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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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along this stretch of ad but nothing like this before. it was like dynamite. my house shook . >> anchor: stunned neighbors are describing the horrific scene of mangle metal strewn across route 20 here in oxford not far from the charlton line. >> anchor: all of a sudden we heard this boom and then screech about 15 seconds of screeching . >> anchor: state police say the 31-year-old female driver of a chevy cavalier crossed the center line this morning and struck a fully loaded cement truck. that woman was pronounced dead at the scene and 8-month-old boy in her car suffered life-threatening injuries and is on life support while a two two-year-old by was hospitalized. >> anchor: it's very, very sad. very sad. >> anchor: the 34-year-old truck driver plus two people in an suv that collided with the first car are all hospitalized as well. i seen the truck driver sitting on the back of i pickup truck driving saying i killed somebody. the road remains shut down for hours while troopers reconstruct reconstructed the accident. meanwhile neighbors say
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this deadly curve in the road . there has been many, many, many accidents here. many accidents. this is the worst one i have ever seen . straighten the road. lower the speed limit. this road is deadly. ask anyone that lives here. >> reporter: at this hour the road has been reopened. that's the encouraging news here here. state police aren't releasing names of any of the people involved in this accident. as for why this woman crossed the center line in the first place, well that remains under investigation tonight. live in oxford, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: breaking from sauce us right now state police say they found the car involved in a deadly hit and run of the victim was from new york was walking a long route 100 he was struck overnight. investigators are still search searching for the driver who hit him. >> anchor: now it a story you will see on just one station. an mbta passenger jumping into action when a bus driver starts shaking behind the wheel . >> anchor: that passenger noticed the driver's condition, didn't look good so she didn't hesitate to help out.
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hero. he joins us live from brigham circle. brandon? >> reporter: adam and kill the bus actually scraped a street sign then came to a rest about right where i'm standing. a nurse jumped up and got that driver's foot off the gas while another woman ran up and pulled the emergency brake saying everyone on the bus. we were coming down huntington avenue . >> reporter: sara was on the 39 bus when all of a sudden it appeared the bus driver was having a seizure . i noticed the driver was making noises so i ran to the front of bus and just, you know, tried to get her out of the way. i just kicked her foot off the goes and we like slowed down then i tried to reach my foot in to get the brake then we stopped right before the pole . >> reporter: it happened around 1:30. there were 15 to 20 passengers on the bus and said they were stopped at the red light on hunt hunting ton avenue in tremont. that's a brigham circle just below mission hill when they noticed the bus driver begin to shake . i didn't want no one to get her, i didn't want to get hurt. no other people, people walking.
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i didn't want no one to get hit. just stop the bus was my main concern. either way, i knew to spring into action and to help people, you know? >> anchor: the nurse from boston medical center was on her way home. her training kicked in and she helped stop the bus and then help the driver. the bus came to a stop after hitting a street sign . >> anchor: i didn't want her to step on the gas. that wasmy main thing when i was on the bus i was afraid because i didn't want her to step on the gas and go forward into the building over there and hurt her us all. not on my watch. >> reporter: thankfully nobody was hurt and that bus is being repairs. live in boston, brandon gunnoe, 7 news . >> anchor: following nor news a woman called to court. police say she shot and killed her own uncle of the family obviously devastated as police try to figure out what happened. byron barnett live in hyde park watt its latest for us today. byron? family members here very devastated as you can imagine after the tragedy occurred in their home here in hyde park. not only did they lose one family member in a fatal
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shooting, they had to watch as another family member was brought to court and charged with murder. hunched over and wearing a hospital johnnie, 36-year-old yvonne lewis was brought in for her arraignment by court officers after she refused to leave her cell. family members gasp and wept at the sight of her. now charged with murdering her uncle, clive francis of mattapan. it's just hurtful. i just don't understand because they were so, so close. why would she do something like this? also say lewis shot her uncle to death at her parent's home in hyde park saturday night. family members told police she had been living there since moving back from georgia earlier this year and that she recently had been acting erratic and reclusive. police say francis was call to the house to calm lewis down when she started acting up and breaking things. but police say when francis went up to her room, lewis shot him,
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and they found mr. francis apparently miss lewis fired three rounds and struck mr. francis once in the head . >> reporter: police found lewis curled up on a hallway floor. her court appointed attorney said she refused to talk to him. the judge sent her off for 20 days of psychiatric evaluation . she seemed to be kind of mumbling to herself and didn't did not appear to know where or what her turning were . my husband was a very devoted husband, father, grandfather. he just loved to help anybody he possibly can. he was such a sweet, sweet person. >> reporter: police say lewis who was also a former boston police dispatcher was known by family members to have firearms and was originally licensed in the state of georgia. police say they found an epigun holster at the scene but still have not found the murder weapon weapon.
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park, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: people in the fenway area of boston on alert this evening after a woman says she as attacked there. 5 -year-old wayne barber appear appearing in court today, police say he attacked the woman from behind with a knife in an alley near northeastern university. the woman hurt suffered non- non-life-threatening injuries. barber is charged with assault a awith a deadly weapon . >> anchor: three people appear appearing in court after police say they fund a possible meth lab in a burlington motel. the suspects now facing drug charges. hotel employees reported seeing some suspicious activity on friday. well, when officers got it they found meth and drug paraphernalia inside one of the rooms. sky 7 hd was over the scene while officials there investigated. fire fighters evacuated the building as a precaution. there are some very, very dangerous chemicals involved with meth making. no one was injured. >> anchor: a narrow escape after a taunton home goes up in flames. investigators now say the homeowner was figuring a water heater themselves.
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the woman did manage to get out safely but her home is gone. 7's jonathan hall joins us with more on a very close call for her and the neighborhood. >> anchor: kim, a close call and a lot of 911 calls after this one you are about to hear them that came in yesterday rubble left. the 52-year-old woman who lives here could have been kill. authorities say the blast was accidental. >> anchor: a tremendous explosion and fire destroys this home in taunton and leaves the 5 52-year-old woman who lives here shaken, staggering out into the yard, screaming for help. i saw her run out the front door and i ran back inside, called 911 . >> anchor: it was an explosion. call came streaming into the taunton fire department, one after another . >> anchor: my neighbor's house just blew up . your anybody's house just blew up? oh my god, someone is in the house . how down do you know they are in the house? i don't know but we are run running to go see .
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>> reporter: an investigation shows the egg was an accident caused by the whom lives here. he she had been repairing her hot water heater which runs on natural gas. the do it yourself removed the gas shut off valve and that allowed natural gas to escape into the basement. explosion. an angel out front may have been watching over this lady who survived the vicious blast an intense heat when her attempt to get the party heater fixed turn disastrous . she shouldn't have done that. it's natural gas. you can't mess with gas . >> anchor: the mom lives in door and says it was quit a shock as she watch the patriots game with her little boys . it was so loud and it shook shook. it was look a mini earthquake. >> anchor: we saw how intense the flames were. the heat was so intense it melted the vinyl siding on that home next door. it's about 50 yards away and now those folks are going to have to file an insurance claim as well. live tonight in taunton, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: breaking news from
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the league has filed an appeal. officially of the deflategate decision that overturned tom bringy's appeal so let's get to joe amorsino with the latest details. >> reporter: i know we're all still dealing with fatigue of this story but roger goodell is going to fight this to the end so today the league filing its appeal in federal court. it is broken down into 8 section sections. hundreds of pages to go through, it includes league policies even a letter roger goodell sent to brady notifying him of his suspensionp remember brady was suspended for four games for what the league was calling a scheme to purposely deflate football. earlier this year judge richard bother hahn vacated his suspension. the judge argued brady's unpun unpunment was too harsh because he could not have known the punishment for deflating footballs would result in a suspension. the nfl argues the cba allows commissioner goodell to hand out punishments in his words should be final. once again the nfl has officially filed its appeal in the deflategate case. we'll have much more in the story as we continue to look through all of the paperwork.
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news desk, joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: joe, thanks. we'll see you later. coming up, from the uk to the garden the bruins gentle giant zdeno chara making a kids dream come true. party on, people. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is back... plus 1! celebrate when you buy one get one at half price off the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens. the entire store! 'cause the older we get, the more you save. that's just how we roll.
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every single day, more than 8,000 men and women are working together to create a stronger, smarter, more resilient system,
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so the 3 1/2 million people we serve have the energy they need. we serve new england. and energy brings us together. ever new england. eversource. true.. >> anchor: the bruins working
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with children's charity to give a 12-year-old an experience to really remember. the by says that he has all been a huge fan of the bruins . >> anchor: so today not only does he get to practice on ice, he met some of his faith players players. let's go to ryan schulteis for the story. this is a good one. i like it . >> anchor: kim and adam, there is something that makes this really special here. the 12-year-old traveled all the way from england to meet the bruins. liam wattson got to lead the team through stretches on ice. got his very own jersey an got to skate with the players during practice. liam said see afan of the whole team but zdeno chara is his favorite player. although his height may seem in intim dating he is a great guy. if you don't know him he looks really scary but if you like just spend one minute with him and he is really nice. i just really excitable. he is amazing experience and is liken joyed it . >> anchor: neat to see liam come in here and ask to meet, you know, zdeno and the rest of the team and it's been nice for
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us to be able to give him that opportunity to spend some time with us. >> anchor: hi family also got to the come to the garden an his father had the chance to watch practice. a british charity similar to make a wish help make liam's dream come true. in the newsroom, ryan schulteis, 7 news . >> anchor: roud to be a browns fan after stories like that. all right, pete, so it looks like perfectly normal fall week ahead? >> reporter: well, yeah, especially with a storm coming. we haven't seen one like this in quite some time. a classic new england rain and wind stop. detail on that ahead. >> reporter: tomorrow, you by for health insurance, but when you need it most . they paid for insurance then it turned out they didn't have it . >> reporter: the massachusetts health connect disconnected leaving thousands need help and when some tried to get it, things only got worse. hank investigates tomorrow at
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>> anchor: reading moon nearly full from christine tamer and boston. this is the tobin and distance. wow, good shot. if you have a chance get out and check out. it's a big, bright one too. it will i rule nature the night sky. perfect conditions for radiation radiational cooling with those temperatures falling back in the suburbs. in the city we should escape the freeze and frost but still a
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chilly one for us. maybe back over the common, back bay, we'll be in the low 30's but at logan airport mid and upper 30's. anyway, stormy midweek, whip, rain and mile air. whole stew of kind of autumn weather for us. we haven't seen a storm like this in quite some time and it will give us a good dose of rain which we badly need. nashua now at 50 degrees. 48 worcester. 45 in far shall field. 47 new bedford. and 45 in chatham. 44 in portsmouth by the way. so our temperatures are already looking down. now tomorrow is a gray day but we're already facing this. a storm system here in the deep south. the remnants of patricia are in here somewhere in spirit i guess because the moisture is here. circulation is not the same. it's a broader area of low pressure. great day tomorrow. just like today. underneath high pressure, temperature in the mid and upper 50's or mid 50's i should say. i'm not going to go 58 or 59 will be the extreme. low 50's along the coastline with the sea breeze. this high pulls away and we
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might see high clouds move in from our storm system tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. as far as rain, holing that off until wednesday it will go through the mid afternoon it will come in lightly and then step up its game as we go through the night. warm front will pass and we might even get some thunderstorms in here late on wednesday night or very early on thursday morning. they exit quickly. this is a very fast moving weather system. it's no going to linger very long but what we do see of it on wednesday night and early on thursday will be a lot of rain. one to two inches maybe pockets of two to three possible in any downpours or thunderstorms. a guffy wind with winds enough enoughing over 30 miles per hour hour. maybe even 40 plus on cape cod and the islands. badly needed we're over two and a half inches below normal for rainfall. compare to that to last year at this time. 5.83 in that particular month and thursday game does not look like it will be jeopardized by any wet weather. 62 very mild degrees and as far as the forecast for sail especially over the next two days, 53, that's the pick of the
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the first part of the day will be dry before we get into the rain and halloween looking way ahead. saturday night 49 degrees, cool, doesn't look all that bad in fact. don't forget we're turning our clocks back. back on halloween night or you can wait until 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning. however you want to slice it. our temperatures are in the 50's both days. see you tonight. >> reporter: preparing for a divisional game is never easy but try getting ready for two of them in a span of five days. that is the latest her el for the patriots halfway home after taking out the jets yesterday. now it's on to the dolphins on short rest on thursday night. tom brady overcoming 11 drops from his receiving corp, six of them from brandon la fell to engineer a pair of touchdowns scoring drives in the fourth quarter. not much time to celebrate that 30 to 23 win though because miami comes to town riding a two
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coach dan campbell. tre dare has more on pats turning the page front oh. >> reporter: the miami dolphins have a towly new identity under head coach dan campbell. under joe philbin, one sack in four games. now they had ten in their last two macing it even more difficult to prepare for a bit of unknown on a very short week for the patriots. >> reporter: they a whole new team from the beginning of the year. it looks like they are playing good ball right now . >> reporter: there is some great things that come along with the thursday night games but at the same time, there is some challenges physically for the guys that out there playing the game. i don't think that's any mystery you guys are not hearing any new information. it is what it is. >> anchor: sort of time to prepare. just have to be mentally ready. just make sure you are sharp. the walk throughs on film, just we're really flying through plays. woe know what to do because we get full speed reps at them because of the short week. i will just be mentally and physically prepared and put all
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into this game. >> anchor: dolphins giving patriot problems in recent years years. they have won two of the last three games they played against new england. recording inside gillette stadium, trey daerr, 7 sports. >> anchor: despite their slow start to the season, there have been positives early on for the unit. their 27 goals is tied for fourth most in the league. now if they could just do something about that 0, 3 and one record at homement b's get another chance to grab win number one on the guard nice tomorrow against the coyotes. still no word on whether mat bol boleski will be able to get back into the lineup but regardless of who is in or out, something must change when it comes to . i felt like we played 40 minutes pretty good hockey game and for some reason the other 20 was not as good. so we played really well for 60 minutes, just trying to upset
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so at home we have to take the same approach. >> anchor: first base coving hires rarely make headlines but then again those hires rarely are former general managers. rubin ama are o junior goes from running phillies to hopping into the coach's box at fenway park. hardly the usual career trajectory of those front office types. i guess it is unusual but i always had an itch to be back on the field so it's always been something that i thought about quite a bit and i was afford a wonderful opportunity when john called about 8 or ten days ago. had it not been the red sox, frankly i probably would not be doing this. >> anchor: vikings and lions, teddy bridgewater here looking way up top for the ricky wide out stephan digs, how is this for your first career touchdown? digs stretches way out to make
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the grab hauling in our play of the day. and pitching matchup is set for game one world series tomorrow night. the royals are sending ed monson to the hill against matt harvey for the me. that's sports.
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for the girl scout meeting. okay. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you having? stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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>> anchor: that is our time for 7 news at 0 clock. as all, thanks for sharing some of your valuable time. i am adam williams .
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>> anchor: i'm kim khazei. we hope you have a gray evening. we would love for to you come back and see us on 7 news at 11:00. if you would like your news an
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