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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 17, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we do have breaking news this morning, an amber alerted after a 2-year-old child is taken from pennsylvania and found in boston. a tractor trailer. a double stabbing overnight and what we know so far. a car barreling right through the front door. 6:00 on this chilly saturday morning, thank you for waking up with us. i'm kris anderson.
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isle julie chang. and it's chilly. >> bundle up a bit. >> i did and i was thinking i should bring out the mittens at this point. >> if you need mittens this morning, you will need them over the next couple of mornings. the cool weather gets cooler as we go through the next couple of days. 25 degrees in nord, and 35 and 48 in the city of boston, you will notice the temperatures don't warm up all that much throughout the day, although we will see in the mid-50s. the see of boston upper 40s into the worcester hill. there has been a thin band of clouds out there, and even a couple of spot showers over the vineyard. i don't expect much rain over this, but this is the leading edge of the cold air that is moving in. look at temperatures over in ontario, only the 20s and lower 30s, that's a band. we have a freeze warning where we have a blue shaded area
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the darker blue for the cape including the city of boston as the freeze watch for tomorrow night. so we do have a can can a couple cold nights ahead. most of us only in the 40s tomorrow, overnight lows coming up. guys. we begin with breaking news this morning. state police say the baby at the center of an amber alert overnight is receiving emergency medical treatment at a hospital this morning. an amber alert was issued around 2:00 this morning after police say 52 years old took off with herrity hydrated 2-year-old, and ignored medical personnel who thoarld to take told her to take the baby to the hospital. the police took her into custody an hour later. he breaking overnight a state trooper is in the hospital this morning after a tractor trailer slammed into his crouper trooper and
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caused a bunch of damage. police say the worker was on a work detail whens crash happened last night. he was taken to mass general. we still don't know the extent of his injuries for the tractor trailer was injured in the crash. two people are expected to be okay, after they were stopped at east boston, it happened at bennington street. around 2:00 this morning. no word on if any arrests were made. we are going to show you video that is pretty wild. the liquor store in worcester says that it has been open, but they have never seen anything like this are a massive mess to clean up after a car went crashing right through the door. here is what we have learned about the driver. >> it was a big gigantic mess. >> reporter: a car with 5 people inside seen smacker the through front of the liquor at worcester on friday. >> it's more than a burglary,
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it's a toyota avalon sitting in inside of my store. >> reporter: despite a shattering glass, two managed to get out of car, with one passenger. hurt. >> i did see the store when he was remodeling but nothing like that. >> reporter: now lease are looking for -- police are looking for several suspects who were looting after the crash, they were moving through a gaping hole. >> one of the looters was having a hell of a time riding his bike. >> reporter: fortunately the only serious clean up included replacing the front door and a busted atm. >> i have been in business for 45 years, i've seen a lot, and i've seen more than most people have seen 98 lifetime, and it's pretty much another day in the life of kirsh liquors. right now police in arlington are in the hunt for a robber who targeted a bank in
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now police are following new clues including a sketch and surveillance photos they hope will lead them to a bank robber. >> these surveillance pictures show them a man holding a handgun and holding money. what it doesn't cap capture is what he did after demanding the cash. >> he hopped the fence. >> reporter: the robber took off through a residential neighborhood behind the bank shedding his disguises he ran. a big piece end up on this woman's property. >> they found the hat in our side yard. >> reporter: and one woman gardening in her yard came face to face with the robber. >> she was able to smell the dye pack. >> reporter: that woman was able to give a good sketch of the the person they were looking for. because the armed robber was and there was a manhunt through
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residential neighborhoods, four schools in the area were told to shelter in place for an hour. a crime that put everybody on edge, and thinking twice about their safety. >> we have to baton down the hatches and keep an eye on things. >> reporter: kimberly, overnight news. joaquin el chap owe guzman is believed to be injured. ep chapo was hiding in a ranch in western mexico. marines raided the ranch and his accomplices did get away. they believe that he suffered injuries to his face and leg. he escaped from a maximum security prison back in july. to the race to the white house, and donald trump is heading back to school at king's borough of all places. he highlighted his strong leads in the polls and touched on his friendship with tom brady.
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brandi gunnoe has more on what trump told his supporters. >> reporter: donald trump is no stranger to the nation eases first primary in new hampshire but tonight made a stop in kings borough mass. >> i love mass, and everything about it. >> reporter: kings borough is much more conservative than rest of the state, voting romney in 2012. >> do you have a habit like you're with your wife and you're with your husband and you're really confident and you tired of things seen done wrong and you say, this time i'm going to do it myself. >> reporter: in an interview tom brady was asked why he stands up for donald trump? >> he is a friend, that's why. because you know, friends are important in life and i've known him for a very long time. certainly, friendships you endure over the course of long periods of time. he is the one i play a lot of golf with it. he is a lot of fun to play golf with, although i would much rather be on his team when we
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play golf than be against him n golfer. >> i'm a good golfer. when tom says he wants me as a partner that is pretty good. after speaking to three different crowds, he left with his motorcade. and karate kid playing blairing over his -- hillary clinton spent friday in new hampshire campaigning, she discussed plans to improve the country's infrastructure. >> i will find a way. i will never quit. we will put people to work maintaining and build being our roads our bridges, our air force, our rail system, our broad band system. >> clinton says she plans to use private and public funds and has idea about maintaining the
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patriots say, what more data until sunday night when tom, brady and the gang hope gang hope to pour it on to a bitter rival. >> the team focuses as they head to the showdown on the grid iron. it get the team to start indianapolis colts. and we have more from indy. >> reporter: good morning from here in indianapolis, and not one time this weekendent examined to mark the return of tom brady from a four game suspension. deflate gaitan afterthought in boston but it's still on the radar here in indy. they were trying to slow down brady and the record process. >> 35 and it's to the 25. breaks the tackle across the 20. and safely. guarding in the end zone. touch down patriots. >> reporter: a complete air assault, that is what patriot fans hope tom brady unloads on the colts.
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the game plan might look more like this. >> and a dive in the middle for the patriot's touch down. >> reporter: the last win, to the patriots rack up nearly 800 yards on the ground, including a three touch down performance from eric blunt, the fac title game. >> you don't though what to expect. like i said, you got to concentrate on who they have on the field and who they have now, as opposed to who they had back then, and try to focus on trying to get the job done. >> what happened in the past doesn't matter in the game. it's a new week, a new team and be ready for the game. >> the numbers indicate that colts defense is different. >> we made it close. >> there's also the question mark on the patriots offensive line. sunday will be first game without starting left tackle nate. >> the guys feel like we will be
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situation, and then, you know, figure it out, and there's best options before game time, and i'll be ready to go. >> reporter: tom brady full speed a read, andrew lost opposite of brady. a question mark. he missed two straight games, is going to play on sunday night. he has been a full participant this week in practice this week for the colts even though he is injury report. don't forget you can only see the pats face-off the colts on 7 nbc. get started at 7:00 on the sidelines, and followed by a victory night. >> i'm looking forward to this game. today in new england this morning when colt fans decided to speak on the patriots, a local baker decided to respond. see how the rivalry is heating up in the kitchen.
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the pats getting ready to take on the colts tomorrow night but so are the fans, and the team is playing down deflate gate to the story. pats nation is absolutely not slow. >> we can fight back for the team. >> the heated rivalry is headed back to the kitchen for the
6:15 am
cookie fun. and 7 susan tran has more on the cookie trash talk. >> reporter: in this bakery they are cooking up a sweet revenge. >> and colts seem to have put up more participation panldz in their stadium. >> trash talk to patriots andty flatted anddeflated football cake. and even jimmy fallon was having fun with the patriots as they prepare for the colts the snrnlings >> he was voted. >> reporter: rod niknovich, thinks he looks more like his brother. >> and as for jimmy garopollo.
6:16 am
dissing back to the bakery. >> reporter: this bakery words. >> you can't let the rest of the country talk bad about us that, is why we did it. >> reporter: susan tran, 7 news today in new england. love that, and with that baby face. >> and as susan tran cooking. >> that was pretty cool. coming up on today in new england, an amazing story of survival, hear from a rhode attack. ahead absolutely beautiful sight, look at that, isn't that pretty amazing it? ale intof a symbol of our nation and released back into the wild.
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6:19, welcome back, it's still dark, but pretty nice outside. i mean it's chilly, though. did you have to bundle up on your walk in. >> no, i did have to cravening up the heat get -- crank up the heat getting in the shower. >> staying in there. >> chris, it's going not warm up this weekend. if you are one of those people that waits and holds out to turn the heat on in the house this may be your breaking point. if not tomorrow morning certainly by monday morning.
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we have been here this fall, we have had a frost if not a hard freeze in interior parts of new england the north and west of 4 this 495. this isn't too much to write home about. but it will get cooler. speak. there's a batch of clouds that has to work on through, limited in the amount of moisture it has, there's one heavier shower that has been traversing the vineyard and that is going to head off to the northeast. other than that, i don't expect much rain. what the big story is here over the next couple of days, it was cold air from canada that is going to be pushing into new england and into the great lakes with that cold air over the roads with warm water. lake-effects, snow showers over the next couple of days, back to the great lakes, even a little bit of snow today across the northern maine and far northern new hampshire in vermont. we do have a shaded share of blue. around the city of boston down through plymouth and bristol county.
6:20 am
that is tonight, and tomorrow night will be the coldest of the two nights so the freezer watch includes the city of boston for tomorrow night with the cape and the islands with the exception of nantucket. you notice there's nothing going on north and west, that is because we have had a hard freeze out that way. once you end the growing season, they don't issue a frost and fries advisory or warning anymore. take you through the day today. we do expect sunshine to return. a lot of frost out there right now. the breeze will pick up, certainly by 5 being this 5:00 that will be gusting at 5-10 miles per hour. cold air moves in tomorrow with high temperatures in the mid-40s, it will be a colder day with a cool breeze out there, but a mainy dry day. how about any snow. we get up in worcester county up in maine. back toward greenville, maine and far northern new hampshire, maybe a little bit of accumulation of snow showers. i think more pronouncessed in
6:21 am
terms of pockets of heavier snow will be down wind of the great lakes over the next couple of days. no snow here but it is just a sign of the times. the sign of seasons changing for sure. 48 to 56 outside this afternoon. 48 at worcester hills, 5 in the city of boston, mainly clear and cold tomorrow. 37-47, and a lot of suburbs are 29 or 30, so we will be back below the freezing mark right along the coastline, down in the the cape and the islands. it's a lot below the freezing mark, on by monday morning. 27 degrees, and by thursday morning. >> that 27 hurts a little bit. also this morning a bald eagle in virginia back in the wild. this eight-month-old bald eagle was rescued as an eaglet in june after she fell out of her nest. as you see there, dozens lookers attended the of -- onlookers
6:22 am
>> we are taking the injured animal and see them go back out and take flight and release them. that's what it's all about. the eagle is also fitted for a safety device to track its location and flight patterns. pretty cool! still ahead on 7 news today new england. the latest on water woes for one break. a group of boston firefighters headed to kansas city to mourn two fallen brothers. first up one animal caused quite a headache in brookline.
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this one to your fell ruffle a few feathers. a cockatoo is republicking wild. the bird flew away from his owner back in july. >> they say that the animal has been terrorizing them ever since. janet wu has the story. >> reporter: we found dino short for cockatoo he was quiet. after chopping darrell williams' finger four months ago, the bird flew off and has since worn out his well come in the fancy neighborhood. >> he is using his beak to split away the corner of the building.
6:26 am
in the act. destroying the side of this historical home with no look of regret. the repairs are impossible. >> with each shingle is a fair amount of work. >> reporter: they're even trying metal flights. this street considered one of the most beautiful in brookline is full of gorgeous victorious homes. why that bird is piking on this one in particular is a mystery. >> i would like to see someone capture him humanely. >> reporter: enter katie, she fears that the tropical bird won't survive the chilly night. >> i had to come and get the bird because i can't see it die out here by itself. >> reporter: a caring expert she is looking to reunite with the owner. >> that is what cockatoos do. >> reporter: the homeowner say many have tried to capture him and failed. we got inside info on what may work?
6:27 am
>> he likes peanut butter and jelly and cookies and waffles. >> reporter: worth a try, janet wu, 7 news today new england. dino is a bird after my own heart, peanut butter and jelly and cookies. the cal thing i learned is that he got a little per keet in jelly beans. >> hopefully they will track it up. today in new end gland, we continue following the big breaking story. an amber a lotter alert is over after a 2-month-old is found here in boston. do not expect much rain over the weekend but do expect cooler numbers. the former on nba star odom's condition as he starts to
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a child found here? as a maul town is in trouble after a water preak makes for a big clean up. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm nancy chen. >> hi, everyone, i'm kris anderson. and we are going to get over to
6:31 am
chris for a look at the cool weather. the patriots can bust back out by sunday. hey, at least we have a dry weekend ahead of us, pretty good if you're heading out across northern new england or central new england or portions of the southeastern new england to take there. 48 degrees in the city of boston, 30 in nord, 38 in plymouth. we take a look at numbers we fall. the coldest air of the season will arrive. one shower even a thunderstorm packing a lightning recently coming across the vineyard. that may skirt in chatham a ross the bay, otherwise, much colder air only in the 20s and 30s across canada. that will be arriving as we get into tonight and again tomorrow night. in the meantime, high temperatures this afternoon running in the mid-50s. >> we do begin with breaking news, police say the baby at the center of an amber alert is receiving energies medical treatment at a hospital in
6:32 am
boston this morning. an amber alert was issued after tiffany from pennsylvania took off with a severely dehydrated 2-year-old on monday afternoon. she ignored medical personnel the hospital. police believe he was in the walton area and walton police took her into custody about an hour later. a look at today's top stories. we began with breaking news overnight. a state trooper is in the hospital after a tractor trailer slammed into a cruiser. police say that the toper was at work around work detail what the crash happened at 10:00 last night. he was taken to mass general, and don't know the extent of his injuries or if the tractor trailer was injured as well. this man walked into the winchester savings bank at medford street and showed a gun and demanded money. they created a sketch of the
6:33 am
suspect who took off his disguise as he ran away. many were without water last night after a major water main break and 7's tim caputo has more on the big mess last night. >> reporter: the road quickly turned into a ranging river. >> i saw the water coming up and this is 20 minutes before anybody was live on the scene. by then it was a geyser. >> reporter: a six inch water main broke in the middle of manchester for a few hours almost everyone in town was without water. >> we are trying to isolate the of length of pipe that we are going to have to replace. it will bring a 20-foot section in. we will be here 5 or six hours. >> reporter: the station notified nearby towns to have tankers standing nearby in case a fire broke out. the restaurants closed down for `the day.
6:34 am
>> within a few hours they isolated the problem and 70% of the people in town got their water back, and many wonder when it will happen again. this is the second water main break in town in a month and the third since april. >> we want to make sure that we have an infrastructure. this town is very well run so i believe that they will take care of it. >> reporter: the crack tonight is extremely old. they will replace the water mains if town. >> everything has a certain life, and we need to step up and pay attention. it's doing the maintenance that needs to be done to keep things working. >> reporter: steve caputo. we're following more news, a group of boston firefighters showing support for the kansas city fire department as they continue mourning death of two of their own. those two firefighters died while battling fierce flames, and one was a 13 year veteran of the department, and the other
6:35 am
had been there for 17 years. boston firefighters arrived in kansas city and they will be attending the firefighters memorial today. charlie baker helped to pay tribute to massachusetts officers who lost their lives in the line of duty as well. it was a crowded scene as many people paid their respects. nine officers were memorialized two of them died in the past year. a rhode island island native who lost his leg in a shark attack in hawaii says he is not sure if he will ever surf again. collin cook says he was waiting for a wave last friday when a 13-year-old tiger shark bit through his surf bode. he surfboard. he was able to punch away until another sufferer surfer was able to come and help him. >> i didn't want to come, and kind of took me a second to
6:36 am
it dragged me under water, and it took me a second to realize it was like a massive shark. >> doctors amputated most of cook's left leg as well as a few fingers. he will spend the next two weeks recovering in hawaii before he returning home to rhode island. good news for lamar odom. yet. we have more on the odom's road to recover event there's recovery. there's reports that odom is off of life support. he woke up and owe dome opened his eyes and he gave a thumps up to his estranged wife who has been by his side this time. on tuesday he was found unconscious after what appears to be a drug overdose. family and friends rushed to his side including his estranged
6:37 am
wife chloe kardashian and teammate kobe bryant. he suffered a stroke and had brain damage and slipped into a coma. some are calling this remarkable. his mother-in-law, chris jenner says he is still very much in critical condition. it completed a flight after a historic merger with u.s. airlines. it landed safely in philly completing the final leg of its round trip journey. the flight beginning of both airlines officially operating as one. nbc news has learned the federal government will announce a plan requiring anyone who buys a drone to register with the department of transportation. the government is concerned where drones nearly collided with aircraft. under the new program, the govern. would work with the drone industry to set up a
6:38 am
process for the drones. it will be in place by the end of the year. the typhoon is expected to bring torrential rains as possible flooding begins there. phillipine president went on air, to advice filipinos to be ready. all local government agencies in the typhoon's path have been advised to prepare. cars trapped in california. the latest on the mudslides and heavy rains turning roads into rivers. what should have been a simple baby shower return on some of the items she received turned into a year-long headache. that is when this mother reached our to solve it 7. and tracy morgan is gearing
6:39 am
leadership isn't given. it's earned. realized. accomplished. fulfilled. won. leadership isn't given.
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startling images as cars in california are swept away by mudslides trapping some drivers for hours. and now families are digging out. >> the good news is there's bits of improvement as major highways are reopening. adam williams has more. >> reporter: this was the moment of impact. torrential rains, pounding hail and waves of water. havoc and chaos or hundreds stranded on the road as flash-flooding triggered fast-moving mudslides. many in a desperate scramble to stay alive. >> help.
6:41 am
>> it's the most frightening thing to see. a mountain of just mud comes barreling down on you. >> reporter: in just one hour six inches of hammering rain, and swample roads and highways shutdown and portions buried under six feet of mud. >> i must have pulled eight, 15 yars. >> reporter: the grade looks making for miles after a school was letting out. 1244th graders rescued from their bus sleeping in a gym with no place to go. other children were trapped in school. >> it's pretty scary. all the water is flooding the streets. >> reporter: today after the mayhem, semi, buried on the highways. and firefighters going door to door checking on the damage assessing the damage. adam williams 7 news today in new enp demands. what should have been a simple return, instead returns into a nightmare for one expecting mother. she called solve it 7.
6:42 am
air arriving this weekend. in fact it will feel more like early december coming up. are two avengers teaming up in a new movie?
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6:47, good morning, everybody. the sun is up getting lighter and lighter out there. do see some clouds, that is working along a front. that front is going to bring us the coldest weather we see so far this season. 48 in boston, 30 in norwood. these temperatures will be colder by tomorrow morning and even colder than that by the time we get into monday morning. try some thunderstorm, right now between the vineyard, nantucket and down through the cape. it's heading off to the east and past to the south of chatham of the but wouldn't be surprised to end of it. and does clip folks, and pick up a shower across nantucket right now. the little green showing up, a couple of sprinkles showing up there, the city of boston back in worcester county, as a batch of clouds and limited moisture swings on through. behind it the wind picks up and much cooler air is off to the
6:46 am
west ask northwest of us. that ontario only 27 degrees, and it's much colder air, and it's cool this afternoon, upper 40s in worcester county, mid-50s in the city of boston. tomorrow worcester about 40 degrees for the high, city of boston right now we're at 48, i 48 degrees tomorrow as the temperatures in the afternoon hold at about 46 or 47 in the city. lots of colors popping up if you are heading up to see fall foliage it will be a cooler one and across northern new england into tonight a couple of showers tonight across the far northern mountains, much of new end gland is dry this weekend. only near 40 for tomorrow afternoon and a lot colder air moving in down into southern new england as well. this morning the wind fairly light out of the west-southwest at 7 miles an hour.
6:47 am
to the west-northwest at a good 15-20 miles per hour. this afternoon, temperatures in boston in the lower it middle 50s this afternoon only in the afternoon. sunshine and clouds, cool and breezy, and a raw against 48 to 56, and mainly clear and cold, upper 20s near 30 in a lot of boston. without the exception of the cape and the island, most towns close to 30 degrees. we do have a freeze warning in place for tonight in many towns outside of the city of boston. full breeze, 40 to 48. look at tomorrow night, mid-20s for a lost towns. the city of boston close to freezing the same thing for the cape and the a loondz. by and next week a quick bounce back. cool weather on sunday and monday, and a warm upcoming midweek.
6:48 am
and oh, baby registery a norwood woman and her friends. she sent back duplicate items she sefd during received during her baby shower. >> her friends were never given credit for those returns she sent back and the company never responded so she decided to register her complaint with solve it 7. >> megan maloney says she wanted to be surprised when it came to the gender of her first child. that made picking out items for the nursery a bit tricky. >> i was trying to choose the theme for the baby's room and did it baby neutral. >> reporter: she chose dr. zeus for rt baby. >> that's right educational. >> reporter: with her baby shower coming up, megan set up an online registry on the website so her friends and family could order the items she wanted.
6:49 am
everything seemed to be going smoothly until october of last year the day of her shower. >> i got a lot of stuff but specifically from this website i got duplicate picture frames, a peg board, a lamp shade, a flees basket. >> reporter: megan said she contacted the boy's depo and the representative told her to return the items to the manufacturer, so she did. she confirmed a few weeks later that the manufacturer received the items. megan says the manufacturer told her the voice depo had been regunnedded for refunded for their items. but her friends have not received their credit. >> no e-mail return, no telephone return nothing. >> reporter: silence, after six months she still had no response from the boy's depo. >> was there ever a point where you said, i'm not getting my money back. i give up. >> i was at my wit's end, and so
6:50 am
>> reporter: we e-mailed the home depot, but after a few more e-mails for more questions, we suggested that megan file a complaint with the better business bureau. >> solve it 7 gave me additional yet. >> reporter: shortly after she filed the complaint megan's two friends received an e-mail from the boys depo promising them a refund which they received a few weeks later. the boy's depo told us an employee who doesn't work there anymore marked the return as completed by mistake after refunding a different customer named megan so the company thought the problem was resolved. >> it was a long road, it was a long road, and i couldn't have done it without solve it severn. the little baby. so if you have an online or maybe another issue that has you rattled.
6:51 am
give us a call at 617-367-7777. it's indecreedcally frustrating when something like that happens and you feel like there's no recourse, and you can be stuck and those items can be expensive. >> that is why we're here. reach to us. one snl alum said to make a big return. >> heading back to 30 rock for
6:52 am
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topping the buzz, hiss tan ic activists are taking on donald trump. >> they are protesting his appearance on saturday night live. two groups say snl has been enabling the hateful speech against hispanics by inviting him to host the show next month. they had praised nbc for cutting ties with trump's pageant, after controversial remarks about hispanic. tracy morgan will return to host saturday night live tonight. he has spent the last 16 months recovering from a crash that left him with a brain trauma and broken bones. the career kicked off his career on saturday night live. mark is going to bring the
6:54 am
hulk in a film that is not the avengers movie. >> i'm smiling. >> and the new movie is called ragner walk, it's expected to hit theaters in 2017. >> liam an and chris. speaking of chris, let's get to the one that knows the weather. popping the rain around here. i can tell you that. sunshine and clouds, isolated shower, the front, otherwise cool and breezy this afternoon, guys are talking about cool air moving through, and maybe a good movie night tomorrow night. temperatures in the 40s in the an, 20s at night. chris, thanks so much. >> that is going to do it for us now. stay with us, the "today" show is up next.
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