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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it's frooud iday, october 23rd, breaking news. and after a highly political back and forth, did the benghazi committee learn anything new? and with texas breaking for an absolute deluge on the pacific size, preparing for hurricane patricia. and new details surrounding a u.s. led rescue mission in which an american soldier was killed by isis militants. and the suspect in the road rage killing of a 4-year-old girl
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friday. "early today" starts right now. we have breaking news to tell you about. shots fired at a college campus. this time at tennessee state university in nashville. it happened in an out door court yard prompted by a dispute over a dice game. hospitalized. right now, no indication of an active shooter but all of this does come just a week after three people were wounded by gun fire at a nearby off campus fire. and texas facing a deluge of water. in odessa, 30 swift water rescues yesterday morning after three inches of rain. and over 2000 customers without power in midland and the national weather service has
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issued a flood watch through saturday. bill karins will have more on that. with a marathon 11-hour testimony in the rearview mirror, hillary clinton is looking to get back on the campaign trail. chairman couldn't justify anything new that he had learned, saying he'd need to read the transcript but fireworks. >> reporter: the wuz supposed to be about benghazi but soon dezauvl de dissolved into bickry. i don't care if you send it by smoke signals, what is important is that he sent it to the secretary of state. >> that's ats exactly what i want to do. >> reporter: and the star witness tried to stay above the pay for, unlike in 2013, this time hillary clinton was poised,
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practiced, pushing back with put downs p. >> i wrote a whole chapter about this in my book, i'd be glad to send it to you. i can only tell you what the facts were and i know that's not the answer you want to hear. >> reporter: laughing off unwelcome suggestions, showing irritation, or scorn. the republicans were also armed and ready. >> happy to bring breakfast in but when we ask you a question, it would sure be helpful if we trick question at all. >> reporter: and sidney blumenthal barred from working in her state department but sending her emails to her private account. >> he had unfettered access to you. >> i don't know what this line of questioning does help us get
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to the bottom of the deaths of four americans. >> reporter: it was clinton who spent the most time talk bouth the victims of the attacks. >> i would imagine i've thought more about what hand than all of you put together. i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> reporter: air force velt teran sean smith, woods, and ambassador, chris stevens. >> i sat next to president obama asthma as marines carried caskets at andrews air force base. a american soldier has been killed in iraq in combat for the first time in four years. is nbc chief correspondent has the dramatic details. >> reporter: the raid was supposed to rescue kurdish
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hostages like these held by isis in cages. u.s. intelligence learned they were about to be executed. so, when the kurds, the closest ool l allies in iraq, asked for help rescuing them, u.s. forces agreed. and they headed for the town of hawija, landing near an isis prison on the out skirts of town. they say isis had already dug mass graves for their hostages. about 20 isis guards inside fought back. and the u.s. troops there to assist, guard the perimeter and communicate, decided to step in to protect the pentagon says, their kurdish allies and the hostages. about 15 isis guards were killed but not before an isis fighter
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the first to die in iraq since u.s. forces with drew four years ago. but the pentagon insists this was a unique situation. >> they're not in an active combat mission in iraq. i can say that directly. >> reporter: the americans and kurds freed the hostages, 75 of them according to u.s. officials and at least five captured isis guards on the helicopters and left. >> reports that the freed hostages turned out to not to be kurds. about 20 were iraqi forces and so called isis defecters. on the same day we mark 100 days until the iowa caucus, donald trump has officially been leading for 100 days. a new poll reveals that ben carson has over taken trump in iowa.
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that prompted this 37 . ben carson is now leading in the polls in iowa. too much monsato in the corn creates issues in the brain. the trump campaign blamed that retweet on a quote young intern. ben carson will also appear on sunday. and trump is disavowing nine unauthorized trump super packs, demanding they return money raised and calling on others to do the same. he's trying to get out of link between him and the amaking america great super pack. and potentially bad news for chris christie and the state of new jersey. they're being sued by the nurse
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being held in quarantine. they claim she was held illegally against her well. and chafee will address the future of his campaign. it's unknown if he will withdraw. bond has been set for the suspect in a road rage shooting that killed a 4-year-old girl. torez appeared via video but did not inter a plea. the judge agreed to the $650,000 cash bond. he's accused of opening fire on the pick up truck carrying lilly garcia. and judge had this to say. >> this is possibly one of the most wanten and atrocious acts as alleged i think in the history of the city. >> he went on to say that the weight of evidence is substantial and that he failed to appear for a previous felony charge.
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being called catastrophic hurricane. you have a lot on your plate today. this is one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the eastern areas of the pacific. and this is what mexico will be dealing with the next 12 to 18 hours. this is heading for land fall about 12 to 18 hours from now. one of the fastest intense fieg storms we've ever seen. it's amazingly low, down to what wilma was 10 years ago. and winds 185 miles per hour and it may be getting stronger than that. category 5 land fall at about 5:00 p.m. friday, eastern time. about 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. possibly
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this is red track so, this is go going to be a catastrophic, devastating blow. and imagine what those people are going through right now trying to get out of harm's way. we have one flash flood warning out there. five-day rainfall totals because of the storm we're dealing with now and steeling some moisture of what will be left of patricia, weal have a a widespread area of five inches of rain. and all eyes on mexico. that's your national weather, now a closer look at the day ahead. temperatures will be kept down today. all the clouds and rainfall, the worst flooding potential is from dallas southward down towards areas of waco, austin and a cooler rain for you in areas of minnesota. updates on the complete weekend forecast coming up. well, can you guesstimate 5 $5 billion yesterday.
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now to breaking news out of france. at least 42 people dead and several others injured after a bus crashed. was carrying mostly seniors. texas officials raided several planned parenthood officials demanding hundreds of documents going back to 2010. four days ago, texas threatened to take away funding. well, paul ryan has announced that he is running for speaker of the house. this after saying he would only run if he would be a unifying figure for the gop. if you have a deep craving for cheese, it may be because
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to a new university of michigan study. it releases opiates. what's the most addictive dish? pizza, of course. i could use some right now. stock futures are flat at the moment following yesterday's huge day. the major averages closed and short gains driven by positive earnings news. and the biggest dow contributor, mcdonald's. zuckerberg and his wife, chan are opening a private school and target 700 of the most disadvantages residents of the neighborhood. and jeff bezos is now the third richest person in the country. and the company surprisingly beat earnings expectations. this increased his fortune by
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this morning on "today," standing deaths are popping up in offices round the country but
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now to sports and thursday. nfc power houses, san francisco and seattle both struggling face off at levi's stadium. marshawn lynch powers over the pile on the first drive of the night. lynch finished with 122 yards. and russell wilson sends it deep for a 43 yard td and 17-0 lead-in the end, seahawks dominated the 9ers at home. the unranked bruins would dominate this one. quarterback josh rosen threw for 499 yards. the bears dropped to 5-2. georgia southern taking on appalachian state. eagles with a 12-yard sneak and flip over the defender but avalanche state would take this one 31-13.
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dodgers to the last three finals, mattingly is moving on. and talk about fighting words, the new england patriots tweeted this throw back thursday image of the patriots infamous but fumble. folks. and a popular actress is making a demand.
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doctor or pharmacist. about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. welcome back. time for your weekend forecast. saturday, we're still watching soaking rains and potential for flooding san antonio, waco and austin and it will move towards houston late in the day. chicago. and into sunday, temperatures look seasonable this time of year. 50s and 60s. and some of the moisture will get stolen from hurricane patricia and all eyes will be on texas and of course, with our friends in mexico dealing with a horrific hurricane. simon cowal announced he
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will be a judge on "america's got talent." and he's the creator and executive frodeuce producer of the show. the caitlyn jenner reality series will return to e next year. the franchise brought in almost $5 million. and elizabeth banks will be joined on "saturday night live." actress kate winslet told enews that her photos are not allowed to be retouched. she says she hoped to be an example to younger generations about telling the truth about who i am. but she's gorgeous though. steve jobs shares the story -- co founder, i should say.
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and the last witch hunter and paranormal activity, it's about a family that discovered a video camera with a ghost filter. so adel, she just released her first single in three years. "hello" is on the album and here's a sneak peek. i'm sorry for breaking your heart >> her voice is back. so strong, right? >> unique and enjoyable. >> she did have problems and i think that's why she took that break and sheez 's now stronger than ever. i'm betty nguyen. this is "early today." coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in
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>> christa: good morning, tgif. we're good to go for "7 news today in new england." >> jadiann: a couple of stories we're working on. breaking news, boston police investigating a deadly shooting in brighton overnight. a man was killed and police say the suspect took off and has not been found. >> christa: a teen in trouble after trying to bring a handgun into a school in mattapan. school safety officers say they stopped the 15-year-old when he tried to skip the metal detector. >> jadiann: a saugus basher wants to find the person who stole thousands of pieces of sports memorabilia from her shop. >> christa: one school ditching the chairs, opting to let kids
4:57 am
why the trend could spread to more schools. my kids could be huge fans at that. they stand at the dinner table. >> jadiann: a lot of people like the treadmill desks. they're trendy i think on the west coast. >> christa: you get a little exercise. >> jadiann: j.r. always has to stand. >> jeremy: i like standing over here. i get my steps in with my fit bit so it's a win. breezy and cool. temps are not bad. we've had colder weather this time of day this week so it's not like it's going to be a wicked cold morning commute but it's cool. the temperatures don't move much the entire day. most of the weekend is pretty good. a couple of showers sunday morning. not widespread or significant. we start cool this weekend and finish mild. boston 52. not bad. norwood 41. bedford 45. jaffrey 47. what happens is the temps
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point so you may walk out the front door thinking it's not that bad. correct, it's not bad but in the afternoon you'll say it hasn't watched much. jackets and sweaters a good idea. you don't need the rain gear. partly to mostly sunny skies as high pressure settles from canada. gusty winds driving in the cold air. sudbury, canada 28, montreal 36. it won't be that cold today. breezy, cool, mostly sunny skies. the numbers this afternoon not far from where we are now. 49-54. tonight chilly, wind will fade. mostly clear, lows between 30-35. for the weekend, clouds and sun tomorrow. cool. i think clouds at times will win out tomorrow afternoon, then we'll have isolated showers sunday morning. but we'll move them out of here in time for the patriots game sunday afternoon. 7news begins now. >> christa: we have breaking
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