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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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first at 6:00, we're nolling breaking news. boston police have just made an as after a woman is accused of shooting her brother in hyde park. police confirming that she is now in custody. kelly o'hara live with what we know right now. >> reporter: yeah, boston police just tweeting out literally moments ago that this woman yvonne lewis has just been arrested within the last few minutes. she has been wanted in connection to a shooting that happened earlier today. police tell us after her family's home. and police tell us she shot her brother in the head. blue lights and crime scene tape lining lining this street after gunfire
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quiet saturday afternoon. >> we believe she's armed and dangerous. so we need the public's help. >> reporter: just ben 1:00 someone called 911 saying a sister shot her brother in the head. 36-year-old yvonne lewis was seen taking off in an suv. police on the hunt for her. neighbors say they've never detected any problems. >> they are very quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: as for the police commissioner, he's worried, asking residents to be on high alert. >> there's a concern that she might -- if she stopped, who knows. but obviously we're concerned for her safety, too. i don't know what type of mental state she's in that she could do this. >> at the scene there was a shooting here earlier. police are still out here. there's still crime scene tape. they're investigating a shooting that happened here earlier. the woman wanted in connection with the shooting has been arrested. the motive, they're not saying but they wanted this woman, a
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sister who shot her brother, in the head. there's still an active investigation. reporting live in hyde park, scfn -- 7 news. a pilot killed when the small plane he was flying crashes shortly after takeoff. john as what we know about this crash. john? >> if you take a look behind me, you can see stays plit are still keeping this area -- police are still keeping this area secure after that plane crashed earlier this morning. massachusetts state police say a pilot died saturday around 8:00 a.m. when his plane somehow went off the runway during airport. he crashed into nearby trees on airport property. plane, like little single-engine plane. kind of just came up over the trees. it turned sideways almost completely over and then just plummeted straight down. >> dylan was working nearby when the plane started having problems. the pilot, who's been identified
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man, was the only person inside the plane at the time of the wreck according to an f.a.a. spokesperson he was flying a mooney m-20 aircraft, a small single-engine plane crash. >> that's spot something that day. thing. most people never get to see that in person and to be able to see it from so close was kind of just interesting. it's obviously like a horrible situation. >> police have been working the scene throughout saturday. investigators from the national transportation safety board will be looking into what caused this deadly crash. >> it was very low. looked like it was right above the trees and it just -- again, it went up a little bit and then spun over like almost upside down and then just went straight down. we heard it like crash and bang. >> now, no flight plan was filed by this pilot and at this point his destination is unknown. we're live in worcester, 7 news. we are tracking what is left of hurricane patricia. mexican officials trying to
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survey all the damage from this record-breaking storm. patricia came barreling barreling into mexico's pacific coast as a category 5 hurricane, but as nbc's joe fryer reports, the biggest storm on record left behind surprisingly little damage. >> hurricane patricia strengthened very quickly and today the storm and weakening quickly. now a tropical depression. a sigh of relief for people up and down mexico's pacific coast. officials are now assessing the damage. lots of trees down, washed-out roads and landslides. >> it was a -- >> i live on the southern end and the truth is that it really destroyed a good portion of our home. and took a lot of trees. but thankfully, we are all okay. >> but officials say no major catastrophic damage in well-populated areas. so far the impact not as extensive as many feared for a storm of this magnitude. hurricane patricia made landfall early friday night, with winds
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a strong category 5 storm. but not as strong as it was before hitting land when winds were at 200 miles an hour. still it was a wild ride for thousands of coastal tourists unable to evacuate before patricia hit. the strongest part of the storm appears to have hit more sparsely populated areas. all today airports in porta vallarta and -- puerto vallarta are flying today. what's left of patricia stillreating a nes in the southern u.s. some of that could be heading up here to new england. so how much rain could we be looking at? >> we've been needing rain, so it looks like a wide spread possibly around an inch for us later this week. it will take some time for this to get closer to home. but this is what's left of patricia. pretty impressive, when just 24 hours ago we were watching that category 5 hurricane about to make landfall and all of us had
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to wait and see what happened. it looks like not as bad as it could have been. but a remnant low with winds only 30 miles per hour. it did dissipate quite quickly, but it is still a significant storm because it is quite a rain-maker. all of the ingredients coming together in central and southern texas. pulling in more moisture from the gulf of mexico. and getting extra energy and lift from this front and it is just pouring rain in those areas. so through the last 24 hours u it has been anywhere from six to 12 inches of rain and plus in some spots and through the next 24 hours, we're still expecting even more rain to fall. moving more toward the houston area. but still, up to seven inches on top of what is already fallen in that area. so taking a look at how this travels all the way into new england, another storm system well to the north, moving through the plain states. actually grabbed some of that energy and a lot of that tropical moisture and pulls it into our area as we hit wednesday into thursday. again, it could be a good soaker
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for us. but we really could use it at this point. let's talk about the here and now, though. watching some of those showers, showing up in the forecast for us, overnight tonight, and yes, into tomorrow. and i know we all have big plans for outdoors tomorrow. maybe it involves a big past game at gillette. things are looking good for the game because the showers are over early in the day. dry, mild temperatures around 60. and then clearing tomorrow afternoon. so here's your pats' game day forecast. early tailgating, you might need the rain gear. these are scattered showers. you really won't get all that wet out there tailgating, but dry for game time. looking good with highs tomorrow this the low 60s. how long do we keep around those mild temperatures? we'll get to that extended forecast with a peek at the trick-or-treating forecast coming up in about 10 minutes. >> we'll see you then. a homecoming celebration turns tragic in oklahoma. three people killed, almost two dozen injured, when a car plows
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nbc's chris palone has the latest. >> it's a tradition that draws up to 80,000 people to oklahoma state university. the sea of orange homecoming parade. but this year's celebration turned deadly when a driver shot through a crowd, leaving the dead and injured in her wake. >> i've been here 29 years. i can't -- recall an incident of this magnitude. >> police say a 25-year-old woman driving near the parade route crashed into a parked police motorcycle before surging forward into a group of spectators. one witness said he heard someone scream, look out. another said people flew 30 feet into the air before the car came to a stop. >> the driver of the car was arrested at this point for driving under the influence. her name is adasha avery chambers. she is a 25-year-old stillwater resident. >> university officials say they don't believe chambers is a student at oklahoma state. >> the families i know and these victims will never be able to
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but the cowboy family pulls together. up fortunately we've had to do it again. >> oklahoma governor mary fallin ordered flags to be flown at half-staff. players and fans prayed for the victims and observed a moment of kansas. >> we're heart brogue at this tragedy and our -- heartbroken at this tragedy and our hearts and prayers for the families of those who died and injured. >> it will take a few days to gather enough information to determine whether the crash was intentional or not. coming up next, a young cancer patient has his wish come true. 7 news at 6:00 remember right
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a young cancer patient has his wish come true and it's all thanks to a group of volunteers. they all got together and built him an amazing treehouse and now this boy battling a terrible disease has a new reason to smile and have a dad time. -- a good time. we have this heart warming
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>> a ribbon cutting to celebrate the unveiling of a special treehouse for a very special little boy. >> get them! >> 5-year-old matt. he's the one with the white construction hat. he's excited to share with his friends. but they aren't celebrating his new treehouse. >> i don't have cancer anymore. i don't have it anymore! >> it was the news his family was hoping to get from doctors. after 14 rounds of chemo theater and 30 days of -- chemotherapy and 30 days of radiation, max is cancer on friday. the make -- cancer-free. the make-a-wish foundation and a construction company teamed up. >> max wanted a treehouse. when we went to florida he saw the treehouse there from swiss family robinson and that kind of stuck with him and that's something that he was really excited about. >> a labor of love, volunteers were honored to do. >> no. kid should have to go through this. so -- little -- if we can bring a little joy, it's an awesome thing. >> max's big brother made
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the workers. his dad touched, too. >> words could never say how appreciative we are, but in a world with a lot of negativity, these guys really show what -- there's a lot of good people out there and people that really care. >> as for brave little max, he's continuing to make wishes but not for himself. >> thank you for curing my cancer and i hope you cure some other children's cancers, too! all right. a little morning rain tomorrow. but then dry and mild for game time in the afternoon. and halloween is on the 7 on 7 forecast. we'll get to that coming up next on 7 news. next, boston college halfway through conference play and hopefully in the second half the eagles can finally find a way to win a conference game. plus, the bats getting a boost on offense. details next in sports. jeb bush was a very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history of the state of florida. he was a young guy and i think there were some
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welcome back. thanks for joining us. kind of a raw day out there. chilly temperatures. gray skies. as we take a live look outside right now, it looks like things might be clearing up, but we're keeping an eye on that storm system that is coming up from the south. you were telling us earlier that it's going to combine with another storm system and that's what we're looking at, the possibility soccers. >> right. we're -- possible soakers. >> right. we're in need of rain but that
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and the details are still a ways out, so we'll keep you posted. 47 in boston right now. and right around 50 for most of our highs today. so yeah, it was a cool one. it was cooler than where we should be for this time of year, but that's because the clouds were sticking around through the better part of the day. when you have the clouds blocking the sunshine, you don't get a whole lot of warming. through tonight and into tomorrow, those clouds will continue to thicken in because here is a front. it will weaken as it moves in our direction. but it will also bring us a little bit of rain as we work through the first part of tomorrow. now, the clouds overnight tonight, though, keeping our temperatures fairly mild. yeah, this is close to what our highs have been in the last couple of weeks and we're still in the mid 40s for lows tomorrow morning. so a good one for you to get up maybe for that bike ride or that early run. you won't have to bundle up too much as long as you don't mind a little bit of those sprinkles out there. so between 7:00 and about 10:00 a.m., that's when i see the scattered showers pushing through. and it doesn't really look like
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a wall of rain. i'm not concerned with that. i myself have plans to run early tomorrow morning because those showers look to be very sparse. they're intermittent and they're out of time at game time. it looks like maybe a 10th to most. we clear out tomorrow evening. and we have sunshine to start off the next week. cloudy. showers could start in the early hours of tomorrow morning. mid 40s to the upper 40s for our lows and then tomorrow those temperatures are milder. 58 to 63 for those afternoon highs. and again, dry by the time we make it past lunchtime. so 7 to 7 forecast, showers before noon. dry and mild. by the time we kick off for the big jets and pats game. tomorrow highs low 60s for us. a touch above normal for this time of year. mid 50s for west -- worcester. 61 in plymouth. so i'm thinking or 61 at gillette as well.
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you might need the rain gear if you have early tailgating plans. but i don't think we're in any concern for seeing any drops during game time. but we do need the rain. boy, do we. wanted rain for sure. more than an inch and a half below normal for boston. more than two and a half inches below normal for worcester. what are the chances that some of this can make it into new england. pretty incredible that that can happen. remnants of patricia, a big rain-maker in texas. but another system that runs through the plain states is able to grab some of that energy and moisture as we work through the first part of this week. and then it's dropping the rain on us wednesday and thursday. been, give some time for those details to become more clear. but they will unfold and we'll keep you hosted. how about -- keep you posted. how about halloween? for that spooky forecast, nothing spooky about this. everybody has been saying i hope there are no raindrops.
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mid to upper 40s for the trick-or-treaters. so ghosts and goblins, they may need a jacket. 11:00. >> thank you. we want to update you on breaking news. police in boston have arrested a shooting suspect. police said that yvonne lewis shot her brother earlier today in hyde park. you're taking a look at the crime scene here as the investigation is underway. just within the last half-hour, boston police confirmed it was that lewis was arrested in peabody. we're still getting the details of this story. kelly is following it for us throughout the evening. but what we can tell you is within the last heavy hour, yvonne -- half-hour, yvonne lewis is in custody. we're following this story for you throughout the evening. we'll have an update later tonight. the patriots and jets
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first place on the line. tom brady in for a big test going up against reeveas and -- rivas. and brandel set to make his 2015 debut following surgery. jets and pats sunday at 1:00 a.m. following the game, complete breakdown of the game. we'll have a recap. jackie drops by to offer her take on everything. catch it tomorrow night after eagles/panthers on sunday night football. the bruins fresh off their business win friday night. snapping the islanders four-game win streak with a victory in brooklyn. the bees are winless at home but a perfect 3-0 on the road. the team back in boston today practicing. the young guys getting it done friday night in brooklyn. david foster knack scoring his second of the year. bret conley is starting to heat
6:23 pm
up with goals in back-to-back games. >> i think it was just playing a little more -- playing harder. i was more engaged on the play. thought my linemates were good both games. and before birgie, two guys that are -- very hard on pucks and they're determined to get it back. and two guys that complement me very well. after practice, the team heading to the sea port world trade center. the bruins unveiling some sweaters. take a look at them. going with the threeback look with montreal at gillette stadium. big z doing his best zoo lander impression showing off the modeling skills and the new look for boston. >> very simple. bu right to the point. lime cam said, this is full up on the very first jersey from 1924. always the colors are the current colors. but the crest is basically what it was.
6:24 pm
right from the first time the bruins started playing. and so it's so much history and so much -- you know, proud and passion in that jersey, that you know, makes it very special to wear it. college football, eagles trailing 14-0 late in the second half. taking on louisville. the offense quiet out of the gate. the eagles get a boost on special teams. elijah robinson blocking the punt. then house housing it 12 yards on the return. that makes it 14-7 cardinals. bc forcing four turnovers but the offense brutally hit again. eagles fall 17-14. now 0-5 in conference play. and umass trying to upset number 19 unbeaten toledo, trailing 38-28 in the fourth at gillette stadium. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed.
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. all right. one more check of the weather here. chilly day today. we could get some rain, though, soon. >> yep. i guess that's trade-off here. we get milder temperatures tomorrow but we also do work through some of these showers. it's not a whole lot of rain. a 10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch for some areas. and it's scattered showers. not a wall of rain. over by lunchtime. and by the time we kick off for the jets and pats game at gillette. looking good with those highs around 60, 62 degrees. so again, a nice day tomorrow.
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early tailgating. but heading in past kickoff looks fantastic. might even see some peeks of sunshine which we missed out on today. i love that halloween is on the 7 on 7 forecast. next saturday looks dry for us. trick-or-treaters. but a pretty nice halloween. drops. that is not the case through wednesday and thursday. keeping a close eye on that. it could be a good soaker for us. maybe widespread rain, around an inch or more for most. we'll keep a close on it. milder temperatures that we're expecting for thursday as well. >> all right, thank you. and that does it for 7 news at 6:00. "nbc nightly news" is coming up next. we'll see you at 10:00 over on cw56 and then join us right back
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