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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 19, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> sweet revenge the pats taking down the colts in indy and keeping the perfect record aside. on the lookout students concerned after an alleged assault on the bu campus. good monday morning to you on this wool monday. i'm jadiann thompson. it happened overnight. i can't believe some people were snowflakes. >> it isn't like a lot of snow.
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atmosphere. this first person i contacted when i saw that was jr driving 95 i i shouldn't say voice texting. i couldn't believe it. it's funny all this excitement at the start of the season let's fast forward to april what are those text messages like. dude, it's still snowing. can you believe it. morning lows, cold, low of 31. norwood, 17. worcester 20 that ties a record. record cold in worcester back to 1974. the record for boston was 28 in the city. it will stay in the record books. >> now the numbers out of the teens in the 20s to 30s. city at 36 now. bedford at 34. high pressure is with us. so mostly sunny skies today. but it's a cold day even despite the october sunshine. temps this afternoon only in the
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the patriots wake up with their perfect season intact. they did everything they could to keep the colts from getting ahead. rob grownkowski so excited to talk about this. a record-setting touchdown pass from tom brady. with that score gronc welcomes touchdown. some call it sweet revenge. beating the colts 7 straight times. morning. >> reporter: the patriots think all week long it's just another game. the belichick brady embrace afterward leads you to believe this is a little bit more. >> we came to prepare for this year's colts team.
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we did everything we needed to prepare. thought they competed pretty hard. i thought our execution was off at times. it was goodwin. glad we win. always good to win on the road. everything including fake punt. deception on fourth done on 3. a snap to ander son he's brought down. oh, my god. a play unquestionably affecting the outcome of 7-point game. we expected this to be gadget game. we made sure we covered the inside part reacted well to it. so it was good heads up play. critical mistake cost an upset as the playmakers prove to be too much. they got a good defense and played well. i think they definitely did some things to challenge us.
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things and move forward. it doesn't matter who it. as long as we get the win. 7news "today in new england." this clash may not have been the beat down many hoped for. a win is a win. this game turned on an embarrassing play by the colts. jonathan hall live for us with more. hi, there, jon. at least one call in indianapolis saying this item play could cost the head coach his job. pat's fan are just happy the colts fumbled. pulled anderson behind him. what in the world? >> the colt tricks didn't turn into treats against the patriots new england stuffed indy on fake punt play. i don't know what the
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teams play. that was garbage. even colts player had trouble playing the weird call. it turned out to be one of the most failed pages probably of our time. pats had 27-21 lead talent time. just 6 plays later added crucial td with tom brady connecting with lagarrett bunt. we worked hard this week. fans may have hoped for blow out. undefeated. i got nervous in the first half. i think i will take a win. a win is a win. many patriots fan wanted blood.
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the patriots undefeated and they face the jets coming up this sunday. breaking news in from overnight. southwest flight forced to make an emergency landing. after things get physical between two passengers cutting short the flight. let's go to chris anderson. chris almost like a case of air rage here. as you can imagine some tense moments onboard the flight. officials say this dispute was actually all over a reclining seat of all things. passengers say minutes after that southwest airline flight took off from san francisco the man began choking the women sitting in front of him after she tilted her seat back. the women screamed for help and the crew rushed over to help. that's when the pilot was forced to turn the plane around.
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evidently we got two passenger in physical altercation. we need to get turned around back to lax. could you package that happen. passenger too this photo on tarmac there. the fbi confirmed the man was taking in for questioning. so far no arrest have been made. those other passengers were transferred to another plane. they made it to their designation, though about five hours later tan they were supposed to. right now student at boston university are on alert. after student said she was sexually assaulted in her dorm room. nicole oliverio has a warning for students this morning. this happened during parent's weekend on its way which is right across from the bu police department. boston university student warned about an allegedsel assault that happened on campus.
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my first reaction i was shocked that would happen at our school. things don't usually happen at bu. we usually feel safe in the dorms. in the early hours sunday male student entered the victim's room at the student village building. he reportedly sexually assaulted a tee mail student then took off. i didn't something like this would happen at bu. disappointment. many are afraid the attacker another student. i think it's hard to get past security. i think it's someone who lived in the dorm. bu sent out text alert notifying them of what happened and reminding students to be on the lookout and report any suspicious activity. we will be sure to lock our door all the time. they are asking anyone with information to call them. live in foxboro, 7news, "today in new england."
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boston children's hospital. another nurse there recognized mother and baby from the amber alert and called 911. tiffany was arrested on child endangerment charges and her son placed in the custody of department of children and family. there's nothing she wouldn't do for them the baby in state custody. family members tell us she is doing better and finally taking a bottle. victoria warren. 7 news "today in new england." long-time girlfriend is expected to plead not guilty to contempt charges in front on grand jury today in katherine greg serving 846 year tence. federal agents want the know if anyone helped the couple while on the run and if there's money bulger may have hid. fierce flames carried through a
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home in newton. this fire breaking own on bishop gate road. it spread from fireplace all the way to roof of the home. safely. luckily no one was hurt. aed on today in new england." defending champs stand behind one local women as she battles from cancer. can anyone catch donald trump. this afternoon. cold and then we get back to normal for the rest of the week. forecast up next. >> well, there's a five-mile back up in hopkinton. multicar crash by route 85 just one lane getting by. traffic back down at northbound by route 85. lots of heavy traffic around the area and downtown as well. where we are live with the
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situation there. expressway still a bumper-to-bumper brain tree to boston ride'. and all number 90 the turnpike
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kind of one of those days when it's cold you have to pull out the parka. it's so cold you have to use the remote start. everything you can pulling out the stops here. it's so cold you borrow your neighbor's coat. milder for the rest of the week. this is not winter suddenly starting. back into the 50s and 60s maybe even 70. there may be sprinkle thursday night. right now it's cold.
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seacoast, cape ann, merrimack valley the number all embarrassingly cold for this time of year low 30s. twenlt 20s in the worcester hills. south of town to bridge water area 32. cape and island not helping out much chatem 41 and nantucket 40. it's been a while since we've had temps the cold. you have to go to march or april to find temperatures in the 20s and 30s. in boston in particular the last time temperature of 30 degrees in month of october 1988. certainly quite cold out there. high pressure with us right now. it's with us the entire day. mostly sunny skies. may be a few clouds. they will mark the arrival of
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that's the warm front. you notice as you look into the midwest 41. chicago, 51. 30s, 40s and 50s to the west. it doesn't get mere to new england today. this afternoon is still cold. it's warmer tomorrow with mix of clouds. here's comes the cold front. the numbers will step back wednesday afternoon. it's not an arctic front blasting through. afternoon temps will reach the 50. upper 40ings today despite all sort of sunshine. city around 48. this afternoon, lakeville, 47. north of down the numbers in upper 40s. normal high about 61. we should be closer to that. we're not going to be near that today. we are slightly above normal as we work toward tomorrow. not as cold. partly cloudy skies. and for tomorrow a mix of clouds and sunshine.
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behave image like we should. 7 on 7 forecast. mild, dae spooit a lot of clouds upper 60s friday and saturday both loaded with sunshine and seasonal a little bit on the cool side. local women gets a big boost. she's battling cancer but she's not alone because the team has her back. project alex taking over twitter as a sign of support. here's grandon gunnoe with more. she's not alone. her food friend seth mccoy reached o out to new england patriots and owner robert kraft sent the message. we're rooting for you to kick cancer. i had tears if my eyes. this means that they are out there. they care about people. they care about the people in the city. and throughout new england. rob grownkowski said alex cancer may have started the fight. you will finish it.
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sending cheers your way. she has been beside herself. >> i can't wait to see who is next. the out pouring from the patriots is amazing. alex are thrilled and friends and family are posting. alex diagnosed with oral cancer. i revoked in august the cancer was back. marty walsh said you are not alone. cancer tough but you are tougher. entire city of boston with you. she had a lot of people i can't believe you got rob grownkowski this is amazing. when the cheerleaders, people are like, oh, my gosh. this is so amazing. it's great to see her reaction and her friends and family. grandon gunnoe. 7news "today in new england." that's an incredible team effort there. good for her and good for them. campaign trail gearing up for busy week. the latest on the race as one
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show hillary clinton holding her lead. there you see a new cnn poll has hillary clinton with 45% of the vote, bernie sanders 29% and look here joe biden not even officially in this race with 18%. the rest of the candidates making up the remaining percentage points there. these new numbers come as another busy week on campaign trail kickings off including secretary clinton's capitol hill testimony. democratic front-runner is prepping for house hearing who she said motivated by politics. i don't know i have much to add this is after all the eighth investigation. we've already talked to 50 people not named 50. we will talk to another couple dozen not named clinton. a carum hosting 6 g.o.p. she was a target. hillary clinton rationale
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for candidacy seems to be that she's a women. a stage for show casing conservative credentials. when god fixes a problem. he doesn't just do a paint job. he fixes from the inside. it's so life to be able to pray and to think about things calmly because the world has been turning us under. it's an opportunity to upstage donald trump. the front-runner who didn't attempt but dominates the republican race. in the men hillary clinton won't be on the campaign trail today. the war of words between donald trump and jeb bush heating up. trump question jeb's claim his brother kept america safe in the aftermath of 9/11. now bush released an attack ad asking if drum copy be president. trump always felt i was in the military despite nerve serving in the military and draft
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the video highlights comment from trump that question his understanding of the military. trump has not responded. joe biden expect him to decide whether he will run for president. he called the head of major firefighter's union. sources told nbc news base on that conversation it's sounds like if vice president is strongly considering a run. he does it better than i do. some of the billionaire they got three or four pairs. democrat presidential candidate loffing the impersonation. the seinfeld creator of curb your enthusiasm surprised everyone with near perfect empersonnation of sander.
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he said all the billionaires have several pairs of underwear. i only have one pair. set the record straight. he does do a great job larry david; right? >> i would like tow to see them on the same take. you may. oh, gosh a pride left at the alter how one women turned what could have been the worst day of her life into something good for those in need. also ahead at 9:30 the speaker of the house in massachusetts weighing in on a
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the family of bride left at the supposed to be about their of others. more than 100 guest were invited to the sacramento wedding before the groom called it off. rather than cancel they invited people to athenned. what else are you supposed to do? >> a little bit upset with the groom. i want to find him. and tell him what i think. timing is everything. editorial for the day. and next in the next half hour, the patriot's are 5-and-0 and pat's nation couldn't be happier. we have much more on new england's big win over their rival the colts. >> sunny skies but cold for the day. forecast for the week, up next. also find out which patriot's executive is speaking
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it's a play everyone is talking about. the colts failed trick play that helped the pats get the goodwin. fantasy sports sites told to quit operating in nevada. the latest on deadly shooting in florida. pure chaos. welcome back, everyone. if there's a lot of tired people today i think they should get an exemption. they were probably staying up watching the game. we talk about cold morning to start off. nice day to hunker down and stay inside. if you have a hard time getting going open the window. low this morning. teens 20 and 30. boflt low of 31.
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norwood, 17. right now the temp is 36. norwood 35. worcester 30. tied a record low of 24. orange right now still at 25. cold arctic high pressure with us through the day. so it's a bright day. brilliant sunshine but despite that october sun it's cold with temps 44 to 48. this will be it normal high around 62. and we'll do that tomorrow and a little bit more. we'll talk about that coming up. the pats victoria. last night's game really turned on one play by the colts. >> it's like the play heard around the world. colts try to take a page from bill belichick's play book. it didn't work out. on that game. kind of looks like a pop warner play. england.
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like tom brady wanted revenge in this game. of course the afc championship deflate gate game happened against the colts. the pats didn't run up the score. it was close one. over 300 yards. but hs will through first interception of the season. all and all strong effort for the offense especially in the second half after trailing the colts by a point at half time. now here's that play. some call this the worst fake punt play in nfl history. they went too many colts too far from the ball. it's a play they practiced. not. confuse the patriot special teams unit didn't panic. they stayed on the ball. they made the easy tackle and brady connected with blunt later to turn that into 7 point.
9:32 am
the colts admitted it was really bad. i don't know what the coaches thinking with that special teams play. that was garage. maybe they call it time out we get 12 guys on the field. and get them to upoff sides. critical point of the game. it turned out to be the most failed fake probably of our time. i've never seen anything like that. patriot's have now beaten the colts in 7 straight games. and next up the jets right here at gillette. we're live in foxboro jonathan hall 7news "today in new england." take a look that moment after the game. tom brady walking off the field. appeared to try to take a football and put it in his helmet. maybe trying to take a souvenir for the wind. he handed football and helmet over to staff member. brady asked about the moment twice in the news conference that he denied he took the ball for himself.
9:33 am
order to stop operating out in nevada boston base daily fantasy sports company draft king continued accepting entries from player the state over the weekend. officials with the nevada gaming control board prohibited daily fantasy sites say iing that are considered to be gambling rather than games of skill. robert craft has financially supported draft king and his son jonathan talked about it before last night's game. then congress made it legal. it's interesting to me over the last month or so with all of the yelling out of washington about how this unregulated industry. >> they have right to regulate. they chose to make it legal and not pass regulation. according to the globe a spokesperson for draft king said that the player whose submitted entries on thursday were allowed to play over the weekend regardless of their location. also this morning investigator trying to figure
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out in western, massachusetts. firefighter racing to the scene in chickapee yesterday morning finding the home just completely swallowed by flames. a smother and son were both killed after they were trapped inside. new this morning state lawmakerers weighing in on the latest t controversy and how it could effect riders. officials with mbta discussed the possibility of raising fares and parking fee as the way to close a budget gap. house speaker told the herald the hikes should only be considered as last resort. nbta facing 240 million budget deficit next year. chaos breaks out after gunmen opened fire in florida. police on the hunt for what whoevers behind the deadly attack. chris anderson with more on this story. its an annual charity event. people dress up as zombies.
9:35 am
when the crowd suddenly heard gunshots. frightened partygoers began to run and scatter as police ordered everyone to clear the area. some thought the shooting was fake. i didn't really believe it. it thought it was a part of what an happened. this athlete who just started college in miami was killed. five other were injured. the girl was screaming in the phone like he got zach. he got zach. what happened is he okay. >> no. deseree' was in the panicked crowd. >> there was a lot of little kids at this event and really little i saw kids in strollers, and i just never imagine someone would pull a gun. the event sponsor sent out condolence saying it's deeply
9:36 am
happened within the footprint of our event. those four people injured are expected to, be okay. a bit of good news there. anyone who may have had cell phone and took video from the shooting scene to come forward so they can identify and capture the shooter responsible. 7news "today in new england." new this morning five people are dead, 7 others a small plane crashes in columbia capital city yesterday. officials said the aircraft hit a bakery setting it on fire. civil aviation official said it had taken off three minutes before it went down. this is third crash with a small plane in three months. new details about the campus massacre in oregon earlier this month that left nine people dead. shooting survivor has been called a hero for protecting others that day. the army veteran now recovering at home and getting firsthand account of what happened. a post on facebook he described
9:37 am
with the gunmen. he was so non-chalant like he was playing a videogame and showed no emotion. the shot felt like a truck hit me. he shot me again on the ground. i yelled it's my kids birthday. he pointed the gun at my face then retreated back into the class. >> also a day of rememberance in florida to honor the lives lost on the cargo ship el faro. families and friends attended a prayer service in jacksonville, saturday for the 33 crewmembers onboard the ship including win winthrop natives. the ship lost contact during hurricane joaquin. searchs called off earlier this month. . checking new across the country. tragedy in arizona where police say family of five drowned after
9:38 am
police and some good samaritans pulled mom and dad along with their children all three kids were toddlers between 1 and 3 years old. police say they are still corking to find out who i the car went into the lake. two fast acting good samaritans saving after shark attack. 44-year-old had severe injury to both legs. that man remain hospitalized in critical condition. back here at moment the city breaking ground on a memorial in honor of the boston marathon bombing victims construction on the krystle campbell peace garden began sunday. this million dollar project that will also pay tribute to shaun collier, martin richard and lindsey lou. the original plan for farc bench with their name.
9:39 am
grew into a garden with a water fall. it's one of three memorials. including one for collier and another for richard and bridge st. water state. boston marathon bombing survivor will help am pugh tee walk in high heals for the first time today. they will make it first prosthetic location to women who lost her leg from a medical skond. abbott started the organization after she lost part of her own leg in the attack right there at the finish line. >> just ahead on "today in new england." hundreds gathering for hope yesterday. we will show you the scene at logan airport. in florida one teen has the night of his life after a homecoming dream becomes a reality. sunny and cold for the day. warmer weather returns for tomorrow.
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[music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our
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angel soft. i have to tell you the streak has ended. my 7-year-old has worn shorts every day. he's like a total native. he's a new england boy. today the first day --s it his decision. i have to find out how this went down. because i wasn't there. i kind of put the pants out the night before with a strong suggestion you may want to consider this.
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i brought out my big winter coat. it's cold. >> don't apologize. there's snowflakes in the air yesterday. could you put your arms down in that thing. however, she stayed warm. give her credit there. but, yeah, a sign of things to come. >> here's a beautiful picture from women down in taunton. and there's a pond down below and trees reflecting the color back at you. nice display of color across southern new england. you've got pines they will hold on to green obviously. even the oaks we have actually a secondary foliage peek here in southern new england. those leaves won't change for another few weeks. into frustrating when you try to do yard work. maples do there thing let's go oak, let's dropment. then they drop a week before thanksgiving. near record cold in boston. you tied a report in worcester down to 24.
9:43 am
now worcester at 30. the city 36. last week the orange squares were mild day. today will be a blue square day. a cold day. and for the month of october it's usually one of those months where you come out of the summer time pattern, winter time pattern hasn't established itself. then you get a group of cold days. after today it will be back into a mild pattern here in southern new england at least this week. high pressure with us. mostly sunny skies. we're tracking a warm front that will eventually deliver the goods and live up to name. it doesn't happen today. tomorrow a warm day day. mix of cloud and sunshine. nice fall day tomorrow. temp tomorrow into the middle 60s. and then wednesday cold front
9:44 am
the numbers will not crash. i do think tomorrow and wednesday not nearly as sunny as today. lots of sunshine today. light and variable breeze this afternoon. tonight not as cold. partly cloudy. 39 to 45. tomorrow a mix of cloud and sunshine mid-60s tomorrow. those are the numbers today. boston around 48. keep in mind normal high about 62. and by tomorrow afternoon that's where we will be close to normal. bedford 63. boston sky. jet stream looks like this now. and then for remainder of the week it will look like that. which allows seasonal air to do it thing across necessarily e. 50s and 60s. any rain this week. there may be sprinkle thursday. this the really cool story. teen pulling together to great cause. hundreds gathering to full for hope for the american cancer society. that's really need. they asked me to host which i
9:45 am
was excited to do. real show of strength and test of muscle with incredible impact. hundred of people taking over logan airport. all of us have been effected by this terrible disease. every single one of them. 16 teams on the tarmac showing their strength as they try to pull a giant jetblue plane. it's tough. it looks like a small plane. it weighs over 100,000 pounds. it would take a team effort to make progress. i was in the back. i felt like i was doing it all. know i wasn't. its to raise money for the american cancer society. this year organizer had high hopes. we are hoping for a six-figure event here. we hope for our first time event to raise over 100,000. i was on hand to help cohost this event. a lot of the people are here today because they have personal reasons. in the end a local team came
9:46 am
from right here in boston. i'm glad we're here. very, very excited. the event raised about 65,000 organizer hope the plane will become an annual event. that was really need to be out there seeing everyone work so hard. they took it seriously. the teams prepped and they made a lot of money to donate to be there. and it ended up being a cool event. you have to have a plan when you pull a plane. you probably -- you need to work together at some point. straight here. you were talking about the fact that people were giving you, you know a little bit of slack for wearing a big winter coat. right >> when you stand around for that amount of time and at logan. the breeze coming off the water is really cold i don't know. i guess i'm new here. i get cold. >> looked like a great event. next on "today in new england." homecoming could have been sweeter for one florida student.
9:47 am
that he will never forget. and in the buzz "star wars" fan prepare to be teased once again the poster stairing up excitement. many fan want to watch on monday night. if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and
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>> a crowning moment of this south florida high school. pig night for one team who never saw it coming. the king of the campus living the dream and celebrating along with classmates. on an october friday night under the bright stadium lights, a story high school tradition rallies on. it's a special occasion. we have so many people behind us.
9:50 am
about to be a memorable one. a game changer in school history. nominees take their spot on the field waiting to see who will be crowned. come on over here. >> the crowd goes casing. he's autistic and as you can see hugely popular. everybody voted for you.
9:51 am
me and my best friends forever. with the big. smile you've ever seen on king's face he runs to hold court. they huddle around him crammed together for photo op and a chance to get close to royalty. when he comes monday he will wear the cape and the crown. >> why shouldn't he? he's the king. 7news. i love that story. that was the best one of the day, i think. >> they could take the crown. >> up next in "the buzz." tom brady former girlfriend gets hitched.
9:52 am
topping the buzz. wedding bells looking like tom brady former girlfriend.
9:53 am
they tied the knot with andrew frankel. the couple got married this weekend at the vineyard over in hamptons. the sex in the city alumn used to date brady. together. movie. the poster was released sunday. 18th. some theater preselling tickets beginning today. i think j.r. can't do the weather. i think he's out trying to get a ticket. did you see the blue light saber in that poster. allegedly that's from empire strikes back. just going to throw that out. a little bit of trivia. watch out for that one. 30s. boston, 39. i didn't see luke himself in that poster. high pressure sunny skies today. there's much more "today show" straight ahead. thanks for watching.
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i'm christa delcamp. i'm jadiann thompson. have a great morning.
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