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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 21, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> new york city city police officer shot and killed on duty. we have the latest in a deadly year for police officers in the big apple. >> quincey couple on the run suspected of bank robberies along the east coast. >> there is rumor pope francis has a brain tumor, the vatican disputing. >> good morning i am christa delcamp. >> we have the day's top stories. let's talk about the weather. >> let's talk about it. milder, nice. >> temps, 50-60 in boston. this green and yellow blob, those are showers marching
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weather system across southern new england. fast moving showers and sprinkles. notice the rain drops extend into eastern new york state. it is not a day that has a lot of -- on and off showers and sprinkles. temps at this time upper 50s. this afternoon, upper 50s to around 60. >> breaking news pilot kills after f-18 crashes, a u.s. military base. the f-18 super hornet came down 70 miles northeast of london. said to come down in a farm area
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no one else on board at the time and no one hurt on the ground. continuing to monitor that story. breaking overnight a new york city city police officer shot and killed. >> the man, 33-year-old randolph holder died with his family by his side. native of guy anna. holder killed after a suspect accused of stealing a bicycle shot him in the head. police arrested him after shooting him in the leg. >> >> mourning a man who gave his life for all of us. we are humbled by officer randolph's example. example of service and courage and sacrifice. >> police commissioner says four
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line of duty in the passed 11 months. >> doctor at uf medical school accused of taking pictures of a woman inside a restroom. >> vicky? >> reporter: good morning, christa, this doctor is a cardiologist, also a professor and has been placed on administrative leave. this after a court magistrate in worcester ruled they could press criminal charges. taking a picture of a woman while she was using the bathroom on campus. the woman was using the bedroom september 1st. she saw a hand holding a cell phone above her stall and heard a click. she confronted a man and told her it was a misunderstanding and he was offended. when police looked at this
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doctor's cell phone, they didn't see pictures suspicious but got a further warrant to see if there were picture that is had been deleted. this doctor will be formally charged in december. live in worcester, victoria warren 7 news, "today in new england." >> all right. thank you, victoria. developing on the south shore, plymouth police investigating a hit-and-run. a man ride ago bike hit after 10:00. serious injuries and recovering in the hospital. police do not have a description or a driver that left the scene. mother missing from maine has been spoted in westburg. 34-year-old sarah immediate may have been taken against her will. she is with her 5-year-old son. her car was spotted around 9:00 last night. 1991 blue volvo, maine license
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if you see her or that vehicle, call police. girlfriend of hardwood man -- 22-year-old alexander chat wick pled guilty to charges connected to the case. he was starved and beaten in their home and treated at a long term facility. >> security stepped up at bridge water university after a student says she was sexually assaulted on campus. the young woman met the plan through a social networking app. 7s, nicole oliverio is with us. you have a sketch? >> reporter: police weren't able to catch up with the suspect, the victim was able to give a good enough description.
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police say the man sexually assaulted the 18 year old when they agreed to meet off campus. >> i felt fine. after this happened, it is -- i am a little more hesitant. >> reporter: man got away. police came up with this sketch. alleged assault happened monday near the school's parking garage. >> i am hesitant to go outside if i am alone. i'll bring a roommate or a friend. >> reporter: female student talking to the suspect through a messaging app called kik. you can talk anonymously and don't have to use your real name. >> i like meaning people personally firsthand. >> reporter: reports of the attack are making them take extra precautions while walking around. >> i bought mace. >> my dad makes me carry mace. >> do you? >> i don't have it on me right now. i keep it on my keys.
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i keep it in my purse. when i go out, i walk around with it especially at night. >> reporter: last year, six students reported being sexually assaulted. latest in bridge water, nicole england." >> search is underway to find a pair of robbers, a husband and wife from quincey. you see 7s nick emmons, you have the latest on what is being done to find this pair before they strike again. >> >> reporter: christa, this couple is extremely dangerous. they hope releasing their names and pictures will help bring them them. >> if they reck nice these individuals use extreme caution.
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>> police are on the hunt. >> almost like a modern day boni and collide. >> pair wanted for robbing banks, investigators say joseph and wife jenny hit a bank in maryland last friday. the couple was in florida holding up a wells fargo bank. police in lud low said joseph robbed a bank on center street. carrier told the teller he had a gun and demanded large bills. it appears a woman was driving the get away car. they are looking for dark colored buick encore, 265s. >> we don't know if there are other bank robberies that occurred in other jurisdiction. we are trying to get the face out there and maybe they can tie
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obviously, our fear is that this could escalate. we don't want to see anybody hurt. >> reporter: adding to the description of the couple. could be traveling with several dogs in their car. they believe this couple is extremely dangerous. anyone that knows where they are should call 911. live in quincy, nick emmons, "today in new england." >> paul ryan will run for speaker of the house if republicans agree to unite and major caucuses endorse him. he originally turned down the job and plans to take on the challenge. my greatest worry is my kids saying why didn't you stand to fight for my future when you had
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>> reporter: he might not be on the road as often as passed house speakers. >> vice president joe biden appearing appearing -- he told president obama to wait until more drone surveillance can be done. at an event tuesday, he said he told the president something different in private. >> i told him my opinion, i thought he should go but follow his own instinct. >> his previous opinion could be considered a liability. assad flew to moscow. two leaders talked about about on going military operations in
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russia began air strikes against insurgents three weeks ago. first known trip abroad since war broke out in his country in 2011. pend gone is confirming russia and u.s. signed an agreement. both countries continue carrying out air strikes against islamic -- doesn't include sharing of target information. >> new this mosh morning vatican is strongly denying that the 78-year-old pope has a tumor. vatican spokes person said it was totally unfounded and not worthy of attention. >> if you play xbox, you head
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>> digging up history, the items that are hundreds of years old they are looking at. >> cloudy skies, few showers. we'll track the showers for you after the break. >> dazzling in diamonds at her first state dinner. >> lots of bumper to bumper traffic. turnpike a mess. look at 495. very slow going both ways between route 2 and 3. here is the expressway getting better.
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>> duchess of cambridge dazzling in diamonds at her first state dinner held in honor of china's president.
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red gown and accessing with diamond chandelier earrings, diamond bracelet and stunning tier yar ra on loan from queen elizabeth. >> what if you lose the crown? >> oh my goodness. >> why did you have to go there, jr? let's go here instead. showers metro boston. i thought these would hold off until noon. timing sped up couple of hours. on and off showers, one blob on top of the metro. i think this is how to radar is going to behave now up until
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front, dividing line between wild air and cooler air in northern new england. what this weather system will do is waiver like this. it will kick up the dust in the form of showers. it is not going to produce significant widespread long lasting rain. i am not going to say today is a washout. i can't guarantee if you have outdoor plans you won't get the afternoon. it is a challenge. if you have outdoor plans, might have rain gear on stand by. as we work into the afternoon, chance of showers will dwindle after 2:00, 3:00. temps at this time despite limited amounts of sunshine, boston 59. norwood, 57, this afternoon,
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numbers in the city probably back up a little more. that front as it is waivering up and down, it will dip south of boston and the north shore. southeast mass, temps will reach low 60s. tonight a lot of clouds, few sprinkles. warmer tomorrow. still the risk of a few isolated showers. as we work into friday, mostly sunny skies friday and saturday. sunday there will be a couple of showers sunday morning, we'll move in out of here for patriot's vs. jet's game. >> nearly 60,000 head sets marked for use are being recalled. due to risk of mold exposure.
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number includes c-16 through c-25. visit to learn how to return the product for a free replacement. >> tesla model hv. problems with center console area. the vehicle software updates allow them to diagnose and fix most bugs. >> amazon hiring. it will bring in 100,000 part time workers for the holiday season on top of the 25,000 people amazon recently hired for full time positions. they will be working in the company's warehouses. >> digging up part of the past. >> 9:30, the day marty mcfly drove into 2015.
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our plans include everything from annual wellness visits and vision exams and prescription drugs. we have affordable individual dental plans, too. and we even offer plans with no medical deductible and no referrals. the next chapter of your life should be all about you. that's why we're here. because we're more than blue cross blue shield of massachusetts, we're blue cross blue shield of you. to learn more, call us at... or visit us at... and request our free medicare information guide with no obligations. >> crews have been digging in on boston common trying to unearth history. city leaders are hoping to discover clues left behind by native americans.
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behind by british troops, 7s adam williams shows us more. >> reporter: field trip to the freedom trail and these students discover something else. >> i think it is cool. i want to see if they can find any interesting facts to help out with the history. >> reporter: looking for evidence with native americans and british troops who camped here during the revolutionary war. >> we don't know what their lives were like ten years being surrounded by rebels. native people here before, we have the history but we want to know more about their daily lives living here 400 plus years ago. >> reporter: items native americans or red coats would have thrown away, way back when.
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behind 400-500 years ago. >> reporter: i am adam williams, "today in new england." >> they are trying to dig up more answers. >> one man's trash is another treasure, looking for historic trash. inspiration years after an accident. how -- is telling his inspirational story 20 years later. >> in our next half hour, attorney general weighs in on sports. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is back... plus 1! woo-hoo! right now buy one get one at half price throughout the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens. the entire store! hey, any excuse for a party. and big savings.
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>> it has been 20 years since
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travis roy slammed head first into the boards paralyzing him from the neck down. this happened 11 seconds into his first college game. >> 7s dan hausle has more on an honor for roy. >> reporter: it is a heart breaking moment promising hockey player travis roy paralyzed from the neck down. >> twenty years later, we helped a lot of individuals, funded a lot of research. there is a lot of good that has happened. >> reporter: travis invited many
9:26 am
hockey players to join him. former bu coach -- >> i believed he was going to be successful no matter what he did. he has found another career. >> reporter: he is a motivational speaker and foundation raised more than seven million dollars to help others paralyzed. dan was on the ice when he was hurt. >> what he has been able to do is a testament to who he is as a person. >> reporter: greatest disappointment there is little cure for paralysis. >> i would like to see it go out of the business for people that is paralyzed. i want to get there as soon as we can. >> reporter: travis includes a cocktail party expecting to raise in one day, one million dollars. we are in boston, dan hausle, 7 news, "today in new england." >> amazing spirit, right?
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i am telling you. makes you grateful you can get up everyday. >> resilient. >> yeah. >> when we come back on 7 news at 9:00 today, this is an anniversary red sox fans will never forget. the day carlton fifth went -- >> clouds, few showers, forecast up next. >> brides want to know who crashed their wedding and stole
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>> a new york city police officer shot and killed while chasing a bike thief. >> local doctor accused of a creepy crime inside a bathroom at u mass medical school.
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>> running late for his life so he ran out on to the tarmac. >> hey there, everyone, good morning to you. hope you are having a swell wednesday. >> swell? haven't heard that. seems like a 50s word, right jr? >> remember he kept saying heavy? i need to go back and learn grammar. we have a lot of showers, metro boston and rain drops in and out, worcester sprinkles. rain gear, you'll need that especially along the mass pike and city in the next few minutes. as we work into the afternoon, this is a weather system you can follow its path all the way back up here into the tug hill
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showers will be with us on and off throughout mid afternoon. continuously. i think the chance is there now until 3:00 p.m. they should begin to fade away. it is mild. temperatures, upper 50s. for the afternoon, middle to upper 50s. >> breaking news coming in from england, pilot killed after f-18 fighter jet crashes after taking off from a u.s. military base. f-18 super hornet aircraft came down after leaving 70 miles northeast of london. aircraft came down near a farm area, 10 miles from the base. no one else on the plane at the time. we'll continue to follow that as well. breaking overnight, new york city city police officer died after being shot. >> this morning the man believed to have opened fire killing the 33-year-old officer is behind
9:32 am
randolph holder died at the hospital after being shot in the head. his family by his side. holder was a native of guy anna where his father and grandfather were officers. police arrested the man after shooting him in the leg. >> doctor at the u mass medical school off the job after accused of taking pictures of a woman in the bathroom. >> reporter: letting shocking. it was enough this doctor, cardiologist placed on administrative leave after a court magistrate ruled this doctor could face criminal
9:33 am
a picture of a woman while using the bathroom. she saw a hand holding a cell phone above her stall and heard a click. she ran out and confronted the man who said it was a misunderstanding. police say they checked this doctor's cell phone. they have a warrant to further search the phone to see if any were delete. live in worcester, victoria warren, 7 news, "today in new england." >> developing on the south shore, mrim plymouth police investigating a hit-and-run. they don't have a description of the driver that left the scene. 34-year-old sarah immediate may
9:34 am
have been taken against her will. she is with her 5-year-old son. her car spotted around 9:00 last night, 1999 blue volvo, 1637sz. meanwhile 22-year-old alexander chadwick pled not guilty for starving and beating their son in the home. >> new details on controversy >> attorney general will not shut down websites in massachusetts. last week nevada banned daily fantasy sports after officials ruled it was considered to be
9:35 am
gambling and should be regulated. milford, new hampshire man will face gun trafficking charges, arrested 29-year-old john miller. accused of selling assault rifle and ammunition to undercover agent and at one other location in massachusetts. >> accused rapist arrest 25-year-old david matterson. two cases, 2008 and one from last year. also facing kidnapping charges. lowell 38-year-old jesus ordered to undergo a mental evaluation. violent attack happened monday night when he smashed the side of a van.
9:36 am
he allegedly started fighting officers. judge upholds most serious conviction against -- he'll have to register as a sex offender. accused of luring an underaged girl back in 2014. a jury found him not guilty of other charges. >> we are taking a dangerous turn in ra ho beth. charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. he called police tuesday morning when art came at him with the weapon. >> he was screaming at me with a ratchet. >> his attorney says his client only waved his cell phone and never had a hatchet.
9:37 am
captain made a rescue mission before it sank. a retired captain was to stay storm. all three members killed. aj. >> texas teen arrested for bringing a homemade clock accepting a scholarship from a foundation. he was arrested back in september after his teacher thought his homemade clock was a bomb. he went to the white house for astronomy night and met with other scientists and astronauts. >> toyota issuing a recall for
9:38 am
millions of vehicles. power window switches can spark a fire. six and a half million vehicles worldwide effected by this recall, manufactured 2005 and 2010. go to our website, look at your car model there. >> important piece of info. up next, how brides to be are turning to social media in order to catch a wedding crasher. >> if you don't believe what -- let me start over, you won't believe what one man tried to do to make his way to his high school reunion. video gives it away.
9:39 am
>> state lawmakers are picking up the bill that would allow you to buy liquor on thanksgiving. many store owners oppose it, though. they value their family time on the holiday and would feel forced to open their doors if competitors opened on that day. >> bmt -- how orange, red and
9:40 am
you can vote now until november 3rd. delivered 2017. personal favorite of the one that has the hombre color. >> i like that, too. i thought that was only when you were talking about hair. it also applies to trains. >> i made that up. not scientific. >> jr's forecast is scientific. >> sniffing the dirt, mmm, yeah, going to stay dry. showers, city of boston. that is just what they are, showers, it is not widespread rain. they are moving fast, zipping down route 2 corridor. you have rain in the city. coffee break will feature rain drops unless you are watching us throughout merrimack valley.
9:41 am
this is a weather system. it is stalled out front. dividing line between cooler air up in northern new england and mild air in southern new england. i think after 3:00, going to be a dry afternoon. could be a couple of sprinkles until mid afternoon. this portion of the weather system, this cool front moves into new england tomorrow afternoon with the renewed chance of showers late in the day. our storm time line, 2:00, nothing happening. still one or two left over showers from this morning. theme would be to bring down the chance of rain lower as we work into the afternoon.
9:42 am
temps, middle and upper 50s. numbers close to where we should be for this time of year. coastal areas, boston, north shore, your numbers may back up the city, 59. boston mid afternoon, may dip into the mid 50s. tonight mostly cloudy, few sprinkles. tomorrow, a lot of clouds, warmer tomorrow, temps heading to the low 70s. cool front in michigan sweeps into new england with a few isolated showers much like today, nothing widespread. tomorrow, boston, 71. seven on seven forecast, mostly cloudy skies friday. sunday and monday feature clouds. saturday brighter of the two days. i think we can move the showers out in time for the patriot's game.
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in denver to stop the flight. he pushed through an emergency exit. many people suggested he tried something other then that. >> we have a possible criminal wedding crasher on the run in arkansas, bride after bride claiming this woman shows up unannounced and targeted the gift table. >> brides and family fighting back to cash this crasher. 7s kim khazei has more. >> reporter: deborah severson event and wedding planner posted this warning to all brides. >> so the brides could be aware if they were watching for someone if she shows up to call the police. >> she saw this uninvited guest at her child's wedding and at
9:44 am
the gift table there was a robbery. >> i was shocked to hear more weddings had been hit than this last weekend. brides are really disappointed. >> reporter: another wedding hit after that. >> we noticed the bridesmaid's purses, flower girl's gift gone. ring bearer's gift gone. >> reporter: woman in the photo spotted at her wedding. >> she said she was wearing the exact same outfit and if i saw the front i would be able to identify. >> same uninvited guest came to her wedding in oklahoma. her gift table also raided. >> you didn't have to steal from my elderly neighbor or people giving what they could to a starting couple. you saw our faces on our gift table pictures.
9:45 am
like i said, we are praying for you. >> reporter: kim khazei, 7 news, "today in new england." >> do you want to share? no? this happened in your hometown. you actually recognize those the people. >> i know the photographers and the people involved. >> look at that. >> not planning on getting married any time soon. >> am not. let the record stand. 7 sports is next, jets have durrell rev on their side what does that mean for the game? >> no need for the future, we
9:46 am
>> good morning. three points all that separated portrait -- patriots and jets. they have durrell revis. hold revis has three picks. 4-1 record in battle for first place in afc east. in the past, know revis well and know what to expect this sunday at gillette stadium.
9:47 am
to get better and improve. he is a good teammate. a lot of reps against him last year. we are excited to play against him. >> you can learn from durrell. one of the greatest guys until the game. taking what i learn from everybody. sizing up the flyers as they go season. i am joe amorosino. have a great day. >> royals one win away from heading back to the world series. kansas blue out toronto in game 4, 14-2 leading series three games to one. game five up in toronto this afternoon. if the cubs are going to get to
9:48 am
to have to win four straight games. everybody will be watching. >> today marks the 40th anniversary in fenway park, anniversary. home run in the 12th inning of the game. red sox a win against the cincinnati reds. greatest world series game ever played. >> all right. we are looking back. looking forward on that note. back to the future day, folks, october 21st, 2015. we'll be looking back at how many of those predictions in the movies have become a reality. >> good stuff there, hey, let's
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marty mcfly and dr. emmett brown ii." >> the future is now or something. just how similar is our 2015 to the movie? >> reporter: ready for a little time travel? >> when are we -- >> wednesday, october 21, 2015. >> reporter: let's go back 30 years when a 1985 michael j. fox and michael lloyd blasted to the future. three years rebuilding a souped up delorean to be his time machine. >> why did that movie have staying power? >> sense of family? sense of possibility. >> reporter: how many of the visions came true? hover board, pretty soon we might be able to buy one. video phone calls, everyone is
9:52 am
doing that. dog walking drones, they are everywhere. back in the present, town of resten, virginia renamed itself hill valley for the anniversary. >> it is a wonderful community. >> reporter: entire back to the future trillion ji screened with proceeds going to michael j. fox for parkinson's research. there is a time traveled dreamer in all of us. >> i think i would like to do the roaring 20s. >> i would like to go to the future to see if we can make it to mars. >> reporter: no time like the present with a future generation of fans. either. disappointed. >> pepsi didn't make the drinks. >> limited edition. jr, we'll have to wait for the hover board. >> also flying cars.
9:53 am
rain drops, showers across the metro. wouldn't have to worry about hydro planing. temps, low 60s. >> enjoy the rest of the day and possibilities, i am christa delcamp.
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