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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  October 19, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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little about how or why her dahter was killed. prosecutors have yet to release those details. what we do know police found 37 37-year-old jason flurry, a level three sex offender in virginia become in ought. he was arrested and eventually taken back to massachusetts accused of killing the 25 25-year-old mother from swampscott last year. now here she is, jimmy mendez, disappeared last november. the mother's remains were found in january on a beach in swampscott. her family says it's been a long year. my whole focus is i just want to know what happened to her. i want to know how long she was, you know, with him or how long things took. i need to know all of that stuff stuff. until i know that, i just feel like i'm still back then . doesn't matter if he gets a year or 40 years. still not justice. >> reporter: her disappearance sparked a massive search in lynn and salem. search teams found several items that belonged to her before eventually finding h remains.
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flurry pleaded not guilty in the case. in the newsroom, brandon gunnoe, 7 news . a man is facing charges today after a dangerous drive in plymouth. state police say 26-year-old kevin palmer drove the wrong way down route 3 early this saturday morning before he slammed into another car. no one was hurt. palmer faces several charges including operating under the influence and speeding. >> anchor: a second lawsuit in the el faro cargo ship tragedy has been filed in florida. a crew men's family said el faro was not in proper condition when it set sail. this is the second lawsuit filed in the last week. another crew member's family is suing for $100 million. massachusetts natives keith griffin and jeffrey mathias were also on board when it sank in the bahamas earlier this month. >> anchor: we have new details now from the american hero stabbed in the california. sacramento police are on the hunt trying to track down the two men they believe stabbed spencer stone earlier this month month. stone was one of the three americans to take down a terrorist on a high speed rain train in trance back in august but police say the events are not connected. smiling ear to ear, spencer
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stone is seen standing with his heros at the uc davis medical center in sacramento recovering from open-heart surgery after his family says he was stabbed four times in the back, lung, liver and heart earlier this month. now sacramento police have released these two sketches of men they believe are responsible for the attack. the two stabbing suspects were seen running a way from the crime scene outside the sacramento bar two weeks ago. a witness to the fight tells "people" magazine one of the guys hit one of the girls and the guy who turned out to be spencer stone went after that guy. we're hopping that the community, somebody can see these photographs and it will refresh their memory . while detectives work around the clock stone is scheduled to got a promotion to safe sergeant. a direct result of his heroics in europe helping stop a terror attack on board a high speed train stabbed several times in the process. stone distributed the attack here on "today" i started to scream, he has a knife. get the knife. then i put him in i choke hold and just choked him unconscious . he had enough of hospitals
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these past months or so i'm glad he is back hoe each doing good . >> anchor: thanks to my amazing family and friends and everyone who sent encourage. during this challenging time. the american hero injured in a midnight brawl finally out of the hospital. the men who stabbed him, nowhere to be found. >> anchor: next tonight the family of a man shot and kill during a festival in florida is speaking out. that shooting happened saturday night at zombie con, an event fiving people dressed in zombie costume. police say tie taylor died at the scene. his family said he was a stand out football player in high school and went on to play in college in miami. his sister says getting the phone call this he died was devastating. the officer called me and she was sore sorry for my loss. so it's really true my baby . she said, yes, i'm sorry but he is gone . >> anchor: vet or are still looking for suspects in the case case. beach goers in hawaii on alert after a series of shark attacks in the last few weeks. two of them in less than 24
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hours. some vacationers are choosing to stay out of the water . the news spread nationally and internationally. reports of two shark attacks at two popular beaches in hawaii in . i think everybody, identity peel all over country have heard about the news. i am getting all kind of e-mails and posts on facebook concerned this is our neighborhood and our beach access where this happened. the first incident in waikiki turned out continue an eel bite but the second at another beach is a confirmed shark attack. and his friend were swirling with a being to shore when the 4 44-year-old was attacked by a shark. witnesses tell us a paddler who helped rescue the man said it was a 7 foot tiger shark with distinctive stripes. the victim's right ankle was severed. a fearless few are getting in the water while areas say they are afraid . we came out here despite the news. it's not stopping me and my family from getting in the water. we talk across the street in the evening and swim here an i think we won't do that for a little while anyhow . >> anchor: official say the incident that happened over the
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weekend were isolated . >> anchor: the texas high school student whose homemade clock sparked a social media storm will be at the white house tonight. he made headlines last month aftering a revved at school when a teacher mistook his clock for a bomb. police later found the device to be harmless an tonight thanks to an invite from president obama himself the 14-year-old will be attending the white house es esastronomy night. economying stories off the satellites, london's big ben needs a tune up but the repairs are going to comfort a lot of money . >> anchor: officials say renovation of the british clock tower will cost $62 million. a recent report found that there are several cracks in the 156 156-year-old giant clock tower. the report also says the build building needs upgrades to bring it in line with health and safety regulations. officials believe the sooner it happens the better. keeping things running does cost money and certainly if the worst case scenario things do as you start or even if it just stops it's very bad and at some point sooner or later there will
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big ben lastp went renovations 30 years ago . >> anchor: the world's solar australia. 47 teams from around the world are competing to see who can drive their solar powered cars to the other side of the country country. year. participants say the race is one of the most tiring events they have ever taken a part in. we got a few hours of son. the team woke up at 5:30 in the morning each got the car ready. pointed just by the time the sunset or sun rose and then we got that few hours of charge in . the race is expected to take two days. >> anchor: fire performers showed off their skill during the annual lights in autumn outside bella usa's capitol. the fire show lit up the night sky as audiences watched perform performers use light sticks there. fire beams and dancing and then acrobatic performances. gorgeous. >> anchor: much more to come on 7 news at 4:30 . including two in of the dug arfamily are speaking out here after shocking revelations of abuse caused their family's show to be canceled . >> anchor: coming up, pats fans
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still basking in last night's win as the turn, as their focus turns to tackling the jets . >> anchor: and caught on camera motor cycle driver is spinning out of control, coming to a crashing stop. >> anchor: you know how tough it can be to get kids to read on their own . how you read can have a huge impact as they grow up. to we will show step steps you
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it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent.
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>> anchor: a pair chutest is forred to make a rough landing at an air show in texas all happened over the week [ there was chaos in the crowds as that sky diver fell . >> anchor: this dangerous drop could have been so much worse. the thunder birds high flying performance is among
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air but a sky dying stunt gone wrong is what has spectators shea end up. it all started with a warning over the pa system . they said you can't steer the par cute because of the high winds, so if he lands on the audience make sure you give him plenty of room. i saw him coming toward us so we backed up and he landed over . that. he took down the tent. the crash landing sending the . we knew he was coming into the crowd of we just didn't know where. actually that probably was the best place for him to come because he didn't hit anybody. i understand it's a broken limb. i don't know if it's a leg or an arm. that's really all the detail i have . >> anchor: the show always goes in the air but what happened in front of stephen jenkins is a story he will tell for a long time . just like you see they say hard landing they drop and roll . he dropped . >>abhe rolled into the tent. >> reporter: christa delcamp, 7 news. >> anchor: coming up, a college student making a medical break through.
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how he is uusing technology to help veterans with ptsd . our forecast looks better here over the next few days. better as in warmer for some. we'll talk a look at that and the chance for any rain coming up . >> anchor: just ahead all new at 5:00, boston police on the lookout after a sexual assault was reported at a local university . and the long time girlfriend of witty beau bulger in court. what she had to say about her alleged involvement with the infamous mobster . >> anchor: high ity for passengers on board a southwest flight when it was forced to make an emergency landing after a fight breaks out on board . >> anchor: we would love to hear from you. give us a call on the 7 news tip
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we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. (applause) jeb. proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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>> anchor: an unusual site in denmark as people in one village celebrate every year people dress as and have a parade to celebrate the who according to one lending end created area surrounding that town. interesting costume there and i guess they are celebrating and we are celebrating a return to warm weather hopefully coming up here because boy, it's been a good taste of winter . i think the only cautions we can wear to celebrate warmer weather is maybe no coats. right. i have seen some in twitter and facebook before too so they are petty cool people. no, it's funny. those were some kind of too. anyway, 48 in boston right now, dew point reading about 16,
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southwest wind at 11 miles per hour. our temperatures in the upper 40's and mid 40's even some low 40's in worcester after a start of 24 degrees. that was amazingly cold. i didn't even think, i had my low around 26, 27. so that dipped to 24, told us that at 1,000 feet it was cold. so brass getting to 31 this morning. nice recovery. clouds on the move, this is pat of the warmup in fact the coldest part of the air mass is already moved on in the mid and upper atmosphere so it's already pulled away. however, at the surface the sun is not honor side so we can't really warm that air mass up just yet. so we have a cool drop into the evening and then a recovery late tonight as the clouds move in. clouds, clouds and more clouds of here we are 2:00 we're socked in. then by 4:00, they are around. there might even be a brief morning conspiring el i think that would be across southern new hampshire, main man and also southern vermont but even into the afternoon we have a chance, there is a front that's coming down just north of manchester
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making it down to the mass new hampshire border late in the day and into the overnight hours. nonetheless, tomorrow we recover back into the 60's, almost mid 60's in some spots, attleboro, taunton, providence and we go through the per valk valley. here is where clouds will hang you and it's tough to warm up this time year so we'll go upper 50's to rear 60. 60 fitchburg and 58 in worcester worcester. i know, maybe i'm just party pooper with that but i think we'll have another chance of making low 60's on wednesday. tuesday is a dip, front come down, rather this should be tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday the days are wrong and i switched it up because we went on the air last night at midnight. days of the week are messed up the anyway, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday normal high is 60. got that part right at least clear start then clouding over, 33 to 41 with a southwest wind going most of the night too and it's gusty at first tomorrow then it backs off in the afternoon as the front nears.
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spring el about 47 to 51 is not looking look a big deal. not even enough to make a puddle has been the theme with our weather pattern as of late and it would be nice to get an all day rain. let's just book one now, right? i don'ty see it happening. noer shower threat thursday and another sprinkle threat maybe on sunday and that's about it. we'll got our brightest days from thursday on through saturday, get to those low 60's then back into the 50's heading into the weekend. no bit early cold start but some morning. i will see you with more at 5:00 5:00. looks good. thank you so much. see you then. let's get a check of the ride home. here is joe staple to be with an update. we're checking route 1 northbound here on the saugus area out by the lynn fellows parkway. stays heavy from this spot all the way up into lynnfield. it's getting word now of a multi can car crash on route 1 northbound inside of the lynnfield tunnel keeping that heavy and slow going. switching out to the helicopter right now see how things are rolling along here. on route 128 near route 93 in the woburn area in both sides
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moving a long pretty nicely here here. 128 in each direction looks okay okay. route 93 near 128 dealing with a few slowdowns and that spot again up by route 495 and through the an deer area making your way now southbound on the expressway a little company down by morrissey boulevard, a little more down to the braintree split and getting to the spot back by the o'neill tunnel so we're looking close it a 50 minute ride now from boston down into braintree on that expressway. our downtown boston getting a look at. this 93 northbound, the zakim bridge a tough ride from the spot again through the somerville area but 93 southbound coming toward the camera flying a long nicely. those up ramps and down ramps still tight there to the left of the screen on storrow drive. up and down toward leverett circle. i'm joe stain 8 ton, 7 news . >> reporter: turning now to today's "healthcast," a college student is taking charge in inhaven'ting an app to help people suffering from night terror . his inspiration his own father who faced the same struggle . >> reporter: he walks alongside his dad now but this
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college senior knows what it is like to walk without him. sergeant first-class patrick spent a rear in iraq. . your dad just disappearing for a year around coming become a little bit different and seeing hi army buddies and then coming back a little different too. i have a real personal connection to the ptsd problem . . >> reporter: at 3:00 the in morning bam i'm startle awake . >> reporter: tyler wanted to help so he entered a computer programming contest last month. in 36 hours he and his team wrote code and created a smart watch app called my bivi, a place to sleep . try to create asking that will help him sleep better. that's what it is all about . >> reporter: it tracks heart rate and movement. the goal is to predict and prevent night terror . after a couple of weeks we can find the exact symptoms of or exact symptoms of the onset of the panic attack and try to use the watch or use their phone to disrupt that in order to take
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keep them asleep . it urged them a top prize, best ptsd mobile app for clinicians . i am very proud of him . >> reporter: it has yet to go through clinical trials but he wants it on every veteran's wrist . my team and i have a saying now that we won't sleep until veterans can . >> anchor: tyler said his team hopes to start clinical testing of the app next spring . >> anchor: just ahead, the sound of adele over an ad. how the singer is giving fans a sneak peek of her up coming album . >> reporter: a reminder to check us out on facebook. just log on and search for 7
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>> anchor: akill with a big reveal last night spot singer give finances a quick preview of her new album.
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lyrics from one of her own songs appeared during a examiner sham for the x factor. the album will be titled 25. it's expected to be released next month . >> anchor: oprah winfrey is joining weight watchers more like buying weight watch esof the former talk show host is buying around 10% of the weight loss company for more than $40 million. weight watchers says winfrey is expected to make several promotional appearances every year for at least the next five years. >> anchor: a new trailer for the latest "star wars" movie set to debut tonight during monday night football. this post are for the force awak awakens was released sunday of you may recognize one big missing characters being luke sky walk are not there. we don't know what that means. we'll find out december 18 when the movie opens . in there. part of the dug arfamily is making a comeback. jill and jessa of tlc's 19 kids and counting are getting ready for their upcoming special on that network that comes after their brother publicly faced allegations of sexual assault the limelight. the sisters up coming shows will
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highlight big accomplishments in their own lives. >> anchor: battle rounds continue out voice tonight. singers from blake shelton's team are expected to duke it out left. you can catch the voice tonight at 8:00 p.m. on 7 nbc followed by an alnew blind spot at 10:00 . great lineup there. high honor. the ken see center for the performing arts presented the comedian with the mark twain prize for humor. duing the same murphy did his first stand up routine in almost 30 years which included an impersonation of bill cosby. minutes. . >> anchor: i'm ryan schulteis. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> anchor: a long-time girlfriend of whitey bulger facing a federal judge on new charges she is hiding information about their time on the run . >> anchor: an alert for students at bu
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it happened and i'm glad they sent the text . >> anchor: the school with a warning about an alleged attack on campus . >> anchor: another cold night. temperatures falling back into the 20's but the recovery the rest of the week we'll see 60's . >> anchor: the patriots are still perfect this season. a dramatic end to the game against the colts . >> anchor: i never have seen anything more bizarre than that . >> anchor: the play that failed big-time. we have reaction from both sides. >> anchor: passenger problems. a woman screams for help right after a flight takes off. >> anchor: back in federal court on contempt charges and saying she is not guilty. the long time girlfriend of whitey bulger facing a judge. of course we're talking about katherine greg already serving an 8 year sentence for helping bulger hide from authorities . >> anchor: now she is faces the possibility of more time behind bars. dan hausle live outside federal court with a look at the new charges. >> anchor: prosecutors go become to court to charge her with contempt them want her to
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whitey bulger all those years. she is not talking about that, although she did say cloud loud and clear in court not guilty. >> anchor: the white haired katherine greg appeared much as she does in her mugshot. her lawyer says she is strong and in great spirits. greg smiled and waved to her twin sister in court before pleading not guilty to contempt for refusing to tell a grand jury who else may have helped hide her long time boyfriend gangster whitey bulger . >> anchor: do you think your sister should talk? do you want her to talk? that's not up to me . >> reporter: if it was . it's not my call. i have nothing to say. >> reporter: the f.b.i. arrested greg and bulger in 2011 in santa monica, the end of the line after 16 years on the run. bulger is serving life for his part in more then a disease murders and greg is serving 8 years for harboring a fugitive. now prosecutors are threatening to add more time to greg's sentence for allegedly refusing to tell a grand jury who el may have helped bulger avoid capture
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for soong.
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