.a. preseason slate tonight against nets. a team celtics fans will keep a close eye on this year. the celtics own the nets first-round draft pick this year. and depending on how it goes
11:26 pm
land high in the lottery. celtics shot 13 of 26 from this is thomas attacking the rack. a nice finish. the reverse lay-in here. the celtics cut down the nets, 109-105. a pair of game fives tonight. first in kansas city. the royals got the play-off magic. rolling. down 3-2 to the astros. in the fifth, rio puts kansas city in front for good. a two-run double. a 7-2 win. ranger, blue jays tied at three in the 7th. this one comes down. bautista breaks the dead-lock. a no-doubt, three-run home run. toronto going wild. jays advance to their first alcs since 1993. a 6-3 win over the rangers. back to toronto. josh hamilton sends one to shallow center. bad place to go if you are looking for a base hit. on kevin pillar's watch.
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these from this guy. our play of the day. a bruins in a late start in colorado tonight. that rocky mountain air must be doing them some good. they are up 5-0 right now in the second period. that's sports. >> would be hard to lose. that we will find out by morning. thank you, joe. >> all right. here is what's coming up on jimmy fallon. >> thanks, guys. vin diesel is my guest tonight! music from selena gomez. it is a great show. building a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?" so capital one built something new - caf\s. where you can unwind with free wi-fi and banking advice, without all the mumbo jumbo. free checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. and a top-rated banking app that lets you handle your financial needs... right here.
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>> that is our time for this wednesday night. we appreciate you being with us. jimmy fallon comes up next. i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei. 7 news continues at 5:00 a.m. with today in new england. have a great day tomorrow, everybody. [ duck quacks, wolf howls and wind whistling ]
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but... the new turbodown jacket: tested tough in the pacific northwest.
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