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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 26, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're tracking some breaking news from overnight. a deadly hit-and-run in saugus. the search is now on for the driver explosion. donald trump in a war of words with ben carson. we begin at 9:00 with a bit of breaking newses to pass along. police are searching for a driver in a deadly hit-and-run in saugus. the driver of a red vehicle hit night. the victim, a 33-year-old man from new york later died. also in peabody a 17-year-old driver dies when he
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slams into a poll. the emergency crews had to cut the driver from the vehicle. let's -- welcome everyone to our show this morning. happy monday. it was quite the weather weekend. >>meteorologist: we starts in the 20s and 30s. now norwood mid 30s. winds between 5 and 15 miles per hour adding chill to air. i think we get rid of the win through the morning hours. high pressure is with us. you have a mostly sunny day. but the blue h came from canada. we're talking about cool weather all day long even though the breeze will fade away. temps this afternoon 49 to 54. much the same tomorrow then wale talk about rain in the middle of the week. happening today the women accused of pulling the trigger killing her uncle is set to face a judge.
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that hyde park family is searching to for answers nicole oliverio has more. >> reporter: roy lewis's already is broken. his brother-in-law is dead and his daughter is accused of killing the trigger. that's my brother-in-law. that's my brother-in-law and daughter. i'm stuck right if the middle. police rush to his home saturday afternoon after reports of a shooting. he doesn't know what happened inside. only that his wife asked his broughter in law to meet with their daughter. >> i don't know. my daughter maybe flipped. i don't know. some people don't like to hear the truth. they don't want to hear it. investigator say when they arrived evonne lewiss gone. there was a massive search and police found her hours later several towns away. evonne lewis former boston police dispatcher will be in court this morning facing murder charge. as her dad is forced to watch
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officers walk in and out of his home, now a crime scene. >> the victim in this family was also a father of three himself. the family hoping that they can learn more details about a possible motive. in jamaica plains, nicole oliverio, 7 news "today in new england." investigators are trying to figure out what caused this explosion that rocked this entire neighborhood. here's jennifer eagan with more. >> reporter: firefighters were no match for this inferno at a home in taunton. neighbors along christine lane say around 4:00 sunday afternoon they heard an explosion. >> what we heard was a big boom. >> a women was home at the time. she ran out of the home with just seconds to spare. >> she was kind of in daze. she wasn't burnt but dazed and
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gas crews trying to figure out in the lines caused an explosion >> everyone in this neighborhood amazed the women whos here was able to escape with out being hurt. >> i think the woman who lives heres very lucky. all i can say is thank you to fire department. i thought that whole neighborhood would go up in flames. >> the taunton fire department got ruling anything out. state fire marshall's office should be here today to investigate the cause. jennifer eagan, 7news "today in new england." this car slammed into a dunkin done ults. -- doughnuts. the crash happened in the afternoon. police belief the driver accidently hit the accelerator when she meant to hit the brake. she and customers were taken to the hospital. they were not seriously hurt. thank god more people didn't get hurt. it would be horrifying. it would be a horror show.
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>> luckily there weren't other vehicles or pedestrians walking across the sidewalk. no othered patrons in line. that's pretty much right where patron would be sitting and waiting in like for food. >> officers are still investigating that accident. turning now to new hampshire where the race for the white house really is in full swing. donald trump and ben carson locked in this heated battle for the top spot among the republicans. both have taken shots at each other over the past weekend. trump is holding a town hall meeting. good morning, vicki. >> good morning. that town hall meeting just wrapped up a few moments ago even before that donald trump hosted a separate rally and in typical trump fast this morning he's not mincing words. >> do we love new hampshire? . >> reporter: donald trump taking aim at his political rival and
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you will find out about the media some day. they are the worst. they are the worst. oh, these people. >> celebrating poll standing despite recent numbers in iowa showing him trailing ben carson. several hundred people packed the rally immediately followed by more intimate town hall style meeting. the town hall invitation only a chance for voters to directly question trump on the issues. what would you like to say to people who think you are too harsh to be the next president of the united states? >> it's such a great question. i low you i'm voting for you. but are you nice enough to be present? i am a nice person. i give tremendous amounts of money away. i love to help people. i love people. you see from upstairs how many people showed up to see me. it's not this time about niceness.
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today show offed the town hall to the front-runners from both parties. hillary clinton had her town hall several weeks ago. live this morning in atkinson, new hampshire, 7news "today in new england." dealing with the loss of bo, every parent that has lost a child it doesn't follow schedule of primary and caucuses and contributors and the like. and everybody grieves at a different pace. >> vice president joe biden opening up about his decision not to run for president in 2016. in an interview with "60 minutes" the vice president denied reports that his son bo had asked him to join the race just before he passed away back in may. biden said he realized he really didn't have enough time to set up a winning campaign.
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the death toll is rising after a powerful earthquake strikes. magnitude 7.5. hit in northern afghanistan but shook building in pakistan and india. victims include a dozen students who were killed in a stampede while trying to get out of their school building. a developing story out of canada. a while watching tour boat capsized. 27 people were onboard. sadly at least five of them have died. here's chris anderson with the latest on what we know happened. >> they are still investigating to figure out what happened here. it was a clear crisp sunny day off the coast of british columbia when the boat went down. unclear why the boat went down. we know five people are dead and one person is still missing. >> reporter: this was the ship that just went down. the cold wears off vancouver island a chilling sight as witnesses said when they reached the capsized boat bodies were
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everywhere. 27 were onboard the whale watching expedition. all the boths were headed out to look for survivor. 65 triple decker cruiser seen this, this video operated by jamie's wailing station in tofino, british columbia. it shoved off in pristine condition. one by one the victims were pulled from the water. ambulances rushing 18 to the hospital. it's unclear why it went down. sinking nine miles off the coast the tour boat near vargus island where there's jagged rocks and dangerous roof. the company owner said it's a tragic day. our entire team is heartbroken and our hearts go out to the families, friends and loved ones of everyone involved. it's not the first time tragedy has struck.
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same company had smaller vessel capsize but in this area popular with tourist there's never been a tragedy like this. a day off the coast ending with a tour boat under water. such a heartbreaking story. the passenger's hospitalized are in serious or stable condition. many of have already been discharged. that's the latest from the newsroom. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." for the first time we hear from the bomb who sparked an amber alert. patriot's sell celebrating over a win over the jets. next up the dl olphins. we'll have that forecast coming up. who did it better is back. i'm battling it out with chicago pd star. that's next.
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good morning. 9:13. it's monday. and doesn't it feel good to be back in the swing of things a little bit. yeah. you just have to get over the initial hump and you are ready to go. getting out of bet and getting into the swing of things like you said. today is dry. but cool, i guess. what do you think, jr? >> i need a few more days, ladies. give me until about friday. >> cool, dry early this week. some weeks are like this. most of the week is storm free.
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we are watching one storm coming out wednesday afternoon. and wednesday night. i think we can move it along which thursday. thurts thursday is a warm day. this is from a women over the weekend this up was in mine falls park. liz is her name. that's her twitter handle there. beautiful shot of the foliage. really coming on strong. it's unfortunately that we have rain and wind heading this way to southern new england wednesday night. until then still a lot of color on the trees not that far from boston. even in city limits color on the tree. 40s now. boston at 46. norwood, 46. there's some wind out there this morning. anywhere between five and 15. that's will fade away working through the morning hours as the blue h here near toronto and buffalo. that's slides into new england during the day. when the blue h get closer that's when the wind fades away. it's a cool afternoon. chilly this afternoon.
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we should talk about numbers in the upper 50s. this afternoon i think the city around 53. lakeville at 54. north of town merrimack valley the numbers in the low 50s. back through the worcester hill mamadnock region. on the came and island 54 this afternoon. clear, colds, lows in the 30. coldest spot in the 20s. downtown boston about 40 by tomorrow morning. through the day tomorrow another dry day. we start to lose the sun and clouds. cool day with temperatures into the mid 50s. then for the middle of the week wednesday here's the storm system. most of the storm will pass to our west. we'll still be effected by the storm plan on rain developing midafternoon on wednesday. wind will start to increase as well out of the southeast anywhere between 15 to 25 miles per hour. higher gust on the cape. i think the amount of rainfall on the way because the storm
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fasts so far to west out of southeastern canada. not as much rain. but beneficial rain close to an inch of rain. some places will end up with more rain wednesday night. moving so fast. thursday partly sunny skies upper 60s. windy and warm. and that will includes patriot's game thursday night at gillette. kick off temps thursday evening around 8:30 will be in the low 60s at gillette. go pats. a group of michigan women break the record for the most rosey the riverers. mr. than 2000 women dressed up as the iconic character used to recruit female industrial worker during world war ii. they posted for photo at a bomber plant south of detroit. a lot of symbol. i love the slogan. we can do it together. that's a great halloween costume by the way. i love the norman rockwell painting.
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one of my favorites. >> where she is flexing. >> holding a sandwich, i believe. wild weather hitting texas right now. record rainfall right now causing real problems for people in the region. we'll have more on that. latest on homecoming crash after a car drives into the crowd.
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wild weather in texas, cars under wire after night of state. record amount of rain fell in the past 24 hours with some areas nearly a foot. the latest batch of wild weather the remnants of hurricane patricia. resident gathered in steelwater, oklahoma to remember those who slammed into a car over the weekend. >> four people died and the driver here is facing murder charges. >> reporter: a day of reflection for a community shaken by tragedy. we will kneel and pray for the community and for those who lost their lives yesterday. on saturday an oklahoma state celebration took an unthinkable turn. a car plowed into a would watching the homecoming parade. injury dozening and leaving four dead the youngest two years old.
9:21 am
sense of community that we have we're just a small college town. the driver arrested at the scene 25-year-old adacia chambers is expected to appear in court today on charges of operating under the influence. her attorney, though, said he doubts she was drunk. in my opinion, miss chambers suffers from mental illness exactly what type is yet to be determined. witnesses in those injured recall terrifying moments >> like a bomb. just the screaming and a little bit of chaos. a lot of chaos, i guess. she accelerated. she never hit her brakes. on sunday stranger went to the scene to pray and pay their respects. we join together and even if you don't know the people you just this is what we do. a community joined in grief looking for comfort ant answers. >> nbc is reporting that the driver on suicide watch. and was held in solitary
9:22 am
confinement overnight. just ahead police find a meth lab in a place you wouldn't expect. hear how they were tipped off to this laboratory. in sports, the pats with another win on sunday. but this time with some help from tom brady's running game. we want to know who did it better.
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mondays can often be challenging. something that makes you laugh, makes you smile. we like to do that; right? >> yeah. >> we're bringing back our who did it better segment. every week we're taking you on celebrity or athlete challenge
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kind of thing. >> this time we went over to an institution in the boston's north end, 1010 and taking star of chicago pd. really cool, show, right? how good is this person at stuffing canolis. you get to decide in the first installment of "who did it better?" >> today we're finding out if sweeter. you. welcome. i'm going to beat you. but we will love watching you try. >> you actually probably going to beat me because i will eat them as i make them. first we learned from the best.
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>> then it was time to get to work. >> you're making me nervous. >> that's the point. >> nope. that's terrible. wait a second. wait a second. how do i get this down to the bottom of the bag. i need the pastry guy back. can you get the canoli boy. dip, and dip. i see. >> 3, 2 -- >> come on. wait. >> i let jessie finish up his second canoli, and then its was my turn. >> she's already doing better. that's upsetting. there's ricotta. how the whole thing is ruined. >> it's hard. second one doesn't count. you have 30 seconds and you
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haven't made a good one yet. the conoli guy said you have the wrong shell. >> in the end i completed three. ist told they weren't up to mike's standard as for jessie he did two but his were good enough for the display case. if the whole acting thing doesn't work out i bet they would totally hire you. full disclosure we did eat a lot of those afterwards. >> and the whole crew and part of the tv station. i have to say, though he was a lot neater than you. >> definitely. >> i was impressed with his precision. i had game time tragedy. that was to do more and get quality or quantity or the other way around.
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my fate is in your hands. you can go to you only have a short time we will air the results tomorrow at 6:00. you can always catch jessie wednesday night right here on 7 nbc. an alleged escaped prisoner back in police custody. hear how officials say he got away. >> sunshine for the day. but rain headed our way this week. we'll talk more about that, coming up. a woman accused of shooting her uncle set to face a judge today.
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a woman accused of pulling the trigger and shooting her own uncle is set to face a judge today. a man is killed in a hit in run in saugus.
9:29 am
the driver today. big heroin bust in peabody, police seize tens of thousands of dollars and drugs. glad you are sticking around with us. it's monday. which means the weekend is over. it's okay. we will make it through. the weather could be worse right. it could be snowing. >>meteorologist: lows down into the 40s. city at 46. norwood, 46 as we approach the four-year anniversary of the october nasty snowstorm. october 2011. we won't do that again. wind speeds have been a bit of an issue. not overlow strong or damaging but adding a chill to the air. mostly sunny skies. high pressure in western new york beginning to drift east as the blue h gets into new england that will get rid of the wind. it will be a cool day with the normal high should reach the middle and upper 50s. this afternoon we finish in the lower 50s in fact you folks in the manadnock region probably
9:30 am
not making out of the 40s this afternoon. much the same tomorrow. then we will track a rainstorm heading this way for red day afternoon and wednesday fight. i'll show you how much rain is expected in about 15 minutes? happening today the women accused of pulling the trigger killing her uncle is set to face a judge. this morning that hyde park family searching for answer. nicole oliverio is live at the courthouse where she spoke with the victim's wife. there were a lot of unanswered questions. questions the family hopes to answer during the arraignment. this all for 49-year-old francis who was killed saturday allegedly shot in the head by his niece. the family of francis arrived in court just before 9:00. they were wearing sweatshirts, that marked his on time trucking company. they have no idea what would have led up to the shooting saying the niece and uncle were very close. now on saturday boston police
9:31 am
for reports of a shooting. we're told that 36-year-old evonne lewis shot her uncle in the head and then took off. there was a massive search for lewis. police eventually found her at hotel in peabody hours later and put her under arrest. it's just so devastating. i just saw him. he wouldn't answer my calls. my son was with him. it's just hurtful. i don't understand. they were so so close. why would she do something like this. >> francis told us that the couple's 11-year-old son was at home time of the shooting. she's doing as well as can be expected. he had four children. today they're an arraignment
9:32 am
that his niece killed him. that's the latest live in jamaica plains. nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." police are searching for a driver in a deadly hit-and-run that happened in august. they say the driver of red vehicle hit a pedestrian on route one last night. the victim was in the middle lane of route one southbound. that's when he was struck. victim 33-year-old man from new york later died. firefighter trying to figure out what caused an explosion and fire at home in taunton. a neighbors say they heard this blast sunday afternoon. a woman inside at the time. she did manage to get out safely. last night crews doug up gas lines in the area trying to see if that's what caused the explosion. also this morning. peabody police make a big bust. they seized heroin with street value of 70,000. a man is being held on $1 million bail.
9:33 am
he will face a judge later today. happening right now on 7. three men are facing charges after officers say they found a meth lab inside a hotel room in burlington. they were all arrested friday. police found a large volume of the drug in the room and plastic wags covering smoke detector. hotel employees tipped off when they noticed a strange smell coming from the room. the man accused of a robber near fenway park will be arraigned. the dorchester man had a knife when he attacked and robbed a women on park drive early sunday morning. >>the women said the man pushed her to the ground. she was able to fight him off. police arrested the suspect. brandon conshell turned himself. he was arrested on warrant after traffic top. he slipped out of hand cuffs and get out of the krause cruiser and run away.
9:34 am
this mother heads back to court to try to regain custody of her children. tiffany cherry born and raised near boston said when a nurse at a clinic near her current home in pennsylvania told her that her son needed to be admitted to the hospital. she decided to make the five-hour drive to boston children's hospital. ercy said the clinic called police and that's when the amber alerts issued. boston police arrested her shortly after she arrived there at the hospital. my children were -- had been receiving substandard healthcare. i would never imagine this could happen in america in 2015. i have a right to seek the best care for my children. >> cherry said she has dealt with tragedy in the past. another son of hers was still born back in 2009 and she said that is part of the reason why she decided to come here to boston children's hospital. we're following more news today.
9:35 am
the ntsb will be back in worcester to figure out what caused a deadly plane crash. the single enbegin plane crashed shortly after taking off saturday morning. the pilot 66-year-old a dentists from connecticut was killed in the crash. a vigil for local man killed onboard the missing cargo ship elfaro was. el faro went missing earlier this month. 33 people were onboard. the u.s. navy joined the search for missing vessel. they are searching four the black box hoping to learn more about what happened when the ship disappeared. right now focussing 100 square zone from the bahamas. the death toll is rising after a powerful earthquake struck fear the afghanistan, pakistan border. it at least 105 are now dead
9:36 am
the quake also magnitude 7.5. it hit in northern afghanistan. but then shook building again in pakistan and in india. the victim include a dozen students who were killed in a stampede. developing story from canada. whale watching boat capsizes with 27 people onboard killing at least five. chris anderson joining us live from the control room with more on the latest of the story. >> investigation continues here. clear crisp sunny day off the coast of british columbia when the boat went down. we know that five people are dead and one person is still missing. . >> this was the ship as it went down. the cold water van cuer island. chilling sight as witnesses say when they reached the capsized boat bodies were everywhere. 27 were onboard on well watching
9:37 am
expedition when the mayday call came in. all the boat out on the water were heading out to start looking for survivor. the boat shoved off in pristine condition. a fleet of volunteers on the water and in the air launched the rescue. one by one the victims were pulled from the water. ambulances rushing at least 18 to the hospital. it's unclear why the ship went down sinking nine miles off the coast the tour boat was near vargus island where there are jagged walks and dangerous reef. in a statement the company owner said quote it has been tragic day our entire team is heartbroken over this incident and our hearts goout to the family, friends and loved one of everyone involved. it's not the first time tragedy has truck. in 1998 two were killed when the
9:38 am
vessel capsized but in this area popular with tourist there's never been a tragedy like this. a day off the coast ending with a tour boat under water. >> those passengers who were hospitalized are serious or stable condition many of them have already been discharged. that's the latest live in the control room. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." police are searching for the gunmen who shot a student on the campus of north carolina central university. as a matter of fact, the university issued an emergency alert of active shooter around 11:00 last night. the student was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. and the lockdown was later lifted just before midnight. dozen attend an outdoor service at st. louis church that previously caught fire. it one of 7 caught on fire. they believe they fires are connected. so far no one has been arrested.
9:39 am
still ahead this moring a community coming together for young cancer patient. how a family's plea turns into a christmas dream come true for one little boy. no arrest for the wary. patriot's back back on the field with a short week before their next game. looks dry for that game. we'll talk more about that.
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job.
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i'm hillary clinton p
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it's a quarter to 10:00 now. if you have a good start to your monday i'm happy for you. >> it's been rocky. it's been a rocky road. monday can be hard, you know. but it's a little bit chillier out there this morning. that should wake us up a little bit. that's right. invigorating. wednesday afternoon. i think it's moving fast. wednesday evening commute looks dicy. when the lees come off the tree there's localized flooding wednesdayening. not so much thursday morning. time line looks like it will speed things up before it effects us on thursday. thursday lacks warm and windy.
9:43 am
temperature as we work through the week. temps will jump to near 70. middle 40. provincetown fwiflt. worcester 41. all sort of dry air. but it is cool and crisp. the area of high pressure came out of canada. it will get closer into the afternoon and as that happen that feisty wind we have right now about 10 to 15 miles per hour that will drop down to around 5 to 10 miles per hour. the city this afternoon 53. frame ingham at 52. normally the numbers should be in up thor 50s for this time of year. normal high about 58 or 59, 57 if in the were crester hills. downtown boston this will be your number around 40.
9:44 am
some colder spots orange, lunenberg. norwood, of course. upper 20s early tomorrow morning. through the day tomorrow start with sun. clouds will show up tomorrow afternoon. another cool day with temperaturings tomorrow reaching the middle 50s. but all and all for outdoor activity today and tomorrow you head to salem it's busy week up there. partly sunny skies tomorrow. temperature the next few afternoons in the 50. then on to wednesday. clouds thicken up. here's rain wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. i think most towns probably about half an inch to inch of rain. a little bit less on the cape. a little bit more back to worcester hills. those locations about an inch. we could use the rain. you go back to first of september and many cities and towns running ability 1 and a half to 2 and a half inch of rain. we won't get all of that in one storm. in any event thursday morning clouds developing sun, windy temperature on thursday near 70. patriot's walking away from
9:45 am
this weekend undefeated on the season. it wasn't easy. it wasn't a blow out like some other wins we've seen. jets put up quite a fight. the pats were able to fight them out. >> i should enjoy this. i will probably never happen again. tom brady the patriot's leading rusher for the first time in his career. 15 yards in the, 355 in the air. there's nothing wrong with being one dimensional. there's got to be different way to win every week. i think we always try to figure out a way to attack the teams and you're right. we were downplayers. and we made some plays when we needed to. it wasn't exactly how we drew them up but it was good. challenging the top rated defense in the nfl patriot's passing attack prevails. >> we wanted to play fast. we wanted to kind of slow them
9:46 am
down and tire them down by getting in and out of plays and the huddle and going quickly. that was our mow el motive. tom always find a way to get the ball out and get to right guy and get the best plays. for the first time in nfl career tom brady leading the patriot's in rushing. that's more indicative of the fact that new england pretty much completely abandoned the run game. the most important part of the game the fact they come out with win and improve 6-and-0. 7news "today in new england." england." jimmy was in cambridge over the weekend accepting an award. it's what happened afterward that got people talking today. and coming together for a christmas celebration why the holidays can't come soon enough
9:47 am
a canadian community celebrating christmas a few weeks early. hundreds of people rallying around a little boy whose battling cancer. this really was a very special weekened of fun and excitement. and now his family christmas campaign is going global. 7's nancy chen has the story. >> reporter: christmas eve may be two months away from today. this community can't wait. because one of their own may not make it to december. >> you're an amazing. evan is 7 battling brain cancer birthday. for everan as it does for most kid christmas brings joy.
9:48 am
aggressive treatment as people know. he's lived with the consequences mobility. it's a very difficult journey for everan. what do you do when you're child may not live to see christmas. if you are nicole you ask family and friends to celebrate early. when someone put request on facebook the christmas spirit exploded. >> el didn't think it would go past our immediate family so the fact that he's getting presents and christmas cards from around the world we are in so humbled. around the corner from the family home preparation are under way on floats for a special santa claus parade. he told me this morning they had over 240 applications for floats and the macy's parade has 200 float. that's a perspective of the amount of support that people
9:49 am
the spirlt spirit of giving is alive and well. a lot who haven't met them but story has touched them all. i hope that people know to believe in miracles to know that a small community you know has proven just how extraordinary people are. nancy chins 7news. all right. good to see people pulling together for someone. gives me chills. >> i know. up next in "the buzz." jimmy falon takes a fall in the injury he suffered while being honored in boston this weekend. >> katie parry pressing hillary clinton with a present on the campaign trail. sunshine, chilly. one last look at the forecast,
9:50 am
hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where' s the? right. it' s being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving
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we're back with the buzz on this monday. tonight show host jimmy falon on the mends again after injury hinge hand.
9:52 am
he was in cambridge when he did this over the weekend. >> falon attended an event in his honor on saturday. a spokeswoman said falon tripped over a woman and then landed in broken glass. a picture from falon instagram showed the injury not too bad. he was taken to massgen to make sure there was no glass left in the hand. he returned to the party first time later. you remember in june a kitchen accident nearly cost him ring finger. falon had to undergo six-hour surgery and ten days in intensive care unit for that. getting into the halloween spirit a little bit early by throwing a super hero themed party. she dressed up as cat women there. the picture you saw earlier was actually beyonce and she dressed as storm from x men. pop star katie perry giving
9:53 am
hillary clinton a gold neck laigs for her birth date. she hopes clinton will be the next president. top week at the box office. flopped with 1.3. marshall held the top spot. goose bumps second bringing in 15.5 million and in third place the cold war thriller bridge of spies with 11.4 million in sales. all right. and that's go over to jr and talk about what's in store for the weather today. temps upper 40s with mostly sunny sky. plymouth 50. worcester 43. there's some wind out there out of the north and northwest. that will fade away as we work into the afternoon. lots of sunshine. temps today lower 50. mid 50s tomorrow. here's some rain midafternoon wednesday, wednesday night but it's gone by thursday morning. out of here. thank you so much for watching. and happy monday. i'm christa delcamp. i'm jadiann thompson. 7news at noon will be right back here in a little while. hope you are having a great morning.
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