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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  October 29, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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dolphins to keep their undefeated record intact. we're following breaking news first at 4:00, emergency crews called to sullivan middle school in lowell after students complained of headaches. you see everybody outside because authorities evacuated the school while crews tested for carbon monoxide. it turns out that wasn't the problem. >> this afternoon the cause of that illness remains a mystery. dan hausle is live in lowell with what we've learned about what happened there. >> most of the students are home now. some are still sick. you can see they've opened a couple windows because they first thought this was a carbon monoxide incident. but it turns out it's something else and they still don't know what that is. more than 600 students at the sullivan middle school rushed into the fresh air after more than 60 started getting sick. >> people were puking, stomachs, dizziness. >> started getting really hot and everyone was like starting
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to go to the nurse and getting dismissed and stuff. feeling sick. >> investigators feared a carbon monoxide leak. parents were called and came running for their children. >> when i got the call, i got nervous and called my cousin and we rushed here and picked her up. >> a doctor from lowell general came to the school to keep the hospital from getting swamped. outside the students weren't getting better, something expected with a co2 leak. >> we ruled out a carbon monoxide problem. we're looking at a possible virus but we have not minute pointed the problem. >> investigators believe it was virus. they plan to test the ventilation system and to give the school a thorough cleaning. then they'll decide whether the school will reopen tomorrow. >> when you start having symptoms that could be related to something serious, you need to act quickly and act divisively. they did that quickly and effectively. >> they're trying to figure out whether they'll reopen.
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they may the decision may have to be made early in the morning so parents of kids at this school are going to have to stand by like a snow day to figure out whether the children will be back tomorrow. we're following more breaking news. sky 7 hd over the scene of a serious crash in wrentham on the southbound side of route 1. a car and tractor-trailer were involved. a medical helicopter was called. no word on the extent of injuries. the southbound lanes are closed and traffic diverted. >> also, a plane catching fire on the tarmac at fort lauderdale airport. flight attendants evacuated passengers because the engine was on fire. >> airport officials say 15 people on the plane were hurt. breaking details. >> officials say the plane was taxingy down the runway when the engine caught fire. officials say 15 people were taken to the hospital. one with serious injuries. passengers were evacuated off
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and firefighters rushed to the scene to put the fire out. a pilot in another airplane saw fuel leaking from the boeing 767 that caught fire. you see the dramatic video. as bad as it looks, the worse. >> you know, this could have been very bad. it's bad enough that we have an craft that catches fire. they were departing for caracas but everything worked as planned. we have what we think is a good ending under the circumstances. >> the operating of the plane dynamic airways says 110 passengers were onboard. most of the injuries were bumps and bruises, one person was burned. the injuries are not life-threatening. the airport has since reopened. tim caputo, "7 news today in new england." >> we streamed coverage of this
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get the latest on air and on line at you can get updates on twitter or the 7news mobile app. >> fans are ready for the patriots game tonight hoping the pats will squish the fish and keep their undefeated record. it should be a good game. the dolphins riding a two-game winning streak with their off firing on all cylinders. >> alex corddry is live at gillette stadium with more. >> ryan, kim, the patriots will look to improve to 7-0 and that's just the second time in franchise history they've done that a the last time they did that was in 2007, the year the patriots finished the regular season with a perfect 16-0 record. much like that 2007 team, the patriots offense leading the way this season with tom brady and company putting up 30 or more points in five straight games, entering the showdown with the
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dolphins. the patriots know they have to be at their best against a dolphins team that's made a 180 under the interim coach. >> they're playing great. they've got a lot of great players and they've had them -- every time we played these guys, they've been a challenge. >> they're playing good ball right now. their team is playing well, the defensive players are playing hard. the last two games, watching them on film, they're playing hard, tackling hard and playing well at defense. >> they've been playing good football the last two weeks. they've got a lot of talented athletes on the team so it's going to be a tough challenge for us. >> reporter:ing from to note, the last time they improved to 7-0 in that 2007 season, it was against the dolphins on the road in miami. the patriots are looking to repeat history tonight but, of course, in a different venue. live at gillette stadium, alex
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cord drink, 7news. >> a tree crushes a car in milton. this is one of many trees brought down last night. sky 7 over the scene. crews had to cut part of the tree to get it off the car. you can see the damage to the car. the storm finally cleared out this morning and it turned out to be a beautiful, warm day. it's windy and we could see a cooldown before the game in foxboro. pete bouchard is here with the forecast. we loved the warm weather. >> it was something. our wind gusts to 60 miles an hour at the height of the storm in blue hill. rockport 52, wareham 47. boston close to 40 miles an hour, now gusting 35 miles an hour and worcester 32 miles an hour. low 70s. we were in the mid 70s an hour ago so already our temperatures are slumping a little bit and will continue to slump through the evening. the showers faded out. not even a sprinkle threat for the game.
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per 60s turned to upper peasants. by the time the game is over, lower 50s so it's wise to bring a light coat. it will be breezy through the game. windy at times, especially in the higher elevations of gillette stadium. but essentially clear skies through the rest of the evening. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast, halloween right around the corner. stay tuned. >> the man accused of making an an explosive threat at logan airport last night going before a judge today. boston police removed this 55-year-old uxbridge man from a united airlines flight after other passengers said he made process. steve cooper is live outside the courthouse. what did you learn in the courtroom? >> we learned a lot from the judge who was upset about the charge here. we also learned a lot about the suspect himself. his attorney says it was just a big misunderstanding and probably a poor choice of a word. airport where a lot of people
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the judge, who disagreed about this, calling making a bomb threat on a plane a serious charge. >> you want to say anything about the charges? >> released on bail and dennis camp balance had nothing to say about make aing a bomb threat. >> [ inaudible ] >> the 55-year-old pleaded not guilty in court where prosecutors say he told a flight attendant he had a bomb in his carry-on will you luggage as he jammed it in a a bin. >> he has no ties to terrorists or something like that. this is one who misstated a word. >> camp's attorney say he told the flight attendant a different story saying the luggage would come out like a bomb and hit a
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with b on a plane. >> the judge called the charge serious, passengers we caught up with at logan said even if he was joking, there's no place for words like that on a plane. >> there's no room for joking because everybody takes every threat seriously. >> some people don't know what jokes are and what's appropriate, what's not appropriate. it's a shame. >> campbell, who posted the cash bail, was ordered by the judge to stay away from logan airport and all airports for that matter until this case has been revolved. live at logan. steve cooper, 7news. we are following more news. in washington, republican paul ryan officially elected as the new speaker of the house of representatives. speaker ryan takes over less than two weeks after saying he wasn't interested in the position for some time but he says he's going to try to repair the house as the 62nd speaker.
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>> let's be frank. the house is broken. we're not solving problems, we're adding to them. and i'm not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores, we are wiping the slate clean. >> outgoing speaker john boehner leaves with no regrets and resigns from his congressional seat on saturday. >> now the race for the white house. the g.o.p. candidates back to the campaign trail after the debate. no one seemed to be out of the line of fire. the candidates taking equal jabs at each other and the moderators. call it the rumble in the rockies. while donald trump and ben carson faded to the background, the biggest clash between marco rubio and jeb bush after rubio was pressed about missing dozens of senate votes and bush called for him to revine. >> when you signed up for this, it was a six-year term. you should show up to work. literally, the senate is it like
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a french workweek? you get three days to show up? >> rubio turning in the best night blasted that as a convenient criticism. >> the reason we're doing it now is you're running for the same position and someone convinced you attacking me is going to help you. >> showing a new aggressiveness, john kasich tore in trump and carson arguing both are unqualified to be president. >> we have to wake up. we can't elect somebody who doesn't know how to do the job. >> he's a nice guy but his poll numbers tanked, that's why he's on the end, and he got nasty. you know what? you can have himmed the candidates cheered on by the crowd were united in contempt for the media. >> the questions asked so far illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. >> such a nasty question. >> that's total propaganda. >> the democrats have the
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ultimate super pac. >> i think it was one gotcha question after the other. >> executives at cnbc said people who want to be president of the united states should be able to answer tough questions. chris christie showcased his tough personality. >> we have people out of work, isis and al-qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? >> carly fiorina tried to reconnect by acknowledging a weakness. >> after the last debate i was told i didn't smile enough. all night, bush struggled to seize the spotlight. >> you find a democrat for cutting spending $10, i'll give them a warm kiss. >> the next republican debate is in two weeks. still ahead on 7news, a risky rescue caught on camera. a woman trapped under water in florida and firefighters jump into action.
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new hampshire team, owen labrie faces a judge. >> new at 5:00, crews race to rescue a child attacked by a shark. this is the latest in a series of frightening incidents at a popular tourist destination. it's all coming up on 7news. stay with us. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...
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this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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a risky rescue it during a rainstorm in florida. you're driving in blinding rain and your car ends up under water. >> that happened to a woman in st. petersburg wednesday morning. with that jadiann thompson. >> it started pouring and we thought thank god we just finished walking the dog. we heard voices outside, looked out the window and an suv is in the creek and the street is flooded. >> his thought was to record the rescue with his cell phone. you can see the firefighters on the back of that suv. >> one of the fireman climbed on top and busted a window with his hand and a small tool. they broke the remaining glass
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>> it wasn't that simple. first responders had to be quick but operate in a safe manner. they would not have been able to help anyone if one of them had been swept away. >> we had to use our life safety rope and personal flotation devices for our own safety and we made sure we had anchor points and people on the outside to make sure no one drift off. >> firefighters were able to get the 27-year-old driver to safety. paramedics transported her to a local hospital to get checked out. she's telling authorities she was trying to make it to the ronald mcdonald house and was not familiar with the area. crews spent several hours at the water. rescue crews say if it weren't for a metal beam holding up the car it could have gone all the way under. jadiann thompson, "7 news today in new england." >> coming up, dressing up for a good cause. who is under these despicable >> indians.
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our forecast is looking cooler the next few days. no more 70s but do we stay quiet? >> kim: taylor swift taking a case to court and why she wants a judge to died -- decide on her case against a radio deejay. >> town officials looking into
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despicable b's, the bruins dressed for a special halloween visit, tiny minions from despicable me taking pictures at boston children's hospital. zdeno chara took on the role of gue and the others were his
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what's that say about the hierarchy in the bruins. 71 in boston. dew points 48. west-southwest breeze 20 miles an hour. that's more than a breeze. it is a wind and a rain total in worcester and mendon, that's a good shot in the arm. we needed it. watertown 2 inches. worcester 2.2, duxbury 1.6, lowell an inch and a half. bridgewater. if you're looking for 70s, you have to turn your attention to southwest. we don't have them here. as far as sunshine is concerned, i'm calling them stellar. a quick shower possible on sunday early but no major storms brewing in the near term or long range. 72 in marchfield, 71 in lawrence, 67 in portsmouth. 60 in chatham. wind gusts in terms of miles an
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hour, of course, 35 miles an hour right now. worcester. not as strong as we saw earlier in the day with the front going downpours. vineyard. but these will stay up for a good part of the night gusting to 20 frequently and steady between 10-15 as we go into the evening and overnight hours. we have a low pressure system cranking up near ottawa and that has to spin through. morning. you see that with showers. a front is switching the winds more toward the west and one more will seep the cool air into new england. our temperatures tomorrow are still cool but it's not as cold as it could be if we tapped into really cold air and arctic air. that's not happening. back to the mid and upper 50s and we stay there with a breeze all day. we could approach the upper 50s, might be pushing it a little bit getting to 60 degrees
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but it's a possibility through taunton and raynham. high pressure settles in and stays with us saturday. lower mid 50s. great for trick-or-treating. we'll have high clouds in the afternoon and evening hours so we might have a little bit of an eerie look to the sky, past trick-or-treating time. a milder day on sunday after a morning sprinkle. the pattern is milder. we're not seeing outbreaks of cold air in the east or northeast. we cool down by the middle of next week but we're going to be above normal. clear skies, 41-46. tomorrow, sunny and cooler. 46 -- 56 to 61. we're turning the clocks back on halloween night. so think about that. that means an extra hour of sleep after trick-or-treating. not bad. that morning shower on sunday is
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reign. >> a lot of people trying to go to the game at gillette and there's a problem that will make it harder to get to. >> it happened around 2:30, route 1 southbound a serious truck van collision with the highway shut down. it's still closed off route 1 south a mile or so after route 140 in foxboro as the investigation continues around that crash. all traffic is detoured on to route 140, you can imagine the mess, traffic heading to that area. northbound traffic on route 1 affected. heading for downtown boston right now, the ride on the expressway northbound and southbound also rough as you can tell. southbound you ride 54 minutes to braintree. northbound a slow ride near mass avenue and the pike westbound, good news, it looks slow but the earlier crash in west newtown is off the highway. 7news. we're following breaking news right now in the prep school rape trial in new hampshire.
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to a year in jail and probation for sexually assaulting a classmate. the judge sentenced him to that moments ago. we'll have more as the afternoon goes on here on 7news. also, coming up on 7news, a police officer called to deal with a fight but it's what she did once they got there that's getting all kinds of attention. >> a daring break in at a car dealership caught on camera. >> we're eight weeks into the nfl season, if you're fantasy players aren't performing it might be time to bench them. plus you're taking a look at wall street.
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we begin with breaking news in the prep school rape trial in new hampshire. 20-year-old owen labrie has been sentenced to a year in jail.
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