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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  October 20, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> nobody was hurt. we're able to locate the suspect. apparently he was upset the car in front of him was going too slow. >> reporter: he told a different story saying it was the other driver who is to blame. apparently, that hatchet has never been found. we found out in art and the attorney said he was holding a cell phone. reporting live in rehoboth this afternoon, kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> an apartment building going up in flames in chinatown. office says the fire was sparked by an electrical short circuit. it happened last night on harryson avenue. two people were taken to hospital for smoke i inhalation. the investigation continues into what sparked a fire in jamaica plain that caused the roof to collapse. sky 7 h.d.was over the building yesterday. the building was vacant. no one was hurt. >> a derry, new hampshire, woman is not expected to
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rescued dozens of animals from her home. police found a sick and starving horse. there once neighbors noticed the filt they notified bliss. >> it wreaked of urine. >> we've lots of rats in the neighborhood drawn in by the horse manure and other animals. >> reporter: neighbors saying the woman loved the animals but couldn't take care of them. they're in the care of the spca and animal control. the plant is set to shut town by 2019. a regional plater says the closure could rely customers to rely more on gas. a judge has thrown out the lawsuit challenging the sale of the land where steve wynn
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the ruling states that the taxpayers who filed the suit don't have the ability to dispute the sale. >> new details in the possible domestic dispute involving johnny manziel. ohio police released video and a 911 call from last week when the player and his girl friend were pulled over manziel says the couple got into a small argument and he was trying to make sure she didn't jump out. his girl friend claimed he hit her. >> we got into a little of hey you want to hang out with him so you can go with some other girl. >> this was between her saying this and me. that. is why you want to hang out with him. blah. blah. blah you guys are obviously in the car. >> he is, like, i don't know. he hit me a couple of times. >> officials let manziel and his girl friend leave together. she told officers that she did not want to press charges.
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jersey after a home crumbles into the water during high tide. the home was pushed no the -- into the bay. contractors are working to remove the home from the water. neighbors say that the house was unsound and some people are worried that the debris could wash up and damage their homes. new york city fire officials are investigating a fire at a luxury apartment construction site. firefighters spent hours battling the fire this morning. the fire started in the middle of the night forcing officials to evacuate in the middle of the night. >> an alleged case of road rage involving a sheriff's deputy is under investigation in florida. gestures and that is when the man showed him a gun. he called over and called police. >> a cop shouldn't pull out his gun unless there was a need. somebody had another gun. >> law enforcement should
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show a little bit more professionalism than allow their self-control to be lost in a situation like that. >> reporter: the officer his department investigation that. a texas woman is killed when a car comes crashing into a grocery store. several other people shopping inside at the time were hurt. witnesses say the driver was reverse. no word if she will face any charges. >> a dangerous drama on stage in arizona. a performer reinacted a gun fight shot with real bullets that was' supposed to be blancs. police found that the gun had been filled with several live rounds prior to the skit which goes against poll. >> i is there not to be any live in the gun belt. if the there is a live round the gun belt to be confiscate aid long with the gun. >> so reenactments are on hold while the town creates
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>> an alligator attacks at a popular state park in florida. the reptile latched on to a snorkeler and not letting go. wild live officials going on the hunt. they're sending a warning to those visiting the park. >> shooting up and down and he transport come back. >> reporter: a weekly swim in florida turns into tragedy after carole says one minute she saw her friend swimming and the next second he was gone. >> saw him floating around. thought he was diving, when i got there he totally disappeared. totally completely disappeared. >> reporter: authorities searched by boat and by air. officers stumbled upon a mask and the victim's body. her friend was a strong swimmer and believes an alligator could be to blame. >> i saw a lot of disturbance and my husband yelled to get out of the water. >> reporter: the focus shifted to searching for the al gait ooh officers trying
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to capture one who has been lurking in the area. >> it's proper protocol that alligator out. >> by mid-afternoon officers killed a 12-foot gator. offices say while they're unsecure the gator caused the map's death they don't want to take any chances. friend say the victim was advent touchous and swam at the state park every week. >> a swatter in san francisco tried to steal and sell $300,000 worth of pricy paintings. the man was discovered in the mans by a real estate age according to authorities art. >> it wasn't until later on that the suspect then told the officers that he had sold several of these paintings to other people using social media and going to the pawn shops. >> police say they tracked down of the sold paintings and have good leads on the
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other two. >> at 4:30 caught on camera, a training exercise turns in a real-life rescue when raging waters sweep a young boy downstream. >> an emotional surprise seven months in the making. >> all new at 5:00 officers in lowell, a suspect facing assault. >> a tractor trailer driving loses a tire at full speed.
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at humana,
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when something wor ople stick with it. re people stick with mana medicare advantage. cause we stick with them. humana medvantage. e plan people stick with. >> caught on camera, emergency crews jumping into
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turns in a real life rescue in texas. the training trouble started when the group spotted a young boy in the river. that is when a crew movie life. unpredictable environment that we have and it can take your life in an instant. >> all cadets that enter into e. m. s. go through training. october 5 was a sobering reminder why, an instant is all it took the commander to rants. the moments training turned into trouble. >> i jumped. this kid comes down, and he falls off the tube immediately and goes down. he comes up and when he came up, he was looking straight at us. he was calling for air. >> reporter: in the video you see the splash, the pop of head but it's what you won't hear that people need to keep in mind. >> it isn't like it is in the movies. that is an overdramatization. when people are drowning and they're at the base instinct
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the energy to waste on yelling. >> reporter: this is a man seen a lot dealing with disaster day in and day out. but this, this was different. >> had somebody not been there, this kid would have likely drowned. that is hard to process and hard to deal with. >> reporter: a reminder of the importance of training for utter chaos and quite movements. the boy was quickly reunited with his parents. >> coming up it's not all about the pumpkin spikes fall allergies packing a punch. family. >> we need some rain to wash pollen away. we got some last night. relatively dry pattern. >> all new at 5:00, back in court, the mother of baby doe and her boyfriend face a judge in dorchester. >> new giants from the american cancer society. why doctors say this could save lives. >> the force awakens, "star wars" fans getting pumped
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>> it's a story to warm the heart. then. a soldier surprise for one boy in pennsylvania. you can see a military father an his son being reunited. it's the first time in nearly seven months that the sargent has seen his son, jason. >> has been on pins and needles the past couple of weeks that i've known the date that i was going to return and haven't been able to tell them. >> was a total surprise. i'm just really happy that he is home. >> jason's class assembled to talk about veterans day and he had no idea that his dad was going to walk in but
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of applause from all of the classmates and lots of hugs of course from dad. heart warming to see when they see each other after being months apart. i can't imagine being sprited from someone you love. i love those stories. i love them. there is a series about them. every time i would be bawling. >> a lot people are. it's so emotional. let's talk about the weather because if you didn't enjoy itself cold weather yesterday, all you have to do is wait 24 hours, thing change. >> we'll wait another 24 and they'll change again. so the temperatures are all over the place. high temperature 64 in boston, we're close to 70 norwood. mills ices, thank you very much. nice afternoon. nashua at 64. same in bedford. close to 70 in providence. temperatures hold willing aring, upper 60s mid 60s across southern new england up through new hampshire and out route 2.
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springfield, north adams, cool spot. 65 degrees, still up here though, we can tap into the cold and bring colder air down into new england and we'll do just that with each cool front that passes. but it really doesn't get entrenched in new england. and it's a big headache, too. when it pulls out. when the it goes back in and all that stuff over the next seven-10 days or two weeks out. there will be a cold source region and eventually i think will be enough cold to spill in and stay. this point. mid-november? and we'll wait still it establishes. it sets the tone for the winter, too, once you establish the cold, you could go no a cold december then we could start talking snow. if you don't and november is mild you neff get a foothold and december could be in flux. anyway i'm getting way ahead of my september talk about the next 7 day, how about the next couple? leave it at that.
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front coming down as we go through tomorrow and that later in the day. we could approach 60 degrees but late in the day, i think we'll get fog in here and also we will gate the chance for a sprinkle, too. the front is south of us but it's getting that colder air to bleed in on the north and tomorrow. then thursday, once again up. we get to the warm air. a cool front will change all that on friday. high temperatures tomorrow? close to the middle 50s and upper 50s, this is early in the day. and close to 60 out through waltham and brockton, too. whitensville, mid 60s as well. 58ish then 68 on thursday. with a chance of a shower in the afternoon. there it is. on friday, saturday, late week, a little below normal. middle and upper 50s and sunday about 61 , see you at 5:00. >> get a check of the ride home. >> thank you very much. getting a being look at the pike westbound ride.
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toll plaza out by exit 17. it stays pretty heavy after the off-ramp. back in it solidly out through the framingham area and out through natick as well. getting a look at the helicopter ride along route 128 near route 2 around the construction area, 128 in both directions, below that overpass moving along well. route 2, not moving all that badly as it passes by route 128. making your way over to the expressway southbound riot ride down to more cy boulevard. averaging about a 48-minute ride from boston down to braintree. route 1 northbound on the brakes a bit here in saugus after the spot it opens up on the way past the lynnfield tum. >> topping today's health cast fall is here but with that comes fall allergies. >> the triggers are different than the blooms of spring and summer. rag weed is the biggest allergens of the systems. >> the weed season is in
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broom right now with the rag weed and all the pollens have been high in the air. a lot of nasal congestion runny nose, post nasal drip. >> doctors say over the counter daily allergy medications can manage the symptoms. it's important to clear your nasal passages of the allergens with a rinse. >> a 25-year-old student develops seizure while doing sudoko puzzles. the weeks after he began having seizures trying to solve the puzzles, researchers believe the areas used to solve the puzzles are the same areas that were affected by the sizures. >> researches at johns hopkins studied nearly 3,000 adults over ten years, men and the women showed a decrease in amount of blood the heart can hold, but men's hearts got heavier overtime while women's hearts did not. >> babies may not be experiencing tickles the way you may think.
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the feet of 4 and 6-month-old group. the younger group moved to the tickle 75% of the time. >> they always giggle. >> researchers are saying that you can predict the risk of melanoma by how many moles someone has on their right arm. women with more than 11 moles on the mole are likely to have more than 100 on their whole body creating a higher risk of melanoma. >> tracy morgan with a big aannouncement. when he is planning a trip to boston.
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>> topping the buzz comedienne tracy morgan hitting the road. >> he is goings on a nationwide standup tour this winter. he restarted his comedy career after appearing on s.n.l.after a car accident nearly killed him in 2014.
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>> blake shelton is reportedly firing back for "in touch weekly" for a story that said his heavy drinks was the reason for his divorce. he is suing the publisher for more than $1 million in damages. the magazine reported several false stories about the breakup. >> ryany sweety riles to a divorce filing. he is asking for spousal support. >> food network stars reunited with her family for the citizens her divorce. this is the first time the two have been seen together since their it's split a japanese man is working on a futuristic ride. the car is a near perfect scratch from the one from the film. it has a flux cap as tour.
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ago when i was 21. my totally believed in 30 years, there would be a car that runs on garbage. but years went by and that didn't happen. so i thought i would develop it. that is how it started. >> everyone is talking about this. tomorrow october 21st, 2015 is the day doc brown and marty mcfly landed in the future. i'm surprised he is 50. he looks great. a sequel to "jurassic world" is in the works. >> i always have felt this movie was kind of like a sequel to "gore asic park," -- jurassic park. so bid to give the audience the same things they discovered in the first movie. >> jurassic world grows to $1.5 billion, that is billion dollars globally becoming the third highest grossing movie in history
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after "tie tannic" and "avatar." >> did you see that. >> i didn't see it? i like the first one better. the first time the movies come out, first ones are better but it was good. >> a lot of action? >> i didn't like it as much as the first. the first is a classic. >> can't beat titantic? i've seen "titantic? >> i can't count. i cry every time. much more to come in the next 90 minutes. >> i'm elizabeth norieka. >> i'm ryan schulteis, 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> adam: tire trouble on a busy massachusetts highway leading to two wrecks on the road itself. >> a mother and her boyfriend facing a judge, their request it a judge. >> women being told to wait, the news mammogram guidelines released today questions. temperatures. >> jim webb leaving the democratic race for president, but is his campaign over? is a bug to blame for this run in on the road.
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the driver speak out about the a wild crash. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> first at 5:00 a flying tire leading to a close call on a busy highway. that wheel came off of a truck hauling cement. the wild ride causing 495. >> tonight we're hearing truck. steve cooper live in lawrence with this story. >> reporter: it is terrifying moments on 495. this is the camper that went rolling on 495. we're going to give you for the first time a look inside the trailer itself. you can see all of the damage that was done here. the truck towed her late this afternoon after all wreckage was cleared away on 495 late this afternoon. state troopers say the driver has beencyted for a mechanical issue but all this happened in the middle of the day when two wheels fell off of a big rig. >> reporter: sky 7 over the crash in 495 in lawrence, a frightening seen
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