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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the woman, a medical student, was in the lads room in the albert sherman building september 1st. she told police she heard something and saw a shadow in front of the stall. when she looked up, she claims she saw knuckles and a cell phone camera lens pointed in her direction. police report the victim screamed and chased the photographer as he tried to enter a nearby men's room. the exchange is caught on campus cameras. the victim told police she asked the man to see its phone and make sure he didn't take a picture but instead she says he told her, have you no idea who i am. if you did, you wouldn't be doing this. the professor then took off. the woman went to police and eventually dr. cooper did, too. court paperwork says the cardiologist told detectives it was all a misunderstanding, that he walked into the wrong bathroom while checking emails on his telephone. he then went on to say he was offended by the accusations, claiming the student kept saying that a strange black man was trying to photograph her. two very different pictures of the same incident. >> and again that doctor is on paid leave.
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he is facing charges and will be back in court in december. reporting live from worcester, kimberly bookman, 7news. he. >> investigators say a crime involved a coach and a 14-year-old girl. once the girl's paints heard some details they called police. jonathan hall was live in brynwater with the investigation. john. >> well, good evening. as you can imagine, the girl's parents are upset and angry, a couple of weeks back, they grew up there, high school freshman daughter here for cheer leading practice. >> reporter: prosecutors say melissa john -- coach johnson lured a student to his apartment for sex last week. a neighbor says 26-year-old johnson just moved into the second-floor apartment on this quiet street already decorated
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for halloween. >> it's disgusting. it's sad. >> reporter: a brockton police report shows johnson had sexual contact with the 14-year-old while she was in her cheer clothes. she says they stayed on her body and it was a one-time thing. the report also says johnson asked the girl for nude photos which she texted him. the girl told investigators johnson told her loved her and wouldn't regret the sexual contact no matter what. but the girl told the friend about what happened and the girl's parents found out and alerted west bridgewater police. >> police approached johnson on october 14th, that same day he went off the road on route 24, crashed his car and was injured, he spent five days in norwood hospital and then arrested monday after he was released. >> reporter: the gym's facebook page welcomed johnson as a new instructor in may. several parents wrote how pleased they were with him, that prompted a person identified as nick johnson so write, quote, i have a very open private schedule. if anyone would like to start
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me. >> he should know better. he should definitely know better. i don't care if she's willing or not. >> parents have been showing up here wondering what to do now. >> well, i'm happy with the people, but -- >> it's but now you're not. >> thinking about it. >> yep. >> so johnson said he'd never regret this but perhaps he does now. in jail unable to come up with the $50,000 cash bail. jonathan hall, 7news. turning to the race for the white house. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a inwithing campaign for the nomination. >> the vice-president of the united states will not run for higher office. joe biden announcing today that he's not getting in the race for president. dan hausle joins us now with this difficult decision. >> yeah, the vice-president says he did have his family's backing
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to run but in the end he says there were other affect are to driving his decision not to run. emotions and time. >> unfortunately i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> reporter: there at the white house rose garden flanked by the president and his wife, biden made the announcement so many were waiting for but not everyone expected. biden said he had his family's blessing but still thought he might not be emotionally ready to run so soon after his son bo's death from brain cancer. reactions came quick from those who now know they won't be running against biden. hillary clinton tweeted out... bernie sanders said...
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>> biden says he may be out, but he won't be silent. the vice-president warning whoever runs for the democrats had better embrace president barak obama's legacy. >> democrats should not only defend this record and protect this record, they should run on the record. >> republican frontrunner donald trump tweeted that biden made the right call for himself and his family. trump adding in the same tweet that he wanted to face hillary clinton anyway, because trump says her record is so bad. live in the newsroom, dan hausle, 7news. chelsea clinton is reacting to the vice-president's announcement. she was promoting a new book in cambridge today. 7's byron barnett with live with what chelsea clinton had to say. >> yeah, that's right. else. chelsea clinton is here on a 20-city book promotion tour. she spoke to some kids here at the school in cambridge but also gave her reaction to the vice-president's decision not to challenge her mother for the presidency. >> i long respected the
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vice-president and his whole family, dr. joe biden who was standing with -- dr. jill biden who was standing with him today. they have a lifelong commitment to serve our country and i know they will continue to serve in ways that is right for him and their family. >> the comments on the vice-president's decision not to run for president came during a visit for the school in came bridge, promoting a new book called "it's your world" aimed at 10 to 14-year-olds encouraging them to pursue positive change in world. >> i believe with a little inspiration, any kid can make a difference. >> reporter: clinton, who's a new mother herself, says her book tour makes her too busy to campaign for her mom right now but never too busy to say that her mom would be a great president. >> i think my mom's the right person for this moment in time. >> what's she like as a grandmother? >> my mom as a grandmother is amazing. i didn't know it would be such a joy. >> reporter: she was asked about living in the white house when her dad was president. >> every day i came home from
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school or dance class or a friend's house, and i walked into the white house, and that was extraordinary. >> reporter: and listen to what the former first daughter has to say about running for office herself some day. >> what about going into politics yourself? >> i've been asked about that for more than 30 years so certainly i have to think about it because people have been asking me for as long as i can remember. >> chelsea clinton clearly leaving the door open for a future run for public office. but right now she says she's right where she wants to be at this moment in time, working with the clinton foundation and working on her book. that's the story live from cambridge, i'm byron barnett, 7news. 7news heading up to manchester, new hampshire and disturbing detail beside a father charged with hurting his baby. jonathan gald in court today. police say he shook the baby so hard the child need to be hospitalized. the three-month-old is now home with the mother. the man from milford, new hampshire in a lowell courtroom today, john miller, is facin more than a dozen gun trafficking charges including
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selling assault weapons and ammunition and carrying a gun without a license. police say miller sold an assault rifle, shotgun and lots of. a in addition to an undercover officer. a missing mother from maine calls police to say she's okay. >> there were concerns that sara mead and her 5-year-old son were taken against her will. but overnight the two were spotted in massachusetts. the mother would not tell police where she is, only told them that the two are safe. >> coming up here on 7news at 6:00, people pack the state house, demanding stronger laws to protect our pets. a closer look at the proposal. plus, the jets come to town on sunday. meet the former team aide who knows a lot about the pats' playbook. so how is tom brady prepare
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every single day, more than 8,000 men and women are working together to create a stronger, smarter,
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so the 3 1/2 million people we serve have the energy they need. we serve new england. and energy brings us together. ever new england. eversource. animal-lovers want more ways of helping animals who have been victims of abuse. >> it's a cause with a lot of passionate support. kelli o'hara is live in boston with a closer look at this proposal. >> yeah, good evening.
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have been convicted of animal cruelty crimes to register online with a database just like the sex offender registry. >> they want them to create a database for animal abusers. >> people who abuse animals go on to abuse people. why should we have people abusing animals. >> reporter: state rep steven howell is sponsoring the bill saying the registry wouldn't be open to the public but to shelters, breeders and pet stores. a convicted abuser would be forced to give the state all their info and even pay $50 bucks a year to be listed. then it if they fail to do so, they could be jailed or fined. >> animals become part of the family and abusing an animal is just so unfair.
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still going on, and this bill could even go to another community but the rep tells us his idea, one day get governor baker to sign it into law. in boston tonight, kelli o'hara 7news. tomorrow we could hit 70 degrees before we dive again. take a look at that forecast, ahead. notice coffin i coming up next, it is jets week, durrell revis is coming back and the pats are preparing for the top defense in the league.
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well, a perfectly feeling fall day out there today. i mean, you don't get too hot, don't get too cold. as we look live over boston, it was really comfortable out there. >> i totally agree and had like the big sweater and like you know what, this still feels good. i'm losing the sweater and enjoying the day. >> and the afternoon, it did cool off. we made in to disun before that happened. beverly at 53, and we're cooling everyone off, too. even the places that did sneak into the 70s. no we weren't jealous at vineyard and nan tub. there have been times when we've been in the 70s and they've been in the 50s, too. is fair is fair here, even into autumn. a warm front lifts by tomorrow, with he'll get the 70s and
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spread the wealth, i think a lot of spots will hit 70 tomorrow. it remains to be seen how far those 70s go north of the border. we have a chance to get close to it in lawrence and haverhill too. but 68 or 69 would do it there. in any event, the cool front is coming in tomorrow evening to maybe trigger a shower or two and eventually drop those temperatures in dramatic fashion, new england style, by the time we get into friday. these are suspect north of the border because i think that will only go so far north. on the southshore, through brockton and duxbury, too. wells bury cool thanks to the southwest wind. be warned there's a pool of cool air up here and won't take much to get a certainly of it crass southern new england. on friday a piece this breaks off and comes south on a gusty
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50s. although, we're in a battle here. pitch battle between late autumn and early autumn weather. and it looks like both will have their chance and take their swings at us over the next 7 to 10 days. this is a big drop, 70 to 54 between thursday and friday. other than a good breeze, you won't really know that the temperature drop at night because we'll cool off at night but boy those highs on friday will not go very far. then looking ahead to the pats' forecast for the weekend. a few showers early on sunday and then we're warming it up. this is coming off of a cool saturday and ahead of a school monday forecast too. but first, tonight, mostly cloudy. areas of fog could be forming too. warmer, occasional sun, late shower is possible tomorrow, mid-60s out on the islands and cape and then mid-70s in the warmest spots southwest of the city of boston and close to the city, too.
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saturday and -- really friday, saturday cool, and sunday bounce it up. but again, the drop-off between sunday and monday, not as pronounced as the drop-off between tomorrow and friday, too. and it is look like we might level off in the 50s, stay there for a little while, early next week at least. have a good night. >> for a team that has perfected the art of saying little to nothing, the patriots have been more forthcoming over the years when it comes to the rival jets. tom brady openly stating on multiplications his pate hatred for the jets, a team that comes to town this sunday drilling the patriots by just one game in the stands. bolstered by a return of durrell revis, the jets defense has been lights out this season carrying a team to a surprising 4 and 1 start. it is a unit loaded with talent, especially upfront with those three first round picks and a unit that stepped up when it matters most, leading the league
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the jets defense also leads the nfl and -- in points and total yards allowed per game, and his second against the pats and run giving up only one rushing touchdown this season. alex corddry has more from foxboro on sunday's showdown against revis and the jets. >> he's a dependable consistent player. >> and this season has been no different for durrell revis, making off three passes through five games. >> his instincts are incredible out there. and like i said, they've got the top rated defense in the league. so it tells you how well they're covering the guys and leading the league in turnovers. as. >> a whopping 15 turnovers, brady's expecting its foots have their hands full this week. >> they play hard, we'll have a great start this year. >> reporter: and it isn't just because of the defense but on the other side, chris ivory,
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he's racked up 460 rushing yards on yeal carries and averaging 5.5 yards per carry. the jets' rushing attack is where its offense starts. >> a big part of this is you try to take away the running game away. through texas. >> and stopping the run is going to be no easy task but the patriots will have to if they want to put the game in ryan fitzpatrick's hands. yes, fitzpatrick has thrown close to 1200 yards and nine touchdowns but also thrown seven interceptions, not to mention in his career against the patriots he's 1 and 6 with 13 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. it certainly plays well nature hands of the patriots. in foxboro, alex corddry, 7sports. after sitting out the first five games of the season, following off-season foot surgery, brandon made his return to the practice field today. lathel remains on the physically unable to perform list and
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the patriots have 21 days to activate him or place him on season-ending reserve. explode for 11 wins over the coyotes. the top line ringer sitting out with an undisclosed upper body injury. an injury he suffered following yesterday's practice. pal trees bergeron will be in the line-up, suiting up tonight after the birth of his son this morning. >> preseason action, clippers hosting, chris paul showing it off behind the back and spotting up j.j. redick to are that lay-in. paul finishing the game. it's good for our play of the day.
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working on quarterback courtland today. he retired back in march after playing nine seasons for the titans, rams and dolphins. that's sports. >> 7news at 6:00 is back after
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coming up tonight on nbc nightly news, now that vice-president biden has decided he will not run for president, what does that mean for hillary clinton and her standing? our latest poll sheds some light. and what a hacker found a cia's personal email count and and a man being pressed to take over one of the most powerful jobs in the country, has some conditions to open up the conversation about men and work life balance, when we see you tonight. that is the news at 6:00 on this wednesday. as always, we appreciate you sharing some of your valuable time with us. i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei. we definitely hope you'll come back and see us tonight. we're over on cw56 at 10:00 if
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you like the news an hour earlier and right back here on 7 ns at 11:00.
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