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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 15, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we have breaking news at 9:00. plan changing for thousands of u.s. troops serving overseas. why they will be staying in afghanistan longer than expected. . >> from the classroom to the courtroom a southridge teacher accused of sending photos of himself to student. a new federal investigation now under way into web site like boston based draft kings. why the fbi is now calling. good morning to you, everyone. i'm jadiann thompson. i'm christa delcamp. if you are fan of crisp weather. looks like this morning is for you. >> that's right. temperatures today. right now temps are coming out of the 30s and 40s.
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these were the lows. norwood down to 30. boston low of 47 compared yesterday at this time. temps are running about 10 to 15 with. upper 40s to 50 now in the city. worcester 44. orange at 37. cold right now. as we work through the morning hour just becomes a nice cool crisp fall afternoon. high pressure is with us. this afternoon we'll feature afternoon. not as windy as we saw yesterday. temps this afternoon about where we should be for this time of year. upper 50s and low 60s. brockton skin. pick billerica 61. a little bit more wind returning to new england tomorrow. mind, mid-60s tolder for the weekend. >> let's get to breaking news first at 9:00 the white house making a major announcement about the future of u.s. troops who are serving right now in afghanistan.
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news desk with the laft test for us now. this is major back draft. # 500 troop will be staying in afghanistan after next we're. the decision comes as the taliban has made recent gains in the country and military officials requested more support to push them back. the president had original i will planned to pull all but 1,000 service members out of afghanistan. the official iannouncement expected sometime later today. nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." millions of social security recipient will not see increase in benefits this year. only twice in the last 40 years has there been no increase in 20 # 10 and 2011. the adjustment based on a government measure of inflation which is being dragged down by lower gas prices. also breaking overseas, a parole board said olympian oscar pistorius will be released from
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now this comes after the board. pistorius served nearly a year of his five-year sentence for manslaughter for killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. a teacher headed to court what you see here new video taken this morning of joseph zunega surrounded by family arriving at court. the english teach year accused of sharing inappropriate images with student and arrested yesterday. the 21-year-olds taking explicit teacher of himself then sending them to teenager. he will face a judge shortly. jen? >> that's right. this teacher fired in southridge when they learned about the investigation. police say he sent those pictures over face book. police say 21-year-old joseph zenega was sending nude pictures of himself to
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while the teacher put in the position of trust and it's it's sickening to hear allegation like this. school resource officer overheard student talking about the nude images. and the student showed detective the picture on his cell phone. police say zene dp a first friended 17-year-old on last year. investigator say he sent the same pictures again just two months ago in august. the suspect an alleged victim met at church function two years ago. but police say there's been no physical contact. >> to best of our knowledge the student had never communicated back to the teacher. never said anything. just remained silent when he got the images. there was never a response. zenega charges with dissimilarnation of on seen
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jennifer eagon, 7news "today in new england." jury selection has been suspended in the case. chism refused to come out cell wednesday the day before psychologist said she saw the 16-year-old banging his head on the floor. doctor testified that he claimed to hear voices in his head during a mental evaluation. prosecutors say this is an effort to stall the trial. he's not real. it's fake. decisions. >> chism faces charge of first-degree murder for killing colleen ritzer. airports across the country back up and running this morning. a u.s. department of homeland security computer system experience service disruption. a bit of glitch last night. and some passengers had to wait
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in long lines because of that. let's head out to nick emmons. what's the latest this morning nick? >> this glitches all wrapped up around 9:00 last night. but for about two hours passengers were faced with extremely long lines at airports across the country. after hours of flying -- a bit of mess. international traveller met with long lines at logan. we're coming from london. and our flight was full of a team that was coming at the head of the charles this weekend. the flight was packed. government officials confirmed that the department of homeland security computer system that checks airline passenger against terror watch list had an issue. the fact the whole system was down. frustrations. children, a little bit crying. new york city john f. kennedy airport also bogged down with long lines. customs and border protection said the outage lasted 90
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with the computer and keosk used by passenger arriving in the united states and there's no indication the disruption was malicious in nature. you know countries you know places and you know professionals. if something goes huang you must have plan b. and extra strategy. 7 hours. >> you had to wait longer. >> how are you feeling now? >> happy to be back. obviously you hear about a glitch like this. officials say the flier coming in were still being screened despite the glitch. that's the latest live in logan. 7news "today in new england." also the morning three people from westport are behind bar charged in horrible case of animal cruelty. their homes filled with flees and animal feces.
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dogs one stuffed in a trash bag and another in the closet and a dead lizard. they have been arrested on six counts of animal cruelty. gas line rupture and forced them to evacuate. the company said a crew hit the line with piece of heavy equipment and static electricity sparked the fire wednesday. the flames were so intense they melted the power lines above. the flames were catching the wire. the wires that are -- that were across the street were on fire. the fire was hire than the wires there. fire. gas line is now fixed. r crews went to each and every home last night to help them relight their appliances. house. the mother of glen doughty
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angered by new hillary clinton ad that features the victim of the bengazi attack. political action committee paid for this ad which shows the gray of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. it also shows pictures of doughty who you see here and the other americans killed daughtering that attack. doughty mom telling the "washington post" she thinks the ad is horrifying. new detail this morning. former nba star is reportedly in coma and on ventilator after found unconscious at brothel in nevada. he suffered brain damage and at least one stroke. doctors say he had multiple drugs including cocaine in his system when he was taken to the hospital tuesday afternoon. the 35-year-old wife is at his bedside. he did get a call on sunday after noon. or evening. and seem a little bit upset
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with the kardashians. maybe it was rerun. that he didn't like. he got over it quick. he was having cocktails? police say worker at the brothel told him he had been losing cocaine when he checked in saturday. a source said see will make medical decisions for oden because the couple's divorce is not finalized. the fbi and u.s. justice depart respect both investigating online fantasy football. it's a story we've been following closely. investigator want to determine in draft king violate federal law. the "wall street journal" reports agents from boston's fbi office have been contacting people who play fantasy sports on draft king. they are asking people about their experiences with the web site. both draft king gained the attention of federal investigator after a draft king
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employee admitted to releasing sensitive information about the sites biggest contest. that same employee then won 350,000 in a contest. they have banned worker from playing on each other site. the attorney generals of talking with both companies to help protect their player. nancy chen. 7news "today in new england." ahead on "today in new england." continuing cost of the big dig. the latest on the big bill facing tax payers. >> who defending the woman known as the worst aunt after after her controversial lawsuit against her own nephew. chilly right now. mostly sunny skies for the day. sunshine will boost temps into the low 60s by the afternoon. the forecast up next. as you can see from the map it's
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braintree slow going today. within route 128 not good either. there's the tobin bridge bumper-to-bumper all the way down. the expressway barely moving. we continue to follow this breaking news in officials say 5500 u.s. troops will be staying in afghanistan after 2016. the president has planned to bring most of them hom wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you.
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. >> welcome back. it's thursday morning. you get a live look at be brains is tree split. a little bit of fall colors kicking through. it's it's in to see it. we've had pretty brilliant day with the exception of downpour once this week. that was like a bit of blip on the radar. >> all of the cools day and
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color. changes in the air. the tree revealing their true colors. nice fall day. by this afternoon low 60s. tomorrow windy mild and we'll have the wind continuing into the weekend. which then becomes a cold wind. wind is not necessarily good thing for keeping the leaves on the trees. temps again today and tomorrow low-to-mid 60s. then you go saturday that's the first blast of cool air. mid 50s. and then here's the real shot of cold air on sunday. high temps sunday. metro boston upper 40s. that's where we are now. melrose at 48. cambridge 47. north of town into the merrimack the numbers slow the respond and the lower 40s. salsbury 42. back into the worcester hill auburn 45. south of time cold this morning down into the 30s. now the number coming up through
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the 40s. taunton 46. out on cape and island yarmouth orleans at 57. all sorts of dry air. >> mostly sunny skies today. not as much wind out there today. temps 59 and 63. not as cold with the cloud lows between 45 and 50. tomorrow morning cloudy skies coulden be a couple of sprinkle tomorrow morning. but i don't think it's anything like we saw on tuesday with the showers and the downpours. then working through tuesday partial clearing and temp tomorrow mid-60s. on saturday the wind still there. and here comes the another cold front you could make the case this arctic front moving through new england. and i think this will lead to
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some snow shower in northern new england not for us. temperature this weekend heading below normal. >> head of the charles this weekend. a lot of spectators on the river bank will feature a mix of cloud and sunshine. northwest wind 15 to 25. and sunday mostly sunny. that's a cold day. early next week cold. that's our first freeze for many city and towns. i think boston around 31. like that we turn the page and head into the 50s tuesday. upper 60s next wednesday. it's now setting the record straight. >> she had sued her own nephew over a hug. nancy chen here to explain we're hearing from both sides now, nancy. it's been all over the headlines and social media the women dubbed the worst aunt in the world for suing her nephew.
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now the women said the lawsuit was for insurance reasons and that there is a whole other side to this story. jennifer connel briefly become one of the most hated women in the country this week. after suing her nephew for 127,000 for knocking her to the ground. 8-year-old shawn. social media described her as the worst aunt in the world. you she would never do anything to hurt the family or myself. and she loves us. she named her nephew in the lawsuit because as she understood it in connecticut an individual has to be the defendant in the homeowner
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shawn and i had this together i was never comfortable with that. it was explained to me it's just a technicality. shawn said in the aftermath people said things they didn't know. what do you want people to know about your aunt? >> that i love her. and she loves me. juror took about 40 minutes to deliberate. in the newsroom nancy chen. 7news "today in new england." there's always another side. there's always more to the story; right? >> absolutely. >> outsmarting the plans on the planet. buying price tag over $20. tom brady admitting he's only human. what else he said when pressed by 7news. turning the tables on the restaurant industry.
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one owner doing away with tipping. what does this mean for diners and workers.
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ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. tom brady and the patriots are set to square off for the first time since afc championship game. during the game when the cults complain that new england
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football were not properly inflated. as we say the rest is history after that. but if brady looks for payback he really isn't letting on to that. speaking to reporters. he gave standard answer when dan hausle pressed him for more information. >> i'm always pretty motivated regarding the opponent or team or the week. isn't there any heart or human. i'm a human. there's no doubt. that's only human. brady said he isn't sure if the upcoming game means more than most. po patriots fan the focuses on beating the colts again. the pats placed him on injured reserve. he left remained on the sideline and spoke to reporters after the game. this is tackle first major injury since joining nfl five years ago. you want to keep it tuned right
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pats colts showdown. it begins sunday evening football kick off 8:30. big night for us. sure it. it's now 9:23 and still ahead the commuter rail doing something right. the service that apparently making some people happy. also ahead. an order to evict the decades old vigil at a church coming to an end. dramatic video as a bear comes storming out the door of a mall
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hey there, everyone. a student working on master in
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marketing was temporarily the master of google. he legally purchased google's web site. he's a former google employee. he was testing the company's web site registration services two weeks ago when he noticed the domain was available for $12. so he decided to try and buy it and to his surprise the purchase went through. i expected it to stop at some point in time. all the information regarding administrative e-mails and started giving me the information. google caught the glitch about a minute later and cancelled the sell of the company offer reward to him. the money be donated to education education carity in india. the owner of major restaurant group making a big change to way customers pay. by the end of next year all the restaurant will not longer allow
9:27 am
okay instead what they will do increase prices that the company said will go toward the wait staff. and kitchen workers and their goal to make the dining experience a little bit easier on customers. it's a bad way of paying someone. it's not fair if -- there's that service. don't punish the waiter. punish me. don't come. the restaurant make the swift customer will only have to sign their names on the credit cards slip and no cash tipping will be allowed. interesting idea. equation. you know when you're a customer. >> takes away from anyone that doesn't tip a server what they are worth. >> you had experiences with that. people can be a little bit sting stingy. still ahead a warning about potential danger of natural dietary sum dietary supplements and the number of people hospitalized after taking them. sunshine for the day.
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how about the weekend. forecast up next.
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breaking news why thousands of u.s. troops will be staying longer in afghanistan. trouble in the tunnels. how big dig are treating tax payer in blast mast. appeal court weighs in on church controversy. what is up next for the parishioner of long closed catholic church. welcome back on this thursday morning. i'm jadiann thompson. i'm christa delcamp. lots to talk about in the weather. some changes we have weakened which will eventually be here. we're getting closer. this the good news. we can't to start talking about
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this. you're excited. you know compared yesterday at this time the numbers about 10 to 15 degrees colder now. it's a colder start to your day. norwood, 48. worcester 44. mostly sunny skies. despite the cold start the temps this afternoon. we will make where we should be for this time of year. normal high is 62. many cities and towns upper 50s to low 60s. not as much wind as yesterday. boston this afternoon around # 0 billerica 61. tomorrow morning cloud and sprinkles mid-60s. decent windy. for the weekend issues. cold we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. let's get to breaking news this morning. 5500 u.s. troops will be staying in afghanistan after next year. the president will make the official announcement today that decision comes as the taliban has made recent gains in the country and military officials have requested more support to
9:31 am
push them back. the president had originally planned to pull most service members out by the time he leaves office. also happening back here at home. southridge teacher in trouble and headed to court accused of sharing some inappropriate images officers say he was taking explicit pictures of himself and sending to teenager student. jennifer eagon has the story. police say 21-year-old joseph zenegas sending nude pictures of himself to 17-year-old student of his at southridge high school. why the teacher put in the position of test. and it's sickening to hear allegations like this. a school resource officer discover heard student talking about the nude image. they showed pictures on cell phone. he first friended the 17-year-old on facebook last year. then sent around 10 photo some waste down other of his entire body. investigators say zenega sent
9:32 am
the same pictures two months ago in august. police say the suspect in alleged victim met at church there's no physical contact. to the best of our knowledge the student had never communicated back to the teacher. there's never a response. school officials in southridge fired zenega when they heard about the investigation. she's charged with dissimilarnation. jennifer eagon 7news "today in new england. >> new report finding the cost of defects big dig tunnel are adding up years after the fact. according to a review by the "boston herald" tax payers will have to pay 5 to 7 million dollars per year to pump water out of the o'neill tunnel the connector. records show 16 million gallons of water were pumps out of the tunnel last year. another 60 million needed to be pumped out from january through
9:33 am
and what you are looking at here is some video from some past leaks inside the tunnel. a spokesperson for the department of transportation said even though this year leaking more severe it's still falls within federal safety guidelines. state officials say no. they will always remain there. for the first time more that 100 years there's deer hunt thing year in the blue hills reservation. the controlled hunt to reduce the deer population by the grown out of control in recent years. also new this morning the company that runs the commuter rail had best september on time for nearly a decade. 90% of train ran on time last month. that's the best september rate since 2006. the mbta agreed on plan that this summer requires monthly on-time rates to be approved or above 90% every month. we're following more news today. disturbing details from police out in worcester.
9:34 am
a mother is now under arrest after school leader say they found her young son bruised and limping. here's 7's kimberly buchman with more. you can see toys in the third floor window of the apartment home. it's wear 22-year-old wynnlied with five-year-old son. he sees them together often. she brings her kids to school every morning. they seem happy. tuesday morning staff at the elementary noticed he was bruised and limping. they called an ambulance. the department of children and family took custody of the boy who according to court paperwork had significant trauma to entire body including head, face, arm, legs buddocs and lower back. when they confronted the mom she admitted she saw the bruises but couldn't tell them when and how her son got them and she never reported it. i never noticed that. while this neighbor said he never heard or saw anything suspicious other witnesses told
9:35 am
detectives the boy had bruises at different times. and was in severe pain for these injuries. win blamed her roommate. because she allowed the roommate to be around the didn't protect her son they arrested the young mom for reckless endangerment and allowing her child to get hurt. she did it. i never expected it. kimberly buchman, 7news "today in new england." a new trip in state appeals court upholding a ruling saying parishioners are trespassing at church there. people have held a 24-7 vigil inside saint t. francis for the past 11 years. this started as protest. parishioner. that's set for 11:00 to talk about their next move. and police releasing more
9:36 am
murder that they recently solved. leena bruce found dead in the south end 23 years ago. investigator have not been able to find her killer they say until this january. that's when a dna sample found at the crime scene matched up with a sample given by an inmates in boston. detective say they reinterviewed witnesses and they reviewed the ageing case file until they had enoughers to charge the man with the crime. >> family of missing crewmember of the cargo ship elfaro is taking action. the coast guard called off the search for the ship last week after it sank off the coast of florida during hurricane joaquin. the family's lawyer said the ship should have never left port. a lawsuit is first of a number that will be filed in this case. these are families of seeking justice. that's what they are seeking. they are seeking justice. not just the money.
9:37 am
they want to get to t bottom. they don't want this shoved under the rug. and it won't be. >> 33 crewmembers disappeared including two men from massachusetts. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is headed to the middle east after a knife attack brings israeli-palestinian attention to boiling point. kerry will meet with both separately to ease the tensions. israeli police shot down a palestinian man running through security checkpoint with a knife on wednesday. an hours after that another knife attack left an israeli women hurt and the palestinian attacker dead. israel is now calling up a additional security forces and sealing off parts of palestinian neighbors. some were attacker other were protestors. new this morning police have a new clue in the search for suspect whose stabbed american hero spencer stone in sacramento. it's been almost one week since
9:38 am
stabbed outside a nightclub in sacramento. witnesses say stone got into fight while trying to defend a woman he didn't know. as he threw punches one man came from behind and stabbed him several times on the side. we're still reviewing a lot of video. hoping that will prove positive for the case. they release two new pictures that capture the get away car. inside the man accused in the stabbing. the footage taken an hour before the crime occurred. the photo depicts a 2009 and 2012 dark colored toyota camry. we believe our suspect are two male asian adult wearing white t-shirtings and blue jeans. detective still haven't identified the suspect. we have been having a huge outpour by the community on giving the tips with the security guard posted outside room stone remains in good condition. since they were hailed as heroes after they stopped a trer
9:39 am
attack onboard a train for france in august. checking news across country. resident in texas on alert as raging wildfires force dozens of people from their homes. officials say the flame so far have destroyed at least nine houses. crews from several agencies have also been working to put out the flames which have been fuelled by low humidity and dry winder conditions there. a new york man is rescued from a messy situation after getting stuck in small storm drain. it took crews almost 20 minute who was covered in brown muck there. he didn't have any serious injury. firefighter were able to hose him down. the man had no idea how he got into the underground storm system. now this morning must-see video. shocked to see a bear storming out of the mall.
9:40 am
the bear had been roaming around inside the mall before making its dramatic exit. terrifying scene for them. absolutely. still ahead surprising news about dietary and herbal supplements. tom brady with new title. who is calling him a global brand ambassador. world tomnation tour as well rolls on. for us here in new england mostly sunny skies.
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new england weather. if you don't like it wait for change. it's been one thing for after another. bring out coats today. it feels cool to me. try standing over here. the forecast changed again. nice fall day. mostly sunny skies. cold this morning. this afternoon not too bad. low 60s. >> that's where we should be. tomorrow we're back in the middle and upper 60. it's the windy day tomorrow with morning cloud and maybe a sprinkle. more wind this weekend. that's a cold wind the blow-in as that say. that's especially saturday night 40s to around 50 in fact quick second. this may be our afternoon temperatures on sunday. that's how cold it will be across southern new england. sunday afternoon.
9:44 am
northern new england colder with snow. maybe some snow showers in the mountains of northern new england saturday and sunday. not here, though. no snowflakes here. high pressure is with us mostly sunny skies with temp between 59 and 63. clouds on the increase tonight few sprinkles after midnight. and for tomorrow morning clouds and some sprinkles and then i think partly sunny skies by tomorrow afternoon. windy day tomorrow. but again it's a mild wind. with temperatures tomorrow reaching the mid-60s. saturday more wind but cooler air. then the cold blast of air comes into new england where this front here. it's this front that will change the rain showers northern new england over to snow showers saturday.
9:45 am
you have color in lower elevation then the mountain tops ridge tops will be snow capped. which just a little bit frosting of snow colors here getting close to peeking as well. rob wright occupy tuesday afternoon after the little morning rain. >> look at those colors there. imagine this a little bit of sprinkling of snow. if you go up north this weekend. layer up. saturday rain showers mixing with change into snow shower. not so much you can't travel on the roads. it's not that kind of snow event. 40s and sunday will feature clouds and sun and occasionally some of the clouds will produce a couple of snow flurry sunday in the high country. upper 40s. look at wednesday. 40s to couple of days later in the upper 60.
9:46 am
that's right. on 7 healthcast. a shocking new statistic regarding dietary supplements. weight loss and energy booszing product are said to be the riskiest one while body building andsel enhancement also led to cardiac symptom. it's a latest set back in disease prevention through vitamin supplements plan. more than 2200 people who previously had colon cancer were asked to take calcium and vooit min d-3-half of them had developed a new growth. 7news with an important about. dole recalling bagged spinach. the contaminated green sold in 13 different state including
9:47 am
they also have a best-by date of october 13th. we've put this information on the recall more in depth on our web site. it's the end of an era for reality show. some wild moments in toronto.
9:48 am
>> welcome to fantasy fixer. in the deflate gate rematch.
9:49 am
there's a lot of hype around the quarterback. bad match up for the colt's defense. you got either pat two receivers to stop. colts rebounding right now. is he recovered from the shoulder injury. how much of a boost could that bring? >> they have won three straight. it hasn't put fear into anybody now. two straight wins probably going to back sunday night. not liking their match-up with the receivers. andre johnson had big game. i don't think there's a chance he could do that again against the patriot's. let's talk about the surprise win at the browns against baltimore. are you going to put your money on the browns? >> that's a big nope. josh benched. he put out 451. the broncos the best defense picking up justin. don't start him this week. >> talk about the bruins because
9:50 am
they are enjoying their first win of the new season. they had no trouble handling the avalanche in colorado. dorchester native jimmy hayes scored his first goal. he added two assist. they won it 6-2. they will go for win number 2 in arizona. toronto bluejays headed to championship series following wild game five win. you saw this blowup. he hit three-run homer to give the jays a lead in the 7th. texas player didn't like the way he reacted to homer. the bench eventually cleared twice. they got to final six out and held on for the 6-3 win. the bluejays take on royal and alcs. they beat 7-2 to win the series three games to two. game one of alcs will be in
9:51 am
and that city is electric right now. you can only imagine having boston you know in the series before. not this year. too bad. i know, i know. wait until next year. 9:53. still ahead move over under armor and uggs. tom brady has a new gig coming up. that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful. it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would
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expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing for 72 months
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>> topping the buzz tom brady has a new title global brand ambassador. the pats qb a new face for capping the best in sports talent from derek jeter the tiger woods. the first watch he bought was tag after he won the super bowl in 2001. the slogan of ad is don't crack under pressure. that's a good one. how about america's next top model. they are leaving the runway after 22 seasons. reality competition series will
9:54 am
end to run with the current season finale in december. tie ra banks said she truly believes it's time cw network considering airing a special looking back at the past decade. that's comingp next year. ana stealing. the airline showing off new "star wars" r2-d2 plane. the dream liner will fly to seattle as well as other international destination. you can watch -- the discussion will start beginning. >> known fact like gravity that j.r. is huge fan of "star wars." i jump in this you. 40s and 50s boston. plymouth 52.
9:55 am
for the day lots of sunshine lower 60s. may the force be with you. live long and prosper. i know that's a difference. it's -- good message. enjoy your selves everybody. have a good day.
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