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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  October 21, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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according to the paperwork, the doctor said he was offended at what she was accusing him of, saying you have no idea who i am and if you did, you wouldn't be doing this. >> there's a "no trespassing" sign up at his home but in a signed statement to police, he said he felt there were racial overtones, saying he was willing to show her his phone until she further implied that it was some strange black man trying to photograph her. >> police were able to look at the cell phone and say that they did not find any pictures on it. but according to the paperwork, they do have a search warrant to look at the phone again and see if any images were deleted. the doctor is on paid administrative leave, and right campus. december. in worcester, victoria warren, 7news. [ sirens ] a pair of robbers from quincy are on the run. police are on the hunt for the husband and wife suspected of robbing banks in several states including massachusetts. investigators say joseph and
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maryland last friday and florida and luck low massachusetts. police looking for a dark color buick encore and say the public should be cautious. >> obviously our fear is that this could escalate, and we don't want to see anybody hurt. and not to be cliche , but almost like a modern day bonnie and clyde. >> police warning that this couple should be considered armed and dangerous. >> a brookline teacher heading back to school. larry chen's students were so upset when he was let go following an incident but now he's back and students and parents are thrilled. >> reporter: a beloved brookline teacher back on the job and parents and students couldn't be happier. >> wow. when i first found out i was jumping for joy. it was so fantastic, i like jumped up. i was doing jumping jacks, cartwheels, i don't even know how to do a cartwheel. >> now he's back. he's back in black. he's gonna be here in november, we're very excited about that. >> reporter: larry chen, a social studies teacher at the john driscoll medical school will be back next month.
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fired in september after allegedly swearing while talking to high school students. that action prompting parents and students alike to jump to his defense demanding he be reinstated. [ applause ] >> reporter: the rallies and protests now paying off. from gathering outside school to interrupting a school board meeting, they wanted their message heard. chen released this statement following the news tuesday saying, in part, i guess this proves that the kids were awake during the lessons on the democratic process and the role of citizens in shaping their community. could not be more proud with what they brought with what they learned in practice. >> i've learned so much in civil rights and learned that not just anyone can teach social studies. this group set out to save their teacher and a lesson he will never forget. >> he's a real gift. a presence about him and he transfers the energy to his students. >> mr. chen's first day back teach something november 5th. also on 7, police are speaking out after a seattle seahawks player loses control of his car and crashes into a
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street sign. this happened in washington state monday night. police say running back fred jackson was behind the wheel. officers say jackson didn't appear to be hurt but checked out by the team personnel. tmz reported jackson had been racing another car at the time but police say there's no evidence of a race and jackson stayed at the scene until officials could speak with them. >> an nba player fired up after a recent trip to the jewelry store. milwaukee bucs forward claims he was locked out -- he said he was stuck in the store and wanted to buy a watch and wants the score owner held responsible. >> reporter: he claims he was racially profiled. henson says in addition to being turned away, two officers questioned him about the vehicle plates. henson says the car was part of an endorsement deal. eventually the officers went inside and got the employees to serve him. >> it was just unfortunate.
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like that in wisconsin as it is. and to not really know who your clientele is, i think it makes it worse. >> reporter: the owner of the jewelry store says they've been robbed several times and on friday they decided to close early after suspicious calls. 30 minutes later people walked locked. police were called and they saw a red chevy tahoe in the area. >> this owner says they recorded the license plate and determined it was is suspicious because the the vehicle. it was possible the plates were stolen. the store owner insists his employers were not racial profiling henson and says they would have called police no matter who was behind the wheel. an unruly passenger causing a frightening flight for the rest of the people on board an american airlines flight. authorities say the flight to make an emergency landing because that guy was just so disruptive he had to be retrained. passengers say the 26-year-old was drunk when he boarded. police.
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a man sprints on to the runway at an airport in denver because he missed his polite and thought that maybe the plane would stop moving. police arrested the 58-year-old after he pushed through an emergency exit. he was trying to get on the flight is that he could make it to his high school reunion. i'm guessing that didn't work. a 1-year-old chicago girl left alone and locked in at a daycare center. the baby's father said when he got to the daycare, the windows were dark and door was locked but he heard his daughter crying inside. parents are now demanding answers. >> so many things crossing my mind when i was hitting the door and heard her screaming. i didn't know what was going on. >> obviously think that she should have the day off because they can't keep an eye on her. >> reporter: so officials are now investigating exactly what happened here. the daycare has not responded on how the child got left alone there.
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bulls leaping over barriers in the spectator's section. there he goes before the jump, onlookers were throwing objects at them. at least four people were hurt and authorities are investigating the lack of security. a surfer left scared after a shark attack in south florida. he says he was riding a wave when the shark chomped down leaving some pretty serious injuries. >> and now he's on the road to recovery and share his story. danielle knox has more. >> i was just minding my business, surfing and just sitting on my board and went to paddle for a wave and laid down and i felt something just like clamp on my foot. >> reporter: that was a spinner shark like this one. a surfer's worst nightmare was now peter criminal's reality. initially he didn't want to believe it. >> my buddy was surfing right next to me and when i first felt something in my foot i thought it was like his board or something and turned around and seen the 15er shark. >> reporter: the shark's rows of
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feet with intense force. the right one bitten, the left nearly chewed through. >> i was kind of freaking out right then. my buddy next to me, so i looked at him. i was like, yeah, i just got bit. >> he had multiple lacerations overlapping. they were dirty and lucky for him it didn't get into the water. >> spinners usually typically are not aggressive with humans and typically only if bait's around they're usually aggressive. they do like shallow water. >> crimm was able to pedal back to shore. >> he was laying back with his foot in the air and you could see the blood pouring down his leg. >> reporter: he was taken to broward health north where 50 stitches later he's alive to tell this shark tale. he's been surfing since he can
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could swim and taking all of this in stride. >> thank god it was just my foot and not anything more severe. daniel knox, 7news. >> i don't know if i could get back on the board after that. >> i would have had the same >> exactly. >> straight ahead, taking on a robber, a store clerk reaches her store. and crooks break in in an attempt to weed out some rare wine. it's all on camera. and then running at 5:00, joe biden's not running for president. and cia director john bren 's emails are on full display.
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a north carolina clerk defending his store when a would-be robber marches in. she is standing her ground with mace. >> police say the situation could have taken a very dangerous turn because the robber was armed with a knife. i'm not just letting you walk ow the door with it. >> reporter: seconds later, michelle thought this man with the purse over his face was joking. she didn't see him but heard him. >> all i heard was i want your money and i turned around and i said, excuse me, what do you want? >> reporter: you can see him waving the knife but she doesn't back down. she throws her hands up, not to surrender, but in disbelief. i said if you want it, take it but i'm going to call the cops and mace you. >> reporter: she grabbed the
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he stepped back and lunged for it. she ignored the knife and the man won the battle and ran. trainer said at first she intended to get a license plate number and then got angry. >> you're gonna take something, then you're gonna have a consequence, you're gonna feel something for it. >> reporter: she reached through a crash in the sun raff and sprayed the mace in the car. >> i got him the best i could and i hope -- i hope he felt it. >> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: customers share their reaction to the video. >> i wouldn't have done that. >> the guy better not come back. >> reporter: the owner says he never wants i had employees to put themselves in danger. >> it's kind of heart warming to see someone fight back a little bit. >> and police are still looking for the man they believe robbed that store. a winemaker in oregon makes moves after his winery was targeted about i thieves. surveillance video shows a group of men breaking in and once they get in, they start rolling the wine barrels in their van. when the owner saw the footage he was able to track the barrels
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the owner, who gave them back. >> it's a crippling feeling, like everything's been knocked out of you and like what do you do now? >> the owner says police never made an arrest this that case. >> our forecast, it looks pretty warm for tomorrow. some places hit 70 degrees. we'll see if we can keep the showers out of the forecast, too, for the weekend. that's ahead. >> coming up at 5:00, road rage taking a tragic turn. an infant caught in the crossfire. and putting marty to the test. we'll see how predictions in back to the future panned out. >> and if you have a story idea or any breaking news, we'd love to hear from you, everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whaver eed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet
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>> south carolina community is rallying together. >> they held a pep rally to honor 10-month-old addy grace, who is born with a rare and fatal disease. she was diagnosed with a disease when she was just 3 months old. her parents made a bubt list for their baby girl. on the top of the list was to take her to a clemson university football game though that dream was squashed when addy's condition got worse so clemson and the community brought the peppa rally to them. >> to walk out here and see so much support and love is just amazing. >> that peppa rally was a total surprise to addy and her parents and obviously they were very touched by how these strangers came together and did something that these people will never forget. >> yeah, for a little bit, they
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going on, for sure. >> all right, pete... >> look at the temperatures today. they made it nature 70s on the vineyard and nantucket. providence, too, new bedford. what a day. the zone of showers right through the masspike through central mass, really. and calm of them reaching up into southern new hampshire, that and a cooler air mass moving in. 61 was the high in boston are a little cooler than yesterday. we're 55 now. the winds turning more east-northeast, moistening just a little bit. as we go through the night tonight, that may feed so fog, too. temperature fast moving fronts, warm us up, cools us down. it comes to a trend over the weekend. but may settle down for a little while next week. not bitter but it's colder. anyway these are the clouds with the front that's stalling now across southern new england and pushes back tomorrow as a warm front. we get into the warmer air,
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tomorrow. we start off mercky, push away some clouds and might get a shower or two for good measure in the afternoon with a cool front moving through. it's not a driving rain and it's not something that would slow us drive. tomorrow, though, a chance to get to 70 for many cities and towns, from lowell to middleton, waltham, boston, quincy, as well, framingham and hope dale. look at those numbers, huh. almost late october here. we're just a couple of weeks away from halloween. 70 in duxbury, 74 in wellesey. upper 60s, winds out of the southwest and clouds to start the day. the big turn-around on friday. back down again with the chill. 54. this is a huge turn here and the most dramatic that i see of the next seven days, by the way, are changes. after that it will be a little bit more subtle, too. we've been back and forth this month. so far the monthly average is just about a degree below normal. 10 cold days, 8 warm days, sliced right in half and these
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up and down temperatures will continue. mostly cloudy. areas of fog, 47 to 54 with an east-southeast breeze. and then tomorrow, it turns more to the southwest. 64 to 74, occasional sun. late showers possible. our coolest readings could be up across southern new hampshire tomorrow as the warm front kind of gets stuck. there's your seven-day forecast, the weekend doesn't look bad, aught, maybe a few showers early on sunday. that warm air is not as strong, our morning shower threat will be gone as we go through the fan, though. i think the pats game looks fine. we'll check that forecast for ya, next half-hour. >> thanks so much, pete. we'll see you then. let's get a check of the ride home. here's joe stapleton with an update. >> thanks. looking at upper deck of route 93. we picked up a couple of trucks here involved in with a minor crash looks like over to the right-hand side. that must really be adding to our delays downtown right back towards the zakim bridge. making your way towards the expressway northbound and
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southbound, tight ride, right down around mass avenue, the traffic coming towards the camera on the southbound ride, so close to a 50 minute ride the whole way down towards braintree. delays on the pike westbound. coming out towards exit 17. after this eases off a little bit heading for 128 and again out by route 95 is not moving all that badly, and route 1 northbound bogging down somewhat here in the saugus area but not that bad. visible tight-going up in lynnfield, though. i'm joe stapleton, 7news. a survey reveals more than half of people in the food industry go to work six. >> researchers polled more than 12 people in each fast food, grocery store or other food organizations, 50% said they go to work when they're sick. the biggest reason was wage losses and letting down coworkers. laying down for extended
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risk for kidney disease. a new study shows that each 80 minute of this behavior raised the risk of kidney disease by 20%. a recent study shows people under the age of 50 are being diagnosed with colon cancer. a screening for the disease isn't recommended until after the age. doctors say knowing the family history and talking to your doctor about a colon op scope is very important. >> if you have family members who have had polyps or colon cancer, they need to talk to their doctor about that. >> a colonoscopy might be uncomfortable for 5 minutes but believe me dealing with cancer for life, not worth it. >> doctors say symptoms for colon cancer usually show up when it's more advanced. a picture-perfect day. one direction releasing their
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>> one direction releasing a perfect music video. if you lake the things you know we shouldn't do. baby i'm perfect >> the song perfect is the
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album and it's due out next month. dutch's kate chose a red 77y pack um gown for dinner in china and access orized with a diamond bracelet and the lotus flower tiara. chris rock returns to the stage to host next year's oscar awards. it will be the second time he hosts. his first was in 2005. the oscars will be head at the end of january. the actress says elsie otter was named after the sea otter, which happens to be one of her favorite animals. dechanel gave birth to elsie three months ago. interesting. >> all right, very interesting name. >> i lake cats, but i don't know that i'd name my child, if i choose to have one whenever, elsie cats.
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but -- i many, it's interesting. people come up with the strangest names. well, much more to come in the neck 90 minutes. >> 7news at feoff starts right now. >> reporter: a cheerleading coach cruised of crossing the line with one of his students. the alarming allegations and the charges he's now facing. >> a by announcement from vice-president joe biden. >> unfortunately i believe we're out of time. >> reporter: but it's not the decision many democrats wanted. why the bp opted out for the race for the presidential nomination. >> and tom brady talks about the added challenge that's coming up. >> we are living in the future.
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but does it live up to the expectations set years ago? >> tonight on 7 a cheerleading coach in west bridge wearlt is facing serious charges accused of sexual assaulting a teenager. he was coaching. the girl in this case is 14 years old. >> prosecutors say it was the girl's parents who notified police. 7news now in west bridgewater, jonathan hall is at the gym where he worked. john. >> this gym has canceled classes for today and inside they are not commenting. the lights are on, they're there but not coming out. parents who didn't get the word of them showing up here, young girls hoping to be better cheerleaders but finding out one of the coaches is in big trouble. >> reporter: a cheerleading instructor nicholas johnson is charged with raping one of his students. a 14-year-old girl told police johnson texted her a few weeks back asking her if she'd like to see his apartment. police say she accepted and after playing a videogame,
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