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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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violent arrest in lowell. also, former massachusetts attorney general martha coakley joining the team at draft kings. plus, reports former nba starla mario dom is out of the hospital and heading home. >> then more than 30 animals mall nourished and all living inside this new hampshire home. then, he had blood all down his side. cruel crime. police in rochester are on the hunt for whoever targeted this dog. it's a story you saw first on 7. >> and watch out for oprah she just made power plato buy one of her favorite things a move tipping scales for big brand. all now from the night team. seven news at 11 starts now. first at 11 another chilly night in store for us. but, a little warm warm relief is on the way. this cold start to week temperatures expected to rebound. warm and how soon will we see them rise? pete bouchard. only in purpose 40s today. when you compare that to what's going on right now we haven't fallen back all that much this
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no the clouds are in town. we may dip into the upper 30s out there through worcester. may fall another degree or so but all intents and purposes the warmer air surging in now on southwest wind. which is becoming a little gusty at times. wind advisory out cape islands. it looks like tomorrow, 60s are within reach. with some sunshine and clouds blending clouds i want to stress, because we do have few across new england too. right now. and there might be a sprinkle in merrimac valley overnight tonight. tomorrow, i don't see lot in way of wet weather at all. just a lot of clouds. and wind out of the southwest. upper 40s. and i think the clouds have the upper hand. but expect some sunshine to bleed through from time to time. low 60s mid 60s and mid 50s for evening. quite a change of pace and it looks like forest of the work down. details on that ahead. lowell. three police officers were hurt
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officers say they caught the man who is responsible. night team is live in lowell with much more. >> ryan, police say this man was incredibly violent. first he hits a man's truck. then he tax three police officers. even throwing one of them down a flight of stairs. >> this is video of 38-year-old jesus being taken into police custody after assaulting three lowell police officers. >> i witnessed one cop you goat thrown out the front door three times. third time guy shut door and toll him to stay hell out house. concorde street a man driving a truck said he was walk in middle of street and wouldn't move. when he tapped the horn at him that's when he said the man became angry. >> i went by him as i went by he just hauled off and what could my van i was following him he as i was getting ready to call cops he shook my window on driver's side and smashed it. jason miller se astarted to drive but it wasn't over. he came back at me and this time he what you calling the cops
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yeah i'm calling cops you just smashed my van he took his fist and smashed my side view mirror out. when three officers he ran into home when violent confrontation took place. one officer was thrown down a flight of stairs. all three were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. i don't know if guy was on something or what, but he was crazed. there were cops everywhere. i mean, it was awful. it was awful. what he did was awful. >> those three officers are going to be okay. they were taken to lowell general as far as, he going to be arraigned tomorrow morning live in lowell brandon gunnoe, 7 news night team. and we're following other breaking newsboston based draft kings say they hired former massachusetts attorney general martha coakley. >> night team john cuoco in the news room with details on that. tonight we're told by draft kings this coakley will be giving advice about legislative and regulatory issues. former massachusetts attorney general martha coakley going all in with boston based draft kings.
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confirms they are list coakley health as an outside legal advisor over past couple of weeks draft kings and its xet for fanduel have come under legal scrutiny draft kings employee released internal data earlier this month $350,000 in a fanduel contest that same week. trading. investigators now want to know how both companies operate. and legislature want to figure oh if site qualifying a gambling. that's where coakley comes in. with her 8 years agency attorney general in connections on beacon hill draft kings betting coakley can give them an edge as they defend their business. >> and we've reached out to martha coakley about this. but haven't heard back. when we do, we'll let you know. at the breaking news desk, john could, 7 news night team. also breaking fire in china town sends two people to hospital. avenue. 40 people had to be evacuated red cross are helping those people out electric short circuit sparked blames.
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breaking in los angeles lamar odom is being moved to hospital in l.a. to continue his treatment. he was found unconscious last week in las vegas brothel. doctors a odom regained consciousness on friday and started physical therapy and will continue with that in los angeles. now a story you saw first on 7, police in rossi cher on hunt for accused taking aim at dog. at owner says someone shot him several times with pellet gun. susan tran is live in rochester with more on this story. >> and ryan noble is at home covering getting better at this cemetery his owner found him blooded and police want to know who is targeting this innocent dog. >> one right there. noble the chocolate lab covered in pellet wounds. >> two more one here. at least eight shots that left this four-year-old pup blooded. i went to pet him i blood all down his side. last wednesday he left noble out of there roster home to do his business noble ran off. and when mike finally found him
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he realized someone had shot his beloved pet. he had to be have in confined area to have been shot that many times. you know, because he would have held still to be shot like that. >> rochester aquiet down where you can hear leaves russell and a birds chirp. and this recent report of animal cruelty has police on might alert. definitely very difficult when it comes oh animal not really able to defend it civil and we take very seriously noble is all tall weighs despite pellets embedded in a skin. mike says what's most important to him, is finding who could have been so cruel. >> anyone that can do something like this is whole different kind of level of sickness. now here in rochester there is no leash law vbl noble wand around town shouldn't be a problem police here in rochester say if you have any information, they want to hear from you. we're live in rochester tonight susan tran, 7 news night team.
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and then more than 30 animals found living in filth inside a new hampshire home. many of them mall four rished in need of medical attention. kimberly bookman man is in derry with what happened and how animals are doing. when they start attracting rats neighbors in that area called police. >> a starving horse hips, ribs and spine stick out from under its coat. many, many sick animals take away from in derry, new hampshire home. >> stalled over there. people living on mckinley avenue say a woman kept farm animals on a property that simply wasn't a farm. she had it on such a small plot of land that he never really got to run around or do anything horse-like. there were chickens birds, cats, dogs and guinea pig iguana. most of them lived inside that small home with animal waste on floors or in dirty cages. >> it's reeked of urine. when filth started to leak out
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>> we ed lots of rats in the neighborhood. drawn in by the horse manure. she were showing plastic bags of dead rats. police got search warrant and found little to no food inside. there was pigeon missing a wing cats with hair much too long. chickens had sores on them the dogs had source. most are now in hands spca and animal control but there are still a couple chickens roaming the property. neighbors say the woman called these animals her kids, but just couldn't take care of them. >> she really does love animals she would never do nyanza anything deliberate toll hurt an animal. >> and police tell us the pet owner told them that she had fallen on hard time and no longer take care of these animals. they do not plan to charge her. reporting live from derry, new hampshire kimberly bachman, 7 news. woman locked up after spending years on run with whitey bulger was back in boston courtroom. catherine greig charged with intent who may have a stayed hiding for 16 years.
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sentence for harboring fugitive. she and whitey were arrested in california back if 2011. seven news spoke with greigs sister outside court and asked her if she thinks her sister should talk. >> do you think your sister should talk? >> sdou want her to talk? that's not up to me. it was >> it's not my call. i have nothing to say. >> greig is pleading not guilty she will go to trial whitey was convicted of several crimes last year and serving two life sentences. the woman accused a sparring an amber alert in massachusetts over weekend is out on bail tonight. a judge setting her bail $250. prosecution asked it be set a $250,000. she left pennsylvania friday night with her sick baby with. family members say she was bringing him to boston children's hospital where he was born for better treatment. cherry two month old son is in hospital now but in dcf custody. >> sky seven hd in jamaica plain this afternoon where crews put out fire that caused a buildings roof to cave in. building was vacant and caused
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white house. and a war of words between republican candidates donald trump and jeb bush. it all started when trump implied george q. bush does didn't keep at country safe jeb quickly jumped to his brother's defense and launched campaign ad mocking trump's foreign policy credential ps bernie sanders is feeling the burn from an snl. >> millions of people on the streets, awe got to do something. we got to do it now. >> larry david took on the candidate's role over weekend ask senator sanders says he did a great job. >> in terms of larry david i think we're going to put him up on stage at our next rally let him do it better than me he does it better than i do. bernie sanders was campaigning in iowa today. how about patriots nation celebrating a big win on sunday night football. new england taking the air out
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deflategate scandal. this trick play had fans talking today. because it was one of the most bizarre fake punts that anyone has ever seen. so not only are people glad about the win but they are getting a big laugh at the colts expense. for more on game end what & what people are saying about that play here's sports director joe amorosino. patriots patriots fans wanted 50 points and blow out. they got a ball game. and pay treetsz made adjustments and indy failed to go the distance. >> it started with but yous and tom brady pick 6. >> picked off by adams. it wasn't the blow out everyone was expecting. brady's first interception of the season, led to patriots first half time deficit of the season. >> they got a good defense. and they played well. i think they definitely did some things to challenge us. and we're going to have to do you know adjust some things going forward.
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second half, and they did it against the wrong team. >> he bobbles it. oh my god. down 6 indy tried to get cute with that fake punt formation from their own 37. and it backfired big time. >> what are you doing indianapolis? you western illinois? i take full responsibility on that. and i didn't do a good enough job of getting that communicated to the guys. >> yeah, just miscommunication. it turned out to be one of the most failed fakes probably of all time. kind of mistake and all time great makes you pay for. brady tossing three touchdowns to beat the team that started deflategate but showed no signs of any special celebration after the game. >> i thought we could execute a lot better in lot of phases. run pass, you know, everything. so that's what is we will try to do.
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you know, just like we will be excited about playing anybody else. so you know, doesn't matter who it is as long we get win i feel like we're satisfied with it within derear view moir ror patriots are look straight ahead in big picture. patriots and 5 and. one of 5 teams that remain unbeaten in the nfl this year. reporting live in newsroom, joe amorosino, seven news night team. up next on the night team, lean back at your own risk. drama miles high as fight breaks out on board a flight and one passenger leans his seat back. oprah winfrey gaining a lot with weight loss. how talkshow queen doubled her money. yeah looks pretty good tomorrow. we'll look ahead to the rest of the work week coming up. moment a lot of people have been waiting for trailer to the new star wars movie was just released. we'll take a look next. most of us have a morning routine it doesn't always leave you feeling prepared for day ahead. don't worry you can change it.
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a flight fight forcing a landing. witnesses say two passengers on southwest flight started fighting over you know, putting your chair back. tonight we're hearing air traffic calls passenger panicked. >> and declaring an emergency southwest airlines flight heading from los angeles to san francisco forced to make an emergency landing sunday evening after an altercation between two passengers. one passenger on the flight tells nbc news that minutes after take off a man began choking a woman sitting in front of him after she tilted her seat back. she screamed for help and at crew came to her aid. shortly after pilot radioed back and returned safely. evidently we've got two passengers that are in a physical altercation.
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so we need to get turned around back to lax. another witness post thtd photo instagram showing several police cars on ground at the plane's arrival. southwest airlines confirmed pilot made an emergency landing because of a rapidly escalating situation between two passengers. the airline did not provide further details on altercation. witnesses say man was removed from flight and detained. f.b.i. said someone was detained for questioning after incident but no arrest has been made at this time. as the drone debate escalates the government is releasing more details about its plans to register who is flying the device. a task force will be working for next month to come up with recommendations on how that would happen and which devices would need to be registered. all of this happening after number of close calls at the nation's busiest airports. according to inn a.a. there are 100 drone sightings every month. amazon is putting customers under review in new lawsuit online retailer suing more than 1100 people for allegedly posing
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claims reviewer paid for several websites to advertise their products. web yelp and trip advisor facing similar issues and stand behind amazons lawsuit. >> any message loud and clear the industry can send that these types of misleading activities cannot be tolerated on platforms is an important message for consumers to hear. amazon filed a separate lawsuit back in april against several websites accusing them of selling fake reviews oprah winfrey going big and buying into weight watchers buying ten percent stake for about $43 million. within winfrey will make appearance even help develop health and wellness programs. deal is good for five years and could stinded weight watchers stock went up more than 100 percent today. all right dave, oprah we have pete. pete tell us how the weather will do this week. nothing in even comparison there mount washington in distance. looking snow capped and foreground foliage fading a little bit.
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still looking good. but we've passed peak across northern new england. a lot of leaf drop in next couple of days southern new england. and good breeze going on through tonight. southwest. back and forthwith a temperatures here. not like we're going to go from 40s to 60s. but, 50s to 60s to 50s. storms very little rain, i think that may be become a concern here. in the day ahead. next 7 to ten days because of all the leaf drop and then you get dryness underneath that. and of course if you get any brush fires going, we could have a problem. 47 in chatham. 44 in lawrence. clouds are with us but not lot in way shourt activity we do find few showers across southern new hampshire right now. these will be just drifting by from time to time through 9 o'clock. we might have couple sprinkles across mass new hampshire border some of those may sink down to pike. but as far as southeast mass i think we stay dry and just windy. but wind ad advisory tonight and tomorrow. so, tomorrow, itself, a much
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milder day. then we kind of bog down in clouds you can see through wednesday front stalls overhead. and then our temperatures oh, what a different change of pace, huh? near 60 degrees to the north. otherwise, lower 60s for tomorrow. and this front crosses. we do get into some of that cooler air front will stall across new york city. we get enough cool air in here to drop our temperatures from 60s back into the 50s too. and warm front may swing back through on thursday. so up down, up down. as we go. normal high temperature about 60 degrees. and then very little in way of wet weather. we might get a few showers with new front passing on thursday to cool us off for friday. all right. not as cold clouding over southwest breeze. and tomorrow that's a gusty wind first thing in the morning. but then it backs off in afternoon. 58 to 64. we could get a passing sprinkle. early in late. there's your seven on 7 forecast. and into the weekend, again, the timing is such that we can say with confidence it looks okay at
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there may be a shower on sunday once again. rapid fire weather systems all week this week. and we'll see you tomorrow. all right keep us posted thank you. how about this movie moments that oh lot of people are waiting for trailer for star wars apremiered about an hour ago. take a look. unfinished what you started. all right. movie premiere christmas day tickets went on sale online today. high demand caused a bunch of ticket sites like fandango and amc to crash. trailer comes day after film latest poster was released features harrison ford and other old favorites and several new characters. everyone talking about that. oh yeah they want to see it over and over just like last night's game patriots 5 and op and joey
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elizabeth trackler. and fellow citizen. and u now now time seven sports. 5 oh is 5 and 0 and patriots have done with 5 great wins. they didn't below out hated colts like most people predicted
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they out smarted them. they out played them and ultimately they out scored them colts did a nice job covering rob gronkowskizero catches no stopping gronk on that first drive. second half, this is where he grabbed that 60th touchdown of his career becoming just fifth tight end fastest reach milestone in just 70 games. >> gronk back in endzone after getting shut out previous two games. he's big part of our offense. obviously getting him gone he got in endzone a been few weeks for him. you know we like to get him in there more often. it was good opportunity. and play action fake. so, gronk was plan is secondary. he gets going. starting. you know made good play off free safety there. in endzone. a big play. >> a little interception here. coming up on 47.
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he bobbled it and brought down. >> brady throws to an open. look into the endzone. touchdown patriots. will you make bad decisions, what happens to you? >> you get blunt force trauma. bill belichick didn't expect colts to attempt old swinging gate on fourth and three from their own 37 he did put his team on high alert for trick plays and when it happened patriots didn't need to burn a time out to figure it out. we expected this to be you know gadget game and kicking game on site kick some kind of fake, fake punt, fake field goal. you know they ran full, the punter ran the sweep against tennessee a couple weeks ago. so yeah, something they've done in the past. i take full responsibility on that. and i didn't do a good enough job of getting that communicated to the guys. from milan to barcelona to new york celtics preseason tour hits
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finally tonight they were back in their favorite city. celtics host nets at the garden lie see a thomas. and back strep throat. a marcus smart make an impact. ping follow-up slam timing worth another look. look a smart get up he had nine points tonight. second half avery bradley an a little pick and roll feeds him easy lay in. gets it to go. he had 15. johnson did the celtics led by rookie terry. he drops 16 including a perfect three from three from long range and celtics win with it 111 to 105. play of the day, brought to you by capital one. >> alcs game three in toronto jays starting with bang. look at this, kevin in center field robbing lorenzo cain of extra bases crashes into that wall. and hang on jay win it 11-eight the final kevin earns our play of the day.
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if you're trying to get one more beach day in freezing cold weather heads up there has been another shark sighting off cape cod atlantic white shark tweeting out this picture and this is off the coast of chatham. that is a shark dorsal fin. and boat nearby snapping pictures from safe distance.
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