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on a busy massachusetts highway. theearch is on for a man accused of oh tooking a school on local college campus. prescribing change in doctors are now telling women to wait for their first mammogram. cooler temperatures tomorrow. but what about the chance for showers? >> in a flash. high anxiety on a flight during a storm. 7 news at 11 starts now. a break news here a wisconsin congressman paul ryan announcing tonight he will run for speaker of the house but he says he'll only take the job if the gop meets his demands. ryan has a number of them. night team brandon gunnoe in our newsroom with details on that. >> reporter: kim and adam republicans have been trying to get paul ryan to join leadership and for leaders he said no. but now representative from wisconsin is saying maybe. tonight congressman ryan says he will serve as house speaker if and only if the conservative wing of the party and more mod ratsz come together and agree on
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him as their choice. his other demands include an update to house rules and allowing him to keep his family time. >> i cannot and i will not give up my family time. >> i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers. but i pledge to try and make up for it with more time communicating our vision our message. if you can agree to these requests, if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. congressman ryan is giving his party until friday to let him know members of house republican conference support him current speaker john boehner who resign has agreed to stay on until replacement is found. at the breaking news desk i'm brandon gunnoe. also breaking tonight in new york city. a police officer fighting for are his life right now. after someone shot him in the head. happened in harlem on fdr drive. nypd says it happened after chase in shooter took off on bike but police did capture him.
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we'll bring you more as it develops. also tonight danger on massachusetts highway when tires road. wheels came off a huge truck on 495 this afternoon. one tire slammed into a camper just destroying it. and it went from there. susan tran is live in lawrence with the story. susan. >> adam, this camper was flipped on its side you can see all of the things that were once in camper spilled on to ground. broken pieces everywhere. this was once part of window. now the carol family has been using this camper for family vacations for ten years. today they were just grateful they made it out alive. so i don't, i don't, holy crap. pete carroll in disbelief i'm amazed how much damage there is to this. and no damage to me or my wife. a tire that flew off this hauler on 495 south in lawrence slammed into his camper tuesday morning. i just see it. it bounce and then coming like rolling right straight at me. sky 7 hd shows you scene i looked a rear view moir ror gene
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cody was drive loaded travel truck suddenly he realized he lost two tours. happened to look over and just saw one come off and then saw the other one come off one tire ricochetted oh of car into northbound lane of 495 headed right at pete's suv and camper. one exit away from the house, god, i saw that tire coming across the road. >> reporter: the tire ended up smashing into right side of camper flipping it. >> very frighten and thoens those tires are heavy do a lot of damage they've killed people >> reporter: pete and his wife in the suv were taken to hospital just in case. and only when he went to toe yard to see if he could salvage anything from inside did he realize just how lucky he was to see it was only the camper that was damaged. i'm happy to be alive. we've got tons and tons of memories in this, in this camper. the whole family going to races altogether. >> and back here live, you can so i this was once a leg of a table. the only thing that carol family took out of camper today was a billboard of their family pictures.
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now police investigating the they do believe this might have been a mccall error that sent those tires flying. we're live in lawrence tonight. susan tran, 7 news night team. >> also from the night team, stranger danger on alocal college campus. a bridgewater state student says she was sexually assaulted by a man she had just met online. tim caputo is in bridgewater what led up to there meeting do we know how the woman is doing tonight? >> well she is still on campus here this evening. we do know the suspect is not in custody. still a very active investigation. its an evening sexual assault that has the entire student boyed here rattled. >> 18-year-old college student is sexually assaulted after meeting up with a stranger on bridgewater state's campus. up until now it felt like really safe like even walking across campus with other people, like it felt i felt fine. but like after this happened it kind of i'm a little more hesitant. student and stranger agreed to meet campus center monday night. authorities say the victim was assaulted near a parking garage. the suspect got away.
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but the victim was able to help create a sketch the man is described a being around 25 years old, medium height and build with a deep voice. i'm hesitant sometimes to go outside and at night especially if i'm alone. so i always bring roommate or friend or something. female student was talk to through kik you can talk anonymously you don't have to use your real name students wie spoke with were aware of app but most didn't use it when students are on kik they need to be cautious who they are meeting up i like meeting people like personally first hand. so it's not safe. last school year there were at least six sexual assaults reported on bridgewater state's campus. blouse do not believe monday night's is related for young students it's forced them to take extra precautions while walking around a night. i bought mace. my dad makes me carry mace around. do you? i don't have on me right now but, i keep it on my keys. i keep it in my purse. when ever i go out i walk around
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precaution and so are police. they have increase patrols on campus live tonight in bridgewater tim caputo. tonight police are on hunt for dangerous duo from quincy appear real life bonnie and clyde wanted for robbing banks. ryan shul nice control room with closer look. police say this couple have as was very dangerous by hoping getting picture out tonight it will be lead to major break inspect police are on hunt for modern day bonnie and clyde wanting for rob banks all over east coast. investigators say joseph carrier and his wife jenny hit bank in maryland last friday. at this time, we considered them to be highly dangerous. investigators provided information that in one the robberies they are actually was a weapon displayed. so in our robbery it was complied but just for the public, we encourage that if they do recognize these individuals to use extreme caution. before that investigators say they were in florida holding up wills fargo bank. getting away with cash. and couple weeks before that, police here in massachusetts say joseph carrier robbed a bank on
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center street. investigators say carrier told the teller he had a gun and demanded large bills. in most the robberies police say it appears a woman was driving get away car. they think it's jenny. they are looking for are a dark colored buick encore like this one. at this point we don't know if there are other bank robbery that is occurred in other jurisdictions. by part of reaching out to our mid ya part partners to and maybe investigators from other jurisdictions can tie in other related robberies. maybe not just bank robberies but obviously our fear is that this could escalate and we don't want do see anybody hurt. police say it's not just couple on the run they believe there maybe several dogs in the car with them. in control room ryan schulteis, seven news night team. judge in baby bella case ordering another autopsy on the little girl whose body was found on deer island. mother's boyfriend 35-year-old michael mccarthy was back in court todays he faces murder charges in the 2-year-old's death. the judge is allowing this second autopsy to try to determine a cause of death.
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rachel bond of dorchester also appeared in court today. she's charged as an accessory to murder. bella's remains found in the trash bag on deer island back in june after an extensived search investigators we are finally able to identify her 3 months later. and they say, bella's mother told friend that mccarthy killed her. >> a judge upholds most serious conviction against former prep school student owen labrie. labrie was convicted of using a computer to lure an under age girl to a sexual encounter when he was senior in st. paul's prep school back in 2014. jury found him not guilty of other more serious charges. the 19-year-old could face jail time now and have to register as sex offender on that particular charge. drive to work takes dangerous turn when man allegedly threatens another driver with hatch et bryant art appeared in court today. he's accused of assault with dangerous weapon. other driver says he called
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came at his car with the weapon. >> had tock a minute or so of him screaming a me flailing hatchet in mid air i didn't know what to do at first i just picked my phone i will put my window up and call 911. art's attorney says client only waved his cell phone and never had a hatchet. doctors issuing a prescription for change when it comes to breast cancer detection. new recommendations call for women to wait longer to get their first mammogram and new guidelines as lot of different reaction. kimberly book ban. yeah kim we're live in common where you can see behind me tonight the lights are all pink for breast cancer awareness month. and tonight, as you mentioned, amajor shake up. >> they are on a kick. girls high school soccer teams from stoneham play each other to raise money for a breast cancer support group started by heather la ray of north reading. i found my cancer at age 38. it was lump in my left breast.
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that lump turned out to be a stage 2 b breast cancer. and despite surgery and treatment, four years later he came back in heather's bones and terminal. >> if i had had mammogram at anal 35, i definitely would have had an earlier stage diagnosis. and less risk of transfersing over to a stage 4. that is where heather isn't on board with new breast cancer guidelines putt-putt out by american cancer society basically pushes back age women should get from 40 if 45 if there is no genetic mutation or family history and tells women to get checked every other year when they turn 55. the hope to he he lame nate and a prevent painful and time consuming testing. by 45 a benefits clearly out way a draw backs and all women should pardons pat and no longer criminal breast sxams at any age for woman who found cancer through self exam one more reason to cast doubt.
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so many people do find their own lump and clinicians find lumps. there's absolutely no reason not to be examining breasts. >> and american cancer soet is still recommending women meet with their doctors and come up with plan that feels most comfortable for them. these guidelines should not impact insurance, they are manned dated to pay for mammograms. reporting live from wim ton kimberly bookman 7 news night team. turning now to race for white former ji senator is calling it quits at least for now. webb announcing today drop bid for democratic presidential nomination he cespedes he's frustrated with a party's leadership and struggled in polls but he might not be done with his run just yit. webb says he's now considering a run as an independent. a new nbc news wall striet journal national poll shows hillary clinton is pulling away from the pack. clinton comes in with 49 percent. bernie sanders dropping to 29 percent. and even though he hasn't made decision on whether he's even going to run, joe biden vice-president remains in third place with 15 percent. to republican side now.
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donald trump still on top. he's got 25 percent. but he's in a statistical dead heat with ben carson. carson has 22 percent i think trump somewhere around 25 percent at the moment. in third marco rubino with 13 percent. and up next, tonight, back in class. kids rallied around brookline teacher who was fired and tonight he's got his job back. we'll tell you what he said tonight and we'll hear from his students. >> also tonight, we tell you how you can hip give the t its brand new look. also amazing video of an airplane captured in a flash. >> our forecast looks pretty good over next couple of days. our temperatures well they will go up and down. we'll take a look at that ahead. halloween is right around the corner many of us have already bought candy. guilty of that maybe you're reiching into candy bowl right now. you may be surprised how hard you have to work for those calories to come off afterwards.
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that brookline teacher fired for cursing on campus is now heading back to school. his name is larry chen. mr. chen was fired for using a curse word while talking to some high school students. >> but his middle school students rallied around him demanding he keep his job. night team's elizabeth noriega is brookline with more. adam these kids are so excited. i spoke with them a little while ago. they say they are excited and a spoke with such passion they can't wait to have mr. chen back in class. >> beloved brookline teacher back on the job and parents and students couldn't be happier. wow, when i first found out i was jumping for joy. it was so fantastic. i like jumped up. i was like doing jumping jacks. i was doing cart wheels i don't even know how do cartwheel. he's back. back, back in black. he's going to be there in
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november. we're very excited about that. larry chens social studies teacher john driscoll will be back in classroom next month he was fired in september after allegedly swearing while talk to high school students. that action prompting parents and students alike to jump to his defense demanding he be reinstated. off. from gathering outside school to interrupting a school board meeting they wanted their message heard. following the news tuesday saying in part i guess this proves that kids were awake during their lessons democratic process and role of citizens and shaping their community. i could not be more proud what they brought what they learned into into practice. i've learned so much about civil rights and really connected with the subject. i've also learned that not just anyone can teach social studies. group sit out to save their teacher and a lesson they will never forget. he's real gift. presence in classroom and energy about him.
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any transfers that energy to his students. >> mr. chen first day back teaching the classroom is in november 5th. live in brookline tonight, elizabeth noriega, seven news night team. the t has plans to give its trains a make over. and they'd like your help deciding what new trains should look like. mbta posted pictures new paint designs for the red, blue, orange, and green line cars. so they have voting that goes until november 3rdrd. and we have link to ballot on our website, >> a bull is caught on camera in peru jumping into stands in bull fight animal leaps over barrier runs right through the stands surrounding the ring. you can see that chaos there. several people were injured. video shows crowd throwing objects and splash beer just before incident authorities are investigating lack of security. what an amazing picture of wild weather. look at that lightning bolt comes down in a flash. looks like it hits that airplane in the sky above australia, right? well good news is the plane and the lightning really weren't
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but a photographer captured that and it made for a crazy picture. a woman finds herself in flood of trouble in arizona. she got trapped in her mini van and rushing water emergency worker wearing protective gear were eventually able to make it out to her they pulled her to safety. she was only person in the car at the time. i was just seeing that also in arizona, i think the phoenix area over the weekend there was a big funnel cloud reported. which seems like weird time of year for a funnel cloud in arizona. you would know sw roots in the southwest. right. right. very rare. around here we don't really have anything that news worthy luckily. i mean it is bit of roller coaster in terms of temperature. absolutely kim by way super krill in new mexico. eastern new mexico today lots of big weather down in swis. anyway norwood today 70. wrentham 68. braintree 67. waltham 65. what a turn around. and beautiful sunset at that too. this is from cape cod. my twitter feed. pretty pretty.
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tomorrow we will see them sink as day goes on, they keep dropping later in afternoon. no storms are brewing and quick moving weather systems will mean kind of a break neck pace on temperature changes here. 59 in town now. we have some 40s out through fitchburg. elsewhere, balmy even. new bedford the vineyard nantucket, hyannis right now 60 or better. so tomorrow, buried in clouds. there might be a couple of showers that wander through. we may thin the clouds out a little bit. as we go into the afternoon hours. but i expect a fog bank to form here. what we have is a back door front sinking down from northern new england. settles down as we go through the day that, he's early wind will feed moisture in. and slowly but with surely that cloud ceiling will lower through the day tomorrow. and then we'll find ourselves in the fog. that's notorious with back door fronts. anyway, this front comes back to us on thursday. and warms us up. that's another run for 70 degrees. tomorrow though, kind of a misnomer on temperatures. middle fwftsz and upper 50s.
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late in the day, we'll fall through loi 50s. even 60 in framingham and hudson, massachusetts. wellesley, 65 in taunton. your warmest through dighton, taunton, new bedford, and up into middleboro. even brockton low 60s. but watch, see that cooler air come in and drop us back into 40s. this by 8 o'clock. even down through southeast mass. our rain chances pretty minuscule over the next couple of days. wednesday, 30 percent chance and thursday 30 percent chance. so these are not washed out days. best chance by way on thursday late day. then friday and saturday, we dry it out. and waiting in the wings the cold is here. alleges jabs of cold air will come down from ontario quebec. but this is source region beware. some signs that this will be kind of occasionally wandering down into new england. not setting up permanent residence, but always present there. so that's something to watch i think in the weeks ahead as we go into early november. and maybe even the middle of november too. we have a lot to play out hire in the next month. so sit tight. mostly cloudy quick shower late
11:21 pm
48 to 53. and then, tomorrow, 56 to 64. with falling temperatures late. fog forming too. there might be a passing shower. late shower too on thursday. dry. friday, saturday. a little bit cooler. see you toim. all right pete. a louisiana police officer givers a little boy helping hand after he gets separated from his mother. heart warming photo of boy falling asleep in officer's arms has gone viral. officer says that he was just doing his job by helping to comfort the lost child. you know how scary that can be people in community think that he was proving what it means to protect and serve. joe amorosino is standing by. what do you have on tap tonight? we have the jets on tap. and this is for real. this could be biggest challenge patriots have seen so far this season. because darrelle revis is back in new york. and we all know what that means
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those stories about what happened. it's true. all of it. >> star wars fans coming out in
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night end demand was so high, that fandango and movie website's crashed star wars force awakens comes out on december 18th. >> and julien edelman is getting in on force favorite tweeted spoof poster new sta are wars movie it feature tom brady rob gran could you sky jamie collins and of course, up there on the upper left, coach bill belichick with the title star pats. >> and now, time for seven sports with joe amorosino. three points that's all that separated patriots and jets last season and inn two games. pats won both games this year the jets have darrelle revis back on their side he's making an instant impact so could a different game. with revis jets defenses back at the top of the league. holding opponents under 270 yards per game good luck doing that against brady. revis has three pickses one shy
11:25 pm
up to a 4-1 record and a battle for first place in the afc east. pats know revis well and know what to expect. this sunday at gillette stadium. >> he's a professional. you know he comes to work every day. you know expecting to get better and to improve. and you know he's good teammate. and you know we were ready to do reps against him last year. learn from a darrelle, anyway, you know, one greatest guys in the game. but, you know, just i just been play hard. you know play taking what i learn from not just the darrelle revis and everybody. bruins winless at home to start season 0 and 3 our bringing momentum back to the garden tomorrow. after wins in colorado and arizona. the b's sizing fliers as they go first home win of the season. a final tune up irlier on practice sheet and one thing in
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right now united clicking league best 38.9 percent. bruins need a win at home and they know it. >> that's another challenge 5 them. and video on the road. i think they are pretty good. so, good practice this morning. should be ready to go. first three games i think everyone here knew wide to. 5, 6 goals not going to win in this league. something we looked at, and hopefully we can keep taking care of things. >> celtics gathering for good hotel. their annual tip off gala to again benefit shamrock foundation for new guys on team first taste of celtics pride off the court. >> always good to have good team bonding. especially, you know, for good reason like this, and get together with at front office and the coaches and a lot of our season ticket holder and people
11:27 pm
like that to support celtics good. thir really active and they are really involved not because they are told to but because they want to be. you know, to a man, they want to be out, they want to be helping they want to be supportive. >> and the royals crush toronto tonight 14-2. they take 3-1 sires lead and alcs and in the national league championship series it's the mets beating cubs 5-2. new york goes for the sweep that's sports.
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that's out time on this tuesday night. to object show starring jimmy fallon comes up next i'm adam williams. thanks so much for being here
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