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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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bank robberies in maryland, florida and here in massachusetts. again, the two are now in list custody. newsroom, sheryl fiandacca . >> anchor: losing breaking tonight a 31 yearly woman killed in a head on collision in oxford oxford. police say that her car cross the center line, slapping into a cement truck. two children were inside the car at the time. the 8-month-old boy is now on life support . >> anchor: a two-year-old suffered serious injuries. several other people also taken to the hospital. steve cooper live in oxford to bring us more. >> reporter: kim, this is a horse iic scene here. you look behind us and see state police and merry crews along with towing companies have been here for hours now trying to, they just righted this huge cement truck that weighs more than 80,000 pounds loaded with cement when this collision occurred this morning. as you said, we now learned the victim who was killed here is a 31-year-old woman inside her car two small boys.
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a horrifying scene this morning. >> anchor: this is the worst i have ever seen. when we went down to the road and saw that cement truck on its side, i said oh, boy. something is bad. >> reporter: neighbors say it was look a war zone with victim trapped and debris littered across route 20 in oxford i'm fully loaded cement truck on its . >> anchor: i came running out and i seen the truck lying down. i seen the truck driver sitting on the back of a pickup truck crying saying i killed somebody. >> anchor: state police say the 31-year-old female driver of a chevy cavalier crossed the center line and struck a fully loaded cement truck. that woman was pronounced dead at the scene. an 8-month-old boy in her car suffered life-threatening injuries and is on life support. a two-year-old boy in the car was hospitalized. the 34-year-old truck driver plus two people in an suv that collided with the first car are all hospitalized as well. >> anchor: it was very scary. very scary. you knew something bad had happened. >> anchor: for hours, crews
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metal while an accident reconstruction team methodically collected clues trying to figure out the cause of the crash. meanwhile, frustrated neighbors can only look on in disbelief saying once again, another accident on a stretch of route 20 known for its deadly curve. >> anchor: this connor right here is terrible. we have seen so many accidents here it isn't funny. but this one is the worst. this is the worst i have ever seen. >> anchor: so clean up crews right now are trying to remove some diesel fuel that spilled from the truck along with concrete that also fell on to the roadway as well. company officials with that concrete company telling us late this afternoon that their thoughts and prayers are with all of the victim here involved in this serious crash. state police aren't releasing the names of these victims here. all they will say is their investigation is ongoing. by the way, the road here is expected to reopen but not until all this wreckage is cleared away. live in oxford tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: there is breaking
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news we're waving out of saugus. state police say they found a car involved in a deadly hit and run in saugus open. the vague till was walking a long route 1 when he was struck. he is from new york. investigators are still serving for the driver who hit him. >> anchor: also on 7, a former boston police dispatcher accused of shooting and killing her uncle. ordered to undergo mental evaluation. she was called to court today to answer murder charges. this family just having trouble making sense of the crime. 7's byron barnett joins us live tonight. >> anchor: as you can imagine, family members are just devastated over this tragedy that happened at their home here in hyde park. not only did they lose one relative to a fatal shooting, they had to watch as the victim victim's niece was brought in to court and charged with murder. >> anchor: doubled over and wearing a hospital johnnie, 36 36-year-old yvonne lewis was brought if in for her
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to come in on her own. family members gasp and wept at the site of her as she was charg charged with mudding her uncle, 49-year-old clive frances of mattapan. it's so heartbreaking. heartbreaking.. >> reporter: police say lies shot her uncle to death at her parent's home saturday my. family members told police she had been living there since moving back from georgia earlier this year and that she recently had been acting erratic and reclusive. police say francis was call to the house to calm lewis down when she started acting up and breaking things in her third floor room. they found mr. francis, he had been shot in the head apparently miss lewis fired three rounds and struck mr. francis once in the head . >> reporter: police say when francis went to her room to clean up broken glass lewis shot him, stole the victim's car and drove off. instead of play planning her husband's 50th surprise birthday party this weekend, tracy
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it's so devastating because i just seen him. i was just waiting for him and i'm calling him. he wouldn't answer myicals . >> reporter: police tracked lewis to this hotel where they say they found her curled up in a hallway floor, not responding to police officers. lewis's court apointed attorney says she refused to talk to him. the judge sent her off for 20 days of psychiatric evaluation. see seemed to be kind of mumbling to herself and didn't . >> reporter: police say that lewis a former boston police dispatcher was known by familiar low members to have firearms and was originally licensed to carry in the state of georgia. police say they found an empty gun holster at the scene but still have not found the murder weapon. that's the story live from hyde park, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: a student charged in a campus assault at bridgewater state university appearing in your today. 20-year-old melissa sandy is charged with rape.
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the alleged victim reported the assault on saturday. police were quickly able to track sandy down. they say he knew the alleged victim. the attack reportedly happened right on campus and is also charged with intimidation of a witness. vandal hit a little league field in bedford, new hampshire over the weekend. you can see the snack shack there was just rash trashed. investigators say the vandals caused $5,000 in damages. police do not have any suspects right now. >> anchor: a pennsylvania woman born and raised in boston whose actions led to an amber alert back in massachusetts in a courtroom today. she is trying to get custody of her children and she said she didn't get exactly what she is hoping for but did get a step in the rye direction. tiffany cherry at a boston courthouse this morning fighting to get her children. the mother who found herself at the center an amber alert earlier this month says today's custody hearing was postponed but now she has unlittled, un unsupervised visits with her two sons. she said she has only been sable to see them once since they were taken into dcf custody .
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my children have been receiving substandard health care at best and i'm tired of it. cherry was born and ray near boston and said she decided to make the five hour drive to boston children's hospital on object 16 after a nurse practitioner at a clinic in her current home in pennsylvania toll her that her son needed to be admitted to the hospital. i packed a bag quick and got on my way . >> reporter: she said the clinic called police and arrested her shortly after they arrived at boston children's . i would never imagine this could happen in america in 2015. i have the right to seek the best care for my children. i have a right to that . >> reporter: she dealt with tragedy in the past. her son was stillborn in 2090 which is part of the reason why she decided to go to boston. i know what it feels like to pick out a 22 inch casket for your child. i wasn't going through that again. >> anchor: cherry wanted to explain her olderson is with dcf at the hospital so he can is see
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his brother but he will soon be released for an aunt. as for her three months old son she said she is gaining weight but is still in the hospital. >> anchor: nor news today, the tone for a woman who plowed into a crowd for oklahoma state's homecoming parade wants her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation evaluation. he said there were warning signs of some sort of mental illness. four people were killed including a two-year-old boy. she is now facing second-degree murder charges. let's get to ryan schulteis with ryan? >> anchor: it's been two days since that accident and people at oklahoma state university still in shock there today. we learning more about the woman who was behind the wheel. two days later police and the shattered community continue to search for answers and some kind of understanding. after this horse iic crash, a car plowing into the crowd during homecoming fess its at . >> anchor: she accelerated. she never hit her brakes . >> anchor: four people were killed. business student nick eata
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professor marvin stone and his . he was so and so, just such a good boy. he didn't deserve that. >> anchor: police arrested 25 25-year-old adishia chambers on the scene. this afternoon she was arraigned on four counts of second-degree murder of her family spoke publicly for the first time since the crash. >> anchor: i am very sorry for those victims. >> anchor: they don't believe alcohol or drugs were involved. she may have problems, underlying problems i wasn't fully aware of . >> anchor: chambers attorney has suggested she has a history of mental problem and hey have been off her medication when she was behind wheel . either the folks that provide the medication discontinued it or miss chambers may have discontinued it herself. >> anchor: as campus an community try to deal with the effects of this tragedy here. and bond has been set at a million dollars. chambers is not expected to be released from jail. ryan schulteis, 7 news. crews still searching for
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one missing passenger after a whale waving ship sinks off the coast of canada. they found five victims so far. this ship sank off vancouver island late yesterday afternoon. the boat's crew sent out a distress signal but investigators are still trying to figure out why. 27 people were on board when the ship went down and the mayor of one local town says that her community came together to do whatever they could to help. it was a beautiful day. there are big sells on the ocean that we just don't know anything about what may have happened at the scene. people were just a tinny coastal community has responded just felon only male and people are out with blankets and food and with clothing for people and supporting them as we go through this all to the. >> anchor: investigators are still working to determine once again what caused the ship to go down. >> anchor: more than 200 people have died after a powerful earthquake in northern afghanistan.
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150 miles from kabul felt all the way to india hit at 2:00 in the afternoon at a busy tim and caused widespread building collapses sending people scrambling to get out of homes and any building they might have been in and quick triggered rock slides too. authorities expect that death toll of 200 to rise as crews search through the rubble in rural areas. afghanistan's chief executive said this was the strongest quake felt in decades. >> anchor: turning now to the race for the white house. donald trump starting to slip in the polls today a town hall up in new hampshire he denied the ben carson could compete with him. but according to new numbers released just today, carson is surging and taking the lead in iowa. >> anchor: one crummy billion and it wasn't that bad . >> anchor: a rally today and "today" show town hall in new hampshire where donald trump does lead in every poll she was in denial about iowa . i don't believe i did fall behind. it was one poll, it was a small
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in in fact ben carson tops three iowa polls, the latest out today today. carson's at 32%, trump at just 18% in the survey of iowa republicans. trump and carson were tied in august. a non-politics like trump carson is also controversial. yesterday again opposing abortion even after rape and incest . i would not be in favor of killing a baby because the baby came about in that way. >> anchor: but carson is low key in religious and that's appealing to christian conservatives . i think ben carson is a good, decent man and he is saying basically the same thing donald trump says only he is, you know, a little bit morphin esed with it or something. >> reporter: jeb bush polling fifth laying off staffering. huddled with his family in texas to plan a campaign reboot, trump attacked. he is meeting now with mom and dad. no, it's true. he needs counsel. >> anchor: he went after the new front-runner .
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i saw him being interviewed. he is lower energy than bush. >> anchor: g.o.p. candidates have their third debate on wednesday. despite the slip in iowa, a new national poll released by the associated press finds that 70% of republicans now think trump has the best chance to win the general election in november of 2016. >> anchor: well, speaking of winners, still to come tonight the patriots pull off another win. they lead the division so you may ask if tom brady can keep the momentum going with another game in just three days . >> anchor: at 5:30 a bad news for bacon lovers. the red flag some are raising about red and processed meat . >> anchor: a 17-year-old high school student is killed when his car slams into a poll. so they are serving for answers bus his classmates are seing for answers too. >> anchor: then coming up here in just one hour, close call loafing a taunton neighborhood on edge, tonight we hear the calls for help made minutes after this home explodes .
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guest skating with the bruins today. we'll tell you who got to the lace up and take the ice because i don't. we have stories and much more coming up on 7 news. >> anchor: new pay for health insurance, but when you need it most . >> anchor: they pay for insurance then it turned out they didn't have it . >> reporter: the massachusetts health connector disquestioned leaving thousands needing help and when some tried to get it, things reasonable got worse. hank investigates tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. on 7 news today in new
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>> anchor: patriots stay un undefeated coming out on top against a strong jets team . >> anchor: was a lot of fun an you celebrated but not a lot of time to celebrate that winning streak because it's already on to the next one. team looking for a short turn around this week. let's go to joe amorsino with a look at that . >> anchor: no time to break down the film on the jets. the patriots right on to the dolphins with just three days to prepare. but they will surely revisit this jets game because the jets under new head coach need to be taken seriously going forward.
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the same old story for the jets against the patriots. we made plays when we know knowed to make them. that was the most important thing. sometimes we play a team and a lot of division teams that we play a lot more familiar with, they had a lot of confidence with the things they were doing as they should because they have been like top-ranked defense all year . >> reporter: a defense bride e ethrew against 54 times despite the presence offer did el revis in his return to foxboro . >> anchor: were you surprised patriots didn't even try to run the ball for that . it's not my call. is bill coming in here after this? you know, tom is great at die setting any defense and that's what he did down the stretch . we made plays when we needed to in the fourth quarter. it was did we made it happen when we needed to now they will need to do it again on short rest against the dolphins thursday night. another division game is a tough game for us and miami always plays tough so again very
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six and 0 is a good feeling. would have to turn the page, right? >> anchor: consider the page turned. now it's all about the dolphins, a team that's won two straight under their head coach dan campbell. reporting live, joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: next at 5:30, the view that a tv show host never wanted to see. what went wrong during whoopi goldberg's comedy show. >> reporter: our forecast a little chilly overnight and then we wait for a storm later week with a lot of wind and rain.
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>> anchor: as we look live over beautiful downtown boston, you see clear skies, just shy of 50 degrees out at logan airport. probably a little warmer inland but it was a picture perfect classic fall weekend, wasn't it? >> anchor: i thought it was gray of the i thought today was great, pete. everybody keeps saying crisp and cool because i read it on some of the scripts. but i think it's really nice. >> reporter: that's the only reason you say that? >> anchor: crisp and cool, yeah yeah. but not too cool. what do you think? >> reporter: i agree. agree.. not frigid out there. a beautiful day in fact. look at the foliage in upton now beautiful waterfall, all good. we have a lot of trees that are still in full color out there. mostly the oaks and beech trees now and most of the swamp maples have dropped their leaves but we i have cold night ahead as we
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suburbs. stormy by midweek. that's wednesday in the afternoon and mostly overnight with wind, rain and mild air by thursday we'll luck at temperatures that are close to 7 70 degrees. 49 now in boston. we're already starting to sink a little bit in the suburbs and down through the cape as well. highs tomorrow like today in fact almost a carbon copy. we'll have the sea breeze right along the coastline from cape ann down through the south shore and into boston about 52 degrees degrees. mid 50's though framingham, billerica and lawrence and down into attleboro. that's not half bad on a full sun kind of day. now let's face the music here. we need a little rain. it's badly needed in fact. so far this month over two and a half inches below normal. compare that to last year when we had 5.83 in the month of object alone. we came out of a dry september and dry summer. then we got a big shot in the arm. we need the water now before we get into winter because once you are into winter, then you are talking about variability and grounds frozen, a lot of the
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weight goes to run off, we don't get a lot of seepage or peg leagues into the ground so this is needed for the wells and for the reservoirs too. so up to an inch of rain is possible wednesday night. maybe even two and perhaps two and a half. all from this weather system here. we have a lot of interactions here. we have the remnants of patricia in there. we have gulf of mexico moisture and an upper level low to focus it all. the issue is the wind in the mid levels of the atmosphere will come on strong. high pressure pulls away in this low will move in. the heavy rain will start to move in late on wednesday. we could get some showers in here wednesday evening and wednesday afternoon but the heavy stuff is very late on wednesday night and maybe, maybe very, very early on thursday morning but a quick exit to that that. so look for a round of rain to finish off in the morning of maybe even a rumble of thunder too. a possibility. so a good shrug of water coming our way and that time frame and pockets of two to three are possible if we get any thunderstorms going. gusty wind, minor coastal
5:24 pm
off the full00er's moon which is tomorrow. thursday at 8:25 though not a worry in storms or in terms of heavy rain and mild temperatures temperatures. should still be around on thursday afternoon. thursday evening. our wind still kind of an issue. 10 to 15 gusts to 25 though for the pats forecast. and by the way we are turning the clocks back an hour on the first of november and there you go. your sunset at 4: 38. that's early. clear and cool tonight. about 24 to 37 and tomorrow our high temperatures like today low to mid 50's. a few late clouds moving in. 7 on 7 forecast, late week no halloween looking fine. no bitter cold for halloween. we'll be back in the upper 40's on halloween night. see you next half hour. >> anchor: see you then. ahead on 7, who did it better is
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>> anchor: another how of 7 news straight ahead. i am adwhat will yams . >> anchor: 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: a t tragedy a leal school mourns the loss of a student killed in a crash. >> anchor: wild weather storms into texas leaving drivers trapped in flash-flooding . >> reporter: a beautiful day now copping to an abrupt end. a front crosses around we're in the cold again tomorrow. >> anchor: a dangerous link. why doctors now compare eating bacon to smoking cigarettes. >> anchor: bringing news first at 5:30, a 31-year-old woman is killed in a head on collision in okay for. police say her car crossed the center line and slammed in that cement truck you saw. two children were in the car at the tie. there is an 8-month-old boy on life support. a two-year-old has suffered serious injuries. >> anchor: also breaking here, police take dunn a quincy couple
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who are accused of robbing
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