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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  October 15, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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minute of the time. they take turns among a core group of 100 volunteers, they pass their time exercising. >> walk. >> quilting one for each year of the vigil. some of them are political. >> everybody in this parish community has stitched somewhere on this quilt. >> reporter: the parishoners won't say how much this legal battle is costing. they have a raised the money then selves amend have also asked other churches for both spiritual and financial help. at this time they say they'll continue the legal battle all the way to the u.s. supreme court. reporting live from scituate, janet wu, 7 news. >> new at 4:30 police in haverhill arrest 19 people in a massive drugs and weapons sweep. officers seized a total of 15 guns during the investigation. they found large amounts of narcotics. a woman is arrested in new hampshire after police say
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her 4-year-old. kerry is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. a man with her at the time treated her with narcan and was able to revive her. the childs is in custody with the family members. >> following more news. the f.b.i. is now investigating fantasy sports draft kings and fan duel. the probe comes after a report that employees at the employees at the site used insider information to win big money. draft kings and fan duel have banned their employees from playing fantasy sports. the players are suspended from sports for the rest of the year. and the assistant coach is suspended for one year. the players and coaches claim the referee made racist comments to the high schoolers and the assistant coach says he has angry things to say on the sidelines but didn't order the hit. >> one thing that is
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definite in this whole scenario is that we have two mistake. we saw it on film. >> the police claim the assistant coach told them the referee needed to pay. the referee denies he made any racist comments. >> new clues, police working new leads to the search for suspects who said spencer stone in -- -- >> it has been almost one year since amman hero spencer stone was stabbed. he got no a fight trying to defend a woman he didn't even know. as he threw pumpings one man stabbed him several times on the side. >> we still are reviewing a lot of video from the area and we're hoping that will prove positive for the case. >> reporter: police released two new pictures that capture the get away car. the footage was taken an hour before the crime
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>> the photo depicts a 2009 to 2012 dark colored toyota camera. we breach our suspects are two male asian adults wearing white tee shirts and blue jeans. >> reporter: detentives haven't identified the two suspects. >> we've been having a huge outpour by the community. >> reporter: with the security guard posted outside of his home stone remains in good condition. spencer stone and two friends were hailed as heroes after they stopped a terror attack on board a train bound for france in august. jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> oscar pistorius is ready for release after killing his girl friend. he will be under house arrest for the next four years as of next tuesday. he long claimed he mistook his girl friend for an intruder when he shot her. >> following news across country. a woman is kicked off an american airlines flight after witnesses say a flight attend got told her to get off the plane. the incident happened sunday
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the woman pleaded to stay on the plane when a second flight attendance threatened to call airport security to have her removed. the woman stood up and got off the plane. >> i look over and this guy, the flight attendant says i ask youd three times to stay right there and i was like he comes closer and he is like i can kick you off this flight right now. you can get on the next flight. >> everybody was what are you doing? don't treat her like this. >> it's not clear why crew members asked that passenger to be taken off the flight in the first place. however, a spokeswoman says the company is aware of the incident and an investigation is new under way. families are forced to evacuate their homes as a wild fire in central texas continues to spread. the foyer has grown to about 1500 acres. many families aren't sure if they'll have a home to return to. >> i hope that they can just get the fire out quickly so we can all return home. hopefully we still have a
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home. >> you have to pull together as a family and as a community. >> firefighters worked overnight to control the flames 30 miles east of austin. the area has low humidity and little rainfall. there is no rain expected in the forecast. >> also on 7 target is sending out millions of new red card credit and debit cards. the new cards require customers to enter a pin, not just a significant touche. target says this extra layer of security protects people from using their card if it's lot of or -- lost or stolen. netflix is claiming chip based cards are leading to slower growth. they've seen a lower number of new subscribers than they've anticipated. the switch to chip based cards let to an inability to select. apple is opening its first stores in the mideast.
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arab emirates in. tesla updated thousands of its new cars with featuresover night owners of the model s. will find it stocked with self-driving features. it can steer itself, change lanes and drive at highway speeds and even slow to a stop if the driver false asleep. the new featuressures are not behind to replace the driver behind the wheel but you feel like it's headed in that direction. >> then take naps on your way to work. >> ahead here on. news, two retail giants going head to head in time for the holiday shopping season. what the this could mean for you. >> it's being called cell phone c.p.r. how you can use your mobile device to save a life. >> tough love in connecticut. the aunt that sued her nephew is speaking out about why she really filed the lawsuit. >> president obama making a major announcement about the car in afghanistan that. is -- that is all coming up on 7 news at 5:00. stay with us.
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year agreement.
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>> a price war starting in time for the start of the holiday shopping season. two of the nation's biggest retailers are going head to head. >> the competition could be good for your wallet. nance echappe has details. >> reporter: -- nancy chen has details. >> reporter: only six weeks until black friday and this year look for more sales, more cut-rate pricing, more basement deals as wal-mart and the amazon.comface off to win your dollars. for wal-mart the stakes are especially high. on wednesday the company paid the price for surprising wall street with bad earns forecast through 2018. the stock lost 10% in one day. for the year so far it's down 29%. >> surprised, shocked
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largest retailer in the world stock was stunning to me. >> reporter: on cnbc wal-mart ceo blamed part of the problem on a big pay rise the company announced this year. >> you know that in february we announced 2-step wage increase. removed the minimum to 9 and $10 next year but the internet is a huge threat. as more customers shop on-line avoiding long lines and traffic jams. with 5,000 stores wal-mart used to be the country's biggest retailer. today it's now as holiday shopping prepares to kick off the competition could mean customers are the biggest winners where the biggest retails expected to slash prices. >> not only is wal-mart competing with amazon to get the on-line customer they're competing with amazon to get the customer that wants the lowest priceover all
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>> reporter: mill enial shoppers between 17 and 34 are expected to spend $200 billion by 2017 on their mobile devices and on-line. that could mean that some big name retailers won't survive and that is why wal-mart is investing in the technology to compete on-line, nancy chen, news. >> breaking a record how a group in germany used books to their advantage. >> now there you go. forecast for the weekend is much cooler, get ready for that but tomorrow not half bad. >> then at 5:00 the patriots looking ahead to sunday as they get ready to take on the team that started the deflate-gate drama. >> a new in report continuing the -- >> lamar odom fighting for his life. >> announcer: tonight a baby gift registry gone wrong.
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>> my fear was in fact confirmed. >> announcer: it was enough to drive a baby buggy. >> they said it's not their problem. >> announcer: see how we
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>> a new word record is broken for the most books toppled like dom knows. you can get a world record for anything i think. organizers set up and knocked down 10,200 copies of the 2015 edition of the beginnest book of world are records. it took one minutes and 12 seconds to sleet and surpasses a recent book domny set up where less than 10,000 books fell. i would like to know how long it took to set up all of the books. >> probably forever. i would knock them -- >> ryan, why are you in the way again.
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>> did i do that. >> quick how they're able to do that. set it up and put them down. >> that is interesting to read the world record books because you neff think about i -- >> the random records in it? >> right, i'm sure we could think of one to set. >> we had a record last winter. snowfall. >> let's not relive that. it's in the books, we lived it. 61 in boston, 56 worcester. 60 lawrence. 62 in providence. it's not bad out there. the sky is blue. clouds are racing in, they're on the western horizon and also, the showers accompanying, this is a weather system, a tidy one that moves through first thing in the morning. and then in the afternoon, it will race on out of here so tomorrow, how does it play out in terms of stories? >> i think there are sprinkles and not showers, you will see a burst of rain that clears up at 9:00,
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seeing this across southeast massachusetts. the weather system is starved for moisture but it's funny how the models knee jerk with that and go, oh, no, heavy rain. tomorrow afternoon is much quieter as the cooler air tries to funnel in and it does a pretty good job of it but this is not the cold blast we're talking about for the weekend. there is one more front that has to come through on saturday that will turn the tables on us. tomorrow still in the 60s in fact, a little bit milder than today. important point to stress, 64 lowell, 64 middleton. about the same in waltham. boston about 63, 64. hopedale 64, too. maybe even as much as 66 in duxbury and down through new bedford as well. 66 sandwich. our winds will be brisk. now we're starting to see some of what will unfold for the weekend. this is some of the cold air that is up over parts of hudson bay that dives down. so this is coming behind the second cold front that we'll be seeing on saturday morning and saturday even with a high temperature of
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55 in the late afternoon it should fall through the 40s, that wind will be brisk. i'm not looking at a whole lot of sunshine the next two days and our best risk for a sprinkle both days in the morning. 63, friday, about 55 on saturday. average numbers. the fall planning pictures are coming in. we're taking charge of the color here. this is from sparker 105, i have a lot of pictures on there and some are from northern new england. one from sunday river thatly show you next half hour. so the vibrant colors of fall. we talk about them a lot. it's the decrease in day length that helps our daylight i should say that helps accelerate the color and the change across the northeast. and other parts of country too but the sunny afternoons and cool mornings are key. we didn't have that at the beginning of the foliage season. we had the sun in the afternoon. but the cool morning helps to capture some of the color as the leafs produce the
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sugar and really it makes for a big show but if you don't have the cold the dull. thankfully we had a couple of cool mornings a couple of weeks agoants peak color. the cold darts out by early next week and it shouldn't be an issue by the time we get into tuesday and wednesday, here is what i mean. tuesday. our temperatures are a little chilly in the morning, we're expecting multiple frost and even a killing freeze to wipe out the growing season by either sunday morning or monday morning. i have my bets on monday morning closer to the city. >> thanks, see you then. stapleton. >> where we're check something southbound on the expressway down by freeport street. around morrissey boulevard. we're rolling again. had a center lane crash occur here about five minutes ago so things are improving in the spot. after this spot it, does stay heavy. looks at more than a 40 minute ride down to braintree. flying along here on route 128 the colors look nice
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there to the left as they start to change and 128 right now is coming to the southbound side of the roadway starting to bog down then northbound a lot of increasing volume. traffic leading away from the camera as it makes its way up to the burlington section. northbound through saugus a typical tie up. stays heavy up in the lynnfield area, after that you are home free at 128. our mass pike westbound not a lot moving out through the newton area or heading through 128 after you clear the 128 tolls. it does seem to open up. i'm joe stapleton, 7 news. >> in today's health cast more than 300,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside after hospital and 90% of those who did end up dying. >> many people either don't know how to do c.p.r.or they are afraid of hurting the victim. experts are encouraging people to jump into action by using something that is very likely at their finger
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tips. >> we're taught to dial 911 in an emergency. but when we see someone go into cardiac arrest many people freeze. >> i think it's scary to see somebody collapse. >> reporter: the red cross have released upstated cpr guidelines. they remind by standers mobile technology can save lives. after calling 911 the guidelines say put the phone on speaker then put it down to keep your hands free. >> some of the fear is resolved when you hear a voice telling what you to do and what the next step is. >> reporter: you do not need to have had to help. >> you want the put the heel of your fifth and expent your arms and just compress. >> reporter: the guidelines saugusing money apps that can assistance to cardiac arrest victims in public places vast.
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when someone calls 911 with a cardiac arrest emergency it alerts anyone who is trained in c.p.r. >> you say, wow, i'm right down the street. i can help. >> reporter: starting cpr quickly can double even triple the likelihood a cardiac arrest victim will survive. the pulse point app shows users the location of the closest defib later. >> here on 7 news a fullhouse star on the wrong side of the law. why john stamos has his hands. >> check us out on facebook, log on and
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we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people
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>> topping buzz jackettor john stamos is facing criminal charges. >> he has been charged with driving under the influence following his arrest in beverly hills. if convicted he faces a maximum of six months in jail. one month after the arrest jamesos checked himself into rehab. for substance abuse. he won't back home a month later. >> the star of "dance moms" is facing fraud charges. a court accused her about lying about her income by filing for income. documents show miller filed a petition and failed to report more that happen 755,000 in funds. if the convicted she maces
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up to five years in prison. >> america's next top model is leave the runway. after 22 seasons the reality competition series will end its run with the current season finale in december. the tyra banks believes it's team the cn network consider airing a special looking back at the last decade. i've got sunshine on a cloudy day. >> president obama and the first lady marking the history of american music at the white house. in addition to smoky robinson performers included urber, james taylor and many others. >> the jet is decked out in "star wars" styles. the dreamliner will fly to seattle and san jose from asia as well as other international destinations. passengers will be able to watch all six of the previous "star wars" films that.
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will make the flight go -- >> jeremy reiner would be like to be on the flight all day everyday. solid. i'm elizabeth norieka. >> i'm ryan schulteis. >> 7 news at 5 starts now. >> adam: the fill imchism trial delayed because of questions of competency. the judge ordered him to undergo mental evaluation. a south bridge teacher called to court accused of sending a student some inappropriate pictures. >> president obama: as you are well aware you do not support the idea of endless pore. >> adam: but there is no end to the fight in afghanistan. president obama changing his strategy. >> a couple of fronts passing by taking the 60s down into the 50s by the weekend. >> adam: the patriots getting ready for sunday's showdown with the colts. why two game plans will be needed to prepare properly. and what fans have to say about the rematch with indy and a hidden message in
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7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> first at 5:00 a judge ordering the danvers teenager accused of murdering his teacher to undergo a mental evaluation, he will spent up to 20 days at a hospital in worcester. >> the decision suspending jury selection for knew. byron barnett is live in salem with more. >> reporter: during selection had already been interrupted when philip chism's mental state was called into question and now the trial could be on hold for three weeks while doctors decide if he is competent to stand trial. fill imchism sitting silently in court as a judge ordered him to be sent to the worcester recovery certainty and hospital for up to 20 days of psychiatric evaluation. the judge wants doctors to determine whether he is competent to stand trial and or criminally responsible for murder.
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chim is accused of raping


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