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tv   Today  NBC  October 24, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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at half price throughout the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens. the entire store! hey, any excuse for a party. and big savings. blinds to go. blinds for life. "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> try day friday. casual
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we decided to get cas with carrie underwood. we were outside listening to her sing. and it was a blast. right after she was done with this, i got so excited. i got to sneak her into our friday green room. i grabbed her, and i was half cooked, but it doesn't matter. >> i love that you kept the rollers in. >> i needed the height. she was so cute. isaiah. i said if isaiah was your first choice for a name what was your second choice? >> if you weren't going to name the baby isaiah, what was the second choice? >> it was a toss-up between isaiah and caleb. christian was on the list too, that was when "fifty shades of grey" was popular, and i was like, christian's off the list, babe. some good friends of ours, we
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them at all. and they were like, meet baby caleb. >> this is perfect. >> i asked a couple questions. i asked who's your girl crush. >> you. >> ah. >> i don't know, really who my girl crush is. you. who's yours? >> you. >> no. i asked her who hers was, and it took her a second. it took her longer than a second to figure out who it is. >> who is your celebrity girl crush. >> right now? >> at this minute. as you're sitting here looking at me, who is it? >> celebrity girl crush. i don't know. it's tough, oh, you, of course. >> is it the curlers? is that what it was? >> yes. it's hot. real hot. >> it's hot. >> i don't think she really thought the curlers were hot. >> not at all. like hey, look up in this range.
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"storyteller." we listening to some songs. it's got that thing. >> a clap. >> we talked about her babies. how is your cute baby? >> our babies are so, so cute. mila was just a flower girl in a wedding. look at that picture. >> oh, my gosh. >> and i feel like it's all day long. she just wants to kiss her, kiss her. but look at that flower girl. >> it's not easy. you know sometimes weddings are funky that way. honor. my guest friend farrell got married in texas. i couldn't really help. so henry was on total dad duty. i'm proud of her for being a flower girl. she did great. she ran down the aisle. and at the end she goes "daddy " ! ." and you hear this little
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she stole the show. >> speaking of shows, we have a great show. we have the guys from flipping boston here. they're going to talk about transforming your home with the right lighting. and you know who's got a birthday today? bobbi thomas has a birthday today. >> talk about a beautiful mother. >> back at you. >> how do you feel on your birthday? >> i don't know. i keep forgetting. >> she'd like to be sleeping. >> i'm happy to be here. >> she's got some great surprises, and we have a lot of great things in the show. some breaking news this morning. adele. new video. has a new video. we waiting for her song, wondering what it was going to be like. this is a little taste of her new single called "hello." take a look.
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to tell you i'm sorry for everything that i've done never seem to be home >> so powerful, what is in her? >> she has a beautiful voice, and she's a beautiful person. >> and when she came here to the "today" show, she's always so can't believe she's here type thing. >> but when you have that type of talent. >> that type of talent. >> i always wished. you can keep on wishing. all right. i love a game night. you love a game night? >> i love a game night. >> recently jimmy kimmel shared a picture. this is his game night. can you guess, ooh, who those other two are? >> is that bradley cooper? >> bradley cooper. >> looks like someone's morphed the photograph and done something funny to it, doesn't it? >> they look like they're in
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>> they look hung over to me. what are they doing? >> they're playing scrabble, it seems. so it seems. but, yeah. >> wow. they've apparently been friends since 2000. >> okay. and jimmy surprised wradly with a picture on one of his throw-back thursday nights. take a look. >> oh, ho, ho, ho. >> you want to talk about fun guys. >> oh, that's crazy, those crazy, crazy boys. >> but that looks fun. >> do you love a game night? >> i love a game night. >> i love your eye lashes. jenna got -- close. >> but i got to tell you, eye lashes change a look. when you walked in at first i thought to myself, oh, she has a little makeup on. >> isn't stuff like that kind of embarrassing? you kind of want to be like, oh, i just woke up like this, you know? so i remember once i had this boyfriend, and he was visiting
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hey, did you see her eyebrows? and i'm like, mom! >> you don't want people to think that you wake up that way. i can't take my eyes off you. so chrissy teigen announced she was pregnant. and she's now having trouble fitting into clothes. this is a picture she posted on instagram. if you look closely at her fly area, she realized she couldn't zip them up. and she looked sad. she put on instagram that she needed a crotch patch. >> a crotch patch. >> that's what she wrote. >> never heard of those. >> that's what her fun look is. >> okay. i have to ask you a very personal question. >> okay. >> when you wear tight pants as i'm wearing right now. >> yes. >> do you ever get like a line on your stomach? >> where the pant creases? >> where it's kind of tight against your stomach? because i do, in jeans, like squeeze them on
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>> then henry's always like, does that hurt? and i'm like, that's not a nice thing to ask your wife, does that hurt. but do you ever get that? >> no. here's the thing. i wear elastic a lot, so it doesn't have that same kind of binding thing that you have, but what i don't like is when i did have on a pair of tight pants at an event, and you know how people come up and hug you and they're grabbing the side, and i can feel his hand on that, on that part. >> that's called a muffin top. >> and i was kind of trying to lean around it or go like, there's no smoothing. that's the way life goes. >> i love her for that. she's real. >> she's real. she's like you. she just tells it like it is. >> mm-hm. >> this is kind of a, what is this? >> i love this. you did something recently to your hair. >> nobody cares. >> well, a lot of people, turns out a lot of people care, and i have to say this. i didn't notice, but now that i'm sitting next to you. i don't know which side i'd part my hair on.
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hoda changed her part. look at the difference. >> well, i don't know. >> that's the difference. because people want to see your pretty little face. >> we asking people out there, hey, change your part, because it does feel -- you say you change yours all the time. you don't know. >> i don't know. >> when you change it the other way, it looks funky. we asked for before and after pics so they all started doing it. here's bobbi. >> i don't know what's the before and after. >> i think the after's on our screen left. >> i like the after there. >> here's brie. >> she did everything. >> yes. with the blue eyes. >> chad wanted to play, too. chad turned his head. [ laughter ] part. >> some people don't like change. karen told me not to change the part. >> and cassie says the new look
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well, i think it does. >> that's not very nice. >> that's all right. >> right. baby photo. this is a baby giraffe, made its public debut yesterday at the oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> doesn't have a name. tall and weighs 130 pounds. oh, look at the kissing. >> oh, my gosh. >> i love him. >> don't you want to cuddle with him? let's just watch him all day. can we just watch it the whole show? it's friday. we can wear jeans and watch the baby giraffe all day long. >> all day long. >> and carrie underwood. jeans, baby giraffes, and carrie underwood. >> we want to do a shout out. calling all "days of our lives", fans. they're celebrating 50 years. kathie lee got her start playing
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a nurse on "days." >> we have footage of that. >> we're trying to dig it up. i hope we can find it. they're celebrating 50 years, come down october 27th, bring signs and we have surprises. >> i have a couple of friends over there, darcy and her mom mary jo are just visiting. hi. aren't they cute? >> cute. >> adorable. whether they saw some of the concert, saw some of the show. >> have you seen your mom? >> i'm going to go see her today and get on the train. they're back to light up our lives. >> peter and david seymour. >> they're going to show you how the right lighting can transform your home, after this. his. dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual? he said sure. but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically
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all right, the one thing that can really change the feel of your home is your lighting. but from task to accent, the terms can be quite confusing. >> yes, they are.
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the guys from flipping boston are here. and firefighter david seymour and architect peter salayeris here. >> they're here, you guys are going to share with us your lighting secrets. >> no one's going to find out about this, right? >> we shwwwaer. >> ambient lighting, task lighting. >> what's task lighting? >> task lighting is when you're doing a task, whether you're prepping food. >> she doesn't do any tasks in her kitchen. >> what about al roker? he need the task lighting. under the cabinet lighting, task lighting, pendant lighting, task lighting. >> you have the rules for how we hang the pendant, right? >> how about this, watch out for this.
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you've got it right there. give it a couple more inches. >> and i like to group three together, four together, and definitely this now turns into accent lighting. it's ambient lighting, bought look because look at the picture. tape, peel off. >> that sticks? >> oh, yeah. it's really very thin. and of course it depends on your budget. if you're on a budget, puff lights. battery. >> on and off underneath. >> check this one out. this one goes underneath. you want to use it as a flashlight, hello! >> oh, my gosh. >> two in one right there, ladies. >> wait, i want to talk about this, because i recently moved -- i mine, light bulbs are confusing! >> let me give you a crash course. incandescent lights are being phased out.
2:24 am
the old school lights are gone. >> because of the power efficient. >> this light, your typical l.e.d. bulb, a traditional 60 watt bulb, now you can get the same with 8 watts. 100 bulbs in your house. >> we got to keep going. go, go, go. living room, go, how high? >> that high. >> wait, so what is that? >> i like it. >> a little higher. 28 to 32 inches or a little taller, depending on what you want to do. >> i love this. >> in your living room, you have dining room. >> here we go. >> is this your house? >> this is one of the houses we did. the sconce, this is classic, and these are all affordable, by the way. you're talking $50, $100. nothing to break the bank. >> what would you use that for? >> we can't, it's already there. this is ambient lighting, right? you're never going to see that.
2:25 am
it's on the side of the picture. you're never going to see this, because it's underneath. it's underneath. work with me, dave. it's underneath. different colors. where's the transformer. all right, christmas. >> i heard a rumor that oprah only likes pink lighting. i heard, i mean. >> you can call oprah. we'll prepare this. >> does that make it look good? >> get under there. >> does it? >> i think really, pink lighting is oprah -- >> oh! >> dark is the best. >> bathrooms! >> bathrooms. wall sconce. >> wall sconce. >> this is a wall sconce. >> here's the trick to the sconces. start with the mirror first. you have to select your mirror, because people say oh, i want my lights here and here and here, and then you fall in love with a mirror that you see and it doesn't work. mirror first and decide whether
2:26 am
>> and how high will these go over the sink? >> start with your mirror. >> you can put this on a dimmer switch and it creates a little ambiance. >> or when you look at yourself in the mirror. >> you guys are awesome. thank you. >> never get chapped lip again. bobbi has the product you'll want. >> plus carrie underwood gets ready to blow you away. ay. oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? r jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel so spring has sprung. i'm lucky to get through a shift
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all right, before we started, it's bobbi thomas's birthday. we're going to have to deck you
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out. your boa, your crown, your tiara. >> all right, birthday girl. >> so, some of my favorite the this week, dr. dan's lip baum has hydrocortisone in it. all the employees at the office, i saw it in the bag, what is this? it helps with peeling and cracking. >> perfect. >> you're going to get a little germs and go home and kiss my baby. >> now when you put a bright lipstick color on, and you think oh, i'm not so into it, this is a lipstick eraser. this lip oil, you should invest and keep it around and it will swipe it off. between day and night. and this hair mask is a pre-shampoo hair mask. so if you're someone who struggles with having to wash your hair every day, it absorbs oil.
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because i was out and about and i spotted both alma and sarah are modeling a three-in-one top on sale for $20. it's a grab and go outfit. the cardigan and tank are sewn together. and this you can take on or off. and for those days when you don't know what to wear. >> everything right there. >> it come the in every color, petites to plus. $20. >> how is the little baby? >> he's edible. >> i wish i could bring him all the time. >> can we have an arranged marriage? >> since it is your birthday, we wanted to wish you a happy birthday. kathie lee sent you flowers and a card and said please make sure bobbie gets it. we love you, bobbie. happy birthday! [ applause ] how long does it take you to
2:31 am
get dressed in the morning? >> a long time. >> we have you some fashion to get you out the door in 30 seconds. >> or less they say.
2:32 am
it is try day friday, our very good friend, jenna bush hager sitting in for kathie lee. and if you have trouble getting out of the house quickly we have some tips to help you.
2:33 am
dressed in 30 seconds or less. >> we have it from "get it." this always makes our heart pound. you're saying each one of these women who are very brave. they're all clad in towels, they're going to get dressed in less than 30 seconds. >> absolutely. layers, fall fashion, but we can do this quickly. >> first up is jennifer. >> and everybody's starting out >> go! >> i got her these great houndstooth print pull-on pants. >> these are great. >> easy, no zippers, no nothing. a cool, comfy cotton top. a long duster cardigan. the entire ensemble less than $50 from burlington. such great deals, you can't get a sweater forethat price.
2:34 am
her boots, >> oh, i can't believe it. [ buzzer ] >> by the way, look at the look, though. >> she's a busy mom. she's used to running around and she's in the fitness industry, too. so she can move. >> that is so cute. >> if you're dropping your daughter off in that, you're the fashion mom. >> no pressure, cher. >> put 30 on the clock, shall we? >> go for it, cher. >> this is a fall base, tights. the no-none nonsense tights. you're adding on another staple, a wrap dress, maggie london, $98. perfect for pear shapes. one easy piece and go. we'll help cher, here. the point ito, elongating the body. we want to elongate her frame. >> whoa! [ buzzer ]
2:35 am
>> you are awesome. >> by the way, that pleat kind of looks good. >> it's okay. it's okay to show a bra when it's pretty like that. >> not at work though, right? >> well e she might not. >> we have samayor ra. >> she has printed leggings. so easy but look so fashionable from beyond the over leggings. it covers the butt. waist. so it gives her a little bit of shape, which is nice, and a fur vest, this is $100. another big trend for the season, slipping on some booties. >> gosh, are you kidding me? [ buzz ]
2:36 am
>> good to go. >> that is beautiful. by the way, those vests are everywhere. >> love, love, love. >> joanne's already picking what she's going to wear. >> 30 seconds on the clock for our good friend evelyn. >> some women can't rock the trends. she runs a cake business and is always running to meetings with clients. another pull on pants. found these for under $40 from and this is nice, stretchy one size fits all coral for a nice pop of color, adding a tweed jacket, a classic. and another thing i want to mention about her look is don't be afraid to mix black and brown. >> you got it. evelyn, you have it. you have it!
2:37 am
>> you are so cute! >> so pulled together. >> this was so fun. thank you guys so much. >> coming up, are you a helicopter, a lighthouse or a concierge? >> i'm a concierge. how well do you know your adult kids with susie welch. plus, one of the biggest superstars on the planet is here, carrie underwood is ready to kick up her heels. ls. because of a saggy diaper it's time to dance freely thanks to new pampers cruisers the first and only diaper that helps distribute wetness evenly into three extra absorb channels. so it stays drier and doesn't sag like other diapers so wiggle it jiggle it and do, whatever that is, in new pampers cruisers love, sleep and play. pampers there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help
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all right, here's something to think about, have your parents ever really had a conversation with you about your career? >> or for that matter, all moms and dads out there, do you know what your kids really do? >> linked in wanted to get to
2:41 am
a whopping 55% of parents admit to not being very familiar with what their kids do for a living. >> so we went to the streets of new york to see what we could find out. >> we're on the streets of new york talking to people about their adult children and work. >> what does your child do? >> he owns a climbing business in alaska. >> my oldest son is a financial analyst at johnson and johnson. but i have no idea of his job description. >> how well do you understand his job? >> well, not -- i don't understand the technical part. >> do you know what they do? >> no. >> no? do you know their job title? >> no. >> do you know what they do all day long? >> no. >> do they have jobs? >> yes. >> not so much about the business, but about life. >> do you give her advice? >> only if she asks for it. >> no, i usually say i'm so proud of you. >> a little work advice as far as get there early, do what you
2:42 am
have to do and don't be the first one out the door. >> that's good advice. >> hey, suzy. what's your, you're a parent and all that. what surprised you the most? >> how careful parents were about giving advice. how reluctant think were to step into their kids' space and give advice. the research would bear that out. 45% of parents have an opinion but don't offer it for fear of getting in too much of their kids' detail. >> they had a bring your parents to workday, do you wish more companies would do that? >> it's coming up november 5th. and it's the third or fourth year they're doing it and sponsoring it. i think it would help all parents to have these conversations with their kids about what they're doing and open the door to, you know, any kind of advice they can offer. maybe not about the content of their work but how to build relationships, how to be a team player, how to listen actively. >> don't you think a lot of parents are thinking, i don't
2:43 am
want to meddle in my kids. i want them to live that life. and the same goes for work. there are parents who said i did all the hard work, now you'rive willing this beautiful life, kind of go get'em. >> i think that's going on. we're told to step back and let go. but what you're hearing is that there are parents who really want to give advice. and 66% of adult kids said i wish my parents gave me more work advice. >> really? >> parents are leaning out and more. that was the most surprising part of the research. >> there's something else surprising that half of the parents don't know what their kids do at all. >> 65% could not really name what their kids do. and this is mainly for parents space. they're like, something with numbers or something with computers. and that is the change economy. >> sometimes jobs are hard to understand. i don't know what my boyfriend does. i think it's something with
2:44 am
>> people are like, what does henry do? and i'm like, hmm, sustainable energy. >> i'm not sure that's such a great thing. i think you have to get into that detail and keep asking questions. i may be talking to you, maybe. but i think you've got to get into details and find out that you can have other interesting conversations. even if it's just about the people they work with. >> if a parent wants their child to be successful, what do you think the proper kind of parenting is? there's helicopter parent which we know about. the concierge parent. >> it's like the parent works for the kid. they do the groceries, walk the dog, do child care. sometimes that's a lot of love, sometimes it's a cultural tradition. sometimes the parent can't draw. >> there's the lighthouse parent, come to me when you need me. >> that's the beacon of love. and the helicopter which we're all familiar with, the variation that i might practice, the drone, you're so close, you're right in there.
2:45 am
>> of all of those and more, what do of think is the healthiest kind of parenting that makes your kids the most successful. >> i think it might be some kind of combination of the lighthouse and the helicopter, because the ritual is getting very complicated. work is complicated. it's faster, and parents have a lot to offer. it doesn't stop when the kid turns 18. a lot of times new questions turn up where parents can be the most useful in college and the working ritual. >> thank you so much. >> if you want to take a quiz and fine out what your parenting style is, go to >> it's almost the weekend. so we're going to turn up the music with diva carrie
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the citi concert series on "today", is proudly presented to
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>> it's been one of our best concerts ever. carrie underwood rocked the stage in front of a huge crowd. >> everyone was getting into it including hoda in her curlers. carrie's one of the biggest music stars in the ritual with seven grammys, and she's out with her new album called "storyteller" >> singing "blown away", here is carrie underwood. dry lightning across the sky and those storm clouds gather in her eyes her daddy was a mean old
2:50 am
the weather man called for a twister she prays it slows down we've got enough rain in oklahoma to wash the sins out of the house there's not enough rain in oklahoma to rip the nails out of the past whenever the wind blows every brick blown away [cheers and applause] every drink of whiskey blown away blown away
2:51 am
you heard those clouds screamin' out her daddy lays there passed out on the couch she lost herself some people come and take it we call it sweet revenge shatter every window blown away away there's nothing left there yesterday every drink of whiskey blown away
2:52 am
[cheers and applause] not enough rain in oklahoma to wash the sins out of the house not enough wind in oklahoma to rip the sins out of this house blown away every brick every board blown away not enough wind away blown away blown away
2:53 am
blown away blown away [cheers and applause] >> we'll be back in a moment, but first, this is "today", on nbc. >> go carrie, go carrie. arrie. i know blowdrying fries my hair, but i'm never gonna stop. because now i've got pantene shampoo and conditioner the pro-v formula locks
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it was so much fun today, jenna, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> sandra
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