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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  October 27, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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i told him, get off the cold ground. i went over and looked at him. lifeless. couldn't move. >> he had a heart condition, congenital heart condition that we didn't know about and it caused him enlarged heart and his heart just stopped beating. >> reporter: no one knew he had a problem. chris fer had baked the turkey and baked the cookies. >> his bookie were still in the pocket so they'll give the cookies to crystal the over to see us. >> reporter: after speaking to us christopher's parents headed over to their little boy's wakes. a go fund me page is helping the family pay for his funeral. people have chipped in more than $20,000. >> i look at the world different now. there are so many good people that have helped us. >> reporter: lines of people are waiting to get to the wake and the funeral will be crowded as well.
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on the go fund me page heaven just received the best angel it'll ever see. in plaistow, new hampshire, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> ryan: students headed back to school in pembroke after police investigate threatening messages. a 12-year-old is accused making threats. police say the school is not in danger. officials are not commenting on the specifics of the threats but say the student hasn't been in school this week. >> i would be concerned for the wild to start with. >> it starts at home. doing that at that age, there does need to be some repercussions going on. >> ryan: we're being told the student is undergoing a mental health revaluation. it. martial arts equipment caused a lockdown. police got a report that
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king a car bursts no flames exit 26. that is front of the coor that you see there. crews shut down all by one lane to clear the highway. in manchester, new hampshire, a store clerk staying sharp under pressure stopping a would be robis in her tracks. counterattack. christa del camp shows us how it all happened. >> reporter: a would be robber had his hood up and face covered when he walked into a convenience store sunday night. he hustled over to the counter and pulled a knife on the owner. >> all he kept saying was give me the money. >> reporter: you can see the pocket sized knife he flashed. >> he came in he ran and came to the counter and showed me the knife. i was like, really? >> reporter: dawn was by herself behind the counter. >> i was -- he shouldn't be stealing from me. i've four kids to support. is there no reason for you.
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>> reporter: she didn't flinch because she had a big knife of her own. >> i just said now what? i -- >> reporter:he robber saw her mammoth knife and sprinted out of the store faster. >> he said nothing. he did a double take. >> reporter: she received it as a gift to use as protection and she is glad she had it within arm's reach. >> he thought she was' big acted bad coming in and when he saw what i had he realized he wasn't getting anything. >> reporter: the whole seconds. so no surprise, the robber cash. at this point no arrests have been made. christa del camp, 7 news. >> >> wild weather hitting the gulf coast. heavy rain from hurricane patricia taking aim at several targets. from mississippi to florida pounding wind, drenching rain and louisiana rescuers pulled 20 elementary school children to safety when
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their bus stalled on a flooded road. >> real bad. every time you get yourself situated another disaster comes through. >> i looked out and saw it out here. i'm like that is getting a little close. >> reporter: while the coast may be clearing the storm is pushing to the mid west and here to the northeast. >> kim: checking other stories making news across count riches and a murder suspect in new mexico is blaming the tv show "walking dead" for killing his friend. damon perry told police he thought his friend was turn nothing a zombie so he beat him to death. officers also say it appears perry hit his friend repeatedly with an electric guitar and a microwave. >> the suspect alleges that his binge watching of "walking dead" caused him to see his friend as turning into a zombie. >> crazy. i didn't think anybody would do something like that from watching that. >> kim: two maintenance
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men are to thank for stopping the men from possibly hurting anyone else. a young girl is on life support in new york. the m.m.t. who tried to help sher off the job. the man said he was driving by an elementary school in a private ambulance when someone ran out crying for help. the girl was unresponsive or choking on her lunch so he cleared her mouth and began c.p.r. the family is searching for answers. the emt says he would do it all over again. >> i would they could tell me what really happened to my baby. >> if i had to jump out of another ambulance to save another child's life i will do it. >> reporter: the family says the principal never called them so they have no idea what happened that day. >> a boa constrictor escapes in california giving firefighters a run for their money. firefighters had to choice
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but to go up and get it down. meet mona. >> my oldest boa. one of three. >> reporter: a 13-year-old 40 pound red tail boa. >> she is a big baby. >> reporter: she is cool, cape and curious. >> i put her out on the back yard to let her get some sun in the grass. she got up in one of the trees. >> reporter: it's something her owner never thought would happen. >> got a hold of one of the bots tom branches and i couldn't stop her from getting up there so i let her go. >> reporter: the mona slithered up so shy he had to call for backup. >> they couldn't believe there was a 9 foot boa. >> this is the first time i got a snake out of a tree. >> reporter: this shows the entire rescue. crews tie a rope to the top of the free then the firefighter made the climb and started sawing away. spending much of the time thinking -- >> how far can the snake strike.
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>> she snuck back to the tree, i'm going to holds on to something. >> reporter: she was save back in her opener's arms yet again. >> no more escaping. >> reporter: several neighbors gathered to watch. >> it was something we never heard of or experienced ever. >> reporter: it wasn't a typical fire rescue but crews say it was just as crucial. >> it was important to him, so, we try to serve the citizens that is why we're here. we're glad we could get the snake out. >> reporter: the owner is keeping a little tighter hold on his 9 foot baby. the owner says that he leaves mona out in the back yard but she never slithered away before. >> we're covering more news today. have you heard wal-mart is planning a test flight? the company is asking the u.s. government for permission to begin drone testing for package delivery. it would help wal-mart compete with amazon.
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looking to drive efficiency and serve customers faster and drones could help. >> very fern. it would be good across every sector of the economy and consumers would get goods much faster. >> reporter: the program won't be ready for this season and the u.s. government could take up to four months before granting wal-mart permission to test drone delivery. straight ahead at 4:30 a second chance. a coach changing a life of a high school football star. how his family opened their arms to make a big difference. >> offseason awareness, how a new alert system is helping firefighters with autism. >> victim said they hid their faces behind horrifying halloween masks. >> tom brady and the pats preparing to fry the fish. the supports team has coverage. all -- sports team has
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all that and many more straight ahead on. news. >> fall is in full swing and schedules are hecktic. maybe you've been running late because you are running to so many appointments. >> we'll give you tricks of the perpetual punkual to who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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>> a high school football star in michigan taking in by his coach's family. it's a scene straight out of the film "the blind side." his coach's kindness has given him a second chance. >> he overcame the odds and won a division one college scholarship. >> i try to chuckle it up -- >> hailing from north carolina, brandon randal left home in the 8th grade to left with his grandfather and play football at this high school in michigan. >> he was in the group of kids so his kids, i wanted
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to put all my effort in a freshman and make sure they were as successful as could be reference brandon and coach developed a close relationship. >> it was the summer between his sophomore and junior year. he was down in north carolina at his parents. his grandfather who he lived with had been in a car accident. >> reporter: forcing him to leave a team he considers a brotherhood and football. >> i talked to him. i hung up the phone and i told my wife what was happening and first thing out of her mouth why can't he stay with us? i went to the house. >> from there i felt at home from the beginning. i mean it was a real blessing. thank god there are down on me. all this is crazy. >> reporter: now two years later brandon and coach are like father and son. >> i love you. >> i love you too always. >> reporter: this is
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>> one, two, three! >> kim: crossing the goal line saying if it wasn't for coach, friends and panelly , this dream -- family, this dream -- >> hi, mom. >> kim: would be just that. brand andon will be headed to michigan state university so play for the spartans. >> an alabama state trooper making head lines after making a difference. he was bringing meals to a father and son on the side of the road and needed help. pictures of the trooper went viral instantly. he is humbled by the attention. >> i said let me go back and get them something to eat. so, to make them have a good day. they said thank you and they were very appreciative. >> ryan: the trooper says this is not out of the ordinary but he is happy someone got it on camera. >> forecast includes wind and rain. we have the timeline on that next. >> coming up all new at 5:00 crossing a line.
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the so you can school resource officer in big trouble, we've more of the shocking video that has left everyone across this country who sees it stunned. >> donald trump playing catchup in the polls. we look ahead to tomorrow's big debate. >> remembering mayor menino, we are going to take you live to a special ceremony for win of the city's most iconic mayors. >> if you see breaking news or have a story idea we want
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same.
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but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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>> this is a halloween decoration you won't find here in new england. >> it has to do with the number of quarterbacks the browns have gone through over the years. nothing is scary than the nearly two dozen gravestones of browns quarterback casualties but the question
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grave-yard going to go. >> we've had offers from both neighbors to subcontract their yards out if we run out of space. i hope not in the near future. >> ryan: the hope for fans is their team will start cream ating their opponents instead of their quarterbacks, amazing to think how many' quarterbacks -- >> i thought he was going to say the neighbors were mad. i feel so sorry for browns fan. we're lucky, i know a couple of browns fans so i said that. >> i don't know any. >> i no one really. i'm married to him. [laughter] poor guy. relentlessly horrible. >> too bad. >> kim: we have been living here so long -- >> 53 in boston, dew point about 34. east-southeast wind at 6 miles an hour. you think it would sink in after all those years being married to him. about to rise:13 on the
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money, moon set will be tomorrow morning at 8:19. going to be big, going to be beautiful, but obscured by clouds. unfortunately not as bright as last night. but fuzzy at least. 55 in lawrence. 53 in boston. mike said a glimpse of it coming over the horizon left a little bits of a hazy cloud or two in front of it. that sets up the tone for the halloween week. 53 worcester, 54 marshfield and 52 in chatham. our temperatures will sink but not to levels we saw last night. going back to the low and mid 30s elsewhere around 40s or in the low 40s in boston. winds barely an issue tonight but tomorrow, they'll pick up out of the east-southeast ahead of this weather system. a stripe of rain from st. lou toys about north carolina. charlotte. but we'll see this break off into a big chunk of rain that comes no new england. not too concerned about this western half of the storm as
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it drifts up to michigan then ontario. so our folk suss what is coming through the mid atlantic and that means pretty much a lot of wind, too. 1-2 inches of rain. we need it badly. no one is going to sniffle about this. storms are possible. thunder wednesday night and gust 25-45 miles an hour and again maybe on thursday with a second surge as a front moves through. warm, windy on thursday, as our temperatures climb up to 70 degrees. yikes, the sup breaks back out. sun breaks back out. so the rain first wave of it coming through in the afternoon. the real heavy stuff will hold back until 10:00, 11:00 then go through the downpours and these brief pauses in between each downpour going to the wee hours of the morning. on thursday, final round should be between 7:00 and 8:00. then it pushes away, we break it up into some sunshine. on thursday there may be another shower leftover, but headings up to salem, our temperatures will be in the mid 50s tomorrow, with plenty of wind and mild on
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thursday with a temperature around 72. brief shower. what a turn around. halloween is not as warm but at least it's not raining. about 47 degrees on average. suburbs to the city. clear and barely be a wind, too. this should still be some moon late night. fuzzy moonlight. thickening clouds about 33-44 then tomorrow peeks of morning sun, developing afternoon showers, increasing wind in the mid and upper 50s, southeast wind should be busy late day at 15-20 miles an hour, higher tomorrow night. friday, about 56. big drop-off there. saturday, 54. cool day but it's quiet all around. tons of sun that particular day. turn the clocks back late night saturday night. don't be confused. it's not sunday. the clock is on sunday but i couldn't fit it with the big halloween thing, it's a haunted house. see you next half hour. >> looks good for
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trick-or-treating on saturday. take a ride home and see what it's like on the roads. >> thanks, ryan, we'll start first 128 northbound, three-car chain reaction crash by grove street in newton and 128 northbound. stalled out heavily caught behind it back to the southbound plenty to look at over the jersey barrier. jammed up back into waltham trying to squeeze by. getting a look at route 128 down through the braintree area right now, as we head over to route 37. on our shot there in braintree, 128 seeing increasing volume in the area. pike eastbound ride also getting heavier, eastbound around the vicinity of the allston tolls then westbound it has been a tough ride by exit 17 heading for route 128. downtown route 93 northbound, moving along slowly. southbound traffic not moving too badly as you head to the city. joe stapleton, 7 news. >> a new pilot program helping first responders better under autism called an isaac alert system. >> it provides emergency
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personnel key information about children with autism when seconds matter. jadiann thompson explains. >> reporter: kevin loves playing with color pin wheel, he also has autism. he repeats sounds and questions and doesn't hold conversations. >> how old are you? >> >> reporter: his mom says his language skills gets worse under stress. >> your child's safety is a major stressor. >> reporter: giving emergency crews a better understanding of kevin's very important is through the aisaac alert she can let him know if he is a wondering risk or has trouble communitying. >> gives you the peace of mind. >> reporter: the isaac alert is part of the isaac foundation's larger autism in the wild program. it familiarizes kids with the police and firefighters who will respond to emergencies but also trains those first responders to be more effective.
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>> what i wanted was our guys to recognize when they have a child that has this type of an affliction and i want them to be able to have more tools in their tool box to handle the situation for a more positive outcome. >> reporter: it's a community effort. >> don't feel like we are alone because you are not. >> reporter: the isaac foundation is hoping to integrate the alert program to others around the community. jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> still ahead on news buzz coming up. royal premier. the duchess and duke of cambridge catching a big block buster movie.
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in the buzz james bond getting the royal treatment in london. the duke and the duchess of cambridge all attending the premier for the latest 007 film "specter" people were asking about kate and what she was' wearing. jenny takim is the designer. >> she looks wonderful as always. much more to come. i'm ryan schulteis. >> kim: i'm kim khazei. adam joins me for 7 news at 5:00. a school districts taking action as the f.b.i. and department of justice join the investigation into a takedown in a south carolina
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classroom. >> also tonight a new hampshire man under arrest. accused of attacking a child. >> kim: suspected robbers en masse after a frightening situation in dorchester. what two men used to pull off a street robbery. >> we get a deluge, we get within and a warm-up. >> adam: patriots with little time to prepare. tom brady talking about this week's short turn around and the challenges they mace as they head -- face as they head into the game with the dolphins king a new exhibit honoring the boston former mayor. >> one retailer closing its doors on black friday. where it wants you to head instead. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> now on 7. a student slammed to the ground. the tough takedown capturing the attention of the f.b.i. tonight the investigation into the a classroom
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