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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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his home a cheer leadering coach facing troubling charges. he's accused of raping a teenager he was coaching. >>man: unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. >> after months of speculation, vice president joe biden paces on the race for the white house. where do we land for tomorrow on the warm side or cool side? it took them six years but they did it. a local high school team sets a national record. >> it's all now from the night team. 7 news at 11:00 starts now breaking news, police arrest a teenager they say threatened to shoot up his high school. investigators say another student heard him make the threats. >> they searched his home tonight and found disturbing items. >>reporter: well police say they found ammunition in that teenager's home. this arrest that happened on monday only came about because another student, a junior at the
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high school heard some of those threats and decided to tell authorities. police say a 16-year-old told at least one fellow student he hoped to shoot up the high school. investigators say the student referenced mass shootings, especially ones at school and it won't just one threat. >>man: it was in person and also some postings, some written text messages. but again, this occurred over a period of time >>reporter: a female student told authorities she was concerned, reportedly, once the suspect said he also wanted to kill himself. >>man: this girl possibly saved that child's life. i don't know if it would have progressed to him living out the statements. but the child probably would have injured themselves seriously. >>reporter: they found tactical gear at his home. >>man: gothic sort of replica of clothing. >>reporter: they also recovered bullets but no real guns.
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>>man: there was live ammunition search. however, the items we were able to recover were not capable of >>reporter: the arrest happened monday night. today. some parents were upset they weren't notified >>woman: weigh wanted to make sure we had correct information to relay to the family. >>reporter: police want to reiterate that they don't think there was any danger for the teachers and students. as for the 16-year-old, he was taken in for mental evaluation and will be in court on november 2nd. also from the night team, a local cheer leading coach is facing some troubling charges. he's accused of raping a teen age girl. brandon is in west bridge water live with the latest >>reporter: the coach started working at this gym behind me in may.
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parents of a 14-year-old girl dropped her off here about two hours early and that's when police say he sexually assaulted her. he took a 14-year-old student to his apartment and raped her. >>woman: that's very sick and disturbing. >>woman: that's disgusting. it's sad. >>reporter: according to police report, johnson asked the girl for nude photos which she texted him. the girl told investigators that johnson said he loved her and she also told a friend and the patterns found out and they called police >>woman: he should definitely know better. i don't care if she was willing or not. >>reporter: that same day he drove the car off the road and spent five days in the hospital. police arrested him the day he was released. the gym's facebook page welcomed him in may. he said i have a very open, private schedule if anyone would like to start tumbling with me, please message me.
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the gym are just hearing of this >>woman: i'm just shocked. >>reporter: johnson is charged with aggravated rape of a child. last check, he's still in jail unable to post the cash bail. a doctor is accused of making a snap decision that landed him in big trouble. police say he took a picture of a woman while she was in a public bathroom stall. tonight >>reporter: that doctor is off the job on paid leave tonight after a woman says the sound of a click of a cell phone concerned her. it appears why the doctor is pos posing for a picture of himself. there are serious accusations that he didn't give a young woman the same courtesy. he creeped into the bathroom and snapping a shot of her over the a
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according to court paper work, the 26-year-old victim is a medical student. on september 1st, she said she saw a shadow on the bathroom door. looked up and found knuckles and a cell phone camera pointing in the way of her direction and then she claimed to hear a click. she screamed and chased the photographer as he entered a nearby men's room. their exchange is caught on campus cameras. the victim told police she asked to see the man to see his phone and make sure he didn't take a picture. the professor then took off. the woman went to police, dr. cooper did too. but the cardiologist's account is different saying the medical student targeted him because he's black. he told detectives that it was all a misunderstanding. police report they checked the doctor's phone and found no pictures. they plan to execute a search warrant to look further.
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in the meantime, that doctor will be in court in december. developing story out of washington tonight. congressman paul ryan getting the support to become the next speaker. they didn't make a full endorsement tonight but he got enough votes to get their unofficial support. he's now waiting for decisions from two other groups before he decides whether to accept the job. now, from the night team. vice president biden bowing out. >>man: while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> running out of time in the race for the white house. >> he says he just doesn't have enough time to make a run. more tonight >>reporter: after months of deadlines, sources say they knew what he was going to do, we know job. >>man: i believe we're out of time. >>reporter: with that statement, vice president joe
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biden ends months of speculation, he will not be running for president. a historic moment played out as he stepped aside but made it clear he's not going away. even calling on hilary clinton who has moved away from president obama's policy >>man: this party, our nation, will be making a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the obama legacy. >>reporter: he made his decision last night and said the grieving process over his son played a major factor. >>man: it may very well be, that that process, the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting that realistic came pain. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >>reporter: clinton called biden after the announcement and said the vice president is a good man and great friend.
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kind words for him. >>woman: i long and respected family. i know they will continue to serve in the ways they feel right for them and their family >>reporter: the buzz about bidne came up in the summer. but his recent poll numbers were dropping and clinton's performance numbers made it clear there was no real path to victory. knowing at 72 years old, this was his last chance at the oval office two men broke into a store overnight, climbing through in a hall in the wall. they got away with more than $100,000 worth of apple products law makers are considering a new way to keep track of people who abuse animals. they believe this new plan can help keep pets safe.
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images like these offend, animals in cages and being rescued from homes where they were abused. >>man: it's important for people to know who these people are. >>reporter: by creating a database like the sex offender registry, instead it would be for animal abusers. >>man: people who abuse animals go on to abuse people. why should we have people abusing animals? >>reporter: state rep is housing the bill. it would only be open to shelters, breeders and pet stores. a convicted abuser will pay $50 a year to be listed and if they fail to do so, they'll be jailed or fined >>man: animals become part of a family and abusing an animal is just so unfair. >>reporter: the representative hopes it will be signed into law very soon and of course we'll keep you posted. tom brady talked about the match up passing on praise to
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their division rival. brady says the jets remind him a lot of the patriots. >>reporter: for a team that's really perfected the art of saying little to nothing, the patriots have been a little more forth coming over the years when it comes to the jets. tom brady openly stating on multiple occasions his hatred for the jets. >>man: yeah, it's a great robbery. >>reporter: it's not easy to wax nostalgia but jets week always seems to jog brady's memory. >>man: it was the first monday night game that i went down to the old jets stadium and it was a great atmosphere for football and we've had a lot of great games against them. >>reporter: this sunday, we're in for another one when revis makes his return to the stadium as a jet. >>man: there was a lot of competition in practice last year with him. he makes it tough. i said yesterday, his instincts
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are incredible out there. he's one of those guys that sees everything on the field >>reporter: as far as revis getting back on the other side, brady says it's strictly business. >>man: it's nfl football. a lot of players have switched teams over the years. >>reporter: first place in the afc east is up for grabs but the stakes never matter when these two teams get together. >>man: it's a big game. >>man: jets verse patriots. it goes way back before we were even thinking about football. just the intensity around the this game >>reporter: and nobody is more intense than brady. for. we play them at home. so we have to be ready to go. got a big week of practice >>reporter: a new addition for practice for the patriots, we'll have the latest on wide receiver
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brendon for sunday coming up in sports. and up next, making history on the field. >> water town high school's field hockey team sets an amazing record. this engine really purrs, what until we show you what the driver found when she popped the hood looking for warmth? we have it tomorrow. that's ahead. and there are only a few minutes left to get up to 88 miles an hour. celebrating back hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced pumpkin macchiato. for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! stop & shop just dropped prices
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these guys were excited celebrating their victory on victory field. congratulations. it was a night years in the making. six years to be exact. setting a national record for the longest winning streak game. >>woman: right now we're going to savor this moment today to be a part of something many other girls have been a part of. >>reporter: a win over melrose, the raiders continue their six year winning streak. >>woman: it's an amazing feeling. all the other former players coming back and taking the picture, celebrating all their hard work it's such a great feeling >>woman: all the coaches that have coached with me all these years, that's what's going through my mind right now. >>reporter: this team is still staying focused, already
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but at least for one night, they'll celebrate this historic win >>woman: i'm so thankful for all of these families that have supported us in and all the former families that came to watch us. thank you, all. >>reporter: this historic victory ended in the 6-0 victory over melrose. a local cat is down to eight lives max after surviving a scary ride. he was stuck in a very tight spot and that would be the engine of that car. kristen was driving from framing ham to ashland, it's about six miles. she stopped at mcdonalds and heard a meow coming from her car. there's the animal safe and sound. >>woman: we thought it might be stuck in there because it didn't appear to be coming out very easily. we just kept working until
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>> they checked out the cat at the vet and everything is okay. and now animal control is trying home. >> well, they already have a cat update -- >> the update out just today features 150 new emoji. they include more food icons, including the long awaited taco, hot dog and then weather emojis and some sports. there are others as well. the first one is a hugging face. that one on the left. there's also a robot and a ooun corn as well. >> we were chatting it up. the skier i like. they only had a snow border.
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>> there's nothing beyond those. >> do you use those? >> i haven't really, no. >> i didn't think so. i just tell people the forecast. 55 in boston right now. dew point about 53. six miles an hour wind. nice shot of the moon before it came in. no, i'm not predicting thunder storms tonight. no, we won't be going any where in the future or back in time. 51 in bedford. 51 in nor wood. our temperatures in the middle 50s. not a bad night. we may dip a couple more degrees. i'm watching a few showers across northern new england and maybe a few in the morning as the warm front lifts through. much of the day is dry though. late in the day we might get a shower. a cool front. first it's the warm front, get us into the 70s and then it's the cool front to take care of business on friday and give us the chills. this is a rapid fire weather
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system. the air masses change out really quick across southern and northern new england. you've been warned about friday's temperature. they will plummet. if you're thinking how are we going to get to 70 degrees. look at this, a little bit of sun shine and wham, right around 70 or so. that colder air comes in late in the day. and there you are. thursday. and then friday, a big turn around from 70 to 54. a good breeze on friday as well. but at least the sun is out. now sun may be at a premium on sunday. i don't expect a whole lot of it but i do expect most of the showers to be in the morning hours and then as we get into the afternoon, we should dry out. 57 and 61, not half bad for almost late october. you know how much colder it could be. it could be snowing. mostly cloudy. areas of fog tonight.
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winds light and then warmer tomorrow. occasional showers. there's your 7 on 7 forecast. the weekend, well it's cool and then it warms up. but the warm up/cool down thing is not as dramatic as what we're going through now. it's a chilly start to next week. that's for sure. i'll see you tomorrow. see you then, pete big day for fans of back to the future films. >> october 21, 2015, is the day that they travel to in back to the future part two. the 1989 movie predicted a lot about what this exact day will look like. remember the sneakers in the movie? well today, nike sent the first actual pair to michael j fox who played mcfly in the films. and there will be limited edition release of those shoes
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he posted this photo online posing complete with his hover board with the caption "who wants to see jaws 19 with me?" we're thinking that's jaws part 19 because you're so far in the future that there would be 19 remakes. >> that could be it. i know joe has had his eye on the brews game tonight. >> yeah, they're trying to get a goal on their home ice. i'm not happy with what i'm going to show you in a few minutes. they had a 4-2 lead against the fliers.
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now it's time for 7 sports with joe. >> the brews still trying to take command of their home ice. it was desperation time. desperate because the brews were in danger of falling to 0-4 this year at home. playing on one hour sleep after his wife welcomed their first child into their lives this morning. as you can see he knocked that goal in off the power play. things were tied at two in the second period, zach goes up and knocks down who would leave the game and not return. expect some league discipline there. on the ensuing penalty kill, you saw they shot chris kelly's puck. they take a 4-2 lead. it wouldn't last.
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they tie the game at four and they go into overtime. bonus hockey, ripping home the one timer to end it the brews lose it. still winless at the garden branden back in the patriots practice. they have 21 days to remove him from the physically unable to perform list. but the sooner the better because tom brady can use all the help he can get >>man: he's a dependable, consistent player. he covers the top guys every week. i got a firsthand look at that last year every day at practice. it was great having him here but he moved on. now he's our competition again. >> alcs game five, blue jays trying to stay alive. 2-0 in the sixth.
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double off kelvin. 7-1 forcing a game six friday night in kansas city play of the day brought to you by capital one. to the pitch, rachel scores her first career goal and in style, lifting home from 25 yards out just over crusader. and in the nlcs, the mets going tonight. new york up 8-3 right now in the ninth inning. we'll all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing
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confirming rumors of a new album. she posted on facebook and twitter today. this will be adele's first work since 2011. she hasn't said when she will release the whole album. that's our time for tonight.
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it.
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