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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 27, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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florida with an unusual turn. how a tv crew came to the rescue of a pilot trapped in the cockpit. >> 50s today. a left armup in store but a lot of wind and rain moving in late tomorrow. >> >> wild rescue in california. firefighters getting all they can handle when a 9 foot snake gets caught in a tree. >> a devastating lose for a family in sandown, new hampshire, a nine-year-old boy collapsed on his way to the friend's house. the boy's father was walking with the boy and he was walking with him there. >> he was about to el -- celebrate histh 9th birth day. >> reporter: the death of chris fer chester who loved animals and 4h is hitting sandown, hart.
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>> he was the kid who would do something for everyone. >> reporter: he died friday night walking along a quiet country road with his dad delivering cookies after supper. me. he fell and said, dad, it hurt. i told him, get up. get off the cold ground. he say, i went over and look lifeless. >> he had a heart season, congenital heart condition we didn't know about and it caused an enlarged heart and his heart just stopped beating. >> reporter: no one knew he had a heart problem. christopher grilled the turkey and baked turkeys and he was so proud in his last family friend. >> his cookies were still in the pocket soy he will give the cookies to crystal when she came over to see us. >> reporter: after speaking to us his parents got dressed and headed to
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their little boy's wake. a go fund me page is helping the family pay for the funeral. people have chipped mo that are dollar 20,000. >> i look at the worlds different. there are so many good people that have helped us. >> reporter: lines of people are waiting to get into the wake and the funeral tomorrow will be crowded as well. christopher's dad was quoted as saying heaven just received the bestainle it'll ever -- best ankle it'll ever sele. >> also on 7 news, some traffic trouble this morning in waltham when a car bursts no flames. that is what happened just before exit 26 last night. you can see how the front of the car is fully engulfed in flames. crew has to shut down all by one lane to clean up the mess but the highway was commute. investigating a building where they found hundreds of marijuana plants. police found the growing operation investigating a in. police found a gun with
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bullets. charges are pending as the investigation does continue. >> students back to class in pem roque after a stool threat. this one targeted a middle school and now police are involved. nicole oliverio with details. >> reporter: a 12-year-old is accused of making threats against a pembroke community middle school and classmates. >> which is a scary prospect. you don't want it to happen in your neighborhood. they seem to be on top of it so i hope nothing comes about it and the child was just being, acting out teenager. >> reporter: this past weekend police met with school administrators to address safety concerns. pembroke's supersays the student has not been in school this week but has also not been disciplined. >> honestly it starts at home. for doing that at that age, there does need to be something going on, that the school has to step are. >> the principal sent this e-mail to parent after
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school let out yesterday. parents hoped for more information. others with younger children were upset to read about it on social media. neither police nor the schools would comment on the specifics of the threat. rather they would only say the 12-year-old made toward other children. >> even if there was nothing for it to be based off of, i mean, if your child is at a school where there is threats being made you threats were. >> reporter: police tell us they're investigating but say there is no threat to the middle school. in pembroke, nicole oliverio 7 news. >> the school went into lockdown for about an hur after police got a tip there was a student with a any on a bus. police tracked down the student where they determined his equipment was not in any way dangerous. >> we're now seeing video of a passenger's quick thinking
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crashing, passengers say the bus was stopped in boston at a red light when the driver appeared to have a seizure. a nurse on board ran to the driver's seat. kicked the driver's foot off the gas and hit the brake. the pus came to -- bus came to stop short after building but no one was hurt. >> a prosecutor in oklahoma is calling the deadly crash that filled four people at a college home coming parade an intentional act. suspect is facing murder charges and the parent of the suspect are speaking out. this morning adacia chambers sits on suicide watch. in court prosecutors said she deliberately drove her car no a crowd at the home coming parade. a criminal affidavit filed says the 25-year-old admitted to booking staff she was' suicidal at the time of the incident. her attorney says chambers has a history of mental
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evaluation. her father says he is confused by the event. >> little girl i raised wouldn't have been, done something like this. >> reporter: conflicted by his daughter's role. >> are you angry at her? >> my heart is broken for this whole incident, you know, that my child is the one that caused all of this. i'm the father after child killed four. >> reporter: in stillwater, they're grieving for the lives lost and those forever changed. the father of 2-year-old victim nash was the symbol for love and joy. he rushed 12-year-old survivor and o. s. u. football fan alan campbell to the hospital. >> we happened to be in the right place and help out with a bad situation. >> reporter: 14 of the victims are still in the hospital.
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investigators are hoping to learn more about what happened before chambers crowd. >> a hospital in pennsylvania where doctors are warning more than 1,000 patients they may have been exposed to a deadly bacterial infection. open heart surgery patients are in danger and 8 people have contracted the infection. four of parents have died. investigators haven't directly linked the deaths to the infection but hospital workers say it's likely they're connected. >> taking a look at news off the satellites, mysterious deaths in sierra leon are leading people to believe there there be a deadly ebola relapse. country's national ebola response center looking into the deaths. officials are taking a look at the damage in afghanistan following yesterday's deadly earthquake. the death toll climbed to 237 people and the earthquake recorded a mag
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need of 7. 5 according to the u.s. gee lomb cal service. authorities in turkey detained 29 suspects thought to be linked to isis. ongoing. >> the u.s. navy a challenging china's claim on an island chain in the south china see. -- sea. a u.s. defense official said the sail through was completed without incident. it would be the beginning of a series of challenges to china's claims in the area p protestors shut down a popular entry way into mention co. mexican farmers staged the protest fighting against taxes by the government. protestors used forces and tractors to brock the bring. they backed up traffic for miles. protestors have agreed to meet with officials and the
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brdge is now open. >> a nun is knocked down during a robbery in missouri. you can see a suspect run into the woman as he is speeding out of the store. police say two other people also ran off with more than 3,000 worth of merchandise. >> also caught on camera the coast guard recues dozens of sailors in the pacific after their ship catches fire near hawaii. they have to find out what caused the fire. >> a major flood forcing more than a dodds children to be -- dozen children to be rescued in florida. the kids were on their way to school when the bus was caught in the raging water. >> a close call in the state of florida. a small plane comes crashing down. a tv crew goes beyond the call of duty to res cue a pilot. >> a shocking scene in a
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>> a lucky landing for one pilot in florida when his smell plane comes crashing down. swamp. >> the news crew in the area covering another story came to the rescue. dramatic video from a news helicopter on the ground after it made an emergency landing near the florida every grades. juan and the pilot running to help people involved in the plane crash. >> i lot of water between the plane and the land. so we have to jump duck see that i jump on the back of the plane broke. >> reporter: he found the pilot stuck in the cockpit. he was asking for water complaining about his leg. >> he was alive. he was in a lot of pain.
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all the arms was bad. >> reporter: it wasn't what he was expecting to do on his rare ride on the news helicopter. on board only to work on the chopper's camera equipment. pilot stayed in touch with air traffic control who had rerouted them to help search for a missing plane. >> pilot did a great job from what i could see. the plane was not in the canal. it was right side up. >> kim: so the pilot and a passenger on board the plane suffered minor injuries. they will be okay. >> ryan: coming up a wild day in california. the rescue that even had firefighter lost for words. >> rain on the way but it's a drop in the bunt compared to what we -- bucket compared to what we need to get out of the long drought that we've been in king ahead at 6:00 an ironic costume, creepy costumes found in a t. station decades later. >> two teens arrested after using a fake gun and the a
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>> so on behalf of our team on our staff, we want to you try out. we figured you would be free. [laughter.] but we like to say thank you for your support. >> president obama: thank you so much. >> this the u.s. women's soccer team. the president invited the team to celebrate the title they won back in july r. focus on women in sports. >> that is for sure -- >> a little bit about the weather. pete is tracking rain. this is much-needed rain. >> it's badly needed. rainfall deficit is incredible. 51 in boston. dew point reading about 38. east-southeast wind at about 9 miles an hour. a nice day like yesterday expect for the high clouds. that got in the way in the afternoon.
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although it'll keep us from free falling tonight. in the temperature department. knower's falling back to -- fouling -- falling back to the 40s that will be breaks in the overcast. it's not entirely cloudy. it sets up an eerie moonlight. how about the rain back in hospital valley? it's steady but not necessarily heavy although a closer inspection showing some filaments of heavier rain moving up through north carolina. we're still organizing this weather system. it's still a core of wind that will effect us and increase our winds and also feed the downpours and possibly incite thunderstorms i guess for a lack of a better word. that will be coming tomorrow night. most of this event is unfolding overnight tomorrow but the first showers do make it in here by early to mid afternoon. wind at-- advisories up for
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be close to 45 or maybe even 50 miles an hour over the islands and the cape. elsewhere 20-45 which may be enough to bring down small limbs but another burst early between 5:00 and 8:00 on thursday morning with the front going through, too. so kind of a overnight affair then into the early morning hours. warm and windy on thursday. in the wakes of the weather system. here are the showers, that just it for some. showers, even through the evening drive. after 9:00 or 10:00 you see the yellows and oranges show up. that is where the warmer air is moving in and this is also where we might see our thunderstorm activity between 7:00 and 8:00. the final leg of it is the front that will push through and that also could have some thunder, too. all told how much rain? between 1 and 2 inches, this is moving swiftly so it's not going to hang out but what it does, it drops a lot of water in a short amount
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2 plus inches may be possible. but you sniffle about rain on a thursday, or wednesday, and wednesday night, we need it desperately. over 8 inches below normal and over 7 inches in worcester. i looked up manchester, new hampshire. 16 inches below normal since january 1. that is a drought that has been ongoing. that is huge and so we'll take every drop we can go. trick-or-treating time it's clear, quiet. all day saturday looks good. by evening we'll settle back to the upper 40s and mid 40s thickening clouds, about 34-44. tomorrow peeks of morning 55-58. can't say we're going to forecast. weather. just this big surge of rain again. seems to be the way we've lived all year long with the rain. all right. i'll see you next half hour. >> see you then.
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in fresno, cast. giving firefighters a job too close for comfort. i don't know if they signed up for this. a 9-foot long bowo made its way up a pine tree. >> can you imagine seeing that dangling down? i don't think i would jump up there too fast. firefighters say they had no choice but to get it down. meet mona. >> my oldest bowo, one of three. >> reporter: a 13-year-old 40 pound red tailed boa. >> she a big baby. >> reporter: she is cool, calm and curious. yard. let her get some sun in the grass. trees. >> reporter: it's something her owner never thought would happen. >> got a hold of one of the bottom branches. i couldn't stop her from getting up there so i let her go. >> reporter: mona slithered up so high he had to call for backup. >> this is the first time
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i've gotten a snake out of a tree. >> reporter: this video shot by a firefighter shows the entire rescue crews tie a rope and a firefighter made the climb and started to saw away. spending much of the time thinking -- strike. >> but mona remained calm. >> she snuck back to the treement i'm going to hold on to something. >> reporter: she was safe back in her owner's arms yet again. the whole thing created quite the scene. >> it was biz, a something we've never heard of or experienced ever. >> reporter: it wasn't a typical fire rescue. but crews say it was just as crucial. >> it was important to him. so we try to serve the citizens of fresno. so we're glad we could get the snake out and had a good outcome. >> reporter: the owner is keeping a tighter hold on his 9-foot baby. >> awesome. >> reporter: the owner says that he leaves mona out
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never slithered away before. >> first time for everything. back. >> he is making a major announcement. >> nice to see you, coming up at 6:00, a baby has now died after a tragic crash involving a cement truck and other vehicles in oxford. his mother also killed. tonight we're hearing from one victim's co-worker and a horrific scene. reporting. police telling us that their victims. hospital. we're live in stoneham with the story. and this is crazy, spooky situation in had government center here. who found these creepy costumes like this in the not just found them, they under ground. much more plus your updated forecast. we invite you to join us at
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>> topping the buzz jimmy fallon explaining how he hurt his hand in cambridge over the weekend. >> i thought he was kidding but he says it started because he wanted to give a gift to harvard's band. >> somebody gets me a bottle of yeager meister. some girl was niling down to give moe a flower.
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like -- what -- this hand is already gone. so i was like -- through the bottle and i landed on broken glass and -- oh, yeah. >> he had the cast on his other hand for a long time. he almost lost his finger. this time he was also joking that his hand doctor now owns a ferrari. >> a lot of money off mr. fallon. >> ferry underwood is back. tour. her. she will be performing right here in boston on february 23. those tickets. another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. >> i'm kim khazei. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> announcer: new development in a tragic crash in okford. how co-work remembers remembering her tonight.
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of choking a 5-year-old girl. police say robbers shocked their victim with a stun gun in stoneham. that is not all. >> both employees were zip tied and suspects took the coins and left the store. >> reporter: intense search for the thieves. >> wind and rain are on the move. we might see temperatures in the 70s again. >> announcer: spooky situation in government certainty. who found creepy costumes like this in the concrete? 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> a babe i has passed away after a tragic crash involving the cement truck in oxford. his mother was killed and tonight we're hearing from a friend of the mother. >> as well as the driver. steve cooper is live. the baby picture hurts so lock at. >> reporter: it does. you know, the wreckage may
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be gone here along route 20
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