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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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23-year-old say hes not the one in handcuffs. >> a hatchet. i'll tell you that. i mean i gave a good description of it and i mean, you don't come at someone with a cell phone that is 12 inches long. he should have thought about it. >> reporter: now in court, prosecutor did say they didn't find the hatchet but fisher says he saw one and he was on the phone with 911 the entire time. art is due in court later month. kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> also on 7, tire trouble causing crashes on 495 in lawrence today. the wheel came flying off of a truck going southbound, rolled across the media and caused a rollover on the northbound side. s. there were no reported injuries, but as you might imagine a scary situation for many people out there. steve coop ser live with steve. >> reporter: it was a close call, liz, we can tell you one thing, camper that you talked about that result. you can see the debris left
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behind after this camper rolled over on 495 and the drive who was towing this thing says he is lucky to be alive tonight. >> good way from the hour, i saw that tire coming across the road. >> reporter: he got a look inside his heavily damaged camper he had been towing in lawrence when he noticed a run away truck tire barreling as crow the highway. >> i didn't stop and i didn't speed up and i didn't try to swerve or anything like that. as i mentioned earlier, i'm a nascar fan and i pay attention. all the guys on the track, what they do. >> reporter: the camper broke away from the tow hitch and rolled over. he say and his wife were rattled but they are okay. >> >> i think i'm north fate to be alive -- forth nature to be alive. >> reporter: -- fortunate to be alive. >> reporter: the truck driver noticed the tires were on the move and
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helpless. >> stick to your stomach, yes, absolutely. what can do you? >> the tires are heavy. they did a lot of damage and they kill people. >> reporter: peter carroll says the damage is one thing but they're okay. the whole ordeal was nerve-wracking. >> i'll admit it. i was scared. i'm not a tough guy but i was scared. then i only had one other close thing like that happen but that is, you know, nothing like this. >> reporter: to look at the damage down here to the 27-foot long camper it includes severalonses broke out when this rolled over on the highway. state troopers did cite the truck driver for the malfunctioning area in the back of the vehicle. they're trying to figure out why the tires were dislodged an broke away from the truck, but nobody was hurt and that is the important thing. live in lawrence, steve cooper, 7 news. >> a judge upholds the vict of the student accused of
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raping a fellow student. 19-year-old owen labrie was accused of raping a 14-year-old freshman while he was a senior in 2014. in august a jury found him not guilty of the most serious charges but convicted him of a number of miss demeanor. his trial exposed a practice where graduating seniors tried to have sex with younger students. the judge in the baby doe case granting another autopsy on the little girl whose body was found back in june. the girl's mother and the girl's boyfriend appeared in court today. they're charged in the 2-year-old's death. the defense requested the second autopsy. the toddler's remains found in a trash bag that washed up on deer island. police identified bella bond three months later after receiving a tip that the little girl's mother allege lid told a friend her boyfriend killed her daughter. >> turning to the intense search for a suspect after
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an alarming attack on a college campus. a student says she was' sexually assaulted at bridgewater state university after meeting a man on an anone miscellaneous app. byron barnett has more. >> reporter: this has got students up set, especially the female students. one thing that is worry somme according to police the alleged victim and the alleged assail apt met on a -- assail ant met on a social media app that allows users to be anonymous. a campus on alert after police say this man sexually assaulted an 18-year-old female student at bridgewater state university. >> i bought mace. >> reporter: when did do you that? >> this morning. >> reporter: authorities say the attack happened monday night after the female student agreed to meet the man. >> i transferred here this year so up until now it felt safe. even walking across campus with other people, it felt fine but after this happened
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it's, i'm a little more he is tent. >> reporter: police say the female student met the man through the popular social media networking app called kik. it's a messaging app that allows users to communicate with user names only. >> would you consider using kik? >> i would never, no. >> reporter: because? >> i don't find it safe. i want to know who i'm talking to. >> they could say they're anyone. this guy said he was a student. you know, she thought he was some trustworthy guy. >> reporter: campus police are looking for the suspect described as being around 25 years old, medium height and build with a deep voice. female students say the incident has reminded them to take safety precautions. >> walking with a group of people, and my, having my head phones in because i can't hear who is coming behind me. taking precautions, knowing my surroundings. >> reporter: university officials say they have
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helped the female student get the appropriate services and support. police here on campus say they stepped up their pat romes and they're urge -- patrols and they're urging all students to be wary of sites. >> martha coakley will be the legal line of defense for boston-based draft kings. the former massachusetts attorney general will add vice draft kings after its employees have been accused of using insider information to win money. the site and its rival fan duel have come under fire after several class action past few weeks. >> tonight there are new guidelines for women in detecting breast cancer. the american cancer society recommending less scenings. kimberly bookman is live with the reaction battling the disease. >> reporter: yes, i just spoke to her, show is here at this breast cancer
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you can see all of the girls are wearing pink. the crowds have set in and there is a fund-raiser in place as guidelines come out. it seems appropriate that these are the girls trying to kick cancer. the wilmington and stoneham j.v.and varsity hocker teams have raised money for a local breast cancer support group and a wearing pink today in honor of breast cancer awareness. cheering them on is the group's founder heather loray who is living with terminal stage four. >> i found my own. >> reporter: she discovered a lurch 11 years ago. at that time it was six centimeters and stage two b. she was' 38 years old. >> if i had had a mammogram at age 35 i would have had an earlier stage diagnosis. >> reporter: that is why she is so upset by the new screening guidelines put out today by the american cancer society. the cancer organization says
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women should start getting mama grams at 45 instead of 40 and everyone can skip the routine manual brevity checks by doctors. >> the life saving potential of early detection is found in regular mammography. that is the test that can find a cancer before anybody can feel it. >> while mammograms can safe lives the organize emphasizes they're not perfect. >> i don't think a mother, a sister, or an aunt or grandmother should have to suffer through a late-stage diagnosis because of the late age of 45 getting the first mammogram. >> reporter: these guidelines are not for people who have a family history of breast cancer. the american cancer society says it's best to consult your doctor and come up with your own plan. reporting live from wilmington, kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> at 6:00 digging up part of the boston common. crews looking for new clues about the past. >> plus the pallets going on the -- pats going on the
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we're breaking down the big matchup. >> halloween is right around the corner, and many of us have already bought the candy. >> maybe you are reaching into the canty bowl now. you are going to be surprised how hard you have to work for the calories to come off afterward.
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>> pretty cool story to
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digging deep on the common. crews looking for clues about life long ago, they're looking for evidence left by native americans and british troops. >> they're hoping to find treasure in what was trash, dan hausle explains. >> reporter: these 6th and 7th graders couldn't believe their luck. they found what could be history in the making or at least unearthing. >> i think it's really cool. i want to see if they can find, like any interesting facts that will help out with the history of this place. >> reporter: before every source can put its electrical lines fear the city is doing its own digging looking for evidence of native americans who lived here 400 to 1,000 years ago and british troops who camped before the revolutionary war. >> we know they were here but we don't know what their lives were like living in tents on the commons for ten years, but even before that the native people that were here before, we had the oral history from the
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massachusetts people that were here but we want to know more about their daily plus year ago. >> reporter: the treasure would be found in trash items that the native have thrown away. >> we're looking for the behind. we want people to have left stuff behind. that is what we're going to reconstruct the stories about poems' life from the stuff they left behind. >> reporter: i understand they've found something. these are clam shells that would have been taken from what was originally back bay about 400 feet away to be eaten and used as implements by the mashusets who lived here and gave this place its name. archaeologists will be back next week and you will be able to see them do their work. >> with all the history above ground in this beautiful part of the word, you can imagine what they'll find below. and have already found.
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>> very interesting. can't wait to see what they found. turning to the weather now, things warming up a little bit today. >> more digging in the temperatures, if you like mild air takes bag again. >> coming up next in 7 sports daryl revis is coming back to new england. big matchup for the patriots this sunday. we'll show you why the jets may have the toughest defense the patriots will see.
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leadership isn't given.
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>> if you got a chance to head out you might have noticed to the temperatures were a little warmer today. they felt a little balmy. >> especially compared to last few days. hard to believe 6/17. it's almost dark out there. sign of the times. >> brings the house down with that, yes. i thought it was a night sky there my sky. but you are right. sunset inside 6:00. norwood today though, autumns sch autumn,. natick 65. pepperell too and boston. beautiful shot of the setting sun. we talked about the sunset last half hour and snap and on the twitter feed from cindy lat out in cape cod. this is a beautiful shot. setting sun. so up and down temperatures over the next couple of
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like a roller coaster. no storms are brewing but quick before moving weather systems that bring in front. that is the issue, cold front, warm front, that brings the temperature down, brings it back up again. so 65 in boston. ouren reading, that is the high for the day. we'll do that instead. was 64 last hour. tonight i expect these showers to fade out. mostly, there might be a sprinkle. we'll lou it. there will be a lot of clouds around, too, we can't shake the cloud issue for tomorrow either. tomorrow is an odd day because it'll feel balmy. the second half not so. and easterly wind will take over from a front that is sagging down from the north. we call it the backdoor front. these are notorious for cooling us off and possibly bringing in a fog bank tomorrow night and tomorrow night so upper 50s, mid 50s, the coolest up near portsmouth and salisbury. warmest southwest of the
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city towards attleboro but everybody falling uniformly later in the day back into the lower 50s. how about some rain? we need it. 30% chance wednesday and thursday. this is in the a ground soaker. -- in the a ground soaker, friday, saturday is dry. i harp about this a lot. some people are like saying i'm pedantic about it but it's a big issue. it has been most of the year. rainfall departure from average. go back to the first of january. we talk about the winter storms how they helped us, but they only brought february and january up a little bit above normal. the rest have been below normal with the exception of a couple of months. so out of ten months, six have been below normal with precipitation. 48-53. mostly cloudy, a quick shower later then tomorrow, mostly cloudy day. few sprinkle, some fog moving moving in new hampshire -- in the afternoon. we peal away the fog in the morning on thursday, bring back a little sun.
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roast those temperatures up near 70 then cool off for friday and s.weekend doesn't look half bad. the pats are home this weekend. this is a quick shower in the afternoon. low 60s. see you tonight. >> thanks. some local athletes assembled to make a special visit to children's hospital today. >> stars from boston sports teams were in the see crest studio to answer caughts from patients after the appearance, they visited with the kids are -- and helped decorate sports-themed cookies. >> despite deflate-gate sun's showdown with the coats was in the a rivalry -- not a rivalry. when the jets come to town that is a different story, with rex ryan gone gang green is making a lot of noise in the standings. new head coach todd bawl getting it done. the jets are off to a 4-1 start on the strength of their durel revis led defense by fitzpatrick and
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shabby. you have one of football's top teams at this point in the season to go along with the league's top-ranked defense, the jets are 8th in total offense and they're plus 54 point differential is 5th in the nfl, not too far off the patriots' pace. trey daerr has more. >> reporter: first place, sunday. patriots and jets in new england going to get a look at a very familiar face when revis returns here for the first time. >> he is a good player. he is very instinctive. he is strong. he is a good teammate and we'll be ready to, we have a lot of reps against him last year and we're excited to play against him. >> reporter: sendary play, a key matchup on both sides with new england if for a challenge handling the size of eric decker and brandon marshal. >> like to go down field, baseball player jump up and get the ball so it should be
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big guy, brev, have a lot of confidence, i've been watching marshall for a long time. i'm been watching him for a long time. >> reporter: not just about the jets' passing time. ivory been huge for new york going over 100 yards. the jets offense could be the most balanced the pats have seen all year. reporting inside gillette, trey daerr, 7 sports. >> a little rocky mountain air and desert heat helping the brunet break out of their early season struggles, they sweeped their two-game road trip and hoping to keep it rolling back here in their own building. abouts -- b.'s looking for their first home run. providing some confidence after that 0-3 start. >> it's where it should be, i think. you know, every time you do
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really good or really bad you don't want to get too high or too low but try to stay, you know the same way the whole time and keep improving. even though the puck is going in the net there is stuff you got to work on. >> the confidence is high but not too high. >> seattle send him packing nearly two deck aids ago but jason varitek could make it to the bigs, he is reportedly interviewing for position. the two-time world series champ has been serving as a special assistant to the red sox g.m. since his retirement and has long been looked at as a future major league manager. same 4 of the toronto.
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in the 7th inning k.c.leads the series two games to one. that is sports.
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