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tv   Today  NBC  October 23, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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morning on "today's take country diva carrie underwood hits our stage with a concert to kick off the weekend and then we're in the kitchen with al making the perfect fall dessert, crispy apple cobbler and we'll have a full house when comedian and actor and comic bob sergeant joins us. all that hand more coming up now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a friday morning, a special one here on our plaza, carrie underwood just crushed it. and what's amazing is to watch
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her. she's so interactive with her fans. so incredibly impressive. >> i love that. >> got another song for her this hour which we're psyched about. i'm willie, al and tamron. carrie underwood, the stage whole voice. >> and exactly the same from the girl we fell in love with an "american idol" and later on today after she's done with all the performances she's going to go home and get snuggle time with her baby boy. so sweet, i love her and she hosts the country music awards. needs a variety show, her personality so effervescent, like adele, a victory of raw talent. you can sing like that, you can make it. >> beautiful thing to say, a victory of raw talent, not about the package, can you come out and sing. >> not much going out. >> the happily undefeated, processed and packaged and defeated. >> oh, we are --
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>> we set barlow and every day -- >> we're potted meat. there you have it. >> we're the spam. >> well, i love spam. spam with american cheese. >> you like spam. >> that's a win. >> you go to hawaii. >> go to my house. my house must be hawaii. oh, you know, let's goat some serious business here. the benghazi hearing yesterday had to be one of the most incredible critical event that played out before our eyes in many, many years. people are likening it in some bases to the watergate investigation, the depth of it, nevertheless what, it was it a total of 11 hours? >> 11 hours. >> ten until 9:00. former secretary of state hillary clinton taking some very tough questions from republicans. quite combative, not between madam secretary clinton but between the republicans and democrats on that panel. of course, this is the investigation into what happened
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americans their lives, including ambassador stevens, chris stevens there, so there were many moments and one in particular that got a lot of buzz this day after representative susan brooks, republican from indiana grilling hillary clinton on her communication with ambassador stevens. take a listen. >> did you ever talk to ambassador stevens when all of this was going on in the hotbed of libya? >> well -- >> that is a yes or no question, madam secretary, yes or no, please. >> yes, i believe i did. >> we have no record that you had any conversations with the ambassador after you swore him in and before he died and you were his boss. >> i was the boss of ambassadors in 270 countries. >> now when you look at the quote, unquote reviews this day after, it really seemed that people did not move one way or the other. if your position was critical of the former secretary of state, that's where people remain and if you were a supporter, that's where you remain, but what was
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incredible as a viewer, as a journalist, i kept leaving my television and going back and i thought is this a replay? is this still going on? >> see that live bug on msnbc, and it was -- it was really riveting, i don't mean to diminish it by theater, but, you know, to watch this, which was good. our kids watched it during dinner and this is our government in action. >> what was fascinating, too, was most of the confrontation, as you said, was not between hillary clinton and the committee. >> yeah. >> it's between committee members, democrats defending hillary clinton, shouting with republicans back and forth as she kind of almost watched like a tennis match. >> the theater that you were referring to. >> that's not a negative description of it. that's what we watched play out. >> and being -- i actually was working in a radio station, public station during the watergate hearings. >> oh, yeah. >> and hour after hour, day after day of listening to this, and you -- and it was really one of those moments where you thought this is -- this is the -- this is the essence of american politics and government
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at work, and we got to see it again today. >> i happen to believe unlike some people that this was a legitimate hearing because we never had her e-mails before. that's why they went back in on this. >> without the committee we never would have known about the private server and give her an opportunity to explain it and the questions that arose. the hearing was legitimate but i don't think it turned out way republicans wanted it to. >> much like the primaries, the idea of ben carson now has surge the past donald trump in a new "des moines register"/bloomberg poll. >> the pundits explain this and this is a fluid game even though there's been 100 days of trump at top of the poll, by all accounts it was predict that had someone would leapfrog him, whether it would be ben carson i think is a surprise because when you look at -- talk about ying and yang, low-key ben carson, very measured in the way he speaks and then there's donald rally in florida today. >> yeah. >> that is the showman of all showmen. >> and does he start to take on
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ben carson now which is going to be interesting pause he's such a temperate measured calm guy. you know, what's going to happen between those two? it's going to be interesting. ben carson is going to be on "meet the press" with chuck todd this sunday, his exclusive guest so it will be interesting to see what happens. >> interesting political season. >> carson up eight, nine parts, not an outlier and one that showed the exact same number n.iowa ben carson is taking the lead and donald trump would he's still feeling good. >> he would. >> let's move on to something else. our producers grabbed this clip. earlier this week i did a sit-down movie with bradley cooper, sienna miller in it, daniel brul sgle and he's the chef in this. >> plays a chef, famous chef who has sort of fallen on hard times, bradley cooper, and he's working in the kitchen with sienna miller. clearly there's a lot of chemistry between the three of them. i'm going to say they were a
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it was the most fun and strangest interview i've ever done. >> come on, let's see it. >> here's a part of it. >> i love to eat, and sort of live for it and the whole experience is getting people together around food is probably my favorite thing about living, one of them. >> hold her back. >> bradley, let's talk about adam. >> yeah. >> the he comes from -- >> no? no. no. >> would you like to talk about someone else. >> yeah, adam, sorry. >> where does that arrogance come from for her? >> thanks, good. so nice to meet you all. >> sorry. >> you know what i like, how you tried to will them in -- >> no. >> like you were talking. >> like the jedi mind trick. >> no, no. >> and i'll tell you why. bradley and i have a history this. we turn serious, trying to talk about the movie, he just looks
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at me and starts laughing. >> why? and then we giggle out together and it evolves into what you saw there. >> spreads to other people. >> it was 30 minutes of that, and just wait until you see the whole interview, so much fun and this movie is so good you're going to love it. >> can we roll the video, don't have to put the sound up, i think i know why. take a look at video if we have it. i spotted something. >> look at that glass, is that vodka, what is that, there's a glass next to you. >> oh, that's stole, a huge tumbler of vodka, drinks on the table there. >> i'm intrigued. >> i think somebody forgot to move the water glass. >> bradley and sienna worked together, of course, on "american sniper" and started shooting this "burnt" afterwards and became the best of friends. when are we airing this in. >> next thursday. >> so you've got to the wait for that. >> next thursday is a huge day then.
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>> sink or swim, pink or swim. you've got a chance to win a new york drip to dunk us in our pink or swim challenge. four people can win a trip to new york, hotel accommodation for one night. send us a photograph of you and tell us in 50 words or less why you deserve to win. go to we have another mystery caller >> oh. >> who do we have? >> mystery carle, are you there? >> yeah, yeah, i'm on the phone. hey, guys, hey, al, hey, willie, hey, tamron. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm a big fan of your show. >> is this a cast member from "sopranoses." >> polly walnut. >> i dabble. >> are you involved -- what do you think about pink or swim? great cause. i want to see you guys dunk the. i want to get to the $10,000 mark so i can see you dunk the. i'll come out there and dunk you myself. >> see you dunk. >> are you from "jersey shore? ." >> i think it's a girl. >> i'm -- let's just -- let's
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just say i'm a little bit of this and a little bit that have. >> oh, it's pauley the deejay. >> i like a good time. i like a good time and like pizza. i like -- i like ted cruz. >> all right. >> oh, wait. i got it the. >> say that again. say that again, the last thing. >> i led ted druse frozen custard. >> oh, ellie kemper. >> great voice work, ellie, great voice work. >> very nice. >> i -- i had some -- >> all right, ellie, thank you so much. you're backing us, and can you come down thursday, too. >> i would love to work permitting. i can't make a promise. >> legit, emmy-nominated show
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have to get to the $10,000 mark. >> you're amazing. >> thank you, ellie kemper. >> we love you, ellie. >> she's unbreakable but her cell phone connection is a little breakable right now. >> i'm going because we've got a really serious situation in the weather. hurricane patricia, this thing is nowled strongest hurricane ever recorded the way if looks right now. it is going to be -- it's a category 5 storm. it is currently 235 miles southwest of the manzillo, texas, 200-mile-per-hour winds, and pacific coast of mexico has never had a category 5 storm hit. it looks like sometime friday late afternoon today into the evening hours. it weakens quickly but other thing is we have to watch this. expected. expected out of this thing and that moisture is going to stream um through mexico into texas.
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a dangerous situation involving over this weekend. flash flood watches into early next week and looking at coastal flood watches as well. strong rip currents and rainfall amounts as we move through today, about five inches around waco and move into tomorrow. that rain starts to spread into western louisiana and give significant flooding from houston, austin, corpus christi, six inches on sunday and as you move into the coast of louisiana, look at totals over the next five days. 12 inches or more and this heavy rain next week moves into the ohio river valley and mississippi river valleys as well. talking about this weather situation for at least the next seven days. . good morning. mostly sunny skies but a cool day, especially as we work through the midday and this afternoon. temps this morning in the upper 40s to around 50 40s to around 50. that's not all that cold especially compared to this past monday. during the afternoon numbers
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change that much in the low 50s and a cool breeze continues for the entire day. for weekend, a lot clouds. not as windy. sunday, clouds and a possibility of a morning shower sun in the afternoon. warmer. >> coming up, i'm making an apple cobbler later and you're not going to make any meat. i'm going to do a meat cobbler. >> i think you should do a whole meal when you cook. >> tamron is complaining about the menu when al coasts. >> coming up, played the wholesome dad to the tanner girls on the hit series "full house" and he hosts a new cast including a foul-mouthed sock coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. milk, fruit, cultures. mmmm, yoplait. bob gaget was the wholesome father to three young daughters but there's not a bit of truth to that. >> thanks for having me. >> makes perfect sense that bob is doing the cast of the
10:17 am
nominated best new play "hand to god". >> the about a bob who created a puppet in a church group and bob plays pastor greg who is forced to deal with the reap cautions of the sock puppet. talk about typecasting. >> it's a character and it's the persona or my body ofness. i'm eliz beetian. i'm a lutheran minister trying to help children with puppet therapy, puppet class and it turns out this amazing actor steven boyer has this puppet named tyrone who is sort of demonic and geneva is in it with sarah and this cast is amazing and replacing a wonderful actor named mark kudish and i'll be doing it november 3rd to january 3rd.
10:18 am
for me in that he's a good man and he's not cynical or snarky or sarcastic. >> how did you prepare for this? >> saw the play. i had been to broadway called "drowsy chaperon" and like danny taern he wore a cardigan sweater and this character wears a collar and i prepared for it by learning the play and by just loving it. it's hilarious would. love to have you all as my sglests free? >> oh, free, wow. >> i will take that free. >> earlier i like to pay people for their craft, you know. >> who gets coupons. >> a dollar off. >> no candy wrapper because it's very disruptive. >> of course it is. >> so much of this country associates you with "full house" but bob saget the comedian is something else. >> there's a duality. i'm a good person and i have three daughters so i'm able to --
10:19 am
>> charges will be filed. >> but i have three beautiful daughters and i have raised them and so have their mother. >> "fuller house" coming up. >> and you'll have a scoop on it coming up, just telling you ahead of time and on netflix next january, a couple of those and amazing to go back to warner brothers. calls us the legacy cast, like mccoy and spock showing up on the bridge and puck into the tanner household, millions of dollars we spent. >> what was it like seeing the set again? playing. it was angelic. it was beautiful. wish you could be there. >> you have a big announcement to make? >> yes, i'm in my first trimester. >> oh, congratulations, bob. >> no idea. >> up next, all your hole wood headlines in "pop fix." >> i want a bick announcement. tran
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fans rejoice, adele is back and better than ever. the singer recently announced she would be releasing a new album. her first, by the way, since 2011 and luckily we don't have to wait because the video of her single "hello" was just released and here it is.iv so hello from the other side i must have called to stop and talk >> already called hauntingly beautiful. the grammy winning song stress spoke about this with apple beats one this morning saying this is her best video and she is so proud of it and we're happy she's back. john travolta is taking us back to 1995. "the staying alive" actor is almost unrecognizable as robert shapiro, the lawyer who successfully defended o.j. simpson during his murder trial in the new tv show "american crime story." the series which premiers in february on fx released a
10:24 am
trailer. get ready so take a look. >> any time i take on a new criminal case. i always ask a question, no, i won't be judgmental. >> the similarities between robert shapiro and john travolta uncanny. the show boasts a star-studded cast including cuba gooding jr., david schwimmer, what a cast. interesting to seat reaction and not the only ones getting into the halloween spirit, the stars are, too. heidi klum is famous for her annual holiday bash. prepping for this year. "the project runway" host post issed a video that shows her being filthed for a full body cast. what is she goes to be? considering some of the past costumes there's no doubt that whatever it is it's going to be incredible, and mariah carey went to her instagram account to share this adorable picture of her twins in lamb costumes. the grammy winner cap two-game the pic me and them hashtag lambs which sighed a collective ah because her kids are just
10:25 am
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yoirks taking a look at headlines headlines, gnc one of the largest retailers of dietary supplements have allegedly sold products containing two illegally synthetic drugs according to lawsuits filed by the oregon attorney general. the ingredients are not approved in the united states and dangerous. gnc says the claims are without website. a recent survey shows a large percentage of severe allergic reactions occur in students with no previously known allergies. in fact, 22% of anaphalactic reactions were first time event among students in kindergarten through 12th grade.
10:29 am
the study had epi-pen auto injectors experts say the findings show a need for even greater access in other public places. a choking hazard has prompted build a bear to recall more than 34,000 stuffed animals sold in the u.s. and canada. now the recall conversation the starbright dragon in a blue furry fabric. the satin seam can open allowing the material inside to be exposed and pose a choking hazard to young kids. kids can return the stuffed animals to any build a bear workshop store and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has a new ken venture and he and his wife priscilla chan are launching a private elementary school in east palo alto, california. the school will target about 700 of the most disadvantaged residents in the neighborhood. zuckerberg and chan have a history of generosity towards education. in 2010 they actually donated $100 million to the school system in newark, new jersey, and last year another $120 million to support bay area public schools.
10:30 am
let's get a check of the weather. got your headlines. from al. >> let's take a look, tamron, at your fall foliage and it's going to be a little past peak as you get into the upper midwest, northern new england, central pennsylvania and southern new york, but still lots of color well. let's look at your weekend outlook, check it out and show you what we've got happening for this weekend. a lot of rain stretching from the great lakes and heavy flood threat down in texas. east coast looking presentee good and some clouds in the pacific northwest and then as we move on into sunday more flooding possible from texas into louisiana. parts of mississippi as well. showers spread into the showers. the u.p. of michigan and northern minnesota and some wet weather along the pacific north west coast good morning. mostly sunny skies. but a cool day, especially as we work through the midday and this afternoon. 40s to around 50. that's not all that cold especially compared to this past monday, but during the afternoon hours, the numbers
10:31 am
don't change all this much, only in the lower 50s and a cool breeze continues the entire day. for the weekend, a lot of clouds tomorrow. not as windy. low 50s. sunday, clouds and the possibility of a morning shower some sun in the afternoon. dry sunday afternoon. warmer. >> and that is your latest weather. tamron. >> thank you very much. if you're planning a monster mash next weekend for halloween you can find some of the most creative items and ideas online so we rounded up some of our favorites and here to show us what's clicking on youtube is rachel levin whose channel rcl subscribers. good morning, congrats on all thank you. >> it's clear you know what you're doing and let's get to what's clicking. >> first we have these eyeball kick pops and the trick is you don't have to bake anything because you start off with regular doughnut holes.
10:32 am
>> take a lollipop stick and dipping it into the white chock at. >> where is this idea from? >> from my channel. >> from your channel. >> want to learn other, one my favorite diy treats and if you want to learn more go to my channel. just stick it through and threat dry. >> how long? >> takes like a minute, and then you're going to want to dip this into the white chocolate. >> okay. >> just swirl it around. >> and, again, obviously kids love anything like this interactive. >> and chocolate. >> everyone loves chocolate. >> that looks so good. >> and you set that down and threat set. >> dry. >> yeah. >> and then you'll take -- i use the lol pop sticks but if you want a bag or something, go ahead. take the green chocolate and make a circle with it business going to be like the color of the eye. >> i'm clearly challenged. >> you're doing good. >> somewhere there's a 5-year-old watching come on,
10:33 am
really. >> and then you take this block chocolate and just put a dot for like the eye. >> okay. >> yeah. >> and then just dry it up and there you have it, lollipop eyeball. mine looks spooky. >> and the end result if you use the gel. >> go ahead, what do we have next? then we have a cute trick-or-treat glow in the dark bag from what's up mom and start off by using a plain black tote bag and then you'll want to take some glow in the dark paint or you can use regular puffy paint, whatever color you want and she started off by drawing her kid's name on the bottom or you can draw your own name and use the glow in the dark puffy paint. >> and put the names on her. >> oh, my gosh. more.
10:34 am
>> making one for my niece gianna, candy lover in the family. >> and then you'll take a stencil or whatever you want. you can free thnd but i'm artistically challenged so take a paintbrush and white paint and color that over the stencil because that's going to make the glow in the dark paint show up so much more. >> let's see a finish product because i'm almost out of time and i won't be able to finish mine in time. >> so cute and keep this later after soccer and snacks stuff. and what do we have next? >> we're making these cute little halloween crayons so you're just going to start off with regular crayons and take off all the paper. you can use warm weather to take it off. and then just chop them up like into semi little pieces. >> once you chop them up. do you melt them? >> no, not yet. >> and then you take the crayons and put them in the molds. do it through the colors. >> almost out of time. >> how do we finish up ear.
10:35 am
>> put these in the oven with the crayons in it at 250 degrees for like three minutes and then pop them out and they look like this. >> quickly tell me what you've got here, marshmallows with kiwi? >> these are shish kebabs for halloween. >> i love your -- so you've got kiwi, a little chocolate, marshmallow, super cute. >> all right. >> check them out online. congratulations congratulations. >> laradiy, if you want to see how to make that go over to her channel and there you have it. >> up next al's got a delicious idea for all those apples you picked this season. he's making his famous cobbler with a secret ingredient. can we learn the see sglet. >> no! >> oh, great. >> it's a secret! right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately
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this morning on "today food can the "we're savoring the fall hart vest with some of our favorite dishes, one of mine is crispy apple cobbler, perfect dessert for the cool weather and like to add a special spice to kick it up even more. do you have any idea what the special spice is?
10:40 am
>> all spice but here we go. apple, sugar, four spices, apple butter, flour, sugar and salt. take any apples that you pick. i like tarter apples like granny smith or something like that. you're going to core it and chop it up into chunks, three-quarter inch chunks. i don't even peel it because i like it nice and -- adds a little something to it. what you're going to do is take your sugar and your four spices, cinnamon, all spice, ground ginger and chinese five spice. >> that's your secret ingredient. >> that's my secret ingredient and the toss the apples with it and melt some butter in a pan and let them cook on a medium heat for about ten minutes. you stir them occasionally and cover them up and you do that. now you're going to make your topping, a bunch of butter, cut it up, flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, all spice and salt and pour that all in. >> okay. >> and put your butter in, and
10:41 am
you're going to make it nice and crumbly. >> your butter has to be room temperature. >> should be, okay. >> gets your hands in. it will make that topping that you love. >> the topping is delicious. >> the topping is the best part. in fact, if i could figure out how to just make topping that's what i would do. >> the topping is a deal breaker for me if it's not tasty, then the -- the topping not tasty i don't like it and your topping is good. you get that all together. i like to do individual ramekins. we've got the big one here. >> big family style. >> but i like everybody getting their own video and you're going to fill it up and then you'll take some topping and put that on top, all right, put it on a baking sheet and put it in the oven for 20, 25 minutes at 350 and comes out here. to me, depending on your druthers, i like toer is of it with a good vanilla ice cream right on top. ending. >> and it just melts a little bit and then you've got your beautiful apple crisp.
10:42 am
this is what i like, baby, so -- and your verdict. >> i clearly like it. it's all gone. >> she was complaining i didn't have any meat today. didn't seem to slow you done. >> i love to have the roker restaurant to myself. i'll take all of these. >> we'll wrap these up. get this recipe and tips on cutting and coring apples head to coming up next, newest hit from our pal country superstar carrie underwood right if you struggle with type 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. rimagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class p of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. rinvokana is used along tto significantly t in adults with type 2 diabetes. ..
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10:47 am
platinum and she's had 21 number one songs and seven grammys. >> and singing from her brand-new album storyteller, here is carrie underwood. i've been tripping down here in mississippi and been in all the newspapers every day this say we got titles in a love triangle, a fatal game of truth or dare but the truth remains a mystery and now it's ancient history it's a choctaw county affair affair choctaw county affair people talking about it every
10:48 am
no southern lady despite all the media hype all make her out the american cheerleader type but she was around -- she was a cold gold digger a choctaw county affair it's a choctaw county affair it's just a choctaw county affair she had some information that would beg my reputation and land me back in jail now it's best to remember
10:49 am
-- got a temper but there's nobody, there's no way that y'all go back to your business it's a choctaw county affair it's a choctaw county affair you mess with me and you better be aware well the press went wild when they brought us on the witness stand they thought we'd turn on each other but soon they all discovered we would live and die hand in hand and the fancy d.a. from down jackson way said he'd see us in the electric chair but the foreman of the jury
10:50 am
told me honey don't you worry it's a choctaw county affair choctaw county affair oh, it's jaist choctaw county affair county affair >> choctaw county affair oh, it's just a choctaw county affair choctaw county affair >> carrie underwood. thank you so much. carrie will sit down with hoda in our next hour. but first, this is "today" on
10:51 am
one of the reasons we love fridays is because erica hill stops by. >> erica. >> thank you.
10:52 am
>> we love you. >> i love you guys. i like it's especially when you let me come in the kitchen on friday. because you know i'm happy to sample any time. we have this really cool story coming up this weekend that harry smith shot for us. he was telling us about it last weekend. you may have seen you can go to the opera at the movie theaters, something the mets are doing all around the world and harry was backstage and not only was he backstage with some of the performers he was in the truck with the director. and he was saying it is like directing a football game. it's really much more like directing a sporting event. >> have something like 20 cameras. >> totally wild. >> and the director has done the macy's thanksgiving day parade. a really cool story. we'll have that for you coming up.
10:53 am
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