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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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the sticks. third and five. >> doug: usc taking their last time-out. a lot of people say they are out of time-outs with 1:00 to go, you are saving the same amount of time whether it is now or if you get it back later. the short gain and the clock running and receivers down the field, take the time-outs while you can save it. save time. but there is going to be a point somewhere in this drive where kessler is going to have to force one up the field. try to look somebody off, move and launch and hope one of your big play guys comes up with the ball. because there is not enough time to three to five yards at a clip go down the field.
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plays, gadget plays. what does he have here on third down and five? he is out of time-outs. trailing by ten. usc needing a couple of quick scores. kessler waiting for somebody to get open and throws it out of bounds. clock stops at 1:06. fourth and five. >> doug: tighter coverage that time. locked on man-to-man underneath. better coverage. as i said, kessler with a three-man rush, you can hang on to the football, move around and hope something breaks open down the field. i think that is his thinking there, maybe get a big play. >> dan: notre dame, just a stop away from putting this one away. kessler. completes near side. first down to madden.
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he gets out of bounds. they stop it with 1:01 left. >> doug: as long as you get out of bounds, five-yard gains are fine. as long as you can lineup quickly. >> dan: here come the trojans on the line again. waiting for a big play attempt here by kessler. underneath. that ball gets loose. >> doug: they are not a lot of big windows. the three-man rush allows notre dame to drop eight men in coverage. the windows are tight. your receivers will take a big hit.
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couple of blue jerseys. >> doug: with all of the zone coverage you are getting, it is a risky call. but a screen pass to one of your backs, jones, they have an opportunity. >> dan: sheldon day on the sidelines. he was very active in the second half. second down and 10. usc out of time-outs, trailing by ten. waiting for one of these big shots from kessler to one of these speedy wideouts. pressure. steps up. throws near side. leads to smith-schuster. another first down for usc. they keep the chains moving. 49 seconds left. >> doug: the other approach is to get it in field goal range
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for your onside kick leaving yourself time. >> dan: just seems like sooner or later you go with one, try to get adoree' jackson down there. >> doug: he is hanging on to the ball but it isn't happening for him down the field. >> dan: now he is going to run this. trying to get out of bounds and stop it and he will. second down. he gets to the irish 41. >> doug: part of the mind set might be i start to throw a couple down there and it ended up with interceptions. i don't want a third interception. but it is getting to the point where you need points on the board in a hurry with the possibility of a onside kick. get in field goal range and kick the field goal. >> dan: kessler in trouble and down he goes.
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running. >> doug: eventually you are going to get there. but the defensive line, you get tired of pass rushing every play and eventually notre dame finally got there. >> dan: now we will be down to 20 seconds on this snap on third shovel. up to davis. >> doug: that will do it. >> dan: that is go to probably jaylon smith with the final tackle of the game and time has finally run out on the trojans. notre dame wins it 41-31. irish improve to 6-1. trojans fall to 3-3. usc gave them a big fight. but in the end notre dame pulling away. a very entertaining game in the rivalry. that was a lot of fun. >> doug: big plays all over the place.
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it came down to if all of those big plays, came down to offensive line play and running the football. >> dan: down to kathryn. >> kathryn: coach, this game was full of big plays, trick plays and a lot of momentum swings. what ultimately determined the win for the irish? >> two 90-yard drives offensively. big plays. and then we just found a way to make a couple of plays. i think the interception by russell was huge. got us that turnover. really, you know, i think that was a big play in this game where we could slow down usc. hats off to them. but our kids made plays in the fourth quarter when they needed to. >> kathryn: coach, thanks for your time. dan. >> dan: thanks, kathryn. notre dame outscores usc 17-0 in the fourth quarter to win it as the irish hold the trojans scoreless in the last 20 minutes. you can watch brian kelly's
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press conference on coming up next your local news and an all new saturday night live with tracy morgan. stay with us on nbcsn for the notre dame postgame show. dan hicks saying so long from notre dame stadium where the
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>> now from the night team, all eyes on indy as the patriots prepare for the showdown against colts. >> plus an amber alert out of pennsylvania comes to an end right here in boston. how a quick this thinking nurse helped crack the case. >> then a dangerous drive. a man accused of driving the wong way down a busy highway for more than 20 miles. >> dropping off. temperatures set to plummet overnight. >> and he is taking the stage. tracy morgan getting back to his roots. >> stepping back into the saturday night live spotlight. >> first at 11:00, a pennsylvania mom facing serious charges after setting off an al we are alert overnight. the woman and her infant son were found safe in boston. state police say the mother ran away with her seriously ill infant son. >> tonight, one of her friends is talking about the investigation. we are live from boston with
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>> there is a good chance people heard the alerts early this morning. now a mother has been arrested. >> early saturday, at around 2:00 a.m., forecast state police activated an amber alert, sending notifications to phones all across the state. >> it was very startling. and you know, at that time of the night, i'm wonder, you know, how many people are going to hear this message. >> the alerts warned people to be on the lookout for this car with new hampshire plates. >> i think that the amber alert is a great tool that we use to make sure that we can get that message out to everyone. >> police say 6-year-old tiferny cherry fled pennsylvania with her seriously ill two and a half-month-old son, allegedly ignoring directions to get the boy emergency medical care. >> it is hard to believe. >> authorities believe she left wilkes-barre, pennsylvania late friday afternoon, drove more than 300 miles all the way to boston. police in pennsylvania reported the child was suffering from severe
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we are told cherry had a felony warbt issued out of pennsylvania. along with three default warrants in massachusetts. a nurse at children's hospital called police after she checked in a baby that matched the deskrings of the amber alert. cherry was then arrested at children's. dcf is also investigating this case along with law enforcement in boston. >> new at 11:00: a naked man is rescued from the boston harbor this afternoon. boston police say he jumped into the harbor after he was spotted near an ice rink. doctors say he is now being treated for hypothermia. right now no word on his condition. >> patriots fans ready for a grudge-match in indy. tb 12 and the patriots counting down to kick off against the colts for the first time since the afc championship game.
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major off season headache for tom brady and the team. now we have the latest. >> if you think about it, rivalries don't exist that much in the n.f.l. anymore. the patriots and colts certainly have the makings of a modern-day version around the league. if there was any need to add more fuel to the fire, you would think that the event over the last nine months gave patriots added motivation. >> with the trophy in hand, new england moved on to the super bowl while the colts kicked off a 7-month-long directed at tom brady and the patriots. >> started out by addressing the football issue here. i'm not a scientist. footballs. in the league. >> now in the mind of fans, it revenge. while the patriots players are toeing the company line.
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>> does this give you extra motivation for you? >> i'm always pretty motivated. so it will be an exciting game. they have a good team. we all put a lot of effort in. the coaches, players. so it's another opportunity for us to go out there and see if we can be a good football team. >> come on. isn't there any heart in there? any mu than that wants a little extra? >> i'm a human. there is no doubt. >> brady keeping it cool on the podium. coach belichick isn't pressing the personal motivation either. >> has anyone pulled you aside in the grocery store and said "bill, kick indy's butt, will you?" >> i haven't been to the grocery store in a couple of years. >> rob gronkowski admits there is something motivating him. >> every week we just want to win. that is what the motivation is. >> patriots-colts, getting ready for the showdown on sunday night. now, during the week, andrew
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questionable. the same as he was the last two weeks. help missed both games. indications are he will play we will have more on the patriots' injury front coming up later in sports. trey daerr, 7 news night team. >> catch all the action right here on 7-nbc. we get things started with our 7 on the sidelines show. that is at 6:30 followed by kickoff at 8:00. and we will have complete coverage after the game. >> the night team now turning to your forecast. it is the start of a chilly night in boston. let's check in with bri. >> let's call it cold, nancy. we are actually talking about some snowflakes. believe it or not. even groples. winter precipitation is falling outside of the city of boston. don't take these colors by face value. that is the computer deciding what kind of precipitation is falling there. nevertheless, first snowfall
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from weather-spotters. this won't amount to much. it doesn't last long either. that wraps up by 2:00 a.m. if not just after midnight. current temperatures dropping, though. low 40's in boston, norwood. 38 for fitchburg and worcester. we have a freeze warning poebsed for most of eastern massachusetts with the exception of the city of boston, metro-boston, cape cod and the islands. growing season, if it doesn't come to an end tonight, it will tomorrow. freeze warning tonight overnight. 27-37 for the temperatures. and tomorrow, another cold one. we are talking highs that stay in the 40's with a chilly breeze. how long does the cold stick around? the extended forecast in about ten minutes. >> also from the night team: a driver under arrest after a wild ride. the alleged drunk driver drove more than 20 miles down route 3 heading the wrong way. troopers had to resort to drastic measures to get that driver to stop.
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kelli o'hara live with more on the story. kelry? >> yeah. good evening,. dramatic, indeed. they have used stop sticks or spikes to prevent the man from driving over the sagamore bridge to cape cod. . >> it's speechless. it worries me. >> you have to be aware of your surroundings. >> that is really scary. very scary. >> it is a shocking scene that has drivers talking. state police say this plymouth man was driving the wrong way down route 3 early saturday morning. for more than 20 miles. >> i don't know why people think it is safe to get behind the wheel drinking. it is totally not. it is dangerous. the car is a weapon. >> just after midnight, state police received a flurry of 911 calls. all reporting a man going the wrong way down a busy highway. even allegedly hitting another car. police say that driver kevin palmer seen here, just after the wreck. police used stop sticks,
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popping two of his tires. that is when they moved in and arrested the 26-year-old. people we met were glad no one was hurt. they werhorrified by this driver's action. >> you may think you are a good driver. sometimes you have the worry about the other person. >> everyone we met tonight says it is a miracle that no one was hurt. excuse me. that driver will be in front of a judge first thing monday morning. kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> coming up next from the night team, back on the stage, making people laugh. tracy morgan returning to his comedic roots tonight. >> and gold medalist ryan lochte on a mission, talking about making history in the
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grace morgan goes back into the spotlight. it has been almost a year since morgan was critically injured in that deadly car crash. >> now the funnyman is overcopping another hurdle and getting back to doing what he does best. >> hi. i'm grace morgan. i'm hosting snl this week. >> great having you here again. >> live from new york, it's tracy morgan. making a triumphant return to center stage tonight. 16 months after the crash that killed his friend and mentor james mcnair and left morgan in a co. marks battling a traumatic brain injury. >> please welcome... >> and tracy being tracy. there is a joke there somewhere. >> did i used to work here? >> yeah. tracey, you worked here for, like, 7 years. >> i can't remember anymore. >> oh, my god. i'm so sorry. (laughter) i'm messing with you, bobby. yeah, i remember. i remember everything. >> thank god. >> i remember you owe me $72! >> outside the studios, fans
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camped out for tickets. >> i think he will be back stronger than ever. >> at saturday night live, the exhibition, a fellow comedian talks about morgan's long history of overcoming setbacks. >> we will look to the truth and the pain. that is where you are going to live. you go with the truth. >> in june, there were tears in an emotional interview with matt lauer. promise. >> i lover comedy. i can't wait to get back to it. right now my goal is to heal and get better. i'm not 100% yet. i'm not. when i'm there, you will know. >> and you can damp tracy's triumphant return tonight right after this newscast. that all right. a preview of winter moving through. that will keep you on the couch probably snuggled in a blanket tonight. we will get to that forecast
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>> ryan lochte is on the road to rio. but not before a stop right here in the bay state. we caught up with the 11-time olympic medalist at the head of the charles today. he says he and his team are ready to race. >> team u.s.a., we have been dominant for years and years. and we are just going to go there and do what we do best and show up and race. >> confident. right? lochte says that one of his favorite things about being an olympic athlete is that he gets to represent his country. yeah. we do have reports of some snowflakes out there and also
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some grople and sleet. we are talking about winter precipitation. for the most part, outside of 495, i don't expect any of that in the city of boston tonight. and we will see all of this wrap up as we move past midnight. maybe stibing around until 2:00 a.m. we need those clouds to clear out in order for our temperatures to really plummet overnight tonight. s so here we go. looking ahead. you can see by the time we hit 1:00 a.m., we are not showing up in the future-cast anymore. with any of those showers. and even the clouds moving out through the wee hours of tomorrow morning. the temperatures will plummet. as we get past midnight tonight. already very cold out there. and, yeah it was colder today as well. 42 in boston and norwood. 37 for worcester. already 34 in jaffrey. sub-freezing temperatures expected tonight. that is why there is a freeze warning posted. a warning meaning we do expect these temperatures to hit below freezing forrel is hours and that will end the growing season. now, you will notice that outside of 495 to the
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northwest of that, fitchburg, leominster, the freeze warning is not posted there. that doesn't mean the temperatures won't drop to freezing tonight. it is just that the growing season has already ended there. it is not a warning really. it has already happened. flakes drop in after midnight. freeze warning in effect. if the growing season doesn't end for you tonight, metro-boston, cape cod, and also for the islands, tomorrow night is your night. as temperatures get even colder. as we get into tomorrow, the temperatures really just don't warm up a whole lot. we are stuck in the 40's. very cold air mass that has moved in upstairs. and it will be chilly. with the breeze pumping out of the northwest. about 10-20 miles per hour. i mentioned that breeze. temperatures, cold. gets even colder as we get into tomorrow night. a freeze watch which means the potential is there for the temperatures to drop below freezing tomorrow night. even for metro-boston, cape cod, and martha's vineyard. we will keep an eye out for night. breezy conditions for the head
11:27 pm
of the charles tomorrow. hopefully, that sunshine makes it feel a little nicer. if you are not a fan of the cold blast, don't worry. it is out of here by the time we make it into the middle part of next week. we make quite the rebound. we are stuck in the 40's for sunday and monday. then look what happens on tuesday. much more seasonable temperatures. back near 60 degrees. here is a look at that 7 on 7 forecast. more seasonable through the week. even a boost in temperatures for thursday with a chance of showers. 67 is the high that day. have a great night. >> looks good. thank you, bri. a boston marathon bombing survivor tying the knot. he married his longtime girlfriend in foxboro. he lost a leg in the marathon bombing two years ago. several other survivors were there, including his brother paul who also lost a leg in the bombing. >> the patriots and colts now under 24 hours to go. until kickoff.
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