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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 18, 2015 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company >> a pennsylvania mother arrested after setting off an amber alert. now one of her friends is speaking out. >> police say a wrong way bars. what happened after an alleged drunk driver got behind the wheel. >> game day in indy as the pats prepare for the colts. both players and fans motivated to get that win. >> a popular business that has been open for more than 100 years deciding it's time to close down. >> announcer: this is 7 news today in new england. >> 7:30 this sunday morning. thank you for joining us for 7 news today in new england. i'm kris anderson. >> i'm nancy chen, we've plenty of news but first we want to get a check of your sunday forecast because it's actually kind of cold out there yet again today. >> it is, much colder in the city of boston than
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yesterday morning. yesterday morning we were at degrees, right now at 34. in many of the suburbs down to the middle to upper 20s this morning. little bit of a breeze, it's not tremendous, about 5-10 miles but it does add a chill to the air. windchill factor here, willful factor in worcester at 19 degrees. feels more like 28 in the city of boston. a cool dry start. there could be a couple of sprinkle, ocean effect rain showers to the east but with the flow a lot of the showers continue to push offshore. if you are heading out to the head of the charles expect a cool and breezy one. temperatures running to the mid 40s this afternoon close to 40, that's it. out through the worcester hills and then mid to upper 40s down through southeastern massachusetts, even colder night tonight. freeze warning in effect. we'll talk more coming up. >> our top story this morning, a mother from pennsylvania facing some serious charges after
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triggering an amber alert. police say she took her seriously ill son and fled. >> they were' found here in boston. one of her friends is talking about what happened. john cuoco has the story. >> reporter: early saturday, at around 2:00 am state police activated an amber alert sending notifications to phones across the state. >> it was very startling and at that time of night i'm wondering how many people message. >> reporter: the alerts warn people to be on the cars. >> i think the amber alert is a great tool we make sure we can get to get the message out. >> reporter: police say tiffany cherry fled pennsylvania with her seriously il2 and a half-month-old son allegedly ignoring directions to get care. hard to believe. >> reporter: authorities believe she left pennsylvania late friday afternoon, drove more than 300 miles an hour all the way to boston.
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police in pennsylvania reported the child was suffering from severe dehydration. we're told charger he a felony warrant issued out of pennsylvania along with three default warrants in massachusetts. it was a nurse at children's hospital who called police after she checked in a baby that matched the description of the amber alert. cherry was arrested at children's. c.f.custody. england. >> police say a 19-year-old night. you see some of the damage there. the front of the building suffered the damage from the impact of the vehicle. drivers is charged with operating to endanger. no word of any injuries. >> it's finally game day for the patriots. the showdown set between the defends champs and the colts. the first meeting since last year's a.f.c.championship and pats fans have not for gotten the game which kicked off deflate-gate. >> the team and players are not going to admit they're
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trey daerr tells us, no what ther what their motivation is they want a big win in indianapolis. >> reporter: there isn't that much too rhode islandrys in the nfl but the patriots and colts have all the makeition and after all of the talk over the last nine months the patriots don't have any need for any extra motivation. with the lamarre hunt trophy in hand new england moved off to the super bowl while the colts kicked off a seven month among smear campaign directed at tom brady and the patriot. >> they spotted the ball with a -- >> start out by addressing the football issue here. i'm not a scientist. i'm not an expert in footballs. >> i was wrong to put my faith in the league. >> now in the mind of mans it's time for deflate-gate revenge. while patriot players are simply towing the company guideline going to be a little extra motivation for
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>> i'm always pretty motivated. so, it will be an exciting game. they have a good team. we put a lot of effort in, coaches, players so it's another opportunity for us to go out there and see if we can be a good football team. >> isn't there any heart in there, any human that wants a little -- >> i'm a human, there is no doubt. definitely human. >> brady keeping it cool on the podium and the coach is im-- isn't pressing the person motivation either. has anyone pulled you aside and said, bill -- >> i haven't been to the grocery store in a couple of years. >> brady and belichick not buying in the hype but the gronk admits there is something motivating him. >> we want to win so that is what the motivation is. >> reporter: some injury news for the patriots coming out of sat. tray flowers, linebacker high it is tower ruled out for the game. trey daerr, 7 news.
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>> you can almost feel the energy in the air. you can catch all of the action right here on 7 nbc. we get things started with our 7 on the sidelines show at 6:30 followed by kick i ave at 8:00. we'll have complete coverage for you after the game. >> new information out of roxbury where miss say they arrest and charged a man with assault on friday. the suspect was reportedly carrying a firearm and verbally threatening bystanders this after a highly football game near the dudley mbta station. officials were able to subdue the man and confirm the weapon was a replica firearm. he was issued a civil citation for possession of a possibility drive. >> a driver arrested after he allegedly drove more than 20 miles going the wrong way. troopers say they had to resort to drastic measures to get the driver to stop. kelli o'hara has more. >>. >> it's speechless, it worries me.
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>> always going to be aware of your surroundings. >> that is really carey. very scary. >> reporter: it's a shocking scene that has drivers talking, state police say this man was driving the wrong way down route 3 early saturday morning for more than 20 miles. >> i don't know why people think it's safe to get behind the wheel drinking. it's totally not, it's dangerous war is a weapon -- car is a weapon. >> reporter: police received a flurry of 911 calls reporting a man going the wrong way down a busy highway aedge willedly hitting another car. the driver kevin palmer seen after his arrest. investigators say palmer was headed to the sagmore bridge until police used top sticks popping two of his tires. that's when they arrested the 26-year-old. people we met glad no one was hurt but horrified by this driver's alleged actions. >> we told them to be safe. >> pay attention to the other people out.
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a good driver but it's the other person you have to worry about. >> kelli o'hara. >> more news today, an uber driver accused much sexually assaulting a woman will be spending the neck decade behind bars. the man pled guilty to rape and kidnapping charges. a judge sentenced him to 10-12 years. he is also connected to self other sexual i a salts including one that took place on the esplanade in 2007. >> mexico marines stepping up the search for el chapo gusman. he and his accomplices can get away. about 300 residents across seven mexican communities have left their homes in fear of the military operation. also we're checking news across country. a flightenning scene at a wal-mart in washington when
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happened in wilks bare, a gunman shot a responding officer who then returned fire. that suspect was taken to the hospital. no other injuries were reported. >> one person was killed, hundreds were sent running at a zombie event after shots rang out. four others were taken to the hospital. they're expected to be okay. authorities are searching for a suspect. >> officials in st. louis are investigating the city's 5th church fire in nine days. the latest fire broke yesterday morning at the new live missionary baptist church. officials say the string of fires no coincidence many. >> it is arson. these are being intentionally set. you know, there are doors, these things, it's not spoon to inous combustion. >> authorities do believe someone torched the church. investigators are searching for any link between this fire and another previous church fires. >> happening today, the city
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of medford will break down on the crystal campbell peace garden. she was one of the victims of the boston marathon bombing and organizers spent two years raising money for the memorial. some of the bombing victims will be there. the event is in medford. a photoa will be taken at 1:20 followed by a ceremony at 2:00. >> huge weekend for rowers right here in boston. we'll take you out to the head of the charles regatta where we caught up with an olympic gold medallest. >> closing time for one kingston business after more than 100 years of service. coldest area we've seen in over six months. tonight it gets even colder. take a look at the numbers
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>> 7:42.
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welcome back on this sunday morning. it is another cold one. we're talking about a freeze bringing in you will a the basil plants and tomato. >> i don't have either. i have the cold weather voice. >> a little hoarse. some people think that sounds good. chris. >> i don't know, a little bit deeper there. it depends, if it's too much faded out and you sound like you have laryngitis it's no good. if your voice has been strugging i think it's going to struggle again tomorrow morning as we have a dry air mass in place and colder temperatures tonight and yes if you safe the plant you got to safe it again tonight. although we'll have mild overnights and milder days next week. look at the low temperature in boston, 34. 28 gross worcester. both the coldest since early april. so it has been a good six months since we've been this cold in the city of boston. some of the suburbs you've had cold nights here and there thanks to radiational cooling but in terms of widespread cold air that is about as widespread as it has been since early april
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with the 34 still standing in the city of boston. 32 plymouth. above freezing across the cape. at least this morning close to freezing if not pro-it across much of the cape and even down to the vineyard overnight tonight. wind speeds not all that strong. they'll gust 15-20 miles an hour. right now steady between about 5-10 but any breeze with the cool air adds a wind chill factor. the factsor in worcester is 19 degrees. radar quiet. we did even have slowly pet ets mixed in a couple of showers that got going late in the day yesterday. north and west of boston but most of the instate with the ocean effect rain showers that are just to the east of cape cod. thanks to the cold air passing over the relatively warm waters. we've even colder air passing overall tim warm waters across the great lakes you've lake effect snow but this is not part of a system working in new england so i don't expect the showers to move in as you go thought the day. but look at the coals air in
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place across southern canada. only in the 20s, this is the cold air that continues to press in throughout the day and overnight. the forecast model is quiet. you get into western massachusetts, there may be a couple of flurries or maybe even a shower across the higher terrain but overall it's a dry day with clouds and sunshine this afternoon. mostly sunny skies this morning. tomorrow, gorgeous looking day in terms of sky cover. on the cool side but a lot of sunshine out there on monday breezy and chilly, 40 degrees in the worcester hills, about 46 in boston, 48 south of the city then a freeze warning for tonight including the coastline and then down through the cape. because even coastal communities down to the cape expected to be near freezing if not below. 31 hyannis, 30 sandwich. 32 boston. look in the suburbs a lot of lower to middle 20's tonight will be even colder than it was early this morning. then overall tomorrow i think we'll to okay for ourselves as we warm things up and some of the cold air retreats back into canada.
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we'll hit 60 degrees or better on tuesday, so it's a cold blast of air. back to seasonal levels near 60. >> thank you. even though it has been a bit chilly rowers hit the water for the head of the charles yesterday. more than 10,000 athletes from around the world taking part in the three-mile race this weekend. look at how choppy the water is. thousands of spectators are taking it in as well. the athletes say the event will hopefully bring more attention to rowing and the olympic. >> this is a perfect scenario. my love of the sport of rowing and the olympic movement is coming together on this day. we get to bring the limb pick spirit to the fans watching this rowing event. >> if you missed action yesterday, you can still out out for more races today. >> a lot of fun there. u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is on the road to rio but not before a stop at the head of the charles esterday.
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he says he and his team are ready for the games. >> team usa we're so tomorrow nant and have been years. and we're just going to go there and do what we to pest and show up and race. >> lochte says one of the best parts about being an olympicath lead is that he country. >> a boston marathon bombing survive tying the knot. time girl friend. he lost a leg two years ago and several other survivors were there as well including his proper paul who also lost a leg in the bombing. >> :47 is your time. local pharmacy deciding to clothes its doors. story behind this kingston business that has been open more than 100 years. >> a standing ovation for tracy morgan as he made his
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>> it's closingtime for one popular business in kingston that has been around for a very long time. turras pharmacy has been opened since the 1870s. >> the story and family have seen a number of first time but two local brothers agree the time is right to call it quits. nick emmons has more. >> august 13, 1877. >> when it all started. this past tuesday is when it ended. >> nothing left on the shelves. >> after nearly 140 years in business, tura's pharmacy in kingston is closed for good. >> all of the information has been removed. >> paul and his proper owned it and they say an offer came along they couldn't refuse. >> i'm 73 and a half years old. tommy is 70 years old. the opportunity struck. i've been looking for the
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right buyer. >> their entire stock and all their records were transferred to a nearby stop and shop. we've helped each other out over the year. >> it was the first in the region to have an inhouse computer system in the early 1980. >> that's how we started. one black and white monitor. >> a big change from years past. >> when they used to do they used to paste them in a book, everything they compounded. it's not like today, you buy it from a manufacturer all made. nick emmons, 7 news today in new england. >> it is an end of an era. >> you look at the detailing, print and bottles. >> history, more than 100 years, ready for a break. >> i'm sure, up next in the buzz it was a special return for one s.n.l.alum. more on tracy morgan's big return to "30 rock.
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>> topping the buzz tracy morgan is back. he hosted this week's "saturday night life." >> morgue app returning to the stage after the tragic traffic accident left him in a coma in june of 2014. in one sketch he was joined by 30 rock co-stars alec
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>> let me smell your sour ear. >> tracy i'm so hope you are alive and if you receive any insurance settlement because of this i may be in love with you. >> i love you too, tiny butt, joan. >> in three weeks we'll hear when trump has to say. he is hosting s.n.l. >> cate blanchett was on her last night at the london film festival. she received the highest honor the british film institute can bestow. she was honored for her contributions. >> it's the first from disney pixar that features an indian american family. it focuses on a young boy that would rather watch
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his religious meditations. lindsay lohan hinting she, too, may be running for president. the star posted yesterday saying the rapper has inspired her to make a potential run for the white house in 2020. lohan says the first thing she could do as president is take care of all the suffering children in the world. >> everyone has the right to run. >> there you go. i like that. >> 2020, going to be the clear of the celebrities running. >> breezy and chilly. sunny to partly cloudy sky, close to 40 in the worcester hills, about 46 in boston, 48 south of the city. goldest -- coldest night tonight. even the city of boston at freezing. many freeze warning up for pretty much all of eastern mass with the exception of nantucket. 7 on 7 forecast. cold weather doesn't last all that long this time of year.
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>> actually lindsay lohan won't be old enough to run for president in 2020. so there is that. the more you know. >> if you plan on voting then -- >> just wait. that's going to do it for us for now. i'm nancy chen. >> i'm christa del kris anderson. see you back here at 9:00. take care. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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