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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 22, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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measure. make. install. it's easy, with bath fitter. don't wait! call today, or learn more at it's thursday october 22nd. coming up on early "today," preparing with top advisers. all week long hillary clinton is facing what might be the most grueling day of her political career today. committee. with joe biden out of the race, clinton's poll position has unstoppable status. new arrests in the load rage case that ended in the shooting death of a 4-year-old girl. plus firefighters held hostage at the scene of an ohio fire. and the new york mets, they are headed to the world series. early "today" starts right now.
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good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. in a matter of hours hillary clinton will appear before the committee on benghazi. whether it's a drilling for answers or a political witch hunt, the next few hours could be the most significant of her campaign. andrea mitcher reports. >> reporter: with his bill, her lawyers and former aides. time -- >> at this point what difference does it make? >> reporter: this time she'll try to stay cool and play up republican mistakes. >> it is a partisan vehicle as admitted by the house republican majority leader mr. mccarthy to big surprise. >> reporter: but the benghazi controversy could still drag on. >> we are overrun. >> reporter: a movie coming soon tragedy.
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a grieving mother whose only son shawn smith was among those killed also blames clinton. >> it was her department. how come she let my son be kill snd how come? she knew this was happening. >> let's bring in tracy potts who is live in washington for us today. what is clinton's strategy today? >> her strategy is to try to set the record straight from her perspective yet again. she's been before yet another committee. this will be the first time she's testified before this select committee that's only looking at the benghazi attack. we're expecting eight hours of testimony. so this could go very long today. one of the things the committee wants to know is why weren't the requests for more security in benghazi heeded earlier. they now have 8,000 pages of e-mails from ambassador chris stevens who was one of the four killed in that attack. they have not been able to question her on these e-mails before much less her own
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e-mails. she is expected today to push for more diplomacy in risky areas and ask congress for money for a diplomatic training facility that so far they have yet to fund. >> it is going to be interesting. tracie, thank you so much for that. joe biden's decision to stay out of the presidential race is making waves. in a new poll trump is seen as nomination. top democrats had nice things to say about biden on twitter. but bernie sanders was a bit more critical. >> we need a political revolution. we need to mobilize tens of millions of people to begin to stand up and fight back and reclaim the government which is now owned by big money. do i think that was the work -- was that the goal of the
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president and the vice president? i don't think so. so i think we've got to go further. >> for the latest on biden, we go to kristen welker. time -- >> reporter: and with those words, vice president joe biden closed the door on his life-long goal of running for president. bowing out but delivering a call to action and taking a swipe at hillary clinton who has moved policies. >> this party, our nation will be making a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the obama legacy. >> reporter: biden said the grieving process over his late son beau was pivotal. >> i've said all along what i've said time and again to others. that it may very well be that that process by the time we get through it closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign
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that it might close. i've concluded it has closed. >> reporter: but biden said he won't sit on the sidelines. >> but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> reporter: clinton called biden after his speech and tweeted the vice president is a good friend and a great man. today and always inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. in the rose garden it was clear he came to this decision reluctantly knowing that at 72 this was likely his last chance. one of paul ryan's conditions to run for speaker of the house has been met almost. yesterday members of the freedom caucus said they have a bid. because it failed to reach 80% they will not formally endorse him. a source says john boehner convinced ryan to move forward.
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grateful for the support. the vote for speaker is scheduled for next thursday. a person of interest in the road rage incident that killed a 4-year-old girl is now in custody. police arrested tony torres yesterday. he's accused of shooting at a pickup truck carrying lil ing ing lilly garcia and her family. she was killed. more e-mail trouble for the cia director. wikileaks is spilling some contents from his accounts days after hackers bragged about stealing it on social media. pete williams has details. >> reporter: through twitter messages, the hackers themselves left behind some of the best clues to their identity as the e-mails they stole show up elsewhere. in a memo drafted in 2007, john brennan advising the obama
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president tone down the rhetoric on ahmadinejad and have a direct line with iran. that's stolen from his aol e-mail account by hackers. including one that called himself cracka and compares himself to edward snowden. the hacker tweeted, hey, russia, if you're reading this, was wondering if you could help us out with a place to stay. and he tweeted what are those flashing lights. the hackers had already revealed some of those. including names and social security numbers of some officials and claimed they got into a comcast account of jeh johnson. >> the one thing i'll say is don't believe everything you read in the newspaper because a lot of it is inaccurate. >> reporter: the hackers say they used a phony verizon employee code to trick verizon
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to reset the password on his aol account and take it over. computer security experts say the cia director of all people should have known better. today president obama is expected to issue a rare veto of the annual defense policy bill. the $612 billion measure authorizes defense spending and meets spending levels the president requested. but the president claims it skirts spending caps without increasing domestic spending first. republicans accuse him of playing politics with national security. >> the bill provides our troops with the resources they need to keep america safe. and it meets the funding levels that the president requested. yet the president has vowed to veto it. first. it's time to stop playing political games. >> this will be the fifth veto of the obama presidency. a man is in custody in a
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after arriving on the scene, authorities found a man burning leaves. he was ordered to stop. that's when he pulled out a rifle. two were held hostage. made demands for alcohol and prescription medication. he surrendered after two hours. lamar odom and khloe kardashian are giving their marriage another chance. it can be refiled at a later date. right now odom is recovering in an l.a. hospital. he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel last week with multiple drugs in his system. a source close to the couple say there are no immediate plans for him to be discharged although he is more coherent. the new york mets, how about them. they brought the chicago cubs back from to the future prediction that really didn't happen. today's reality is they are not
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going to the world series. it was strong pitching and a record sixth home run in six consecutive games by daniel murphy. the mets, they have swept the cubbies in wrigley. >> and strike three called. they haven't been to the world series since 2000. and the mets are on their way back. >> the new york mets will face either the royals or the blue jays. congratulations to them. you can still hear people in new york city so excited about that. in eastern parts of new mexico, not excited about this. heavy rain, powerful winds. motorists traveling through treacherous conditions. let's get the latest on the weather. bill cairns is here.
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we're going to go five days of this. already this morning flash flood warnings are up. we have a squall line heading across the state of texas right now from san angelo to wichita falls. odessa under flash flood warnings this morning from the slow moving storms. as far as the flood watches go, we have a flood watch which is huge and also a tornado watch. we haven't really had any, but an isolated one or two is possible. this tornado watch will continue until about 4:30 local time. as far as the flood watch goes, it goes from carlsbad through dallas, ft. worth. we're going to have rounds of thunderstorms for the next three days. widespread 2 to 5 inches of rain. levels could head up to 10 inches of rain. our three-day rainfall totals, notice we focus the heavy rains back towards san angelo and lubbock. that's the focus point if we get major flooding. that's where we could see it.
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day ahead. thunderstorms widespread throughout the deep south all the way into oklahoma. today. your rainfall, better chances of that over the coming weekend. also a cooler, chillier rain towards colorado. and betty, also yesterday our government announced that september on the globe was the warmest we've recorded. >> ever in the history? >> yes. it goes back 1600 months. 1880 is when the records began. >> that's a long time. thank you. marijuana use among american adults has doubled, but that is just the beginning. plus a brazen smash and grab at a california jeweler. details next. you're watching early "today." ay." take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one.
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connection with el chapo guzman's escape in july. guzman's brother-in-law who supervised the construction of the mile-long tunnel he used to escape from beneath his jail cell. a police officer in albuquerque, new mexico, was shot multiple times last night during a traffic stop. the eight-year veteran was injured and had to undergo surgery this morning. the suspect's identity has not been released. according to a recent report from the nih, adult marijuana usage has doubled in the last decade. 30% of users meet the criteria for addiction. check out this surveillance video. a dramatic smash and grab at a jewelry store in california. four thieves smashed cases and stole jewels and watches during the minute-long heist yesterday. rolex watches were being thrown
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the stolen watches reportedly had tracking devices. time to get down to business. a lego shortage at christmas? say it isn't so. the reason? demand is so strong that there will likely be a lego shortage in european countries. get ready for youtube red. what is it? well, it's an ad-free subscription-based service that launches on october 28th for $9.99 a month. it will include access to original shows and movies and much more. making its debut on the new york stock exchange, ferrari, the ultra hot and luxury car maker raised about $893 million. finishing the day 6% from its initial price. beauty of a car. just ahead, two teens with an opportunity to punch a ticket to the world series. only one took advantage. plus grip it and rip it. the world's longest drive competition. next in sports. ts. we take away your stuffy nose.
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this morning on "today," wrangler's hitting the road as part of his guide dog trabing. and today he's taking the lone star state by storm. follow awe paw-some adventure. the mets will have to cool
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their jets. started with the second inning score to get on the board. at the world long drive championship in oklahoma, $150,000 on the line. it started with 64 contenders. then each has just under three minutes to grip it and rip it. longest drives win and advance. in the end tim burke's drive was enough for him to grab his second belt and big check. in akron, ohio, lebron james was joined by michelle obama at a reach higher rally. thousands of students and parents from the lebron james family foundation for education is part of the promotion for college education. just ahead, find out who the highest paid comedians are. plus it is life imitate ing art.
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adam levine and maroon 5 are in talks to play the half-time show of the super bowl next year. sesame street is introducing an autistic puppet. there she is. and "back to the future" writer explains this e hotel was based on trump. and nicki introduced the self-lacing sneakers. michael j. fox was given the first pair. he laced them up on jimmy kimmel live last night. they arrive in 2016. >> 2015 kind of sucks. >> yeah. apparent apparently the technological culture achievements of its era are somewhat underwhelming. ng. ng...
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good morning, everybody. it's thursday, october 22ndnd and we have "7 news today in new england" coming up. >> jadiann: we get started in a few minutes. overnight, police make an arrest in the road rage killing of a 4-year-old girl in new mexico. the suspect admitting to the shooting. now the little girl had just been picked up from school by her fore when she was killed. >> christa: a 16-year-old from methuen faces charges after allegedly making threats to shoot up his high school. police found ammunition in his home and fake guns. they don't believe there was a real threat to the community. >> jadiann: a cheerleading coach
4:57 am
is charged with raping a teenage girl he coached. nicholas johnson asked the girl to send him nude pictures of herself which she did. >> a world record in watertown. why the girl's field hockey team has reason to still be celebrating this morning. you go, girls. this is such a milestone. we'll be celebrating with them. a little foggy to start your day. >> jadiann: i did notice the cloud cover. low-lying clouds. >> jeremy: clouds and fog. the temperatures are in the lower 50s. the city 54, plymouth at 57, fog is -- might slow you down. the visibility is reduced in many cities and towns. boston under 1 mile visibility. close to zero visibility. the same in worcester and orange so allow extra time. in terms of rain from those clouds, no, but there might be pockets of mist or sprinkles. i think the rain gear again today a good idea for this line of showers across western and
4:58 am
central new york state. that will be the weather system that eventually finds its way into new england, more so this afternoon than this morning. there may be a spot shower this morning but a higher chance of a few showers this afternoon. with that said, it's not a weather system at a creates rain all day but the risk of showers will be there through the afternoon. with a lot of clouds and sun, it's a warm day. temps this afternoon, upper 60s to the low 70s. boston this afternoon, around 72. billerica 71. even in the merrimack valley, the numbers around 70 degrees. tonight, clear skies, cooler overnight. lows between 41 and 49. lots of sunshine tomorrow. cool. temps tomorrow only in the low 50s. 7news begins now. >> christa: students returning to class today after methuen police stopped a student accused of planning a deadly plot. what investigators say they found searching the teenager's home. >> jadiann: the tough questions presidential candidate hillary
4:59 am
clinton is expected to face when


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