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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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a sex offender. he will not serve any time in a state prison boston but he will be spending a year in jail. he will be free pending a bail hearing. police say that was part of something students refer to as the senior salute at the prep school. seniors would try to hook up with underrer classmen before they graduate. that could mean from kissing to having sex. the family of the victim delivered an emotional a impact statement. >> unfortunately, the owen labrie made in 2014 was not the bespack talked poet and divinity student we see in the court. but the vulgar sex obsessed deny until you die entitled play maker who used every trick in the book to notch one more conqwest to his impressive list and extensive collection. >> reporter: he will be released on bail pending an appeal.
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we'll follow the story. i'm cheryl fiandaca, 7 news. >> ryan: breaking new more than 60 students get sick in the middle of the day at a mittle school in lowell. the sullivan middle school was evacuated when several students started complaining of headaches. >> kim: dan hausle is live in lowell with what the school is planning to do, caused it? >> reporter: this is somewhat of a mystery temperature the school was actually et scene of a lockdown drill earlier in the day. but when students started getting sick later in the morning it turned out to be a real problem. the mistry illness sent students to the door and brought parent running. >> they told me to pick up affected. >> reporter: more than 60 of the 600 plus students at the middle school suddenly started feeling sick. >> started getting warm and it started getting, the air started getting more dense, harder to breathe. >> a lot of people sitting
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down having a big headache, confuse and stuff. >> reporter: investigators suspected carbon monoxide but when the fresh air wasn't making them better that seemed less likely. >> we've ruled out it was a carbon monoxide problem. we're looking at a possible virus but we have not pinpointed the problem. >> reporter: a doctor came to the scene because so many students needed help. five were taken to the emergency room but just because their parents were especially concerned. >> when you start having symptoms that could be related to something serious, i think you need to act quickly and act decisively. that is the fire department and school department did today. >> reporter: many of the siblings of the students were also sick. supporting the idea of fast moving virus may be to blame. they plan to give the school a thorough cleaning then decide whether the school will reopen tomorrow. >> if in fact we do find out this viral in nature we'll
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take another step to determine how we proceed at that point. >> reporter: they're going to scrub down the riley elementary school next year because many of the students were brought there and if this was a virus, they may have brought the virus with them. so, they're trying to figure out how to make sure if this was a virus to keep it from causing another problem tomorrow. live in lowell, dan hausle, 7 news. >> kim: also breaking right now in wrentham sky 7 h.d.over the scene of a serious crash on the southbound side of route 1. these are pictures from earlier today. there was a car there. look at the damage. the tractor trailer, they had to call in a medical helicopter. this is about just an hour ago. and we don't have word yet on the extent of injuries. we do know route 1 there was closed until a little while ago, but lanes are back open now. >> ryan: there is more breaking news. several people injured when a plane full of passengers caught fire at a florida airport minutes before takeoff.
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runways at fort lauderdale hollywood remains closed. >> kim: the pilot reported a fuel leak before the plane burst into flames. a frightening situation for everyone involved. tim caputo is here with the latest. >> reporter: dozens of flights heading to the airport were diverted and this afternoon there are a lot of cancellations and almost every flight in and out of the airport is delayed. this after a jet catches fire moments before takeoff. passengers on other planes captured the dramatic scene unfolding at florida's fort lauderdale hollywood airport. the left engine caught fire taxiing down the runway. the plane and it passengers were preparing to take off to venezuela. 15 people on board were hurt. most with bumps and the bruises. >> we had one patient that sustained burn injuries. >> reporter: according to the f.a.a.around noon the crew of a plane behind it reported seeing fuel leaking.
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>> any time you have a fully fueled air craft taxis fire and fuel do not ricks. >> reporter: moments later that engine caught fire. >> the pilot declared the emergency. his left engine was on fire. >> reporter: at least two emergency chutes were deployed. people were evacuated on the emergency slides. crews brought the fire under control but the airport remained closed for several hours after the incident. >> brake fires, engine fires are something that we train for and in the aircraft rescue firefighting business. it's not uncommon. that is why we prepare for those. we mitigate those. that is what was done today. >> reporter: dine am sick a charter airline based in north carolina with a few regularly scheduled flights to mainly south america each week. the ntsb sending a four-person team down to fort lauderdale to investigate. tim caputo, 7 news. >>. >> kim: when news breaks,
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on-air and on-line using our 7 news mobile and tablet apps. >> new england revved up for thursday night football. plates going fishing for another win hoping to keep their undefeated streak alive but taking the dolphins down will not be easy. miami is riding a winning streak of their own, joe amorosino is live tonight ahead of the kickoff. >> reporter: the patriots trying to run their record to 7 had ever 0 for the first time since 2007 when they went 16-0 in the regular season. they go up against a doll phipps team that could be scary on this night. remember the patriots are in command of what they're doing with tom brady moving so well in pocket even with his offensive line beat up but if you ask brady it's always tough playing the miami dolphins. players. they have had them, you know, every time we played challenge. >> reporter: tom brady and teammates not taking the
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miami riding a two-game winning streak under interim head coach dan campbell and getting it done on offense. >> announcer: inside the 20, at the 10 -- touchdown! >> reporter: on defense -- >> mario to -- pass! jones. >> last two games watching them, they play hard. they tackle hard and they play well at the defense. >> they have a lot of explosive players. we have to do a good job staying on them. covering them. once they catch the ball tackling. >> reporter: the preparation is all the more challenging for both teams thanks to the short week. but brady doesn't seem to mind the quick turn around. >> mentally you have to work as hard as you can firstly. you have to, be tough enough to push through it. so it's a fun week. >> reporter: now if there was a team that does not
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want to see the patriots go undefeated in a season and go on to win the super bowl it's the doll fins. in 1972 they went 14-0 in the regular season. they rooted hard against the patriots in 2007 and they're doing the same right now. joe amorosino, 7 news. >> the state gaming commission meeting to answer questions about popular fantasy sports websites. the commissioner discussed draft kings they have stirred up controversy leading to talk of regulation and question boston whether the websites promote gambling. the companies say the games do not but the commission say there is needs to be some sort of regulation, just not clear on who should lead the charge. >> the consensus here and common sen there needs to be some degree of regulation of this phenomenon but there already is. we've consumer protection laws on the books. >> kim: the commission agreed it needs to stay up to date on the fantasy sites especially when people in
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massachusetts make up a large portion of the players. >> ryan: paul ryan voted in as the new speaker of the house today. during his speech he promised to fibs the house of representatives -- fix the house of representatives that he called broken. that led to john boehner's resignation. by taking on this position the house is starting anew. >> i'm not interesting in laying blame. we're not settling scores. we're wiping the slate clean. >> ryan: boehner announced his resignation last month. he has been speaker for the past four and a half years. >> i leave with no regrets, no burdens. if anything i leave the way i started. just a regular guy humbled job. >> reporter: 459 paul ryan will be the youngest speaker years. >> kim: it's the day after debate. today many are asking if this is the beginning of the end for jeb bush.
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the former florida governor in new hampshire today defending his performance and also taking aim at the media. and that cents the one issue -- that is the one issue on the republicans can agree. they're angry about how the debate was run and they're demanding change. jeb bush campaigned in new hampshire trying to put the debate behind him. >> it was all about the trying to figure out the gotcha question to make mean look bad. >> kim: he seemed to many tentative. his attack against marco rubio may have back fired. >> that was a six-year term. you should be knowing up to work. >> someone convinced you attacking me. >> bush bombed, agony, beginning of the end. today in new hampshire he defended himself. >> right now washington is not working at all. it's completely dysfunctional. the debate last night was a good example of it. >> reporter: rubio is getting kudos. many candidates slammed cnbc's debate team.
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>> it was a good moment for a number of us to stand up to the moderators because they want us to kill each other. >> is this a comic book version of a -- >> no, it's not a very nicely asked question the way you say that. >> reporter: ted cruz fired back. >> this is not a cage match. how about talking about the substantive issues people care about? >> kim: karl -- >> we thought the questions were meant to be fire and provocative and however they respond should be instructive to voters. >> kim: ben corson -- >> do you think there was a things? >> we didn't get into those issues. >> kim: carson demanded issue based debates. >> i asked my staff to reach out to the other campaigns, to talk about a change in format. >> kim: after a controversial debate in colorado. we'll see what happens very soon because the next republican debate happens in just two weeks.
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government is allowing couples to have two children. country's one-child policy ended. the decision came in a statement following the party's meeting on economic development. the policy was introduced more than three decades ago to control country's growing population. >> kim: a 10-year-old boy seriously injured after he is attacked on a beach in hawaii. we'll tell you about the warning on one island. >> ryan: students at a lexington school sent home after a mysterious vibration. then in one hour 7 news is there as the man accused is making an explosive threat at logan airport heads to court. >> reporter: it's the gronk heating up a frigid scene for a new commercial. those stories and more coming up on 7 news. >> announcer: tomorrow, a
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>> a shark attack in hawaii waters. the victim is just 10 years old. after this attempt to help him on the shore, he was
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rushed to the hospital. in this serious condition. we have seen many more stories like this one this year, not just in hawaii. >> officials in hawaii are irish shoeing a warning water. this morning the 10-year-old boy is recovering from wounds he suffered in an i a parent shark attack over the wednesday. police say the child was bitten on the thy body boarding about 30 feet from the shore. >> when i looked up i saw liveguards pug the young boy into the quad. they took him -- -- >> reporter: looked at his leg. he had three gashes, look at his thy. it was open. >> reporter: this is the 7th shark attack in hawaii this year. >> we heard him. my dad got him and i understood that and went to get his friend. it's go, go, go, my dad kept him talking to keep his mind off of the holes in his legs. >> reporter: a week
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loft his leg and some of his fingers. >> a huge shark slammed me. >> reporter: rearrived here for additionallal treatment. this comes in a high speak of attacks. experts in hawaii are warning swimmers to stay out of dirty water and never go out alone. the victim brought here to boston will meet with doctors next week to talk about hand surgery then head to spaulding to hopefully be treated with a prosthetic. next on 7 a newly engaged couple brings their talk along for their engagement photo, what they didn't realize he wanted to be the certainty of attention. >> forecast looks good over the next few days. a lot of sunshine. a lot cooler too. >> kim: at 5:30, more than a dozen people who probably wanted to have dinner near the water never meant to be
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>> kim: a dog photo bombs a couple's engagements pictures, look at the ears, that is a minnesota couple decided to take their dachshund to their photo session, when the camera came out she was' one big ham. stealing the show with impressive shots. there photos were an instant hit getting hundreds of lakes. >> ryan: dog earned a trip
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to the wedding. >> kim: no, for sure, not. all the food off the table. >> ryan: more pictures. >> kim: you see these? >> i did. i'm looking outside, too, at a beautiful sky right now. over the city of boston, our temperature is 70 degrees. you know it won't last long, a couple of hours here. dew point at 46. that was up to the 60s today. it was sticky and it started off as a bad hair day. southwest wind at 16 miles an hour, shot from haverhill of some ominous looking clouds. they call them bad boys moving through the city of haverhill. yes, looking a little lunchy right there but this is -- lumpy but this is a cool front and it's mostly quiet. already falling to the upper 50s in north addams. 71 providence. watch the temperatures fall through the evening hours, at 11 back to the lower 50s and by morning in the lower 40s and upper 40s,
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means, yes, for the game it'll cool off as we tailgate close to 70. but by kickoff at 8:30, about 58. then we keep sliding by the time the game is over. 52 degrees clearing it out and keeping it windy, windy, i guess so. our gusts this morning were 50-60. many of us saw 30-40 but right now we still have a good breeze going. 37 at the worcester airport and 22 miles an hour in hyannis. 25 miles an hour in the nashua is calming down a little bit. but i expect the breezes to stay up for much of the night. low pressure is cranking up across ontario outside of ottawa. that moves up to northern quebec and the gaspe peninsula and a couple of cool fronts moving through. one now, one later on tomorrow. that will keep temperatures in the 50s, upper 50s, 61. we could make it in taunton. 57 in boston. about 59 duxbury. 55 salisbury and lawrence at
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about 56 tomorrow. saturday it looks like the clouds will creep up on us as we go through the day and into the evening hours. we'll be mostly cloudy in fact. moon should rise around 9:00. that will look neat. behind the high clouds, 48 turns to 442009 6:00 and 8:00. so plan on, you know, a cool night. not frigid, not cold, but chilly. don't forget our sunrise sunset times are changing up as we turn the chock back on halloween night. by mourning, our sunrise at 6:17 on the first of november. the sunset at 4:38 so early risers we get the sun a little earlier but into december you know the sun rises over 7:00 again. 41-46 tonight. sunny and cooler tomorrow. 56-61. 7 on 7 forecast, all right. sunday might be a quick shower in the morning. that is not a rainy day.
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next week, wow, 60s, 40s for lows. this is not november. we might see a backdoor front come in on wednesday but this is a little iffy. no storms in sight though. see you at 5:30. >> thanks, see the temperatures up there. but patriots tight end gronk could youski is looking -- gronkous ky looking forward to know days. >> it's cold out there. snow day. >> ryan: he joins up with a group of other proathletes looking to play in their own snow bowl. ben roethlisberger is a few of the other stars -- >> looking for snow days. >> an officer breaks up a fight then breaks it down for one epic danceoff. >> we're staying on top of a lot of news. 60 students at a school in lowell get violently ill.
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what cause that had to happen. >> ryan: prep school grad owen labrie is sentenced for senseually assaulting a classmate.
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>> thank you for being with us, there is another 60 minutes of 7 news ahead. i'm ripe ryan. >> i'm kim khazei. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. breaking news at 5:30, a former new hampshire prep school student convicted of sexually assaulting a classmate is sentenced to jail. requirements new video on the deadly shoot-out in waco, texas, that claimed the lives of nine.
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why almost 200 people were arrested. no one has been charged. >> kim: frightening situation after a restaurant dock comes crashing down in north carolina. rescuers pulled diners from the water. >> ryan: police officer breaking it down in the nation's capitol. how a hostile situation turned into a danceoff. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> ryan: breaking news, a former new hampshire prep school student owen labrie sentenced to a year in jail. he was convicted of sexually assaulting a classmate. >> kim: his attorney was pushing for probation, tim caputo has more. lay out the punishment here. >> reporter: he will also have to register as a sex offender. the sentence is handed down about an hour ago. back in august of this year, 20-year-old owen labrie was convicted of having sex with an underage girl while chefs' still in high school in new hampshire. on top of that year in jail he was also sentenced to probe bation. the sexual assault happened last year days before he was set to graduate.
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he will not serve any time
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