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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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strong winds, too. >> let's begin with pete bouchard. >> yeah, the rain is here and the heavy rain is waiting in the kings coming through new york right now. it's all wet for the evening ride. nothing terribly heavy but we have some water pulletses from time to time that do pop up on the radar. there are little bits and pieces of lighter rain, more like drizzle out on cape cod. but the new wave will jump on the cape soon. wind advisories up through the night and into tomorrow morning. could be well over 40 miles per hour on the islands and cape, maybe even up to 50 miles per hour. here's the rain in new york city. the heavy stuff that pushes in between 9:00 and midnight. once we're in that band of heavier rain we'll see the individual cells that will pop up that will pass by, bursts of rain, then a pause, burst, and then a pause. this goes on through the night and finally the caboose.
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the last bit of heavy rain with thunderstorms, kind of a grand finale between 5:00 and 8:00 tomorrow morning. that does affect the morning ride, at least part of it with downpours and possible ponding on the roads and localized flooding, too. the rest of the day, it is really turning around on a dime. 1 to 2 inches of rain. we could see over 2 in some places. early afternoon and up to 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, too. be isolated power outages, looking at a very mild forecast for tomorrow and of course the halloween forecast ahead. >> all right, you can log on to or use our 7news mobile app. >> it's a new report released
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state failed 2-year-old bella bond. the investigating revealing dcf did not do enough to protect the girl, first known as baby doe, when someone discovered her leg was spotted on deer island. 7's dan hausle is live at the state house with what else we've learned today. >> well, we'll never know for sure but the state missed its chance possibly to save bella bond when it closed the neglect case. they say it was some conflicting signals but the social workers caution. >> the new report of the tragic case of bella bond says the department of children and families never should have closed a neglect case against bella's mother in 2013. that was two years before prosecutors say the mother's boyfriend beat the child to death and the mother allegedly helped dispose of her daughter's body.
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>> when all of the state supports naturally sort of ended, that she was not able to handle the stresses of her life and then reverted to the situation that ultimately led to bella's death. >> reporter: bella bond is known as baby doe after her body was found and michael is charged with her murder and bella's mother is charged as an accessory after the fact. the office for child advocates says similar tragedies might be prevented with clearer guidelines on how to spot risky parents and better information sharing between state agencies. hours before the report came % out, governor baker said he hoped to use some of its advice. >> obviously, we asked for the report. we're very anxious to see what it says and we'll do everything we can to incorporate the findings into our reform plans going forward. >> reporter: the head of the oversight agency says dcf can't promise perfection but can do better if people sound the alarm when they see danger for children.
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for communities, for families, for neighbors, for religious institutions to really keep an eye out on children. >> she says it's up to the state whether any of the individuals oughta be disciplined. live in the state house, dan hausle, 7news. breaking news out of pennsylvania. this is good news. an unmanned military blimp back on the ground after breaking loose earlier today. it should always be tethered but it broke free, and now we know it has landed in an unpopulated area. it's an army surveillance blimp that broke free from a maryland base. it drufted hundreds of miles before landing in pennsylvania. the military scrambled fighter jets tracked the blimp as it came close to the ground. a witness caught the blimp on camera pointing overhead. we're told large cable was hanging from the blimp which began driving on the ground causing large power outages and
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shutting down a local college but again it lanted safely with no injuries reported. some new details about the south carolina sheriff's deputy who slammed his student on to the floor, he's now out of a job. the sheriff's department announced today that he's been fired. his boss said the video just made him sick to watch and time. >> the deputy now stands to lose more than his job. ryan shultses identities here to explain and bring us up to speed on what happened today. >> that deputy has been fired and now it will be up to the fbi to figure out if he should face any charges connected to thaibt. >> reporter: the viral video that's lit up social media since happening on monday has led deputy sheriff and school resource officer ben fields to lose his job. >> a resource officer ben fields was terminated from the richland >> reporter: sheriff leon watts says it was not a hard decision to make. >> what he should not have done was thrown the student. i do not feel that the proper procedures was used at that
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>> reporter: deputy fields was called to the classroom at spring valley high in south carolina to help deal with a female student who was being insubordinate. >> i'm the principal attempted also. she refused his instructions and continuing to disrespect him. >> reporter: the sheriff says fields' response was excessive and firing him was the right thing to do. that. >> that student was given ample opportunity to do the right thing, and she chose to not do that. >> please stop blaming victim its when they are victim of excessive force. >> reporter: fields could lose more than his job once investigations by the fbi and justice department are complete. >> the sheriff went on to say while the student's action didn't justify the deputy's response she still needs to be held responsible for her role in the incident. ryan schulteis, 7news. questions about a dangerous drop-off in worcester. a 5-year-old boy was hit by a
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car after getting off his school bus. now the district says he should have never been let off that bus alone. 7's nicole oliverio with the latest from worcester. >> a 5-year-old boy hit by a car moments after he stepped off his school bus. the expats sounds made amanda rivera a certified nursing assistant pull over and help. >> he was screaming get up and they were trying to take his book back off and i said, no, you cannot move him. he has to stay like this. we just have to keep him comfortable. so i laid down and started singing him a, b, cs and i'm just like look at me down here because he kept trying to get up. >> reporter: the kindergartener tried crossing this busy street by himself. witnesses say he darted out between two parked cars and then was hit. the impact sent him more than 20 feet in the air and left a softball sized head wound. >> once they put him in the ambulance and he was leaving by himself, that's when my heart broke and i started crying, because he's a baby, and he's by himself, and there's no mom.
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and as i know, my mom -- my first question is why was he let off the bus? he's a kindergarten. >> the school's policy states when there's no one to meet the child, the bus driver is supposed to return the child to the school. the charter school is working with the bus company to find out what that didn't happen. rivera, a mother of two, just relieved to know the boy is okay and home recovering. >> as a mom i wouldn't want to get that phone call, and i'm glad he's okay, that's like my main thing, he's all right. >> the boy was last listed in stable condition. he had a broken leg and head injuries. 7news. a set of hot wheels creating quite the back-up on 495 this morning. a car fire shutting down two lanes on the northbound side of the highway. flames pouring out of that car. traffic backed up for several hours while crews put out the fire and had to clean up the mess. no one was injured. a water main break in china town flooding washington street earlier.
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both sides of the street were closed. there were minor damages out there. the water did not get into any nearby buildings, though. >> time for round 3 for the republican candidates for president. they are debating. andhe dynamics in this race are changing ahead of tonight's debate. the latest polls show donald trump's popularity is fading. ben carson seeing a big bump. and tonight the focus is on the economy we fireworks expected. at university of colorado, the candidates gather for the under-card debate before with lower polls and then the main event will stand ben carson and donald trump. carson is moving up, polling first in a new national g.o.p. poll, first in iowa in three polls. >> i am second, it's not terrible, but i don't like being second.
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second is terrible to me. >> reporter: he sounds worried about tonight, looking forward, trump tweeted to what i'm sure will be a very unfair debate. >> you can bet that donald trump is ready to get tough with ben carson. i think our goal is mostly to pull them out on what they do on the economy. >> carson says if he's attacked, he will not retaliate. >> oism not going to get a bunch of fights with people about personalities and individual attacks. john kasich charges carson would end medicare and trump would deport 11 million people. party? what has happened to the conservative movement. >> frustration could explode at the debate tonight. >> so kasich will be off to the side, but trump and carson tango would be face to face because their podiums will be in the center right next to each other.
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editor andy hiller with his instinct on tonight's debate. what andy is saying about trump's slide in the polls. house republicans have officially nominated paul ryan house. the wisconsin lawmaker says he will call for a more conservative agenda, a more unified republican party and a formal vote is set for tomorrow. basketball is back. the celtics season opener just hours away. year. it's a young squad but one that has the players to make them a joe amorosino live at the garden with a preview tonight's big game. >> the garden filled with excitement and curiosity tonight as the celtics go up against the philadelphia 76ers. everybody is wondering how good
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we'll begin to find out tonight. >> evan turner and his teammates ready to play for keeps. the celtics filled with optimism heading into the regular season, thanks to a roster that's polling in the same direction. >> the one thing that i feel pretty good about is this team is proof thatth connected and seems to be authentic. >> that will include a second of key definitions. >> having a crowd highered us the first couple of games and find some good teams, these first three teams and put it out there and put our best foot forward and be ready to go. >> and the success of the celtics will ultimately hinge on how well that young cord develops, in brad steven's third season on the celtic bench. >> these guys are just excited to be here. and they're young, you know. they're excited to contribute and certainly contribute to an
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organization like this. >> the celtics were on 40 games last season and projected to win as many as 51 this season. that is a lot of wins for a team with no real stars in a league that is truly star driven. reporting live at the garden, joe amorosino 7news. a commuter learning the hard way that's not safe to fall asleep on the subway. a silent robbery all caught on camera. >> coming up at 5:30, police looking to unmask a person who shot out a windshield in new hampshire. why identifying the suspect though may be pretty difficult. a girl on the southshore is scoring a pressure visit to washington. a fight with her brother lands her at the ceremony for the women's world cup champion. how'd that happen? >> i don't know. we'll tell you. and in just one hour, flames to through an apartment building. dozens left homeless, but thankful to the firefighter who raced to get them out alive. and a witch and a warlock facing off in court. those stories and more coming up
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> a rough ride on a philadelphia train. a commuter robbed, zapped by a stun gun and then thrown on to the tracks. talk about adding insult to injury there.
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the man will likely be okay because of where he fell. >> yeah, police are looking for the people responsible for this shocking robbery. >> reporter: a robbery on a train in philadelphia takes a dangerous turn when it spills out on to a station platform. transit police say it started when a passenger fell asleep on the train under night. surveillance video shows a man and woman grabbed his backpack just as the train pulls up to a stop. they run for the doors but the victim quickly wakes, chasing them out. he catches up to the duo, and the two men begin to fight. police say that's when the woman takes out a taser hitting the victim in the back and shoulder and then the two push him under the tracks. the robbers run off, but the victim gets up in a daze, falling on to the electrified third rail. >> the man was hospitalized and
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but he'll be okay. bz. >> couching up next, a royal visit and prince harry visiting the nation's capital for a very special cause. >> and lots of wind and rain going into tonight and tomorrow morning, too. payoff, it's a pretty mailed day tomorrow. that's head what. then an unexpected message during last night's game 1 of the world series. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much
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this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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>> autumn gales. this is an autumn gale.
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>> and our winl right now, between 20 and 30. martha's vineyard gusting into 20 miles per hour. >> this band of rain that you see in new york city is the beginning of the heavy rain, which will be starting to move in between 9:00 and 10:00. once we're in that, we'll stay in that through much of the night and into tomorrow morning. here it is. the rain i just showed you in new york and new jersey, coming at us and tomorrow during the day -- during the night, the downpours will be popping up. so part the morning drive will be affected by these downpours, if not thunderstorms, too. anybody commuting after 9:00 if las okay. this is a quick end to our rain, too.
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th gonna go from downpours over to sunshine and the winds will drop off, too. almost like within a half an hour time. it will be a nice turn-around. if you can commute later, good for you. i'd do it. in the evening and afternoon we might have one last shower as one ripple of energy comes through. but that's it. 70s are already on the map waiting to pounce that new england. tame gate, kick-off and game overtime... a steady drop through the afternoon and into the evening but still pretty mild. wind gusts should be between 20 and 30 miles per hour. it's so windy, and around kick-off we might have that quick shower. periodic downpours tonight and rumbles of thunder possible by morning with rising temperatures. winds south-southeast and gusty.
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overall, morning downpours, 67 to 75. southwest wind busy. finally calms down on friday. saturday is a dandy day. halloween, all kinds of sunshine. light winds, the coolest will be in the next seven days. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. warming trend. we might see a shower on sunday, that he. nothing too huge. see you at 5:30. >> all right, pete, see you then. britain's prince harry is visiting america. >> he's joining forces with the u.s. to help to support wounded warriors. earlier today, prince harry and dr. jill biden spent some time together at a military base. met with wounded veterans and had a chance to check out the art and music therapy programs there at the base. the group also cleared the vets on during a basketball game, which looked like a lot of fun, actually. prince harry spoke at event to promote the 2016 "invictus" games peppa krauted the international sporting tournament in 2014 as a way to inspire recovery and
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sick servicemen and women. >> i hope a it will remind people everywhere just how incredible all of those servicemen are and how much of a contribution to society they make and i can't wait to see it all in orlando. >> ahead, george lucus handing out $10 million to a california college. what he wants them to use that money for. coming up new at 6:00, stephanie will head out live to the red carpet for the premier
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wednesday already. ahead. >> 7news at 5:30 starts now. >> now at 5:30, a dangerous drive in new hampshire, shots fired by a truck driving a gunman in a gorilla mask. and he just hit the car and lift right over her and just >> reporter: emotional testimony comicon crowd. and a local girl teaches her brother of with valuable lesson with a little help from president barak obama. >> a truck driver says he was driving when his windshield was shot by a person wearing a gorilla mask.
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>> police believe the weapon may
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