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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 20, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it's tuesday, october 20, coming up, a decision from vice president joe biden could come as early as today. and new images from lamar odom at the brothel before being rushed to las vegas hospital but this morning is back in california. fresh details on how a house kid hacked the e-mail of america spy master at the cia. and great heights of success. "nbc early today" starts
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right now. good morning everybody and thanks so much for waking up with us today. the drama of the 2016 presidential race is building once again. recent polls have rubio rising and trump's 25% support is his highest since entering the race. the trump and carson campaigns have asked for secret service protection but trumps feud have people talking. >> as donald trump and ben carson battle for the top spot. trump and bush are squabbling whether george w. bush should be
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tweeting this. telling fox and friends -- >> -- my immigration policies were in effect. i don't know that would happen because i would have very strong immigration. >> and escalated on sunday. >> jeb said we were safe with my brother. down. am i blaming him? i'm not blaming anybody. if i were running things i doubt those people would be in the country. >> next week trump will say fdr was around when japan attacked pearl harbor. it's what you do after that matters. that's the sign of leadership. >> the bush campaign mock him in an ad and launched a fundraising effort off the drama writing i
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need you to donate $5. >> i think it is really almost states. >> well, trump made no mention of 9/11 or george w. bush last night meanwhile a few democrats are being strategically quiet for joe biden perhaps that means the calm before the storm. a decision could come within 48 hours. a close source next to joe says he will run for president. as for hillary clinton keeping a low profile, her campaign released a mini documentary talking about her experience in the united states without specifically talking about
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and jim webb la be running as an independent. oscar are pistoriu srks was released last night from prison under the cloak of darkness. >> he has served less than one year of five year sensent for voluntary manslaughter for shooting and killing his former girlfriend he is just a few miles away under house arrest. so much talk about oscar getting special treatment by officials this will certainly spark that debate again. in fact sources close to revis family say it is insane what officials have done here
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>> that reporting from south africa for us. new images just hours before lamar odom's frightening loss of unconsciousness that show him a day before he was found unresponsive in a private suite at a nevada brothel. sources tell us the former laker was discharged from sunrise hospital in las vegas and taken to california by helicopter and hissest ranged wide traveling with him. doctors found multiple drugs in his system and suffered at least one stroke and potential brain damage the extent of which still unknown. so did a high school student really manage to hack into the e-mail of one of the country's top spy bossbosses?
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we have more. >> john brenn an is cia direct director. a high school student hacked into his personal e-mail by fooling verizon and aol enough information to reset the pass word. he setz this twitter is going posting a spread sheet of names and e-mails of current can intelligences officials and found security clearance and got into the comcast billing account of homeland security counsel jay johnson. appears no information was classified. the new york post saying he does
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this to protest u.s. policy. if you plan on getting a drone from the holidays it could come wrapped in red tap. transportation secretary announced plans that all systems be registered, a significant in increase in close calls between drones and aircraft. the new rules could be in place soon as mid-december. take note. and all you star wars fans you are even more excited this morning because the must-anticipated trailer for "the force awakens" is the number one topic on facebook and twitter. the hype is so colorado ssal, crashing several ticket sites before the trailer even aired last night.
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>> the dark side. -- >> they're real. >> the force is calling to you. >> just let it in. >> oh, doesn't that look good? oh, do we really have to wait another two months? well we won't have to wait for the weather, it's already here. >> wow that's pretty good. that's the first time i seen the trailer. >> and that's only part of it. >> and it's taking over
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halloween. it's all good. well our forecast is all good too. this is what we like, yellow, oranges and reds, the warm colors, this is 24 hour change map. buffalo is 27 degrees warmer than your temperature yesterday, a lot of areas will feel more like early fall than early winter. we'll have two to three warm days in a row. st. louis in the 80s. cincinnati in the 70s. humidity is very low and comfortable enjoy nl air. chilly in the carolinas. you definitely need the gloves, hats and winter skoets on coats on the kids but they'll carry it home. this is as perfect as fall weather gets. only phoenix and alburquerue with chance of showers and storms.
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now here's a closer look at the day ahead. so in the southeast i mentioned the cold start, will only get into mid to upper 60s from charlotte to raleigh but will be a gorgeous afternoon. there are some showers in northern new england. i like giving good news. >> what a day it's going to be. thank you bill, i'll give you credit for that. find out what oprah winfrey did to make wall street stock more than double in a day. details in two. need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand.
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inspired the movie "goodfellas". >> the heist, so huge it was a key story line in the classic mob movie "goodfellas" now almost 40 years later playing out in a courtroom. he is now 80 years old facing racketeering charges in the 1978 hold up at new york city's kennedy airport. at the time the braisen robbery was big news. mobsters using inside information to make off with $6 million in cash and jewels. >> the robbery itself was astounding accomplishment. you hate to give credit to the criminals but it was so well planned and carried out. >> as we saw in good fellas, the gang soon fell apart, either in
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but asaro's name was never part of the heist until his cousin a greed to wear a wire. he was described as gangster through and through, cold and callace killers, witnesses they call murders and liars, every one checking that they seen the movie "goodfellas" as they decide what happened in the real life version. new york. today, canada has new prime minister, 43-year-old justin trudeau. >> it's time for a change in change. >> he won a stunning majority of candidates, 338 parliamentary
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he is the son of canada's 15th prime minister, the late, pierre trudeau. welcome to the white house. i love astronomy my night. >> well president obama probably isn't the only one who loves astronomy my night at the white house. 14-year-old in attendance met heads of state around the world, he gained national attention after a teacher mistook his homemade clock for a bomb. a texas driver who slammed into a driver over the weekend has been charged with assault with deadly weapon. he claims he swerved because he was stung by an instinct. the driver of the motorcycle and his girlfriend sustained numerous injuries. crumb had been arrested in the
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oprah is taking stocks in weight watchers, is it was busiest trading day in company's history, they are opening oprah's support will help the brand. apple first numbers coming in, there are 6.5 million paying subscribers or apple's streaming music service and spotify saying they have $20 million paying customers. still ahead blue jays and battle gwen fierce rivals. sfort sports is next. you rally th // //. we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol cold helps relieve even your worst
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this morning on "today" how secure is your facebook account? we get an exclusive inside look as measures to keep your information safe. royals are up two games over the blue jays, battle they did. >> high fly ball to center. at the wall. and gone. >> the bats were alive for the blue jays, three homers on the
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royals 11-8. game four today first pitch is 4:07 eastern in the nlcs. wrigley two games lead on the cubs. ugly in philly. 21 penalties. 7 turnovers. one bright spot a short touchdown pass from manning to odell beckham but eagles capitalize. including this interception ryan to trip the ball. eagles capitalize on that turnover. bradford to cooper for first touchdown of the season. then manning tele graphing his play all the way as carroll picks off the pass striend and goes all the way for td, second touchdown for the eagles. it gets uglier, eagles 27. giants, 7.
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selena gomez revealed her secret celebrity crush on andy cohen, wouldn't you guess,s it's captain america himself, chris evans. >> i kind of have a crush on chris evans. >> yeah he is super too. >> isn't he cute. >> yes he is super cute. >> he's very cute. >> i think that's a very good pick. look at this. i don't know if you're crushing on those outfits. last night they were 3r50e7 preparing for a special performance on jimmie kimmel live. >> five, six, seven, eight. you have to move so he doesn't crush you. keep taking her around. okay. something like that. >> i will become levane, you become au sautee. >> okay. if at these bbq trophies: best
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. >>. >> breaking news, an overnight fire in new bedford being considered suspicious. >>. >> a crime, policy rochester on the hunt for whoever targeted this dog.
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>> draft kings adding another
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