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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they say they were so concerd they feel on second thought they should have called the state police as they headed south on morning. they say in large part the kids were unaware of the apparent danger. a bus load of third graders head heading to historic plymouth plantation for a prethanksgiving field trip. the speed at 65 with him weaving in and out of traffic and him falling asleep was not . >> reporter: on 93 southbound in quincy one mom who doesn't want to be identified says she saw something disturbing as she watch the driver's face in the mirror. he would shut his eyes for a few seconds more than the blinking. rubbing his eyes, not really pay paying attention then a few types he did the whole nodding thing where we would be a little bit oh yeah. yeah. >> reporter: then in a back up. this worried mom said the sleepy driver seemed to be weaving from lane to lane. she tells us a father sitting up front saw the driver nod off too.
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he poked him and said, hey, listen guy you have to a way o wake on this bus. he said i'm fine, i'm not sleeping. i have been here 17 years. i do this all the time. >> anchor: twops tell us at one a teen area the driver and suggested he pull over if he needed to get some air . i'm glad as a parent of the children that i was there to actually see this . the kids attend saint joseph catholic school in medford. the adults told the driver they would not be returning to the school with him after they finally made it to plymouth. some say the driver grew belligerent. he got a little frustrated and then he called someone and then he just left. you guys had to stay there all afternoon, right? the driver works for north suburban transportation which is doing an investigation . the camera is right here. it's adjusted right here . the owner said the driver has a clean safety record . he has been here for over 15 years and we never had an incident with the gentleman. something happen, what happened i don't know. until we see the tape and look
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determination. >> reporter: parents say the driver pumped the backs a few times so hard the kids sleeked with delight as if they were on some sort of a carnival ride. that driver could be term natur natured, could be suspended video. the principal of the school never called us back but paper say they have no problem with the way the school handled this. live in medford, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: we are tracking hurricane patricia tonight. t strongest storm ever measured in the western hem us fire. that's the a category five storm with winds moving at 190 miles per hour of it's moving east and right now it's about 35 miles from the mexican coast. this storm erasing toward the pacific coast of mexico . exerts say it could cause catastrophic damage of let's get ride over to bri eggers with a look at when it's expected to hit land. it looks like parts of it already on land. technically we don't see landfall until the eye of that storm does reach land. i expect that to happen within the next one to two hours.
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the inside of two hours. you are waving this loop here and you can see that even the eye is getting fill in by clouds a little bit but the imagery showing that really defined eye a few hours ago not so much any anymore. we are not talking about the strongest storm on record for the western emus fear and earlier today that minimum pressure was at 879 millibars. that's very close to the worldwide record holder typhoon tip from 1979 but we've already seen the storm dissipate just a touch. still packing a wall up of a storm as we get through the next couple few hours category five again expected to make landfall within the inside of two hours. then once it does and it tracks over land, it will get ripped a apart from the top and bottom by wind sheer up top and by the mountain ouster rain to the bottom and you see what happens. 24 to 36 hours from now the wind speeds are down to 25 miles per hour. we're not done tracking patricia even once it becomes a remnant
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low because it is going to pack a punch with a whole lot of rain as well pulling in some of that moisture from the gulf of mexico into pats of texas already under some flood watches, flash-flood watches and flash-flood warning as we make it through the weekend. i imagine the bulk of the weather headlines will be focus focused on this area of the country. we do have to talk about our forecast. some showers expected for sunday morning, we'll get to those details coming up in ten minutes. >> anchor: you see on the radar there patricia is is a monster a storm. strong winds, heavy rain expect expected to cause major damage. let's get to tim caputo with how people in mexico are preparing for the worst, tim . close to 2000 shelter have already been set up. people already packing into those shelters for the night. rain has started to fall along the western coast of mexico. that just is a taste of hurricane patricia. the worst is still a few hours away. the monster category five hurricane is hours away from landfall and tens of thousands of american tourists in mexico are fleeing the coast or finding
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shelter . we were evacuated this morning for the hurling and came to this convention center then they said it's not a safe place . >> reporter: the storm is expected to hit the western coast populated with fishing villages and popular resort of p puertovallarta. the store weakened ever so slight he but has sustained winds of 190 comparable to an ef 4 tore mid o.more than 7 million people will be affected when it hits later tonight. mexican authorities declared a state of emergency. the obama administration is in close communication with the government of mexico about providing a siftance and heading american citizens who are there. we've not received any requests i'm aware of from the government of mexico yet. but we stand by to offer i think any assistance that we can in the aftermath of this what appears to be at least a pretty especially inc. event. on top of the 190 mile-per-hour sustained winds there are coerns about a storm surge and fears that a could
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duffle as much as 20 inches of rain causing flooding and triggering mud slides. >> anchor: we will follow this intense hurricane all throughout the night here on 7 news. you can also go to and track the storm's every move . first on 7, a new warning in randolph about stranger danger. police say a random man grab grabbed a child's arm and two girls leaving a school in quincy were offered a ride by someone. they didn't know. steve cooper is live with the steve? randolph police telling us a couple of minutes ago they are actively involved in this investigation right now. so too are skills who alerted parents today about what happened. at the same time investigators here at headquarters are working with another police department to see if these two cases are in anyway connected. it's something we take seriously because it could have an worse . police looking for answers after an allahing incident after an 11-year-old girl gets off a school bus near plan terrible
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lane on thursday afternoon and notice the an unidentified man. the girl telling police that manifold her and later tried to grab her arm and she ran away. i have two grandchildren and i would be absolutely sick approaching them . at first he ran away but he came back and then she sat down at some point and he sat down next to her. the girl wasn't hurt and was able to break free running to a neighbor's home. the man slipping away before police arrived on the scene. she did all the right things. she told her parent, her parent brought her up to the police station where we received a full statement . at the same time as another concerning case in nearby quincy quincy. that's where two girls age the 1 11 and 12 are approached leaving cheerleading practice at the atlantic middle school thursday when an unidentified man asked them if they wanted a ride. the situation seems dealing with. des i didn'ts are relatively close but again the way it was different. i don't think there is ever a good intension.
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i don't think if it's not your child you have no reason it approach any child. horizontal police in both communities tonight are using moment and another chance to remind kids and their parents about what to do if they are approached by a stranger and of course both of these cases are under investigation right now. live in randolph tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: sky 7 over west roxbury where a truck got caught under an overpass. traffic was backed up there for was injured . >> anchor: an historic day for the cathedral of the holy cross. bells from the former holy trinity church were installed. sky 7 hd over the scene where you can see each bell being hoisted into place using a crane and then installed. it took a true hours to get the job done. and thankfully they were able to with the winds today, huh? i know. heavy equipment swinging around. all right, count down is on. coming up on 7 news we're getting ready for a rifle in foxboro. why all eyes will be ponder el
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sunday. a worker at logan airport goes out on a wing to take a selfie. we'll tell you what trouble he is in now. breaking news from harvard university police warning students after they say a woman was walking her dog at the holden grown housing complex early this morning when she was chased to her door. she ran inside and a man in his 20's got away. we're staying on top of the story and we'll bring you the latest. >> reporter: mobbed . who did it about her is back. for our first challenge i'm taking on this chicago pd star and this been institution . we're at mike's pass tree to see who is more killed at filling canolis let me get in the zone . this is the hard every thing ever . >> reporter: watch and you can
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if an early morning scare leads to a warning for students at harvard university. campus police say a woman was chased by a man. sew was walk herring dog at the tie. it all happened at the holden greenhousing complex around 3:30 this morning. the woman noticed a suspicious van and ran to her door. she says a man then jumped out and chased her. she got in and locked the door and she says that's when the man ran back to an older dark color colored van. police say the suspicious man is in his early 20's . >> anchor: breaking news from haverhill right now. police arrest a middle school student accused of bringing a
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fake gun to school. investigators say the student also had one of those folding knives in his backpack. john green leaf wittier middle school was in lock down everything returned to formal thereafter. >> anchor: 7 news now at logan airport. a worker there in trouble for a photo flap. officials say he took pictures of himself on the wings of two planes. 7's dan hausle live now at logan with reaction to this. dan? a lot of head shaking over this one. you know shall everybody agrees a selfie is a fun thing especially an unusual places but there is a time and place for everything and this guy got both of those wrong. you see main fence workers doing a lottings this around the planes, but passengers agree what one did went too far . i think it's out of control. i don't think it's safe. for who? you are him this . for anyone . >> anchor: state police a person was spotted on the wings two of planes in the ararea thursday night taking selfies.
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tarmac, his security badge taken away. an american airlines 737 and a jet blue plane inspected for damage. i think that the whole selfie thing has got a little out of control. he probably will be fired. should be . american airlines says their jet was fine and left for chicago hours later on schedule. while some passengers say they understand the temptation, they would rather no one is taking a selfie on the wing of their plane . i put a lot of trust in the people i fly with so i doesn't want to hear about stuff like that happening. state police say there will be no charges in this case, we couldn't get a hold of the employer who didn't respond to calls for comment but massport says with security clearance taken way it's unlikely this guy will be able to continue to work work. live at logan airport, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: historical storm hurricane patricia moments away from making landfall laws we need to talk about the forecast
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here closer to home.
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>> anchor: hurricane patricia paying headlines and making it into the history books today. you can see that category five storm really packing a wallop. now already reached peak intense fee and i imagine these are the numbers that will be going into
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the history books for this strongest hurricane, the strong strongest storm on record for the western hell us fear. the minimum pressure earlier today, 879 millibars. that's not far off from the worldwide record holder for tropical cyclones typhoon tip back in 1979 at 870 millibars. system a category five storm but it has weakened just a touch. 190 mile-per-hour sustained winds at this point. tracking north-northeast at 14 miles per hour. it has not yet made landfall. but i do expect that to happen in the inside of the next couple of hours so we'll be keying a close eye on that as far as the track after that moment, it gets ripped apart from the top and the bottom. mountain ouster rain is crossing over, plus wind sheer above it and by the time we get through 24, 36 hours this category five hurricane will turn into a remnant low by tomorrow night. but we're not done talking about this storm system even once that happens and i will show you why.
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as this storm making landfall storms surge, i major concern, also flash-flooding a concern as well as those damaging winds. it's comparable to an ef five tornado and we could even see tornados as that thunderstorm activity makes landfall. but we're also talking about the flash-flooding that enters into texas through the weekend also pulling some more moisture in from the gulf of mexico. believe it or not, some of this moisture will even make it into new england as we get into the middle of this coming week bringing us much needed soaking rain it looks like. wednesday into thursday. let's take it become to the here and now, 49 in boston right now. part low cloudy skies, the winds are still a little feisty out of the northwest of a chilly breeze at 13 miles per hour and a few clouds with us through the night tonight. now as we get into the weekend this becomes our system that we will watch and you can see it starting to pump those showers through the great lakes. now as we get into sunday, that's when we expect that wet weather. it is not a cancel your plans
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tomorrow with some clouds, mostly cloudy skies i should say with peeks of sunshine then sunday morning those scattered showers isolated showers, they are out of the way early in the day and by the time we get to game time, we're in the clear as far as dryer weather in store for us. overnight tonight it's chilly, the wind phase 30 to 40 degrees and tomorrow less wind. 49 to 55 for our highs. you can see mostly in the low 50's generally speaking under mostly cloudy skies. now pats forecast again looking good early tailgating you might need the rain gear but for game time you won't and maybe have you some spooky fun plans for this weekend. hal even is just a week away. headed up to salem? little cooler tomorrow and then on sunday little more mild. here is a look at my 7 on 7 forecast. those temperatures making your rebound by the middle of next week. there is that good soaking rape. looks like at least an inch for most. >> reporter: all eyes ponder
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el revis an jets defense sunday. new york is the nfl's top soaring defense taking on the patriots top or score ago fence of bill belichick well aware of the challenge the jets defense presents. he knows he can't sleep on that jets offense either. the jets entering week 7 with the 7th best scoring offense averaging 25.8 points per game. quarterback ryan fitzpatrick leading the unit to just under 3 380 yards per game. good for eighth in all of the nf nfl and it's a jets rushing a take doing most of the damage for gangrene putting up a lead best 146 yards per contest on the ground. 7's alex corddry with more on sunday's show down in foxboro. how name' back running around, you canning, opening up, getting . >> reporter: brandon getting are edity play after starting the season with a foot injury. it's bill belichick's decision if he is ready for this sunday's game against the jets ander did el revis . i got he is one of the best
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guy last year even when i he was touch to go . >> reporter: the five and 0 pats believe this they can stop chris ivory they stop the 4 and 1 jets . they are the new winning team in the league right now. they put a lot of stock in him . >> reporter: requiry leads the league with an average 115 rush rushing yards her game. the pats know the jets will try to win writing ifor's legs . i am excited about this game, especially me because i'm a run stop and type of guy. with him everybody has to be technically sound as well as doing their job. that's the first job of to stopping him an net obvious one is tackle him and get hill on the ground. that's not an easy job either. we will see what happens on sunday. belichick said today the jets ran for 200 yards against the patriots last season. they are a tough team to beat when they are running the ball well. it's no coincidence the only game the jets lost this season was against the eagles when
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in foxboro, alex corddry, 7 sports. thank you, alex. john farrell calling it a huge relief when he received a clean bill of health on thursday. the red sox manager adding his energy continues to climb and is thanks it will to regain strength after enduring six months of chemoover an 8 week weird to combat the aggressive nature of lymphoma. there is no restrictions. as a matter of fact, it's the more you can push yourself physically and then obviously listen to your body when you need to slow down, you listen to it. but to regain 100% stamina it's a matter of workout routine that will get that back there. ucla hosts for the fade into the conevery end zone kenny lawler trying off the defender making an outstanding catch getting the fee down for the touchdown. lawler's twist and grab good for our play of the day. the patriots ruling out mark cuss cannon and rue fuss johnson
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for sunday's good morning. that's sports. 7 news will be back right after
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leadership isn't given. it's taken. >> anchor: that is our time for 7 news at 6:00 on this friday of hopeful ooh you are having a great day so far. if your workday is over hope hopefully you are look forward to a nice weekend .
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