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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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>> then a tragedy in the skies over worcester. what we' re learning about the pilot who was killed when his plane came crashing down. >> plus we' re tracking what' s left of hurricane patricia as the storm continues to wreak havoc across parts of the u.s. >> and we' re in for milder temperatures tomorrow but it comes along with a round of rain. i' ll run you through the time line coming up. >> and it was a crowning moment for jimmy falon today right here in massachusetts. >> and a search sparked throughout the area. >> and then it is going to the one station that' s dramatically released with lewis into custody after hotel guests made a bizarre discovery. we' re live to the interview you' ll only see here. >> yeah, hotel guests spoke to us.
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in shock when they saw that woman led away in handcuffs hours after her uncle' s murder. >> shock! just utter shock. grew up with the family. >> very nice family. >> friends and family left speechless after their loved one. yvonne lewis is led away by police in handcuffs charged with murder. lewis is accused of shooting and killing her uncle in the hyde park home saturday afternoon. minutes after allegedly pulling the trigger lewis took off sparking a manhunt. and as police scour the city of boston for the woman they called armed and dangerous, hotel guests in an extended stay found lieu nis a much different state of mind. >> she, i believe what she had was a bible and she was reading from the bible and playing, i think, so she was definitely out of it a little bit. >> eyewitnesses tell 7 news when they found lewis in the third floor hallway in the fetal position praying, they
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>> and she said she was waiting for someone and initially when i saw her i thought she was on drugs or drunk. >> lewis seen here in the linkedin profile a possible police employee and anything but violent. >> a sweet young lady. hard working, ambitious, and go getter. the system thrown off. sdm, then it is going to adam williams said earlier this state is going to the repercussions with domestic violence. it' s now been torn in 2. in boston, kelly o' hara, 7 news night team. >> following the developing story out of worckest after the plane crashes shortly after takeoff killing the pilot. tonight learning more about the pilot with the popular dentist in connecticut. then live in western with the latest. john?
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going on all day today and in fact state police are still on seen keep thanksgiving area skier. >> the pilot killed in the crash after taking off at district attorney says the single engine plane was barely in the air when it veered right onto airport property. >> dylan was here and working nearby and saw the plane having problems. >> it went up a little bit and spun over and went straight bang. 66- old gary weller of putnam and he' s a dentist there practice' s website he also worked as an airline pilot for
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>> and it is unfortunate for everyone involved. >> and destination involved at this point. and in the wake of the deadly crash. >> the safety board is expected on sunday to figure out how this all happened. >> it' s a horrible situation. >> we' re told state police will continue to keep this area locked down until tomorrow when that investigation can continue. live in worcester, john coco, 7 news, night team. >> and patricia with the worst of the team and parts of texas are still feeling the aftermath. heavy rainfall wreaking havoc as the state braces for flooding. and there crashing into the coast and the race to escape
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for thousands of tourists and including the local man who says he did whatever it took to make it home safely. when lance houston was planning his vacation to paradise he had no idea this is what he would see. >> from beautiful sun, ocean waves and tropical surroundings to complete pandemonium. >> coastal areas hit hard with heavy rain and winds of up to 165 mph. he' s back instead united states but still recovering from the scary situation. >> we got a phone call from the front desk saying you have a half hour to pack all your belongings. you' re being evacked right now. >> got on the bus from porta vallattera and he said emotions from fear to anxiety to the sense of calm. >> being from boston you
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learn to deal with to help me. >> and then not everyone is as lucky as lance. s the shelter. and they turn us away. and they were turned away and all booked up. >> and then arrives tonight and not even mother nature can stop him from seeing the pats beat the jets. >> the remnants of patricia are breaking up but the same storm soaking texas right now could be heading our way and, bri, we could see significant rain even >> nick, that' s still holding off a couple of days here because talking about the remnants of patricia and gulf coast to texas. that' s going to take a few days to make it in our direction. i don' t want to confuse you talking about the details right now. let' s talk about that rain for tomorrow that we have to get through. clouds with us now and see the
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showers pushing in from the west. in the next 12 to 24 hours it' s scattered showers that are out of the way after the morning hours are done. by the time we reach lunch time and even the clouds start to break apart we get peeks of sunshine. definitely not a wash out for tomorrow. not a soaker in store for us. game day forecast looking fantastic, really. by kickoff we' re dry and in the low 60s or close to 60 all throughout the game. now the extended forecast. we' ll talk about that soaker we' re expecting for wednesday and thursday and coming up in just about 10 minutes. >> now to the developing story, a 2- year- old has become the 4th death after a homecoming tragedy in oklahoma. this year' s celebration at oklahoma state university taking a tragic turn after an alleged drunk driver crashed her car into a crowd of parade goers. >> i'
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ve been here 29 years. i can' t recall an incident. >> and thoughts and prayers are with families of those who died and those who are injured. >> and they say it will take enough to determine whether the crash was intentional or not. >> also from the night team, a fiery crash on the cape. police say a teenage driver crashed into a tree around 2:00 this morning. you can see the flames there. the pickup burst into flames. fire officials say the driver was taken into the hospital with minor jurisdiction. and in yarmouth a mom facing serious charges after police say she was drunk when she crashed into the poll with her daughter in the car. police say they had to break windows to pull the woman out who was unresponsive and trapped as the car caught fire. a nurse driving by was able to year- old daughter from the wreck. >> up next from the night team, late- night comedian. how harvard students are honoring jimmy falon. >> and the big reveal for the bruins! what they will be wearing when
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they hit the ice for the winter
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>> it was a crowning moment at harvard for funny man jimmy falon with the night show host named the emperor of comedy. >> and gathering for the special parade in his honor. >> hey, how are you! >> the newly crowned emperor of comedy jimmy falon with the crowded subjects in cambridge. >> i think jimmy is great. i i can' t believe i got to see him standing right in front of me! >> the belmont high school band provided driving music as falon was brought by chariot to the awards ceremony on the steps of >> i'
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s so hard to get uber this time of night so i' m sorry for the congestion. i figured chariot was best. >> he of received an 85 cent check, lampoon tie and elmer award for humor. it' s been around since 1876 but only the 6th time they' ve given the award. >> this is a great day for me and it' s a greater day for the harvard lampoon. and it' s also a great day for boston. it' s a great day for america! thank you so much, you guys! >> and include comedians robbin williams and billy crystal.
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>> and it' s down to the jets and posting this picture on facebook asking fans who is ready to make gillette stadium a no- fly zone tomorrow. it' s in just 9 hours the post has 75,000 likes and the patriots at gillette stadium. >> and so clever with the posts that go on the facebook page. whoever does it does a good job and a big game tomorrow and tailgaters. >> and it'
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lander and then it is going to the picture for sure. and we' re where sitting right now, clouds kept the heat out and in overnight tonight and mild temperatures in store for overnight. you can see the clouds sticking around and and don' t let this worry you. and for the tomorrow you probably had clouds for some time now and these showers will push through in the morning hours and this front that you' re seeing here is embedded pockets of heavier rainfall. they won' t be there by the time the showers work through our areas. we' re talking about arount the 10th of an inch rain for most. doesn' t even make a dent in the deficit. mostly cloudy and showers could start in the wee hours tomorrow morning and the lows, 34- 48, really not going anywhere with the temperatures. early showers in the day tomorrow. then dry and mild in the
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making it up to near 60 and you see the scattered showers trying to push through and it' it' it' s just a pop a shower here and there and by the time we get lunch time there are peex of sunshine and then it is going to this to the 10th of the inch and it is going to norwood at 6 a.m. and it is going to 61 to 62. we do need the rain and it is going to the reminants and it is going to the area and another system diving in to the northwest and as it is traversing the country it grabs some of that energy and the tropical moisture and it looks
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like that could be a significant rain event for us. around an inch of rain which will help, again, with that deficit in both boston and worcester. the pats' forecast again dry for gametime. by kickoff it' s 60 and 61 . the look at the 7 on 7 forecast. and that rain event on wednesday into thursday and the halloween forecast looks dry for now. >> looking to extend the longest streak in history today and the patriots looking to make it 9 straight win tomorrow against the jets. the battle for the top afc east.
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>> the jets meeting sunday with first place on the line and tom brady in for the test and going for the help in the arsenal and going to the 25th debut on sunday. and it is to that defense and it 4 touchdowns so far. >> and does a good job. he' s fast. got good speed. he can get the ball outside. he' s a very powerful downhill runner and he'
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s god get vision and makes guys miss, too. he has a lot of power and good speed and good quickness. >> and then it is going to keep running and it is to one thing that stickses and speed and they had a big game and he' s a tough running back and he' s probably running and playing as good as anybody in the nfl right now. >> and then mcmullin going for the take on everything plus catch it all tomorrow after eagles and panthers on sunday night football. boston college still looking for the first conference win this year. the defense the best in the nation but that offense may be putting it mildly with the scripts unfolding yet again in louisville.
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ofbs quiet out of the gate and it is to return at 12 yards with the break and second half with more in the defense and harold landry and then it is to 6 and it is going for more on the day for the bc defense and then the 8 yard touchdown and 17- 14 games and smith would get injured on that play and flutie comes in and cannot orchestrate the comeback and the sack just over a minute left and eagles fall 17- 14 and now 0- 5 in acc play. harvard hosting princeton and the ivy league rivalry with 1877 and tied at 7. first minute in the first half. scott connects with ben bronicker and falls down and it' s the 17- 14 lead and tlefp yards in the air and crimson cruising in the second half and
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s 21- 7 and rushes for 119 yards and 2 scores. 7. 6- 0 and unbeaten in 20 straight. umass looking upset 19th ranked toledo and up top with sharp and a 35 yard hookup and 21 to 10 minute men and busting the 28 with the minute men heading to the break and makes toledo mad and thompson with the score and rockets outscoring umass 41- 7 in the second half. they go on to win it 51- 35. >> and he scores! and finds the puck and futs where he' s paid to play. two much needed points. 5- 3 in brooklyn. >> the bruins fresh off the win of the young season friday night and snapping with the 4 game win streak and it is winless at home with the perfect 3-
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0 on the road and got to start and wonder hey, what gives. the team back in boston with serena and the young guys really geting it done on friday and it is the first career goal and adding an assist. david scoring his second of the year. same going for brett connolly and then it is and it is more engaged in the play and all my linemates are good and like i said two guys there and are very hard and they' re determined to get it back and two guy that is compliment me very well. >> after practice the b' s heading to the seaport world trade center and bruins unveiling the winter class jerseys and going with the throw back look for the match up with montreal to gillet stadium and big z making like derrek zoolander and showing off the new look for the b' s. >> and that'
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s very simple and direct to the point and it is going to fill up on the very first jersey from 1924 and so much history and all the passion in the jersey that makes it very special to wear it. >> and it' s the game winning field goal and it is going for lance austin and it is to scoop at 20 and kids look to make the play. second straight week we see a walk- off win on special teams to cap the upset and take home our play of the day! and the only team in college football with a longer winning streak than harvard, that' s ohio state winning tonight at
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