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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  October 19, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> this is 7 news at noon. >> christa: a pennsylvania mother who set off an amber alert over the weekend going before a judge. the woman and her infant son were found safe right here in boston. >> jadiann: the woman's family is calling the ordeal a misunderstanding. byron barnett is live outside the courthouse in roxbury with more information from the family at this hour. byron? >> reporter: that's right. the judge allowed the mom to
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now, the 36-year-old tiffany cherry was so overwhelmed with relief that she couldn't stand up. she had to sit down. the prosecution had asked that she be held on $250,000 cash bail. but after the judge heard her story from the defense attorney, the judge set the bail at just $250. cherry triggered an amber alert saturday when pennsylvania authorities say she fled from a pennsylvania hospital to boston with her sick two-month-old son. cherry was arrested at children's hospital here in boston. cherry said she came to boston because her family is here and she says she thought that her baby could get better care at children's hospital. >> this is all completely blown out of proportion. the people were getting amber alerts at 2:00 in the morning on saturday morning. people were complaining to me about being awakened in the middle of the night for this amber alert.
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as any parent has the right to do and any parent in this courtroom could do, chose to go to the children's hospital in boston, probably the premier pediatric hospital in the united states, as opposed to going to a regional hospital in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. >> the prosecution said it asked for high bail because cherry has outstanding defaults in court here in massachusetts and in pennsylvania. cherry was released, however, just a few minutes ago on that $250 bail. on the condition that she go to court and clear up all of those defaults. now, the family says that the baby at this time, again, is still at children's hospital. and that the baby is okay, doing well. the baby was just dehydrated: the child has been put into custody of the department of children and families. that is the latest live here in roxbury, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> jadiann: thank you, byron. now turning to the weather. a cold start to the workweek.
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looks like after today, you may be able to put those winter coats back in the closet. let's go over to j.r. >> reporter: yes. mighty cold this morning. look at the lows. down into the teens and 20's. boston had a low of 31. norwood, 17. worcester, 24. that temperature out in worcester, that actually tied the record low back in 1974. boston, you just missed the record by three degrees. so quite cold out there. in fact, it's been a while since we have had temps this cold. you have to go back to the end of march, early april before you find a morning that would feature temps in the 20's and 30's. even now the numbers are in the lower 40's. boston, 42. bedford at 41. our normal high of 61. forget about that today. however, there is milder air beginning to build across the great lake states. this will race into new england tomorrow. so just like that, temps tomorrow head for the low 60's. we will talk more about the week ahead in a few minutes >> christa: the longtime girlfriend of james whitey bulger facing more trouble
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catherine greig is serving an eight-year sentence. now she is facing new charges of contempt. you see steve cooper live from boston with the latest. steve? >> >> reporter: right. so she is not here yet. but she will be here this afternoon. catherine greig headed to the federal courthouse here for what the u.s. attorney's office is calling an initial court appearance order by a judge to testify before a grand jury. she ignored that order. already behind bars and still serving an eight-year sentence, james "whitey" bulger's longtime girlfriend catherine greig returns to federal court to face a contempt charge that could lead to more prison time. the 64-year-old was indicted for a refusal to testify before a grand jury about whether other people helped the boston mobster during his 16 years on the run. the indictment alleges between december of last year and september of this year, greig refused to testify by being ordered by a federal judge while a grand jury has been looking into third parties who
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assisted and harbored bulger. bulger is now 86 and serving multiple life sentences is on the f.b.i.... is one of the f.b.i.'s most wanted fugitives. greig was sentenced in 2012 on charges that included identity fraud and conspiracy to harbor a fugitive. during sentencing, her lawyer said greig was in love with bulger. she left town with them. and didn't believe bulger was capable of murder. prosecutors said greig had numerous opportunities to leave bulger while they were on the lam. with this new indictment, the head of the f.b.i.'s boston office said greig yet again, failed to do the right thing. taken into custody four years ago, bulger and greig were posing as a married retired couple from chicago. agents found $800,000 in cash and 30 weapons stashed in their apartment. >> an interesting twist to all of. this there is no maximum penalty for that contempt charge. greig was eventually found... if she is found guilty on all
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village building. she didn't recognize the man who police believe is college-aged. that is when the assault happened. the suspect then took off before police could find him. >> i thought it was scary. i never felt unsafe on campus before. >> reporter: b.u. notified students of what happened. remaining them to always be on the lookout and report any suspicious activity. >> it is horrible that it happened. yeah, i can't believe the happened in the dorm. that is really scary. >> we will be sure to lock our door all the time. . >> >> reporter: so far, still no arrests and b.u. says it's still investigating. that is latest live in boston, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> breaking news here at noon. f.a.a. regulators are set to announce new rules on drones. federal officials say drones will now have to be registered to help track recreational drone use. this all comes ahead of the holiday shopping season when
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consumer experts projected some 700,000 drones will be sold. double from last year. >> christa: a flight has to make an emergency landing after things get physical between two passengers. it was all about a reclining seat. minutes after the flight took off for san francisco from lax, a man began choking the woman sit in front of him. the woman screamed for help. the crew rushed over. and that is when the pilot was forced to turn around the plane. >> declaring an emergency. evidently, we have two passengers that are in a physical altercation. we need to get turned around back to lax. >> jadiann: a passenger took this photo of the police activity on the tarmac. the man was taken in for questioning. no arrests have been made. the other passengers were transferred to another plane and they eventually made it to their destination about five
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hours late. >> patriots' perfect season still intact. they are doing everything they could to keep the team ahead. they blocked the extra point attempt at the end of the game there. gronkowski catching a record-setting touchdown pass from tom brady. gronk becomes the fastest tight end in n.f.l. history to reach 60 touchdowns. some might call it revenge. you know? beating the team that kicked off deflategate. >> jadiann: that's right. the 7th straight victory against the colts. if there is any excitement on the win, the team seems to be containing it. trey daerr has more. >> reporter: the patriots saying all week long it was just another game. but the belichick-brady embrace afterwards leads you to believe the one meant a little bit more. >> the past is the past. we came in here prepared for this year's team. we made sure we are doing
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everything we had to do to prepare. >> i thought they competed pretty hard: i thought our excuse was off at times. it was a good win. glad we won. it is always good to win on the road. >> reporter: everything including an inexplicable fake punt. >> a little deception by the colts on a fourth down and three coming up on the 47. a snap... he bobbled it! he is brought down! >> reporter: a play unquestionably affecting the outcome of the 7-point game. >> you know, we expected this to be a kicking game, fake punt, fake field goal. so it was a good heads-up play. >> reporter: the critical mistake cost the colts the shot at the upset. the patriots play makers prove to be too much. >> they have a good defense. they played well. they did some things to challenge us. we will have to adjust some
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>> we are excited about it. you know, doesn't matter who it is, you know as long as we get the win, we are satisfied with it. reporth trey daerr, 7 sports. >> jadiann: tom brady walking off the field, appears to try and take one of the footballs and put it in his helmet. maybe trying to take a souvenir for the win. he handed both the ball and helmet to a staff member. now, brady was asked about that moment twice in the post-game news conference. he denied that he took that ball for himself. in the next half hour, we will take a look at the colts' embarrassing play that everyone is talking about. jonathan hall has reaction from the players. >> christa: more patriots coverage coming up at noon. showing support. the defending champ standing behind one local woman as she battles cancer. >> jeremy: lots of sunshine. cold this afternoon. only in the upper 40's. we will flirt with 70 this week.
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>> christa: a groom gets cold feet leaving his would-be bride at the altar. what happens who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special
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loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> jadiann:. all right. i tell you what. it was a whirlwind in terms of weather. some people saying snow, freezing overnight. >> christa: i could not believe my eyes when i saw some snow showers. they didn't stick around. but j.r., i think i needed a little therapy after seeing them, actually. >> jeremy: well, understandable. yeah. a bit early. not uncommon. and thankfully, no more snow flurries in the forecast for this week. looking cold this morning. and even this afternoon. it is the chilly fall day. i guess the saving grace is this cold air. there is hardly any wind. if you are out and about doing yard work today, not bad. an extra layer. you will be fine. milder for the rest of the week.
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thursday evening, sunday evening. i don't see any snowstorms or rain storms this week. temps this morning, down in the 20's and teens. boston had a low of 31. worcester, that tied the record of 24. that 31 degrees out at logan, the last time logan airport had a temperature of 31 in the month of october, you have to go back to halloween. 1988. the earliest freeze, by the way, at boston's logan airport. october 10. 1979. cold, indeed. right now, boston, 42. beverly at 43. fitchburg, 43. all sorts of dry air. a couple of high thin clouds coming from the northwestern sky this afternoon. high pressure calling the shots otherwise. this arctic high pressure, it is cold. the numbers this morning were so low. even record-setting in worcester. on the maps, we have a warm front. this is the leading edge of mild air. that will stream into new england tonight and more so tomorrow. once you step out of new england, look at moosonee. 52.
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thunder bay, 57. sudbury, canada, at 63. you see this little bubble of milder air. ahead, southeast and arrives in new england tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning won't even be as cold as this morning. it will be cool. seasonable for october. tomorrow is a warmer day. won't be as bright tomorrow. more clouds around tomorrow. much of the same on wednesday. a lot of clouds. another cool front drops into new england wednesday morning. but this is not an arctic front. the numbers tomorrow, middle 60's. will take a bit of a step back into the upper 50's on wednesday. nothing significant. this afternoon, yeah. that is a little bit ahead of schedule. highs in the upper 40's. tonight, not as cold. partly cloudy skies. temps may rise a couple of degrees, actually, by tomorrow morning. f and through the day tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. warmer tomorrow. mid-60's. wednesday, upper 60's. here comes the risk of sprinkles thursday afternoon. however, also upper 60's to around 70. at this time, the weekend looks pretty good. those showers, i think, will hold off until after the patriots game sunday
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afternoon. >> jadiann: thanks, j.r.. a local woman is getting a big boost. she is battling cancer but she is not alone. a team has her back. project alex is taking over twitter. that is sign of it. >> reporter: alex is fighting cancer. but she is not alone. her good friend reached out to new england patriots and the owner robert kraft sent this message. "alex, we are all rooting for you to kick cancer. project alex." >> i literally had tier tears in my eyes. i was like, this is amaying. they care about people. they are out there. they care about the people in the city. throughout new england. >> reporter: rob gronkowski said alex's cancer may have started the fight but you will finish it. the cheer-leaders: "alex, sending cheers your way." >> every day, it's been like, i can't wait to see who is next. the outpouring was amazing. i can't tell you how great they have been.
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her friends, family, facebook, twitter. >> reporter: alex underwent chemo and radiation. but then a pet scan revealed in august that the cancer was back. the boston mayor marty walsh said "you are not alone. cancer is tough. but you are tougher. with you." >> she has had a lot of people who are, like, oh, my gosh. this is amaying. the patriots cheerleaders. people were like, this is so amazing. it is really great to see. her reaction and her friends and family. >> reporter: brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> jadiann: still ahead, the campaign trail gearing up for a busy week. the latest on the race. one presidential candidate gets ready to face congress. >> christa: one comedian getting praised for his bernie
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>> christa: we are back on with the latest on the race for the white house. new numbers showing hillary clinton is holding her lead nationally. following the first democratic debate. a new cnn poll has clinton with 45% of the vote. sanders, bernie sanders, in second place with 29%. joe biden in third place with 18%. even though he hasn't announced a bid. sources say the vice president will make an announcement in the next 48 hours. those numbers come as another busy week on the campaign
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including secretary clinton's capitol hill testimony. today hillary clinton is prepping for a house hearing on benghazi that she says is motivated by politics. >> i don't know that i have very much to add. this is, after all, the eighth investigation. >> christa: house republicans say the hearing isn't about her last name. >> we will talk to another named clinton. >> christa:... hillary clinton's rationale for her candidacy seems to be that she is a woman. >> christa: it was a stage for show-casing conservative credentials. >> when god fixes a problem, he doesn't just do a paint-job. he fixes it from the inside. >> public life today, it is so important to be able to pray and to think about things
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been turned. >> christa: donald trump still dominates the republican race. clinton will not be on the campaign trail today. she prepares for the hearing on benghazi. the war of words between donald trump and jeb bush is heating up. the latest, trump now questioning bush's claim that his brother kept america safe in the aftermath of the september 11 attacks. now bush has released an attack ad asking if trump can be president. >> trump says he is all the fel felt i was in the military despite never serving in the military and draft deferments during vietnam." >> jadiann: the video the military. trump has not responded to the ads. >> christa: turning to something lighter in the race for the white house. bernie sanders just loving larry david's impersonation of him on saturday night live. >> i think we will put him up rally. let him do it, rather than me.
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>> i own one pair of underwear! that's it! some of these billionaires! they have three, four pairs! >> christa: the seinfeld co-creator surprising everybody with a near perfect impersonation of sanders. on sunday, sanders joked that,, yeah he does own plenty of pairs of underwear. just to set the record straight there. >> jadiann: why underwear, though? up next, how one woman turned what could have been the worst day of her life into something
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>> jadiann: well, the family of a bride who was left at the altar turning a night that was supposed to be about their family into one that takes care of others. more than a hundred g.e.s were invited before the groom called it off. the residents canceled... the bride's family invited local
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instead. >> christa: a kangaroo on the loose in new york. enjoying moments of freedom. >> he was captured. this is buster hopping around staten island on saturday. only loose for ten minutes. boy, what a ten minutes it was. he was almost hit by a car. thankfully, he wasn't. police responded quickly to capture him. buster was returned to his owner who was visiting his friend nearby. >> jadiann: how do you say that? hey, johnny. your kangaroo is out. >> christa: right. kangaroo? i want to see that person. >> jadiann: much more to come on 7 news. the pats are 5-0. reaction to a fake punt that failed big-time. >> jeremy: sunny and cold for the afternoon. which patriots executive is speaking out. >> jadiann: the speaker of the
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>> christa: a pennsylvania mother who set off an amber alert over the weekend heading before a judge today. the woman and her little infant son were found safe here in boston. >> jadiann: byron barnett is more from the family. byron? >> reporter: yeah. this mom who caused this amber alert just walked out of court minimal bail. her relatives were so excite, ovation. a 36-year-old tiffany cherry so overwhelmed with relief, she couldn't even stand. the prosecution asked bail be set at $250,000 cash.
12:28 pm
the judge set bail at just $250. pennsylvania authorities say she took off from a pennsylvania hospital for boston with a two-month-old son. cherry was arrested at children's hospital in boston when a staffer there recognized her from the amber alert. but cherry said she only came to boston because her family is here and she thought that her baby could get better care at children's hospital. >> this is all completely blown out of proportion. people were getting amber alerts at 2:00 in the morning on saturday morning. people were complaining to me about being awakened in the amber alert. as any parent has the right to do and any parent in this courtroom to do, chose to go to the children's hospital in boston, probably the premier pediatric hospital in the united states. as opposed to going to a regional hospital in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. >> reporter: now, the prosecution says it asked for high bail because they say cherry has defaulted on a
12:29 pm
number of court cases in and out of state here. she was released on the condition that she clear up those court cases. in the meantime, the baby still at children's hospital. was placed in dcf custody. the family says the baby is doing okay now and was just dehydrated. live here from roxbury district court, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> christa: really a cold ant winter-like day to start off here is the good news. it is short-lived. looks like we have a warming trend in the works. so jeremy reiner, better news for us now. >> jeremy: that is correct. this morning, quite cold. these were the lows. boston down to 31 this morning. norwood, had a low of 17. nashua, 21. worcester, a low of 24. that actually tied your record low back in 1974. and you have to go back to the end of march, early april before you would find a morning that was like this. that is how cold it's been. and how long it has been. 40's right now.
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still chilly at this time. mostly sunny skies. the city at 42. plymouth at 41. you look out of new england, the air does start to warm up. buffalo, near 50. toronto, and pittsburgh and d.c., lower 50's. this is on the move. this will not reach us today. it will be here tomorrow. in fact, even warmer temps tomorrow, in the 60's. >> jadiann: the patriots' perfect season still intact. the team doing everything it getting ahead. including jamie collins leaping over the offensive line to block the extra point attempt at the end of the game. when time expired, the pats beat the team that kicked off deflate-gate. tom brady didn't make any mention of it. >> i thought they competed pretty hard. i thought our execution was off at times. so it was a good win. glad we won. it is always good to win on the road. so we have a quick turnaround this week. division game. it will be fun. >> jadiann: one play has everyone talking today. a fake punt that didn't work.
12:31 pm
embarrassing play by the colts. that was actually a turning point in that game. now, everyone is asking, what was going on there? jonathan hall has reaction. >> reporter: anderson is behind him. he will snap it. what in the world... >> reporter: the colts' trick against patriots. new england suffer thed indy on a questionable fake punt play late in the third quarter. >> i don't know what the colts west were thinking with that special teams play. that was garbage. >> reporter: some colts players had trouble explaining the weird call. >> we hoped maybe they call a time-out. we could get them, on 12 guys on the field or get them to jufer off sides. >> that was the turning point. >> it turned out to be one of the most failed fakes probably of all time. >> reporter: the pats had a 27-21 lead at the time.
12:32 pm
tom brady connecting with legarrette blount. >> everyone was satisfied. we worked hard this week. we prepared for them. we prepared for everything they were throwing at us. >> reporter: fans are pleased undefeated. >> the game got me a little nervous. i got a little nervous in the first half. you know, we all thought they would win by 60. i will take a win. a win is a win. >> christa: the longtime girlfriend of james "whitey" bulger expected to plead not front of the grand jury. catherine greig is already for helping bulger hide from authorities for 16 years. now federal agents want to know if anyone else helped the couple while they were on the run and if there is still any money out there that bulger testify, she could face more time in prison. >> jadiann: students at boston university were on alert after a student says she was sexually assaulted in her dorm room. police trying to track down
12:33 pm
. >> an alleged sexual assault happened inside a dorm room at boston university. students are afraid the attacker is also a student. >> i feel like it was definitely another student. for sure. i think all the buildings are super strict. >> it was someone who has access. they are really strict in terms of getting in. >> officers say between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. on sunday, the attacker entered the female student's room at the student village building. she didn't recognize the man who police believe is college-age. assault happened. the suspect then took off before police could find him. >> i have never felt unsafe on campus before. >> b.u. sent out text alerts, notifying students of what happened. ref mining them to be on the lookout and report any suspicious activity. >> it is horrible that it happened. i'm glad they warned people about it. that is great. in the dorm. that is really scary. >> we are going to be sure to
12:34 pm
look our door all the time. >> reporter: the alleged attack happened during parents that dorm is right across the street from the police department. officers say they are still investigating. so far, no arrests. in boston, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> christa: despite an order to stop operating in nevada, draftkings continued sepg entries from players in the state over the weekend. officials with the nevada gaming control board prohibited fantasy sites last thursday saying they are gambling. >> congress made it legal. it's interesting to me over the last month or so, with all the yelling out of washington, about how this is an unregulated industry, well, they have the right to regulate it. they chose to make it legal and not pass regulations.
12:35 pm
draftkings says players who submitted entries thursday were allowed to play this weekend, regardless of their location. state lawmakers weighing in now on the latest key controversy... "t" controversy and how it could affect riders. officials with the m.b.t.a. have talked about the possibility of raising fares and parking fees as a way to close the budget gap. house speaker robert delee owe tell it is "herald" those hikes should only be considered as a last resort. right now, the m.b.t.a. is facing a $240 million budget deficit next year. >> jadiann: chaos breaks out after a gunman opens fire at a zombie-themed festival in florida. police are now on the hunt for whoever was behind this deadly attack. kris anderson joins us more... with more on this. >> reporter: the charity event night. in fact, there were 20,000 people celebrating. all of a sudden, the crowd heard gunshots. frightened party-goers began
12:36 pm
to run and scatter in fort myers, florida as police ordered everyone to clear the area. some thought the shooting was fake. >> i didn't really believe it. i thought it was part of what happened tonight. >> but the bloodshed was all too real. 20-year-old tyrel taylor, a former high school athlete who just started college in miami was killed. five others were injured. >> the girl was screaming. she was like, "he got shot! he got shot!" what happened to him? >> reporter: desiree was in the panicked crowd. >> there were little kids at this event. really little. i saw kids in strollers. and i never imagined that someone would paul gun with, you know, children around. >> reporter: on facebook, the event sponsor sent out condolences, saying it is deeply saddened by the news of what happened within the footprint of our event.
12:37 pm
those four people injured are expected to be okay. a built of good news out of this tragedy. police are asking anyone who may have cell phone video of the shooting to come forward so they can help identify and catch that shooter. kris anderson, 7 news. >> jadiann: new details about the campus massacre in oregon earlier this month that left nine people dead. shooting survivor, chris mintz is now recovering at home. he is giving his firsthand account of what happened. he describes the moment he came face-to-face with that gunman. mintz wrote, "this is he was so nonchalant through it all. like he was playing a video game. showed no emotion. the shots knocked me to the ground and felt like a truck hit me. he shot me again while i was on the ground. i yelled it's my kid's day, man. he pointed a gun at my face. then he retreated back into the class. i'm still confused at why he didn't shoot me again." >> christa: also on 7: the
12:38 pm
city of medford breaking ground on the memorial in honor of the boston marathon construction on the krystle campbell peace garden began on sunday. this is a million-dollar project, and it will pay tribute as well to sean collier, martin richard, and lingzi liu. it grew into a garden and a water-fall. >> an outpouring of donations. >> her brightness and enthusiasm. she picked me up every day. >> we have to remember crystal and sean and martin and lynxy... lingzi. a boston marathon bombing survivor will help an amputee walk in high heels for the first time today. the heather abbot foundation will make its first prosthetic
12:39 pm
her leg from a medical condition. abbot started the organization after she lost part of her own leg. in the attack. >> jadiann: still ahead, hope. we will show you the scene at logan. >> christa: in florida, a homecoming game becomes a reality. >> jeremy: temperatures this afternoon in the 40's. we warm things up tomorrow.
12:40 pm
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>> jadiann: a storm leaves we rolls through arizona on sunday. an awning at a gas station in phoenix pulled down from the strong winds. pumps there. wow. check out the lightning. toppled power lines. major power outages. and at the height of the storm, around 20,000 people were left without power. in the valley of phoenix. >> christa: you can get a sense of per speck live the, too. everything is so flat there. as for us, we have dealt with cold temperatures. and some snow flurries. during the weekend. hey, it's almost like christmas coming early. >> jadiann: j.r., you said earlier, a perfect december day in october. >> jeremy: exactly. these blue squares indicating chilly days. last week, a bunch of warm
12:43 pm
each other. in october. where you have, you know, the few days. and then you get a winter preview for a few days. mild by the end... the middle and end of the week. today. then that will be it. start to warm things up. temps right now, 0's and 40's. these will be the numbers early tomorrow morning. to give you an idea of how much warmer it will be tomorrow morning compared to where we were this morning. which was down in the 20's. reading right now, 42. boxford, 42. rockport, out on cape ann, low 40's. in the worcester hills, 30's and 40's. sterling, 43. normally, these numbers during the noon hour, the noon show here, those numbers should be into the lower 50's. the numbers are running behind schedule. it will be an afternoon that is cool, chilly, cold. vineyard haven at 43. chatham, 43. but at least it's bright.
12:44 pm
that's right. a whole new batch of clouds dropping in from eastern canada. that is not tied to any colder. that is actually some warm air. a warm front. the edge of much warmer air now developing across the upper midwest and southern canada. check out thunder bay. 57. moosonee, 52. so this warm bubble of air begins to dive southeast and will find its way into new mar so tomorrow than today. this afternoon, it's a lost cause in terms of warmth. nice fall day. layer up going on your hike, get the kids to the playground: bundle up. temps this afternoon will make it into the upper 40's. warm tomorrow. not as bright. a lot of clouds. still clouds on wednesday. not quite as mild as tomorrow. still seasonal. temperatures on wednesday, upper 50's to around 60. for tonight, not as cold. partly cloudy skies.
12:45 pm
39-45. for tomorrow, more clouds than sun. temps tomorrow, though, despite more clouds, make it into the mid-60's. it is never too soon to talk about the weekend. and of course, patriots, they have a home game, everybody. taking on the jets. temperatures at gillette, 1:00. near 60. >> christa: teams from across the area really pulling together in a literal way. for a special cause. hundreds of people came together for this pull for hope for the american cancer society >> jadiann: this was a cool thing. an incredible cause. >> we are all pulling for hope. >> reporter: hundreds of people taking over logan airport for a very special >> all of us have been affected in some way by this you know, every single one of us. >> jadiann: 16 teams on the
12:46 pm
as they try to pull a giant >> it's tough. it looks like a small plane. it weighs over 100,000 pounds. that is hard to pull. >> jadiann: it would take a team effort to make any progress. the event was to raise money for the american cancer society. this year, organizers had high hopes. >> we are hoping for a six-figure event here. we are hoping for a first-time event, to raise over $100,000. >> jadiann: i was on hand to co-host the event. a lot of people are here today because they have person reasons. in the end, a local team came out on top. tedisco towing from right here in boston. >> we are glad we are here. we are very excited. we will definitely do it again. >> jadiann: good for them. organizers hope this will become an annual event. homecopping for a student in
12:47 pm
florida. remember this. your immune system doesn't work the way it did so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barr\ syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose.
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>> jadiann: well, this is a crowning moment at a south florida high school. a big night for one teen who never saw it coming. >> christa: now the king of the campus really is living his dream and celebrating alongside his classmates. on an october friday night, under the bright stadium lights, a storied high school tradition rallies on. >> it is a special occasion. it's like we have so many people behind us. >> reporter: it's homecoming night at piper high. one. a game-changer in school history. the nominees take their spot on the field, waying to find
12:49 pm
kim noel bows in anticipation. >> homecoming! (cheers and applause) >> the newly crowned king. he is hugely a popular. >> they voted for me. and my best friend forever. the crown. yes. yes. >> why do you get to wear the crown? >> because i'm the king. >> with the biggest smile you have ever seen, he runs to home court.
12:50 pm
chance to get close to royalty. >> he is going to be wearing the cape and the crown. >> why shouldn't he? he is the king. st >> christa: a great story for us today. jeremy, hopefully, you have some great weather in the forecast. >> jeremy: yes. lots of sunshine today. and a warming trend. one last look at the forecast up next. party on, people. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is back... plus 1! celebrate when you buy one get one at half price off the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens. the entire store! 'cause the older we get, the more you save. that's just how we roll.
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>> christa: we are back with the buzz.
12:52 pm
wedding bells for tom brady's >> jadiann:. that's right. bridget moynihan tying the frankel. they got married this weekend in the hamptons. she dated brady. they do have an eight-year-old son together. all right. congratulations to them. here is jeremy one last time. >> jeremy: right now, low 40's. boston, 43. beverly, 44. mostly sunny skies. october. no wind out there. upper 40's. tomorrow, back to fall. mid-6's tomorrow. back to clouds. much the same on wednesday. we are done with snowflakes and overnight lows in the 20's. >> christa: yeah. at least for now. >> jadiann: it is your bihday. happy birthday to you. >> christa: oh, thank you. you spoiled me. bye-bye, everyone.
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