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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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son square t. op. they say the two teenagers apparently got no a fight outside the view of cameras but the 17-year-old victim was stabbed in the chest. he apparently ran one direction after the altercation. direction. police arrived at the scene and the 17-year-old was already on the ground in pain. he was taken to the hospital. police say he has life-threatening injuries. the suspect was able to run away. police have surrounded this t. stop in the yellow police tape as they continue this investigation but no arrests point. they say that the suspect is caught on camera, no word when they'll release the video but they're actively looking for him, and because it's a crime scene at the moment the jackson square t. stone, the orange line is shut down. they're busing passengers through the route. anyone who wanted to get off will have to hop on a bus but this is an active police investigation here at the
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t. stop in jamaica plain. they had search dogs searching the area. they haven't made any arrests. this investigation still early on. the latest live from jamaica plain, tim caputo, 7 news. >> now on 7 -- hillary clinton in the hotseat. >> i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> announcer: facing tough questions from congress. >> understanding what happens in benghazi goes to heart of who we are as a country. >> announcer: new details on the attack in libya. >> there was always going to be a constant risk and we >> announcer: as the democratic front runner gets grilled on the hill. >> kim: hillary clinton hoping to clear up all questions about the deadly benghazi. >> the dimmic front runner claimed this committee was formed to derail her republic ambassador but republicans insist they want to figure out what happened. dan hausle has more on her testimony. >> reporter: no big answers coming outs of the hearing but a new question about what hillary clinton was tellingler own family
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about the benghazi attack and why her state department was telling the american people something else. >> it was just a swirl and whirl of constant effort to try to figure out what we distressing. >> reporter: hillary clinton facing congress and remembering the 2012 attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that cost the lives of four americans. members of the committee investigating the attack asked why clinton didn't do more as steven sent numerous requests for more protection in the days and month leading up to the attack. >> no one ever came to me and said, "we should shut down our compound in benghazi." >> i'm not saying shut it down. i'm saying protect it. >> this pile represents the e-mails. >> reporter: clinton was asked about e-mail she went to world leaders and
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her own family during and just after eight tack where she said terrorists were to blame and why the administration was telling -- >> you tell your family it's a terrorist attack but not the american people. you tell the president of libya it's a terrorist attack but not the american people. you can tell the egyptian prime minister it's a terrorist attack, but you can't tell your own people the truth. >> you have no interest. >> reporter: republicans and democrats spent time attacking each other over whether hearing was a search for the truth or a witch-hunt. >> you said from the beginning we want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. why don't we put the entire transcript out there and let the world see it? what to you have to hide? >> we're going to pursue the truth in a a manner worthy of the memory of the four people who lost their lives. >> reporter: the hearing took a break and it looks like it's resuming now. congress had to handle -- both hearing resume and
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hillary clinton could be in the hotseat until 10:00 or 11:00 before members of the committee say they're done asking questions. dan hausle, 7 news. >> also this evening an american commando killed during a mission to free hostages in iraq. the rescue operation was carried out when intelligence officials learned isis was about to carry out a mass execution. ryan schulteis here with the situation in iraq. >> reporter: american forces were attempting to save hostages from being executed by isis militants. now reports say five american black hawke an chinook helicopters were involved in the operation. there was a heavy firefight and 70 policers in were rescued. prisoners included iraqi security forces. intelligence about the islamic state were also obtain and isis fighters were also taken into custody. >> lives were saved. and again, this is a specific circumstance, unique circumstance, but that is what took place in this instance and
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unfortunately there was a u.s. service member who lost their life in this operation. and there were others wounded. >> this is thers u.s. soldier killed in combat operations against isize, ryan schulteis, 7 news. >> also on 7, a threatening situation at methuen high leaving students and parents on edge. police say a 16-year-old wanted to shoot up the school. and when police went to his home, they were disturbed by what they found. jonathan hall live in methuen with reaction. was there more trouble at the school today? >> reporter: yes, there was. another 16-year-old boys with arrested today for pulling a fire alarm. not a big deal. you might think maybe that would be a suspension from school but not this week. in the after what happened on tuesday. >> i don't know. it's weird. s. people are crazy now. >> reporter: first it was a threat to shoot. then it was a fire alarm. it has methuen high student on edge for sure. >> i was actually a little
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threatening to shoot up the school. i didn't know if this had a connection to it. >> reporter: the principal said the student who pulled the foyer alarm was -- fire alarm was identified through security cameras and witnesses. police arrested him. >> it's weird that this randomly happened. a lot of people were scared so -- >> reporter: two arrest in one week, it seeps out of the norm. >> it is. >> reporter: on tuesday police arrested a 16-year-old junior after he friend he would come to court and start shooting. the friend told adults about his statement. >> the girl possibly saved this child's life. i don't know if it would having proked to him living out fantasy. >> reporter: police searched two homes the boy had access to. investigators discovered what they call gothic columbinestyle clothing. >> i'm unphased because i
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the amount of people who crazy stuff like that is substantial. >> it's hard going to school with all this but you have to go through it. you deal with it. >> reporter: sign of the times, the students i spoke with do feel safe at their school largely because of the quick response of the teachers, principal and the emergencies. john john, 7 news -- jonathan hall, 7 news. weather. mild out there today as we look live over beautiful boston, but tomorrow we will dip back down. let's get to chief meteorologist pete bouchard with all the ups and downs. >> 73 in town for a high temperature. we made 74 in bedford and norwood. also on the north shore and barely are beverly still holding in the low 70's rain going through the merrimack valley at least from haverhill to salisbury then steady almost moderate rain through portsmouth.
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newington. too. i think this piece here that swings through massachusetts will clip places like clinton and up to littleton and over to billerica and to the north shore. maybe even boston on the southern tip of that. but south of the pike just the wind and a winter shift here. gusts near 30 miles an hour, front will get everybody and cool everybody down uniformly. this is a chunk of the cold air rushing in. tomorrow won't be in the 30s for highs. temperatures fall back to the 40s and 50s, by morning upper 40s more to come ahead. >> the controversy over a fantasy football website is continuing to rage on as the new advisor for draft kings speaks out. drift kings has been the subject of several lawsuits filed over the last few weeks. the we will action put the popular website and some of its competitors in the spotlight for questionable gambling practices. last week draft kings hired martha coakley. the site is willing to work
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>> i know draft kings and other sports fantasy games like that have undertaken to speak to the legislature. they had several meetings with a.g.'s around the country and the real issue is can we provide for the consumer protection and satisfaction that regulators rightfully want to see? >> coakley made it clear she is acting as aned a advisor and not representing the website. laura healey is looking at future possibility for the fantasy community. >> we have to make determines as a state about how we want to go forward. industry? are we going to put certain controls on the industry? our office is going to focus on what we think makes sense under the law understanding here. >> healey went on to say she will not fight to shut draft kings down but try to find recommends to ensure a legal consumers. >> a brockton home goes up
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heavy fire could be seen shooting from the roof as afternoon. sky 7 h.d.capturing the charred remains of the home. not clear at this hour whether there were injuries or what sparked the flames. new details on the brookline firefighter charged with attacking a man outside of a restaurant. the city's board of selectionmen voted to fire joseph ward. the 37-year-old dorchester man pled not guilty to charges he severely beat up a man. the firefighters union says it'll fight this termination. >> a 7th church fire in st. louis fueling a federal investigation. the f.b.i. is joining in the seven for a suspect behind a string of arsons. the latest at a church that you see the damage. latest. >> reporter: investigators assault of the fires were started in the same way using accelerants on an exterior door. the damage ranges from a few
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hundred dollars to what appears to be a total loss of at least one of the building. all of the churches had predominantly african american congregations. >> hate crime, whatever you want to call it the church has to recognize it for what it, this is a season issue. the spirit of evil has no color preference. >> federal agents have now joined the investigation. a $,000 reward is -- a $9,000 reward is being offered for informs leading to an arrest. >> people in sweden are in a state of shock after a man with a mask and sword killed two people at a school there. the man burst no the school early this morning killing a teacher and a student. and injuring two other people. the school is known to have a high number of immigrants. police shot the man who later died at the hospital. witnesses say he was wearing a black mask and black clothing, appeared to be carrying a sword. here he is. people who were injured are fighting for their lives in this small community in
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out why someone would commit such a brutal time. >> ryan schulteis is standing by at the breaks news desk with breaking news for us. >> information here from boston police. they're telling us that a 15-year-old student from tech boston academy was arrested this morning for bringing a loaded handgun into the school. they arrested him this morning, a 15-year-old arrested for bringing a loaded gun to school. more information about this right now. and we'll keep you updated. back to you. >> thank you. still to come as well, the man suspected of shooting a 4-year-old during a road rage incident is now in custody. we'll tell you about him and how police caught up with the guy. >> also ahead at 5:30 soccer fields destroyed by vandals. the damages left behind in east bridgewater and the clue that could lead to an arrest. >> an olympic star asked is being the best is being accepted. >> coming up here in just one hour trouble brewing in
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integrity of big dig bolts has been called into question. repairs are already taking place. >> in the wake of a deadly case of road rage in new mexico, police pick up two men accused of pulling a gun on a driver. we'll have those stories and
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>> breaking news about john farrell. here is ryan schulteis. >> great insurance the boston red sox announcing good news about their - his cancer has gone in remix he has been diagnosed with stage one nonhodgkins lymphoma, the manager said that he is extremely thankful for the outpour of support he has received. great news. ryan schulteis, 7 news. >> we'll switch gears. an arrest in a deadly case of road rage that made national news. police say a 31-year-old man was taken into custody after confessing to calling 4-year-old girl on a new mexico interstate. he is now facing murder charges. >> we're hearing now from the little girl's family. her parents opening up about this huge loss. news came with this tweet tony torez charged with the murder of the 4-year-old girl less than 48 hours
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>> the albuquerquey police departments detectives took into custody tony torez who confessed to the murder. >> kim: lily was fatally shot in an act of road rage. she was' riding in this truck with her father and 7-year-old brother after school when an all indication led torez to pull out a gun and fire at the truck. lily's family is left mourning their daughter. >> she just grabs her heart. first time that you mitt her she would grab her heart -- she is going to be missed by a lot of people. >> reporter: veronica and allen say their dear was full of last e fun and life. >> she liked helping people. >> >> she had a personality which is over and above her age. she just had this smile and beautiful things, brown eyes light up the room. you would see her and you
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she would smile at you. >> reporter: even talking about it leaves dad heart broken and sweepless. >> i was the only one there with my kids. >> kim: loved ones wrapped their arms around the parents before their pain, their suffering is something very few people know or can comprehend. >> i cannot even begin to heart -- explain my heart is broken into a million pieces. >> i wouldn't want anybody in moy shoes. >> reporter: the worst circumstances have united this family. they stand together making sure the person who took lily gars garcia from the world faces justice. >> we're going to make sure that whoever did this is going to pay, i'm not going away. my family is not going away. if her face isn't going away. mark my words you will see
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>> such a sweet face. torez means time in addition to the murder charges faces all kinds of charges. he is being held on $650,000. >> such a sad story. our forecast over the weekend, not so bad. a couple of sprinkles may reach us by sunday. that's ahead. everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whaver eed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why.
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>> cold temperatures coming down over the next couple of days. temperatures actually tomorrow about i see beautiful days coming up, too, friday and saturday. a decent weekend. at least the start will be good. the finish is not all that bad. maybe a few showers early on sunday and an active pattern would could get a storm brewing next week. trying to get traction here. we're talking about a cool deval patrick but we have a couple of hours of nice weather although the showers starting to come down and they're steady if not heavy exiting out of portsmouth right now. also a little band of showers holding together in fitchburg and orange. those are moving through over the next couple of hours. should be clear on cape ann. although right now, too, some sprinkles right around meth webb and also -- methuen and a shower in andover, north and over, this is the cool front come by.
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cold air will drape out of the -- drain out of the northwest. tomorrow a breezy day with a north wind which will feel chilly. how about some start to finish feeling chilly? high pressure builds in and settles down the winds by tomorrow night. a little conundrum in the forecast. locking at the weather models, a lot of them want to keep it near 50 but by the facts we start off in the low and mid 40s tomorrow, that we'll get a little bit after boost here to get us at least to the mid 50s tomorrow. with full sunshine, too. the winds will make it feel like 40 so dress for that. 53 marblehead. about 53 framingham. then a little bit of a turn upward on saturday. after a colt start which will see subfreezing temperatures in many suburbs, maybe even in boston close to freezing as well but plan on 20s first thing on saturday morning warming to the mid 50s, not a wet forecast for the patriots but there maybe a couple of showers lingering if you are planning on tail gating at about 52.
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only last for a little while. 61 degrees, so the dip in the jet stream squashes our mild air. i know, but it's only brief because sun we'll warm it up and it seems that a cooler trend will take over early next week, too. even showering then clearing and chilly with 37-44. 39-44 with colder temperatures, the weekend in it view. early next week. the cold is with us then it gives us ground as a storm moves in, a mild one, too. >> all right. pete. thank you. big week for fantasy football fans. sunday the patriots face one of the toughest defenses in the nfl. >> looking forward to that. what does that mean for the patriots players on your team? trey daerr and jadiann thompson have your fantasy fixer. >> welcome to fantasy fixer, we like to talk about the pats of courages we've first place on the line.
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>> jets coming in the town. patriots going to get a being look at maybe what they could have had. revis is going to line up against edelman. their number one receiver no doubt, you get the finger thing going on. not sure how available he is. reef sis a bad matchup for anybody out there. >> let's talk about chris eve rhode island his performance last week, do you think he will week that this week? >> i don't know about that. bill check is so god at shutting down a team's best option. he killed it for them. i'm looking at ryan fitzpatrick. he has been very serviceable for the jets. he got good weapons. the patriots haven't slowed down the attack. if you have fits -- >> kiwi talk about the ravens? now what is going on with baltimore? >> they gave them so much trouble in the play-off game. they're not really moving the ball against anybody. they're not stopping anybody. bad going on right there. playing the cardinals,
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all procal behr stuff. john brown available in a lot of leagues out. there pick him up to start. >> go set your line-up. >> still ahead on 7 we'll update you on breaking news happening out of j.p. a person stabbed near the jackson square t. stop. we'll have the latest for you. >> breaking news on red sox manager john farrell. his cancer in remission, more on his recovery this evening. >> acts of kindness to honor a teacher who was murdered. how people who don't even know colleen ritzer are helping to keep her family alive.
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop
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know it.
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>> stay right. there another hour of 7 news
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is straight ahead.
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