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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 29, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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all right. a stormy morning in new england. wind and rain doing damage. candidates crash in the race for the white house. who came out on top and who faltered in the third g.o.p. debate. and the patriots get ready for miami. do you have your fantasy team all set and ready to go? good morning, even. we've had heavy rain and storm moving through new england all through the morning. early forecast full of downpours and strong winds. i'm jadiann thompson. i'm nick emmons. let's look at this. a tree came down in jamaica plains fell right across the road. hopefully no more scenes like this today, j.r. >>meteorologist: the worst of
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the weather system. not a repeat of what we saw this morning. because the showers aren't as intense it's not able to reach high into the sky and yank the strong wind down which is what that first wave of rain was doing. move into western new england out. as we work toward lunch time we will see sun. chance of rain scattered showers as we roll through this newscast by 10:00 a.m. the chance of rain dwindling down to 30% chance. dry midday. there's a renewed chance of some sprinkles and maybe a brief shower late this afternoon and early this evening only 10% chance. rainfall totals thus far worcester 2.2 inches of rain. in the city of boston over an inch of rain. that was half of the equation. winds gusting around the metro between 45 and 60 miles per hour.
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rockport a gust of 47 miles per hour. still some left over wind southeast mass. right now the winds have packed away in metro boston. it's a warm morning. temps feel more like early september than the end of october with temperatures running in the upper 60s the city at 67. so showers will fade away. there will be a renewed interest in wind this afternoon. it won't be damaging wind like we saw overnight. it's a warm afternoon. 70 to 75. patriot's forecast around kick of staying dry. temperature at kick off in the low 60s and then through the game breezy, mild temps at the end of the game upper 50s thank you so much. j.r. the rains really complicating the morning commute. how are things going out there, marshall? >> things are dramatically better than a few hours ago.
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on the north shore as we cross the bridge into lynn the traffic is a little bit lighter. we're still dealing with a little bit of a sprinkle out here and dealing with standing water on the roads. that's pretty much the biggest obstacle for the drive at this point with the rain mostly done. you still have a lot of wet leaves on if road. if you are going too fast when that happens bad things will happen with that. you will want to keep it slow and keep it relaxed and you know pay attention to what you are doing, which you want the do anytime you drive. all and all at this point things moving pretty well. live from behind the wheel of the traffic tracker marshall hook, 7news. happening today the man accused of makin an explosive threat at logan heads to court. he made other passengers believe
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boston police remove him from united airlines flight. he was making bomb threats during the boarding process. and a former new hampshire prep school student convictedsel assault is being sentenced. owen lebrees's attorney said he should onlisel probation because he has been punished enough. he was accused of sexually assault. he has to register as sex offender and faces up to 11 years in prison. now in just one station a violent attack sends a man to hospital. a parking enforcer was brutally beaten while issuing ticket. john coco live with more on what happened. john? >> we're told this parking officer was just checking cars right here along the street right in the hillside area when he was attacked. >> all of a sudden they jumped from behind without notice.
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he had no idea they were coming. they beat him up good. one witness told 7 new a parking officer taken to the hospital wednesday after he was beaten up by two men around 9:30. >> they didn't specifically say he was targeted. but unfortunately it's a tough job to do. daniel mahoney said they were checking car when the pair attacked him. it doesn't sit with me simply because you don't know who it is. so far there's be no update on the victim's condition and police are yet to release descriptions. >> he was told by investigators this happened here before. >> this actually happened quite often when he wouldn't get into more detail. we're working to get more details on this story. of course when we do, we'll let you know. john coco, 7news "today in new england." police are investigating a stabbing in boston.
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it happened near tavern at the intersection of hanover and marshall street. one person stabbed in the neck and taken to massgen. another person injured in the assault was taken to tuft's medical center. a 24-year-old man is dead after being hit by a car. happened on maine street. the driver stayed at the scene and it was raining at time and glare on the roadway. crash. no charges have been filed a disturbing new report find the department of children and families missed its chance to possibly save bella bond. the girl whose bond found on deer island. the state report looked into neglect case again bella's mother back in 2013. and investigators said social worker misread conflicting signals about whether bond could be a good parent. the mother and her boyfriend michael maccarthy are charged in
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when all of the state support naturally sort of ended that she was not able to handle the stresses of her life and then reverted to the situation that ultimately led to bella's death. we will do everything we can to incorporate the finding going forward. the head of oversight agency said similar tragedies could be prevented with clearer guidelines on how to spot risky situations >> also this morning a rhode island native talking about his shark scare. he's in boston to have surgery after being bitten off the coast of hawaii. this morning nicole oliverio joining us now live with his story. nicole? >> this just an amazing story an avid surfer colin cook went into the water every day.
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he is telling his story. collin cook returns to new england a changed man. his survivor of a shark attack. left leg had to be amputated and lost part of two of his fingers but he's still here to tell the story. >> attack happened in hawaii. he moved to oahu to be closer to the ocean. so he could surf and be in the water every day. then just weeks ago he was sitting on his board waiting for a wave. >> out of nowhere i see the shark just slammed me and pulls me under. even though he had seen sharks before he had hard time grasping what was happening before. i saw a huge shark on my leg. i kind of pushed off with my left hand and my left hand got all mangled up. punch with right hand in the nose. this surfer used paddle to hit the shark. the shark was still on me. all over me. relentless.
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phone to call his dad. dad i know you are going to go crazy. cook was right. this video from rehab shows him working hard to recover. surfing is my passion and my love. knowing will be out there one day will keep me wanting to go forward. cook will meet with doctors here at mass general to talk about hand surgery then head to be fitted for prosthetic. nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." the top republican candidate battle it out in the race for the white house. we have people out of work, we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we are talking about fantasy football? new jersey governor cris christy responding to question of whether the government should regulate companies like boston-based draft king. frustration with the moderators
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many of the candidates didn't like the questions. i think maybe my greatest -- >> donald trump slipping poll numbers open the door for john kasich. he said i will never attack then hit poll numbers tanked. that's why he's on the end. jeb bush and marco rubio got into it over rubio's missed senate vote. >> someone convinced me attacking me will help me. carly fiorina who slipped since last debate defended her business decision. i will run on my record all day long. the most consistent and strongest audience reaction questioned the moderators. let's be honest. is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign. >> it's not a nicely asked question. how about talking about the substantive issue.
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was light on the issue. the audience didn't like his questions either. >> they know. the state covered tax reform medicaid and the current fight in washington over spending and raising the debt limit. this is the alliance that people need to know about. >> somebody is taking it in the teeth. it's not the folks on wall street. >> on a lighter note ted cruz played to the colorado crowd with some high humor. we're clearly not having the beer you mentioned. but i will give you 30 more seconds. >> i will buy us tequila or colorado brown. i will give you 30 seconds -- [laughter] >> very interesting exchange there. the chairman of the republicans national committee said he's proud of the candidates but he said cnbc should be ashamed of how the debates handled. wisconsin paul ryan is
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of the house today. the voting should begin within an hour. republicans nominated him to replace john boehner. boehner is expected to give farewell address around 9:40. you can watch that streaming live on and on our mobile app. later this morning the state gaming commission is set to hold a public meeting. and the issue of fantasy sports is expected to be discussed. it will be held at the heinz convention center. craft kings and fan dual have been the subject of several recent lawsuit following allegations that insider information was used to help an employee win money. when we return, we have your full wet and windy forecast. rain moving out. sunshine about ready to return. forecast up next. a priest sex abuse scandal that rocked the church is on the big screen.
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we have a preview for you. we're in for week 8 for fantasy fixer at the pats prepare to take on miami tonight. >> thursday morning's ride is never a good one. we're live on the expressway trying to get into the city bumper-to-bumper there as well. look at route one. by now we should have cleared out. downtown bumper-to-bumper traffic there as well. here's the expressway which is still braintree to boston slow. look what's happening on 93. it ain't glad. rich kirkland 7news "today in
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blue shield today at 1-844-731-8967. to learn more or to schedule an in person meeting. >> good morning, everyone. it's 9:15. we've had quite a commute this morning. a lot of rain. trees down. slippery roads. if you are still on your way please be safe.
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coming through like buckets at time. >>meteorologist: it was nasty for short time this morning. this women snapped this picture in boylston for me. this is heading for boston. the worst of the storm long gone. you look close here that looks like it may be an oak tree. the oak holds on to their leaves longer than the maples. that's a maple next to the oak. all stripped away. storm system there goes the heavy rain. good-bye. see you later. even in metro boston the back edge of the rain we started at 9:00 saying this was the caboose. it's peeling out of the city. it's flying off to the northeast. en in this location here it billion out of there within the next 15 to 30 minute. scattered showers winding down. sunshine coming back. dry for the middle part of the day. then renewed chance of a couple of isolated showers or sprinkles late this afternoon and early this evening. it won't be repeat of what we had last night. look at the rainfall totals which it's been dry across southern new england.
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we welcome the rain. the timing though the worst parliament -- part happening during the morning commute. city of boston about 1.1 inches of rain. and you go back to the start of the month where we had so far 1.75. again this wipes out some of the deficit. that's after the rainstorm. we're still ability out 2 inches below normal. winds gusted 45 to 50 miles per hour. with the heavy rain out to sea it's taken the belt of wind with it as well. there's still some left over wind. wind gusting 25 to 30 not damaging wind like we saw last night. upper 60s. feels like september. a hint of humidity. boston at this time at 67. fitchburg 67. showers fading as we speak. sunshine. boylston right now. it has to be in boston in the
9:18 am
next few hours. that renewed chance of sprinkles will come from this right here back from new york and pennsylvania that's weakening. >> that's why i think sprinkles or 5 or 10 minute shower tops. patriot's forecast 10 to 20% chance there may be sprinkle during end of tailgate and kick off. but it's warm there. temperatures in the 60s and 70s at gillette. mostly sunny skies tomorrow. halloween sunny skies through the day. temperatures saturday afternoon low 50s. but saturday evening looks great for all the ghost and goblins scurrying about southern new england. aturday evening in the low 40s. certain prescription drugs effective. those who take statins to lower cholesterol. whatever you do don't stop
9:19 am
taking your statins or skip the flu shot. for now they suggest getting a higher dose of the vaccine. a crash hazard prompting the recall of about 34,000 child bike trailers. this is it. the designed here allows cyclist to tow kids while riding. the black tow bar can separate from the bar when it looks to be connected. the defect has caused 35 crashes including two that did hurt some of the kids there. >> coming up next. hollywood in the hub. we're going to take you to special screening of the new movie based on the priest abuse scandal in the catholic church. and they are 2-and-0. will kansas city sweep the world series.
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>> a new boston based film but i think the sex abuse scandal into the spotlight. it's called "spotlight." some of the films star were on the red carpet for this premier. "spotlight" follows the "boston globe"'s investigation that marked the catholic church. the story is an important one. >> by the toom you get to the end of this movie there's no doubt in your mind that this
9:23 am
the church knew. and cardinal should be sitting be behind bars. racially do you ever get to tell stories like this as an actor. in a statement the archdiocese of boston acknowledged the crimes committed by clergy and the cover up by church leader in the archdiocese said it continues to focus on helping the victims. still ahead, fighter jet scrambled when an army blimp gets loose. there it is right there. how did the military lose control of the military aircraft. we are eight weeks into the nfl season. and if your fantasy players aren't performing. it may be time to bench them. we will tell you who to sit and who to start in this week's fantasy fixer. that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful. it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would
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expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining
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>> welcome to fantasy fixer. to rest. tonight. could be tougher match than we thought. >> there's no doubt about that. former head coach fired two weeks ago. enter dan campbell much more aggressive team. much better touch. much more intensity. especially on defense. down at 2. going. >> ouch. i think i have him. let's talk about lamar miller. do we take that bet on him again. >> he was phenomenal. he had 38 points. but there's some better bets for the miami offense. game. landry awesome as we saw one week ago.
9:26 am
he's the kind of guy for the pats this year. we already midway through the season. i can't believe it. is there anyone out there who you think we're overlooking. >> jimmy grant playing new orleans. the guy who replaced him put up better numbers this year than graham has. going up against the giants. he has one touchdown this year. it's a tough bet to find him. okay everyone. that's your line up. the royals off to great start. kc beat the mets to take 2-0-lead in world series. pitching complete game for two hits. kansas city one 7-1. now the series to new york. game three is tomorrow night. and still to come we'll have much more on prince harry's royal stop in d.c. see who came out to support. >> clouds out there at this time. sun coming back later this morning. forecast up next.
9:27 am
>> a man heads to court accused of making a bomb threat on a united flight. stay with us.
9:28 am
a massachusetts man answered to charges he told passengers on a plane he had a bomb in his bag. a former prestigious prep school student learns his fate for assaulting a younger classmate. fighter jets scramble when a military blimp gets loose. good morning, everyone. 9:30 heavy rain moved into new england. the early forecast full of done pours and strong winds. it looks like the worst behind us. that's the good news. but it left its mark this morning. just take a look that big tree that fell down in jamaica plain right across the road creating a big mess there.
9:29 am
so j.r., hopefully no more scenes like that for the day. that's correct. the worst of the storm behind us. look at boylston from a women on twitter her name the rose. that's her twitter handle there. i took a picture. sunshine poking through the clouds we still have a lot of clouds in the metro. but we'll see developing sunshine quickly this morning. you can see the clouds still right at the coastline. and you notice some of the lighter dots right there. that's higher cloud tops. that's where we have some isolated showers happening at this time. it's moving quick. it's already peeled out of metro boston. for the city i think you are done with rain gear for the remainder of the day. some leftover puddles from early this morning. new hampshire seacoast you will rain it will wind down within next 15 to 30 minutes. 2.2 inches of rain. beverly an inch of rain. city of boston about an inch of rain. winds also an issue. these were the peek gust overnight. boston a gust of 39.
9:30 am
will beingport a gust to 52 miles per hour. now the wind have subsided. the heavier showers and downpours they help to transport down or drag down stronger wind from the cloud down to ground. now the rain is offshore. it's not able to tap into the wind energy. there will still be wind there. warm day. temps right now in the middle and upper 60s. wardrobe more like september than the end of october. temps between 70 and 75 with sunshine developing. there hey be a few sprinkles around 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 this evening. but it's not a repeat of this morning. and in terms of patriot's tailgate again could be couple of sprinkle that last ten or 15 minutes. otherwise dry, windy warm evening down at gillette. happening now the man accused of making explosive threat at logan heads to court. he's behind bar after he made other passengers believe he had
9:31 am
boston police removed the 55-year-old man from the united airline flight which was headed to chicago. passenger say he was making the bomb threat during the boarding process. >> a former new hampshire pre school student convicted of sexual a salt. he's convicted of assaulting younger student. he now has to register as a sex offender. he faces up to 11 years in prison. on just one station this morning a violent attack in medford sends a man to the hospital. a witness told 7news a parking enforcer was brutally beaten while issuing tickets. >> all of a sudden i guess they jumped in from behind without notice. >> reporter: an attack in medford. >> he had no idea they were coming. they beat him up good.
9:32 am
7news a parking officer was taken to the hospital wednesday night after allegedly beaten up by two men around 9:30. they didn't specifically say he was targeted. but you know unfortunately it's a tough job to do. >> daniel said police told him he was checking cars when the pair attacked him. it doesn't sit with me simply because you don't know who it is. so far there's no update on the victim's condition. police are let to release descriptions of the suspect. this man said he was told by before. >> this actually happened quite often when he wouldn't get into more detail. we work to get more details. know. 7news "today in new england." police investigate a stabbing in boston near the tavern around 1:00 this morning. stabbed in the neck.
9:33 am
they were taken to mass general and are expected to be okay. another person injured from an assault was taken to tuft's medical center. new this morning a 24-year-old man is dead after being hit by a car in west bridgewater. happened around 8:30 last night on north main street. the driver did stay at the scene and police say it was raining at the time and glare on the roadway may have contributed to that crash. so far no charges have been filed. this morning town officials in oxford local lawmakers and state transportation officials will hold an emergency meeting to talk about safety concerns following this week's deadly crash. there's been many crashes along dangerous stretch of route 20 including monday morning collision involving a cement truck. 31-year-old christina and her 9-month-old son were killed in the crash. her other 2-year-old sons injured in the crash. he is in critical but stable condition. police are searching for answer after a scary situation
9:34 am
a truck driver said a person wearing a gorilla mask shot his windshield with what police believe was a bb gun. happened early this morning. police are investigating if that was a halloween prank, but the father of two young girls said he's not laughing. it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. try to think before you do stuff like this. it's not all funny. no one was hurt. police say they may have located the car that was involved but no arrests have been made. the boston city council giving its receive the raise. approved 14% pay raze for itself on wednesday starting january councilors yearly salary will increased by 12,000. their last pay raise in 2006. marty walsh proposed raise. >> it's back to the campaign trail today for the republican presidential candidates debate.
9:35 am
it was controversial only in part because of the candidates. the tone of the questioning from confrontational moments. the focus of this third republican presidential debate was the economy. >> we are on the verge perhaps this job. the candidates seemed to talk less about finances and more about each other like jeb bush questioning marco rubio's voting record in the senate. work. the candidate were asked about their weaknesses. >> when they let me down, if they let me down, i never forgive. >> carly fiorina who lost some momentum since the last debate tried to stand out with her tax proposal. >> to get it done. >> you want 70 pages to 3. >> three. all small type? >> you know why three? only if it's about three pages are you levelling the playing field.
9:36 am
moderators that ended up getting the most. doesn't speak to your vetting process. >> it speaks to the facts that i don't know -- [booing] . they know. this is not a cage match. donald trump are you a comic book villain. ben carson can you do math? marco rubio, why don't you resign. jeb bush, why are your numbers fallen. how about talking about the substantive issues. >> the chairman of the national committee said he is proud of the candidates but he said cnbc should be ashamed of how this debate was handled. across country now. the school resource officer fired for slamming a student to the ground and tossing her several week said his action were justified lawful.
9:37 am
the 16-year-old student whos arrested once deputy ben fields to go to jail. the fbi and justice department are investigating which could lead to charges? the manhunt intensifying for kentucky fugitive on the run for five days. floyd ray cook is wanted for shooting and injurying a police officer in tennessee. then shooting at trooper in kentucky over the weekend. officials say he was spotted again yesterday but managed to get away after crashing his car. police are searching for a shopping mall shooter in indiana who injured three people. investigator say the gunmen walked into the indianapolis mall last night con fronted a man he knew and then shot him. police say the suspect then ran from the scene all three victims are expected to survive. a top secret military balloon causing some high anxiety when it floated away. the balloon broke free from hold in maryland and managed to float
9:38 am
150 miles to pennsylvania. fighter jets police and well peel just looking up helped track it. it's loaded with millions of dollars in highly sophisticated and tracking equipment. this is part of new military radar system that's supposed to detect cruise missiles. fast flying low flying cruise missiles. probably from russian aircraft. the balloon is being guarded by state police this morning. it did take out several power lines leaving 25,000 people in the dark. still ahead, a royal visit. prince harry takes a trip across the pond for a special visit with wounded warriors. and coming up in 7 sports the celtics team is deep and well coached. few breaks in the overcast. sunshine by noon.
9:39 am
thanks for joining us on "today in new england." a big tree crushing a car. this is in milton.
9:40 am
police say this is one of many trees brought down by strong winds and heavy rain last night. that tree just uprooted in the person's front yard. right now officials are warning people to stay clear of route 28. because another tree has taken down some wires there. it's sort of starting to taper off in some areas, i guess. it's mostly done. that's the good news there. that the steady rain has now moved away. you see that right there the beginning of the yellow and orange and red. that's 6:30 this morning. when that was on boston and milton and then randoph and jamaica plain. that was heavier rain. when that process happening in the atmosphere you can see reach higher up into the cloud and grab stronger winds and almost like a window shade pull it down.
9:41 am
the cloud. there's nothing to reach into wind. now. there's nothing tapping in to that stronger belt of air. we don't have wind advisory. some of you have yard work in the coming hours and days to contend with. storm system moving away. sunshine boylston through the connecticut river valley. works into melt troell boston over the next few hours. look at the amount of rain most town picked up tlaes an inch. western new england report through connecticut of 3-4 inch of rain. wind gust that's the issue. the rain tapping into the stronger wind up in the clouds. blue hill had a gust of 60 miles per hour. these were got recently. these happened overnight last night. right now these are the laft wind gust.
9:42 am
continuing through the day. but these numbers here they can't push over oak trees or anything like that. still watching coastal flood advisory. more so because of the super moon we had a few nights ago. that in tan dem with the southeaster i will wind. left over minor splash over possible at the midday high tide. nothing significant. warm day out there. temps right now in the upper 60s this afternoon. between 70 and 75 there may be a late day sprinkle by the way from this weather system here. it's much weaker than what came through this morning. but that might lead to just a ten or 15-minute shower or brief sprinkle around gillette. not to say it's definitely going to happen at gillette. the chances between say 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. dry, windy and warm this evening down at gillette cooler tomorrow. still breezy. upper 50s. paying special visit to washington and on a mission
9:43 am
special eventment. special event. he flew from london to d.c. to focus on helping war heroes. prince harry devoted himself to helping injured veteran. no doubt my two deployments changed the direction of my life. there's little that can prepare you for the reality of war. his answer leave no one behind. woundnd warrior aren't just a distance cause. he created the game for athlete who are also wounded warrior. first in london. next year it will be orlando, florida's attorney. army specialist will compete she said she's come close to suicide from posttraumatic stress. and harry's devotion to veterans mean a lot to her.
9:44 am
and all of us. he really cares. his royal star power doesn't help either. the prince learned about the importance of service from his mother. he's now 31 meeting with the president. a prince once known more for partying has found a sense of purpose. adam williams, 7news "today in new england." a reunion in the making when an officer is reunited with his partner. and 7 sports is next. patriot's back in action tonight as they gear up to take on the
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good morning. if you are trying to figure out how the celtics win ten more games than last year in the dangerous in the play offs this year. you got your first glimpse last night. the celtics team is deep and well coached. two things that most nba teams are not. correctlyings looking to build on the 40-win season last year. down five after one. outscored the sixers. 30-14 in the second quarter. kept it going in the third forcing 24 turnovers leading to and their first win of the season in the opener here 112- 112-95. dominant for the royals in game two of the world series holding the mets to just two mites. he's the first american league pitcher to throw a complete game in the fall classic since jack morris in 1991. kc takes a 2-0 lead with 7-1 win.
9:48 am
match level at one. 83rd minute missed a penalty kick earlier redeems himself. they fall 2-1 as they season comes to an end. patriot's ruling out marcus cannon for the kick off against the dolphins. deion lewis listed as questionable. that's sports i'm joe amorosino, have a great day. we want to see you patriot's pride ahead of tonight's game against the dolphins. go over to our facebook page and post a photo on our time line and then we'll pick one to make our banner picture leading up to kick off and show on air tonight during the 6:00 news. good luck, everyone. look forward to seeing those. nfl is sticking to uniform recalls no matter the cause for charity. see this here in the league fined william gay 5800 for wearing purple cleats as a show of support for domestic violence awareness month.
9:49 am
his mother was victim of domestic violence and killed by his step father. steeler's tailback was fined the same amount after wearing we will find a cure on his eye black to honor his mother's battle with breast cancer. tight situation there for them. you see that. they are trying to raise awareness. when you hear about getting fined a lot of people are upset about that? >> it's touchy. when we return a happy homecoming for a four-legged friend when an officer is reunited with his canine. >> we have skies beginning to clear out in metro boston. a warm day. one last look at the forecast, up next. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is back... plus 1!
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now to a reunion months in the making.
9:52 am
been reunited with his canine partner. >> they were separated since july but now they are finally back together. 7's kim khazei has more. >> canine chip is back home. in july a maryland police department retired chip sending him to an unnamed rescue facility. the department said chip was uncontrollable and dangerous citing a bite during training exercise. last week that order the adoption paperwork be made public. so yesterday his former partner drove ten hours to reunite with the 5-year-old dog. i pulled up. the male driver looked at me. rolled the binnedo down. i said you wouldn't happen to have chip with you. and soon as i said chip came off the back seat put his face against the window. and i put in park. and jumped out and he jumped
9:53 am
retired canine handler believes that owe him a heartfelt apology. if they could see this dog today. they would say we've made a mistake. >> that's the biggest thing they can do. own up to making a mistake. we all do. >> 7news "today in new england." more than 200,000 people across the country signed a petition to reunite chip and the officer. >> those dogs are so importance for the force too. >> speaking of important. jeremy has been working hard today. lots of activity out there. >> thankfully it's winding down, though. the brunt of the storm is now over. we now focus on the sunshine developing and holding on to warm air. sun. still windy this afternoon but afternoon. quick piece of breaking news we will bring you right now. erser brook elementary school has been evacuated.
9:54 am
there was underground noise or some sort of bang. school there. we'll follow this. we'll have more update online and here on air if we need to break in.
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