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tv   Today  NBC  October 15, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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take," kate hudson joins us, taking over a new role and a revealing selfie. plus kate winslet and the wardrobe malfunction everybody is talking about. then sarah silverman shows her serious side. coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," with willie geist, natalie morales, tamron hall and al roker, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's thursday morning. that's a big, good looking crowd on the plaza.
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it's october 15th, 2015. i'm willie with natalie and tamron. al is on the road in new orleans. this is my morning jam. >> i love it. >> i get all my morning jams from lucie, currently in a hip hop dance. every time you look at her, she's doing choreographer somewhere. this is dj snake, "turn down for what" fame. there's a part that goes, blow a kiss, fire a gun. she's doing this, up here with the guns. >> you want to tell america that's what your child is doing at home? >> she's dancing to the music they put in front of her. >> go for it! >> i'm the one without the child, and i'm concerned that -- but, you know what, it's an upgrade from last summer, when she was getting drunk on the plane. that's a dierks bentley jam. >> what's the song? >> "i can't feel my face when
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i'm with you". >> i can't imagine being a parent. >> i wondered what the story behind the song was. >> you're kids are singing and you realize what it is from the car seat. what do you do at that moment? >> clearly, we're liberal with the reaching. >> if they don't understand what somewhat. >> i love it. mom, what does that mean? >> i'm like, oh, boy. >> change the channel. >> love it. >> then they figure it out from friends. >> exactly. hey, this is an interesting story, i think a lot of people will be interested to hear. one major restaurant group in new york announcing its doing away with tipping. danny meyer has an empire called union square hospitality, some of the best restaurants in new york city. >> union square cafe, the modern, and others. basically, what they're going to do is raise their prices, in some cases, between 20% and 30%, but ask for no tipping whatsoever.
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when you get your check, there will not be a line for tips. he's saying, i'm taking care of my people. don't worry about it. he's going to compensate employees competitively, professionally. distribute pay between reservationists and dishwashers who don't usually get tips. >> it's a revenue sharing model which, in principle, it sounds great. you wonder, still, there are going to be customers, hard habit to break, that will leave cash on the table. i guess he's trying to eliminate that all together. it'll be a hard thing to institutionalize it. he's just starting it as the modern first. >> tom colicchio said he's doing it at his restaurant. if you go to miami, they have an international tourism clientele, service is included there. you have a number of restaurants. to willie's point, you do, as the customer, you want to make
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just hiking the price up and not distributing it to the employees fairly and equitably. that's the concern. if you want to leave extra money, no one is going to get mad. they won't say, no, we can't take it. if someone is especially kind, if you have a child, a big group, and you want to give extra dough, why not? >> i like the idea of dishwashers, guys doing hard work, will get some money. danny meyer is a good guy. you want to make sure everybody is getting the amount of money they would have gotten with tipping. christina says we're going to go bankrupt because of my tipping. i have respect for those people. >> i was a cocktail waitress. >> the only job i quit. it's so hard. to your point about the distribution, when i first started waiting tables, after you get your tips, we'd have to pass out to the bartender. there were people who were not on the list to get a part of
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your tips. >> here's the thing though, i mean, as we've worked in the service industry at one point, i mean, a lot of what you earn sometimes you didn't necessarily report all of it. you wonder how that's going to -- >> i'm not saying that on national tv. what's wrong with you? >> i'm being honest. when i was 16, 17, working in college, i mean -- >> can they go back that far? >> they can't. also, i was exempt because, i mean, i was making less. it was my summer job. but you took that cash and put it straight in the bank. it was a lot of cash. you wonder if all the waiters and waitresses will be okay. >> they won't. no. >> some of them like it and some they want to make sure they don't go home. >> i'm still tipping. >> me, too. i have to. i think it's the right thing. >> i mean, you're the american tipping -- they love you. >> yeah, yeah. >> europeans are like, here they sit at my table. >> you're going to love this
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next story. we love kate winslet here. she's on the new movie, steve jobs. she has a great story about a wardrobe malfunction. she's always gorgeous, dressed up, put together. nature calls, so you on wonder how you're going to get out of the dress. well, here is what happened to her in her epic wardrobe malfunction. >> the bathroom, and i go, how -- how am i going to -- oh, wait. there's a zip down, and there's a zip up. this is perfect. so i unzip from the bottom like this. okay. going fine. i pee. really going fine. i'm feeling smug. then i zip the dress down and the end of the zipper comes off in my hand. i am standing there wearing a time bomb. i know it's only a matter of
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the whole dress, the whole of the back of the dress swings around to the front. i am standing there completely naked, basically wearing a black cape dangling from my neck. we managed to cut the dress off me at the top because that was jammed. we had to stuff the dress into the janitor's closet and wrap me in a tea towel. i had to proceed with the 60th birthday party wearing a tea towel. >> no way! >> i love how she acts it out. >> yes. >> she wins. >> you had this happen to you. >> oh, you've never had it happen? >> i have an epic one. >> a zipper broke and we had to yank it off. my malfunctions often happen when we're in a gown, at an event, and you're in the lady's stall and you realize you have on the full body spanks. you won't understand this. you have to somehow -- you can't take it off. you have to take the whole thing
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some of the spanks some equipped with -- >> service doors. >> little service door. it's not easy to get through the door. it's the worst thing ever. okay. >> i'll tell you mine real quick. we were in grass mountain, vancouver olympics. so it's wet out and cold, and i was wearing black suede pants. i guess they got a little humid and stretched out a little bit, and let's say, the back split right down. let me tell you, black duck tape, best invention ever. right down the middle. thank goodness for donna richards at the time. okay. >> stylish, leather coming out. >> duck tape can fix anything. >> you know what? we're sink or swim. it is still on. we're still asking you to help us with this challenge. you now -- we're upping the ante.
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you have a chance to win a trip person who dunks up. here's the other thing, we're asking that you send us a photo of yourself and tell us in 50 words or less why you deserve to dunk the whole "today's take" team. go to follow the pink or swim challenge contest in the links. after entering the contest, if you can, we would appreciate you donating. spread the word. i feel like when i sold cookies at school, you ask your mom's friends. that's what we're doing. your favorite hometown meteorologist will also be able to come and report the weather live with al. >> i think it's great. >> here's the deal. this is where it's big. hi, mr. roker. look at your screen for a second. i got an awesome tweet yesterday from one of our viewers. he's on board. he says, make a dollar goal for
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that is willie wearing the borat one-piece yellow. how does willie look in a bikini? how would this look on tv? there it is, willie. >> oh, you put it that way. i'm in? >> if you donate enough money, we reach our goal, that, ladies and gentlemen, is what you'll be seeing. >> no. >> i'll guarantee it. >> in a word, no. al, help me out here, man. >> who would his body double be? >> not happening. i won't allow it. not allow it. >> al say he is will not allow it. >> not going to happen. >> i have somebody on my side. >> not going to allow it. >> thank you, al. >> i got dumped in a gown. >> i'll wear a gown. >> okay. >> over that. >> all right. >> al, rescue us from this, please. >> yeah, no. okay. i'm going to tell you, it's not happening, right now. >> thank you. >> speaking for willie and i'm speaking for america. >> killjoy. >> now, let's show you what's going on.
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that's me. you betcha. we're at the national world war ii museum. this is history unto itself. you have got to come visit this museum. it is amazing. in fact, you look up, i mean, you've got all sorts of world war ii aircraft. there's a great exhibit here right now. the fight for the right to fight. it looks at the african-american struggle to fight segregation and the axis powers at the same time. it is amazing. anyway, let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. we are looking at some showers throughout parts of florida. look at the heavy rain in southern california that's going to be going on. spreading into the southwest. that's going to happen all weekend long. could be flash flooding. we're going to be watching that. there's a big cool down coming into the northeast. meantime, we are going to be looking at, again, record-setting heat stretching from texas to the southwest. look how cool it is in the plains, great lakes, into the northeast and new england.
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lake-effect snow by this weekend. in the meantime, we have showers from the eastern great lakes, northern new englands. gorgeous day in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the wood >> reporter: mostly sunny skies. not as much wind as >> mostly sunny skies, not as much wind as we had yesterday. chilly during the morning hours, and by this afternoon, 59-63. cooler but this is where we should be. brockton, 60. and more clouds and sprinkles tomorrow morning, and developing in the afternoon. windy tomorrow, warm, mid 60s. and then a cold wind. mid 50s on saturday. and temperatures on sunday only in the upper 40s. >> once again, cannot say enough about the national world war ii museum. our good friend tom brokaw was instrumental in getting this
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it is unbelievable. >> phenomenal. >> we were saying the same thing as you stood there. it's one of the great museums in the country. if you're in new orleans, check it out. al, thanks. coming up next, kate hudson teaming up with michael kors for a new campaign. they want your help. we'll catch up with the power pair after this. pair after after we are all inside for a while, it gets pretty stuffy. when dad opens up the window, what's the first thing he does? the tobin stance. but when we open up the windows, you can see the dust floating around. there's dog hair. pollen. more work. (doorbell) whoa! what's this? swiffer sweeper! swiffer dusters! removes up to 70% of dust and allergens. stays on there like glue. can't do that with the other broom. wow, i love it. the tobin stance! that is totally what it is!
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>> kate hudson and michael kors are raising money for the u.n. world food program as we mark world hunger day tomorrow. >> they're hoping you'll get involved, as well. kate and michael, good morning. >> good morning. >> you make a good team together. including your social media, instagramming instagramming, catching a plane together. >> that was a fun day, actually. not planned at all. i thought for sure, i was like, there's no way michael is on this airplane. he's never late. me, i always am. i'm like, where are you going? l.a. we were booking it through the airport. we had five minutes to get across, and we made it. they were not going to wait for us, so we were -- >> they don't wait for anyone. >> they don't. >> the door is closing. >> documented the whole thing. you can watch it on instagram. >> talk about this program, watch hunger stop. how did the two of you get together for it?
10:17 am
always amazed at women who can juggle so many things in their lives and do it so well. i look at, you know, a friend like kate, who is talented, smart, energetic, a great mom, cares about people, and we have fun. >> we do have fun. >> we have fun together. i thought, you know what? she's going to be a great person to get involved in this. since 2013, as of this past summer, we've delivered 10 million meals around the world to kids. >> amazing. >> great. >> it's incredible. it keeps growing. >> it's a tangible thing to get involved with. it's like, there's -- you know, you don't have to do a lot to make a huge difference. >> you can purchase a watch, right? >> yeah. it's this watch. it's in the stores right now. you purchase the watch, 100 meals go out immediately. >> phenomenal. >> then we have the t-shirt.
10:18 am
t-shirt. you can go to a for participating michael kors store. donate and get a t-shirt for watch hunger stop. if you don't do that, you can go on watch hunger and you can post a picture of yourself in a virtual t-shirt. we will donate 50 meals for every post. >> phenomenal. >> great. >> it's interesting. obviously, you heard also, we're trying to raise money for avon pink or swim, doing our part, as well. we want willie, speaking of wearing things, wear the -- >> nice transition. >> the borgeist. >> it's a must. >> first of all, i don't think you have a choice. >> not at this point, now that you've sold me out. >> i think you're going to do it and you're going to like it. >> willie, willie, charity. you'll do anything, right? >> name a charity. >> got to do anything. you give back. >> i made a huge mistake asking for their opinion in the
10:19 am
they'll say no, don't do it. >> for that, i'm buying two watches, one for me and one for natalie. >> post your virtual t-shirts. >> we are all about giving. double trouble. >> watch hunger >> watch it stop. >> kate and michael, great to see you teaming up for something so important. thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, the social experiment that literally shocked the world. it's coming to the big screen. called "the experimenter." it stars peter sarsgaard. we're going seeing changes in your skin? aging is not just about wrinkles. your skin could be losing volume. revitalift volume filler from l'oreal z my personal skincare exper t with our highest concentration of hyaluronic acid. use daily- l'oreal volume filler penetrates to volumize skin surface layers. cheeks are fuller. hollows under the eyes less pronounced. wrinkles, smoother. r revitalift volume filler from l'oreal skin expert paris i can see the difference here and here.
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well, you know peter sarsgaard from his roles in "garden state," and most recently, "black mass." >> now, he's in "the experimenter," a psychologist criticized for conducting the obedience experiments of the early 1960s. >> peter is with us. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> we were talking at the commercial break. all of us have some recollection of this experiment, but this is
10:23 am
a lot of people are wondering, who is this guy and what attract >> well, i think he's someone that a lot of us may know kind of vaguely. social scientists whose most famous experiment was in the early 1960s, which was about obedience to authority. >> go on. >> specifically, blind obedience to malevolent authority. the way in which we abandon our own personal beliefs about what's right and wrong and follow the beliefs of someone who might be up to no good. >> i'm thinking he was shocking, having the teacher shock the learner. >> well, the shocks were not real, but you thought you were shocking someone. the person being shocked was an actor. the other person in the room, who was the doctor, was an actor. he didn't believe he looked enough like an authority figure. >> yeah. >> so he would be in the other room, and he would come in as the assistant in the end and ask questions. >> fascinating to watch about human behavior. that people would pause. they knew they shouldn't do it. after the pause, they'd turn and
10:24 am
were -- >> they had to do it. >> -- obligated. >> the thing for me, people point to the fact that 65% of people went all the way to the most extreme shock, even after creaming, after he stopped screaming. not one opened the door. to me, i see that there are few sadists. i find that comforting. no one laid on the switch happily. people are weeping. people are laughing uncomfortably. you know, i also got to sing in the movie and act with an elephant. >> variety. >> there's a lot. there was a beard. >> the beard might be one of the most exciting parts of the movie. he had a famous beard. >> nothing like the beard you have now. >> is that an enhanced beard or all you? >> you kidding me? it's a completely fake beard. i shot "black mass" on either side of making this movie. i don't have a beard in "black mass." >> no. >> we have a little bit of fun with it.
10:25 am
beard, you know, abraham lincoln had the same beard. it's a beard with no mustache. i don't recommend anyone trying this at home. >> we recommend the film. it is awesome. peter, great to talk to you. >> great. >> "the experimenter" is in theaters tomorrow, available on that detergent was like half the price! and we'll have to use like double! maybe more! i'm going back to the store? yes you are. dish issues? get cascade complete. one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. now that's clean.
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taking a look at the headlines. it was a travel nightmare last night at many of the nation's airports when a glitch shut down the system for checking passenger names against terror watch lists. the system for down for 90 minutes leading to long lines for those arriving from overseas. officials call it a technical problem and not the result of hacking. the government is out with an ominous warning about the effect of dietary supplements. the cdc says 23,000 people a year go to emergency rooms because of weight-loss body building or energy supplements or vitamins. that's more than the number going to the er because of prescription stimulants.
10:31 am
loss and energy products led to many of those e rrgs r visits. when it comes to bone health, a new study is suggesting a benefit from drinking black tea. researchers in australia looked at data from more than 1,000 elderly women and found those who drank at least three cups of black tea every day had a 42% lower risk of hip fracture and 34% lower risk of spinal fracture than those who hardly ever drank tea. more studies are needing to find out why. a new survey of working moms finds job security is the most important factor when choosing a place to work. 66% of those surveyed by the worker mother research institute said job s'erity was the key factor, followed by 40% who said it was flexibility. 31% said money and benefits. 48% of those surveyed say they have trouble juggling work and personal life. greece is hoping tourists
10:32 am
it is raising the cost to get into top attractions. as of next year, visiting the acropolis, which cost $14, will set you back $60. travel agents fear the higher prices won't solve the debt crisis but will only keep more tourists away. here is the fish tale a group of scuba divers will be telling for a while. off the coast of portugal, that is a giant sunfish. if it wanted to. sunfish would rather eat jelly fish, which is a good thing. they weigh 2,200 pounds. than that. as you see there, the man looks tiny next to him. let's head down to new orleans for a check of the weather from mr. roker. hey, al. >> thank you so much, natalie. >> mostly sunny skies, not as much wind as we had yesterday.
10:33 am
and by this afternoon, 59-63. cooler than yesterday, but this is where we should be. brockton, 61. and more clouds and sprinkles tomorrow morning, and developing sunday afternoon. windy tomorrow, warm, mid 60s. the weekend, then a cold wind. mid 50s on saturday.
10:34 am
in the upper 40s. problems. and now i'm better. >> wow. >> sarah silverman is with us. good morning, ms. silverman. how are you? >> i'm well. how are you? >> good. i'm watching this movie, been a big sarah silverman all my life, and here comes a totally different sarah silverman. one critic said this is a career-changing performance for you, and i couldn't agree more. you're unbelievable in this movie. who is laney, this character? >> laney is a, you know, suburban housewife, a mother and -- with a great family who
10:35 am
is a drug addict, who suffers from depression and is self-medicating. i think she's living in a state of -- you know, they say the f if you live in the past, it's depression and the if you live in the future, it's anxiety. if we're perfect people, be in the moment. she is living in anxiety. she's in a constant state of, what if? what if i ruin my kids? you know. there's no room for anything else when you're like that. i think she -- it becomes maybe a self-fulfilled prophesy. she -- yeah. >> i read when you heard that the film was going forward and that it was getting funding, you had sort of a mixed reaction. initially, it was yes, but then fare. >> yeah -- fear.
10:36 am
>> i mean, it was an e-mail and i replied all and said, "yay." then i collapsed on my bathroom floor in a full-body panic attack. i thought, i can't do this. what if i can't -- amidst my panic, i went, wait a minute, this is where laney is always. maybe i can do this. >> wow, you did it and did a great job. you faced it. when you watch yourself in a film like this and see it up against your stand-up acts, how is that for you? >> it was awesome to watch different clips and see the -- i think it was the pilot of the sarah silverman program, where i go, nice sunglasses and now they're floor glasses. just stupid. >> is it true that you were on howard stern talking about your battle with depression when the novelist, because this is based on a book -- >> amy koppelman. >> heard you and called you? >> she was driving on the west
10:37 am
howard, and i was on, talking about my book, "the bedwetter," and talking about my own relationship with depression. she just connected with it and imagined me as laney and couldn't get her out of her head, lucky for me. >> i'm glad she did. you were stunning in this. people will look at you in a different way. >> they're in my ear right now, sarah. obviously, you pushed the limit in your career. that's why you're a superstar. they're telling me to ask you -- >> voices in your head. >> we're getting tweets. it's not appropriate for willie geist to wear this. you have angry tweets. this is wrong. you pushed the limit. willie wants to do it. he wants your permission. >> i don't want to. help me out. >> is that your body in the picture, or is that -- >> it's a little swarthy. >> that's a no, right? >> i think -- i don't think you
10:38 am
should wear it. i think you should wear nothing at all. >> oh! >> the human body is a beautiful thing. >> there you go. sarah silverman is upping the ante. >> you're strong. >> i was trying to help you out. >> i'm outmanned here. >> body image move. >> it's appropriate for tv? >> yes. the human body. it'll be taboo for five seconds, then we'll all get over it. we'll be advanced and more like european. money for breast cancer research. >> we won't be able to unsee that. >> breast cancer research, we should do a free nipple thing. >> now she's on to something. >> we'll discuss it later. >> we should discuss it now. >> sarah silverman. "i smile back." do yourself a faye vor and check it out. thanks, sarah. >> thank you. up next, our 16 to 16 challenge team. look,
10:39 am
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it is week five of our 16 to 16 challenge, helping three "today" viewers and you at home lose weight by the new year. today, it's about staying healthy at work. >> they all work full time in different areas. jen that wol na wolfe and joy bauer are here to help. let's talk about how much they've lost. you have the balloons to represent the weight loss. >> if you can blur your eyes, we have a 16 year. 16 and 16. we're losing 16 pounds by january. >> okay. first up, mary jean. this week, she lost another pound and a half for a total of 15.5 pounds. >> all right! [ applause ] >> nicely done. >> rachelle, she lost another
10:44 am
two pounds for a total of ten pounds. >> well done. [ applause ] >> last, we have ken who lost another three pounds, down a total of 12 pounds. [ applause ] >> if you can imagine in just one month, they've lost just about 40 pounds collectively. >> that's awesome. >> unbelievable. >> fantastic. >> you look great. everybody feeling good? feeling betbetter? >> very much. >> great. >> let's talk about your job. you sit behind a desk all day. >> in front of a computer. >> hard to get good nutritious choices. end up eating the same thing over and over. >> every day. >> what can she do, joy? >> people with office jobs, brown bag your lunch. you'll save calories and also save cash. you're not going to be tempted by what your co-workers are ordering, which is normally pizza or burgers. in your bag, this is a turkey
10:45 am
i take a low carb tortilla wrap. add produce and car not and rot and water to wash it down. >> doable. >> how about working out? >> at your desk, you can't get up, sit up straight and squeeze your glutes as hard as you can. now that they're squeezed, stomach is tight, football shuffle your feet really hard. for the first 20 seconds, you'll feel like you're not doing anything. do this a minute on, ten seconds off, minute on, ten seconds off. do it three times every half hour, every hour of the day. you'll feel it here and here. >> great. thanks. >> very good. >> keep working. >> won't bother your office mates. >> rachelle works at home. >> right. >> you have kids. >> i do. >> so you have the luxury of your kitchen, right, which is a bonus. i wanted to come up with something that was adult friendly and kid friendly so you didn't have to make two different meals. who doesn't love a grilled cheese?
10:46 am
>> so these are standard grilled cheese sandwiches for your kids. every kid of every age wants a grilled cheese, and they're on whole grain bred ad. if you can sneak in a tomato slice, bonus. for you, i'll make it open faced so you have double the bites. i'm adding sauteed kale and caramel melize amelized onions. you can do this with a non-stick spray. couple it with tomato or vegetable soup, you're good to go. >> it looks really good. >> it does. >> looks good. >> what about for working out in? >> i love this one move to do at home every once in a while. works your shoulders, core and legs. you're sitting on a bench. first without a bench, get down, put your hands in a pushup position. legs to the left of your hand. right and left.
10:47 am
take a chair and really chi try to get yourself over the bench. it's challenging but you'll work to it. works every muscle in your body. >> like an acrobat. >> ken, you're driving around all day, making sales calls, right? >> yes. >> whether he's in the airport or you're on the road, i want people to see that fast food is doable. when you stop at a rest stop, you can get a grilled chicken sandwich sandwich. pile on the lettuce, tomato. little ketchup, totally fine. get a salad. dressing. bottle of water. if you're really hungry, get a second sandwich. decker on the first one. >> i like it. >> parking lot workout. start at the back corner, give me a squat, sprint to the front. >> you want to do it? >> squat and shuffle back.
10:48 am
it's easy but you'll feel it. squat and run to the front, squat, run to the side. >> five and five. >> we'll see you next weeks. you can head to to get these recipes and more workouts. >> nicely done. coming up next, joy, cover your ears, we have the most expensive philly cheese steak looking for a delicious dinner idea? make tonight white chicken chili night! start with bush's white chili beans, simmered in our flavorful chili sauce.
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new at applebee's. get your favorite apps 1/2 price twice a day. every weekday and late night. looking up. get 1/2 price apps late afternoons, and as always, late night. new and only at applebee's. wow. >> it's the end of the show. guess what we have? now. one of the most expensive cheesesteaks in the world. $120. it's from philadelphia, where i lived for four years. expensive. >> is it the most delicious? >> we'll taste it. >> rib eye, truffle cheese on a sesame roll. if you've been to philly, this is not traditional. usually it's a regular roll. >> it's delicious.
10:53 am
>> truffle cheese? >> never had it. >> the price includes a half bottle of champagne. >> where's the champagne? >> it's been on the menu since the restaurant opened ten years ago. >> it's delicious. >> think we have $120 laying around? >> we got that for free, thank goodness. back in a moment.
10:54 am
what did we miss? >> we missed willie in a borat suit. >> wow. >> you know what, is that comfortable? >> can you see that happening? >> yes. >> all the right places. >> we like to see willie any way we can get him.
10:55 am
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