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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 25, 2015 11:30pm-11:55pm EDT

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>> al: 24-16 carolina. 3:12 remaining in the fourth. philly starts from the 11. s davis and kuechly have been magnificent. kuechly has tentacles tonight. davis has 12.
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a flag is thrown. the ball is loose as well. allen got there. the ball was out. allen get there is but it's all about the flag now. >> cris: i think short got a hand on the football. >> referee: holding, offense, number 64. the penalty is declined. second down. >> al: matt tobin. >> cris: there's short right there. that will go right through kelly. >> al: that ball came out. philadelphia recovered. >> cris: recovered it, yeah. kelce was there. a swing and that's behind sproles. he had some room to roam. now you have a third and 16 from the 5 yard line.
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territory. you don't make it here. no question that was a fumble. recovered by philadelphia. >> al: kelce fell on it. third and 16. steps up. low throw. >> cris: uh-oh. >> al: a flag down at the end of the play. bradford went down to the end zone. >> cris: was the ball tipped? >> al: it looked like it was. >> cris: if the ball is tipped there is no interference. >> al: that's the rivera is saying. the officials confer. >> referee: there is no foul for pass interference. the ball is tipped. third down. >> al: his arm may have been tip. take a look. did his arm get hit and that caused it? >> cris: yep. exactly what happened.
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i think there is a difference there. >> al: yes, there is. ealy. >> cris: that would be pass interference? we'll double check. every week there is a new rule i have never seen before. that's not tipped. >> al: there is a challenge flag now. kelly is thinking the same thing. this is one of those things. i wonder if it is reviewable. there is a penalty involved in this. >> referee: philadelphia is challenging the ruling on the field that the ball was tipped. >> al: all right. so they can challenge that. if they win the challenge it
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"be a hero." we all have greatness in us, and with the right tools, there are no limits to where your rhythm will take you. introducing the ultimate laptop. surface book by microsoft. >> al: all right. they are still reviewing this but it's clear. it is bradford's arm that's hit. you can't review normally a penalty. but in this particular case the flag went down. it was picked back up. we think they will put the flag down, call it pass interference and it will be a first down. based on the fact it was tipped. it was not. so they put the flag down. >> al: here it is. >> referee: after review the
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ruling as changed. the ball was not tipped. pass interference will be reinstated. first down and 10 at the 15 yard line. >> cris: that's a tough call. i think it was kuechly. he was freed up to make the hit but he didn't know. worked against them. that was third and 15, something like that. >> al: yeah. >> cris: it would have made it fourth down. they have the two-minute warning. instead at the 15 yard line. down he goes. sacked by allen. came right over tobin.
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>> cris: the old veteran playing with a bad back, pinched nerve. when they need it most they made the deal to bring him in here. they watched tape of him. they saw enough. they said we need a veteran with all the guys hurting. boy, did he deliver there. >> al: second and 16. over the middle. that's caught. jordan matthews tackled by kuechly. that will make it third down and nine as we tick down to the two-minute warning. >> cris: i would stay right this protection is getting shaky. le i would go to matthews, ertz, somebody quick and inside. sproles. >> al: to ertz. through his hands. covered by davis. takes us to the two-minute warning. fourth down and nine. two minutes left in charlotte.
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michelle on the field with the players of the game. preview look at the packers and broncos. here is your ball game now for philadelphia. 4th and 9. they must convert. from the 16. bradford throws. it's through the hands of miles austin. a lot of dropped balls tonight. they turn it over on downs. >> cris: the second big throw bradford put right on the money. a little high. that's one for miles austin. somehow you lay out, do what you have to do to make that catch. it's a good route. just didn't make enough plays. >> al: 23 of 42.
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billy can only stop the clock one time. stewart, the running back. didn't have to add to the toe tall at this point. stopped at the line of scrimmage. and a time-out. >> cris: it has been a show tonight for carolina defensively. josh norman gave up one completion for three yards. luke kuechly, thomas davis were incredible in there. benwikere playing on the slot against jordan matthews. made some plays. jared allen came up with a big sack. short was halfway to honolulu. i have to keep up with where the pro bowl is. >> al: taiwan. we'll find out. can't run the clock all the way
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out. range. this is a major disaster strikes. stewart. running a play. a little over a minute remains in the fourth quarter. >> al: >> cris: isn't it interesting. you have to have a team that's undefeated now oldle schooling it. this thing is definitely made in the image of ron river that who says we'll run it when we want, when we have to and when they know we have to. this is a physical, beat 'em up kind of a team. >> al: rivera happy to make a time-out. they can run a play. you have 20 or so seconds left. >> cris: how about the playmakers tonight? thomas dais has been all over.
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when he gets there, some of the biggest hits of the night. kuechly flying over the top. you can't beat him to the top. short inside. battled his way through so many different kinds of blocks. then josh norman, as he's tone all season, has been brilliant. >> al: the coordinator mr. mcdermott doing a heck of a job again. he would become, i would think, one of the hot assistants. >> cris: no question about it. he and ron rivera have made quite a team here. trained by the great jim johnson in philadelphia. >> al: stewart. gets the ball to the 10 yard line. they can run it all the way down and out to the 15 seconds or so.
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if philadelphia can get it down in 90 yards. they will call time-out again with a couple of seconds left. >> cris: interesting decision here. kicking the field goal? when the one way you lose this game is some crazy block kick that's returned. >> al: i don't think i kick the field goal here. >> cris: i don't think i do either. takes eight points to tie me. >> al: they will send the unit out. >> cris: about the only way the eagles could win now. we have seen it in the past. cam chancellor has done it. collins did it the other night. do you take your best athlete and try to jump them over the
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maybe jenkins takes a running leap. if you get caught doing that it's illegal for whatever, launching or whatever the rule is. nobody really in the position to try here. >> al: they will attempt a 29-yard field goal. that will take care of that. >> cris: they tried. jumped over the top and didn't block the kick. oh, my gosh, they pulled it off but didn't get the block. that was a little dicey right there if you're a carolina fan. there it goes. he's going right over the top. no contact. he just didn't get there soon enough. that would have been something, wouldn't it? >> cris: tell me.
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that's a play i think all coaches have to keep in the back of their mind. desperation time. as a field goal unit all you have to do is raise up and get his foot or anything going over the top. it's a foul on the guy trying to jump over. he blocks it. this is some win, some celebration in this city for the carolina panthers. first time ever 6-0. >> al: they have a monday night game next week against indianapolis. things beginning to get into a little bit of flux there. they lost to new orleans. they have green bay here to wrap up the first part of their season. >> cris: next time carrie underwood sings they will have two 6-0 teams going at it. congratulations to her on her
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we love her singing the opening. gets us fired up every week. >> al: waiting all day. >> cris: yep. she's something special. >> al: you could get a carolina/green bay game on november 8th they could have two undeeffeted teams. >> cris: we'll do that, too. >> al: i don't think that's our game. >> cris: all the other networks would give it up. >> al: not a problem. yeah. see if the cw will let us have it. bradford. out here to sproles. too little time and a two-possession game. philadelphia will go to 3-4. the giants will be on top in the nfc east by themselves. philadelphia has a bye next
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week. they're off. we'll see philadelphia on sunday night in two weeks at dallas. that will get the eagles back to back as sproles makes the catch here with 7 seconds. >> cris: perhaps the biggest blow tonight for philadelphia. obviously you lose the game. got to find out what's going on with jason peters. he's the best player on the offense. for sure. they need him back. >> al: the stat sheet with two seconds left. give me your bradford report card tonight. >> cris: i thought he did a few good things. i did. i thought he looked tougher in the pocket. scrambling around. made a few awkward throws. they weren't open a lot tonight. >> al: right. >> cris: you watched down the field.
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>> al: the drops didn't help either. he'll end this one barring a defensive foul. who else? who else? he's all over the line of scrimmage. he's in the back field and 60 yards down field. luke kuechly. >> cris: great win for that man. congratulations to ron rivera. >> al: they won the last four regular season games last year. they have now won ten consecutive regular season games over the past two years. philly gets a week off. carolina meets indianapolis next week. final score is 27-16. the volkswagen post game report
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welcome to the volkswagen passat post game report. here now, bob costas. >> bob: panthers remain unbeaten, take their mark to 6-0. led all the way and win it at home. as is customary we hand out the game balls. seldom do we give out four but tonight is an exception. here is the quartet. cam newton threw three picks and threw for two touchdowns and nearly 200 yards. scored two touchdowns. ran for one, threw for another. thomas davis and luke kuechly on the other side combined for 24
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tackles. jonathan stewart carried 24 times for 125 yards. maybe because we can only fit four people in the shot. jonathan stewart doesn't get to speak post game. but the other three do. >> cam, on a night when you guys needed it, the running game combined for over 200 yards. how was it so sprukt productive? >> stewart played with a chip on his shoulder. made it easy for the defense to keep going. >> tolbert was emotional with the passing of his uncle. and the line made my job easy. philly, ted, cotchery made plays. it was a combined team win. great to have captain america and the man of the year on your side, too. >> you had a two-yard touchdown but you had to reach for it. got hit at the goal line. how do you describe what
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happened? >> the angle was bad. it was coming from an awkward angle. the team trusted me with the ball in the red zone. i didn't want to let them el down. >> the team is 6-0 for the first time in franchise history. what makes this group different? >> we're a team. we're not done yet. we are not satisfied. great to be 6-0. a lot of teams at 6-0. coach rivera says, enjoy, embrace the journey. we are trying to go about it every week. great week to practice, hoping to carry over to game day. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> luke kuechly may try to embrace the journey. i don't know if you can do it with the shoulder harness on. we saw you go down with the shoulder injury and they put on the harness. what happened? >> i got a ding. i'm not sure what happen. they g to get back out there.
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