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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 28, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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fast moving fire tearing through apartment building in lynn leaving dozens of people in the cold overnight. a 5-year-old boy from worcester is waking up in the hospital after being hit by a car. when he was getting off the school bus. >> democratic front runner hillary clinton with strong words for big banks on wall street. hope you're having a great morning everyone. i'm jadiann thompson. i'm christa delcamp. we have rain on the way. not quite yet. jeremy reiner with us and he has the time line now. >> we are tracking good rainstorm coming into new england. if you have some plans you can get that done up until 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. this will catch up with you. that's the front edge of our rainstorm. pretty good sized storm system.
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the storm is way out here near chicago. it will pass across the great lakes into canada. when the red l goes over there it puts us on the warm side of the storm. with time we will warm up. not before a decent slug of rain this afternoon. travel conditions this afternoon fair conditions we're talking about showers through the evening commute then steadier rain increasing wind late this evening overnight tonight. tomorrow morning commute if you head tout door early tomorrow morning that might be a little bit tricky early on. if the commute doesn't begin until this time tomorrow then at the time road conditions will quickly improve through the morning hour. how much rain is on the way. i think most time about an inch of rain. some locations closer to 2. the concern of any significant rain would be leaves in the storm drains. winds will increase out of the southeast gusting 25 to 40 miles per hour.
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the tan coloring including the city of boston. that will also minor power disrun later tonight and tomorrow morning. firefighters raced to the rescue in lynn when an apartment building goes up in flame. some people inside had to escape by claiming down fire ladders and really sad because many of these people lost everything they had. let's go to nick emmons who is at the scene. you can see crew working to board up the window. where 31 people last night lost their homes. >> reporter: fierce flames. a mad dash to get out alive. when i looked down staired i saw the back door and it was lit up. dozen now left homeless. >> i didn't think i would lose all my stuff. >> the fire started just before 11:00 tuesday night when many
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me and my mom were sleeping. she came in like her nightgown and everything. her parents and an aunt also live here. my mom has been living here for 20 years. >> the flames so intense firefighter were forced to battle the fire from the street. a trapped resident pulled from a ladder crew. now with cleanup under way outside the guted apartment. bernadette who lost her home and belongings is glad her family is safe. just take it one day at a time. back out here live you can see this isn't just an apartment building there's a few businesses on the ground floor of this building here on the corner of union street here. they will not be open as well. business effected for them. the red cross finding places for them to stay.
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that includes 7 children. no one injured. that's the good news as far as the cause of this fire that is still under investigation. that's the latest live in lynn. 7 news "today in new england." happening today we may learn more about the death of bella bond. the little girl whose baby found on dear island over the summer. victoria warren has more on a report being released today. today. it was something the governor ordered in an attempt to make something like this never happens again. this report is being issued by an independent watchdog. the office of the child advocate an independent watchdog for state agencies that serve children. it will examine what roll if any dcf played in bella bonds death. they asked to have the report done in 30 days. bella body found on deer island
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the 2-year-old wasn't identified until september. bella's mother rochelle bond and rochelle's boyfriend michael mccarthy are facing charges in the 2-year-old girl's death. mccarthy charged with killing bella. bond is accused of covering up the crime after the fact. after bella died investigators say mccarthy and bond placed her body in the refridge gerator. that report is coming out today. we don't know what time today it's coming out. and the details of the report the governor hopes will serve to prevent a tragedy like this from ever happening again. live on dear island. victoria warren, 7news "today in new england." we are also hearing today from the family of mother and son who died in a head-on crash that happened in exford. >> christina and her 9-month-old son were killed after they car slammed into a cement truck.
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a concussion and some cuts. but he's expected to be okay. glad he's okay. i wish they were all okay. there's. doing what we need to do. support each other. love either open. they also support the mother's elder son who wasn't in the car when that happened. 5-year-old boy from worcester recoffering after be struck by car at bus stop. why was that boy left to get off the bus in the first place by himself. nicole oliverio joining us now live and worcester with this story. >> what we know is this little boy was not supposed to be let off the bus unless a parent or guardian at the stop. now the question is why did that bus driver let the little boy get off. this all happening here on hamilton street. a 5-year-old hit by a car just moments after stepping off
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the school bus. the sights and sounds stress other parent's hearts? the kid was unresponsive. he had a big egg on his head the side of half of baseball. and scuffed up face. there was no adult at the stop to pick up the child. witnesses say the boy ran between two cars on busy road. then got hit. the impact sent him more than 20 feet in the air. he got hit over there. he landed here. he got hit so hard his shoes fell off. the driver stopped along with several good samaritan. thee took paper out of his backpack that had his name out there but had his name but not last name. we saw the teachers name she called the school and the school called the parents. i felt for the little kid. he was pretty banged up.
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condition with a broken leg and head injuries. >>the school said he's not there today. live in worcester, nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." later today we could learn what life is life for convicted marathon bomber the judge in the case is expected to release information about jelena dokic conditions. the u.s. justice department opening up now a civil right investigation into that violent confrontation in a classroom in where they pulls her from her death and slammed her to ground. that officer is suspended without pay. soon we may learn whether he not. highs kris anderson with that. >> it's the cell phone video that has shocked the nation.
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it happened monday morning when school resource officer ben fields is called to deal with a student. >> witnesses say the student had not been participating in class. took out her phone and wouldn't leave when the teacher asked. the confrontation quickly escalate. while she's sitting at the desk he yanks her to ground and throwed her across the floor. he was flinging her around like a rag doll. she stood up for her classmate and then was also school. i can tell you. i was scared. fields is a sheriff's deputy. his be boss said there's another video that shows the student trying to punch fields at least once. but he should have responded differently. one of the first things we would like to see happen that not. they are facing lawsuit for incident with incident in 2013.
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it claims he unfairly and recklessly targets african-american students with allegation of gang membership. benfields and the other defendants denied they did anything wrong and have given evidence in this case. fields is on leave today. he plans on announcing his future with the department at some point later today as well. that's the latest here in the newsroom. kris anderson, # news "today in new england." some are asking is donald trump in trouble? for the first time in month the national poll shows trump is not leaving the g.o.p. race. neurosurgeon ben carson has been quietly rising to the top of the republican pack. and in a "new york times" poll carson has 2% to 22%. no other candidates got double digit support. in the mean time ben carson is saying the time he lived in boston motivated him to seek a better life. he went on to say when he told a rum of new hampshire voter he saw people lying in the street
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wounds as an 8-year-old the new presidential front runner lives in dorchester and roxbury for two years after his parents divorced. . hillary clinton is saint anthem college this afternoon. one day after appearing in the late show with stephen colbert. she gave direct answer what to do if the pig bangs on wall street get into trouble again. >> do we let them fail this time? >> yes. yes. why? >> they have no know their shareholders have to know that yes they will fail. and if they are too big to fail, then under my plan and other proposed they may have to be broken up. >> colbert asked clinton who she would want to run against. she said she would let the republican figure that one out. >> a few sports companies have agreed to self-regulation.
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fantasy four control agency will oversee the industry including companies such as boston based draft king and competitor fan dual. the former acting secretary of labor under president obama will lead the new agency. draft kind and fan dual the subject of recent lawsuit following allegations of insider information being used to win money. looking to sports. tom brady pumped up ready to take on red hot miami offense coming up soon here on thursday. joe amorosino has more on brady's preparation. we talked about it. the sleeping giant is awake. new coach, new attitude in miami. the dolphins riding a two-game winning streak. serious on defense. explosive on offensement. whatever they change is worth it. they are riding high right now. they are getting after the quarterback. they got really good guys on coverage.
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everything going right for miami the last two weeks. ten sacks, five forced turnovers, two defensive touchdowns, and on offense ryan tanahali playing best football of career. completing 25 consecutive passes at one point. >> they are an explosive offense that can make plays. so we on our offense have to really counter that. luckily for the patriot's tom brady as hot as he's been in any stretch of his career putting up 30 points on the league's best defense this past sunday. he will have to continue on thursday. we have to try to take control of the game. patriot's class of afc east but for itself. whatever they so goes. joe amorosino, 7news, "today in
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new england." at 9:13 a local girl writes a letter and gets an invitation to the white house. we'll let you know how. dry now. tracking rain heading for new england. wind as well. stormy night details, up next. a look at the fast friends a field gets up close and personal with a kayaker. >> bumper-to-bumper traffic in the valley downtown as well affecting the harbor tunnels too. there's a look at turnpike downtown. there's a nine-mile back up on the turnpike out of town trying to get past 495. back up nine miles. rich kirkland 7news "today in
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not the other way around.
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kayaker in california making a new best friend. the man said the friendly little seal jumped on to his kayak and just kept him company for a while. he said he didn't leave side for ability an hour. they just kind of hung out together. >> that's the cutest thing i've ever seen. >> he's hitching a ride. >> but i like better it's so how nice the weather looks >> nice and warm. he's wearing short sleeves there. >> it's not fair. and he has a baby seal on his back too. >> he already won wednesday. we have clouds now. dry at this time. dry through the morning hours. there's rain off to the west back through new york and pennsylvania. and this is the storm system coming at us. it's tough to pick out the remnant. some are from hurricane patricia. it's got left over tropical moisture. as well as some wind energy. decent-sized storm. i don't think i call it a powerhouse storm.
9:18 am
situations like this recently. the difference will be the timing with the brunt of the storm is overnight tonight and very early tomorrow morning if you do have an early morning commute that may slow you down somewhat. rainfall an inin boston. it has been dry. the ground can handle that. but the storm drain they may struggle. because they may be clogged drains in some of those cities and down leading to localized street flooding. later this evening through about 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning. winds gusting 25 to in some
9:19 am
location 30 miles per hour. may lead to brief power loss because there's foliage on the trees. that combined with the gusty nature of the wind as well as the on and off rain might have some minor power outages later tonight. enning commute should be okay. here's the good chunk of studier tonight. 6:00 tomorrow morning. this is the back edge moving out of southern new england so that by midmorning tomorrow and the rest of the day is dry. might be a couple of sprinkles around tomorrow evening. and then that would include tailgate in gillette. rainfall totals, boston around an inch. north and south of there much the same. when you go back to the first of the month. we're running about 2-3-inch deficit. we welcome this rain. temps have been slow to warm. this weather system will further the cause. look
9:20 am
look at the temps tomorrow. patriot's game tomorrow night tailgate you're fine. windy, though. if you have tents make sure to anchor them down. there will be gusty wind. it's a driening and game temperature middle 60s as we squish the fish. >> just ahead. see why a little girl's letter to the president lands her center stage at the white house. >> and it's not cotton or wool. it's actually chocolate.
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>> a pembroke scoring big after sending a strongly worded letter to president obama. she was angry when her brother said boy soccer players are better than girls. >> she reached out to the president after the word. the president answered. here's kim khazei with more. >> reporter: it was a big day for women in sports and even bigger day for ala from pembroke. i'm so grateful i got to go. it's so amazing. >> she got a chance to meet president obama and the women's national soccer time.
9:23 am
i've been watching women's world cup. and my brother had said stuff about girls like we're better than boys at stuff. made me kind of mad. she said she hated the fact boys sport get more attention. she wanted to do something about. he agreed. playing like a girl means your a bad ass. >> nick is a little bit embarrassed. but he did learn his lesson. kim khazei. 7news "today in new england." you will be surprise howard much candy consumption goes on
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>> a royal visit to white house today.
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don't feel guilty if you sneak a piece of holiday county. americans will eat 18 billion worth of chocolate this year. we love our chocolate here; don't we? >> love it so much. how about this. a whole dress made of chocolate. more than dozen model hit a catwalk in paris sporting the decadent designs at the chocolate fast show.
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up-and-coming fast designer paired up with world famous chocolateers. i'm melting. >> you don't want to have that mental picture. it's 9:27. about 57 degrees here in boston. and we're following a top story about this fire that happened at an apartment building in lynn. several people displaced today. >> rain headed our way later this afternoon and this evening. i'll show you how much rain is headed our way next. some halloween history. we'll show you this scary find, coming up. everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent so you can get 100% out of all your devices. has it with the fastest internet 500 mbps. we're rated number 1 in customer
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armed dangerous and on getting ready for a crash in colorado. prepping for tonight's big debate. >>women welcome back, everybody. it's wednesday morning. it's 9:30. i'm christa delcamp. i'm jadiann thompson. a lot of rain in the forecast coming in later in the afternoon; right, jeremy? >> that's correct. the time line would put into metro boston probably around 4:00 p.m. steady rain this evening. evening commute. in terms of steady showers downpours i think that holds off until after the commute. it's this weather system here that will move up the eastern seaboard across new england late this afternoon overnight tonight very early tomorrow morning. a storm time line 4:00 this afternoon. showers and some sprinkles and then some heavier downpour developing mid-to-late evening. here's what it looks like around
9:30 am
as we advance the time line tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. this like. the morning commute. the early morning commute will look tough. you notice by 8:00 it quickly winds down. then for the remainder of the door. breezy warm and humid with temperature tomorrow into the 70s. we have wind advisory in effect. areas shaded in tan. these locations winds will gust occasionally 25 to 45 miles per hour. that might lead to some brief power loss. be mindful of that lateen thissing early -- late this evening early tomorrow morning. some had to escape by climbing down fire ladders and many lost everything in this fire. let's get straight to nick emmons live for us in lynn right now.
9:31 am
it happened before 11:00 last night. i want to show you extensive cleanup now. you can see crews boarding up the windows that are just just charred from thick black smoke. >> fierce flames and a mad dash to get outside. dozen left homeless. i didn't think i would lose all my tough. that's everything i have. >> the fire started when many resident were in bed. >> me and my mom were sleeping. she came in her nightgown and everything. everybody was in bed. bernadette moved in three months ago her parents and an aunt also live here. >> my mom has been in this building for like 20 years living here. to start over her for and my dad will be the hardest thing they've ever done. >> flames so intense firefighters were forced to battle from the street.
9:32 am
there was some guys that were actually going to come out the window. >> now with cleanup under way outside the gutted apartment bernadette who lost her home and belonging is just glad her family is safe. i will take it one day at a time. >> back out here live you see crews hard at work boarding the window. this fire not only affecting the people in the building but also the businesses that are on the ground floor of this building. they will not be opening anytime soon as this cleanup effort continues. as far as injuries the good news to report in all of this is that everyone made it out safely. as far as cause, though, that's still under investigation. that's the latest live in lynn, nick emmons, 7news "today in new england." happening today we're expected to learn much more about the death of bella bond. the little girl known as baby doe whose body found on deer island over the summer. we find victoria warren right now. vicki, you have more on this big report that's set to be released
9:33 am
later on today. >> that's right. this report is due out today. it was ordered by the governor in order to make sure something like this never happens again. it's put out by an independent watchdog. the office of the child advocate. it's this watchdog for state agencies that serve children. it will examine exactly what if any dcf played in bella bond's death. the governor asked to have the report done in 30 days. that deadline is today. bella's body was found on deer island last june. the 2-year-old wasn't identified until september. bella's mother rochelle bond and rochelles boyfriend michael mccarthy are facing charges in the 2-year-old girl's death. mccarthy charged with killing bella. bond accused of covering up the crime after the fact. after bella died investigator say mccarthy and bond placed her body in the refrigerator before putting her in the water off of south boston. the governor 30 days ago ordered this review.
9:34 am
the review and this report should come out today. and the hope is that it could prevent a future tragedy from happening. live on deer island. vicktoria warren, 7news "today in new england." the community of new hampshire also in mourning today after a young boy died suddenly on his way to bring cookies to a friend. 9-year-old christopher chester was walking with his father when suddenly his heart stopped beating on friday. the family said he had undiagnosed condition that caused an enlarged heart. christopher being remembered today for kindness. we were walking over. i heard him right behind me he said dad it hearts? christopher is the kind of kid that would do anything for someone before himself.
9:35 am
>> so far they raised more than $24,000. >> the search on for two dangerous thieve whose tied up and used stunned guns on two employees. the violence smash and grab happened yesterday morning at coin shop. police say the two employees were zip tied as robber took off with gold coins and jewelry. one employee was taken to the hospital. the same store was robbed back in march. police don't believe those two crimes are connected. two teenager are facing charge in connection with a robbery that happened in dorchester at the t-stop. police say the two wore white masked and ordered a man to hand over wallet and cell phone. two off-duty officers arrested are charged with robbery and assault and battery today. salt river police make a big bust. they found hundreds of marijuana plant inside a building while investigating a door that had been broken into. the growing operation worth about 700,000. they also found gun and bull elt.
9:36 am
made a run for it after a manchester, new hampshire women was will bed. you can see the men at the top of your screen there. police say they are headed to a get away car. a 21-year-old woman told police she was coming home from police when the two men grabbed her and tried to take her purse. she was able to fight them off and wasn't injured. people line a beach in provincetown to help keep a stranded shark alive. they formed a line and passed bucket of water to keep the blue shark wet. the shark was later released back into the ocean. new this morning students here in massachusetts making the great in some national testing. the state led this year's ranking again nationwide in fourth grade reading. fourth grade math and eighth grade management. n 1/2 topped the list in 8th grade. boston scored up the top in large city second only to charlotte. we expect to hear from the school officer that threw
9:37 am
student out of desk will keep his desk or not. cell phone video shows the resource officer dragging a student from that desk. you can see it there. he said she was being disruptive and rerefused to lee the classroom. the sheriff said another video shows the student punching the officer first. but he goes on to say that doesn't excuse that officer's response. ben fields is a sheriff's deputy he and other school officers are facing a lawsuit for incident with the student back in 2013. the suit claims they unfairly and recklessly targeted african-american students suspected of being in gangs. fields is on leave this morning. the sheriff said he plans to announce whether he still has a job with the department at some point today. checking news across the country. police in philadelphia searching for two people that robbed a man while sleeping on subway car. they grabbed the pan's back then he wakes up and chases testimony. during the struggle one suspect hit the man who fell off the platform and right on to the train tracks.
9:38 am
able to pull himself back up. some officers in northern california will add nunchakus to their list of tactical weapons. the officers in the city of anderson will use them to gain control of suspect without using too much force. officers will have to pass a 16-hour training program if they want to carry the nunchakus. many people in missouri are used to rooting for rams and enjoying them. one women said she had a very close encounter with an actual ram. she recently spotted the animal on the road here near her home. she initially thought it had been a deer. then she saw horns. we have a lot of wildlife around here. nothing like i had ever seen before in the neighborhood. i never thought i would see something like that at my house. like at the zoo, but not my house. conservation expert said the ram must have escaped from a petting zoo or might have been someone's pet. and now to race for the white house a republican
9:39 am
presidential candidates are preparing to face-off in their third debate tonight in colorado. in the stakes are high. ben carson is now beating donald trump in a new nationwide poll. they were the only two candidates to reach double digits support. jeb bush and the rest of the pack are hoping to shift the focus to themselves. house republicans expected to formerly nominate wisconsin paul ryan for house speaker today. south carolina congressman tray gavi will dlifer a peach during conference urging members to go ahead and society for ryan. g.o.p. congressman daniel webster is running. the full chamber will vote on john boehner's replacement coming up tomorrow. also today congress the making a big push to pass a long-term budget deal. the two-year budget restores $80 billion in spending cut as well as prevents a government shutdown and a historic credit default. there's no guarantee that if enough democrats and republicans
9:40 am
there was a royal sighting in washington, d.c. prince harry will meet with president obama at the white house this morning. he'll also attend event in the nation's capital to support the invictus games which will be held next week. the prince will travel with the first lady and joe biden to meet with wounded military womens down in virginia. all right. ahead on 7news started and ended with a whole lot of drama. we have highlights from the marathon game one of the world series. and a big buy in the pharmacy world. what's changing at wallgreens and rite aid. >> developing rain late today and overnight tonight. we have a storm heading this way. we'll talk about that storm, up
9:41 am
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so much coming up. of course halloween this weekend. time to fall back on the clock you get an extra hour of sleep. i'm more excited about that than halloween. i hear you. i think a lot of people look forward to that. we have dicey weather coming up halloween looks pretty good. i guess, jr. i need to get my daughter onboard with daylight saving time ending. because you got to love her. she will be up early in the day. dad, it's time to get up. cloudy skies now and there's rain knocking on the doorstep. it's not going to come in the
9:44 am
you're fine this morning. we have sprinkles in the berkshires. metro boston i think dry until 4:00 or 5:00. there could be sprinkles 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. here's the storm system. and it will continue to move northeast. look how expansive it is. we will step off green real briefly. the back edge out there in minnesota and the front edge coming up the 95 corridor. a lot of real estate. no way to really avoid this storm system. not a nor'easter. not a powerhouse storm. not overwhelming. but a few headaches i think will come out of this one. brunt of the storm after the commute tonight. through early tomorrow. it may effect portions of the morning commute tomorrow especially if you are out the door or know of someone out the door about 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. still dicey at that time of day. rapidly improving tomorrow morning. how much an inch to sometimes 2 inch of rain. may have a few thunderstorms. clogged storm drain would be the only concern in terms of flooding.
9:45 am
it's been dry this is southern necessarily e. leaves in storm drain may lead the localized street flooding late tonight and early tomorrow. wind will be an issue developing. and early tomorrow morning the area shaded in tan that's where you have the wind advisory. winds will gust 25 to occasionally 45 miles per hour. that could lead to minor power disruption. make sure the portable devices are plugged into the walls this evening just in case overnight tonight. we are talking about rain on the way. this is what i the radar looks like around midnight tonight. showers and downpours some thunderstorms overnight tonight. even at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning this is what i'm talking about where the early morning commute could be a slow go. here's the drier air in hartfield. that reaches boston by 8:00 tomorrow morning. it quickly shuts off. then as we work through the day clouds and sun and maybe a sprinkle or two tomorrowening including tailgating down at
9:46 am
gillette. rainfall total boston around an inch. plan on 1-2 inch of rain. not necessarily a bad thing. late tonight and tomorrow morning during the commute it will be dicey. in terms of travel conditions fair conditions as we work through overnight tonight and tomorrow more i think it's poor for some of you. testimony now 40s and 50s this afternoon heading close to 60. it warms overnight tonight. with mix of clouds and sunshine. saturday lots of sunshine for halloween no treats, just tricks. upper 40s. 7news turning to mega merger. one of the country's large. pharmacy chains is now changing hands. wallgreens purchasing ritate for more than 17 billion. the companies would become the largest pharmacy chain in the
9:47 am
rite aid would take on the wallgreens name as well. ahead on "today in new england." the t digs up interesting history. what they uncovered during construction. it's safe to say mets and royals plan probably tired after the longest game one in world blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is back... plus 1! woo-hoo! right now buy one get one at half price throughout the entire store.
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>> good morning. the bruins six-inning shutout over the coyotes. fakes the pass and scores. the nhl's leading scorer getting
9:50 am
splits the d and snaps home his first goal of the season. the flowout was on and what a shot by maral. 24 saves for first shutout of the season. 6-0 for first victory on garden ice this year improving to 4-3-and-1 for the season. that's sports i'm joe amorosino. have a great day. the kansas city royals are leaving the world serieses after a marathon match last night up against the mets. >> it was rainy day. game didn't end until 1:20 this morning. sacrifice slide driving in the winning run in the 14th inning. the game lasted more than five hours. tied the record for longest world series game. the game delayed for several minutes in the fourth inning after the fox broadcast lost power.
9:51 am
both team temporarily had to lost replay capability for 20 minutes. i think the viewer missed like one play. >> i heard about that. when both the primary and the secondary power sources didn't work out for them. talk a little bit more baseball on a different note here. derek jeter you remember him of course. he's finally ready to tie the knot with his girlfriend supermodel hanna davis. they've been together for the past three years and went public with their relationship earlier this year when they walked the red carpet at an event together. he retired from the yankees last year. at the time he said he wanted to start a family. all right. next on 7news you can see the creepy discovery made under a boston t-station. that's creepy. one last look at your forecast which features rain tonight,
9:52 am
crews working on a local t-stop discovered some creepy crawley costumes here. they upgrading the government center. in fact, this is what they found. wow, did you see those. people can't believe the timing of this. brandon gunnoe has a look at what those workers discovered. that's crazy. deep below the government center t-stop in boston worker found these two scary costumes. no, they did not. nonsense. oh my gosh talk about historical significance. >> teary discovery made in small hallow section of concrete that was poured more than 60 years ago. >> historically perspective of boston you don't know what you line -- >> that's really crazy they found right before halloween
9:53 am
and playful. i don't know whether it was intended for someone to find or just happened to happen. >> worker for repairing the blue line platform when they found the garments with the scary mask rolled in a ball. the timing is creepy. it fits, you know right in halloween. >> do you feel like government center is haunted. >> it could be. brandon gunnoe. 7news "today in new england." i like that guy last comment. who else knows what's going on there. >> j.r., how about the forecast one last time. >> we have clouds now. here's the rain moving into southern new england over the next several hour. doesn't reach boston until 4:00 or 5:00. lingering rain and winds tomorrow. much warmer tomorrow including for the patriot's game tailgate windy conditions low 70s. there may be a few sprinkles at kick off.
9:54 am
otherwise the game is dry, breezy, mild upper 50s, to 60s. for friday up to 60. thanks for watching. i'm christa delcamp. i'm jadiann thompson. we'll be back here for 7news at noon.
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