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tv   Today  NBC  October 27, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. good morning. unrelenting. the remnants of hurricane patricia pounding a huge portion of the country this morning. tens of millions from the midwest to the northeast under the threat of torrential rain and flooding. disturbing arrest. >> are you going to come with me, or do i have to make you? >> a police deputy caught on camera smming and dragging a student from her desk. that officer now being told to stay away from schools, and nbc news has learned this is not the first time his actions with students have been called into question. no more mr. nice guy? presidential candidate bernie sanders sharpens his rhetoric in the democratic race. are the gloves coming off?
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we'll ask senator sanders in an exclusive live interview. and royal bond. members of the royal family mingle with the stars of the new james bond film. we'll take you inside the star-studded premiere today, tuesday, october 27th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." it is a tuesday morning. nice to have you along. >> yeah. it's nice to look across our studio and see senator bernie sanders in the house this morning, the first time we've had a chance to welcome him during this presidential campaign. we'll get a chance to talk to him in just a couple of minutes. >> the first time we've been able to say we're feeling the bern inside studio 1a. >> that's right. >> drench rain and what's left of hurricane patricia taking aim at new targets this morning
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several days. nbc's janet shamlian is in pensacola against for us today. janet, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. this is the storm that doesn't want to quit, pummeling the south for days, and it's been setting rainfall records as it marches to the east. no letup this morning to the heavy rains, pounding winds and floods brutalizing the gulf coast, from pascagoula to pensacola, red flag warnings. the wind and rain unrelenting. the rain is punishing, but more than that it's the wind. gusts exceeding 35 miles an hour. the type of winds you would see in a tropical storm. >> across the south, dramatic scenes as the storm moved through. part of the causeway to dauphin, alabama, had to be shut down, waters streaming over the sea wall. >> i looked out from the balcony and saw it out here, and i'm like, whoa, that's getting a little close for comfort. >> reporter: in baton rouge rescuers pulled 20 elementary school students to safety when a bus stalled on a flooded road.
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orleans but not the misery of flooded streets, debris and damaged homes. >> real bad, i mean, bad. every time you get yourself situation another disaster comes through. >> reporter: but through it all even a little humor. >> reporter: if you're coming into mobile you should be okay, except for the gusts of wind and the blinding rain. other than that everything is great. >> reporter: and now this entire system is moving into the midwest and northeast where you guys are. it's going to be a super soaker there as well. matt and savannah, back to you. >> we've been warned. janet shamlian in pensacola, thank you. >> she says midwest, northeast, that's us. >> that's right, and it's going to be unrelenting for the next 48 hours. show you where this thing is headed. okay. remnants of patricia, and more tropical moisture pushing in, and so we're going to be watching this now through the day today. it starts to push out into the mississippi and ohio river valleys. rain, increasing wind, local flooding becoming which had spread and then makes its way into the northeast by late wednesday afternoon. so here's what we're looking at.
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heavy rain for today, expanding areas of rain, gusty winds, up to 3 inches of rain from paducah to cincinnati. we're watching this closely, and then as we move into tomorrow, in the northeast. the good news is we have a drought situation here in the northeast and new england. this will help, but with wind gusts of 40 to 45 miles per hour we look for major airport delays, guys, that will probably philadelphia, washington, d.c. and all through major airports here in new york city. >> keep an eye on it. al, thank you very much. >> now to this disturbing video that's getting a lot of attention this morning showing the violent arrest of a female high school student in south carolina and an investigation is now under way. natalie is following this this morning. nat, good morning. >> good morning, guys. it is hard to watch that video. the indent captured by other students in the classroom, and this morning the deputy in that video has now been banned from the school district pending the results of that investigation. outrage is growing this morning over this disturbing incident
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captured by a student at spring valley high school in columbia, south carolina. it shows a school resource officer confronting a female student for allegedly disrupting class. >> are you going to come with me or do i have to make you? >> he asks her to come with him and after she refuses several times the confrontation escalates. it's unclear what led up to the incident, but a second video shot by another student shows the officer pulling the girl to the ground and throwing her across the floor. the officer identified by the richland county sheriff's department as deputy ben fields declined to be interview pending an investigation. >> the sheriff fully understands the seriousness of this incident and will address it once again when the investigation is completed. >> reporter: according to the sheriff's office it was only after the student refused to leave the classroom that the officer was called in. on facebook and on twitter, the video was trending with
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the #assaultatspringvalleyhigh. the aclu and the richland black parents association with condemning the incident calling it egregious and unacceptable. school officials are working with the sheriff's department to investigate. the district superintendent released a statement saying, quote, student safety is and always will be the district's done priority. the district will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize the safety of our students. pending the outcome of the investigation, the district has directed that the school resource officer not return to any school in the district. >> the student who was detained was later released to her parents, we're also learning this morning more about deputy ben fields. now he and several other officers were sued for excessive force back in 2007, but they won that case and fields and other school officials are facing another lawsuit brought by a student for a 2013 incident claiming in part that fields unfairly and recklessly targets african-american students with allegations of gang membership
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and criminal gang activity. fields and the other defendants deny any wrongdoing, and they have presented evidence to oppose these allegations. that case still pending, guys, but clearly this is an issue that has been ongoing here at school. >> we're just talking here, look at video and see the other students sitting like statues at their desk. it's clear they feared perhaps this person they were intimidated by this person. >> and the only weapon of choice is to record everything on video. >> exactly. >> natalie, thank you. let us turn now to the presidential race, and in a moment we'll talk exclusively to democratic hopeful senator bernie sanders, but first we've got some new poll numbers on the republican side as the candidates descend on colorado for the next debate. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is there. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. this is our first look this morning inside the spin room ahead of tomorrow night's republican debate. you've got donald trump now in second place in iowa, dr. ben carson, can he maintain his momentum? here's that new poll numbers.
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the front-runner in iowa and is polling away, the third straight poll to show this with the support of iowa evangelicals, up double digits over trump. trump will try to reverse those numbers today when he heads to iowa, and we'll be watching to see whether he backs away from his recent criticis, his attacks of ben carson over his faith and over what trump energy. trump also raised eyebrows during that "today" show town hall in new hampshire monday. he said that his climb to the top of the business world has not been easy, describing what he called a small $1 million loan from his father. back then $1 million then by the way is the equivalent of more than $6 million today. but one of the best matchups of the night will likely be between jeb bush and marco rubio. during a powerpoint presentation to donors in houston yesterday the bush campaign put up a slide that nbc news contained that read experience matters as its title and beneath it one of the bullet points says marco is a
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like obama the bush campaign criticized rubio for running as a first-term senator, for being a university lecturer and for having in its word fuse legislative accomplishments. the republican candidates sharing the stage for only third time when we see them here in colorado tomorrow night. matt, back to you. >> peter, thanks. a reminder you can catch that debate, "your money, your vote" tomorrow at 8:00 eastern on cnbc. >> and now to the democratic race, as hillary clinton campaign enjoys new momentum, her main rival vermont senator bernie sanders is still nipping at her heels and providing a much bigger challenge than anyone would have predicted. senator sanders, good morning. it's nice to have you here in our studio. >> great to be here with you. >> a lot of democrats really like you, some of them love you, but if you put your candidacy up side by side to hillary clinton and ask a simple question who is more likely to prevail in a general election, would you acknowledge that hillary clinton has a better chance of winning the general? >> absolutely not. actually, if you look at some of
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trump, we do better than hillary clinton, not in all, but in many of them, and the reason for that is the enthusiasm that we are generating, a lot of working class people and young people who have given up on the political process are now coming out and they want a candidate to stand up for the big money interests and create an economy that works for all of us and not just the 1% so we're generating excitement, big voter turnouts work, democrats win under those circumstances, and i think we are the candidate to do that. >> you are progressive across the board except perhaps on the issue of guns. you've supported some reforms, but you also support legal immunity for gun manufacturers. you voted against the brady bill which calls for background checks and five-day waiting periods. do you think at this stage in this day and age that makes you a tough sell for many mainstream democrats? >> i don't and i'll tell you why, matt. what people don't know is that in 1988 when i first ran for
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congress, there were three candidates in the race. two of them were supported by the gun groups, one of them, me, was not, and you know why? because i said in that campaign, 19828 8 i would vote to ban certain assault weapons. two years later i kept my word and by the way i have a d-minus voting record from the nra and i have been strong in saying we have got to bring people together to end these horrific massacres that we're seeing and i think as a candidate coming from a state that has virtually no gun control at all i think i can do that. >> you've sharpened your rhetoric in the last few days, hillary clinton gained new momentum in this race and one thing you point out more consistently for a longer term like gay marriage. >> right. >> on issues like trade deals. >> yeah. >> you use the word expedient a lot. let me be direct to you. do you think hillary clinton holds positions when and only because they are politically expedient?
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make that decision, but what i will say is i have from almost day one in the congress known that our trade policies have been a disaster for american workers. we have lost millions of decent paying jobs. >> but the subtext is that hillary clinton hasn't picked up that fight where you have? >> well, let me just say this. let me put it in this way. i am delight the that in the last couple of months hillary clinton has come on board positions that i have held for many, many years on trade, on the keystone pipeline. if you're serious about climate change, you never support the transportation of some 69 dirtiest fuel on earth so i'm glad that hillary clinton is moving in my direction. >> let me talk about gridlock. people right now, senator, are so frustrated with washington. >> yes. >> president obama has had key elements of his agenda blocked by conservatives in congress. >> yes. >> you are to the left of president obama. >> yes. >> why will you succeed in getting rid of gridlock where he can't? >> great question.
7:13 am
the american people, matt, around issues that they support. people want to see the minimum wage go up, 15 bucks an hour. want to create millions of jobs and want to make public colleges and universitieses. >> but the president has tried to rally the american people. >> i will do it differently because at the end of the day what people are really upset about is that big money controls what goes on in congress, and the only way we change that is when millions of people come forward and demand the government represents all of us and not just the billionaire class. >> senator sanders, you have all of us reaching into our high school textbooks to look up the definition of socialism versus capitalism. you call yourself a democratic socialist. in our last poll 60% of respondents said they were either comfortable or very comfortable with capitalism. capitalist. i see those signs at your rallies, people say join the revolution. what about those voters who don't think a revolution sounds exciting, they think it sounds scary?
7:14 am
people aware that programs like social security, medicare, the national park system which is a wonderful system are publicly owned programs, and to also make people aware that we're the only major country on earth, savannah, that doesn't guarantee health care to all people as a right and we don't have paid family and medical leave, that we do not make public colleges and universities tuition-free as many other countries do, so i think once we get these issues out and talk about creating a government and programs that work for ordinary people rather than just the very wealthy i think more people will understand what we're talking about. >> it's nice to have you here in new york. come by and see us again. >> thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> some other big news out of washington, by the way, house republican leaders reaching a brewing tentative budget deal with the white house aimed at stopping a government shutdown. >> if approved, the agreement would set government funding levels for the next two years and extend the nation's debt
7:15 am
limit through 2017. it would be a milestone after years of gridlock and annual threats of government shutdowns. speaker john boehner works resigns from congress at end of this week, says by pushing through this deal he was cleaning out the barn. >> all right. and now to canada where officials are still trying to figure out what caused a whale watching boat to capsize off vancouver island. it killed at least five people. as divers search for another passenger who is still missing this morning. nbc's national correspondent miguel almaguer is on the story again for you. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. this is a popular tourist defendant nation, not just for americans but for folks all around the globe. the five victims have been identified as british nationals as investigators try to determine what went wrong. surrounded by majestic beauty, this morning the nightmare aboard the "leviathan ii" remains deep and towed into calmer waters it's the kay yogs on this vessel many will never forget.
7:16 am
>> just laying around the boat lifeless. >> reporter: ken lucas says he was the first to arrive at sinking ship. the fisherman plucking 15 people out of the frigid 50-degree water. everyone, he says, was in shock. most suffering from hypothermia. >> because i say bodies in the water. i could hear screaming on the rocks, and i could see people on the flotation device. >> reporter: 21 aboard the popular whale watch tour were rescued. five lives lost in these waters. later today divers will resume the search for the one passenger still missing. the owner of jamie's whaling station spoke out about the tragedy on his boat but didn't the accident. >> i'm absolutely amazed at the support we've experience the in the last 24 hours. we're all traumatized. >> reporter: with investigators poring over boat maintenance records, interviewing passengers and crew, they will also focus
7:17 am
mariners say can quickly turn violent. >> and it's much too early to say what the causes and contributing factors to this accident might be. >> reporter: this morning what happened in these waters remains a mystery, but investigators promise answered will surface. the victims range in age from 18 to 76. investigators say they are looking into the possibility that a rogue wave may have sent the boat to the bottom of the ocean. savannah, matt. >> all right, miguel almaguer, thank you. rescuers picking their way through very rugged terrain in the search of survivors in the massive quake that hit pakistan and afghanistan. more than 300 people have died. that number is expected to rise as search teams reach remote areas that have been cut off by that powerful 7.5 magnitude quake that triggered landslides and toppled buildings and severed communication lines. the government is cracking down on e-cigarettes on passenger planes after more than two dozen explosions and fires over about half a decade.
7:18 am
battery-operated electronic smoking devices will no longer be allowed in checked bags and smokers won't be able to recharge their devices while they are on the plane. the rule still allows e-cigarettes to be carried in carry-on luggage. the new rule goes into effect within the next two weeks. all right. new york's famous pizza rat may finally have met its match. meet bagel pigeon that. photo was recently uploaded to the image sharing site imageer with the caption the most new york photo i've ever taken. the only question did the pigeon east the city's most popular breakfast food or use it as a necklace? you'll remember this guy, that's the original pizza rat who gained internet fame by dragging a slice of pizza through a new york subway station. didn't someone once call pigeons flying rats. >> i think it was actually my brother. al, what's shaking in the weather? >> we've got the big world series game one tonight and the kansas city royals taking on the new york mets.
7:19 am
we're taking a look there at royal stadium and, boom, we've got some pretty decent weather, although there is a threat of some showers later this afternoon into this evening. 54 tomorrow. it will be clear and cool temperature of 49 degrees. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. is folgers in your cup >> reporter: good morning. cold. cool this afternoon, temperatures between 53 and 57, but lying and variable wind.
7:20 am
tomorrow our attention focuses on this weather system in the southeast today. it comes into new england late tomorrow afternoon. actually. rainfall amounts upward of an inch of ran overnight tomorrow night. winds tomorrow night gusting 20 to occasionally 40mph. and because it is an overnight storm, minor travel disruption that's your latest weather. savannah. >> all right,al al. coming up the broken hearted family of the suspect in the deadly crash at a homecoming parade in oklahoma is speaking out this morning. also, a new chapter in the great drone wars. walmart's new plan to take on amazon head to head, but first this is "today" on nbc.
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>> this is 7 news now. >> reporter: it is tuesday. it is 7:26. lots of sun here in downtown boston, a little frost overnight. jeremy, temperatures out there
7:27 am
right now? >> reporter: down into the 20s, crystal. right now bedford 24. norwood 24. city of boston 38. plymouth at 28. fitchburg 27. cold this morning. even this afternoon, still cool. but no wind out there. with filtered sunshine, 53 to 57. rain on the way for tomorrow evening and overnight tomorrow night. windy, as well, winds gusting over 30mph for a short time tomorrow night. >> check your headlines. now police in pembroke are investigating after a student at pembroke community middle school allegedly made threats over the weekend. the interim superintendent says the student has nothing suspended, but according to the "patriot ledger" the student has been referred to a mental health professional to undergo a risk assessment. traffic news now, all lanes of 95 south are back open after a car burst into flames here in waltham. this happened just before exit 26 last night. the car fully endwuferled. crews had to shut down all but one lane. no one was hurt.
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how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you' ve got this. you' ve got t.j.maxx.
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it is 7:30 now on this 2015. we have got a big concert from 5 seconds of summer coming up tomorrow and guess what. some of their fans have already started lining up, but if you think you are 5 seconds biggest fan, we want to see your video and photo and show them with us with the 5 sauce. >> still cool to say 5 sauce. >> seems super cool. the remnants of hurricane
7:31 am
patricia spreading across much of the east after triggering widespread flooding in the south, and al says we should expect heavy rain from missouri to the mid-atlantic states. in the republican race for president, a new poll out just this morning has ben carson with the lead nationally. the "new york times"/cbs news survey shows carson with 26% support compared to 22% for donald trump. and game one of the world city. the home team royals taking on the new york mets in the best of seven fall classic. and coming up the dramatic end to the intense search for aed mo earn day bonnie and clyde couple wanted for a string of alleged crimes up and down the east coast. but let's begin this half hour with the prosecutor in oklahoma saying evidence from that deadly crash that killed four people at a college homecoming parade suggests that it was an intentional act. we're also hearing for the first time from the family of the woman arrested in that case. nbc's kerry sanders has that story. kerry, good morning to you.
7:32 am
14 of the victims remain in the hospital this morning. doctors are watching five of them very closely because they are still in critical condition. prosecutors say because one of them may still die, they are waiting to bring formal charges. it will either be four or five counts of second-degree murder. this morning adacia chambers sits in a solitary jail cell still on suicide watch n.court monday prosecutors said she deliberately drove her car into a crowd at osu homecoming parade. a criminal affidavit filed with the court said the 25-year-old, quote, admitted to booking staff that she was suicidal at the time of the incident. >> it's unclear. >> reporter: her attorney says chambers has a history of mental illness and wants her to undergo a psychological evaluation. million. with formal charges of second-degree murder expected in two weeks.
7:33 am
her father says he's confused by the tragic events >> the little girl i raised wouldn't have been -- done something like this. >> reporter: and conflicted by his daughter's role in them. are you angry at her? >> my heart is broken for this whole incident. you know, that my child is the one that caused all this and now i'm father of the person who injured those people and killed four. >> reporter: in stillwater they are grieving for the lives lost and those forever changed. father of 2-year-old victim nash lucas seen here with his mock nikki telling nbc news nash was a sweet, happy, smart little boy who had so much potential. taylor collins was dressed as osu mascot pistol pete at saturday's parade and he rushed 12-year-old survivor and osu football fan allen campbell to the hospital. the two reunited monday.
7:34 am
right place and helped out with a bad situation. >> reporter: homicide investigators are expected to examine the car's so-called black box. it records the last five seconds of a car's operation and it could answer the question whether chambers hit the brakes or accelerated as she drove the car towards the crowd. matt, savannah? >> all right. much. the drone wars are heating up this morning with another major retailer now pushing to get packages to you in this new way, and willie's got that story. hey, willie, going to happen? >> looks like it, guys. walmart, of course, is the largest retailer by revenue, and now the company wants to jump into the drone game hoping to compete with amazon and some other retailers. walmart asking the u.s. government now for permission to begin testing drones for at-home delivery. from brick and mortar stores to the skies, this morning walmart is the latest retailer to bet its future on drones.
7:35 am
tests and now wants to test drones outdoors, going head to head with companies like amazon and google, already conducting their own drone tests. a walmart spokesman tells nbc news we're always testing new ways to drive efficiencies in our supply chain and to serve customers faster and better. >> it's very efficient. it will be good across every sector of the economy and consumers will get goods much faster than they otherwise would. >> the drone application is just the late attempt by walmart to play catchup with amazon which recently surpassed the big box chain as the most valuable retailer in the world. to stay competitive walmart also recently announced it is investing over $1 billion into its e-commerce business, launching a shoppers club similar to amazon prime and expanding its grocery pickup service. as for the drones, don't expect delivery this holiday season. commercial drone use remains illegal. while companies can apply for exemptions from the faa, the
7:36 am
days. all this as the faa is expected to establish new regulations for commercial drones sometime next year. walmart's move comes days after the government announce it had wants to register all drones in the u.s. after a spike in the number of pilots reporting close calls with drones operating around airports nationwide. guys, with these tests it looks like it's coming, this drone delivery at home, and what walmart has to do is get express written consent from every resident it passes over on the way to a delivery for that test. >> anyone else not feeling this? >> what could possibly go wrong? >> like the invasion of the drones. that's next. >> the gridlock on the streets, i don't want to see it in the skies, no thank you. >> if i hold back and don't give system out. >> the they go from "a" and "b" and they have to get every home in that chain to agree to it. >> we're counting on you, people. >> wiltly, thank you. weather.
7:37 am
we've got our first real arctic air mass starting to make its way across the country, and it is going to go almost from coast to coast. here's the arctic air over canada, pushes into the plains today. look for highs only about three normal. ahead of it fargo you're at 63 and north platte 66. we move into tomorrow. temperatures drop from minneapolis, fargo, omaha and detroit, you'll be above normal and so will st. louis, and as we make our way into louisville and then on thursday, chicago, you see the drop. same in st. louis, detroit, but ahead of it here in the northeast on thursday, nice and warm. 72 new york and philadelphia and then temperatures take a 10 to 15-degree drop in philly,burgton, all the way down into raleigh. >> reporter: good morning. cold. cool this afternoon, temperatures between 53 and 57, but lying and variable wind. tomorrow our attention focuses on this weather system in the southeast today.
7:38 am
it comes into new england late tomorrow afternoon. the remnants of patricia, actually. rainfall amounts upward of an inch of ran overnight tomorrow night. winds tomorrow night gusting 20 to occasionally 40mph. and because it is an overnight storm, minor travel >> and check the weather channel on cable and for your weather 24/7. >> all right. al. just ahead. hold me for this one, can you handle rokerthon 2, al broke the record for the longest uninterrupted weather broadcast, 34 hours. see what al is going to do for an encore. >> and a new technology straight out of a sci-fi movie that could
7:39 am
right when the weather starts turning cooler and the air is nice and crisp, i know that fall has finally arrived. and with it, all the
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all right. we're back at 7:42. by now you've probably made purchases with your debit or credit card using the embedded chip technology. >> the latest step being taken by banks to curb fraud but it's not the last. "today" national correspondent craig melvin is here with a look at atm card of the future. craig. >> hey, good morning, guys. so imagine getting rid of that atm card all together. some banks insist it would not only be more secure but would mean less time at atm. trust me when i say you've got to see it to believe it. once, just the stuff of science fiction flicks. >> good evening, john adamson. >> reporter: iris scanning could soon be coming to an atm group near you. citigroup is one of a major group testing a cardless banking creating a vision that's
7:44 am
intended to be more secure and even more easier to use. >> simply schedule a transaction, select withdrawal. i select the account that i would like to withdraw, from the amount i would like to withdraw and i simply hit okay and i've got a notification confirming that my transaction is scheduled for redemption later. once the customer approaches the machine with the mobile device it scans their iris to verify their identity and out comes the cash. citi is in the very early stages of testing, jpmorgan chase, bank of america and wells fargo are also considering similar futuristic technology. >> i have replaced all my passwords with the fingerprint i.d. i trust the technology because it's safe. it's your fingerprint. it's unique, and the same i would think about an iris scanner. >> security and convenience are key for consumers and as mobile payments gain momentum, mastercard says it's now testing a program that lets you pay using fitness trackers, jewelry, even your car keys. security experts more ways to
7:45 am
get and use your money might mean more opportunity for thieves. >> cyber criminals go where the money is. they go where the action is, and as more people adopt mobile pay, they are going to be looking for opportunities to get in between you and your money and you and your identity. >> reporter: eye-opening technology designed for convenience and security, but at what cost. we've been given great tips to keep your money safe. create an e-mail address you only use for mobile pay, safeguards you from cyber criminal trying to reset your passwords in order to hack your account and make sure all your privacy settings on your mobile device are up to date, and always use that anti-virus and anti-mal wear software on those devices, and turn off the wi-fi, use your cellular data while using mobile pay so hackers cannot access your account through those unsecured wi-fi networks and there are a lot of them. >> that just adds more inconvenience.
7:46 am
>> my father never had an atm card, still doesn't have one. >> where does he keep the cash? >> in a horse and buggy. >> just curious. >> thanks, craig. >> thank you. coming up on trending, who is hans solo going to pal around with now? what chew bakke just did that landed him in custody. and ricky gervais returning as the host of the golden globes, yes. why he's making a big question donald trump. carson will talk about that right afte (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. subaru, a subaru. toaster's broken.
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low as $1 a month, when you trade in your iphone 6, and with iphone forever, get a new iphone every year. switch to the network that's stronger, faster and more reliable than ever before. (trouble hearing on the phone, visit so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes
7:49 am
. all right. we learned last week that chris rock is going to host the next oscars and now we know who will fill the role at globes and the carson hats info. >> guys, it's going to be a great year. the golden globes tweeted this teaser reading he's back, announcing ricky gervais would return as host of the 2016 awards. instantly ricky gervais was a top trend on twitter. if you take a look here, he previously hosted the globes in 2010, '11 and '12 and when he
7:50 am
did, that preaching no celebrity is safe, got viewership up there, 14% over what it was in 2009. very good. let's get to t.ricky gervais tweeting out can't wait to host the golden globes again. my only guarantee is that not everyone will enjoy it as much as me. already choosing his targets. he added this. now i want donald trump to stop saying things until the day before the golden globes. the globes air january 10th on nbc to wish nbc's entertainment said in a statement fasten your seat belts. >> i love him. we love him. glad he's back. >> a perfect host. >> he really is. >> you're right. let's suck up now. >> perfect is a guarantee he won't turn our attention to him. carson, thank you. coming up, ellen degeneres stops by and reveals one of his hidden passions. >> and "the voice" on today. all four coaches live here on our plaza after a check of your local news and weather.
7:51 am
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that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. >> this is 7news now. >> anchor: good morning, everyone. 7:57. a cool start to the day out there. >> reporter: sure, is jadiann. 20s and 30s. 38 in the city. nashua 26. martha's vineyard 32. a mix of clouds and sunshine through the day. a cool day, but barely any wind. that's huge. temperatures in the mid-50s. tomorrow rain arriving tomorrow evening and overnight tomorrow night. an inch of rain likely tomorrow night. >> anchor: thanks, jeremy. two young children are in the hospital after a head-on crash in oxford that killed a woman. police say a driver crossed the center line of route 20 and hit a cement truck.
7:57 am
that little boy is on life support and a two-year-old has serious injuries. manchester, new hampshire, police are searching for a would-be robber who was stopped in his tracks when the store clerk launched a counter-attack. the store clerk says the suspects walked into the store and told her to give them money. she pulled out a bigger knife and the suspect took off. we'll be back in 25 minutes. hope you're having a great start to your morning. we'll see you then. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. i see myself in every one of the students that i have. i know that it's my responsibility to do for them what i would want someone to do for me. helping the community is important to me because i live in this community, so when i'm 80, 90 years old, looking back, reflecting on my life, i want to be able to say
7:58 am
that i did something awesome for somebody, i helped people, you know, i helped change my community, i helped enhance someone's life. i want those to be my memories. my name is stephen and i have blue cross blue shield. who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa
7:59 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, don't panic, meat lovers. in the wake of the news that processed and red meats may cause cancer, millions of americans are asking what do we eat now? then, the science of being scared. in ghosts and graveyards, to the rush of extreme sports we face our fear factor and put scary to the test. >> why? plus, we're gearing up for a star-studded morning. our end ellen degeneres stops by
8:00 am
and all four coaches from "the voice," adam, gwen, pharrell and make are up early with us this morning, tuesday, october 27th, 2015. >> missing all the kids in minnesota, we love you. >> here for debby's birthday. >> all the way from nashville. >> to celebrate my 30th birthday! >> guess what. >> we're having a baby! >> and good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." it is 8:00. it's a tuesday morning. it's the 27th of october, 2015, and we have four bona fide celebrities on our plaza. no, don't look here. look there, blake shelton, gwen stefani and pharrell and add am
8:01 am
levine otherwise known as "the voice" coaches all here this morning. i just asked blake, does carson ever mention us when at "voice." and he said, no, i didn't know carson worked here. >> like my two families being together at thanksgiving table. >> which table are you going to sit at in the. >> good question. >> i'm going to answer. i'll have dinner with the adults, and that's you folks and have dessert with the kids from "the voice." >> the by the way, i just want this lathe lady back here, marry is 90 years old. >> happy birthday. >> with you are you from, mar? >> from illinois. >> well, happy birthday. >> my three daughters are here from california. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> by the way, we've got a very big announcement. it was a year ago that mr. roker brought us rokerthon and did weather for 34 straight hours. that, of course, set a guinness world record. well, guess what. it's time for rokerthon 2 and al is out to smash an even bigger
8:02 am
record. >> coming soon, the journey to greatness begins again. al roker is back, and he's ready for more. one weather man, 50 states and just one week to bring you the weather from every state in our great nation. >> open the door, come on. here we go. will he make it and set a guinness world records title? >> nice goat. >> only mother nature can stop him now. rokerthon 2, taking america by storm. in theaters nowhere november 6th. >> i love it. the goat makes me a little uncomfortable, but i love the rest of it. >> it's a nice goat, little man. >> seven days, all 50 states. >> all 50 states. we'll be broadcasting live across nbc, msnbc, our fine nbc
8:03 am
stations, weather channel, anybody who is willing to take one of our broadcasts. >> all right. >> that's awesome. >> not sure how we're going to do it but we're going tloult. >> awesome. tune in starting next thursday and track al's progress just like santa on christmas eve. >> exactly. >> only without the presents. >> get you warmed up with the forecast right now. we're going to do natalie morales and the top stories first. >> that's right, natalie. >> that's all right. i'll take it. good morning, guys. once again, there's no letup this morning to the heavy rains, fierce winds and severe flooding along the gulf coast. part of the elevated roadways to dauphin island, alabama, to be shut down as waves topping ten feet whipped the shore sending water over the sea wall, and in baton rouge, louisiana, 20 school kids had to be rescued when their bus stalled on a stormy road and now the storm that pounded this out has millions more braced for heavy storms and travel delays as it moves into the midwest and northeast. in the presidential race, a
8:04 am
morning has ben carson taking the lead over donald trump. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in boulder, colorado, where republicans face off tomorrow in their third debate. peter, good morning. >> natalie, good morning to you. this is big news on the eve that have republican debate you just said t.ben carson is now a national front-runner. donald trump dropping to second place for the first time in months. these are the numbers. this new national poll showing trump at 22 but carson at 26% right now. that four-point lead, within the margin of error. rubio, by the way in third place way back at 8 boston. look how fluid the field is right now. a majority of republicans say that they haven't made their minds up yet, and 80% of those people who say they are backing dr. ben carson right now say they are not really sure who they will end up supporting. this morning our guests here on "today" was on the democratic side, bernie sanders. he spoke out when asked about hillary clinton and whether she's been changing her
8:05 am
positions for political benefit. here's what he said. >> i am delighted that in the last couple of months hillary clinton has come on board positions that i have held for many, many years on trade, on the keystone pipeline. if you're serious about climate change, you never support the transportation of some of the dirtiest fuel on earth, so i'm glad that hillary clinton is moving in my direction. >> reporter: so the democrats will be on the back burner, at least for the next 24 to 48 hours. ben carson, again, the front-runner on the republican side. donald trump with an event in iowa today. we'll be watching to see what, if anything, he says about this latest poll. natalie? >> you know he'll have a lot to say. thanks. you can, by the way, catch the republican presidential debate, "your money, your vote" tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern time on cnbc. a bonnie and clyde couple wanted for a string bank robberies on the east coast was finally captured monday but only philadelphia.
8:06 am
this morning a couple on the run from the law finally captured. police say jennifer carrier and her husband joseph carrier allegedly robbed a citizens bank in wilmington, delaware shortly after noon on monday. the carriers fled the scene in a brown buick encore and were spotted by delaware in pennsylvania state police who began chasing them >> 10-4. all units 1039. >> speeds are about 85, in the left lane. >> reporter: suspects crashed into several vehicles near philadelphia international airport where police took them into custody. no one was injured in the crash. authorities say the couple's alleged crimes followed a pattern they have seen at least four times. on september 28th joseph carrier captured on surveillance video in the same pink shirt. on october 9th in west sadsbury, pennsylvania, police say they got $730 from a bank inside a walmart. three days later in palm coast, florida, $500 from wells fargo
8:07 am
taking from a bank in aberdeen, maryland, and while couple may be described as a modern day bonnie and clyde, police say this story is far from a romantic crime spree. >> these two individuals are deeply troubled people, serious heroin addiction. it's turned them from these law-abiding citizens to multi-state bank robbers. >> police have not stated the charges depending against jennifer and joseph carrier or when and where the two will be arraigned. a kenyan marathon runner has been arrested on fraud charges after officials say he cheated at the nairobi international marathon on sunday. julius njogu allegedly hid in the crowd and joined in on the race with just one kilometer to go. his second place finish was officials got suspicious when the runner crossed the line without even breaking a sweat. yeah. savannah. line. >> full on sweat.
8:08 am
>> you don't break a sweat but us mere mortals, no. thank you so much. now to the story that has a lot of people talking. on monday the world trade organization made a bold statement that processed meats cause cancer and that red meat could be linked to cancer as well. according to these findings, 1.8 ounces of processed maetd a day, that's two slices of ham, for example, could raise the risk of colorectal cancer by 18% and 3.5 ounces of red meat daily, a small burger, couldration the risk by 17%, so can we still eat meat? carrie glassman is a registered dietician. good morning. >> good morning. >> a lot of people were scared when they read this study. what's the bottom line? should people be drastically cutting down how much processed meat and red meat they eat? >> well, they should be, but here's the thing. we should be doing what we were doing really last week before this information came out. so this is very important information that we just learned yesterday. however, the recommendations are
8:09 am
should have been doing, again, for a long time now, focusing on whole, real foods, as little processed food as possible and limiting our red meats, specifically limiting or taking out all together our processed meat and focusing on plant-based foods, more plant-based foods. >> when you say more processed meat and everyone understands and we're on the same page. what does that refer to? >> processed meat is the anything that's salt the, cured, ferment the, smoked, so it's going to be meat that is processed and chemicals added to it to increase the shelf life and also the flavor. >> for a lot of people that means deli sandwich they eat every single day. should you not do that? >> so you should absolutely be limiting deli meats, and when you do go to the deli ask for the fresh turkey. very often your deli counter has fresh turkey available and going for the package the meats, they are convenient. i'm a working mom.
8:10 am
a lot of us need convenience food. however they do make them knew the nitrates and uncured. >> don't take my bacon away from me. i think that's what america is collectively saying. >> it is anti-american not to the eat bake o. look at bacon like all other processed meats we just talked about it. really have it as little as possible and don't go for that traditional bacon you probably grew up on. look for uncured, look for nitrate nitrate-free bacon. >> real quickly, cut down on the red meat and watch how you cook it. >> watch how you cook it, but red meat there is a place in your diet for good grass-fed red meat, minimal amounts, one time a week. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up next, the royals september out for the premiere of the new bond film. we'll take you inside that star-studded event. plus, ellen degeneres on the job she would like to have if she weren't a successful comedian and talk show host and why she likes to move. >> carson. >> words colliding. our pals from "the voice" are here and we'll chat all things about
8:11 am
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8:13 am
all right. it is now 8:14, a great tame to tackle what's trending today, and let's start with plaque friday, okay? not that far away. what do you think of? >> massive crowds. >> yeah. >> huge crops. >> shopping, good deals. >> elastic pants after thanksgiving, for me anyway. >> shoppers bursting into thanksgiving morning. they are elbowing each other aside and trying to get the best deals, but one store is now taking a big stance. sporting goods retailer arei says black friday has gotten out of hand so at its stores there will be no sales, no door busters, no long waits outside. in fact, get this. all of its locations will be closed on black friday. employees have been given the day off with full pay. >> wow. >> arei says it isn't worried about a hit to the bottom line.
8:14 am
black friday to go do something outdoors. >> i love that. >> what a great philosophy. >> i love rei and they are an expensive store and look forward to an opportunity to buy stuff at a reduced rate so i'll miss their sale. >> great customer service. like it. >> when you meet a stranger are you sometimes unsure how to greet them. a hug too familiar, maybe a handshake too form al, an air kiss too much? well, oxford university just conducted the biggest study ever done on physical contact and body map. there it is. okay. that's the male and female figures. >> okay. >> let me explain this to you. >> what toss it mean? >> the colors correspond to each places where each gender think it's okay to touch arnot to touch. see the lady in the black. everything in black don't touch. >> well that's -- >> and for the guy, there's not a dark spot to be found. it's like don't touch his toe. >> what's the difference between the yellow and the other color. >> the green are where most
8:15 am
brown parts where they are least comfortable and i don't know what yellow means. >> so the guy is not comfortable go. >> guys are like touch me wherever you want. >> like the makeup room with kathie lee and hoda, touch me anywhere they are want. >> it is true. >> kiss on the lips, too sglrlt no one is above the law, not even if you're one of the most famous characters in movie history, chewbacca, a man dressed as the "star wars" co-pilot apparently violated local election laws so cops hauled him away. this was in ukraine and he was fine the the equivalent of 2 bucks. out campaigning for a mayoral candidate who was running under the name darth saider. >> really. >> how clever. >> that's a good one. >> all right. now to the royals joining james bond on his big day. jimmy fallon jokes about injuring yet another hand.
8:16 am
>> first up, the big-time events leaving fans shaken and stirred. premiere of the new james bond movie "specter." daniel craig and stars leading the way and look who managed to upstage the stars, that's kate, duchess kate, she along with prince william and prince harry wearing the red carpet. she word a blue silk chiffon dress with a crystal embellished dress. >> she spoke better than anyone. >> looks like a million bucks and jimmy fallon returning to "the tonight show" after a rough weekend at harvard. >> welcome to "the tonight show." i'm your host trippi fall-in. this time i injured my other hand right after getting an award from harvard. even when i get into harvard i still embarrass my parents. >> jimmy joking about this moment when he tripped over someone while holding a bottle of jagermeister.
8:17 am
yeah, there's the jager and down goes jimmy and last night on his show he explained how it happened. >> give me a flower or something. so she knelt down, i didn't see her and i'm like what? and this hand is already gone so i'm like -- threw the bottle and then i just landed on broken glass. >> does your jagermeister do and he showed off his two sesame street band-aids and is getting pretty comfortable at the hospital. >> immediate to keep that guy bubble wrapped. >> and big news about "ghost busters" and the fan frenzy surrounding the new movie. this morning we can exclusively reveal that a huge name is making a cameo. this is someone who is universally beloved, a national institution. the question who is it? >> i know those ears anywhere. >> is it al? >> revealed. >> what? >> you, al roker. >> he doesn't even know it. >> you are going to be in the
8:18 am
new movie. get ready. you're going to be playing the part of al roker. >> yes! >> you had no idea. >> i had no idea. >> you didn't know that. >> how does it feel? you're going to be in the actual movie. it's been confirmed this movie. >> i don't know who i'm going to call. >> tell them about the twinkie card. >> she barks. >> sleeps above the cover. >> your favorite movie of all time. >> it really is. >> we didn't know. >> i had no idea. >> dreams do come true, al. >> oh, my gosh, wow. forever. >> rokerthon 2 and now this. >> you're speechless today. >> having a heck of a week. >> man. >> congratulations, that's your "pop start" everybody. >> thank you, carson. >> al, can you do the weather now? >> i don't think i can. >> why. >> >> i'm verklempt. >> come back down to earth. >> look up verklempt. anyway, unfortunately, we've got a late week storm that will affect our friends down in the southwest again.
8:19 am
makes its way across texas into the lower and mid-mississippi river valley and bringing some heavy shors and thunderstorms. friday through saturday we could see about-3-to 5 inches of rain from dallas all the way to jackson, missis >> reporter: good morning. cold. cool this afternoon, temperatures between 53 and 57, but lying and variable wind. tomorrow our attention focuses on this weather system in the southeast today. it comes into new england late tomorrow afternoon. actually. rainfall amounts upward of an inch of ran overnight tomorrow night. winds tomorrow night gusting 20 to occasionally 40mph. and because it is an overnight storm, minor travel >> that's your latest weather. i don't know if i'll fit into that stay-puff suit. >> that will be great. >> this week as we count town to halloween we're celebrating today's fear factor.
8:20 am
>> why do so many of us love to be scared? things like ghost stories, horror movies and death-defying sports. nbc's key simmons ir simmons has been looking into all of that. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. please be kind to you and what we're going to see is in the name of science. how we deal with fear may be in our genes or down to the chemicals in brain and while some one with terror. we go under the streets in paris in the catacombs. dinner for two and a bed surrounded by millions of real skeletons. that's got to be the scariest night of your life, terror that would attract some and others run a mile. >> that's year of i don't know what or what might hurt me. >> the sign that there's something potentially threatening in your environment. >> reporter: place in our brain where monsters lurk releases
8:21 am
kept calls that feels good as though ultimately we feel safe. >> come inside. >> so we get all of the nice parts of fear, that increase in arousal without really having a threat that we're going to get killed by these things. >> reporter: so powerful that you can get hooked. that's why we love extreme sports, like here in wales at one of the fastest zip lines in the world. >> i can't see the end of this thing. it's what, a mile long? >> yeah. >> reporter: but hold up. call this fun. >> i feel like a roast chicken. my heart is going now. >> reporter: i was anxious all right. >> in evolutionary terms your brain has not evolved to know that you're attached to a wire she but it was too late. >> i've changed my mind. aghhh!
8:22 am
you're committed. >> reporter: and then pure exhilaration. >> oh, man. you're learning at that point that you're not dying, and what you've got instead is a big rush of adrenaline. >> reporter: it might even be good for you, says ghost guide richard jones. >> if you don't exercise if you like that primeval fear maybe one day we won't use it and when we don't use it that places us back in dang sneer that's why the world of ghosts and ghouls is so fascinating. >> the going to a dark cellar and, wow, you've got that ghosts are -- >> you shiver. >> you shiver and it goes up your spine. >> there's one measure of personality called sensation-seeking.
8:23 am
likely to enjoy fearsome experiences. >> reporter: i think i was a little sick in my mouth. if you're watching at home and there is any chance, any chance that you might react like that, do not consider anything like that for a date night. >> no. >> wow. >> you looked like a rotisserie chicken on that thing. >> i felt like a chicken. >> it looked cool. >> how long does the zip line. >> like a minute. feels like an hour. >> that is awesome. >> but they did say, date night, if you're going to go on a date night going to a horror movie is a good idea and gets you to cuddle up and gets the chemicals going in your brain and to step up today's fear factor we're set to find out real life roots of everyone's favorite movie monsters, talking frankenstein, dracula and, of course, the mummy. we'll have that for you starting tomorrow. >> all right, cool. godzilla. >> don't worry, keir.
8:24 am
we won't play that video ever again. original room. >> if you piece together enough bumpers you'll piece together an interview from "the wow, that is good delicious introducing milkwise original with 46% fewer calories, 33% less sugar, and 50% more calcium than 2% milk it's great taste and better nutrition new milkwise
8:25 am
>> this is 7 news now. >> anchor: good morning, everyone. it's 8:27. let's get over the jeremy and check on that forecast for the day. >> reporter: jadiann, sunny skies, norwood 23. west 56. beverly 48. a cool day but no wind. temps in the middle and upper 50s. for tomorrow, becoming cloudy. showers arriving around 5:00 p.m. tomorrow night. rain overnight tomorrow night, about an inch of rain on the way. >> anchor: thank you, jeremy. police in pembroke are investigating threats made against the pembroke community middle school. the interim superintendent says the student who made the threats has not been suspended. according to the patriot ledger, the student has been referred to a mental health professional in order to undergo a risk assessment. police in manchester, new
8:26 am
man who tried to rob a convenience store with a knife. the store clerk, a mother of four, pulled out a much bigger knife and was able to scare that robber off. a quincy couple dubbed a modern-day bonnie and clyde are under arrest after robbing a bank in delaware. joseph and jenny carrier were caught after they led police on a chase that ended in pennsylvania. the couple is accused of roaring banks up and down the east coast. "today in new england" returns at 9:00, everyone.
8:27 am
>> monologue. >> superstar. >> we're back at 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 27th of october, 2015. can you just tell from the video that we're fast approaching one of our favorite days of the year around here, halloween, which will be celebrating this friday. >> epic natalie.
8:28 am
>> transformed into some of the great characters from "snl," so what will we be this time? >> oh, that is the question. >> we know matt will be a woman. >> what's your problem? >> no, it's something that we me. >> and natalie last year was my favorite part. >> you were so all in. >> superstar. >> you saw my blew me. >> yes, did you. >> watch friday morning to find out what this year holds for everybody. we're inviting you to come down, get together your best costume and we'll have our costume contest and join us for a fun morning on the plaza. >> a bunch of witches over here. >> that's not the only big event out here this week. tomorrow "the voice" and 5 seconds of summer will be here to take over for a live concert right here on our city stage or 5 sauce as matt says. >> also speaking of music the gang from "the voice" has stopped by to celebrate nine seasons of chair turns and unforgettable acts.
8:29 am
we'll talk to adam, blake, frail and gwen in just a moment sght first a check of the weather. >> wet weather stretching from the gulf coast and mid-atlantic states on up into the mid-mississippi river valley with showers in the northwest and sunny here in the northeast and new england. tomorrow that rain moves into the northeast. it's going to be windy. it's going to be wet. we may see some snow in northern minnesota and the u.p. of michigan and rain in the pacific northwest and into central california. look for wet weather also down to florida. windy conditions along the mid-atlantic coast and could be some coastal flooding as well. that's what's goi >> reporter: good morning. cold. cool this afternoon, temperatures between 53 and 57, but lying and variable wind. tomorrow our attention focuses on this weather system in the southeast today. it comes into new england late tomorrow afternoon. the remnants of patricia, actually. rainfall amounts upward of an inch of ran overnight tomorrow night. winds tomorrow night gusting 20 to occasionally 40mph.
8:30 am
storm, minor travel >> any time you need your weather if to the weather channel on cable or online. back to you guys. >> all right, al. thanks very much. now to "the voice" on "today." the superstar coaches from nbc's emmy-winning music competition are here. adam levine, gwen stefani, pharrell and blake shelton. since the last time the emmy award for best reality primetime show show which one deserves the most for the emy in. >> the newest member. >> we can't win crap until you came. >> no coincidence maybe that the year you guys win the emmy it's
8:31 am
also the year that the season ends with pharrell's win. >> no coincidence, huh? >> no coincidence. >> zero. >> what does it mean? i mean, we don't do jobs like this for awards or the money as you tell me all the time. we do it for the joy of it, but what does the award mean and do for the mood on the set in the. >> it's awesome. such a cool thing just to have that and we've won two, right? >> you're talking about the award? >> i'm talking about the emmy. >> what are we talking about? >> it's a little weird. >> we're talking about when i actually win the show. >> he won the show. >> he won the show. that's when you win the emmy. >> i'm sorry, this is you have to. >> no, we're good. we're warming up. >> it's amazing for everyone that works on the show. like i think in terms of production, we've got the coolest people, the nicest people, like everyone speaks like a lot of good energy and for me i know i show up to see
8:32 am
these two not only go at it but at the same time like they are just funny people and, i mean, there's not a dead day. >> each one of you became coaches because you have a resume, because you have a great track record as recording artists and musicians, but what has this show given you that you never got from the other side your career? >> oh, my god. for me, it's given me so much inspiration. i mean, i can't -- i think i wouldn't even have my new record if not for this show. >> why in. >> the show for me it might be the funnest thing i've ever done. >> i agree. >> and add am wrote me an e-mail when i was first considering dougherty show. got to do this show, it's so great. >> the i said she would be so inspired and have the time her life because for all of us that's exactly what happened. it's just one of those things where you're not sure what you're getting yourself into and once you do it, you realize, the coolest thing about it is how we have something to offer. can you offer these guys. i don't think you ever come into
8:33 am
the voice without -- you don't even realize that you have anything to offer these people. >> it brings a whole different level of exposure. you sent a tweet recently, went through a course, sorry about that but also tweeted recently the stuff i read about myself blows my mind. you tweeted that to your 14 million followers. >> whoa. >> you're popular. >> very, very popular these days. >> what's the craziest rumor you've heard about yourself? >> the craziest that i've heard about myself? >> oh, my gosh. i don't -- i've heard -- i need to go to the newsstands. >> heard that you were nice. >> that's ridiculous. >> that is ridiculous. >> i heard you were super-duper talented. >> now i know why we separated you two. >> gwen, you have a new music video out for "i used to love you." can i play a portion of that. >> oh, my god, please play it. >> so good. >> listen. oh, i used to love you
8:34 am
oh, oh, oh, oh >> because your personal life has also been in the headlines. fans are looking at this and are they misinterpreting something here or is it all right there in front of us in terms of the meaning of the song? >> oh, my god, put me on the spot. i'm like who, who. >> but that's why we have this platform right now. >> good idea, pharrell. >> what i'll say about that is i've never put a record out where i'm actually going through things in realtime. like the tragic kingdom, wrote that over a three-year period and then it came out and two years on two and it's this long drawn out thing. i wrote that song a couple weeks ago and sat in front of a camera in a dressing room randomly not making a video just to do like some video for the screens behind me and it went out and it was like the video. so all very real. >> what's the reaction to it? >> it's just nice to do music and have that support from
8:35 am
everybody. i don't know these people but from whatever i feel their energy and love comes back at me and that's really comforting. >> that's nice. >> what's with the hair? you went bald for this season. you had to go there. had to give him more fuel for the fire over there. >> squidward. >> how did it feel like part of bald nation. >> you're an idiot. >> the you know what? >> we're live. you know we're live. >> you look like a sperm cell. >> still in the big red chair. >> of all my friends, you're my dumbest. >> okay. >> i don't even know why you're still on this show. >> i show up for this every day. every day. >> brings so much joy. >> are you and the boys doing the super bowl halftime show. >> no. we want to. maybe we can make a lot of racket. >> i heard negotiations were under way. >> you read that same thing too. >> none of that is true but it
8:36 am
would be nice for us to be a self-fulfilling prophecy so let's get that going. super bowl people. >> super bowl. >> we want to do the super bowl. let's do it. >> my only complaint about this show, your show, is i don't think carson gets enough credit in promos and things like that? can i say this. >> yes. >> carson is the reason nobody has gone on to be a star after they have won "the voice." he actually is the reason. >> i don't agree with you often. that's fine. >> do you have a question, carson? >> you can see it. >> look at his eyes. >> do you have a question, mr. daly. >> i do. glad you brought it up. look at this tweet we got here. this the comes from trl rulz 99. my favorite part of "the voice" is the host. he is magic. what do you like most about him? >> you are magic man. we love you so much. i love you >> is that your own twitter account?
8:37 am
>> maybe. maybe. >> @carsondaly says. >> good to have you here. >> always a pleasure. catch "the voice" tonight 9:00, 8:00 central time right here on noakes. up next, ellen degeneres opens up about a passion that not at lot of people know about, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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toaster strudel. now with more icing. ellen degeneres is at home hosting a talk show and you a kinds of award shows and turns out she's at home at home and you'll never guess what her new book is called "home." ellen, welcome back. >> i wanted to see how many times you could say home. >> you said i'm going to say home a million times in this book. what inspired you to do this? >> every home that we have lived in people say you should photograph this and we did, but then we didn't do anything with the photographs, and everyone said you need to do a book, and because especially because i
8:40 am
really do love doing it and nobody really knows that about me except my closest friends, so with the launch of my lifestyle brand and everything else it just made sensini to share with everyone the way that we live. >> you add mitt that when you and portia if to dinner parties. >> mm-hmm. >> that that's where you do your scouting, so you're one of these people if i were to invite you over you would be checking out -- >> i would buy your house. >> you would buy it from me. >> everything is for sale, everything has a price and if i like your house. >> have you ever done that and gone in and offered somebody who wasn't selling? >> we bought a house because we went to dinner at their house and they tried to sell it, invited us to dinner knowing we would want to buy it so we were traptd, lured in with dinner and by the end of it it cost us a lot of money. >> and you did buy it? >> we did buy it. >> are you critical -- >> and now ryan seacrest lives in that house. we invited him to dinner. >> so turn about is fair play. >> exactly. >> are you critical when you go to people's homes? do you look at things that
8:41 am
people done? >> and then i will not be friend with them if i don't like their taste. >> you're very judgmental. >> very, extremely. >> whatever your eye goes to, if you're -- if that's what you're interested in, you know, i mean, if you play golf with somebody and they don't have a good swing you're going to judge them -- >> i turn away. i don't look because i don't want that mental image. >> i see. >> yeah. >> would you do this if you weren't doing tv. would this be your full-time gig? >> yes, i would. i would buy houses. i don't like building. it don't like construction but i love redoing a house and refurnishing a house and shopping and i like the whole design part of it and then i -- i would sell it. that's what i would do. i would do that all day long. >> but you're not going to do that any time soon. are you still going to keep your day job? >> of course. was that a hiccup. >> no, no, but you did hiccup one time? you told me i hiccupped before i answered. >> how much longer? >> i don't know. i have this year and next year on my contract and i'm having
8:42 am
enjoying it, and so i'll do it as long as it's fun. that's the pat answer, right in. >> that's what you said last time. >> but that's true. it really is true. i think if i'm not enjoying it and not having fun there's no reason for me to do it and also i think people sense, that so i'll do it as long as we're all -- it's a relationship between all of us. >> well. i love the book. >> thank you. >> it's beautiful. the pictures are great. >> thank you. >> i would love to invite to you dinner at my house. >> you live upstate in the. >> i live out at the beach. >> in the hamptons. >> are you looking for a beach property. >> possibly. >> are you near ren perlman? >> no. i want his house. >> do you? >> a lot of people want his house. he's got a good house. >> make him an offer. >> he's never going to sell that house. i can't afford that house, not yet, unless people buy this book. but i'd love to see your house. >> all right. >> we'll spruce up. >> ellen, always good to see you. >> your taste or your wife's tastes in the. >> uh-oh, no.
8:43 am
>> oh, that's nice. she's watching. that's really nice. >> well, you told me. >> annette, meet ellen, ellen meet annette. good to see you. >> you, too. >> the book will not be on our coffee table. not going to like you. the book is called "home." ellen, thanks. savannah. >> matt, thank you so much. comes up, he writes and directs and sings and he's seth mcfarlane and is ready to rock and by rock we mean jazz standards, and first, this is
8:44 am
mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most.
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we're back now at 8:48 with a man who can really do it all the. when seth macfarlane isn't acting, writing, producing and directing he's singing and the grammy nominee is out with his full length album called "no one ever tells you." good morning. >> good morning to you, too. it's so early.
8:46 am
>> good time for singing. >> everybody loves singing at what, 5:30. >> did you roll out of bed? >> pretty much, how i sleep. >> your voice is like butter automatically. >> it's like butter on toast. >> really? >> butter on burned toast. >> and i can't wait to hear the burned toast. if the album is "no one ever tells you." >> yes. >> complete this sun, never ever tells you -- >> how to love and lose. >> i only bring it up because it's tough to bring the seth macfarlane from "the family guy" into that jazz standard classy situation. >> i think a lot of people have that problem. i'm hoping that the two fan bases don't ever meet each other because it could be disastrous. >> like the sharks and the jets. >> just terrible. if you had to choose, over here in this basket is like movies and entertainment and "family guy" writing and directing and over here is music and you had to choose, i'm holding a gun to your head.
8:47 am
>> i just said metaphorically. >> in this climate. there's room for all. there's room for all and i enjoy it all. that's the beauty of my day i never know what i'm going to be doing. this is a perfect example. >> you feel like switzerland in that response, you're neutral. >> good reference. >> seth macfarlane, take it away. >> all righty. a cigarette that bears a lipstick's traces an airline ticket to romantic places and still my heart has wings snows these foolish ish ish ish ish ish ish these foolish things remind me of you a tinkling piano in the next
8:48 am
those stumbling words that told you what my heart meant a frowned's painted swings these foolish things remind me of you you came, you saw, you conquered me when you did that to me i knew somehow this the had to be the winds of march that make my heart a dancer
8:49 am
whose to answer oh, how the ghost of you clings these foolish things remind me of you the winds of march that make my heart a dancer a telephone that rings but who's to answer oh, how the ghost of you
8:50 am
these foolish things remind me of you >> seth macfarlane, thank you so much. back with more music in our next hour. coming up next, "snl" alum david spade returns to his old stomping grounds, but first this is "today" on nbc. how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... then you make it... nothing like this. you make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed.
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with free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." and checking accounts with no minimums... or fees. then you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined.
8:52 am
all right. we're back with david spade who is out with his new autobiography "almost interesting." david, welcome back. good to see you. >> good title. >> it is interesting. you get a lot of behind-the-scenes stories here from "snl," including a feud with eddie murphy. >> oh, that's right. >> over a joke? >> yeah. i mean, some people knew about that back in the day. i used to do jokes about everybody, and i did one about eddie murphy. whoops. did not fly. >> you do jokes about a lot of people. >> i mean, it was a lot -- i was trying to keep my job and you're always on the verge of getting fired when you're new there and once i got into the this hollywood minute, lorne is like i like this. keep doing it and i had to keep
8:53 am
doing it and if i was just taking people's legs out i didn't matter. i was there for me. but it was -- the joke, eddie was not happy. he called and kept calling and kept calling. >> what was the joke? >> it was stupid. it was like -- he did two movies. >> might still hold a grudge. >> i saw him at the 40th and we -- we hugged it out, as they say on the streets. >> did you, cool. >> this is a teaser because you're coming back. >> oh, yeah. i've got the full version when we come back. >> much more with dave spade
8:54 am
a pembroke middle school the target of a threat. now police are involved.
8:55 am
big issues for a big dig a report that could post safety concerns a school slamdown. an officer off the job after it shows him throwing a student to the ground. how do they end up with no insurance althe health connector. hang investigates and gets results. sunshine right now. we're tracking rain and wind heading for new england.
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