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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 19, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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walking strong i'm local woman back on her feet thanks to heather abbott. the heather abbott foundation making a life changing donation . >> anchor: the special surprise a really dream come true for everyone involved. 7's susan tran live now in boston with the details. susan? well, elizabeth, heather abbott say said she is paying it forward after she lost her leg during the boston marathon bombing. she said so many people helped her so she established a foundation and it's now making its first donation. hillary walking into the room feeling fabulous. the 26-year-old who lost her leg from a genetic nerve condition now gets to wear heels for the very first time. i feel very tall. but i feel really good about myself and feel very confident
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and i really am blessed and grateful . heather a boston marathon survive started her foundation to help other amputees get prosthetics. th the is first donation . it feels so grade to be able to help somebody else out and know that we'll be able to help more amputees in the future get what they want . >> reporter: hillary practiced walking on wedges which will take getting used to but her mom is overjoyed for her . makes me feel good for her to see her smiling so much . >> reporter: after the 26 26-year-old who has been looking at metal where her ankle used to be this cosmetic league leg is the confidence booster she never imagined would be possible . it is nice to look in the mirror and see that i have two normal looking legs. >> reporter: sew confidence building in that. heather abbott said she hopes this is one of many donations to come. live in newton, susan tran, 7 news . >> anchor: we're following more news today. the mother of a young woman killed in swampscott sending an emotional message today.
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the man accused in her death appeared in court. police say he killed 25-year-old jamie mendez in swampscott last year. police arrested flurry in virginia in august. the victim's mother says she can't stop thinking about what happened. i just want to know what happened to her. i want to know how long she was, things took. i just need to know all of that stuff. so until i know that, i just >> anchor: flurry plead not . >> anchor: a man arrested another a roxbury school for wav waving a fake gun in the air appearing in court today. that incident happened friday night after a football game at madison park high school. police say they found a 20 20-year-old threatening a crowd with a gun you see right there. they determined it was a fake one once they took him into custody . >> anchor: 7 on the scene as a accident happened just before 7:00 last night at the intersection of harvard avenue and cambridge street. the biker's injuries are not police say the driver isn't facing any charges but they are
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still investigating what caused that crash. a westport man is facing charges in connection with a deadly crash. police say the man was drunk behind the wheel when he rear-ended another car on route 6 west. the driver of that car is 73 73-year-old woman died. the suspect was arraigned in fall river court today . >> reporter: a plymouth man is facing a judge today accused of a dangerous drive over the weekend. state police say 26-year-old kevin palmer drove the wrong way down route 3 early saturday morning before he slammed into another car. thankfully no one was hurt. palmer faces several charges including operating under the . >> anchor: new detail in the stabbing of an american hero. police say they are one step closer to finding two men accused of attack spencer stone. stone was part of that trio of americans who helped take dunn a terrorist on a train in france. police are now turning to the public for help to find a man who stabbed him. smiling ear to ear, spencer stone is seen standing with his heros at the uc davis medical center in sacramento. recovering from open heart you're jerry after his family
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says he was stabbed four times in the back, lung, liver and heart earlier this month. now sacramento police have released these two sketches of men they believe are responsible for the attack. the two stabbing suspects were seen running a way from the crime scene outside a sacramento bar two weeks cool i'm witness to the fight tells "people" magazine one of the guys hit one of the girls and the guy who turned out to be spencer stone went after that guy. we're hoping the community, somebody can see these photographs and it will refresh their memory . >> anchor: while detectives work around the clock looking for leads stone is scheduled to got a promotion to staff sergeant, a direct result of his heroics in europe helping stop a terror attack on board a high speed train stabbed several times in the process. ten described at take here on "today" i started to scream he has a knife, get the knife. then i put him in a choke hold and just choked him unconscious . friend was with stone on the train . he had enough in the hospital this past month or so. i am glad he is back hoe. he is doing good . thanks to my amazing
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said september encouragement finally out of the hospital men who stabbed him nowhere to be found. police release several s of suspects over the weekend . the family of a man shot and killed during a zombie festival in florida is speaking out. that shooting happened saturday night at zombie conan event features people dressed in zombie costumes. police say tie taylor died at the scene. his family said he was a stand school and went to play in college. his sister talked about getting the phone call and learning he died. the officer called me and was telling me she was sorry for my loss so it is really true. . investigators are still case. >> anchor: texas high school student whose home paid clock sparked a sorely media storm will be at the white house tonight. he made headlines last month after being arrested at school when a teacher mistook his clock for a fake bomb. police later found the device
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was harmless. tonight thanks to an invite from president obama himself the 14 14-year-old will attend white . they said he can't steer the parachute because of high winds . >> anchor: falling out of control of the heart stopping moments at an air show in houston when a parachute stunt takes a dangerous turn. this sky diving scare sent the crowd scrambling for safety and it was all caught on camera. the thunder birds high flying performance is among those that steal the show in the air but a sky diving stunt gone wrong is what has spectators shaken up. it all started with a warning over the pa system . they said you can't steer the parachute because of the high winds. so if he lands in the audience make sure you give him plenty of room so i saw him coming toward us. we all sort ever backed up alely bit and he landed here by the tent . >> anchor: he did more than that. he took down the tent. the crash landing sending the vendors and their merchandise scattering . we knew he was coming into the crowd. we just didn't know where.
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best place for him to come . i understand it's a broken limb. i don't know if it's a leg or after that's all the details i had . >> anchor: the show always goes in the air but what happened is a story he will be telling for a long time . just like have you seen in the old military movies he have a hard landing they drop and roll . he dropped . and he rolled into the tent. >> reporter: christa delcamp, 7 news . >> anchor: a ship goes under water in texas today all water traffic has been suspended in that area. there is no word on what caused that barge to sink. no one was hurt . >> anchor: severe storms light lighting up phoenix, arizona yesterday and n what the national weather service believes was a microburst. lightning and strong winds toppled soda machines and destroyed buildings there. crews still cleaning up this morning hoping to beat more severe weather. expected to hi the state later today. 7 news now turning to tragic trend on the football field. a high school junior collapses on the sideline and dies. this is the sixth student athlete death this season.
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now schools are playing it safe and questioning the future of their programs. jadiann thompson has more. >> reporter: a monday of mourning following the tragic death of cameron matthews. the question being asked, why is this happening so often? the alto community is taking it hard. everybody was hurt. the six foot junior collapsed on the sidelines in the middle of friday night's game after telling teammate he felt dizzy. he was taken by medevac to the hospital where he died the next day. officials say he suffered an aneurysm although the exact cause of his death has not been determined. his friends an family are heartbroken but don't believe football is to blame . they feel that if cameron wasn't on the football field, cameron could have been in the car and this would have happened happened. matthew is the sixth high school football player nationwide to die after a game since the school year started. six players dying so close to the giving of the school year is unusual. last school year five died from
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football related injuries, all season. three deaths a year is the average. in an effort to reduce death and injuries every state now has laws designed to prevent concussions. there is a limit of 90 minutes per week for full can't play and at allohigh the coach said there is a trainer at every game . everybody just automatically assumes it had to have been a football thing. he never took a shot to the head head. it wasn't, you know it, wasn't anything. it was just it happened on the fool field . those who knew him say cameron matthews was a talented athlete, terrific student and much more. if you have chin your own that's how you want them to turn out. he was just a great kid . counselors on hand to help studentage faculty cope with the tragic loss. in the newsroom, jadiann thompson, 7 news . >> reporter: still ahead at 5 5:30 kicking cancer. the patriots on board at the social media movement how pats are helping a local fan with her fight . >> reporter: more clouds than
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warming trend will take over. that's ahead . >> reporter: maybe on to the jets but there is no doubt the pats made a statement. we break it all down . >> anchor: a dog in danger. a familiarly pet the target of an attack. the outraged owner opens up to just one station. the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care.
5:41 pm equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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>> anchor: this is amazing. this means that they are out there, they care about people . signs of support. the pats teaming up with a local battling cancer. gronk is on board as well as patriots owner robert kraft. they are giving her a big boost in fighting together . it's a social media campaign and you can be part of it. 7's brandon gunnoe has more. alex gray house from south boston is fighting cancer, but see is not alone. her good friend seth mccoy reached out to the new england patriots and owner robert kraft sent this message. alex, we are all rooting for to you kick cancer, # project alex. i literally had tears in my eyes because i was like this is amazing. this means that they are out there, they care about people, they care about the people here in the city throughout new england . rob grokowski said alex
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fight but you will finish it. the patriots cheerleaders alex . she has been just beside herself of every day it's been like i can't wait to see who is next. the outpouring from patriots was amazing. i can't even tell you how great they have been and of course for alex she has been so thrilled in all her friends and family they are posting on face become and twitter . alex was diagnosed with oral cancer at the beginning of this year. she underwent chemoand radiation but then a pet scan revealed in august that the cancer was back. marty walsh said you are not alone. cancer is tough but you are tougher. the entire city of boston is with you. so she had a lot people who were like oh my gosh i can't believe you got rob gronkowski. this is amazing. the patriots cheerleaders, people were like oh my gosh, this is so amazing. it's just great to see her reaction but also her friends and family. brandon gunnoe, 7 news . >> reporter: we're following breaking news right now. nbc news is rocking olympic sprinter oscar pistorias has
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african prison today. pistorias spent less then a year behind bars for shooting death of his girlfriend. the store storias will stay under correctional supervision at his uncle's house. we'll bring more details as soon as they become available . >> anchor: a case of cold feet. a groom walks away at the last minute but his would be bride turned their wedding into an opportunity to pay it forward . >> reporter: our forecast is looking good. quiet for the rest of the workweek. those temperatures kind of all over the place of the that's ahead . >> reporter: a pennsylvania mother charged in an amber alert over the weekend facing a judge here in massachusetts. what we're learning about her past . a beloved dog targeted. it's a story you will see on
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>> reporter: a calmical bride changing plans after her groom, well, he got cold feet.
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the woman decided to turn the heart breaking situation into something positive instead of canceling the $35,000 whether family invite the sacramento homeless. man came with families and said they are grateful for the selfless gesture . when you are going through a hard time and a struggle for you to get out to do something different and with your mily, you know, it is a blessing. part of the wedding price tag included a non-refundable honeymoon so mom and daughter decided to take that trip to belize instead. that's a good way to turn a bad situation around. thinking about other people at a time when you know her world has changed . challenging time for her and you know helping other people out will maybe help her out in the end . asking maybe it's good for her soul too . a beautiful shot over the harbor right now look at that. the sun is going down. this is what we live for right here. this is gorgeous . sky 7 on the scene of a beautiful sunset right now. and you can see the tanker in the distance.
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where are you going? beautiful, beautiful stuff. clear night tonight, our temperatures will fall back very quickly here as we go through the next few hours. this is a strange time of night for whether icons. do we do the sunshine icon or do we do the dark icon with the stars at this point. it's tough to say i will go with the bite sky with the sunshine. 47 degrees right now. i know, my problems when the weather is quiet right? dew point read act 17. the air is still very dry. west southwest wind is the air so dry the temperature will fall evening. in the as cold as this morning when we were 31 in boston, the coest since the second of april. worcester at 24, coldest since the 29th of march last spring. our weather spotters had a lot of temperatures in the 20's from about stoneham down into braintree and then pepperell the coldest and about 33 years on this day. about 20 degrees there. 19 lunenburg. our temperatures now in the 40's upper 40's after leaving the
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upper 40's so very little change so far but now that the sun is set those temperature will fall quickly. are you? well, you can see it. all its face value here. all of these coal temperatures warmth. look at this. a thunder bay, 70 degrees right now. the mining town of 52 degrees so it's a warm front, folks, and it's significant. buffalo at 5 . we have snow flying around the great lakes just a couple days ago. just yesterday really. so our weather system here is pushing east with a little bit of fanfare but not much. i mean, there is a lot of stuff going on behind this weather system in terms of warmth as you saw but in term of actually creating precipitation, not a big deal. clouds will be with us tomorrow. we'll rise into lower 60's. 64 attleboro one of the warm every temperatures, lawrence at 5 . 60 fitchburg and mid 60's through the south shore. our front to the north just barely gets here tomorrow afternoon late.
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we get a mild day ahead of it and then we cool down again on the backside of this weather system there will be another batch of cool air that comes down. certainly not as cold as what we've seen but we'll knock back the temperatures into the 40's on wednesday and we'll have a good supply of clouds too. bright. 63 turns to 55 then 62 on thursday. friday back down to 54 degrees. so a couple cool days when you consider our numberal high is 60 though are significantly cooler but we balance it with some mild days in there too. not as cold tonight. a clear start then clouding over over. we could get down near freezing in some of the suburbs. the coldest suburbs normal suspects and then about 41 downtown with a southwest wind picking up speed, peaking tomorrow morning, then backing off into tomorrow afternoon. milder with a mainly cloudy sky and there might be a passing sprinkle both early and in the mid afternoon too with that front going through. cooler on wednesday thursday back up again, then friday back down to 54. the weekend doesn't look half
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bad at this point. there might be another sprinkle on sunday but these are not all day rains. i'm kind of terrible concerned that we're going to be dry for a while here in the drought may deepen across new england. we'll see you with more at 6:00 straight up. next in the buzz, creating some serious buzz "star wars" the force awakens crashing to theaters at ticket outlet's over overseas . and good evening, everybody everybody. i am kim khazei. coming up at 6:00 a mother who set off a weekend amber alert facing a judge and why family members are calling the situation a big misunderstanding misunderstanding. we'll also check on how that baby is doing. then the long time girlfriend of james whitey bulger in federal court today in boston. why katherine greg could face more prison time. and the patriots five and 0 but they get a little help from the home team. reaction to the fake punt stirring up a lot of buzz. those stories and more coming up
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>> anchor: topping the buzz, you may have to wait just a little bit long tore see the new "star wars" film . >> anchor: tickets weapon sal in britt and today and the demand was so high that the web site actually crashed. the new trailer for the latest "star wars" movie is expected to debut during monday night football tonight. u.s. fans will soon be able to
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buy its. trailer's premiere. the film hits theaters on >> anchor: oprah winfrey is joining weight watchers. it's more like buying weight watchers. the former talk show host is buying around 10% of the weight loss company for more than $40 million. weight watchers says winfrey is expected to make several promotional appearances every year for at least the next five >> anchor: comedian eddie murphy joining an elite comedy club whipping the country's top prize for humor. the kennedy center for perform performing arts presented him with the mark twain prize. murphy did some stand up there at the awards ceremony including an impression of bill cosby. it was his first set in decades. the battle rounds continue on the voice ton. singers from blake shelton's out. each coach has one steal left and you can catch the voice tonight at 8:00 on 7 nbc followed by an all new blind spot at 10:00 and then get caught up in all of the day's news on 7 news at 11:00.
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and there is another 30 minutes of 7 news straight ahead. >> anchor: news at 6:00 starts right now. >> anchor: now at 6:00, a mother facing a judge after setting off a weekend amber alert. family members calling the situation a big misunderstanding misunderstanding. then, on just one station, dog in danger. police try to track down the person who shot a pet. self-times with a pellet gun. >> reporter: clear skies, let those temperatures fall tonight tomorrow. >> reporter: and deflating loss for the colts. i have never seen anything more bizarre than that . a snap decision, a game changer for the patriots. so how do fans feel about it? we have team 7 coverage as the pats get revenge and remain undefeated. >> anchor: we're following breaking news first at 6:00. sky 7 hd over the scene of a
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pedestrian accident. this is east boston and would have reports that two people have been hit there . >> anchor: elizabeth noreika joins us with more from the break news desk . police are still on scene trying it figure out exactly what happened. police race to bennington street a short time ago when they got a all that two people were hit by a vehicle. boston police are confirming that report and as you can see from sky 7 hd, the area still roped off. there is uv in the street. police are telling us the two people were rushed to the hospital and are expected to be okay. we're also told the driver stayed at the scene. in the newsroom, elizabeth noreika, 7 news. also on 7, a pennsylvania mother causing controversy after setting off an amber alet over the weekend. that woman and her infant son were found safe right here in boston . >> anchor: she told the judge she didn't do anything wrong of the byron barnett live at children's hospital with why the situation is being called a mis misunderstanding. byron? >> reporter: that's right. this mother's attorney says this was definitely overkill after
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triggering that amber alert an
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