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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 22, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>>anchor: a local student arrested for planning to blow up a school. >> there are record-breaking team the big when that has these girls going into the wreck of. good morning everyone. >> a little bit of a foggy well. today.
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>> a few showers possible, a pick up sean shine. fog, not as much of a fraught problem now as it was this morning. the number is now higher than they were this morning. 10 miles disability. some hayes and clouds. upper 50s to around 60. here are the clouds, there are holes in the clouds. there are some showers now marching through new england. mostly across new hampshire. this will stay north of boston. there may be one more round that will happen this afternoon. 30 to 40 percent chance of an afternoon shower. >> seven update right now. police now say that a masked man use at least one large knife, and possibly a sword, and an attack on a teacher at a
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among those hurt, and 11 and 15-year-old, that had serious cuts. it happened near the school's cafeteria, and the motive is unknown. the police shot the suspect. >> police say a teenager threatened to blow up his high school. disturbing items and has home. >>reporter: that's right, any time you hear about a threat like this, especially with events that have happened in the past couple of years, you do not want to take chances. another student overheard this and contacted authorities. a student hoped to shoot up a methuen high school. it wasn't just one threat.
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also some postings, and text messages. this incurred over a period of time. >> the student told authorities she was concerned after he said he wanted to kill himself. >>man: i do not know if it would have progressed with him living out the statements, but the child have injury themselves seriously. >> they found tactical gear with the student. officers office also recovered bullets. >>man: ammunition was located during the search. the items we were able to recover were not capable of receiving that ammunition. >> the arrest happened monday night, but parents only found out today, and were upset.
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wife officials waited. >>woman: so we would have the correct information to relate to the parents. >> police did not believe there was an immediate threat to anyone at the school. the student is going through a mental evaluation. seven news today new england. >> damaged hardware inside the big tunnel. victoria warren now with more. >> good morning. this is another big problem inside of a big big tunnel. construction nuts are widespread. officials say there are no safety concerns. they are going into the tunnel to inspect the hardware. officials say there are several
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bridge is not going to fall. they found 178 pieces of hardware damaged. the department of transportation says there are far. inspection will not be completed until november. a are happening at night, so they don't affect traffic. at this point, it is too early to know the cost of all of this. live with 7 news. >> new details this morning about brookline firing a firefighter after he beat another person. they elected to fire joseph ward. he violated the rules of the
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the reputation. he pleaded not guilty that he severely be a 53-year-old man. the firefighters union vowed to fight his termination. university police say an original report of sexual assault is unfounded. they released a sketch of a man earlier this week described by an 18 or 18-year-old student. she met the man on kick. no charges will be filed in that case. >> a local cheerleading coach is facing rape charges. on how the coach was caught. >> prosecutors say nicholas johnson, a former cheerleading coach, took a 14 -year-old student to his apartment and raped her. >> it's disgusting.
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it's sad. >> johnson asked the 14-year-old for nude ford photos which she text him. johnson said he loved her. she told a friend, and the >> he should know better. >> police found that he drove his car on the same day and was taken to the hospital. the school just hired johnson in may. parents who take their girls to the gym are just hearing this. >> he is charged with aggravated rape of a child, and still in jail. his bail is set at $50,000.
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testify about benghazi today. more with nancy chen on capitol hill. >> the stakes very high. we are expected to hear eight hours of testimony. it will focus on what happened before the attack in benghazi. democrats call it a partisan witch hunt. it could be the best chance wife or american died in benghazi. >> besides grilling cretin on her emails, there are 8000 pages of email yet to be read. >> it lies at the state department where 36 hours ago email.
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>> the requests were never reached her desk. >> i expect she will push back on the outright fabrications of the conspiracy theories. >> they want to know why were americans there in the first place. they are to push for more security training in risky areas. >> the super pack hacking camp clinton's campaign are running this ad. >> so far republicans have spent $4 million over 17 months. clinton has yet to be called on a national security figure. >> paul ryan is getting support from conservatives to
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40 lawmakers did not make an official endorsement, but he got there support. he is waiting for decisions on other gop groups before he decides. >> a new state law is fighting animal abuse. has a lot of passionate support. >> images like these offend. animals in cages, and being rescued from homes where they were abused. >> it is important people know who these people are. >> cruelty crimes need to register like sex offenders are offenders, except it would be for animal abuse. >> why should we have people abusing animals? >> he said the registry would
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to shelters, breeders, and pet stores. they would pay the state, be jail, or pay a fine. unfair. >> it's time you get your fantasy 64 week seven. week. >> we will also take a look at the forecast for the game, as was for today. >> if you are tailgating, and you like cheese with nachos, there is evidence you might really be addicted to cheese. coming up, what the experts have to say. >> the morning drive on thursday we are live on 93. there is a leak in oil truck on 93. heavy traffic on the turnpike
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on the left. that runs right back into
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solid. >> he can't get enough of cheesy foods. >> cheese can be as addictive as drugs according to scientists. this is according to the physicians committee of responsible medicine. when you grab a slice of cheese, your brain reads that as an addictive substance. >> that would explain the slice after slice of presliced. i don't know if it's addiction. >> if the combination, right?
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>> jr is here. bree are you watching? get in here and save me from this. >> temperatures this morning in the 50s, this afternoon, low 70s. a few showers possible later this afternoon, but not widespread or long-lasting. a few issues on sunday morning, a few showers. boston at 58, plymouth at 68, jeffrey 62. it's going to shove a different weather system out of new england, that has been waffling back and forth the last few days. this cool front coming through says enough of that. the moving process will result in clouds.
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some sunshine. an isolated shower, and possibly thunder down the coast. right now the raindrops are in southern new hampshire northern boston. across the seacoast as well, in maine. a few isolated showers here, notice how skinny that is. you may get tagged for five or 10 minutes and then have son. sometimes this model we used gets a little overly excited about the ingredients and the atmosphere sure showers. between 68 and 74. boston 72. marblehead 71. the front moves away tonight, taking the clouds and shower with it.
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lows in the upper 40s, tomorrow mostly sunny skies. a cool breeze. almost 20 degrees cooler tomorrow afternoon, compared to this afternoon. high pressure is still with us on saturday, but not as much wind. a cool day, mid-50s. on sunday, a front moves through early in the day. we will start with some clouds, and may be an isolated shower. i think for the game, son son, low 60s. >> we went to get started about the pats.
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durell rivas back with the jets. been killing it for the patriots. number one receiver. got the finger thing going on. rivas a bad matchup for anyone out there. >> let's talk about chris ivory. great performance last week. will he bring that this week? >> bill belichick shuts it down. i'm really looking at ryan fitzpatrick. he's been very serviceable this the patriots have not slowed down. >> can we talk about ravens? we thought they would be the biggest threat against pat. what's going on at baltimore? >> they give them a lot of trouble in that playoff game. they are not really moving the ball against anybody. the cardinals this week have a good quarterback this year. john brown, available. >> that's your lineup.
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will have to wait for their championship run. >> the mets advance to the world series. this is the first time the mets have one since 2000. the cubs have not one that world series since 1908. the american league championship series headed to kansas city's. toronto beat the royals. kansas city now leads. game six play tomorrow night. >> the jets come to town on sunday with a former teammate and knows a lot about the playbook. x it took six years, but they did it. our local high school team setting a national "hey! you gotta get fios!" well, fios is a 100 percent so you can get 100% out of all your devices.
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record. >> the new england patriots with a showdown. they are facing a pretty tough defense. more from inside the locker room. >> it's a great rivalry.
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jog tom brady's memory. >> i remember the first game in 2000. an old jet stadium, it was a great atmosphere for football. we have had a lot of great games against them. >> this sunday, we are in for another one. durell rivas makes his way back to as a jet. >> he makes it tough, because he's instincts are incredible. >> as far as rivas hopping back to the other side of the rivalry, brady says it's strictly business. >> it's nfl football, and free agency. a lot of players switch teams over the years. >> first place in the afc east is up for grabs.
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>> this goes way back before we even thought about football. just the intensity around the building is really bad. brady. >> it is a lot to prepare for. we play them at home, so, we have to be ready to go. >> joe mrc no seven news today. >> when we come back, making history. watertown high schools hockey
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>> a local high school field hockey team taking a shot history. they are waking up in the record books, today. we are talking about the watertown team, which has not lost a game in six years. >> it sounds unbelievable. record. >> congratulations. >> it was a night six years in the making. the watertown field hockey team setting a record for the longest winning streak. >> . [cheering] >> in a win over melrose, they celebrate their six-year winning streak.
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about today is all of the other former players coming back, and the group picture. it's a great feeling. >> all the players from the last few years, all the commitment. >> it has not always been easy, and the team is already thinking about their next game. >> . [cheering] >> i am so thankful for all of the families, and all of the former families that supported us and came to watch us. >> the game was a 620 victory over melrose. >> not a bad score either. >> much more in our next half hour, including this women's engine. will find out what she found under her herd. >> low 70s this afternoon,
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a teenager planning to shoot up a school. arrested. >> damaged hardware in the big dig tunnel. >> wait till we show you what a driver found when she popped her herd. >> welcome back everyone. good morning. next let's check in with jeremy for your forecast. >> mild right now, upper 50s, near 60s. hyannis is 61.
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dew point have jumped into the mid-50s. you may sense that as we go through the day. not overwhelming. we have a cold front with cooler dryer air, charging across new york state. it's resulting in clouds, and a few pockets of showers. no significant long-lasting rain for today. rain chance fairly low. it spikes here midafternoon. few showers this afternoon. a lot of clouds, some sun, 68 to 74 this afternoon. >> breaking news, a mass man use at least one large knife and possibly a sword on an attack that killed as a teacher. two students had serious
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injuries. right now the motive for that attack is unknown. the suspect was shot and injured. >> they are arresting a teenager that say threaten to shoot up his high school. they found a serving things at his home. investigators are crediting another student for coming forward. >> a fountain concerning things at the suspect's home, to other students. that student went to authorities to make sure nothing bad would happen. >> a 16-year-old toured at least one authority about this. >> it was in person, and in person, written, text messages. this occurred over a period of time. >> a female student told
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authorities she was concerned after he said he wanted to kill himself. >> the girl possibly saved his life. i don't know if it would have progressed to living out this fantasy or the statements, but the child would've possibly injured themselves seriously. >> policed search to homes of the suspect and found tactical gear. they also recovered bullets, but no real guns. >> we did find live ammunition, but the items we were able to recover were not capable of receiving that ammunition. >> the arrest happen monday night. parents found out wednesday. some parents were upset they did not know for 48 hours. the school superintendent there
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was a good reason. >> so we would have the correct information to relay to the parents. >> police say they do not believe there was any immediate threat at the school. the suspect is undergoing a mental evaluation. he is due in court november 2. >> a planned parenthood up in new hampshire has been vandalized for the second time this month. a teenager broke into the health center in claremont and use a hatchet to destroy items in the office. planned parenthood released a statement that they feel it was by someone against planned parenthood. >> a former freshman was caught on video shoving a dining hall employee. they won't specify what
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>> a man accused of exposing himself next to an elementary school. he was allegedly flashing himself in front of his window well. students were dropped off. he was taken into custody immediately. >> a scary scene at haymarket statement. a woman trapped underneath a train last night. service was temporarily suspended. police are investigating. she was taken to the hospital. >> charlie baker will be meeting with officials today on how to battle the opiate crisis in massachusetts. more than 680 people died of opiate overdoses in the first half of this year. >> right now, inspectors are
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the big tunnel. hundreds of cracked nuts were found inside the tunnel. crews are replacing damaged one. they are used to hold up lights, but there is no risk that the lights will fall. website. sites like boston-based, draft kings, and then do all. attorney general is reviewing the sites as well, but says she will not fight to shut them down. >> a day of kindness is being held in honor of a high school teacher murdered two years ago. her best friend came up with this idea, and people are encouraged to share and random acts of kindness, and share
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>> police arresting a suspect after a traffic stop. the eight year veteran is still in the hospital. footage from the officers body camera is being reviewed. >> hillary clinton taking to the stand to testify on benghazi. she is facing some tough questions against a committee investigating the death of four americans. nancy chen joins us with more. >> it will start in about half an hour. we are expecting to hear eight hours of testimony today. much of that will focus on what happened before benghazi. they are going to question clinton on her email still being released at this point. they are going to release
9:37 am
from one of the persons killed. stevens asked for more security, but never received it. clinton's team said it never made it to her desk. he had been providing security at the consulate at the time. clinton is expected to push for more security training, and more diplomacy. >> now the race for the white house. job item and ending weeks of speculation, finally saying he will not be running for president. >> i believe we are out of time. the time necessary to mount a nomination. >> the biden family has been mourning the loss of their son the vice president said even
9:38 am
though he won't be a candidate, he will push for the middle class. >> details in the shooting desk of a police officer. the suspect has been charged with first-degree murder. tyron howard shot and killed an officer after confrontation. the suspect in the armed robbery of a bike that happened moments before the shooting. the officer will be laid to rest earlier this week. he will be buried in his native country of guyana. nypd officers and first responders will honor him at the september 11 memorial. cartel bust. the group organized and carried his brother-in-law is one of charges. he broke out of prison back in july and is mexico's most wanted fugitive.
9:39 am
what they say are abusive by the country's navy. the navy has conducted violent raids in the area. the rates have been so bad that people had to leave the region. >> when we return, a driver makes a shocking discovery in her engine of a car. >> the royals losing their chance to get to the world series. sports ahead. >> stay tuned. we are talking about clouds and
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>> thursday means that friday is much closer, and you can start to think about weekend plans. that we can might be called to. >> i think we had that true roller coaster ride up to temperatures. >> halloween parties this weekend, did you score an invite? a few showers, isolated showers this afternoon, and maybe sunday morning. otherwise, a decent weekend. right now, mild, close to 60. here is a cool front.
9:42 am
new york. that's what's going to happen today, where we have these clouds and scattered showers through this afternoon. it's not widespread. a lot of this will stay from the seacoast north. i do not think it will get to essex county. farther west, there are other showers. they are skinny, and moving fast. that's what we have to check for the afternoon. this computer model interpretation is a bit overdone. i would plan on the risk of a shower this afternoon, but not continuously. i think the bark is worse than the bite. temps 68 to 74.
9:43 am
those tonight in the 40s. tomorrow lots of sunshine. sharply cooler, especially midday and afternoon. high temps tomorrow only in the 50s. saturday a cool day, but not as windy. when you are outside saturday, it will not be as cool, it won't feel as cool. as we work toward sunday, another weather system, a cool front. a risk of a couple of showers on sunday morning. only about a 40 percent chance. saturday is the day, you can go pick apples. that hard freeze we had on monday morning did not do much and of any damage to the apples. go pick apples this weekend. >> a local cat with nine lives
9:44 am
the hood of a car. the cat was right next to the car's engine for several myers. with the engine off, the driver heard the meows. >> inside the hood of this car, a kitty cat stowaway. animal control called to the mcdonald's in ashland after kristin mckenna heard noises coming from her car. >> i thought it was a cat's meow, i thought it was inside mcdonald's. >> deep in the engine compartment, the sky. >> it was a tiny tight space on top of the axle. >> he hitched a ride nearly 6 miles.
9:45 am
>> after some tea clearing and moving. >> we kind of moved back and forth and tell the kitty was free. little bit of a limp. >> he got checked out at a vet , the animal potential wants to make sure this next ride will take them home. >> animal control is just looking for this owner. that's where the journey began. know its owner, please give animal control a car. part, >> seven sports is next. mets fan celebrating.
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health. the bruins still trying to take command of their home. after blowing a four to lead. it was desperation time. they were they go to ot against the fires. the bees, ripping home to in the game at old and four. back at patriots practice for the first time this season. physically unable to perform limp. the sooner the better he's in there would be a good thing because tom brady could use all
9:48 am
the help he could get. >> he is a very dependable consistent player. he has been an incredible player in the league. he covers the top guys every week. i got a firsthand look of that last year at practice. it was great to have them here, but he moved on. now he's a competition. >> the celtics back in preseason. taking on the next at the garden. i'm joe mrc know, that sports had a great day. >> cubs fans will have to wait another year to break their championship drought. the mets advance to the world series. it's the first time they have one since 2000. the cubs have not won the world series since 1908.
9:49 am
as the blue jays avoided elimination. toronto beat the royals wednesday 7/1. they leave the series 3 games to one. >> the buzz is next. adele is back. >> if the new sneak peek at the new movie joy. >> for today, a lot of clouds, and son.
9:50 am
we are back with the buzz. louis kardashian is calling off their divorce. >> kardashian's attorney filed a petition to dismiss the divorce. chloe has been next to the
9:51 am
admitted to the hospital. the couple originally got married in 2009. >> caitlin jenner well to our cities in the us and canada about her journey transitioning earlier this year. she hopes to bring help to identity. >> i gave her the confidence that she was more than a housewife. >> that was joy, a movie found right here in boston. jennifer lawrence, bradley cooper, robert zero. it hits theaters in by christmas. >> adele posted information
9:52 am
her newest album since 2011. it will be released on friday, but the singer has not said when she's going to drop the full album. >> john merrick is officially a deadhead. he's joining members of the grateful dead calling themselves dead and company. they will play on halloween at madison square garden. they will be headlining and worcester on december 10. >> have at the forecast when next time? >> boston at 62, our normal high 59. we are overachievers today. the dew point temperatures are in the 50s. there is some humidity, feels more like september than october. here comes a cool front that will generate a few showers this afternoon. not everyone wants the rain. about a 30 to 40 percent chance
9:53 am
look at tomorrow. we will have sunshine, but high temps in the lower 50s. if you're heading to gillette this weekend, you may have a couple of raindrops, but game
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