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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  October 20, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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new acrylic tub, th beautiful seamless walls that guarantee a water-tight fit! look at my before and after pics. the color, the pattern, and all the new accessories were selected by me. a new bath tub changes your life. and it's never been more affordable! measure. make. install. it's easy, with bath fitter. don't wait! call today, or learn more at >> this is 7 news at noon. >> christa: breaking news this afternoon. the judge in the baby doe case granting a request by the defense for forecast a second autopsy to be performed on the little girl whose body was found on deer island. her mother, rachelle bond and her boyfriend michael mccarthy are charged in connection with the little two-year-old's death. they are back in court this morning. >> jadiann: mccarthy's attorney maintained his client's innocence. 7's steve cooper is live for us in dorchester with the very
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latest on what just happened in court. steve? >> reporter: jadiann, security here at dorchester district court, extremely tight here for this hearing that lasted all of five minutes here this morning. right now. this was enough time for the judge to allow a defense request for a second autopsy on baby bella. >> defendant will be held without bail... >> reporter: 35-year-old michael mccarthy back in court on charges he murdered two-year-old baby bella. he looked pretty different. clean-shaven and the short hair. compared to a one month ago, when he appeared with a mustache and long scraggly hair. baby bella's mother rachelle accessory. >> i'm disgusted. >> reporter: baby bella's biological father was disgusted seeing bond back in court. he is here for his daughter. >> like i said, this is all justice for bella from here on out. rord >> reporter: if judge agreed to allow the defense to
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have a second autopsy conducted on the body. the first autopsy, according to prosecutors, determined the two-year-old girl was murdered, but the cause and manner of death remains unknown. >> there have been some issues with the medical examiner's office. i wanted my own person to give me a second opinion. >> reporter: back in june, bella's remains were discovered in a trash bag that washed ashore on deer island. no one was able to identify her. three months later, police received a tip after bond allegedly told a friend mccarthy killed bella, but mccarthy's attorney says his client didn't do it. >> he didn't do it. he thinks this was a great tragedy. but he is not responsible. >> reporter: all right. so where things stand right now, bond and mccarthy remain behind bars. bond is being held on $1 million cash bail. mccarthy remains behind bars. he is being held without bail right now. both are due back here in dorchester district court next month. there are indications that the two could be indicted by a
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this afternoon, steve cooper, 7 news. >> jadiann: all right. thank you so much for the update, steve. we continue to follow this story for you on-line. at wayne. also on the 7 news mobile app and you can check for updates on our facebook and twitter accounts. >> christa: also on 7: investigators trying to figure out what started a fire that heavily damaged this home. down in new bedford. officials are telling us the fire is suspicious. nicole oliverio reports from the scene with new information on the investigation. a triple-decker, home to several families, burned. investigators think this was no accident. when new bedford firefighters arrived around 2:30 to the nelson street home, flames were shooting out the windows, the roof ready to cave in. fortunately no, one was inside because crews had been called to the same home just hours earlier. >> all the residents were evacuated earlier in the night. we had an attempted arson at this property.
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>> reporter: people inside the home called 911 to say someone was trying to set the bidding on fire. fire crews stayed at the scene for three hours. then left. they didn't allow the tenants back in, fearing it wasn't safe. then hours later, firefighters were called back. this time, the house was engulfed. >> they had to knock down... they had it knocked down in probably a half hour. >> reporter: they believe it was intentionally set but don't know why. police are investigating to try and find the people responsible. in new bedford, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> reporter: officers injured: a man in lowell facing a judge today, after he is accused of attacking police. police say that man even threw one of them down a flight of stairs. let's go live to victoria warren at the courthouse. >> reporter: man is here at lowell district court waiting for his arraignment. this all started because the
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suspect was walking down the middle of the street and wouldn't get out of the way of an approaching car. it ended with his arrest. and three lowell police officers going to the hospital. the 38-year-old spending the night in jail, accused in a violent, angry tie raid that hurt three lowell police officers. jason miller says it all started when he beeped his horn at the man who he says was walking in the middle of the street. miller says he came at his van. >> he just shook my window. and smashed it. he came back at me. and this time, he said "what, are you calling the cops?" i said, "yeah, i'm calling the cops. you smashed my van up." >> there were cops everywhere. it was awful. awful. what he did to him. it was awful. >> reporter: things got worse when police showed up. the man accused of throwing a police officer down the stairs and fighting with back-up.
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jason miller says he is glad he stayed in his driver's seat. >> the look in his eyes was... i didn't... i wasn't stepping out of the van. that is for sure. >> reporter: those three police officers did get checked out at the hospital. their injuries described as minor. they are going to be okay. the suspect is scheduled for an arraignment here at lowell district court. at some point this afternoon. live in lowell, victoria warren, 7 news. >> christa: your forecast for today: a lot of clouds out there. but good news. fvrbs not as cold as it was yesterday. and looks like we will see a rebound with some warm weather later on this week. so let the roller-coaster ride continue, j.r. >> jeremy: here is one weather system passing through southern new england. clouds. and a few isolated showers. some sprinkles. boston north. they are scooting right along, though. these will jump off-shore and into the harbor.
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probably about 12:30. 12:45. for the remainder of the afternoon, a fair amount of clouds. 50's and 60's for the city. bedford at 55. this weather system weakened and passes through southern new england. and then a whole new weather system will come at us for tomorrow. we will talk more about that in a few minutes. >> jadiann: now a story you saw first on 7: rochester police searching for the person behind a cruel crime. >> christa: someone shot a family's dog with a pellet gun or some other gun several times. kris anderson, what is the latest on the story? >> reporter: poor little fella. the good news is the dog is recovering at home. he is doing better. his owner found him bloodied at a local cemetery. now police are looking for whoever targeted him. noble, the chocolate lab covered in pellet wounds. at least eight shots that left the four-year-old pup bloodied.
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>> i went to pet him. he had blood on his side. >> reporter: last wednesday, noble ran off. when mike finally found him at the neighborhood cemetery, that's when he realized someone had shot his beloved pet. >> he had to have been in a confined area to have been shot that many times. you know, to be shot like >> reporter: rochester is a quiet town. you can hear leaves rustle and birds chirp. and this recent report of animal cruelty has police on high alert. >> it's definitely difficult. when it comes to an animal, not able to really defend itself. and it is something that we take very seriously. >> reporter: noble is all tail-wags despite the pellet still embended in his skin. family. mike says what's most important to him is finding who could have been so cruel. >> anyone who can do something like this, a whole different level of sickness. >> reporter: there is no leash
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law in rochester. having noble out wandering around on his own should haven't been a problem. police are looking for any information on who could have shot him. live in the control room, kris anderson, 7 news. >> christa: martha coakley will be at the legal line of scrimmage for boston-based draftkings. employ easy are accused of using insider information to win money on the fantasy football web site. the pittsfield native will now advise draftkings on its legal options. she was attorney general for eight years. the site and its rival site fanduel have faced questions about the integrity of business since a data leak happened back in september. >> jadiann: new details on the condition of lamar odom. a family representative says just last night, a helicopter took odom from a hospital in las vegas to one in southern california. these photos obtained by daily
12:10 pm appear to show odom inside that brothel just outside of las vegas last week. odom was later taken to a hospital in that area after new numbers released in the a new nbc news-"wall street journal" poll shows hillary clinton is pulling away from the pack. >> christa: yeah. this is latest poll since the democratic debate that happened. clinton leading the way with 49% support. that is up from last month. bernie sanders dropping to 29%. he hasn't made a decision on whether or not not to run, joe biden is still garnering 15% of the vote in this poll. >> jadiann: new numbers on the republican side as well. a new cnn poll has donald trump leading the field with 27%. ben carson behind at 22%. their nearest competitors not so close. jeb bush, marco rubio, tied with just 8% of the vote. carly fiorina dropping to just 4%. meantime, the department of homeland security says donald trump and ben carson's campaigns have both asked for
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secret service protection. the requests are being reviewed now. a final decision is up to a congressional committee. according to reports, carson has seen a jump in the number of threats he has had. >> christa: presidential candidate jim webb is expected to announce this afternoon he is dropping out of the democratic race. there are reports he is considering making a switch and running as an independent. the former governor of virginia complained a number of times, you will recall, during last week's debate. he didn't get enough time to speak, he said. >> jadiann: next at noon, the big dig, in boston. a different type, though. the city looking for history on the common. >> reporter: you see people walking by looking at their baby carriages, looking at their cell phones. some people are looking for something uncommon on the boston common.
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looking for links to the past. 400 to as much as a thousand years ago. these 6th and 7th graders from rhode island couldn't believe their luck on a field trip to the freedom trail, they found what could be history in the making. or at least unearthing. >> i think it's really cool. i want to see if they can find, like, any interesting facts. or help out with the history of this place. >> reporter: the city doing its own digging. looking for evidence of native-americans who lived here 400 to 1,000 years ago. and british troops who camped here before the revolutionary war. >> we know the troops were here. no doubt about. that we don't know what their lives were look... were like living in tents surrounded by rebels who didn't like that they were here. we want to know about their daily lives. report tt treasure would be found in what was once trash. items the native-americans or
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away in their daily lives. garbage that people left we want people who left stuff here from 400 years ago, that is what we are going to look for. the stuff they left behind. stories of people's lives. >> reporter: they have hit paydirt already. i'm told this is significant. pieces of clam shells that would have been taken out of filled with water 400, 500 feet away. the indian tribe, the native-american tribe would have actually, taken these clam shells, eaten the clams, used the shells for eating with as well. and this is significant enough that is they are going to be back here next week, digging for more and you can watch them do their work. dan hausle, 7 news. >> jadiann: all right. a little history lesson there, too. coming up at noon, a motorcycle crash cause on camera. everyone is okay. now we are hearing from the
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why he will not apologize. >> christa: a hack attack targets the director of the c.i.a. his personal e-mail information getting exposed. >> jeremy: lot of clouds and isolated showers for the next 45 minutes. then dry this afternoon. forecast up next. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. party on, people. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is back... plus 1! celebrate when you buy one get one at half price off the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens. the entire store! 'cause the older we get, the more you save. that's just how we roll.
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> christa: temperature fluctuation. >> jadiann: right, right. you don't know what you are going to get. town. i was told when i first got here, oh, you don't like the it will change. wait a minute. i get it. i get it. you were right. >> jeremy: >> jeremy: winter is still on the way. let's not tell her about that just yet. right. exactly. 15-20 degrees warmer right now. compared to yesterday at this time. 50's and 60's.
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norwood, 64. yesterday morning, down to 17. now up to 64. i think for the afternoon, we are going to be dry. there may be one or two more isolated showers that try to pop along this weather system. mainly dry afternoon. from this week... weak cool front settling south. this tries to deliver cool air back into new england tomorrow. it won't be anything like we dealt with over the weekend. i do think because the front is still close to us tomorrow, a lot of clouds. temps tomorrow a little bit cooler than today. we work into thursday. more clouds around. with more fronts. warm and cool fronts. warm on thursday.
12:17 pm
around 70. eventually, this cool front here sweeps through new england thursday evening. there may be an sigh lated shower or two thursday afternoon. thursday evening. you know, without any storms to contend, with it is not like we are tracking big bags of rain. we have fronts wavering back and forth. the numbers continue to bounce up and down. although i don't have 17 in the forecast. we are clear there. low 60's today. upper 50's tomorrow. back to the 60's, perhaps even closer to 70 on thursday. then friday, mostly sunny skies. that is a little cool shot of air. temps on friday in the lower 50's. saturday, looks like the brighter of the two weekend days. with a few sprinkles possible sunday morning. >> christa: still ahead today at noon, a motorcycle miracle: two people survive when a driver clips them on the roadway. wow. >> jadiann: facebook will warn people if they have been
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>> jadiann: a motorcycle crash caught on camera in texas. you can see the driver of the white car swerved right into the bike as the motorcycle tries to pass traffic. we have it highlighted right there for you. it is so hard to see. oh, my goodness. >> christa: everybody survived. that is the important news here. the driver is defending himself here. it is the video that eric
12:20 pm
he and his girlfriend hit, thrown from their motorcycle by a driver who swerved as they tried to pass. it is something the man behind the wheel of the car william crumm says was an accident. >> all of a sudden, i felt left leg. i immediately went like this. i was driving with my left hand. >> the driver stopped. you hit him? >> i don't care. >> reporter: in the video, he says he doesn't care. >> the guy jumped on me verbally from 40 feet away. i'm so sorry. like i said, i wish neither one of us was there at that same moment. >> christa: he says he didn't intentionally hit anyone and he would apologize to sanders' girlfriend. to him? no. he was doing something illegal. >> i didn't. i crossed the double yellow line.
12:21 pm
that does not give him the right to hurt me. >> christa: sanders doesn't buy that it was an accident. >> before he got out of the vehicle, i knew he hit me on purpose. >> christa: he struggles to understand why. >> i want to know why he hit me. he didn't hit me on accident: it is not just a coincidence. >> christa: sanders is also saying that his girlfriend facing a possibility of losing her arm because of her injuries. >> jadiann: up next at noon, a top government official has his e-mail hacked. what happened to the director of the c.i.a. >> >> christa: the man accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend is out of jail. oscar pistorius now under
12:22 pm
>> christa: this sounds like something out of a move arey practically. a high school student hacking his way into a top c.i.a.
12:23 pm
official's personal e-mail. >> jadiann: this is a high-profile hack involving the director of the c.i.a. the apparent victim isn't just any american or government official. it's john brennan, the c.i.a. director since 201. a longtime key player in the u.s. intelligence community. a man who says he is an apparent american high school student claims he hacked his way into brennan's personal a.o.l. e-mail account by fooling verizon and a.o.l. into letting him reset the password. the hacker blanked out the social security numbers. the hacker says he found brennan's application for security clearance. and claims he got into the comcast big account of homeland security secretary jay johnson. this was brennan's personal e-mail account. not his government account.
12:24 pm
and it appeared no classified information was compromised. still it's an embarrassing reminder that there is nothing secure about e-mail. >> i give people this advice all the time. when you are typing into a keyboard, no matter what you are typing. a love note to your lover, assume somebody else is probably looking over your shoulder. >> jadiann: the "new york post" says the hacker was not identified. he did this to protest u.s. middle east policy. all right. much more to come in the next half hour. >> christa: a suspicious fire that happened down in new bedford. with the flames really damaging a home there. >> jeremy: lot of clouds. a few isolated showers to start the afternoon. a mild afternoon. forecast up next. >> jadiann: the couple charged in the death of bella bond appearing in court. what happened in front of a judge in dorchester. we will have that live.
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>> christa: we are still tracking breaking news. the judge in the baby doe case granting a request by the defense for now a second autopsy to be performed on little bella bond. the two-year-old's mother reach bond and her boyfriend michael mccarthy are both charged in connection with the little girl's death were back in court. lawyer said his client was innocent. steve cooper has the latest from dorchester. >> reporter: 35-year-old michael mccarthy back in court on charges he murdered baby bella. he looked pretty different. clean-shaven and the short hair. compared to his arraignment a month ago when he appeared with the long scraggly hair and a mustache.
12:28 pm
also in court: baby bella's mother reach bond. she is charged as an accessory. baby bella's biological father told us he was disgusted seeing bond back in court. he is here for his daughter. >> like i said, this is all justice for bella from here on out. >> reporter: the judge agreed to allow the defense to have a second independent autopsy conducted on the body. the first autopsy, according to prosecutors determined the two-year-old girl was murdered, but the cause and manner of death remains unknown. >> there have been some issues in the medical examiner's office. >> reporter: back in june, bella's remains were discovered in a trash bag that had washed ashore on deer island. no one at the time was able to identify her. then three months later, police received a tip after bond told a friend mccarthy killed bella. but mccarthy's attorney says his client didn't do it. >> he thinks this is a great
12:29 pm
tragedy, but he is not responsible. >> reporter: bond and mccarthy remain behind bars. bond on $1 million bail. mccarthy, no bail. they are both due back here next month. >> jadiann: we are also following this story on-line. on and on 7 news app. >> christa: flames tear through a home down in new bedford. today investigators are trying to figure out exactly what sparked this fire. in fact, they are saying it was suspicious. investigators think this was no accident. >> it seems suspicious at this time. >> reporter: when firefighters arrived around 2:30 to the nelson street home, flames were shooting out the windows. the roof ready to cave in. fortunately, no one was inside
12:30 pm
to same home. people inside the home called 911 to say someone was trying to set the building on fire. fire crews stayed at the scene for three hours. then left. they didn't allow the tenants back in, fearing it wasn't safe. then just hours later, firefighters were called back. this time, the house was engulfed. >> they had no knock down... they had it knocked down in a half hour. >> reporter: investigators believe it was intentionally set but don't know why. >> reporter: police are trying to find the people responsible. >> jadiann: 7 news now turning to your forecast. a lot of clouds out there today. not as cold as yesterday. we are going to see some rebounding warmer weather this week. i guess j.r., maybe those
12:31 pm
little bit. >> jeremy:. yes. very good, jadiann. now we have a cool front dropping in from northern new england. the numbers will bounce back and forth. thankfully, we are done with the cold air that we had yesterday. a couple of sprinkles around the metro at this time. they are moving fast. these blue blobs here, they are not snow flurries today. boston right now, 62. jaffrey at 62. new bedford at 61. for the afternoon, a mix of clouds and sun. you notice the dry air back through new hampshire, working south into massachusetts. and also southeast massachusetts, the south coast, holding on to sunshine. some decent... a decent fall afternoon. temps in the low to mid-60's. tomorrow, not quite as warm. >> christa: we will go to some breaking news. police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted an 18-year-old student on the campus of bridgewater state. this happened near the campus'
12:32 pm
university center. the university campus center, more specifically. the victim told police she met him on a social networking site. police have released a sketch. police believe he is about 25 years old. anyone with any information should contact police. >> jadiann: an apartment building going up in flames in chinatown. the fire was sparked by an electrical short-circuit. it happened last night on harrison avenue. two people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. there were about 40 living in the building who were forced to leave because of that fire. the investigation continues into what sparked the fire in jamaica plain. it caused a roof to collapse. sky 7-hd over the scene yesterday. you see there the firefighters trying to extinguish those flames. the building was vacant. luckily, no one hurt. >> christa: a derry, new
12:33 pm
expected to face charges after animals were found living in filth at her home. neighbors note tide will the notified police. >> it reeks of urine. there were 19 chickens, i believe, taken out. >> the rats were drawn in by horse manure and other animals. >> christa: the woman loved the animals but couldn't take care of them. now they are in the care of the spca and animal control. we also have new details now on lamar odom's hospitalization. the former n.b.a. star has been moved from las vegas to a los angeles hospital. for continuous treatment. odom was found unconscious last week at a brothel in las vegas. he regained consciousness on friday. he has started physical therapy already. trying to walk even in the copping weeks. oscar pistorius is out of jail and under house arens. the double amputee olympic runner accused of shooting his
12:34 pm
girlfriend in 2013. he was released from prison after serving one year of his five-year sentence. pistorius was found guilty of manslaughter last year. and prosecutors, meantime, are still seeking a murder conviction. >> jadiann: the upcoming closure of the pilgrim nuclear plant could have an impact on natural gas through the region. a regional grid operator says the closure could force new england to rely more on natural gas. but customers likely will not see a hike in prices. that is because efficient power plants have cut down on the current price of energy. a judge has thrown out the lawsuit challenging the sale of the land where steve wynn plans to build a casino in everett. wynn purchased the land for $6 million. and now to this wild weather in california. mud-slides hit the southern
12:35 pm
week. >> christa: they are still cleaning up. now they have to look forward to the next big weather event. el nino. yesterday, a teamle of state and local officials gathered to reinforce it. >> what we have seen is kind of a pretty good hint on the kind of activity we might see. >> a mountain of mud comes barreling down on you. >> reporter: one family got trapped in the mud that flowed from an hour of rain. the concern is what winter will bring with the strongest el nino in 18 years. it is a forecast climate prediction center reaffirmed is odds-on, 95% probability. >> we can see upwards of 200% of average rainfall. >> reporter: l.a. county public works has conducted its
12:36 pm
>> the main worries are areas below slopes that have been stripped by wilefires. >> there are many areas where we are identifying and pting a plan in place for regional coordination. >> it's pack to the old days. neighbor helping neighbor. >> christa: california is asking people to conserve water until reservoirs fill up once again. >> jadiann: people in the northern philippines are cleaning up from a typhoon that september water and mud pouring into their homes. the powerful storm killed nine people and thousands had to evacuate. thousands are still living in temporary shelters there. >> christa: still ahead on 7 news, a training exercise
12:37 pm
becomes a real-life water rescue. the whole thing was caught on camera. >> jadiann: a local woman >> jeremy: temps near 60 this afternoon. near 70 on thursday. forecast up next. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is back... plus 1! woo-hoo! right now buy one get one at half price throughout the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens. the entire store! hey, any excuse for a party. and big savings.
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that is moving process of trying to move the cool air back in, resulting in clouds. and occasionally, there have been a couple of sprinkles and showers around the metro-north this morning. as we move forward through the afternoon, this weather system, you notice the rain shower activity dwindles. there may be rain-drops south of the mass. pike. if you have outdoor plans this afternoon, keep them. there may be a five or ten-minute shower, sprinkle. that would be about it. that would be weather system one. this one is a warm front. again, even tomorrow, despite a lot of clouds, only a little cooler. uper 50's. then on thursday, here you go. more clouds than sun. a warm one. temperatures on thursday, 65-70. and then this cool front here, this is the strongest of the three. this will sweep through thursday night. a few isolated showers. mostly it will get rid of the
12:42 pm
and you know, showers. by friday, it will be mostly sunny. a little bit cool. temps in the lower 50's on friday. the chance of rain today, again, a 40% chance of sprinkles. that would be about it. 10% chance tomorrow. thursday, 60% chance of afternoon showers. this is not to say that it rains 60% of the day. because it won't. thursday will be a mild day. as will today. even tomorrow, again, normal high of 60. not too shabby. friday, you notice the cooldown friday afternoon. low to mid-50's. this afternoon, 60-65. a little windy at times out of the southwest. especially on the cape. we have the wind advisory down there. winds will gust around 30-5 miles an hour. friday and saturday, loaded with sunshine. sunday, a lot of clouds. then maybe a couple of isolated showers sunday morning. i think we can get them out of there before kickoff sunday afternoon.
12:43 pm
jets, jets, jets. low 60's. >> jadiann: all right, j.r. making a cameo there. one local woman walking strong back on her feet after a life-changing donation. this is thanks to a boston marathon bombing survivor. heather abbot. >> christa: a special surprise was a dream come true for this young woman. here is kim khazei. >> reporter: hillary cohen who lost her leg from a genetic nerve condition now gets to wear heels for the first time. >> i feel very tall. i feel really good about myself and i feel very confident. i'm really grateful. >> reporter: hepter abbot, a boston marathon bombing survivor started a foundation to help other amputees get prosthetics. >> it feels so great to help somebody else out and know that we will be able to help more in the future get what they want.
12:44 pm
>> reporter: hillary practiced walkening on her wedges which, will take a bit of getting used to. her mom is overjoyed for her. >> so see her smile so much. makes me feel good. >> reporter: this cosmetic leg never imagined would be possible. i'm kim khazei, 7 news. >> jadiann: coming up, he wasn't supposed to be home until christmas. how one soldier made his son's dreams come true a little early. >> christa: exciting news for fans of the gilmore girls.
12:45 pm
>> jadiann: welcome back, everyone. facebook will warn people if they have been targeted by international hackers. the feature requires users to
12:46 pm
enter a special code when logging on to facebook from an unrecognized device or... >> christa: this story will warm your heart. a surprise for a boy down in pennsylvania. >> jadiann: his father was in the military. he wasn't supposed to come home until christmas. that changed. it changed at school. this is a moment to watch over and over again. the first time in nearly 7 months that jerry taylor has seen his son jason. jason's sixth-grade class asemibled in the gym at his veteran's day. little did jason know who the
12:47 pm
sergeant taylor has been deployed overseas in southeast asia while his family has been ajusting to moving to a new city. jason wasn't expecting his dad to be back until closer to the holidays. >> have been on pins and needles the past couple of weeks. i have known the date i was going to return. and haven't been able to tell them. >> it was a total surprise. i'm just really happy that he is home. >> jadiann: the surprise getting applause from his classmates and lots of hugs from his dad. sergeant taylor surprised his daughter too at her school. >> christa:, the latest star wars trailer is out. and fans can't get enough. we have it ahead in the buzz. >> jeremy: sweet. one last look at the forecast up next. this flu season...
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>> christa: we are back with breaking news. this is coming from 495 in lawrence. a bit of a back-story as we look at the scene here. looks like that trailer is involved. pulled over there to the side. we understand there was a vehicle, potentially a truck that lost a wheel. and that truck was traveling on the southbound side. and then it crossed over into the northbound side. and we are looking at two
12:50 pm
you know, what happened was that the vehicle lost a tire. i believe from what we are getting from mass mass state police right now, the tire went across the highway. that inadvertently caused a rollover crash. that is what state police are telling us right now. what vehicle may have been involved in the rollover, we have yet to find out. i believe that you said, that that trailer lost the tire. this is causing issues on the northbound and southbound lanes of route 495. it happened on both sides of the road. >> christa: right. potentially, if it were a larger truck,... here you see the impact on the traffic. and you are seeing that it's obviously very slow. thank goodness, the highway itself is not shut down. it is slow getting around the accident scene. the other side of the highway is doing a little bet better. if you are going to be traveling in this area, 495 in
12:51 pm
lawrence, be advised that both sides may be tricky getting around there. all right. back with the buzz now. perhaps the most anticipated halftime outside of the super bowl or something. >> jadiann: yeah. that's right. the latest trailer for star wars: the force awakens" debuted last night during monday night football. >> christa: tickets went on sale monday. there was such a high demand for the tickets. web sites actually crashed because of the high traffic. >> jadiann: good news for fans of the gilmore girls. multiple sources confirming that netflix has inked a deal with warner brothers for the for a limited revival of the series. pbs announcing the start date for downton abbey. the season will run through the first weekend of march. it will begin january 3.
12:52 pm
they will show a marathon of the season just before the big finale. >> jadiann: all right, everyone. have a wonderful day. we are wrapping up the news cast here at noon. we are following breaking news for you. this incident happening on 495. and we have been told that a wheel came off of a vehicle truck. and caused the crash on the other side of the highway. >> christa: this truck was hauling cement at the time. we saw concrete truck there. we are speculating about. that yeah, that is the case. so that truck that was hauling the cement was traveling on the southbound side. and the tire from that large truck came off and then apparently, struck cars on both sides of the highway. we are not just talking about one potential rollover. several cars involved. it did cause an accident. of course, we have a crew headed there. we will have the latest first at 4:00.
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