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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 20, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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a new bedford home heavily damaged when a fire broke out. a man accused of attacking police officers set to face a judge today after a violent arrest in lowell. the couple accused in the death of bella bond known as baby doe headed back to court today. >> good morning, to you everyone. i'm jadiann thompson. i'm christa delcamp. at least it's a little bit warmer than it was this time yesterday. yeah. i think we're back to seasonal temperatures, you know. back to october instead of december. >> absolutely compared to yesterday morning that time numbers about 15 to 20 degrees warmer. lower 50s. boston already now warmer than
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at anytime yesterday. yesterday's high was 48. here we at 9:0051. bedford 50. the trade off though not as bright. a lot of clouds across new england. a burst of rain showers activity overnight and this morning couple of showers up on the seacoast. so the day will feature milder conditions but i think at times we'll run the risk of few sprinkles. there may be a brief shower for some of you. worcester hill, may manadnock region. low convicts >> happening today. a man set to face judge after accused of attacking police officers. this mannen threw an officer down a flight of stairs. let's head to victoria warren. and you are outside with the latest for us right now. good morning. the suspect due to appear in court this morning and we're
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told that this all started with reports of man walking down the center of the road who wouldn't move out of the way of the car and it ended with an arrest that sent through lowell officers to the hospital. 38-year-old jesus spending the night in jail after hurting three local police officer. i witnessed the one cop thrown out the front door three time. jason miller said it started when he beeped his horn at him the street. he came at his van. he just took and shook my window on the driver side of the car and smashed it. he said what are you calling the cop. you just smashed my van. then he took his fist and smashed my side-view mirror out. it was awful.
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things got worse they got there. jason miller said he's glad he stayed in his driver seat in the look in his eyes i didn't i wasn't stepping out of the van. that's for sure. the police officer went to the hospital where we're told they had minor injuries. they checked out. they are going to be okay. as for suspect he arrived at district court and scheduled to go before a judge at some point today. >> also happening today the couple accused in the death of bella bond will be back in court. rochelle bond and her boyfriend are set to attend a hearing. mccarthy charged with killing the 2-year-old girl. rochelle bond is accused of covering up the crime after the fact. police arrested the pair last month. bella's body was discovered in
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a woman accused of sparking an amber alert in mast macedonia is out on jail. they set her bail at $250 on monday. the prosecution had asked for it to be set at $250,000. police say cherry left pennsylvania friday night with her sick 2-month-old son. family said she was worrying him to boston hospital to receive better treatment. now to story that was first on 7 rochester police on the search for a person behind a cruel crime. police say that someone shot a family's dog with a pellet gun several time. that's go to kriks s anderson with more. he's recovering at home and getting better. he was just out looking for the dog he found him bloodied at local cemetery. police in that area are looking
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covered in pellet wounds. at least 8 shots have left the 4-year-old pup bloodied. went to pet him and he had blood all down his site. he let him out of the home to do his business. noble ran off. and when mike finally found him at the neighborhood cemetery that's when he realized someone had shot his beloved ped. he had to have been in a many times. rochester quiet town where you can hear leave russell and birds chirp and this recent report of animal cruelty has police on high alert. it's definitely very difficult when it comes to an animal not able to really defend itself. it's something we take seriously. all tail wags despite the pellets still people embedded in the skin. mike said what's most important to him is finding who could have
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anyone that can do something like this whole different level of sickness. by the way there's no leash law in rochester so having noble out wandering around town shouldn't have been a problem. police are looking for information on who could have shot him. that's the latest live in the control room. 7news "today in new england." right now new bed today investigator trying to figure out exactly what sparked a fire that heavily damaged a home. the fire suspicious. nicole oliverio is at the scene with the latest on this investigation for us. nicole? >> that's because firefighters were called to this home earlier before the fire started. the people inside saying they believe someone was trying to set fire to the home. hours later it was ungulfed. home to several families. investigator think this was no accident. when new bedford firefighter
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arrived around 2:30 to nelson street home flame were shooting out the window the roof ready to cave in. fortunately no one was inside. all the rest doenlt idents were evacuated earlier in the night. firefighter say family inside the home called 911 to say someone was trying to set the building on fire. they didn't allow the tenants back in fearing it wasn't safe. then just hours later firefighters were called back. this time the house was ungulfed. they had it knocked down. probably about a half an hour. investigator belief it was intentionally set but don't know why. right now we can tell you that the state fire marshalls a office along with police are investigating. nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england."
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draft king hasseded a new player to roster after facing some krut any. the fantasy sports site said they hired attorney general martha coakley. jonathan hall has the latest. >> the site confirming that bay attorney martha coakley on the payroll to advice the company on the law, the legislature and regulatory issues. over the past couple of week draft king and competitor have come under scrutiny a draft king's employee released internal data earlier month and won 350,000 in fan dual contest that same week prompting allegation of insider trading. but draft king claim an internal independent investigation found any wrongdoing. the fbi on the case. agents want to faux how both companies operate and legislators want to figure out if the site qualify as gambling. marra healy believes sites like
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draft king and fan dual are legally operating in massachusetts but neat oversight. as you know we are paying attention to this issue. we've met with the company. i continue to be of the vau that it's important that consumer protection be in place. over the middle. you couldn't hold him down. grownkowski for the touchdown. bob kraft invested in draft king and built a new draft king sport fantasy lounge at gillette. >> no comments so far from coakley and no word on what she will learn. baker believe draft king should submit to legislative oversight. he likened the company to uber explode and get a lot of attention and regulators try to keep up. 7news "today in new england." a new numbers just released in the race for the white house a new nbc news poll in "wall street journal" poll show hillary clinton is pulling away from the pack. this is latest from the democratic debate last week. clinton is leading the way with
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49% support up from last month. bernie sanders in the mean time has dropped to 29%. even though he hasn't made a decision whether or not to run joe biden get 15% support. new numbers on the republican side. new cnn has donald trump leaving with 27%. ben carson with 22 their nearest competitor. jeb bush and marco rubio tied with just 8% of the vote. carly fiorina dropped to 4%. the department of homeland security said the campaign have asked for secret service protection. the request are now being reviewed. and final decision is up to congressional committee. according to reports carson has seen a jump in the number of threats he has received. democratic candidate jim web pay run as an independent. he's considering making the switch. the governor of virginia complained number of time during
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last weeks a debate he didn't get enough time to speak. much more ahead on "today in new england." including a special donation for one local women. and its made possible by boston marathon. what a high school student might have been able to do. warmer than yesterday. a lot of clouds and risk of few isolated showers especially north of town. how much will this cost you to get your hands on a picture of this iceberg. a crash inside the o'neill tunnel downtown southbound like a cork in a bottle. it's gone now. the back up is not. look at 93. bumper-to-bumper solid. down to tobin bridge not going anywhere. that's chelsea to boston. very slow going as well. turn pike feeding downtown
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all right. welcome back and thanks for staying with us. a little bit of cold snap yesterday. you may be able to lee the puppy coat this time. i took it out of my closet. i think so. mine i never went that far into the closet because when i go in the closet there's other stuff in there that needs to stay in the closet. broadcast. october weather returning. finishing near 60 degrees. a bit of unsettled pattern because we'll have the front that will come back and forth across new england and every time they move across new england they will generate some clouds and some sprinkles and a
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shower. the chance of rain this week up 40% sprinkle. i think that's happen more likely in new hampshire as opposed to south coast and cape. you notice the chance is there tomorrow. and again thursday. thursday may be the best chance of seeing scattered showers in the afternoon. then i think friday dry with letters of sunshine. some peeks of sunshine. but for everyone it's a warmer start to the day come fired yesterday. low 50s boston at 51. beneficiarierly at 50 degrees. radar showing where we have the rain drops again north of town the new hampshire seacoast southern new hampshire in and out of the sprinkles and showers. there was one burst of rain shower activity metro west last night. moving forward again if anything will bother us in boston it would be from this here north of albany. but as they've been sliding southeast toward new england they've been weakening.
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that's why i think we will have clouds and maybe a passing shower or sprinkle. but nothing more than that. in fact i think south of town you've got a dry day with clouds on the increase throughout the afternoon. we've got a front to north. this is first of several fronts that will pester us with clouds. the next one is over here. that's a warm front. that tries to come back into new england tomorrow. tomorrow features more clouds. temps tomorrow close to today. upper 50s to around 60. then yet another front this cool front here very late in the day thursday. but before that el shows up with shower threat temperature on thursday close to 70. your 7 on 7 forecast lots of sunshine friday and saturday. that will be the brighter of the two weekend days. sunday will offer a lot of clouds. right now for the game at gillette a lot of clouds. dry. low 60s. sounds good. one local woman walking strong back on her feet after a life
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thanks to boston marathon bombing survivor. this was a dream come true for the people involved. . >>reporter: 26-year-old who lost her leg from genetic nerve condition now gets to wear heals for the first time. i feel very tall. i feel good about myself. confident and really, really blessed and grateful. heather abbott a boston marathon bombing survivor started her foundation to help other amputeeings get prosthetics. this is first donation. it feels so great to be able to help somebody else and know we will be able to help more amputees in the future get what they want. hillary practiced walking on her wedges. but her mom is overjoyed. makes me feel good for her to see her smiling so much. and for the 26-year-old who has been looking at methal where her ankle used to be this
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cosmetic leg is the confidence booster she never managed would be possible. it looks like my left leg. it's nice to look in the mirrors. happy. and really the prosthetic looked really nice. it absolutely did. we're happy for her. one top government official e-mail gets hacked. what authorities are saying happen to the director of the cia, coming up. find out what facebook is doing to help improve security for some users. >> at 9:30 the latest on the olympian released from jail.
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>> this sounds something like out of movie. high school student hacking his way into top cia officials e-mail. authorities are saying that might not be the truth. agent trying to figure out what happened to director of the cia. apparent victim isn't just any american or government official. it's john brennan the cia director since 2013 and long-time key player in the u.s. intelligence community. a man who said he's an apparent american high school student claims he hacked his way into
9:21 am
account by fulling into revealing enough information. this twitter account is going now. the apparent hacker said. post what appeared to actual spreadsheet of name and e-mails of current and former intelligence officials. the hacker blanked out their social security numbers. he claims he got into the comcast billing account of homeland security jay johnson. this was brennan personal e-mail account it appear no classified information was compromised. it's an embarrassing reminder e-mail. all the time. when you type into a keyboard. no matter what you are typing the love note to lover. assume someone else is probably looking over your shoulder. there was reported by the "new york post" which said the hacker not identified claims he east policy. both the fbi and secret
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just ahead here on "today in new england." this could be the iceberg that sank the "titanic." but how much will a picture of it run you? >> at 9:30 a wild rescue caught on camera after young boy struggles in the water. the devastating mud slide in california last week on the minds of many. now officials get ready for more
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>> a piece of history has become quite a pricey photo. this the now up for sale. it was taken back in 1912 just
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after the famous ship sank into the atlantic ocean. the photo expected to sell for more than 20,000. facebook said rolling out a new safety feature they will warn you if you've been targeted by an international hacker. the feature will require user to enter a special code. facebook encourage people to take the necessary step in order to secure online accounts. star gaszor gather autronmy night the group also included texas teenager you probably remember his story. he is high school student whos arrested last month after a homemade clock he made. for a bomb 14-year-old gained national attention for the incident and got him a personal invite to last night's event from the president.
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ahead in the next half hour the latest on a fire from overnight in new bedford. we're live with details on why officials call it suspicious. forecast for the rest of the week coming up next. lamar odem moves from hospital [music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too.
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a suspicious fire under investigate snun. we're live with the latest there. some wild weather hitting california last week as officials prepare for what could be on the way. the blade runner out of prison where oscar pistorius is headed now. welcome back, everyone. 9:30 this morning. hope you are having a yes
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hope you are used to roller coaster ride. seems like it's been all over the place lately. that's a great point. i heard pete talking last night it was going up and down and up and down again. absolutely right now. boston 51. bedford 50. norwood, 52. norwood yesterday morning 17 degrees. now you're at 52. changes are brewing. i don't think we will have teens and 20s this team. going back and forth through the weather. clouds and some showers. most of the rain drops so far boston southern new hampshire southern vermont. but this whole line of showers activity has been sagging. i think as we get into the afternoon the weather system will weaken. but we'll run the risk of couple afternoon. otherwise we've got mostly cloudy sun. breezy, mild, low 60s today. right now an investigation under way down in new bedford.
9:29 am
officials say a fire there appears to be no accident. crews battle fierce flames inside of triple decker. nicole oliverio at the scene morning. nicole? >> firefighter say the triple decker is now complete loss. you can see the damage to this home. firefighter arrived to the scene here just after 2:30. they say by the time they got here there were flame coming out of the window and the roof was ready to cave in. now fortunately the three family that live inside this triple deckler were not at home. that's because the fire department actually called up to this home hours earlier around 7:30 people living inside people called 911 to say they saw someone trying to set a home on fire. fire department arrived the fire chief made the call to not let the people who live here back inside. then it was 2:30 they got the call again this time the house was ungulfed in flames. that's right now investigator
9:30 am
who and why it's still under investigation. for now that's the latest live in new bedford. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." happening today the couple accused in the death of bella bond will be back in court. they are set to attend a hearing. mccarthy charged with killing the 2-year-old girl. rochelle bond bella's mother accused of covering up the crime after the fact. police arrested the pair last month. and bella body was discovered on deer island in june after she died. investigator say mccarthy and bond placed the little girl's body in the refrigerator before putting in it the water off of south boston. and rochester police look for the person who shot a family's dog what they believes a pell italian gun or bb gun that chocolate lab named noble is recovering at home. his owner found him bloodied. police ask anyone with information to please contact them.
9:31 am
apartment building in china town. the flames were sparked by electrical short circut. investigation into what caused this roof to collapse. this building vacant and no one was hurt. new this morning the upcoming crow sher of the nuclear plant could have an impact on national gas and pipeline throughout the region. it's set to shutdown by 2019. regional grid operator said the closure could force new england to rely more on natural gas. but customer likely won't see a hike in prices because power plants have cut down on the current price of energy. a judge has thrown out the lawsuit challenging the sell of the land where steve wynn plans to build a casino.
9:32 am
that ruling states that the tax payer who filed the suit in july do not have the legal standing to dispute the sale. winn purchased for 6 million. he said the sale followed the rule of the public bidding process. a dairy, new hampshire women is not commented to face charge after they rescue dozens of animal from her home. chickens and dogs, cats, lizzards, all living in dirty cages with waste scattered through the small home. police say they found sick and starving horse. once neighbors started noticing the filth. it reek of urnie. we had lots of rats drawn in by the horse may newers. the women loved animal just she couldn't care for them. they are in the care of sbca and animal control. new details on lamar odem's hospitalization.
9:33 am
hospital to a los angeles hospital to continue his treatment. oden found unconscious last week at a vegas brothel. he regained consciousness on friday and all right started physical therapy. doctors say he could start trying to walk in the coming weeks. oscar pistorius now out of jail and under house arrest. the double amputee olympic runner accused of shooting girlfriend was released from prison after serving a 1-year part of his five-year sentence. he was found guilty of mansion slaughter last year. prosecutors still seek a murder conviction. turning to wild weather out in california. mud slides hitting the southern part of the state very hard last week. while the cleanup is still continuing. official prepare for the next major weather event and that would be el nino. as mud slides in northern l.a. county were not enough to make the point. yesterday a team of state and
9:34 am
local officials gathered to reinforce it. this the pretty good hint on the activity we may see. a mountain of mud come barrels down on you. this family ford expedition got trapped in the mud that flowed from an hour's worth of rain. the concern what winter will bring with strongest el nino in 18 years. 95% probability. if we we see upward of average rainfall. l.a. county public work finished annual cleanup of flood control catch basin and doing final vegetation removal from flood channel. nobody has found a way to storm proof an entire region. they will sit over one area that we didn't see coming. the main areas are those below stripped by wildfire. we're putting a plan in place for regional coordination. emergency services activated regional command center just
9:35 am
the larger message delivered on a new web silent. is that the beyond what emergency responder do after disaster strikes before then family and neighbors need to get ready. it's back to the old day. neighbor helping neighbor. that's the only thing that will work. in the mean time california still asking feem to conserve water until the reservoirs start filling up again. people in the northern philippines are cleaning up this morning after a typhoon sent water and mud pouring into their home. the powerful storm skilled nine people and forced thousand from their home. heavy win and rain knocked down trees causing mud sly. thousands of people live in temporary shelters there. checking news across country texas woman is killed when a car come crashing into a grocery store. self people were shopping inside at the time. driver elderly women driving in reverse.
9:36 am
taking a dangerous turn on stage in arizona. a performer reenacting a gunfight was shot with real bullets. they were supposed to be blanks. they expected the women and found the gun was filled with several live rounds. officials have nut the reenactment on hold for now. caught on camera. a training exercise turning into we'll life water rescue. emergency responder came across young boy struggling to swim. strong current have pulled him under water after he fell off this inner tube. responder brought him to shore where he was reunited with parents. still ahead on "today in necessarily new england. soldier's surprise. he made his son's dream come true. gronc making history of the weekend. hear what his qb had to say. we have clouds and some sun.
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>> maybe someone bumped up the heat a little bit. no one was looking someone who may slap your hand.
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between the thermostat fight. absolutely. hopefully married people all the above will be fighting over the thermostat. people across town. i can't believe you turned it last night bro. we would stand strong. i thanks. sunday night and last night. it was cold. blue square s indicating cold day. today we add an orange day. october month where you go back and forth over all the month averaging about the degree below normal because of the extreme cold sunday and yesterday. ten cold days 7 warm days couple of day right around normal. right now the numbers in the low 50s, boston at 51 at this time. plymouth 54. worcester at 46. we have seen a couple of sprinkles and isolated showers. now the activity is back up across southern new hampshire. this is where it's been for much of the morning so far.
9:41 am
begin to sag south into massachusetts as that happened. i think that's when we run the risk of a shower or probably more likely just a sprinkles. there's some showers now back toward albany, new york. if they were to hold together that's a big if if they hold together across new england over the next couple of hours. as we work later into the afternoon we dry out. just that dream blob. nothing significant or long lasting. won't be as bright as yesterday. we have a lot of clouds. we'll have this weather system a cool front that tries to deliver chilly air back into new england. the front itself not that far away tomorrow. it get replaced by a whole new warmth weather front. a warm front that will generate
9:42 am
clouds in new england and even again thursday. you can see here a lot of change coming at us. no significant weather. we're not talking 20s to 80s or anything like that. but the normal high is around 60. today low 60s. if you get enough sun thushs day you may hang out briefly in lower 70s. today a few sprinkles this morning. it will be southwest helping to boost the temp into the 60s. winds will gust around 40 miles per hour. we have such great story about a soldier surprise for a boy in pennsylvania. his father mid tail and wasn't
9:43 am
supposed to come home until christmas. but that all change yesterday at school. this the moment to watch over and over again. it's the first time that air force tech has seen his son jason. jason sixth grade class at middle school to talk about veteran day. little did jason know who the guest speaker was. welcome our veteran jerry taylor i got up and i ran. as far as i could. i spend the past 6 and a half months away from my family. in place that i can't really tell you about. he's been deployed oversea in southeast asia while his family had been adjusting to moving to a new city. jason wasn't expecting his dad to be back until closer to the holiday.
9:44 am
>> i've been on pins and needles the past couple of week that i knew the date i would return and haven't been able to tell them. >> it was total surprise. aim just really happy he's home. the surprise getting applause from classmates and lots of hugs from dad. very sweet. sergeant taylor headed over daughter's high school and surprised her. i love to see kid reaction when they play the stores. tom brady connecting with gronc sunday. he made history. you will hear from tv twelve himself on gronc's good play. football. no so much the game monday night.
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good morning. 5-and-0 is 5-and-0. five great wins. they didn't play out the colts like most predictment. they out smarted and outplayed and ultimately they outscored them. >> they grabbed the 60th touchdown of career fifth tight end and fastest reaching the milestone. just 70 games. gronc back in the end zone after
9:47 am
getting shutout the previous. he got in the end zone which was good to see. so we would like to get in there more often. it was a good opportunity. gronc was in the secondary. it's a big play in the game celtics nets preseason fareden david lee have the night off. but look who is back line up after bout with strep throat. that timing worth another look. worth nine points last night. second half avery bradley and ameer johnson working to perfection. johnson get the bucket. he had 15. celtics were led by rookie rozier who dropped 16 including a perfect three for three from long range.
9:48 am
toronto earning first win. game four coming up later this afternoon and in the nlcs that shifts to chicago tonight with mets leading 2-0. i'm joe amorosino, have a great day. the eagles are 3-and-3 this season. thanks to their win over the giant they are tied with new york now at the top of nfc east. philadelphia defense proving to be too much for manning to handle. the eagles had two interceptions one was returned for touchdown. philly also sacked manning three times last fight. eagles won it 27-7. bluejays getting their first win of the series. toronto hit three homers in the game. kansas city leads the series two games to one. game four this afternoon. game three of nlcs tonight. nets lead the games two games to none. up next in "the buzz" the force has officially awakened.
9:49 am
the latest "star wars" trailer is out and fan can't get enough. the show could be making a big return. details up next. a little bit of sun. a lot of cloud. one last look at the forecast up next. that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful. it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect
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perhaps most anticipated half time show outside of super bowl. the latest trailer the force awakened debuted during monday night football. the film premiers december 18th and ticket wept on sale monday as well. there was such a high demand that bunch of ticket crashed. and patriot's wide receiver getting in on the "star wars"
9:52 am
number 11 tweeting out they were supposed star pass. that's a -- may the force be with you. multiple sources confirm thing morning that net flicks has inked a deal. negotiations are just starting for a mini series revival of the show. pbs announcing the start date for final season of abby. the first episode will air january 3rd. the season will run through the first week of march. big on weight watcher the former talk show host said she begins the program so much that she bought a 10% stake in the weight loss company. her big bet paid off. she made about 70 million when
9:53 am
the stock price doubled. oprah will make appearances for the company and help develop health and wellness program. happy birthday to you. you heard that right. a special shoutout on 37th birthday from president obama and the first lady. the first family wishing the singer happy birthday during his visit to the white house. and he will kind of surprised when they put out cupcake with the candle in it. very nice. also michelle arm look great. you noticed. meet chaning the pooh. winnie creepy older brother. posting halloween attire on instagram saying it terrified children. no wonder. he was with his daughter.
9:54 am
the costume. it look a little bit odd there. sun under arrest. richard hilfinger punched a security guard outside nightclub. he's also charged with possessing marijuana. that gets you up-to-date. why he couldn't get into a club. how ironic. let's talk about this. you look great. appreciate that. right now lower 50s boston and 54. norwood 56. a lot of clouds. a little bit of sun. even some sprinkles and isolated showers for the most in new hampshire. many metro boston there may be burst of rain shower activity. low 60s today. upper 50s tomorrow. close to 70 on thursday. oh, wow. j.r., thank you.
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we'll be back here for 7 news at noon. we'll see you at noon. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life.
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