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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  October 15, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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arson. >> they say there w an attempt to set the house on fire, steve. >> reporter: so the flames are out here, but the investigation has only intensified over the past several hours here. one of the reasons why is because arson investigators are trying to figure out who set this early-morning fire and they want to know why. >> like i woke up, smelled explosion. >> reporter: rico describing the nerve-wracking moments when they awoke to fire just after 5:00 am. he lived on the first floor. on the second floor, a family including a 4-year-old and an 11-month-old. >> at first when i first heard it happen it was a ball of yellow fire coming out my window. after that, it was all you could see is the orange yellow flames in all the windows. >> reporter: arson investigators able to determine that the fire to the car in the driveway was set and they figured out whoever did this tried to
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set the house on fire as well but lining the doors to the building with gasoline. neighbors are stunned. >> your reaction someone would have set this? >> i'm surprised. you know. it's a pretty quiet neighborhood most of the time, so it's -- i wouldn't expect it here. >> reporter: troopers along with everett arson investigators collected hours at the scene for hours. rico says he has no clue why anyone would do this, he is thankful everybody is okay. >> we're definitely to be alive but at the time of day if i would have sat there and paniked i'm going to die, i knew what to do, get us out the house, call the fires department to put it out. >> reporter: arson investigators telling us moments ago they're offering reward money for anyone that can give them some information that will lead to an arrest in connection with the case. again right now they're help. the good news is nobody was hurt here but people are
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baffled by who would do this in the first place. live in everett, steve cooper, 7 news. >> 7 news turning to the forecast. weather taking a turn and we may be in for a pretty chilly weekend. pete bouchard is here with the forecast. >> absolutely, been 'tissing it all week so yes, it's coming to fruition. our temperature is 61 in boston, right now 60 bedford. 56 worcester. 59 hyannis. not yet all that chilly across new england although we do have some 50s on the map. we've two cool fronts coming through one by morning with a batch of sprinkles. a lot of the showers fade out but this is an energetic weather system that drops the temperature a little bit tomorrow, and it'll drop it more so on saturday with the seconds front that comes through. overnight woe allow the temperatures to fall quickly and then they level off as the clouds come in. sprinkles by morning, our temperature around 48 degrees. tomorrow's high is like today close to 60 degrees, maybe even lower 60s, we are a holding our breath
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waiting for the blast of cold air for the weekend. we'll talk more about that ahead of the charles forecast, stay tuned. >> new at 4:00 a student at stonehill college has been arrested for making a threat on campus last month opinion the 21-year-old is facing a number of charges including possession of a device. the bomb threat forced the college to cancel classes. police searched the area but found nothing suspicious. a southbridge teachner trouble with the law accused of sharing inappropriate images with a student. officers say the 21-year-old was taking explicit pictures of himself and sending them to a teenager. today the teacher faced a judge. jennifer egan has the story from dudley. >> reporter: prosecutors say joseph zanega admits he sent nude photos of himself two separate times. it began when he friended a 16-year-old student on facebook. then used facebook messenger to sent the
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>> the teacher is nut a position of trust. it's sickening to hear allegations like this. >> reporter: he allegedly sent other graphic images to the boy last year then sent pictures again this past august. >> to the best of our knowledge the student had never communicated back to the teacher. never said anything, remained silent. there was never a response. >> reporter: a school resource officer overheard students talking about the pictures in the hall and the man was arrested yesterday. school officials in southbridge fired him. after his arraignment today he posted bail. he hid his face and his family shielded him as he left court. the judge set conditions for his bail. they include staying away from the victim, southbridge high school and not using social media. jennifer egan, 7 news. >> we're following more news today. a big announcement from president obama, the future of u.s. troops serving in afghanistan will look different. the president says the u.s. will keep thousands of troops in the country through late 2017.
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edward rashes has more on the change of plans. >> reporter: president obama announced more troops are needed to stay longer in afghanistan to keep that country secure. even though the combat mission is over. by stabilizing afghanistan, the president says americans will be safer. >> president obama: i believe this mission is vital to our national security interests in preventing terrorist attacks against our citizens and our nation. >> reporter: the president reassessed his plan to draw down the number of troops by the end of 2016 because of recent taliban advances. this abrupt turn around keeps our presence at 9800 troops through next year and drops to 5,500 in 2017. >> president obama: this modest but meaningful extension of our presence can make a real difference. it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: he adds the mission remains the same. advice and train with counterterrorism operations. >> the afghan security
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forces at some point are going to step up and take the lead. >> reporter: retired army colonel warns stability can be a balancing act that requires more than the president announced. >> the end it's going to take a lot more than 9800 american troops, many of them are support troops, to train the afghans and to chase after the bad guys. >> reporter: president obama opened the door to add more troops in the future if the situation continues to slide. the u.s. will keep bases open over the country. the conflict this afghanistan has been our longest war. nbc news. >> prosecutors say they've identified two new suspects in the 1988 bombing of pan am flight 103. there is sufficient legal basis to treat two libyans as suspects in the investigation. the plane was flying from london to new york when it exploded over bockerley in southern scotland.
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>> dennis hastert changing his plea in a hush money case. he said the former politician will plead guilty. he is charged about lying about paying someone hush money. officials say he paid off a former student back when he was a teacher and coach. bill cosby has another honorary degree revoked from a local school. the board of trustees at tufts university voted to take away cosby's honorary doctor of arts degree and another award. 2000. it's the late nest a spring of revoked degrees. the comedian has been accused of sexual abuse by multiple women. >> new details on the condition of lamar odom. sources say odom is in a coma and suffered brain damage.
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situation as an overdose employed called 911 right away. >> they can't get him to wake up. >> loved ones are at his side including his estranged wife chloe kardashian. police are investigating the case. >> the patriots getting ready to take on andrew luck and the colts in a sunday showdown. this is the first rematch since the deflate-gate drama began last season and players say they're gearing up for a battle on the field go going to be a test as the team tries to stay perfect on the condition. alex has more live from foxboro. >> reporter: tom brady hasn't thrown an interception yet. look at the patriots offense as a whole. they're running like a well-oiled machine. one can only wonder how many points the patriots will put up sunday at lucas oil stadium. >> he week we want to win. so that is what the motivation is.
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>> reporter: when the patriots offense is looking this good they look just about unstoppable. >> deep out to the left all alone. >> reporter: storing 149 points in the first four fames and looking to run up the score again this sunday. >> how many points we put up we put up. we don't -- we like to go up there and put up points. >> reporter: but the pats are to the just relying on tom brady. the defense turned into its best performance in dallas. the cow boys managed less than 300 total years and a pair of field goals. >> we understand how important it is to force them to kick field goals, what we have to do is exactly, i'm not sure yet but, you know, we know we're going to come one a game it. >> reporter: that includes getting ready for both of indy's quarterbacks, luck and hassleback. >> going to prepare to try does well and the team.
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>> reporter: the patriots defense have noticed how well hassle become has played in the two games he played he has thrown quickly and stayed upright. maybe it's safe to assume that the colts will adopt a more hassleback still of offense moving forward to help protect whichever quarterback plays. alex corddry, 7 news. >> fans getting fired up in foxboro days before the game. they say they want payback. dab -- dan hausle is live at gillette. >> reporter: the fans say they think they're on the same page with the players they cheer for. heading back to indy for the first time since the colts kicked off deflate-gate, fans say they're looking for more than just a win. >> revenge game right here. revenge. it's deflate bowl. >> reporter: piback? >> yes much as fans want payback players insist
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that is the last thing they're thinking about. >> it doesn't matter. for us it's another game. >> lost time is last time. we worry about 2016. >> we can't get caught up in going on. we have to go out and complete on sunday. >> reporter: the gronk says he is happy not lettingis know what is really on his mind. >> yes. the company line. that is what i give. >> reporter: it's easier. >> for sure. >> reporter: but patriots fans are not convinced by the company line. they think the players like the fans want this one just a little bit more. >> as brady said they're human so, i mean, sure, i can imagine what they have to do to win the game but there must be a little edge in there for some of them, particularly i can imagine brady, they dragged his name through the mud and so how could you not feel a little bit like when it's over, a little,ia. >> reporter: but the gronk admits the company line keeps him out of trouble.
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keep me out of trouble. >> reporter: gronk was our best shot but even he was no go. the fans say really the best payback that would be a super bowl win. that is something the players can agree on. lye in foxboro, dan hausle, news. >> sound like a plan. you can catch all the action right here sunday. be sure to join us for "7 on the sidelines" at 6:30. going to be a big sunday of football. >> oh,ia. ahead here on 7 news, a major restaurant group making a change, why the openers are getting rid of tips but it could make your meal more expensive. >> in order to evict is a vigil at a church come to an end. >> trial delay, a danvers teenager accused of raping and killing his teacher heading to the hospital after his murder trial is
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>> a major restaurant group tipping the scales when it comes to your check and it could be a growing trend. the company will stop taking your tabs. >> but that could mean your overall tab may be going up, kim khazei has the story. >> reporter: danny myers restaurant, some of the well known in new york city are tossing out tipping, the customer no longer has control. mier made the announcement today.
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by eliminating tips our employees who want to grow financially and professionally will be able to earn those opportunities work. the concept is gaining traction with other big names in the business like the top chef star and m.s.n.b.c. food cores spent. >> it's a pad -- pad way of you don't. >> reporter: here is how it works at tom's restaurant. healthcare like like this. without tip restaurants charge a markup on the menu, in this case 20%, that increase goes to the staff. their hourly rate goes up. >> no one has quit so far p. >> reporter: the tip-free model is being rolled out slowly. right now a handful of restaurants in eight states are using it. what happens to service? >> service based industry. and the, your compensation should reflect the level of service that you are providing.
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even the man says the idea spreading. >> i think it should change industrywide and i think it will. >> reporter: i'm kim khazei, 7 news. >> all right. forecast remains somewhat mild through tomorrow and then the sharp drop-off for the week. we have the latest on that come up. >> then at 4:30 trouble in texas, punishment handed down after two football players tackle the referee. >> you may be surprised to see who is known as the worst aunt after her controversial lawsuit against her own nephew. >> what is next for the sleeping cop's career in lowell. >> announcer: tonight, a baby gift registry gone wrong. >> my fear was confirmed. >> announcer: it was enough to drive a baby buggy. >> they said it's not their problem.
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>> it's a chilly thursday here in boston. have you gotten a chance to step outside? if you did you probably had your coat on. either that or you were a little cold. >> i left the window open before i went to bed. woke up and boy did i feel the change in the temperature. it bottomed out and this afternoon we came back ok. all right. our dew point reading is low so the air is dry still. so the temperatures will fall off once again this evening. west southwest wind at 13 miles an hour. our day capped with plentiful sunshine that helped us come back. tomorrow more of the same although i think we get a bounce from a southwest wind. we have a weather system moving through that will stir the air. call it somewhat mild although it's near normal. peak foliage across new england. good part of northern new england and very close to home in parts of southern
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a chilly weekend to watch the head of the charles. for the art leagues partake in the head of the charles. deep blue skies, this is what we read about in all those post cards and read about and know so well as new englanders, all this beautiful weather in october right around peak foliage. 60 holding but not for long. here comes a weather system quickly. we go from clear skies right into the clouds. there are some sprinkles here. really showers but as they come eastbound, like so many weather systems we've seen over the past few months, the showers will weaken and i think they'll fade out. morning. tomorrow. oddly enough it may be a little warmer than today thanks to the little bounce from the southwest wind and some sunshine coming in in the afternoon. 65? sure, it's within reach. sandwich, brockton then our air gets a little cooler late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, especially one last front so there are two, count emtwo that bring
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our temperature down. this one on saturday morning with its fair share of clouds and also the possibility of a sprinkle, but then the chilly air comes charging charging in here. tomorrow. we don't get a chance to recover so we'll stay in the mid 50s then temperatures slide to the 40s by evening so that is a cool day. so the head of the charles about 55 and sunday more about 48 or 49 degrees. northwest wind busiest on saturday. still very brisk on sunday at 15-20 miles an hour. as quickly as the chill sets in it's gone. we'll moderate the temperatures by tuesday. we go from 40s on monday to 60s on tuesday. a good 20 degree jump. so clear start. 43-50. otherwise sunny and breezy, about 59-65. windy day. windy on s.and on sunday for that matter so 40s will feel like i'll say it now 30s. see you at 4:30.
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here is joe stapleton with a check of the roads. >> thanks very much. good evening, getting a look at a ride on 128 northbound and southbound through the dedham westwood area. we're cruising nicely there. no major problems in this spot. getting to this area has been the problem coming from about route 2 in lexington to route 9 in wellesley. a slow go. delays around the southbound side of the expressway. we're down here by morrissey boulevard and freeport street. this is an improving situation. still slow going but the earlier problems down around granite avenue have been cleared away for us. northbound notnov moving too badly leading away from the camera. eastbound on the pike to the expressway, in a has been a slow ride as well set up by an earlier accident inside the o'neil tunnel then along route 93 very slow going in both directions crossing the zakim bridge. 3 northbound leaving the camera area heading out to 128 close to a 40-minute ride. >> next on 7 news a new
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clue, investigators looking into the stabbing of an american hero are being looking in new information that may lead them to a suspect. >> oscar business tor yews could be a free man -- pistorius could be a free man. >> the fans are getting fired up for this sunday's showdown against the colts. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs.
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jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> now at 4:30 the latest on a church controversy in scituate, leaders speaking out after a court upholds a ruling there. >> the rule says parishoners are trespassing at a church there. janet wu is live with their message to the court. >> reporter: well, it is a strong message. they're still here. to give you some background, after the sex abuse crisis, the arch diocese moved to close or consolidate many churches in order to pay the legal bills and restitution. this church you see behind
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that the parishoners are trespassing, as far as they're concerned, the vigil continues. despite the ruling parish errs are not leaving. >> this is about all the churches. this is about our ability to fend our spiritual home against the people that would destroy it. >> reporter: they lead their own service, sleep, eat, pray and even do puzzles here. >> it has been tiring, demanding, exhilarating. >> this is the last church standing in the reconfiguration crisis. that's very hard to say. we want to make sure that it does stand. >> reporter: she plans to fight appeals to the appeals and state supreme jug court. october 26 will mark the 11th full year of this vigil and someone has been
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