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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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comes in, be sure t wak up with 7news in new england. morning news gets start at 5:00 a.m. right hear. >> am blimp back on the ground after breaking loose earlier today. it's usually always tethered. the blimp broke free from a maryland base drifted hundreds of miles causing power outages along the way. fighter jets tracked the blimp as it came close to the ground and eventually landed in a remote part of pennsylvania without incident. >> now, on to a developing story we're following scathing new reports that says dcf didn't do enough to protect bella bond. the 2-year-old's body was discovered on deer island back in june and identified for months. dan hausle live in boston right now by the state house with more. ?sdz yeah, the director says we'll never know for sure whether this date could have -- the state could have saved bella bond but the agency does say that d.c. should have stayed involved with her family's life when they saw signs trouble.
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>> reporter: a new state report says the state missed its chance to possibly save bella bond when it closed a neglect case against bella's mother in 2013. that was two years before bella's mod body was found on a beach in winthrop. the report's office says social workers misread conflicting signals about whether bella's mother could be a big patient. >> when all of the state's supports naturally sort of ended that she was not able to handle the stresses of her life and then reverted to the situation that ultimately led to bella's death. >> reporter: bella's mother rachel bond and her boyfriend are charged in bella's death, her boyfriend charged with beating bella to death, bella's mother charged with an accessory after the fact. hours before the report came out, governor charlie baker said
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he hoped to use some of its advice. >> we'll do everything we can to incorporate the findings into our reform plans going forward. the head of the oversight agency says dcf cannot promise perfection but can do better when people call the hotline when they see danger for children. >> everyone in every community shares responsibility for protecting the children of the commonwealth. >> director of the offices for child advocates says this is both a failure of the agency and a failure of individuals but says it's up to the state whether any of those individuals oughta face discipline. we're live at the state house, dan hausle, 7 news. >> also on 7, a salem witch taking a warlock to court. she's accusing him of harassment, but he's casting doubt on her accusations. 7's kelli o'hara is in salem with details. >> good evening, kim. just in time for halloween. a witch and warlock battling it out.
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there were no casting spells here because they were leaving it up to a judge to make a decision. >> reporter: this is for justice. remember when the women were hung in salem? well, this is justice. >> reporter: everything that she said in there about my calling her was a lie. i am the victim here. >> reporter: it's the witch versus the warlock, a modern day salem witch trial playing out of court. self-proclaimed high teacher bruno tells the judge she's been harassed by her foam friend and now faux. >> i am a woman and not somebody's foot stool. >> i take it your psychic abilities are confined to other people that you can't see into your own future. >> i can see into my own future. that's why i'm here today, your honor. >> reporter: day who claims to be the word's most famous warlock says he'seft the witch to fly on her own, never hexing or making harassing phone calls to the salem woman and she's making all up. >> she said she wanted to
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detroit me and [bleep] on my grave. she has said horrible things to customers in her store about me. this is a business cute? >> the two aren't perspect always enemies once in business together at the store but business went bad and the witch opened up her own shop. and that leads to today's court hearing. >> now, a judge did end up order. so basically day can't contact bruno at all but he says he's going to appeal. reporting live in salem tonight, kelli o'hara, 7news. when the crew found someone trapped inside, freighters
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building. >> they were really going to jump out. >> everyone made it out of the building. investigators are still working to figure out what caused the fire. >> boston police are search fog are a man after a deadly shooting in brighton last week. here's the guy they would like to find. 25-year-old gamata mussa. police believe he's the one who shot and killed a 30-year-old man in brighton last thursday. police are still investigating aspects of this shooting. >> a rhode island man who survived a shark attack in hawaii is back in new england talking about his recovery. >> collin cook just landed here at logan airport and back in new england to recover. could monday he will be meeting with doctors to talk about getting hand surgery and then meet with doctors at spaulding rehab in order to talk about getting a prosthetic leg. the 25-year-old who has lived
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and surfed in hawaii for the last four years, was sitting on his board in the waters of owahu in early october when the 12 foot shark dragged him under his board. cook has injuries to his hand, but the worst harm was done to his left leg which had to be amputated above the knee. >> i saw a huge shark on my leg and kind of pushed off with my left hand and my left hand got all mangled up and i was punching it with my right hand in the nose and i'm kind of still in shock. i la down and you know, wrrs my leg. >> reporter: cook credits another one of the surfers and a kayaker who got him back to shore. and says that several witnesses who came over, they used the surfboard's leash as a turn quit and actually wrapped his badly injured leg. now, despite what happened, cook says this will not stop him from getting back into the water again.
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he says his first stop back here in boston is hitting mike's pastries for some came knowies. kimberly bookman, 7news. house. the g.o.p. candidates are getting set to face off for a third time tonight. here's a live look as boulder, colorado. the latest polls show donald trump's popularity is fading some with ben carson creating a big bump. andy hiller has what we can expect tonight in the hiller instinct. >> think of tonight as the squeeze debate. because the squeeze is on. >> i don't like being second. second is early. to me. what the hell are you people doing to me? >> reporter: but donald trump's not laughing. he raced to the brunt of the republican pack on the road to the white house and stayed there for months, but now the question is, is his campaign about to crash. the donald isn't happy and
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lashing out. >> so you have bush with a failing campaign. he's got no money. he's got no votes. he's way down in the polls. you got rubio doing poorly and he sweats like a dog. you got carson, i don't know what the hell's going on there. i don't get it. >> reporter: but ben carson, who's now beating trump in iowa and in one national poll may have the answer. >> if you're angry all the time, it's a sign of selfishness. it's always about me, my and i. somebody did this to me, they took my thing. i want this. >> reporter: the major clash tonight is between the two leaders but the squeeze is on for everyone. can marco rubio break through? can jeb bush stabilize his shaky campaign? can carly fear or arena give another outstanding performance? can a frustrated john kasich shake it all up? >> i'm fed up. i am sick and tired of listening to this nonsense, and i'm gonna have to call it like it is as
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long as i'm in this race. >> tonight you have a choice, you can watch the debate or the world series, both could be very close, filled with fireworks, with the winner not known until the very end. i'm andy hiller and that's my instinct. >> now, if you choose to watch the game, you can always get highlights and lowlights from us here tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. >> and andy's take on the debate also in his instinct tonight. should be good. still ahead on 7, stepping into the spotlight, we'll take you to the red carpet on a premier based on a boston globe investigation. and we're live at the garden. the celtics a little more than an hour away from tipping off the regular season, it'll be against the philadelphia
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>> a new movie is shining a light on a dark file in boston's history. the movie's spotlight is about the sexual abuse scandal that rocked the catholic church. >> tonight some of the film's stars are in town for a special showing. tim caputo is there at the coolidge corner theater in brookline. is it a big crowd? who get to go? >> well, there's a tent up out raining. in is the boston premier. it's already getting oscar buzz. it's a film that truly shows journalists as heroes as they
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take on the catholic church. the film is based on the true story of the boston globe's spotlight routine. a small group of investigator reporters who uncover a massive cover-up of child molestation in the catholic church. it led to an investigation of cardinal bernard law. it portrays the troubling time in boston's history where it was ignored or swept under the rug and no one dared question the church. a powerful influential institution and a predominately catholic city. the writer and director of the film went to boston college, thought it was important to not shy away from the harsh reality of such an unsettling subject and reporters portrayed by actors in this movie says it also shows a glimpse to what true journalism is all about. >> it was a lot of fun. he was a fan. and he couldn't have been nicer. you know, he's very interested in the role and wanted to know
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started. >> wanted to hang out with me. and so we've become pals. >> you guys spend months and months doing an investigation to put out these stories. >> that's their job. you know, they're really good with what they do. i think the movie's terrific to get moving. it shines a light on the importance of investigative journalism at a time when the newspaper industry is really hurting in the internet era and there are all kinds of cutbacks which threaten the investigative dramas. so i hope it really takes that message to a broader audience. >> we acknowledge the terrible
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crimes committed by clergy against children, they released a statement, and the failure of many leaders within the church to deal appropriately with these crimes. that said, the church is committed to the protection of children while at the same time providing support to survivors and all people who have suffered as a result of clergy sexual abuse. the archdiocese of boston has taken aggressive steps to ensure proper reporting, training and screening for priests, staff, and volunteers. >> the film black mask, which also had a special screening here. boston the city itself playing a big role but maybe not the most flattering topic. this is a compelling film. i go the to see it yesterday with a ensemble cast, you see on the poster behind me. michael keaton as well as mark rough low, mark rough low, one of the actors who will be out here on the red carpet in just a little bit. live in brookline, tim caputo, 7news.
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the storm overnight and into early tomorrow, rainfall 1 2 inches with some storms possible. if you can delay that morning ride for a little bit longer, mid morning on, that's fine. the sun will come out like that, and you'll be rewarded, richly rewarded. in the morning early, 5:00 to 8:00, we still may have some storms. tides run eye, wind gusts 25 to
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45 miles per hour. that in and of itself is not a huge deal but the fact of the matter is the wind is going tonight of tomorrow too, principles will pay off in that maybe some power lines will go down or weekend tree limits. isolated power outages possible. temps in the 50s rising overnight. winds gusting to 30 already. and that's only gonna get worse. we're watching very carefully the round of rain coming through connecticut right now. zoom in, it's just steady rain from time to time, nothing too huge here passes off and we get a little break. look behind me, the orange starting to show up on the map. already jumping the gun out through springfield and hartford. two high tide cycles late tonight around midnight and 12:00 noon tomorrow. there's the rain through connecticut. on top of us through 10:00. and then through the course of the night we'll have the downpours.
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they'll pop up and move on. pop up and move on. a lot of wind, too, and then the final event between 7:00 and 10:00, or really, 9:00, tomorrow, then it scoots offshore. the sun is back by 10:00 to 11:00 very quickly and the winds come down, and then ramp back up as the store passes by to our north on thursday. so a windy day all around, but the fiercest winds i think between now and also early morning, 1 to 2 inches of rain and then it's done and we go into a little dry spell. we might have a sprinkle on sunday but hain looks great. the pats game looks okay. but a little windy for the pats and there might be a sprinkle at the very beginning of the game, go, pats, and next week a really warm-up, too, by the way. see you tonight. >> we are coming to you live from the garden where the celtics tip off their season tonight against the philadelphia 76ers. after making the play-offs for the first time under coach brad stevens' last season, the
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celtics say they are ready to take that next step in the postseason and stevens' third year on the bench. this is a team priding itself on how deep they are this season without any real stars on this squad, despite having all the first round picks at his disposal. danny did not make a major splash in the off-season but brought in david lee and amir johnson, the two newest celtics bring play-off experience to boston, as well, as a greater understanding of what it will take to become a successful team. >> play-off teams take care of their home or the and win a vast majority of their home games and that's part of being a play-off team and a part of being a successful team in the nba, you have to take care of your home court. >> you'll be able to see things and start the grind and get back in the competition. >> the bruins skating often garden knights last night for the first time this season with
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a w, a much-needed win. a 6-0 shut-out of the coyotes last night. that was after the bs had lost their first four games of the season here in this building. david krejci once again, the star of the show for the bruins, he keeps on bringing it. the bruins' top line center with two more goals last night upping his season total of 7, matching his goal output from all of last season. the white hawk crotchy is second in the league and points and goals recording at least one point in all eight games this season. >> i'm confident in this league and he's got off to a good start, feeling good about his game. he's very healthy as you can see, so that makes a big difference. and it was nice to have him back. >> always nice. when you see those point. but it's a pretty good feeling. >> so it's a good feeling. >> speaking offenses firing on all cylinders. the miami dolphins come to town
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riding a two-game winning streak scoring 82 points in those two wins. ryan had four touchdowns in last sunday's game and not learning the offensive player of the week but praise from the patriots' defense. >> it's another guy that can move in the pocket and company run, at athletic, used to be a receiver in college. so there's definitely things you can do as a defensive lineman that you have to be aware of and you can go out there and just run away and make place. >> i think he's playing good football. he's doing a good job. anytime you have, i think it was like 25 straight completions, you know, that means you're not going in there and not throwing complete passes. >> the new england revolution square off with dc united tonight in the knockout round of the mls play-offs. we'll have complete postgame coverage with interviews and all of the highlights from the celtics and sixers tonight coming up on 7news at 10:00 and 11:00. reporting live at the garden,
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i'm joe amorosino, 7news
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>> that's it. that's all for the news at 6:00 on this wednesday. thank you so much for suspending some of your time with us tonight. i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei. we'll have all the new, weather, and the celtic home opener, the big debate, hope you join us later tonight for all of that.
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we're over on the cw at 10:00 and right here on 7news at 11:00. have a good evening, everybody.
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